Mostly Armless

I hate to say it, because I know that it invites the wrath of whatever weight in the universe dictates the path of knitting, but I’m still knitting Manon, and it’s going really well. Fantastically well. Not a glitch, not a missed stitch, haven’t ripped anything back, haven’t even tinked a stitch.

I finished the peplum of the thing while I was in Newfoundland, while waiting for the other ball of pink yarn to turn up, and it worked out perfectly.


I even had the presence of mind to check for errata before I started, printed it off and put it in the pattern book. It’s so unlike me. I knit a swatch, I washed the swatch, I almost got gauge, knit another swatch on a smaller needle and even washed that swatch to be sure. I’ve knit the fronts and back now, and they look great, and like the picture, and I think there’s really no problem.


There’s just sleeves to go and then I’ll have a sweater. A trauma-less sweater. A sweater that just sort of arrived. I know that by talking about how fun and easy this sweater has been that I’m inviting the knitting muses to smack me hard – something like – I finish the whole sweater in record time with no problems and it doesn’t fit, or it fits, but it looks like crap on me anyway. Or I finish and it fits and it looks fantastic, and it’s stolen out of my knitting bag by a strange and mentally ill one eyed ex-hunter, now homeless and wandering the streets of Toronto, driven to collect garments this colour by the once valuable knowledge that wearing orange could make them safer. (The sweater, by the way, is not quite this orange. The WEBS picture of this yarn is closer. I have no idea what’s up with my camera.) In any case, the straightforward nature of this sweater has left my mind free to wander, and I’ve come up with an idea.

Rachel H, Molly and I take part in a private yoga class at one of the nicest yoga studio’s in town. I like the place because it’s not too fancy or weird or anything. Just a good space with nice teachers. After months of this, we noticed that as knitters, there were certain exercises that we were good at, certain ones we could feel we needed, and we realized that there might be an interesting idea here. We talked with Rosanne (our very nice yoga teacher) and she’s agreed that we should try something.

Yoga for knitters. These will be regular yoga classes that have a special focus on loosening and strengthening arms, wrists and shoulders and helping to prevent repetitive strain injuries, as well as some general yoga that is a good idea for anyone who takes part in a sedentary hobby… like knitting. You don’t have to be a knitter to come (we think this would be a good idea for anyone who spends a lot of time sitting at a computer too) and the classes will be suitable for raw beginners who don’t know a thing about yoga and have never done it, while offering modifications to kick it up a notch for those who have experience or take to it really well.

Since I’m the one who talked Rosanne into this (she loves the idea, but has no idea how fast a knitter train can come into the station) I’m going to organize it for her until she decides if it should keep going or not. It’s a pretty unique idea, and one I’m willing to sign up for (I’m not in business with Rosanne, so you know I’m being honest here- ) since I think it could be really, really neat. Rosanne has a really relaxed style of teaching, not too hippy crunchy, but still very true to the principles of yoga – and she’s used to knitters. In any event, we’ll decide how many classes or how often to run them when I hear who’s interested. Classes will be limited to 12 people – knitters of both genders are welcome and the first one would be Friday the 22nd at 7:00. (There will be ones after that or on other days to fit everyone who’s interested in… assuming there are more than 12 of us who think it’s fun or want to keep going.)

Email me for more information, or if you want me to sign you up.


197 thoughts on “Mostly Armless

  1. Darn! I wish I lived in Toronto. Love yoga and the idea is wonderful. Good luck with this. [Prediction: Way! more than 12 will be interested.]
    For those of us who can’t make it, I’d love to hear which asanas Rosanne recommends in particular….

  2. I love it as-is, with no arms! That style is going to be very big for Fall. Of course, I’ll be the dumb trendy one, shivering and miserable, while you’re snug and warm in your gorgeous sweater with sleeves. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  3. I would like to go to a knitter’s yoga class but I don’t live in Toronto… sigh.
    I think it is a great idea.
    And I like your orange sweater that isn’t really orange.

  4. Wow – you really don’t learn do you? You know when you stick out your tongue to the knitting gods, every stinking time they come down hard on you. Steph, Steph… I hope this time they are busy smacking around some other poor knitter and over look your indescression just this once.

  5. Manon looks great- and yes you are begging for sleeve problems….
    The hibiscus for hope is about to be added to my rav queue.
    There are WAY worse things you could be humiliating her with— even worse than shopping.
    Besides- we can tell- she likes the socks too:)
    I want a knitters yoga class. POUT.

  6. What an interesting sweater design. Can’t wait to see it finished. The yoga for knitters sounds like a great idea. I wish there were something in my area (Ann Arbor).

  7. Mayhaps the knitting goddesses are taking pity on you after they punted you about so much during the creation of the Flow tank top!

  8. Actually, someone local to The Mannings ( ) is doing exactly that soon, or has done recently.
    I just get up and stretch once in a while. Having five different projects OTN at the same time, some crochet, some socks, some A4A donations, keeps me from putting stress on the same muscles all the time.

  9. One of my knitting students is a yoga instructor and we’ve been batting around a similar idea all summer. She’ll do a yoga exercise thing for 40 minutes or so and then we’ll all sit and knit for another hour or two!
    We’re going to try to do this in September or October when everyone is back in the swing of things.

