Things I won’t be knitting today

I won’t be knitting my Josephine Top today.


Well. Truth be told I wasn’t going to be knitting it anyway. I made a big mistake the other evening (I got suckered again by “at the same time” in the directions, so I tidily made all the neck increases (wrong actually, I had to do them twice) and then after making all of them (twice) I read “At the same time….” and it was too damned late and well. Third time’s the charm. Except that while all of this was going on I totally had to put a sweater on because it was only 13 degrees out, and I suddenly the whole fire for the soy silk tank top went right out of me.. ya know? (It’s supposed to be 30 degrees with the humidex today, and even warmer tomorrow, so I guess the jokes on me there. I suppose that if I pick the tank back up the temperature will plummet again. I’m not naive.)

I won’t be knitting on my Hey Teach today…


even though the passion for it burns in me yet brightly. It’s an impulse knit. I got the yarn for it just the other day, and although I don’t usually knit with cotton or bast fibres (the lack of elasticity doesn’t please me) I’m having a pretty good time, though I did only just start. This is Misti Cotton (83% cotton, 17 % silk) and though it’s still not my favourite fibre combo to knit… I think it’s going to be one of my favourites to wear, and a lovely little bridge garment for the fall. I’m going to see if I can finish it for my next trip, which is to London on Wednesday. (Is is already too cool to wear this in London? Note to self. Check weather in London. Also, buy one of those plug things for the laptop.) This isn’t usually the sort of thing I would rush out and start, but something about this one just got me. I labour under the delusion (though the orange one did totally work out) that this sweater will let me look both professional and knitterly at the same time, which I’ve noticed is not always the easiest look to pull off. (My mother would be so pleased that I’ve considered having “a look”. I hope she doesn’t hope this is going to lead to lipstick.)

I won’t be knitting on my new socks either.


I started these the other night after Curlerchik gave it to me. I’d seen them on her needles and admired them mightily, and totally by co-incidence I had right that second started not liking the sock that I had on my needles, so off that came and on these went. (I’m sure that how much I love this colourway had nothing to do with suddenly finding the other one – which I shan’t identify, since I’m sure it’s perfectly lovely and simply not to my taste – a steaming heap of wooldung.) This is Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Sock colour HS04 (I appear to be on a bit of a Misti Jag. Odd that.)

No, no… I won’t be knitting any of that – no matter how much I want to, because I am a grown up, and grown ups sit down and do their paperwork when push comes to shove. Sure, sure… they rent three movies, get good chocolate and decent bottle of wine before they do it… but they sit there and do it, and that’s what I’m going to do. No email. No internet. No knitting. No internet about knitting. Nothing but trashy movies and a stack of stupid paperwork that is threatening to take over not just my desk, but my entire office and swathes of other parts of our home. In fact, there’s so much that I am starting to fear that I’ll have to issue whistles and avalanche beacons to visitors who don’t know the danger areas. I know it’s going to feel like a million dollars to have it done, I really do. I know that it’s going to set a good example for my kids about doing your stuff and not getting behind digging yourself out gracefully when you get really far behind… and in tomorrow, (assuming that this mess can be dug out of in a single day, which I have to assume, since the alternative is too horrible to contemplate.) I can return to knitting while feeling guilty about the cleaning, shopping, laundry and writing. (Actually, I can return to knitting while feeling guilty that I don’t feel guilty for not cleaning, shopping, doing the laundry or writing.)

I’m going to do my paperwork.

That’s what I’m going to do. Totally. Almost totally.

For (mostly) sure.

152 thoughts on “Things I won’t be knitting today

  1. LOL! Sounds exactly like me today! Mounds of laundry? Housework to do? ….I’d rather be knitting.

  2. Best of luck to you. You know what they say about good intentions… I look forward to seeing your knitting progress.

  3. Such a noble endeavor. I hope you have better luck than I tend to have on that front. Those are some very tempting knits.

  4. Love, love, love hey teach. I think it will be a perfect bridge. Be careful with the London weather. I think it can surprise you the way the Toronto weather does. If you finish Hey Teach it will probably be very very cold in London. If you finish your Josephine top, there will probably be a tornado. Stick with the socks. No weather problems then. Best wishes – Helene (Harris, not Rush)

  5. You can do it. Just think how much more wonderful and enjoyable your knitting will be when you have the paperwork monkey off of your back.
    The wine will help. Just drink it s l o w l y.

