The Hurrier I Go

Sweater? Oh yeah.


The pieces are all done, but there’s been no time in the last few days to sew it together and find out if it fits or anything. I’m in the studio this week recording this book, and it’s crazy trying to pull anything else out of a day. I was seriously behind on all of my work when we got back from vacation on Monday, and now being in the studio full-time hours is totally messing with me. The fact that Joe’s here too is fun and it’s sort of neat working together again, but it means that there’s nobody even pretending to be taking care of the kids or the house.


( I know, I know. My kids are teenagers and I shouldn’t worry so much, but I really think that teens need more supervision than 11 year olds who can’t think of anything really awful to do.) The place is trashed, there’s still suitcases with laundry in them in the living room, and yesterday when we called the house and asked Sam what she was doing and how she was getting on, she said she was really busy smoking crack, drinking beer and watching Law and Order. Smartarse.

At least there’s only her to worry about, since our little Megan turns 17 today, and that’s way too mature to get into any trouble at all. Right?


Happy Birthday Meg.. see you later. Dinner’s going to be awesome.

154 thoughts on “The Hurrier I Go

  1. I just cannot believe that I am the first to make a comment. I read your blog everyday and there are usually about 100 comments already! I just want you to know that I am a total fan and you are such an inspiration in so many ways. Thanks!

  2. Happy Birthday Meg – I just hope my son turns out as awesome as you three seem to be. And Steph? 11 year olds can think of some pretty awful things. Don’t you remember being 11?

  3. the great age of seventeen is to b celebrated!! almost grown up πŸ˜‰
    Steph! where is the sock in the studio pic???!!!?

  4. Sam’s response reminds me of when years ago I once asked my (then) 16-year old son where he was headed and he said ‘to score a deal on the corner, Mom’. I told him I hoped he had a coupon and he should never pay retail.
    I was joking – I’m still hoping he was…

  5. Sam’s gotta be careful, Law & Order is more addicting than crack!
    And happy Birthday Meg!

  6. Happy Birthday Meg! And Sam, remember to knit with wool while smoking crack (a pipe cozy perhaps?) as it will self extinguish if you accidentally set it on fire. And you could shovel the dirty laundry down the stairs and toss a load or two into Mr Washie. The crack fumes might make him wash faster! My middle son turned 19 on the 13th. He got 2 days off but will be dragging out the lawn mower as soon as the grass dries out a little. He starts classes on Monday so I’ve got to get the work out of him while I can!

  7. Happy birthday, Meg!
    Frankly, I think you’d only need to worry if you called home and were told that your daughters were doing laundry and scrubbing the toilet.

  8. Happy birthday, Meg!
    I am *so* looking forward to Yarn Harlot audiobooks. Knitting whilst listening to books about knitting – that’s about as good as it gets!

  9. My kids too are teenagers, actually oldest is going to be twenty-one..I agree I think I worry more about them now then when they were little, especially when they are driving who knows where in my vehicle!
    The joke at our house is that if they get bored when I am away they could vacumm the house..I think I would faint if that actually happened!
    But I love them anyway, and enjoy this fleeting time with them…
    Happy Birthday Meg! You’re a good sport!

  10. Happy Birthday Meg…Have a great day. I hope your dinner is great and that you are surrounded by family and friends.

  11. oh, dear. I am so, so sorry for you, Harlot, that she is that gorgeous. That’s bound to cause you many sleepless nites. ;~D
    The “crotch” story reminded me of my “favorite” memorable quote from my painfully germ-phobic mother shouting across a crowded restaurant: ” … AND DON’T FORGET TO PUT PAPER ON THE SEAT!”
    (so is it easier to be a daughter or a mother?)
    ~ hb33, who still can’t look at those tissue seat-covers in stalls without welling up a little ~

  12. Seeing these pictures of your daughters these last few days has just astonished me at how beautiful they have grown up to be in the last few years. I really am flabbergasted. You are an incredible mother.