  10. can you bring Rosanne to London please??
    Sounds very healthy and sensible. Kind of like drinking a raw egg to prepare for a night of drinking.

  11. As much as I would love to sign up-I don’t think even the “knitters Train” can get me to class on time each week!!! Darn ,Drat, and poo! We need a high speed train between Toronto and mid-Michigan ASAP. I know I could fill it!
    Sweater is beautiful!! And a great color for your “autumn” look.
    Do I dare try??? Love Norah but her patterns intimidate me.

  12. I wish I lived in the Toronto area!!! What a fabulous idea – yoga for knitters! The sweater looks amazing, by the way. I think I’m going to have to knit one myself now. Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Sounds like a great idea but like many who are leaving comments, I’m not in the area. Now about the sweater–it’s lovely and I think it’s wonderful that it’s going flawlessly. I hope you haven’t jinxed yourself… maybe with all the yoga you and your knitting are approaching enlightenment.

  14. Ya know, I went to the link, and it sure looks orange to me. About as orange as you can get. Really orange, extremely orange. I bet it will look very good on you.

  15. This is such a great idea. There is a store in Columbus, Ohio that has yarn on the bottom floor and a yoga studio on the top, but I don’t know if they have classes geared specifically for knitters. Good luck with this!

  16. I think I”m most impressed that you remembered to look for erratta _before_ anything went wrong. I so rarely remember to do that.
    A yoga for knitters sounds fantastic and highly sensible! If i was more local I’d be there in two shakes. But I’m going to try working on my pushups more regularly in the hopes of better strength + better knitting arms, so we’ll see how that goes ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Seems you’ve settled on the way to keep things from completely taking over the world – you limit them geographically!

  18. Interesting coincidence…my friend the yoga instructor and I are planning a Stitches and Stretches weekend retreat in November with the friend who owns a big Victorian inn down the street!
    It all fits – after all, “knitting is the new yoga”… ๐Ÿ˜›

  19. The sweater is beautiful. I donโ€™t think youโ€™ll have any surprises this time. I think the sweater will finish up great โ€“ itโ€™s the good karma from having knitted up such a pretty and generous gift of socks for you friend.

  20. I love the idea of yoga for knitters. Now after the trial period, I think this needs to be available on the web for those of us who can’t make it to Toronto. Certainly, this should have a fee associated with it, but wow, it could/should be terrific!

  21. You should say, “I haven’t found any mistakes YET. I bet there are some, because I can’t make something without any, but I have not found them YET”. It’s much safer that way.
    It worked great on my MS3. Weeks after it was done, I found a missing bead (only 2 where there should have been three along the edge of the wing. Not worth fretting over). Then just recently, reblocking it (I wore it a lot!) I found a YO along the edge that was a row or two off. I think. That is all I’ve found so far!

  22. That would be so awesome! If it goes well, maybe y’all could put together a DVD for those of us not near you? A portion of the profit (providing there was profit!) could go to a charity….

  23. Dear Stephanie,
    That 7:00 time? Would that be a.m. or p.m.?
    (Not that I live in Toronto, just thought it might be helpful information.)
    Love that peplum and the WEBS version of the orange. Knit on! (I know you will.)

  24. If only I lived in Toronto. I’ve been wanting to take a yoga class, and your idea sounds terrific. It’s just too long a commute from North Carolina.
    Love the sweater. I hope the Knitting Gods are preoccupied somewhere else …

  25. You have to get this yoga class online for the rest of us! Not everyone lives in Canada. (Or even Toronto.)

  26. Great to get this started in Toronto! I’m a yoga teacher, and have taught yoga for knitters workshops and ongoing classes for the last couple of years in Seattle and upstate NY. There’s so many great poses & stretches for us knitters – you will have such fun with this! If Rosanne would like to chat, just let me know!

  27. I really like your reference to Douglas Adams’ book! Of course, I like the sweater, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Oooo…. you do like to tempt the fates, don’t you? I shall light a candle for you and wish positive energy your way, but when the wild moth swarm comes to Toronto, and passes over all sweaters save one, please don’t say we didn’t warn you.

  29. The yoga idea is great – I live too far away, though! (where is that knitter train?) The sweater is very interesting and unusual, I can’t wait to see it on you (I am sure it will fit and look good – the muses have to let it slide once in a while)

  30. You’re always planning and scheming. It’s fabulous how you use your celebrity knitter status for the good. I’d be afraid to see what could happen if you ever went to the dark side… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  31. Sign me up! No wait, I don’t think i can make Toronta from CA after work on the 22nd… damn! But maybe I’ll just get my lazy arse back to my usual yoga classes that I have totally fallen off the wagon from….

  32. I bet Joe could very easily set up a video camera, record the class (mostly the instructor), and link it to your blog or put it on youtube, or something like that. Then we could all do the class at home. Only problem is Roseann wouldn’t get paid, but maybe even that could be worked out (honor system donation, if nothing else). Is that the kind of train you were thinking of?

  33. I know it’s selfish, but I’m sorta sad your vacation is over. I was really enjoying the photos.

  34. Love the colour of the orange sweater.
    So once the yoga class is a big hit, and since so many of us live so far away from Toronto, Create a webcast version so we can all play!
    Oh- you must have been knocking on wood as you typed this post (and I am not convinced it wasn’t with your head!). Good luck with the knitting Gods!

