Marjorie asked in the comments yesterday if I’d finished Manon, and I heaved a huge sigh. I hadn’t. I finished all the pieces last week, and I sewed it up and blocked it… it looked fantastic really, and the only thing it needed was some form of closure. (I’m sure we can all sympathize with the sweater.) Norah’s pattern called for a hook and eye, and I raided my sewing notions box and couldn’t come up with one, so the whole process stalled out until I could get out and buy some. Some time in the last while, the Fabricland at Jane and Bloor closed (I discovered this when I rode over and couldn’t get a zipper) and I haven’t figured out a new place to go yet, so the whole thing seemed complex to me. (I am a simple creature.) I decided that it would help to bring it to Cape Cod, because I thought (?) that I might come across one in my travels. (How I thought that a family vacation might cause a hook and eye set to fall into my hands fully formed, I just can’t explain.) Sadly, there were no sewing notions on the Boston history walk, nor in the Graveyard where Paul Revere is buried, nor in Provincetown (lest I rip one from the evening gown of a guy way bigger than me, and since they were only barely covering their bits at best…) Nor was there a sewing supply store sprung up amongst the trees alongside the Cape Cod Rail Trail. In fact, I arrived back home without a single opportunity to buy a closure having presented itself. (I was a little surprised about that, which really just means that there’s something wrong with me. I didn’t even look for a store.) In any case, I was a little sad then, when Marjorie asked about it, because it was so close and yet so far… and, I reflected forlornly, ironic… since I don’t even like hook and eye closures.


That’s when it occurred to me. (I know.. I know.. but Norah Gaughan said I needed a hook and eye. She’s a goddess. I have a hard time discounting the things she says.) I could use a button. (I cannot believe that I’m writing a blog entry about the decision to switch from a hook and eye to a button. This is doing nothing to support my position that I’m a really interesting person.) I crocheted across the front edges on the inside to stabilize the edge – they flared out because of the ribbing…


I crocheted a little chain loop…

I fastened off…


and Tah Dah!


Love it. I think it fits just right, I think the colour is just perfect. One reader wrote to say that didn’t I think that orange seemed to her an impractical colour. Orange, she felt, wouldn’t match much in a wardrobe. Clearly she doesn’t own enough seventies appliance coloured clothing. This sweater matches almost everything that I own.

It’s an interesting pattern, entertaining to the knitter but still not ending up being some odd as fish freak sweater. Super wearable. Elegant details.


Manon, pattern from Norah Gaughan Vol 1. Knit from Valley Yarns Amherst. Colour “Cayenne”.

4.5mm needles.
(Also, my hair is not that colour in real life and I don’t think my shoulders are like that.)


I’m going to wear it tonight to speak to the Aurora Guild. (It’s a Guild member thing. You can read about it on CurlerChik’s blog if you’re interested.) I think this is one of the most fun sweaters I’ve knit in a while, and I feel very properly dressed when I’m wearing it… like maybe I have on an outfit, instead of just clothes.