Marjorie asked in the comments yesterday if I’d finished Manon, and I heaved a huge sigh. I hadn’t. I finished all the pieces last week, and I sewed it up and blocked it… it looked fantastic really, and the only thing it needed was some form of closure. (I’m sure we can all sympathize with the sweater.) Norah’s pattern called for a hook and eye, and I raided my sewing notions box and couldn’t come up with one, so the whole process stalled out until I could get out and buy some. Some time in the last while, the Fabricland at Jane and Bloor closed (I discovered this when I rode over and couldn’t get a zipper) and I haven’t figured out a new place to go yet, so the whole thing seemed complex to me. (I am a simple creature.) I decided that it would help to bring it to Cape Cod, because I thought (?) that I might come across one in my travels. (How I thought that a family vacation might cause a hook and eye set to fall into my hands fully formed, I just can’t explain.) Sadly, there were no sewing notions on the Boston history walk, nor in the Graveyard where Paul Revere is buried, nor in Provincetown (lest I rip one from the evening gown of a guy way bigger than me, and since they were only barely covering their bits at best…) Nor was there a sewing supply store sprung up amongst the trees alongside the Cape Cod Rail Trail. In fact, I arrived back home without a single opportunity to buy a closure having presented itself. (I was a little surprised about that, which really just means that there’s something wrong with me. I didn’t even look for a store.) In any case, I was a little sad then, when Marjorie asked about it, because it was so close and yet so far… and, I reflected forlornly, ironic… since I don’t even like hook and eye closures.


That’s when it occurred to me. (I know.. I know.. but Norah Gaughan said I needed a hook and eye. She’s a goddess. I have a hard time discounting the things she says.) I could use a button. (I cannot believe that I’m writing a blog entry about the decision to switch from a hook and eye to a button. This is doing nothing to support my position that I’m a really interesting person.) I crocheted across the front edges on the inside to stabilize the edge – they flared out because of the ribbing…


I crocheted a little chain loop…

I fastened off…


and Tah Dah!


Love it. I think it fits just right, I think the colour is just perfect. One reader wrote to say that didn’t I think that orange seemed to her an impractical colour. Orange, she felt, wouldn’t match much in a wardrobe. Clearly she doesn’t own enough seventies appliance coloured clothing. This sweater matches almost everything that I own.

It’s an interesting pattern, entertaining to the knitter but still not ending up being some odd as fish freak sweater. Super wearable. Elegant details.


Manon, pattern from Norah Gaughan Vol 1. Knit from Valley Yarns Amherst. Colour “Cayenne”.

4.5mm needles.
(Also, my hair is not that colour in real life and I don’t think my shoulders are like that.)


I’m going to wear it tonight to speak to the Aurora Guild. (It’s a Guild member thing. You can read about it on CurlerChik’s blog if you’re interested.) I think this is one of the most fun sweaters I’ve knit in a while, and I feel very properly dressed when I’m wearing it… like maybe I have on an outfit, instead of just clothes.

267 thoughts on “Manon

  1. Love it! It looks like one of those sweaters that somehow elevates everything you wear with it. I must find a cardigan like that myself…

  2. Ooh! So, so pretty!
    I love the orange. I think it matches more than one might give it credit for– blues, browns, white(s), minimal amounts of black, green, purple… I’m just going to stop here, as I’ve made my point, but you understand. I am a big fan!

  3. I think yours looks better on you than the berroco models looks on her. (Hers seems a bit small). Very well done!

  4. Lovely sweater, taking pictures is a challenge, tried to take some of my daughter wearing the one I finally finished for her was almost impossible. I am going to redo the whole thing with my trusty ‘Judy’…she doesn’t talk back or make faces.
    You find the most facinating designs.

  5. pretty pretty!!
    I’m having a sweater closing issue myself. It has been recommended that I MAKE some frogs!! So now I will probably learn another new and exciting knitterly skill πŸ™‚

  6. I actually like it better with the button…. And orange is a color that looks good on you; suits your skin tones and your hair color. I don’t wear it, because I’m a “pinkie” and it makes me look like I have the flu. Good job and Rock On With Your Bad Self!

  7. perfect! i love orange. it goes great with jeans and is just right w/ your outfit in the photo. wonderful fit. πŸ™‚

  8. Your sweater is amazing! How can the color orange be impractical?!?! HA! I laughed quite a bit when I read that, then I felt sorry for (and shuddered at the thought of)any individual who thinks there is such a thing as an impractical color. The color is perfect! And now I must say I’m a little annoyed with you because I have to buy this pattern and yarn to make this sweater for myself (it’s too cool of a project to pass up… I’m weak)- thus adding to my ever-growing collection of yarn/patterns that go un-finished. However, maybe your completed project can inspire me to have one of my very own!

  9. Well knitted! I admit I’m looking at it and trying to think of a way to insert a pocket.

  10. Love it! Looks great on you. It does look like it would be really interesting to knit. But, I’m afraid a part of me that I would rather ignore (having something to do with age and becoming more sedentary) would not flatter the sweater opening in front or vice versa. She is a goddess, isn’t she. We’re lucky to have such a pantheon of goddess designers.

  11. I love that color! We must have similarly-colored wardrobes…”seventies-appliance colors” describes mine as well. Lots of paprika and sage green and that kind of reddish-brown. πŸ™‚ But back to your sweater, which is marvelous – the sleeves alone are reason enough to knit it! Love the sleeves.

  12. Beautiful. And besides, orange is the new black. Just check out the latest Lands’ End catalog.

  13. Beautiful job…Besides… that color could go GREAT with a cream shirt, and a pair of nice slacks (a whole variety of colors comes to mind—not together, solid color, many different slacks).

