Home again, home again

While that was one of the nicest trips we’ve had we’re home today, and properly sad to have left and thrilled to be back. I’d been aiming to finish the Hibiscus for Hope socks on the trip, and totally would have done it too, except for the days that the yarn spent travelling from Toronto to St. John’s. My fault. I knew I would forget something, I always do. These socks are knitted toe up, so I divided the yarn into two balls, put both in my suitcase – then decided I would start them on the plane and took one ball out and put it in my purse, then started to think about how the plane could get delayed, or since we were flying standby, we could maybe not get on that flight and have to wait for the next flight with open seats… or maybe I would suddenly knit way faster than I usually do, and I would finish the first sock in the first two hours of the flight and be unprepared for the last hour, so at the very last second I took the other ball of yarn out of my suitcase and put it on the chesterfield beside my purse, and apparently then, walked out the door. I knew before we were even halfway to the airport that I’d forgotten it. I emailed Ken when I got to St. John’s and asked him to send it, but it was a couple of days before he could do it. Apparently he has one of those lives to live, and he doesn’t just sit around waiting to mail me yarn.

In any case, there was a bit of a lag while I waited for the yarn to turn up, and that put me behind schedule and the socks didn’t get finished in St. John’s, but on the flight from St. John’s to Montreal. I did the bind off while we waited for the flight to Toronto, and got Sam to model them in the terminal.


She was thrilled to comply, since modelling knitwear in public places while your Mum takes close up pictures of your feet is every teenagers dream.


In fact, she was so thrilled that shortly before I took this picture, asking her to please extend her feet a little more into the meagre light in the departure gate, she said “Mum, you’re ruining my teenaged years” which I know is a joke because aren’t those pretty socks?


I’m sure she meant to say something along the lines of “Darn I’m proud of you mum. You’re just the cleverest” because I happen to know that there are way more embarrassing things that this. Things like your mum standing outside the change-room at The Bay and yelling in, so every person shopping in the whole store can hear her “How are those pants in the crotch? Are they too tight in the CROTCH?” Ask my how I know. Modelling socks is small potatoes.

I’m thrilled with these socks.


That’s a shot from when the first one was done, but the colour’s way more accurate.

Hibiscus for Hope socks, a pattern for the fight against breast cancer (follow that link and pledge Ramona in the Toronto weekend to end breast cancer if you want it.) knit on 2.25mm needles from STR Rosebud lightweight.

Why the rush? Why ship yarn all over Canada and knit like the wind? Meet Elsie.


Elsie is a dear family friend, staying with Joe’s mum and dad in St. John’s while she has radiation treatment for breast cancer, since where she lives in Newfoundland doesn’t have a machine. (Small town.) She’s going to be fine, but it still totally sucks, and I thought that deserves some special socks to wear while she’s there. Old Joe flew with us to Toronto, and right back to St. John’s last night, so by this morning, Elsie should have her socks.

It’s a real pity that I can think of more people to knit these for.