  6. Misti Alpaca is the softest stuff in the world, and that color is totally *you.*
    Love the coral in the sweater, too. What’s up with the grey? You don’t wear grey. Starting the Christmas knitting? It’s not too early, you know.

  7. ….for a couple of days now, actually about a week, i’ve been thinking and thinking about your posts from last december… with most North American holidays the retailers already have stuff in the shops for that one in december… here’s my thinking: maybe, just a suggestion, you could start thinking about some of your biggest retail shopping holiday knitting now?….???….don’t know why, but just have to mention…..:)

  8. You can totally wear Hey Teach to London – I’m planning on wearing mine to see you! What everyone says is right – it’s a lovely project to knit and fast.
    London weather? It might be muggy, it might not be, it will probably rain; it has all summer. One thing you can be 99% sure of is the hall won’t have air conditioning and you will be very, very hot. So what better than a cute short sleeved cardigan?
    Very looking forward to seeing you.

  9. You don’t have knitting in your field of vision while you do this, right? Because while none of us doubt your strength of will or your forthright and motherly way of leading by example, we all of us know that yarn will _not_ play fair in this sort of setting. If it’s in the same room (or one adjacent with no closed doors or walls to muffle it) the siren call will sound. Again, I think we all have absolute faith in your ability to stuff cotton in your ears (as it were), just reminding you that this might take more strategy.
    Of course, you’re not going to even look at the comments till this is all well and over, so even saying this is silly, right? Right?
    None of the movies have knitting in them, do they?

  10. London: if you haven’t been there before, be prepared to have your socks knocked off. It’s a fast, hip city. You’ll have a ball!! In the yarniest sense.

  11. I feel your pain. Paperwork definitely occupies one of my nine circles of Hell. However, while the labour laws might allow breaks, I’d suggest you push on through, leaning heavily on the time-tested crutch of fine chocolate. Save the bulk of the wine for the well-deserved celebration when you’ve filed the last piece of paper, or you might have to do most of it all over again.
    (Do as I say, not as I do!)
    Love the Misti Alpaca.

  12. I want to go home and knit. I’m having a bitch of a week and am trying to recover from last weekend’s frolicking (which did not involve knitting at all). I’m ready for a day of nothing but yarn and John Travolta hustling all over the dance floor.

  13. This is just the post I could write today. Except I don’t have paperwork to do . . . just laundry for seven. Two weeks of laundry for seven. And cooking, cleaning, and budgeting. Oh, and unpacking. (We just moved–twice.)
    If I can just keep everyone fed and whole until 6:30, I’ll have the night off.
    Get a kitchen timer, and work steady for 15 minutes, and then get up and go breathe some fresh air. Work for 15 minutes more, and then knit for 15 (if you can restrict yourself to only 15, that is).
    Best of luck with your paperwork!

  14. I can’t even read past the line that says “it was only 13 degrees out.” 97 here in Oklahoma. When I’m done sobbing I’ll try to get back on and read the rest.

  15. Sounds like me! I’m supposed to be packing as we are moving in two days & I’m still constantly distracted. Probably help if I packed the computer right about now…

  16. Good luck with the shoveling. I just finished digging myself out from under a huge pile of other people’s legal problems (and the attendant paperwork, which I measure in gross tons), and I’m playing hooky today. It feels great! (I’m also not answering the phone, which helps a lot. It’s amazing how little work I have to do when I don’t answer the phone.)

  17. Good luck with the paperwork. Fortifying yourself with good chocolate and wine is a gooooood idea.

  18. Oh this is so true! I sometimes feel like I’m parenting myself. “Okay, if you want to knit this evening, you have to get X, Y, and Z accomplished.” Or, “There will be no knitting for you, young lady, until you get all your chores done!” Because really, if I didn’t do that it would get so ugly, so fast…

  19. I am so reminded of why I read your blog so religiously. You are VERY VERY funny. You’re not going to knit, you’re going to do paperwork. Yeah. Great sense of humor. Keep it up. =^)