  14. Wicked cool sweater! Must add it to my queue! Must buy yarn for it right now!
    Wait a minute.
    Have you figured out how to get around the fact that even a fast, obsessed knitter cannot possibly knit everything she wants to? This fact is weighing heavily on my mind, as we slide into hardcore knitting season here in New England. I have been favoriting scores of designs over on Ravelry, and yet I’m leaving off baby designs and other oddments, as well as bazillions of perfectly good patterns since I can’t bear to admit to the Rav world that I really do want to knit 842 1800-yard sweaters in the thirty years remaining to me.
    I think I need a new project to take my mind off such depressing thoughts, don’t you?

  15. Hurrah – I get to see it!! And since it isn’t as meltingly hot as it was the last time, it’ll be perfect. With your Birkenstocks.

  16. Wait, wait, wait…you CROCHETED? Well, I guess desperate times call for desperate measures. I am wildly in love with the Manon pattern in general and with yours in particular. Cayenne is perfect for the coming autumn.

  17. You missed Windsor Button! Right off the Common, near the Park Street station. *Amazing* collection of buttons. Every button you could possibly think of, and some you couldn’t.

  18. It looks terrific! And I love the color, I think orange matches well into almost any wardrobe.
    Thank you for that crotcheting tip, maybe I’m the last person not to know about it, but I didn’t…

  19. The difference between an outfit and just clothes is quite a big one! Of course, it’s mostly in the eye of the wearer, but still, I’m with you. Lovely sweater!

  20. Your sweater is stunning! I love orange, though I look better in the peachy end of the orange spectrum than the true oranges and rusts that I love (I, too, have a wardrobe full of 1970’s appliance-colored apparel).

  21. I love it and the color is gorgeous! I think I’m needing some orange in my wardrobe too! Especially a shade as pretty as yours.

  22. That is just GORGEOUS! And if you decide it doesn’t work with your wardrobe, it’d totally work with mine! (What kind of a person doesn’t wear orange??? I jest…)

  23. “I cannot believe that I’m writing a blog entry about the decision to switch from a hook and eye to a button. This is doing nothing to support my position that I’m a really interesting person.”
    This made me laugh out loud (which is a little embarrassing at work).

  24. Wonderful! I’ve been dying to make this, but for once I’m successfully finishing old projects before starting something new. I’ve gotta say though, this post might be the last push I needed to start the Manon… πŸ™‚

  25. I…love…that…sweater!!!
    It is beautiful. It is going in my Ravely queue right now.
    And, I love the botton. I think it is perfect for your sweater. Nice work.

  26. Ooo, it came out beautifully! (Plus, I’m firmly on the “orange is a GREAT color for clothes!” side of the fence. Goes with everything I wear, too!)

  27. Too cute! I’m debating whether to cast on for this (in turquoise) or the Lush and Lacy Cardigan (in orange), and I think you’ve just pushed me toward Manon. I also love the button closure idea, so I’m thinking of monkeying around with a button at the top and the bottom of the middle rib section. Hmmm…so many options.

  28. It’s fabulous–beautiful as an art objet and on you. The color is perfect. Orange is a neutral in my closet. It does go with most things.
    I can easily see myself packing up this gorgeous sweater with the idea that I would find a hook and eye in a trip that involved stops in various cities. Makes total sense. When none appeared, going with a loop and button is similarly sensible. Good job–priceless story!

  29. Stephanie, the sweater is lovely, the button and the crocheted stabilizing inspired. The color? Well, it would probably be impractical for me too, but for you — it’s just perfect. Thank you for sharing it with us. I really *must* knit a Norah sometime soon.

  30. Manon is gorgeous and looks fabulous on you. I love the color. I was shocked at how much “orange” yarn I have in my stash (burnt orange, not Bozo) and think it’s a very versatile color. Now I want to make Manon….

  31. It’s going to sound crazy to comment on this rather than all work on the body, but I LOVE the sleeves!

  32. It’s an interesting pattern, entertaining to the knitter but still not ending up being some odd as fish freak sweater. Super wearable. Elegant details.
    …doesn’t that describe pretty much everything Norah has ever given us? πŸ™‚ But seriously, it’s beautiful, and looks fabulous on you.

  33. It is gorgeous. You are gorgeous. And I would like a more detailed tutorial on your button loop because this seems to be the most helpful thing I’ve run across in a while.

  34. It looks fantastic and i’m glad you bit the bullet, or rather the crochet hook to finish the job.
    Colour is a fascinating subject: orange doesn’t go in my wardrobe, I favour blue-ish tones, lilacs, very dark reds, white, navy, but my DD looks wonderful in yellows, peaches, orange, green, everything that’s not in my wardrobe (thankfully!!). I love to see more colour in the world, yet the fashonistas insist on black, the fools!

  35. The sweater is GORGEOUS!!
    And, everyone who is anyone knows that Cayenne is the new black.
    (Okay, I totally made that up; but if we say it enought it may become true…)

  36. I admit… they whole time you knit this, I thought to myself, “That’s an odd color… what weird details there… ugh, 1/2 length sleeves?? I really don’t like shrugs all that much…”
    But now, when I see it all together, I really really really really want it! It’s totally charming! I can’t stand the fact that I’m not wearing it right now!

  37. It looks great! I can’t believe you didn’t run into any kind of sewing supply store. I was in Paris last year and found an embroidery store [on my way to the Bastille] and yarn store [right down the hill from Sacre Coeur…which was right in the middle of an entire fabric store district] Then again, I wasn’t looking for anything, which is why they were there.
    And orange impractical? Bite your tongue! Is there a wardrobe worth having that doesn’t have an ample amount of 70’s appliance colored clothing?!?!?

  38. After I posted my query yesterday about the sweater, I started to worry that I might have sounded like a nag. I’m glad my comment wasn’t taken that way. The sweater is beautiful, in fact I think it’s one of the best things you’ve made. The details are indeed elegant, and the button closure is perfect.

  39. Wow. That is fabulous. And I agree, orange goes with just about everything, even though one thinks it won’t. And that sweater is just GREAT. So. I’m off to cast on WIP 4,781, then.

