Woman on fire

I’m moving at a thousand miles an hour today, having grossly miscalculated the amount of time it would take to get this family ready for a trip. There’s a wee one over the weekend to collect the girls from the cottage (and have a brief swish in the lake myself) and then Monday we’re off on a grand adventure. For reasons I can’t explain at all, I totally thought I could pull all of that together today. Boy was I wrong. Even hugely over-caffeinated (which I totally am, I can practically feel my hair growing) I’m still swamped with all the stuff that is my regular job, plus all the stuff that we need in the way of packing, plus housekeeping, plus shopping, plus, plus… It’s all yet another huge honking dose of “What was I thinking?” as I motor through an enormous pile of chores. On top of all of it, I’ll be away from home for more than a week, and I haven’t even chosen the knitting I’ll take with me yet, never mind winding it up and photocopying the patterns. (Wait! I heard some of you start to flip out there – Remember, it’s fair use of copyright to make a copy of a pattern you purchased for personal use… and totally a good idea, especially if you’re going on vacation and don’t want to lug the originals, or get them wet, or get sand on them, or spill a beer on them, or want to mark them up in a thousand ways with notes about how you’re knitting and what you’re changing. Photocopying for someone who didn’t pay for it = bad, photocopying for personal use when you paid for it = fair.)

I’ve got a couple of ideas, but you’ll have to wait and see because I’m nowhere near committed. There’s going to be a ton of knitting time over the next week though, so I’m choosing wisely and generously. One of the things I’ll be taking for sure is the Manon Cardigan that I’ve been working on all week. (Oh Norah Gaughan… how I adore thee.)


For this sweater, I’ve reverted to type and have substituted another yarn for the one called for (Berroco Pure Merino) which is a lovely yarn I quite like, but wasn’t lingering in the stash in sufficient quantities (of one colour, at least). What I did have was a whole bag of Valley Yarns Amherst (procured the last time that I fell down in WEBS and came home with three bags of three different yarns all in the same colour. I despair of my predictability sometimes.) This is one of my favourite colours in the world, a sort of burnt orange that reminds me of paprika – but is actually called “Cayenne” in this yarn.


I’m loving the cables and unique construction (I promise it’s going to work though it looks like an odd object at the moment), and if I had my choice of it, I would spend all of today knitting instead of going to work and doing all of my chores.

There are days when I just hate being a grownup.

PS. Have you seen the brand spanking new glory that is The Twist Collective? What I’m going to knit next just got way more complicated.