  13. Before my son Ben’s first year in high school, I took him shopping for school clothes with my mom. What a freaking nightmare.
    From the dressing he yells “Mom, not that one, get the other shirt” “No I don’t like that one, why can’t I get this one?” (the one with the very near naked pinup girl on the back)
    And that wasn’t the end of the sweat, and travailles of the shopping trip. We did end up with a “good bush, bad bush” T-shirt that is too small now, but a great shirt nevertheless.
    Finally we have a cart load of clothes, swipe the credit card and we are done. I said to my mom as we were leaving, “mom, for everything I said to you between the ages of 12 and 18, I am very sorry.”
    My son is now 22. He lives relatively unscathed, bad habit free and happy, and I’m through with my therapy. I think there is hope.
    Happy Birthday, Megz. Happy Birthday Stephanie.

  14. Happy birthday Meg! My sister just turned 17 too, and so far so good. The house is still standing, and she just chills and watches a lot of “Buffy.”

  15. Hey there, happy birthday to Meg, how come she’s such a beautiful young lady?
    I’m only getting… well… older. Not fair at all!

  16. Look at Meg, with that innocent face. You’d almost believe she’s NOT plotting something at that very moment. . .
    Happy Birthday, Meg!

  17. Happy Birthday Meg!
    Many happy returns of the day!
    I’m off to make sure the teenaged niece I’m in charge of this week hasn’t destroyed the fabric of the universe. She’s clever that one! Hence being sentenced to Camp Auntie instead of being left home alone.

  18. Stephanie –
    1) Yay! Books on Tape! The easier to read and knit at the same time, my dear.
    2) You have the most beautiful children. Really.

  19. Heh… Happy Birthday, Megan! That’s a really sweet photo of you, looking all innocent… not. (it’s a great photo, seriously)

  20. At least she wasn’t into your chocolate or squeaky cheese!!!
    Happy birthday!!! What’s for dinner?

  21. Stephanie, that is so cool that you are recording an audio version of your book! I am in the middle of reading it right now, and I can just imagine all the inflection. I look forward to hearing it, and giving it to my grandmother to listen to. She long ago inspired my love of reading, and since then over the years her sight has deteriorated and she’s had to give up the books she so adored. Audio books have become her reading salvation. Kudos to you, I’m sure many many people out there in the world will love to hear your book read aloud; I know I will.

  22. Happy Birthday to Megan.
    At least Sam didn’t break the biggest rule of being home alone …. haveing others over!

  23. Happy birthay Megan! If your oral rendetion of the books are as funny as your live speaking engagements then I will need to don an adult diaper prior to listening. I laughed until I cried and otherwise almost leaked while witnessing your Portland, OR engagement. I love the color of your sweater.

  24. Hey, it’s my sister’s birthday today to. She is turning 18 today. They even look very similar. Two beautiful grown ladies. I’d like to wish them both a very happy birthday.

  25. I am consistently amazed at how outstandingly beautiful ALL your daughters are. I suppose it shouldn’t suprise me by now…

  26. Happy Birthday Meg! You’re half my age right now! Cool.
    So, let’s see, 17 years ago in August, what was I doing? um, hanging out with my best friend, watching all of the Stephen King movies available to rent at the time (seriously something you should do if only for the comedic value of the early ones), driving around in my crappy little car, working at my parents’ pharmacy and dating the cute captain of the high school hockey team. Ah, good times. I hope you enjoy 17 almost as much as I did. (We don’t want your mother to have a heart attack, so tone it down a little, ok?)

  27. 1.Happy Birthday Meg!
    2.Finally – “Yarnharlot – The secret life of a Knitter” as Audiobook. So there remains only one question: When will it be available for downloading? πŸ™‚
    Greetings from Germany

  28. Another audiobook! You’re doing another audiobook! Yay, yay, yay, yay! When will it come out? I’m so excited I could scream. In fact, I think I’ll do a little happy dance.
    Happy Birthday, Meg!
    Also, that sweater is looking awesome. Nice color choice.