  40. Beautiful sweater!!!! I love orange, it happens to be one of my favorite colors in clothing. It can go with just about any neutral color like brown, tan, black, white even navy. It’s nice to step out of the “neutral go with everything” knitting rut every once in awhile.

  41. ohhh how lovely! and it’s a nice orance colour, the orange that matches well with other colours, not a flourecent pylon-like orange. πŸ˜€

  42. I’m sitting here wearing an orange sweater, orange shoes, with an orangy-pink shawl draped across my chair, looking at orange roses on my desk! Orange is a wonderful color – very practical.

  43. It looks great! I think orange goes with a lot, you just have to change your thinking a little. The floors in the house I grew up in were orange, and I think they looked pretty good. It was built in the seventies…but…whatever.

  44. Very, very close to the historic walk you were on in Boston was Windsor Button. I’m about 100% sure you could have gotten what you needed there. But I won’t speak of it – because the button looks great!

  45. Perfect fit, perfect color, perfect closure!
    Did you get your hair colored or is it just bleached from your Cape Cod time in the sun?

  46. Yes, a burnt orange, really…
    And I do think the button looks even nicer than the hook-and-eye on the sweater model. And just to prove that I am not sucking up, I’ll venture to say that I think 2 buttons would be even better. But then, my sense of style is often notoriously deficient.

  47. Smashing sweater – looks brilliant on you. It does have that ‘outfit’ look too. I like all the different directions it goes in and nicely tailored in the back. However, I think all the sweaters I’ve seen you knit (on this blog…not that I hang out at Lettuce Knit) look pretty swank on your petite self.

  48. i love orange. i had a pumpkin spice accent wall in my first house (first house i bought myself, not first house i lived in). the sweater is lovely!

  49. I realize that I’m not the first person to mention this, but Windsor Button was within shouting distance of the Freedom Trail…next time you have a closure emergency!
    I would never have considered that sweater before I saw you modeling in! Lovely.

  50. Very pretty. It’s calling to me though, and it’s telling me you need a second button right below the bust, just for balance. Maybe it’s my personal love of all things symmetric.

  51. Of course I followed your link & now can’t stop thinking about tarts – at least, my vision of tarts, which involves beautiful glazed fruits in pastry. What are butter tarts? A particularly Canadian delicacy, no doubt . . .

  52. I’ve lurked on here for years without commenting, but I have to say–that is one beautiful sweater.
    Also, just placed my first order with Blue Moon for both Baby Mine and Baby Yours and some beautiful yarn to make them with. Can’t wait to cast on!

  53. It looks great and I think orange goes with lots!
    In fact I’ve been hoarding some orange malabrigo for my first sweater – when I figure out what it’s going to be.

  54. Actually, that looks super freaking fab on you. I didn’t like the pattern as modeled on the Berocco site at all, but you make it quite wearable, and nice looking.

  55. I’m impressed by the move from a hook and eye to a button. I kind of like the button idea better.
    I really like that, but I don’t think that I have the figure to wear it and I’m insanely jealous that you can. I’m really short and not very curvy, so it would probably overwhelm me. Bah. But it’s a really nice color on you! ^_^

  56. Looks great!
    (I won’t mention that you were steps away from Windsor Button (fabulous yarn AND extensive sewing notions) while on the Freedome trail).

  57. Wow! it looks fantastic! it looks like one of the more interesting items you have created lately, and that’s saying something, don’t you think? πŸ™‚

  58. 1. Orange goes with everything.
    2. Orange is my favourite colour.
    3. I prefer the button to the hook and eye, and appreciate knowing that doubt when crossing a favourite designer’s advice is universal.
    4. All told, your sweater looks perfect.

  59. That Norah is a freaking genius! I’m so psyched she’s coming to Webs that I’m taking half a vacation day to drive the 2 hours to go see her. She is my absolutely favorite designer!
    Barbara L in MA

  60. I have to say that I think the button looks very nice. I think hook and eye closures can pull too much and warp the fabric. The button is the perfect finishing touch. Nice job! And I may be a child of the ’80s but I have always loved the color of old retro appliances πŸ™‚

  61. Orange? Impractical? Never!!!!
    To quote Jonathan Adler, (who I learned about on the blog, “How About Orange”):
    “Orange is the poppiest colour and the answer to most decorating conundrums.”
    And to misquote somebody else, (um, Bonnie Zucker Goldsmith?):
    “There is no question for which ORANGE is not the answer.”
    I think there should be more orange in the world. Love the sweater.

  62. Wow! it is lovely and you look fantastic in it! I think the button is way better than the hook and eye, those silly things always snag the yarn. peace

  63. LOVE the colour, love it on you, as well as the sweater itself, very flattering for you, not that you ‘needed’ it… you know what I mean.
    Beautifully knit, beautiful fit.

  64. OOoooooooo….I totally couldn’t picture how it was going to come together and it…is…just…fabulous. You wear it very well.

  65. It’s the kind of sweater that if I saw it out in public, I would stare and stare trying to figure out how it was made. I agree with others; Berroco should buy your pictures to sell the pattern. In their pictures, I see some interesting cabling, but not a sweater that works. It looks lovely on you.

  66. I’m going to second the second button idea. below the first, at the lower edge of the ribbing – I think it would accentuate the shaping of the midriff by pulling it in a bit.
    I envy people who can wear orange. Looks great on you.

  67. Love the Burnt Orange — so much nicer than Harvest Gold would have been. Mind you, Avocado Green would have looked a treat, too. πŸ™‚

  68. Wow. I was trying to figure out how all those strangely shaped pieces were going to come together in the form of a sweater. As they would say in P-Town: “FAAA-Bulous!” And I love your solution for closing it.