  35. I want to know if Roseanne will write up the routine so other yoga instructors could do the same thing. I love yoga, and I love knitting, and it’s so great that the two could work together.
    If I lived in Toronto, I would be there. I miss yoga class!

  36. I would love to see a Yoga for Knitters dvd too! But in lieu of that, I’m going to ask my yoga instructor if she could do a class geared to knitters/computer sitters/people who sit on their butts and work with their hands.

  37. A DVD would be a great idea too! But a site visit to Grand Teton, Wyoming would be fun, I could attend then!

  38. I wish I lived even kind of close (I really don’t, though, not even remotely). I have to do all kinds of stretches because of knitting strain on my shoulder (and now elbow!). My non-knitting male doc laughed when I suggested knitting might be responsible for my injuries…he said “heh heh knit one purl two, eh?” I mean, really, is he clueless or what?!

  39. Since I, and many others, are nowhere near Toronto, would it be possible, with Rosanne’s input, of course, to post how-to’s of some of the exercises on the blog for us? Anything to prevent repetitive stress injuries would be great for me, and I imagine for others. Ya think?

  40. It’s funny that you should mention this just now, because at my LYS, we are having just such a thing for 6 weeks. (To my understanding) In order to get certified, an instructor has to give 6 lessons for free, and our instructor is giving her lessons at the LYS with a focus on knitter needs. What a co-inky-dink!

  41. I am fourteen years old, and yoga is among my favorite things! what a fantastic idea! Quite radical, really. I would love to be a knitting yoga goddess.

  42. My massage therapist has specific areas of focus for my knotted knitting body. LOVE the idea of extending that through yoga . . . wonder if anyone would notice me missing from Seattle to take the class in Toronto . . .

  43. Manon has been on my own list for quite awhile – watching yours develop so beautifully has bumped it closer to the top. Yoga for knitter’s is a great idea! I will go to the yoga class if it is 7pm not am. I am so not a morning person.

  44. So…when there is a rush of people moving to Toronto, do you think the city fathers will realize how much you and your yoga class had to do with it?
    Love your sweater. Perhaps this is what you can achieve when you aren’t crazy with writing and deadlines, too. Knitting without adrenalin rush – can you stand it?

  45. I think the knitting fates will smack you down. Wanna know why? Well, if I learned anything from Maggie Righetti, it is this: Beware pictures where the model isn’t standing perfectly normal. That picture is taken from up in the air somewhere, and so with that weird angle, I can’t really make out the entire sweater. I don’t know if it has a funny look to it because of the angle of the photo, or because of the sweater itself.
    I wish you luck, and hopefully the fates will pass you by.

  46. Aw man, wish I were in Toronto. I would totally do the yoga class. The commute from Oregon seems like too much though. I would really like to know what asanas you find easy, challenging, etc. It might help me adjust my yoga practice for the better! Stephanie, could you get any cooler?

  47. If only I didn’t live in Chicago. Although, come to think of it, next week is Stitches, so I guess I can console myself with wooly goodness instead.

  48. And why not do the converse — teach knitting to those who want to take the class but don’t know how to knit.

  49. Yet another reason to live in To. (at least for awhile), rather than Halifax. And so timely – I have come back to knitting, with a vengeance, after 20yrs., and my left fingers are quite tingly. But the good news is: I finished the pair of socks for Dad that I had left on the needles, from when he was alive, my adult daughter was an infant and I was married.
    Thanks Harlot & everyone for the camaraderie & inspiration! May also get back to yoga……

  50. While Kitchener is close, it’s not close enough for a yoga class, but I would LOVE one…ooooHHHH! think of the relaxed shoulders, the calm fingers, the deep breathing when you make the same mistake again!! Are you sure she doesn’t live in KW? Maybe for the knitters fair – but in the afternoon – I work it in the morning…j

  51. Those knitting muses do know how to hit us where we live. I finished Violette-le-duc last weekend. Loved every moment of knitting it. Loved the yarn. Loved the seaming…and I HATE seaming!! Best seams of my life! And it. looks. like. ASS on me. Ugh.
    On the other hand…it looks great hanging on the wall. Knit art. It’s my new thing.

  52. The yoga class sounds great!!! You guys need to do a DVD series or offer them online! I would definitely buy or sign up. Toronto is a bit far of a drive from Georgia though……

  53. Toronto is a bit far away for me to come for a yoga class. My blue eyes are turning green. ๐Ÿ™‚ I like the DVD idea!

  54. I laughed out loud when you mentioned the possibility of a one eyed ex-hunter stealing your knitting. Priceless. That is so totally something I would fret about.
    I’m also so jealous that I don’t live near you so I could attend those fab yoga classes. I was just thinking the other day that after the Ravelympics I was going to have to invest in a massage to heal my strained shoulders.

  55. She “has no idea how fast a knitter train can come into the station” ????
    I laughed out loud. Seriously, in your spare time, you should start a list. Of things you just casually mention in a post or 2 and then what happens after that. Have you even been following the Cape Spear Coverlet discussion going on Ravelry right now? It’s getting downright funny. It’s on your fan club, if you’re interested in some light reading.
    I too would be interested in a DVD of yoga for knitters. Alas, Kansas City is such a long drive…

  56. Yoga for knitters sounds lovely. And really, it could be yoga for people who work intensively with their hands — amd hearts and minds — most of whom are women.
    The knitting gods? They’re on vacation.