  29. Happy Birthday, Megan!
    In the studio? Does that mean Joe’s got a studio going outside of the house again? Cool! Meantime, I love the smiles on both of them. Happy birthdaying!

  30. Only droped in for a bit. Was net surfing. Wish all the best for your loved one who has breast cancer. Had it myself. Been cancer free now for almost 6 years. Lost both my mom and aunt to the dreadful disease. May God bless each of you in special ways.I live in the USA, state of Tenneessee. It’s in the mountains. lol. Love and Blessings. Charlie

  31. Ha! I say that to my parents. Usually it’s more along the lines of:
    “How late are you going to be out?”
    “Well, the crack den closes at 1, but we’ll leave early to avoid the rush.”
    “All right, honey, have fun.”

  32. Happy 17th birthday Meg! Help your Mom clean up the house! πŸ™‚
    Love the sweater pieces–I hope it all goes together perfectly and fits like a dream.

  33. Happy Birthday Megan!
    I have a 16 year old and a 13 year old daughter. Each is as lovely as your own three. You have plenty to worry about, like the teen male population. UGH! A friend used to have a Great Dane who really thought teen age boys would be a nice snack, I wish Salty girl was still around.

  34. Happy Birthday, Megan!!! And you are absolutely right about teenagers needing more supervision than younger kids. I’ve always said I”d no more leave a teenager alone for a week than a 2 year old. Our high school also covers the very affluent suburb next to us & I heard many, many stories of parents going on vacation during the school year & leaving their teens home alone & the ensuing chaos. Even if your teens are the most reliable, trustworthy children on earth, all that has to happen is for some wild child to overhear that they are home alone & they turn up with 20 friends & cases of beer. I don’t know any teen who could get rid of them – they just can’t handle that – it takes an adult.

  35. Thank god you are putting your books on audio… I can’t read from a book and knit at the same time. I already have all the audiobooks you have recorded. They make me laugh out loud on the bus.
    But that’s kind of normal in Vancouver…
    Thanks! And happy birthday Megan. You’re right about the troublesome part. I didn’t start getting into trouble until… well, untill I moved across the country. πŸ™‚

  36. Let’s see…smoking crack, drinking beer, and Law & Order. Good god. Well at least she wasn’t having sex. Or even worse *shudder* watching CSI:Miami.
    Happy Birthday, Megan!
    And congratulations to Steph and Joe, too. You guys made it to 17 without strangling her. LOLOL Always a close thing when raising a teenager. LOL

  37. Happy birthday, Meg!
    Your birthday is the day before mine.
    Someone advised me to start celebrating today, and that’s exactly what I’m doing. After all, I’ll never be this age again after today.
    So, tomorrow you can celebrate my birthday.

  38. Happy birthday Meg!!!
    Well, it sure seems like Sam inherited her mama’s sense of humor.
    My 16 yr old and I trade quips all the time, all friendly and in good fun, but sometimes I wish she wasn’t quite so much like me.

  39. Come on, now, can’t she think of better bad things to do? I can. Orgies come to mind.
    And, seriously, how can you be old enough to have these almost-grown-ups? Isn’t that scary?
    Don’t answer that. My oldest is in 5th grade, and that’s even incomprehensible to me.

  40. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEG! What a gorgeous young human being! Ruining teenaged years is what parents are for (in addition to the whole food and laundry thing.)

  41. Happy Birthday gorgeous Meg!
    (Seriously. You and Joe crank out beautiful kids)
    Also, Sam? Make sure you share the beer and the crack with your sister (also the beer with your Mum and Dad). It’s only polite.

  42. Which Law and Order?? They are about 30 of them and at any given time on a channel somewhere,one of the varieties is being shown. Which can’t she watch? I only saw one SVU show and it was gruesome!
    Happy Birthday to the Megan who did not have the baby!!!
    Teenagers-if you haven’t sat down at least once with your head between your knees hyperventilating into a paper bag, then you haven’t had a teenager yet.