  69. My post yesterday was about the warning label on a tube of anti-itch cream. Trust me, you are interesting. Compared to me, anyway. Not that that says much.
    An orange sweater wouldn’t match much in my wardrobe, but that’s because I don’t like to wear orange. (Although when I say that I really have in mind carrot, traffic-cone, in-your-face orange, and I think of your sweater’s color as rust.) Since you do, it makes perfect sense to me that your sweater will go with all your stuff. In any case, it’s a lovely sweater, and makes you look elegant indeed. I’d probably do it in a darkish indigo, or perhaps royal purple.

  70. Stephanie, that sweater is beautiful! I wonder how much business you drive to designers sites–I am sorely tempted now to buy that pattern book, even though I’m currently only 1/3 finished on another Norah Gaughan pattern, the Phyllo Yoked Pullover. Here in the states there’s soemthing called the “O Factor”–a recognized business phenomenon wherein businesses have been catapulted into the economic stratosphere just by a mention on Oprah Winfrey’s show–I think you may have something similar for the knitting world–I’ll call it the “Harlot Factor”.

  71. That sweater looks fan-freaking-tastic. Beautiful work. My current WIP is a different Norah “Genius” Gaughn pattern in orange wool. Orange wool cardigan sweaters with insanely cool construction and fetching detail are the best. – Amy

  72. LOVE the sweater – the back is incredible. Just an idea; what if you put a second button at the bottom of the band (if we decide to call the the spot where the first button is the top of the band…) It’s so pretty!

  73. Sensational Sweater! When it comes to color for items like sweaters, shoes, handbags I don’t worry whether it matches or not. Wear it with confidence and it shows you have **style**.

  74. You wrote: “I cannot believe that I’m writing a blog entry about the decision to switch from a hook and eye to a button. This is doing nothing to support my position that I’m a really interesting person.”
    Au contraire! Only a truly interesting person can blog about switching from a hook & eye to button closure and not have knitters and stalkers alike waking up 30 minutes later with drool on their keyboards. (And really, this is an FO post, so the whole point really is moot. But isn’t hashing out irrelevant topics one of the joys of blogging? ;o)

  75. One can never have enough orange in one’s wardrobe! And as for olive green, mustard yellow, chocolate brown, and brick red? Bring ’em on. πŸ˜€

  76. Very nice and I like the button closure. I’d consider making one for myself except that my stomach would pooch out the opening. Sigh. Don’t forget the bra for the guild meeting. If you’re going to dress up in a real outfit, you might as well go all out. πŸ™‚

  77. It looks beautiful. Orange does suit you too. I love knitting with orange, but sadly not many people I know love it. I love the button closure too.

  78. Pretty sweater. I do love the color, but lack the courage to choose it for myself. I have no confidence in my abilities to coordinate colors. So, I rarely wear anything but black, grey and white. I did work up the nerve to knit myself a purple shawl once…. Not a good choice. Should have gone with the red that time around.
    Anyway, I totally love your sweater. The button closure is awesome. Much better than the hook and eye.

  79. Oh, such a beautiful sweater and what an amazing fit. See, I know that you think Norah is a goddess but, I bow in admiration to you!
    All hail the Yarn Harlot.
    Or should that be
    “Hail Harlot, full of lace
    the Muses are with you.
    Brilliant art thou amongst knitters and
    brilliant is the fruit of your hands, Jesus!
    Holy Harlot, mother of shawls,
    pray for us knitters now and in the hour
    of our frogs.
    tee hee
    (oh God, I really AM going to hell)

  80. Ummmmm, what happened to the gansey? Did you finish it and I missed the announcement? And the modeled article?

  81. Thanks to Marjorie for spawning the invention of hook and eye replacement.
    That is one elegant sweater. You look like you are in ‘grown-up clothes’. That is a good thing. And you look very happy. That is an excellent thing. I agree the sweater looks better on you than the model; it is a funny angle on that shot of the model. I second the Holly Harlot. ; )

  82. Beautiful! I’m glad you didn’t find a hook and eye set, I think it looks better with the button.

  83. You’re so clever! Orange is a hugely popular color where I live, so if you ever bring that beautiful sweater to Tennessee, guard it closely, lest some University of Tennessee sports fan takes it away.

  84. That is one gorgeous sweater! It has been in my Ravelry queue for some time now, but i have several other big projects going now. I love the orange too. Why make something that special in a boring common color!
    As I was reading, I was thinking about a button and a crochet loop- and sure ’nuff, it looks great.

  85. Looks great! In desperation I have been known to cannibalize notions from clothes we don’t wear anymore. Just saying.
    Button works great though and is probably nicer, than hook and eye.

  86. Don’t you just love it when you find something that totally makes you feel like a lady, instead of just some old woman?
    I see you skipping down the sidewalk, singing “I feel pretty”, you know, from West Side Story?
    Ok, maybe not the skipping part.

  87. Love the pattern and thanks for the great photos. I checked out the link and I think yours looks heaps better than the skinny model. I love the shaping.

  88. Wow, it’s gorgeous. I had my doubts when you were knitting it, only a personal like/dislike level, but seeing the finished product makes me want to knit it for myself. Beautiful!

  89. The reader who thought orange a strange choice surely doesn’t appreciate that for those of us who have always loved orange and seen its vast potential for looking good with everything feel blessed to live in an age when there is a lot of orange clothing and, yes, yarn to choose from!
    Orange rules! (And copper and rust make excellent choices, also.)
    The sweater looks terrific. I am finishing Calvert from Norah’s book 3, but had to get book 1 after you started writing about Manon. You are such an enabler! (I am about to cast on for Eastlake, as well. Sigh. It never ends!)

  90. It looks gorgeous! I love it and I love the button. Much better than a hook and eye! ANd the color is perfect! (what is this about not wearing orange? It goes with everything I own.)

  91. You look fabulous – what a figure you have also. Enjoy your guild meeting – it’s great to dress up.
    Must comment on the color – I’m also an orange, green, brown girl. The orange is a great brightener for my usual brown cords & turtleneck (we’re talking winter, not right now).