  57. Oh, please, a DVD, a book, a movement that would have knitting yoga teachers in every city and village across the land! Aside from knitting, my main occupations are sewing, working at a computer and (how the heck does this happen?!) driving. All, I’ve discovered, use the same shoulder muscles, one of which I tore two years ago. Can you imagine? Two months of not being able to do ANY of the things I spend all my time doing? I’m sure knitting yoga would prevent that ever happening again.

  58. Yoga for sedentary folk. Wish I lived closer for sure, I’d fit right in.
    Luck with the sweater. It looks really good so far.

  59. This (or a version thereof) has been done in the UK to great success (at least as far as the article in the knitting magazine went). Knitting as yoga was the name of the retreat as far as I recall.
    I’ve been feeling the crunch lately through a combination of knitting, crochet, puppy (like a bouncing Mexican bean) walking and being a pc-using office worker.
    Roll on Yoga for knitters in Limerick city! ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. Yoga for knitters — what a brilliant idea! Too bad I don’t live in Toronto. But I do have two friends in LA who teach yoga… perhaps I can convince them to come up with a routine for me.

  61. Yes, yes, yes! There should be yoga for knitters! I am currently recovering from tendinitis in my elbow and forearm (guess I’ll have to give up tennis, lol) and this is exactly what I have been looking for these past few weeks. I would so sign up for that class in a heartbeat. I’m sure it’ll take off.

  62. There are many, many reasons I want to move back to Toronto…you have just added another one. : )
    Keep in mind that I live in Ann Arbor, yoga capital of Michigan if not the U.S.

  63. “(she loves the idea, but has no idea how fast a knitter train can come into the station)”
    This cracked me up. I have visions of a standing-room-only yoga studio, packed with happy knitters and one terrified yoga instructor, trying to sneak out the back door…
    Good luck with the yoga – it’s a great idea! Maybe it will be wildly successful and you two can franchise the concept in Vancouver!

  64. Stephanie, you are making me pine so so so much for Toronto, specifically the Roncesvalles neighbourhood I used to live in. Since leaving T.O. I have discovered quite a few reasons to move back there, similar to what Alison who commented above said.

  65. What a great idea. If I could go, I would—maybe it would help my tennis elbow. Who knew you could get injured by knitting? Maybe this time the godesses are letting you off, and saving their wrath for your next project. But of course, you’re not done this sweater yet…there’s still time…

  66. How about DVD classes, or a list of which poses you do, or better yet, web classes!
    I love yoga and I just started knitting and I already love that too. I would totally come to your class but I’m in Phoenix.

  67. yoga teachers everywhere will rise up and call you blessed when they have new classes full of knitters begging them for classes!
    love Manon——— gorgeous! I knew I wanted to knit that baby!

  68. Although it is not “Yoga for Knitters”, I take yoga classes at my LYS. The yoga room is adjacent to the yarn room. Of course I can’t just take my yoga class and leave.

  69. The ‘straightforward nature’ of that sweater?! Of any Norah Vaughan pattern?! Huh. I think I’ve slipped dimensions.

  70. You know Steph, sometimes I day-dream about how much better my life would be if I live in Canada with you. You have the best ideas and actitives and all that wonderful snow which makes you want to drink coco and knit. It could be my version of heaven. Would you be willing to rent a room? Just kidding- but thanks for sharing your life and the knitting too! Ps. Do you think you could map out where you bike around town to? I try to visualize it, but a map would be great.

  71. I am very very interested in trying yoga (raw beginner here), live in Toronto, and am totally out of town that night.
    Other problem, I am mortally shy, but at least I would have one thing in common if it were in a room of knitters.

  72. boo-hoo! I want to live in Toronto, too!
    the sweater is beautiful, and I’m sure the Fates weren’t listening….

  73. Someone should warn David Miller. It sounds like you might have found the final thing that tips the balance for all those harlot-lusters who want to move to TO.

  74. I love the sweater. Is it truly an intermediate level pattern? I am absolutely astounded at your knitting progress. Not so interested in Yoga, but I would love to learn to knit like you.

  75. My husband-an avid sportsman-just walked by the computer and said “Oh, a fishing vest-or is it a skeet shooting vest?”…I told him you wrote that it wasn’t ‘that’ orange.

  76. Do any of you have a yarn label for Patons Clansman 4-ply (50 grams)? I found a really cute sweater pattern that uses that yarn, but apparently they don’t sell that any more. All the pattern would say is what I wrote. If anyone has some of that yarn, or even a label, please email me the information on that label, so I can substitute yarns. Email is Thanks, from the bottom of a desperate knitter’s heart!

  77. Steph? How does one close this lovely sweater? Can we see a picture of the back just to make sure everything’s OK?
    You might want to warn Roseann that you just added a bunch of extra cars to the knitter train…..all aboard?

  78. Great idea! A combination of AGE, quitting smoking and much sitting/knitting has caused a medical condition in me called Maximus Assius. I’m too far away to join your merry band, but please continue to spread the word about taking steps early to avoid the repetitive motion problems. You have the ability to make knitters aware.