  43. Could be worse–my mom married my dad when she was Megan’s age. They told me if I pulled a stunt like that, they’d kill me. And well they should. πŸ˜€ But now I’m almost 24 and I’m pretty sure now they’re waiting with bated breath for me to get a man. πŸ˜‰

  44. If she isn’t defensive, you have nothing to worry about. I hope. Mine is 8, going on 17. That policy seems to work with her so far.
    Manon is lovely!

  45. I am DELIGHTED that “Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter” is coming to audio. I bought both your other audiobooks from (they’re great by the way) and I have always thought that this one is even more naturally suited to the audio format than the first two. Thanks for writing them, and then recording them! Now, when’s that release day?

  46. I can’t believe you knit that sweater that fast. I hate you. I do..I really, really, do. Ok..I don’t hate wait…Yes I do..!! the pattern…love the color…insanely jealous..INSANELY!!
    Happy Birthday, Meg:))))

  47. Ha! I was my most devious at 17: the year of my first tattoo and an illicit party while the ‘rents were on vacay. Fortunately I discovered the beer cans in the shrubs before they did.

  48. Can’t imagine where your kids get their smartarse tendencies from…
    Happy Birthday Megan!

  49. You know she’s totally watching L&O to get tips on how to HIDE the crack pipe and how best to doctor up an ID to buy beer. Or maybe that would be CSI or NCIS. Huh. Anyway, happy birthday Megan!!!

  50. Happy birthday Meg. What do you mean Stephannie? I got into all my best trouble when I was 17, didn’t you?

  51. My 14 and 16 year old daughters have somehow managed to become 27 and 29 with children of their own. I don’t know how it happened but I can sit here knitting as living proof you do survive their teenage years. Your daughters are beautiful and I know that adds to the stress of parenthood. But, hey, with The Yarn Harlot for a mom, how can they turn out any less wonderful than she is !!!! Happy Birthday Megan.

  52. Happy day, Megan! Here’s to a year of good things ahead of you.
    Also, is anyone else as gobsmacked as I am at how fast those sleeves appeared? Goodness.

  53. So you’re saying that while I’m here working at the yarn shop, my 13-year-old and my 15-year-old are not at home eagerly completing their household duties? Hmm. That explains so much.

  54. Happy Birthday, Meg!
    (S. – you have such lovely daughters, and I’ll bet they have most excellent senses of humors go to with)

  55. Happy Birthday, Meg!
    Stephanie – you don’t have to worry about your girls. The pretty ones always convince everyone ELSE to do their mischeif for them. At least, that’s how high school was when I was there! πŸ™‚
    Can’t wait to hear the book! It’s one of my favorites…

  56. Happy Birthday, Meg!!
    When asked to do something for me my oldest would say “That’ll cut into my pot-smoking, liquor-drinking, sleeping around time.”

  57. I love a smart-arse daughter! So glad you have one, too. Those are the kind of comments I always get from my 21 year old…When in high school I asked about a check from a friend and she replied, “It’s for my abortion fund.”
    Happy Birthday to Meg!

  58. Teenagers should be made to watch at least 13 hours of Law & Order on their 13th birthday. It’s like a morality tale–Better be careful and not screw off, Kids. That Bad Decision could be the last one you ever make!
    It’s parents who shouldn’t be allowed to watch L &O. One hour of Law & Order: SVU and I spend half the night up worrying!

  59. Happy birthday, Meg! It’s my dH’s birthday as well, those wonderful Leos rock my face off.
    As I recall, 17 is much less mouthy and whiny than 16. And fantastically more responsible. Many happy returns.

  60. Sheeeeeit. No, you’re absolutely right. Being that lovely never caused any trouble in the universe. Thank dog she’s smart. And goofy. Bless her.