  92. I think the sweater looks fabulous! And I like the button much better than I’d like a hook & eye. Very good job!

  93. Great sweater and I like the yarn, even though I no longer have anything from the 70’s in anything other than the dress-up trunk.
    However, I can’t believe that you didn’t go to Windsor Button! It was just a couple of blocks from the graveyard and is just an incredible wall of ideas. Drop the rest of them in the Dunkin around the corner for just a couple of minutes and zip in… Of course, they will have to come and pull you out, but that’s the way it goes. Your solution is acceptable, but next time go to Windsor Button.

  94. I totally get where you’re coming from regarding logic process. For example today, I was asked to look at a piece of code that 3 other male developers were trying to fix. Once suggested sending the artwork back to the flash guy to fix align borders, the other said we can’t change the non-flash image since it’ll break the page and the other guy had no clue. My suggestion after looking at the code for 10 seconds, add some padding to the logo above the nav. Quick, clean and fixed.
    You keep doing your thing. YOu do it so well!

  95. I wasn’t real impressed with Manon in the booklet. Seeing yours I’m thinking that maybe I should give it and my stash another look. It’s lovely.

  96. I dunno, I think you look alright as a blonde. And “cayenne” is a very nice Autumn color that suits you well. I do like the sections going in different directions. If I could make that, I’d feel very clever indeed. Ü

  97. Looks great. Too bad you didn’t stop by the Farmers Market/Flea Market at the Drive-In in Welfleet. They always seem to have everything!
    (Then again, its been a few years since I was on the cape – maybe the Drive-In isn’t there anymore πŸ™ )

  98. Gorgeous sweater. I, too, am in love with seventies appliance colors/colours. The sweater would also match everything in my wardrobe should you tire of it!

  99. Purrrrrrty!
    and – just in case you need hook and eyes again… Mac Fab on Queen West does carry them (sorry).

  100. Yeah, not a big hook & eye fan either. Good thing there are LOTS of choices out there for closures, and at least as many opinions about those choices. That said, I think I would have chosen a toggle! And I would have put it further south, at the bottom of the band, to give a little more shaping to the bust and the waist (hey, those of us with no waist need all the help we can get!) I don’t think two buttons would look right, at least on me. (See? Lots of opinions!)
    Stephanie, I really LOVE the sweater, AND the color. I might even have to break my “accessories only” axiom, because this one looks like I might not get bored halfway through.

  101. Wow, that is a really outstanding sweater. The construction is fascinating, the execution looks flawless, it flatters you completely – I’m trying to come up with synonyms for “outstanding” that say what I mean – gold medal!

  102. Love the “orange” sweater on you! Have you thought of doing the “shell” you love in the same shade? I hear sweater sets are in this year, AND so is orange. Also, I like the button better than hook and eye myself!

  103. 1 – gorgeous sweater
    2 – looks great with the outfit it is modeled with and I can imagine it looking great with many things (like how about jeans and almost ANY colored Tshirt)
    3 – the yarn harlot with a crochet hook being deftly employed – be still my crocheting heart.

  104. I think it looks much better with a button than it would’ve looked with a hook and eye.
    Orange is a great color. I’m planning on painting my living room orange.

  105. That is a gorgeous sweater, and a very pretty color. Usually I am not a huge fan of orange or orangish colors because I am a redhead and it doesn’t look right on me. However, something about that color is very nice. I think it looks fabulous on you! I also like the way it looks with the button. I think it gives it more personality that way πŸ™‚

  106. “Manon” fits you quite well, I am really impressed. And the fact that the sweater bears my name did not influence my judgement (but it did give me a weird feeling when I saw your blog title).

  107. I think it’s a gorgeous colour and one that frequents my wardrobe as well. We have similar tastes in colour – I’m a real green gal aswell. πŸ™‚

  108. Your sweater looks much better than the Berrocco model’s does. Now I want one. Sigh. Off to add it to the OTHER 200 items on my Ravelry queue.
    Lucy’s looking adorable on the blog again. Stop by and wave back at her, if you have time.

  109. Loved Manon so much when you first posted it that I immediately ordered the pattern and Amherst yarn from WEBS. I bought the color that would have been very appropriate for you–Regatta! You could have begun and finished the sweater in those days while you were waiting for the actual regatta to begin. But, your Cayenne looks lovely on you. Unfortunately, my Regatta is languishing, awaiting my completion of a shawl.

  110. That is a completely beautiful sweater. Maybe one day I’ll grow up and be an amazing knitter just like you. For now, back to the socks.

  111. Thank you!! Not only did the sweater turn out fantastically, but it opened the door to how I was thinking of finishing off the cardigan I’m knitting in a Cot/Soy blend. Thanks for the detailed pictures of crocheting the edge for the button hole. It helps a lot…..

  112. Who dared say that orange is “wouldn’t match much in a wardrobe”? They obviously are not a redhead, orange matches all the brown and green we wear!

  113. orange is one of those colors– i’ve always had a real thing for it, but it’s also oddly infectious. after so many years of my saying to my mom, “isn’t this cool?” and pointing out an orange _________ (insert noun here), she called me a couple days ago and (in a shocked voice) said, “I saw a sweater at Marshall’s that I loved… and would you believe… it was… I’d have to call it… orange!!!”

  114. As an orange wearer from way back, I’d like to point out the difference between orange and say, burnt umber, or burnt orange, or deep pumpkin, or, or, or…..
    But as we seem to sport the same general color scheme (sage green being another example), I’m predisposed to think what you knit is brilliant not just in design but in color as well. Bravo!

  115. Great sweater! What a success with hardly a stray off the path.
    By the way, the Blankie just won a sweepstakes prize (better than a blue ribbon) at the Minnesota State Fair. I thought you might like to know where that journey finally ended. πŸ™‚

  116. Orange is a great color and really does go with much more than people think that it might go with. The design looks just great on you…suits you very well!