  79. Stephanie, Stephanie
    you’re tempting the knitting furies you know, by talking like that…
    Hopefully, they will not see this post until after the sweater is done!!!
    I would SO sign up for the knitting yoga, but Maryland is too far…

  80. Hi Stephanie – I am in Toronto, and for the first class – will trek out to the west end. I’ve emailed you! and my forearms are tingling – can’t tell if that’s anticipation, or carpal tunnel, lol.

  81. I LOVED the email from Kathleen – resuming knitting on something that she was making for her dad, (now deceased) that she started when her grown daughter was a baby. Neat!
    Stephanie— What the heck is “tinking a stitch”???
    I wouldn’t live in TO- I’d rather put up with Vancouver rain, rain, rain,….but yes but I wish I could come to your yoga class. I bet it is a hit.

  82. You’re going to have to snap your needles in half and bury them as a sacrifice to the yarn gods for their sweater blessings. Looks great, by the way.

  83. Hi Stephanie,
    I’m new to TO and new to this ‘hood and am missing my yoga terribly. (But I had to unpack and paint and make the house my own in a totally obsessive way which is so not a yoga way but I yam what I yam) Would love to try a class if there’s still space available.

  84. That’s brilliant, and I would totally sign up if I lived anywhere near Toronto. Any Brooklyn yoga teachers want to get on board?

  85. I started giggling when I read the words “and I’ve come up with an idea…”
    But then I saw that this one didn’t involve thousands of people (yet) and impossible deadlines. I’m almost disappointed.

  86. I want to do this yoga class with you so much I can taste it. Alas, I live in Podunk, Florida, which is entirely too far to drive even for a really great yoga class. It just seems like a fun break from yoga in my living room with only my non-verbal son for company.

  87. Yoga for Knitters….We did that class at one of our monthly guild meetings in Rochester, NY! So glad it’s catching on!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  88. Beautiful sweater! Love the design. I live in Chicago but like the idea of yoga for knitters. What do you think of a web cam set-up?

  89. What’s with the Tom Sawyer-esque “painting this fence is fun!” routine???? You’re gonna have half the knitting world thumbing their noses at the fibre gods, and then there will be a rash of smitings the likes of which have never been seen on such an epic scale!
    I am going to stick to garter stitch for a while, and heat up a melted acrylic offering, just in case.

  90. I’d be in it for the RSI prevention alone. Is my knitting style just WAY off? I hate the RSI with a passion.
    Too bad I live in California.

  91. I’d love to try the yoga class. Think you can post a video so we can try it out here in Oregon??

  92. Talk about slow on the uptake: the Douglas Adams reference just broadsided me. I see, scrolling down, that Lisa at 4:51 beat me to it.

  93. The class sounds awesome–good luck with it! And the sweater…I’m just in awe that something that looks that complex came off so flawlessly…

  94. Wow…if I lived even remotely close to Toronto, I would be at that yoga class for every session….
    It is a great idea, and I wish you and the studio great great success with it.

  95. As soon as I read the post, I immediately made the sign against the evil eye, and hoped nothing bad happened. (stolen out of your knitting bag by a deranged one-eyed ex-hunter, LOL). That might keep the knitting fates laughing long enough for you to finish the sweater.
    Yoga and Knitting sound like an excellent combination. Alas, living in NorCal, I shall have to wait for the DVD.

  96. Dear Miss Harlot,
    You may have tried not to anger the Knitting Gods, but you forgot about the one entity that is summoned to all who carry on proudly about how well things are going and how simple things are to do. Yep, you forgot about Murphy, inflicter of all things calamitous to the Irish, and occasionally other people! Oh how could you do such a thing! The calamities you’ve invited onto your poor, lovely, innocent, partially done sweater! I know that you didn’t mean it, and I don’t know if you’re of Irish decent, but in my family we always watch out for Murphy. Here’s just a few of the horrors that have been provoked by an incautious tongue. On a trip driving to Florida, a parent was heard to exclaim, “Nothing can stop us now!” We then got a hole in our gas tank and had to stop for a day to get it fixed. On another family trip driving home in an RV, the same parent said, “Piece of cake! We’ll be home in no time.” Of course, less than 5 minutes later the refrigerator motor in the RV caught fire and filled the RV with smoke. On departing the RV very quickly by the side of the road, I unwittingly decided to end my slightly panicky exit on top of a Fire ant nest. They proceeded to swarm up my legs and all get into position before they started to bite me. On a late night trip driving home at 3am, another parent said “Well, at least you don’t have to worry about hitting a deer.” Less than 2 minutes later we hit a deer. (Honest to God! I’m not making this up!) Whenever anyone in my family utters any comments like those above, they are promptly told to “Shut Up!!!!” It’s the only time anyone is allowed to use that phrase in my family, and we most sincerely mean it when we use it LOL! Maybe Murphy hasn’t been paying attention to you lately, after all you just came back from vacation and he might have decided that since you were good on vacation, he needed to go and listen to someone else for a while. Maybe he’s taking a vacation. Anyways, I just thought I should warn you. After all, you seem to be a nice person, an awesome knitter, and fast too (Cat Bordhi says you are one of the fastest knitters she’s ever seen.) Most of all you are a wonderful writer who is always making me laugh so I figured I should warn you, just in case you didn’t know or forgot. It’s a nice sweater from a nice family and I don’t want anything bad to happen to it.