  61. I don’t believe I’ve ever commented before, but I had to come out of lurkdom to say your 17 yr old baby and my oldest, 13 yr old baby have the same birthday! Today I am officially the mother of a teenager [shudder] How did I get to be old enough for that? πŸ˜‰
    I’m a huge fan and have been reading you since you used to intermittently post on the Knitlist. I still have a copy of all your “story” posts somewhere in my e-mail. Of course now most of them are in actual book form. But somehow I can’t make myself delete them πŸ™‚

  62. You’re recording another book???? ROCKIN’ AWESOME!!! I love audio books. I listen while I knit most of the time. Listening to a book about knitterly things while knitting is the closest thing to paradise that I can think of…. now if I could only find someone to pay all my bills and clean my house…..

  63. Wow! What a beautiful girl. How quickly they grow up, eh?
    BTW, lock her up now! And keep her that way until she’s 30. She can join my almost 17yo if she thinks she’s the only one under lock and key.
    Hope your birthday dinner was terrific.

  64. Yay! I am so glad you’re recording that book…I have been wishing it was available on audio! I am buying that one the second it comes out πŸ™‚
    And happy birthday Meg!!

  65. Wow the jumper (sweater) looks great, can’t wait to see the all sewn up version.
    Happy Birthday to Meg, she does indeed look gorgeous and will melt hearts and wrap boys around her little finger no doubt!
    Sam sounds like she has her head on straight.
    Go Harlot!!!

  66. Just a message for Joe. He might want to make sure that he has that baseball bat close at hand. Over the last week or so you have posted pictures of two VERY lovely young ladies. Joe is going to need the baseball bat just to get through the crowd of young male admirers.

  67. Happy Birthday!! And it could be worse. I call home everyday and my teenagers are lounging about the living room in their underwear. Yours looks fully dressed…

  68. Happy Birthday Meg! 17 should be a great year for you. My daughter reminded me that she is not in high school anymore! Does that mean at 27 she cannot get into any trouble living in her on 1 bedroom apartment on the Upper West Side of NYC????? What is a mother to do. It never gets any easier.

  69. Happy Birthday, Meg!!!
    Beautiful sweater! Can’t wait to see how it looks all put together πŸ™‚

  70. Happy birthday, Meg! You are a beautiful young woman, and I can’t believe how serene and confident you look. I don’t remember feeling that way at 17, or at 45 (now), to be honest.
    Hope you had a fantastic dinner. Stephanie, my mom always said about housework, “Well, sweetie, it will still be there.” Sadly true.
    Manon is going to be stunning. And to be honest, smartarse kids are my favourite kind (to a certain extent….. ). Shows they’ve got a quick wit, even if they use it against their mother.

  71. Aww, happy birthday to your daughter!
    I’m on the same boat as you, with the worry about the kids left at home I mean. We usually get home after work to a trashed house but it doesn’t really matter as long as I know the kids are alright.
    Sam is too funny!

  72. Happy Birthday Meg:) My daughter turned 17 on april fool’s day she seems more mature and thoughtful.I think to myself next year she will be an adult and wont need me as much and I just wish I could keep my little girl around sappy huh.Iam reading the secret life of a knitter it is so funny.I have an audible account so please let me know when it comes out I would love to listen to it at night when Iam at work stocking shelves.Right now Iam reading the book here: it is the only place I can get a moment to myself with 2 Hugs Darcy

  73. I’m looking forward to the audio book; sounds like fun to work with Joe on it too. Happy Birthday to beautiful Megan.

  74. I’m glad to see that there are a few more people in this world that think like I do – regarding teenagers.
    We have 3 teengers . I stongly agree about “keeping” a closer eye on them. My children usually say, as I’m going out the door, ” Quick she gone , where did you hide the pot?”
    thanks for aways puting a laugh in my day!