  117. It looks beautiful – well done! Though I must say, you aren’t wearing 70’s appliance colors underneath your Manon sweater. What’s up with that?? πŸ˜‰

  118. Talk about a good fit and slimming – wow. Even the folks at TV’s “What Not to Wear” would be smiling at the curvaceous shape and detailed texture. Love the color even though I’m a redhead. Try it with chocolate brown for fall – wowzers. I’m impressed.
    P.S. I left my family ( and the country) for 7 weeks and it was a good thing – not for the spouse so much but great for the teenage son. I have the reverse scenario as I’m home all the time and we all need time apart now and then. Renewed appreciation for wife and motherhood feels good.
    Knit on.

  119. Absolutely stunning. It makes you look very sophistocated and grown up–wear it to a party and no one will look down on you for writing”those little knitting books” ever again.
    And, yet, (this is my favorite part) it will look equally at home with blue jeans,which is the attire I wear 99% of the time-the other 1% I wear pajamas.

  120. The sweater looks lovely.
    You’ve put the button at the top of the band. The Berroco site’s model has the button at the bottom of the band. On you, it looks like, “See? The sweater fits just fine–even over the girls.” On the model–not so much. On her–maybe just because of the angle of the shot and how the sweater is positioned–it looks like the sweater couldn’t possibly have been closed at the top of the band. It looks like she closed it at the only place it could be closed.
    But since one button in a different location can make such an improvement in the look and fit…maybe you want to try pinning the location of the lower button and seeing how the changed shape looks on you?
    The color, by the way is lovely. There are only a few colors I can think of that the sweater wouldn’t go with. Terrific choice. (I don’t have 70s-appliance-colored clothing. I have 70s-appliance-colored appliances. My harvest gold stove is more than 30 years old–and works. Knock wood.)

  121. Read the blog, read all the comments, now I am looking for the ‘agree’ button to press.

  122. Looking smashing!! with the button & crochet loop.
    Thanks for this tip. I’ll be taking the lesson of crocheted invisible reinforcement for closure points (Neck & shoulder, too.) into my knitting future …..
    And I may even apply it to a 20-something year old garment which was originally designed as an edge-to-edge jacket with no closure.
    We’re never too old to learn. πŸ™‚

  123. That is so beautiful! Great job! I’m totally going to look into getting that pattern on the needles eventually. It may just be what I need to reinstate my knitting mojo!

  124. Sorry for the blank post, earlier… you’d think I’d know to hit “Preview” instead of just “Post”… Anyway, I would have to say that orange would not be a very practical color for me and is, admittedly, probably my least favorite – at least partly because it would look awful on me. It does appear to work quite well for you, though. I disagree with those in the “two button” camp, and the “move the button” camp – I think it looks great, as is. Very stylish and sophisticated.

  125. My mother has been gone for over 20 years. She was a knitter. When happening upon a particularly outstanding sweater, I have traditionally remarked, “Mother would like that.” However, ever since I saw your photos of Manon, when I happen upon a particularly outstanding sweater, I mutter, “Stephanie would like that.” Move over, Norah. Classy outfit, for sure!!!

  126. Beautiful jacket, Stephanie. Love the detailing. And the button looks better then a hook & eye. Really finishes it off. Nice solution. Oh, & nice colour too.

  127. Amazing! It’s very pretty indeed. I suppose one can modify the pattern if one wanted longer sleeves? How much yarn was consumed here? And would you be able to recommend any yarn substitute?

  128. What lovely details, and such a flattering shape, too!
    BTW, I’ve already ordered my very own copy of ‘Baby Mine’ (mine is due in January, and I have a feeling it’s a Baby Mine, as well!) and my STR mediumweight.
    Thankyou, thankyou so much for making the patterns available to us all… Given your stellar talents in writing, and your experiences with birth and babies, have you considered specialising in and publishing patterns for little wee babies? You’d be fantastic!

  129. Oh, btw, I just now clicked over to see the Manon picture from the Berroco site. EWH! Honestly, if I hadn’t see your version and you modeling, I would never have given the sweater a second glance. How is it that you can look beyond the bad photos to know a beautiful sweater?
    Once again,
    “Hail Harlot. . . . . .

  130. The sweater is just beautiful! Besides when you live up north (I live in Maine) as fall gets closer it’s almost necessary to own an orange sweater – keeps the hunters aware of your presence.

  131. Glad you got around to answering the question I asked two weeks ago – how to close Manon. I bet if you’d made it to Windsor Buttons you would have found what you sought, but the sweater is better for your improvisation.
    Whither next Harlotta? Did you ever notice that gansey spelled backwards is YES NAG?

  132. The sweater turned out beautiful. I can’t believe how great it looks on you! It’s always a leap of faith when choosing a pattern/color/size that you hope to wear yourself but they all came together this time. Thanks for the fashion show!

  133. That sweater is just gorgeous! And, I love that color and it would go with everything in my wardrobe too (no chance you’re sending it my way?). Your comment is right on, although it is very different, the end result is absolutely stunning–not at all “odd” like some of these very contrived weird looking things. And, it fits you like a dream. Really love this one!! Enjoy it!!

  134. I love orange – so much that when I last inventoried my purse “closet” – I own five orange bags made of varying materials and not even one plain black one!! It’s a beautiful pattern/sweater and the end result is quite lovely on you.

  135. I think the horizontal band calls for 2 buttons – think about adding one at the bottom of band. The sweater is WONDERFUL! BRIDGET

  136. The sweater is neat–fits perfectly. We drove through Canada–huge. Did not see you.

  137. Here in Austin, Texas, that color is called “burnt orange” and is a staple in our UT-football-viewing wardrobes! Lovely sweater.

  138. “have an outfit instead of clothes” I love that. That is me, just clothes, I want an outfit πŸ™
    Sonya, who met you in Lexington, KY don’t you remember??

  139. Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous! The sweater, the color the fit. Perfect for you!! The back is especially nice. Way to go! Oh and I like the button better than a hook and eye type thing.