  97. Ohh!! wahh!! I love yoga and have been attending a regular yoga class for a lot of years..Wish I could come …but….I live in Australia….Maybe you could tell us what particular poses would be considered beneficial for us serial knitters.

  98. I need yoga for my hands/arms/wrists too . . . I just know that this will be a huge hit and spread like wild fire around the world . . . or at least that part of the world where people continue to do the same thing in the same way over and over again and wonder why they hurt.

  99. We actually do the same thing here in Rochester, NY. They host a weekly Yoga for Knitters class at one of the Yarn Stores. It’s wonderful! Have fun!

  100. I am a yoga teacher in the Chicago area…my students see me knit before each and every class. I leave the yarn, needles, and sometimes multiple projects out next to my mat, as it reminds me that the creative energies of a person are as important as the rest. As a result, many people have learned how to knit….and understand the meditative qualities, the connection, the peace, (and frustrations), and….well, you all know! Namaste~

  101. I practice yoga regularly and my OT says if not for that, the tendonitis that plagues me in my hands/wrists/elbows would be worse. Of course, if I just put down the knitting for a month, it would probably go away…is there a Knitters Anonymous that could get me through that month? Seriously…Anyway, this yoga class will be a hit!And like other posts here…I would love to know the poses that you will concentrate on in the knitters yoga class. Have fun!

  102. Ah, you make me wish I lived in Toronto Stephanie. Even though I don’t think I could actually live in Toronto. But I want the things you have there (Lettuce Knit, Yoga for Knitters, diversity) here in Halifax. Congrats on starting a yoga class for knitters, and know that if I ever come to TO I’ll be checking the yoga studio’s site for info on this class!

  103. Is there possibly a book in this new idea? I would love to start yoga but am miles away. Could you post some beginning sessions to get me started?

  104. What an excellent idea!! And I 2nd what Debra (all the way at the top) says! I’m very interested….but will you be coming to Kansas City?? LOL……

  105. Love that sweater! Great color and texture. The Yoga class does sound wonderful. Hopefully it will catch on and we can get going on it here in the States too! Keep us posted on the progress.

  106. The sweater is turning out very nicely. That’s all I say. *grin*
    I really like the Yoga for Knitters idea. It sounds great. If it catches on, do you think Roxanne would consider creating a dvd to share with those of us unfortunate enough not to live in Toronto? (Kidding… sort of…)

  107. Wow! I love yoga, knitting, and good computer time. Sure wish I could participate but with my living in Colorado, that might be kind of difficult. Maybe once things get running you could do a post on a few of the poses you guys do to satisfy the rest of us who can’t participate?

  108. I’m totally in for yoga for knitters. Just as soon as it makes it way stateside.
    Maybe your next project could be the yoga for knitters dvd? Then we could all do it!

  109. Ooo pretty, those bottom curley, wooshy, cutsey parts look just like the Brea bag… wadda you think?
    you could knit the bag and be all matchy matchy.
    all kidding aside, it’s gonna look fabulous when it’s done!!

  110. I would love to join, but the 3 or 4 thousand miles between Canada and Florida makes the commute unfeasable. However, maybe you could get together with your teacher and your editor and put out a book Yoga for Knitters, I will researve my copy today and if it had a dvd to go with it even better. If that won’t work, pass on the name of the positions that are really good for us.

  111. I see a new book tour theme: The Harlot Yoga sessions! Can you suggest a scale accurate for weighing yarn?

  112. Sweater is looking great and the knitting gods are all busy with the Ravelympics athletes so you might be sort of flying under their radar right now.
    As to the yoga class I’m sure you’ll fill the class and beyond just from the local area. The rest of us geographically challenged hope that it is a roaring success so you and Rosanne can write a book or start a web-class or produce a DVD or what ever method you come up with so the rest of us can join the fun.

  113. thank you so much for sharing your family vacation. It was lovely to look at the landscape of that part of the continent and to hear of all that you did while on vacation…and am so glad that we share, as most knitters do, our knitting taking priority at the beginning of the packing list… if the muggles only knew the planning it took to be a prepared knitter…

  114. Very cool. I’ve practiced yoga for awhile now, and have geared my practice to accomodate my knitting.

  115. DVD!?! I think there are enough interested commentors that you could sell a few.
    Best wishes on a clean finish on the sweater, with excellent fitting and looking results.

  116. I feel the next Harlot project coming on – a book & DVD – fitness for knitters….including proper beer consumption and of course the yoga. Wish i lived in Toronto so I could join the class my wrists have been killing me for weeks now leaving me afraid to do my yoga DVD because of the number of moves that require wrist strength.

  117. That’s a really great idea. Two things I love: Knitting and Yoga. Since not all of us live in Canada do you think (once it’s established) that maybe Rosanne could write out a progression or list of positions that she will use for this class? That would be awesome. =)

  118. I’ll come! Oh da*n I live on wrong continent. Just have to suggest it to my yoga teacher. Storming idea though, I speak as one who has had RSI which curiously enough turned up in that period when I wasn’t doing any yoga.