  20. You stick to your paperwork all day and I’ll stick to my work and not sneak peeks at certain blogs. πŸ™‚

  21. I just finished folding laundry load #4 (#5 if the load I folded last night before bed counts), handwashed little daughter’s wool-cotton tank top (again!!- must knit next summer’s crop out of machine wash stuff), and cleaned up a steaming pile of dogdung (I’d much rather deal with wooldung thankyouverymuch!) b/c middle son decided to stop and take a shower before he took the dogs out (at least baddog chose the wood floor rather than the carpet). Son is now vacuuming the downstairs prior to pulling weeds for penance. I must now shower so that I can venture out into the world and get groceries (if only my family would stop expecting to see food when they open the frige or pantry!). I plan to reward my virtuous effort (HA) today with a side trip to the LYS since I “finished” my friend’s birthday scarf last night (while waiting for the dryer to finish) with about 3 inches of yarn to spare and then realized that she is totally a long skinny fringe sort of person. (And of course I only had one skein.) DOH! Paperwork is like banging your head against the wall- it’s such a relief when you’re finished. πŸ™‚

  22. The new sock colors are the same colorway as your new book! I’m sure of it! Well, pretty close, anyway!

  23. I feel your pain. I hate when I’m forced to spend perfectly good knitting time doing paperwork, housekeeping, grocery shopping, closet purging, and things of that nature. Bleah!
    A little lipstick never hurt anyone. Not that you need it – you’re beautiful – but I’m never without mine.

  24. Knitting guilt free is the best way to knit. But alternating knitting with work is good too. That way you can set little work projects – each with a knitting reward at the end. Happy knitting = good knitting. (although I’ve never seen you knit anything bad….)

  25. This is not meant to be work or a distraction for you, but, um, the Josephine Top link takes one to the Misti Alpaca page. I found Josephine on the Interweave site, but I can’t fix the link for you.
    Safe travels.

  26. I, too, leave Wednesday! Just not for London :..(
    I’m moving to Panama (the country). And I, too, have a boatload of office stuff to plough through. The saving grace is that it is my husband’s stuff, so I can blithely refuse to claim any responsibility AND decline to do anything about it without him right here to supervise and work on it all himself!
    Have fun in London!

  27. Stephanie, I am very sad. I am moving from the US to London for grad school. I arrive on the 17th. That means I’m going to miss IKnit day and i don’t get to hear you speak! Tear! Anyway, your projects are beautiful and good call on making Hey Teach; I love mine.

  28. Knit some and make the paperwork go away! Chocolate should not hurt paperwork, however the wine may get you. Don’t feel bad i appparently can’t count to 5 on the socks that I have been making

  29. So, I was totally supposed to be running errands all day, since it is my Friday off…but guess what? I lost my car key on my healthy early morning walk, and now can’t drive anywhere till my sister gets home from high school…bummer! Guess now my only choice is to do the toe decreases on my current socks…or maybe WALK to my LYS…

  30. Paper work? Bah! Eat the chocolate and say the dog/cat/hamster ate the paperwork.
    I won’t get to see you on London, but I am waiting for Amazon to deliver your book to me, so I will be with you in spirit!

  31. ye gads, adulthood sucks large, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, our study is the kitchen table–and our inability to deal with this stuff is why we always eat in the living room.

  32. Hey, Teach is definitely next on my queue. I keep researching yarns for it and I have to tell myself to finish the Flutter Sleeve cardigan that’s on my needles currently!
    Oy, the urging of casting on new projects…

  33. Isn’t paperwork environmentally unfriendly? What about all those poor trees? I really think you should knit, in the interests of containing global warming and protecting the environment and all that. Really. Knit. πŸ™‚

  34. Denny and I were talking about this cotton sweater concept, and I told her that one of my favourite summer sweaters… okay, my ONLY summer sweater that I ever wear… is a cotton sweater I knit years ago with the goal of making myself a sweater from the 7 100m balls of a random green cotton yarn that I had, sort of aran weight, on 5.5mm needles. Years later, slight underarm pilling, and the rest is fine. If I were to describe it, most people would say “ew.” It is, however, an absolutely awesome knit to wear.
    Plus it only took a long weekend and not much yarn.
    I have been contemplating a Hey, Teach, so therefore, you must complete it so I can decide if I’m going to commit or not based on you blazing the trail. I’d consider it a personal favour.