  140. Manon’s first pictures left me wondering what in the world you were up to with such a strange-looking piece. I felt you saw something I clealy didn’t. But, wow, I see it now — what a beautiful, elegant piece. I want one too πŸ˜‰

  141. The fit is amazing! I am impressed once again with your skills and with Norah’s creativity. Funny, I too have a sweater that calls for hook and eyes. I did (finally) find them, but they are still in the package, and I’m wearing it a little more open (ties only) because, like you said, they are not my favorite thing (could have something to do with sewing). The color is fab, by the way… very “in” and looks great with your hair. Enjoy it!

  142. Love the sweater!! And I can’t say enough about the color – it would also match almost everything in my closet. Becasue 70’s appliance colored clothing seems to be coming back in style.

  143. Oh, the button is just perfect! Beautiful sweater.
    Someday I will have the courage to make a garment from a pattern. You are my inspiration–I’m just a chicken.

  144. About 95% of my clothing is in 70’s appliance colours. The rest are white, black or grey. Orange is one of my favourite colours, because it goes with everything I own. πŸ˜€
    Lovely sweater!

  145. Gorgeous – hope you wear it when you are over in London, so I can see it for real!
    I think the holiday behaviour with knitting notions jumping into your arm expectations was perfectly normal. Only cos I would do the same.

  146. Haakon my 4yo nephew just looked at the screen and said:
    “That sweater is GORGEOUS”
    but you have to say it as if you were Harvey Firestein (the boy has an affinity for orange).

  147. Alas, while you were walking the Freedom Trail here in Boston, you were unknowingly yards away from Winsor Button, at 35 Temple Place less than a hundred yards off Tremont St., the Boston Common and Park St. Station subway station (the 1st subway and stop in the world, by the way). Not only is Winsor Button the place in Boston to go for buttons (and fancy frogs and plain hook & eyes), but it is a serious knitting store! Check it out next time you are here!

  148. As another 70s appliance color wearer, I have to say that orange goes with EVERYTHING! Lovely sweater. It would even match my orange living room walls and 70s pea green and gold 9ft sofa (Chesterfield).

  149. But you were so close to Windsor Button!!!
    In any case, it’s gorgeous! And no, neither your hair nor your shoulders are like that in real life.

  150. All I can say is: Lucky Duck! To be able to wear such a pretty, fitted sweater – I have to go with the box type, hiding everything (my husband told our Boy Scout son to talk to me, the expert, about camouflage) I also like the color; I would think this is something that goes with everything, and it’s nice to have something besides basic black, or navy, or gray…this is a vibrant color but I would still say it’s neutral, adding some jazz to whatever color you chose to put with it. I like it! I usually stick with the basic colors, rarely venture off into something more exciting, but now I think I am going to have to go in search of that just-right-orange….

  151. Can I just reiterate…Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous. I’m not usually such a Norah fan but this is just lovely and fits you so nicely. I agree with the others that I prefer the button. Gorgeous. No really, Gorgeous.

  152. Can I just reiterate…Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous. I agree with the others that I prefer the button. Gorgeous. No really, Gorgeous.

  153. Probably already been said about 200 times (because I’m too lazy to read all the other comments), but the button looks good. IMO a hook and eye invisibly holding it closed would have looked . . . odd. Some obvious closure-thingy was needed.

  154. Haven’t read the comments as I am supposed to be working but it looks great on you. I think the button works better than a hook and eye and it is a gee-or-geous colour. It would go with everything in my wardrobe. Orange is my favourite colour!

  155. I thinks it’s lovely, so feminine and shaping. It looks flawless and buttons look, I think, more professional than hooks and eyes but that’s just me. Congrats!

  156. Beautiful and very resourceful of you. The button fits wonderfully with the style. Wear it with pride!
    So how’s Joe’s gansey or did I miss it getting finished? The PDX Knitbloggers want to know.

  157. I enjoy the way your mind works…I have far too many of those moments myself, where you’re insisting on something being a certain way, only to have a different way present itself, followed by the lightbulb and a big “oh yeah!….heheh…”

  158. That looks great! Its refreshing to see someone else struggle to follow the directions to a T and then realize there are no knitting police! (I just finished reading the section in Knitting Rules about that!). Love it!

  159. Wow! It’s gorgeous! And it’s true that most people can’t pull off wearing much orange, but you look great in it! Lucky you!!

  160. Super awesome! I must admit that I had my doubts about both the design and color. But I was wrong to doubt!

  161. Ha! That is something I would do, too. “But the pattern says…!”
    God forbid I add bust darts to a shapeless sweater, when I know it’ll look great on me that way.
    And hook and eye on a knitted sweater with all those great accents? Maybe Norah’s editor changed it from a button. πŸ˜€

  162. The orange is just perfect, and great for Fall, definitely coordinates well with alot of clothing.
    What an ingenious way to add a button hole holder. So pretty!

  163. Perfect! And Norah has a couple of smashing sweaters for this fall. Guess that means I have to make three sweaters now!!

  164. Your sweater is beautiful! Who cares if other people don’t like orange. I’m not a fan of orange but I’m sure that you love it and look great in it.

  165. Lovely! You chose such a sophisticated shade of orange … it has pumpking pie overtones with a subtle finishing note of ginger and the faintest hint of nutmeg … I’ve been listening to my father go on about wine, and it shows.
    Actually, I think everything in the spectrum of these photographs would work for you and your wardrobe.
    Hmmm. Do you wear much dark red? The mustard tones, definately. The russets, oh yes.
    Anyway, another lovely FO, and it looks utterly wearable. Well done.

  166. It looks great! And I love orange. I find it hard to wear near my face, but I always try to find a way.
    70’s appliance colours in the wardrobe RULE!

  167. That is a truly beautiful, amazing, awesome sweater!
    I hate to say this, but there’s a “but” coming.
    I think it would look better with another button at the bottom of the ribbing. That may be all it needs, but it might also need one more button between those two.
    I know, I know. I’m a professional artist, and the thing that usually separates a real artist from a non-artist is that an artist knows when to stop.
    Usually the non-artist keeps on going. In this case, I think you should go a little further.
    But it’s beautiful with or without the button!