  119. Wow! I was just wondering yesterday if anyone had written a yoga book for knitters!! I have an early AM doctor’s appt. for what I believe is bursitis of my right wrist. I am pretty sure it was brought on by a marathon sock knitting session during a car ride to and from Ann Arbor (5-6 hours each way) and knitting while I was in the hotel during the evening. I have been a yoga devotee for years. I lost out on some great yoga classes because of my job. (I live in a rural area – no studios, just a couple of teachers with limited classes in the pm and I work evenings). Recently I got Wii Fit which has served to fill my yoga gap. Namaste Yoga and DVDs are fine, but no feedback. Wii gives me some feed back. Yet, I NEED something for my poor wrist. Perhaps you’d consider a collaboration with your teacher and friends on a book of “Yoga for Knitters”? I need it!! I can’t let this pain stop my knitting and spinning. It would be nearly as bad as cutting my hands off.

  120. I so loved Toronto when I visited last October. Now I really really want to move there!

  121. Oh, to be closer to Toronto! Although it is my husband who is big into yoga of late (but he sits at a computer all day, so it’d be good for him, too). It would be nice to have an idea of the poses, etc that you do – just to know what stretched are good for that sort of thing. Enjoy the class – hope enrollment is more than triple your expectations.

  122. What a great idea. Do Yoga teachers come up with a curriculum? One that they might share with other Yoga teachers in those benighted parts of the world that are far from you? That they might access in a few months when the kinks have been worked out, say, maybe through a link on your blog? I think you have come up with something really really good.

  123. I’m so jealous! Can you guys take it on the road? Perhaps as part of your next book tour?

  124. I’ll sign up right now. Ummm does she travel well? How about only once a month down here in Ithaca? How about at your talks, she opens for you with yoga exercises?

  125. Wow, Yoga for Knitters. Please let us know how it works out (and if Roseanne ends up piloting The Next Big Thing with Franchises and Seminars or whatnot that people can use-while-rewarding-her), because our local yoga studio is up to trying things “proven elsewhere”… and since we’ve got an LNS on the same block, I bet we could get a class filled up easily!
    Oooo, I hope this idea works for all y’all!

  126. I would love to come to a knitters yoga class!
    I’m just wondering if you mean 7am or 7pm??

  127. Actually, there already is a yoga DVD for knitters. It’s very new. I picked it up at the Knitting Guild of America weekend in New Hampshire last month. The full title is “Yoga for Knitters and Sitters” and has stretches designed for loosening the joints of the hands and arms, in additional to traditional yoga poses. Very nice DVD.
    Doing a quick Google search, I could only find it at Yarnmarket:
    and they are sold out.Phooey!
    When I get home tonight I’ll see if the box says anything about where else you can orer it and let folks know tomorrow.
    I just started taking a yoga class (love it!) and this is a nice supplement.
    Knit on!
    Barbara L in MA

  128. A DVD of the yoga routine, or even a written guide outlining the poses would be amazing!
    The sweater looks like it’s going to be amazing. I’m sure the knitting fates spare one now and then, hopefully everything will finis smoothly.
    (first time commenter, loooooooong time lurker!)

  129. Manon looks gorgeous; can’t wait to see it finished! I don’t know how many sweaters you’ve finished in the time I’ve been working on The Perpetual Manos … which is almost halfway up the back. I’m getting there!

  130. The orange garment stealing thief is not that impossible – we were once robbed and along with the usual electronics and cash from the place, everything yellow in my husband’s closet was also stolen. Creeepy!

  131. I absolutely LOVE this idea. If all goes well, please ask Rosanne to spread the word. This NEEDS to travel to my little post in the Philadephia suburbs!

  132. Sign me up for the DVD version of the yoga-for-knitters video! Ooh, and the Stitches and Stretches retreat sounds lovely.

  133. It’s interesting that there is yoga that knitters might be specifically good at. I’m not very experienced in my yoga practice, so I have never noticed whether a pose is easier or feels like it is working better in relation to my knitting probably because the running I do causes enough tightness in the hamstrings that they take center stage in the What Can Yoga Do For You train of thought.

  134. What a brilliant idea. I spend a fair bit of my pilates classes and occasional osteopathy sessions, working out the clunks and clicks from too much time at the computer or knitting.
    Interestingly, I had a neck problem that got fixed recently and then my hands which had been cramping up eased. Looking at that sentence, I can’t think why I’m surprised by this, but I have been and despite having written it down still am slightly!

  135. Would love to sign up, but the commute would kill me. Stamford CT to Toronto for yoga? Not until they invent the Star Trek transporter beam. Love yoga. Love Canada. Just too far.
    But, in planning your class, don’t forget to stretch the lower back & the fact that knitting is, generally, a sedentary endeavor. Don’t forget the lower body: do some Warriors to strengthen/remember the legs.
    Once again, I am so envious…

  136. Ah, see I was initially picturing yoga WHILE knitting, and sharp pointy things and yoga just didn’t seem to mix…..

  137. I work at a university where we have a wonderful employee benefit, a desktop yoga class twice a week at noon. No, we don’t sit on desks and do yoga, but a good deal of the class is focused on undoing the effects of sitting at desks/computers all day long. Our dear yoga teacher also mentions as we are holding poses or doing flows how we can do them at our desk. As someone with physical limitations, I have found yoga to be an important part of my coping with life. According to Unicorn Book’s web site, this is a new item. I hope to find it in my lys soon.