  75. Stephanie – how on Earth do you get so much knitting done? I mean really!?!? I am absolutely flabbergasted. You work, you have children and a husband, you are as equally addicted to coffee as I am… as far as I can tell our lives are fairly parallel with what they have going on in them, and I’ve been working on the same baby sweater for nearly 2 months. It’s FINALLY done – and just barely before the recipient’s arrival. I check your blog one day and you’re casting on – a FEW DAYS later and you have an entire (beautiful, adult-sized, error free) sweater?!?! I’m always impressed by your work, and now, well I’m just starting to get jealous!! :)) Happy Birthday Meg.

  76. Happy Birthday Meg!
    You are now of age to do magic, try not to blow up your aunt.
    Ya know, I think these are the most pictures we’ve seen of Joe in ages! (Nice haircut, btw.)

  77. Imagine what it would be like when they all move off for college. XP
    Happy birthday Meg. I hope it’s a good one.

  78. Happy Birthday Meg! I’m sure she won’t have gotten into any trouble at all,especially not on her birthday, right? πŸ˜‰

  79. I couldn’t agree more that middle teenagers require more time. the trouble that they can get in is more substantial than ‘tweens’ and it takes loads more brain power to talk to them about choices and consequences… etc.
    I totally agree with Jackie O when she said the most important job is raising children… the sweater will get finished, Stephanie… You do more knitting than anyone I know and a messy house is really not a problem…. Rock on!

  80. Many Happy Returns Meg! Beautiful eyes by the way. Enjoy your day. What is for supper?
    Trading quips with children keeps us all on our toes….My most recent exchange came last evening..
    My daughter, (now 29 with girl child of own), called to see how my visiting BFF and self were getting along. I told her we were knitting. Long silence followed by explosive laughter and incredulous “WHAT?” But we have chocolate and red wine too. “oh” she says, “just be in bed by 9pm darling”
    Snarky little dear that one.

  81. I’d recognize that Norah sweater anywhere – I’m sure it will be great once it’s seamed. I love my bubble. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a helpful comment. I think you’re right about these baby measurements often being off (and you should know, weren’t you a doula?), and being better off knowing less sometimes. I don’t think this one will quite blow past his due date since he has given me so many signs that he’s getting ready, but since his due date is still 23 days away, that isn’t saying much. I’m guessing that he’ll get much closer to it than the doctor thinks. Enjoy seaming Manon and screw the house – the cleaning will be there when you get to it – it always is!

  82. I wish we could all tell you that you’ll eventually stop worrying about your kids but that would be a LIE! My children are 32 and 25. 1. I haven’t lost the weight I gained with the first one and 2. I still worry about them all the time. I’m a nurse and every time one of them or their spouce or my grandchild gets sick they call MOM! I wouldn’t have it any other way. You don’t need to worry. You’ve taught them GOOD values, you’ve limited the trash they watch on TV and you’re the most famous Mom in the world. Especially in the world of knitting! So take heart. This too my child will pass!

  83. Happy Birthday, Meg! ( A little late).
    Beautiful girl, Steph. I expect Joe has something equivalent to the “Kielbasa Talk” my husband had for my (formerly) teenaged daughter’s beaus?
    He would “chat” with them while using our biggest knife to cut up a sausage….
    “So” WHACK “You’re dating my daughter” WHACK.

  84. A very Happy Birthday Meg. I hope you have a lovely year. My youngest will be 17 in December and is a knitter like you. Best wishes!

  85. You don’t sleep, right?… That’s my only explanation. How else could that sweater be knit up so quickly? I fall asleep before my head hits the pillow. How do you do it?…

  86. A belated happy birthday to Megan!
    I will not mention any of the nutty things I did at 17. It might give people ideas and/or drive them to the brink of despair. On the bright side, I am now a dignified knitter of great experience and maturity. Stop laughing.

  87. Most beloved of harlots:
    Thank you so very much for recording Yarn Harlot…! I am a voracious audiobook “reader,” and I was thrilled at your first two. I’ve always thought, however, that your first book was best suited for the purpose. Thank you again and big wooly hugs!

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