  168. I live in NYC, in Manhattan, and there hasn’t been a convenient place to buy sewing supplies since Woolworth’s closed, like ten years ago. I have to make special trips to the Garment Center. If I needed a hook and eye closure, I definitely would have looked for one on a vacation because that’s the only time I get near strip malls and places like Michael’s or Wal-Mart. The sweater is beautiful. The button definitely was a better choice.

  169. Your Manon looks lovely. Now I need to knit that one, too. I just finished Sabine and started Aune from the same book. Norah is a goddess. I bought the next two books, too.

  170. Harlot,
    That is an absolutely stunning sweater. I am not in the habit of knitting sweaters myself (I am more of a sock gal), but this has persuaded me to reconsider. And orange is an overwhelmingly practical color. What’s more practical than fire and pumpkins and sunsets?
    Enjoy your new outfit-creating sweater!

  171. You know, I had Manon in my queue. But then you started yours and I didn’t want my friends and/or the knitting world at large to find me ever sheepish in a big way. So I decided to wait. I am mad about yours and it is making me feel silly to have given a rats ass about what anyone thought of me. Norah must be so ashamed! πŸ™‚
    Your Manon is wonderful—– adore the color on you!

  172. Wonderful solution and gorgeous sweater. But you were just two blocks away from a hook and eye when you were at the State Capitol in Boston. Next time, if you get a chance – Windsor Buttons on Temple Street. Hooks, eyes and a fabulous selection of yarn.

  173. I think that you should add another button-hole under the vertical ribbing (is it vertical ribbing?), just to balance it out. It looks like it’s stretching in the pictures =S.
    But apart from that, I think it’s lovely! The detailing is gorgeous, it reminds me of the Lord of the Rings elves in fall… Mmm… (That’s a compliment, by the way, from my crazy reading mind =D)

  174. Though I am not an orange sort of girl, I think you look smashing! And you know, it is never a good idea to look at one’s hair or shoulders from the back, inevitably you get the “do I really look like that?” sort of thing and nobody should be in a position to tell you yes or no to that question.
    How rude of Paul Revere. Doesn’t he get our needs? He was a silversmith, he could’ve made you a smashing set. At least you had a great time there, when I visited, my son got sick in my dad’s car on the way back, so I am certain even hook-and-eye-less, yours was the superior visit!
    Tracy whom you like. We need a new kicky nickname for me. This one sounds like I am making it up ;-P

  175. You know, it must be you and your funky magic. I’ve seen that sweater countless times on Ravelry, and I’ve always thought, “What’s the big deal?” I see it on you, and I think, “I’VE GOT TO KNIT THAT STARTING NOW!!!!”. Perhaps it’s because you took the picture with a knitter’s standpoint in mind, rather than a “professional” photographer (no disrespect meant for your photography skills,though). You showed the beautiful cabling UNDER THE ARM. No regular photographer in his right mind would photograph armpits, but a true knitter knows that that’s were the fun stuff happens, the uh, cables, I mean, ha ha! The sweater looks great from the front, but the back and sides are what really makes it unique. Thanks for sharing!

  176. That sweater is FABULOUS, and as for orange? When I’m in an orange mood, I could wear orange all year. When I’m in a purple mood, orange is all wrong for purple==but it’s still great for orange!

  177. You probably just didn’t go far enough on the CC Rail Trail! There’s a fabulous fabric/sewing shop in Orleans just off the trail. Oh well πŸ™‚

  178. WOW! Love the sweater. Now I want one too. Perhaps in brown since that would go with a lot on my wardrobe. Beautiful job and I like your improvisation of making a loop and using a button from your bin.

  179. I wasn’t that attracted to the model when you first talked about it. But this looks great! On you and as a model in general. I checked the Berroco site again to find out what made the difference. And I think it actually is the position of the closure. Placing the button above the broad horizontal strip instead of below (as in the model picture) makes a huge difference, at least to me. It gives a different shaping, more of an A line, less of a V. Far more attractive this way!

  180. I’m a first-time commenter, and I just had to come out of the woodwork to tell you how much I love this sweater! It’s such a flattering fit, and you did a fantastic job (as usual).
    Also, there is actually an entire store devoted to both buttons and yarn right along the Freedom Trail in Boston, called Windsor Button. It was my preferred LYS when I lived there, and it’s right across from the Common on a little side street, right in the middle of the history bits of the city. You know, in case you’re ever back there and in need of closure.

  181. What a great sweater!!! It fits you perfectly and I really like the way you did the button. Very cool. The color is perfect for you too. BTW, orange, being the complementary color of blue, goes with an amazing number of things, so every time you wear a pair of jeans, you can wear your Manon sweater. It really does look awesome on you. We won’t mention all the cool yarn stores in Boston that you could have visited though.

  182. Lovely sweater. Glorious posture…I know Mum is proud of it. The haircolour is nice…pity it isn’t correct…you should try it though because it suits you!

  183. I love this cardi, its great. I made a cardi with a similar closing last year and it demanded a hook and eye and it never stays closed so I have added a button and loop, so I would recommend that anyway!
    I’ll be at Iknit on sat so I shall see you but don’t expect you to see me!!!!

  184. This has to be one of those magical kniiting moments. I swear, I’ve followed your progress and looked at the pattern and could appreciate it, but didnt really like it that much. But now that I see it on YOU- WOW!It looks like something entirely different. It just proves that sometimes you need to see an actual person inside the garment to fully appreciate it. And great job on the color choice! Orange is such a mystery to me, I seem to always do it wrong.

  185. If you haven’t already discovered it, there is a place where one can get zippers and other notions on the north side of Bloor about 1 block west of Runnymeade. It’s a Singer sewing machine repair shop.
    That being said, the button looks great and I think orange is a very practical colour. πŸ™‚

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