  138. Following Meliabella’s August 12 posting about power socks, if someone wanted to thank MSF doctors and other workers by making them power socks, would this work and where might they be sent?

  139. Wow! Can I borrow that idea for my natural health center? We’ve got knitting classes, we’ve got yoga classes….it hadn’t occurred to me to combine them.
    We’re in Chicago–there are lots of knitters here!

  140. I am a yoga teacher and would be happy to organize a class on-line for knitters.
    My sister is a knitter.
    I would be honored to work with you-all.

  141. Okay, I am in Toronto and I want to be all yoga-ish. Is there still space?? Please say yes! Email me if there is, I shall be there with yoga pants on!

  142. Go for it with the yoga, have to keep those shoulders from getting rolled forward from doing handwork. I do some restorative exercises but mostly I try to balance it by screwing up the rest of my body taking care of a small farm and wearing shoes that make my orthopedist cringe.

  143. I think the knitting gods will use this sweater as a big “I told you so!” Not one but two swatches. Tres impressive. Yoga for knitters sounds lovely. I love the idea, especially when it looks to target repetitve motion issues.
    P.S. I hope Elsie lives to torment many teenagers with the “crotch question”.

  144. Can you make the sequence availble to us?? Living in Winnipeg would make quite a long commute…

  145. Here’s a link for the established “Yoga for Knitters and Sitters” DVD previously mentioned:
    But I am all about having the Yarn Harlot write a book that has a DVD included! ya know, like textbooks nowadays. I would be on that like wool-on-sheep! It would actually give me motivation to engage in physical activity. ;~)
    ~ hb33 ~

  146. Hi Stephanie,
    I am just reading a book called ‘Pain Free at Your PC’ by Pete Egoscue.
    He has a whole slew of books. His point is that pain at a particular point e.g. arm or wrist, is often a side effect of reduced function at another point e.g. compensating for a weak back, so you address the pain site by restoring function to the whole body. And, wouldn’t you know it, he recommends yoga, and a lot of his exercises are based on yoga exercises. I have been doing yoga for the past year, and one of the things that gets me out of bed for a 6:00 am class, is the knowledge that I am spending less time and money at the physiotherapist.
    So, Bring on the Knitters’ Yoga train!!
    Regards, Cheryl.

  147. I totally am in love with your peplum the pattern would be a gr8 addition to my collection. If I could knock up something like this for my Etsy shop or craft stall I am sure I would get quite a few custom orders in for some more, is that OK???
    I would love to knit it up in my Honeysuckly yarn that Ruthmel1 has custom made me from her shop, she’doing a roaring trade. Could I have the pattern please???

  148. I think that’s a fantastic idea & would be all over it if I lived anywhere in commuting distance. As you point out, it’d be great for anyone who spends a lot of time at a computer, esp if that time involves typing. I had a job as a writer which, since the government hasn’t actually hired any typists for about 20 years, meant I had to also do all my own typing (the equivalent of a 10-20 page paper every day). That was much harder on my hands, wrists, arms, elbows than any amount of knitting. I ended up having to have physical therapy to deal with the bilateral epicondylitis in both arms. Maybe there’s some way you could spread the word to such folks.

  149. That is a beautiful, very hard to do looking, sweater! Mindless knitting, this? Yowza!
    Pam Murphy

  150. I’d sign up for the yoga in a heartbeat but the 2,665 mile (4288 km) one way drive to get there makes it a bit impractical. Particularly at these gas prices.
    Your sweater looks great and your socks from the other day were beautiful. I know they will comfort the recipient.

  151. Over here in Qc, my favourite Montreal LYS Effiloche (Eff-ee-low-shay, which means frayed) has had knitter’s yoga on a few Friday knit nights with a teacher from the neighborhood studio over the last year. I think its a great idea for any LYS to try such an evening occassionally for the benefit of their clients.

  152. Let us know how the yoga-knit fusion goes – for us non-Torontonians. Suggestion: I don’t know if your studio does Bikram, but I find its amazing for loosening up the shoulders. The hot room stuff makes you very bendy, which is a great side benefit.

  153. You know that there’s a Yoga for Knitters and Sitters DVD out there right? (for those of us who can’t make it to Toronto). I’d be interested to see who it compares to what your instructor comes up with.

  154. Stephanie,
    i just had to let you know. i’m moving, and haven’t been near an operational TV in a bit. as a result, i haven’t been able to see a single olympic event. just highlights online.
    today, i saw the first event of this olympics for me. the equestrian jumping singles. i had the opportunity to cheer mighty in the jump-off for my two american competitors (jumping for bronze, and we won that) and then, i chered even more mightily for eric lamaze, riding for canada in the jump-off for the gold. i screamed out loud when He cleared the last obstacle. and i’m not canadian. *laughs*i’m american, and i figured if i couldn’t cheer hard for american gold medal winners, i could chear for the maple leaf. he rode beautifull, and the horse was amazing. Hooray for the canadian gold in singles jumping in equestrian events!! w00t!
    ~melly, from arkansas, US.

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