  35. I totally agree with the three movies – I get all the WORST, most boring stuff done in front of movies! Plus I do a lot of needlework in front of movies. If I really have to get moving, I get completely silly old stuff.
    And when I have to do my computer stuff, which is nowhere near a tv, there is always radioparadise.

  36. Well, there is something to be said for not having a mountain of “stuff” hanging over your head. You’ll feel better for it and will probably have more knitting time on the flip side. Take regular knit breaks and you’ll get through it.

  37. It’s muggy here in London. Grey skies, cloudy, feels like it needs to rain but isn’t actually raining at the moment (for a change!)
    Looking forward to seeing you next Saturday!

  38. Gee, if you need a helper, I’m your gal. I can carry your bags, fend off crazy knitting groupies. You name it. Anything to get to London.
    Seriously, have a great time and don’t forget to write.

  39. OH MY GOD I LOVE LONDON!!!!! I lived there last fall. Have fun!!!! Loop in Islington is adorable, it’s a nice little yarn store in north London (if you’ve never been). Take the Tube, go to pubs and drink beer, or take beer on the Tube (gotta love open intox laws :). What else… drink tea, go to the Tate Modern and if you’re a theatre type see something at the Globe or by the RSC. Oh! And Hyde park. Go to hyde park and walk around, and if you end up on Queen’s Gate road in South Kensington wave to #14 for me!
    Enjoy London and happy knitting!

  40. I applaud your fortitude…or is it true grit? To stop knitting in order to do anything is difficult, regardless of how important the other thing is. The projects look interesting – I tried the link to see the Josephine top but it took me somewhere else, but I’ll find it – it looks very pretty! The London trip seems to have come up fast – have fun! I LOVE London, my husband and I are trying to figure out how we can move there and still afford to live. Well, hope you got all of your paper work done!

  41. It definitely won’t be cold in London. It may be cool or it may be muggy, it will almost certainly be grey and possibly damp, but as has been said, on iKnit day itself, you’ll be warm.
    Oh, and Amanda’s a little out of date – our horrid new mayor has banned drinking on public transport, so better keep the beer off the tube. Otherwise her tips are good. I hope you’re planning to go to the V&A – that’s the one museum you really, really shouldn’t miss… can’t wait to see you!

  42. Hey Teach is a great knit! I’m not a big fan of cottons either, but I finished that in 4 days (of doing almost nothing else, but still…). It’s lovely– I wear it all the time, because with a tank and some linen trousers, I look put together enough for the office and artsy enough for me. πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoy it!

  43. Don’t feel bad…I’m not knitting right there with you. We’re selling our house and have an open house this weekend and far too many things need to get scrubbed, folded, polished and vacuumed for me to be able to knit.
    So what am I doing? Sewing up a BSJ. πŸ™‚

  44. Here in London right now? Warm, muggy and grey!
    I am really glad that you are giving yourself a couple of days to get over your jetlag, so that you get to make the most of iKnit next Saturday!
    It’s a tiny bit easier from your part of Canada but I always joke that my boyfriend (lives in Vancouver) is the only man I could tolorate who is up all (my) night and sleeps all (my) day!
    Also a suggestion: pack light! Everyone I have spoken to, is very excited about iKnit (please relax, not just your talk) but also about the stands and the general knitting networking opportunity.
    You see, if it is anything like last year, there should be some good UK indie hand dyes as well as other yarns to tempt you – be good to see what you make of the things that we have on offer here!
    So, whatever project you decide to work on (and finish) between now and then, the most important thing for next Saturday?
    Just bring something unfinished to chill out and work on. The stark difference for me between iKnit last year and the other UK knit and stitch events?
    The quantity of people, everywhere, all just hanging out and knitting together. Rather than it being a merchandising fest, it was a lovely balance of knitting, entertainment and shopping without the dross.
    Gerard and Craig will look after you too – they are lovely! (Actually, I need to check with them whether they still need me, as I think that I might be ushering for your talk…so see you there!)

  45. I’m knitting a pair in Misti Alpca sock in the HS08 Marino colorway. They are all really interesting color combinations. Love yours. πŸ™‚

  46. Oh Harlot, you tricksy kid! I was doing SO well on my attempts to be a monogamous knitter so I could dutifully finish a sweater for a new nephew with time to spare for knitting Christmas presents. But blast it all if you haven’t sent me off on a lusty tangent for that “Hey Teach!” top.

