Things I won’t be knitting today

I won’t be knitting my Josephine Top today.


Well. Truth be told I wasn’t going to be knitting it anyway. I made a big mistake the other evening (I got suckered again by “at the same time” in the directions, so I tidily made all the neck increases (wrong actually, I had to do them twice) and then after making all of them (twice) I read “At the same time….” and it was too damned late and well. Third time’s the charm. Except that while all of this was going on I totally had to put a sweater on because it was only 13 degrees out, and I suddenly the whole fire for the soy silk tank top went right out of me.. ya know? (It’s supposed to be 30 degrees with the humidex today, and even warmer tomorrow, so I guess the jokes on me there. I suppose that if I pick the tank back up the temperature will plummet again. I’m not naive.)

I won’t be knitting on my Hey Teach today…


even though the passion for it burns in me yet brightly. It’s an impulse knit. I got the yarn for it just the other day, and although I don’t usually knit with cotton or bast fibres (the lack of elasticity doesn’t please me) I’m having a pretty good time, though I did only just start. This is Misti Cotton (83% cotton, 17 % silk) and though it’s still not my favourite fibre combo to knit… I think it’s going to be one of my favourites to wear, and a lovely little bridge garment for the fall. I’m going to see if I can finish it for my next trip, which is to London on Wednesday. (Is is already too cool to wear this in London? Note to self. Check weather in London. Also, buy one of those plug things for the laptop.) This isn’t usually the sort of thing I would rush out and start, but something about this one just got me. I labour under the delusion (though the orange one did totally work out) that this sweater will let me look both professional and knitterly at the same time, which I’ve noticed is not always the easiest look to pull off. (My mother would be so pleased that I’ve considered having “a look”. I hope she doesn’t hope this is going to lead to lipstick.)

I won’t be knitting on my new socks either.


I started these the other night after Curlerchik gave it to me. I’d seen them on her needles and admired them mightily, and totally by co-incidence I had right that second started not liking the sock that I had on my needles, so off that came and on these went. (I’m sure that how much I love this colourway had nothing to do with suddenly finding the other one – which I shan’t identify, since I’m sure it’s perfectly lovely and simply not to my taste – a steaming heap of wooldung.) This is Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Sock colour HS04 (I appear to be on a bit of a Misti Jag. Odd that.)

No, no… I won’t be knitting any of that – no matter how much I want to, because I am a grown up, and grown ups sit down and do their paperwork when push comes to shove. Sure, sure… they rent three movies, get good chocolate and decent bottle of wine before they do it… but they sit there and do it, and that’s what I’m going to do. No email. No internet. No knitting. No internet about knitting. Nothing but trashy movies and a stack of stupid paperwork that is threatening to take over not just my desk, but my entire office and swathes of other parts of our home. In fact, there’s so much that I am starting to fear that I’ll have to issue whistles and avalanche beacons to visitors who don’t know the danger areas. I know it’s going to feel like a million dollars to have it done, I really do. I know that it’s going to set a good example for my kids about doing your stuff and not getting behind digging yourself out gracefully when you get really far behind… and in tomorrow, (assuming that this mess can be dug out of in a single day, which I have to assume, since the alternative is too horrible to contemplate.) I can return to knitting while feeling guilty about the cleaning, shopping, laundry and writing. (Actually, I can return to knitting while feeling guilty that I don’t feel guilty for not cleaning, shopping, doing the laundry or writing.)

I’m going to do my paperwork.

That’s what I’m going to do. Totally. Almost totally.

For (mostly) sure.