The Hurrier I Go

Sweater? Oh yeah.


The pieces are all done, but there’s been no time in the last few days to sew it together and find out if it fits or anything. I’m in the studio this week recording this book, and it’s crazy trying to pull anything else out of a day. I was seriously behind on all of my work when we got back from vacation on Monday, and now being in the studio full-time hours is totally messing with me. The fact that Joe’s here too is fun and it’s sort of neat working together again, but it means that there’s nobody even pretending to be taking care of the kids or the house.


( I know, I know. My kids are teenagers and I shouldn’t worry so much, but I really think that teens need more supervision than 11 year olds who can’t think of anything really awful to do.) The place is trashed, there’s still suitcases with laundry in them in the living room, and yesterday when we called the house and asked Sam what she was doing and how she was getting on, she said she was really busy smoking crack, drinking beer and watching Law and Order. Smartarse.

At least there’s only her to worry about, since our little Megan turns 17 today, and that’s way too mature to get into any trouble at all. Right?


Happy Birthday Meg.. see you later. Dinner’s going to be awesome.