  47. Mentioning your London trip in the blog was so exciting!. I’ll be there on the great day. Looking forward to seeing you. We’ll give you the loveliest welcome. Thank you for taking the time to come and see us. And it’s great to hear that everyone else suffers so with the paperwork. I agree with everyone; Hey Teach is ideal for IKnit. Dressing in London is simple: layers. It’s not so much the temperature you need fret about; it’s the CHILL FACTOR that’ll surprise you. Something like the Adamas shawl would be wonderful for those “draughty” moments and a handy, roomy holdall for peeling off and putting on of all those blessed layers.

  48. Can’t believe it. It feels like we’ve been planning all year to come down to London to see you. The Knutsford Knitters will be there in force and we’re bringing all our noisiest members (and some of our quiet ones too). See you there! Hooray!

  49. London is having the wettest August in a hundred years. My coworker came back yesterday from there. I suggest a slicker. πŸ™‚

  50. I won’t be knitting with the new yarn I bought today, (lovely cotton, some nice sock yarn) I am going to clean the house too….but the yarn keeps calling my name, and its so much fun to start something new.
    I am going to clean, going…in a minute while I look for a pattern.. thats not knitting.. do I have a 3.5 circular?

  51. London weather? Layers, because it can change from moment to moment. Can’t wait for Saturday, it will be a fabulous friendly day of yarn and fibre.

  52. The long range forecast suggests it will get cooler next week with thundery showers towards the end of the week. Please start knitting something terribly thick and woolly otherwise you’ve doomed us all; it’s the knitterly equivalent of St Swithins day. Actually I confidently predict that it will be hot when you least expect it, grey when you arrive (and everyone will tell you it’s a nice day because it isn’t actually raining) and at some point it will tip it down on the one occasion when you don’t have your brolly with you. Top tip: pack a brolly, it’s England.

  53. I will share something with you from my classroom:
    I have a poster displayed prominently to all my lovely young musicians who think that practice time is really optional and couldn’t possibly make a difference:
    It is much easier to keep up than it is to catch up.
    You’re welcome!

  54. God… paperwork. I have yet to meet someone that enjoys doing paperwork. Best of luck to you and Godspeed. ^_^

  55. You’re going to London! I can’t help but be envious, even if it is work-related. I’m sure that loads of people will tell you things that you “have” to do while you’re over there, but I’ll humbly suggest two things that I love in that great city.
    If you have an hour to spare, check out Loop in Islington. All of the London knitters that I asked when I went over recommended it and I heartily agree.
    On a non-knitting note, I also recommend checking out Borough Market, on Borough High Street in Southwark. Loads of fresh fruit and veg, really lovely for a leisurely brunch as you stroll.
    Have a wonderful trip!

  56. All work and no play (knitting) makes Stephanie a dull girl (well, not really, but it sounded good!). Don’t forget to be good to yourself! Anyone with your schedule might soon get burned out if they don’t!

  57. Not be an enabler but you know that you should take breaks from time to time. And I’m sure that knitting during a break doesn’t *really* count as knitting… πŸ™‚ Well, in any case I’m so very jealous and, at the same time, excited that you are going to London so soon! I love it across the pond and dream of living there some day. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do πŸ™‚

  58. Please, please, please, Stephanie. If you see David Tennant (the 10th Dr Who, for those of you who don’t know, but I bet Stephanie does), give him a little snog from me. He’s so fit.

  59. I love that “feeling guilty about not feeling guilty). Wowzers, lucky London. Have a blastA Seems it would be a fine place to own woolens.

  60. Yay! Stephanie’s coming to see us in London!
    Definitely sharing all the excitement of my fellow commenters and also looking forward to seeing you next Saturday! Yay! You should have a look at all the discussions on the UK forums / fora? on ravelry.
    Although I also heartily recommend Loop (it’s my LYS AND I went to an Amy Singer workshop there last year – what’s not to like?) the mountain is coming to IKnit Day so you will be able to enjoy it from the comfort of your own knitting show!
    Definitely agree with the V&A suggestions. Also the layers. But it won’t be cold (famous last words etc etc) just probably grey and wet. Do you have a mac? If you do, bring it.
    Ooh WE are going to be THE BLOG!!!!!!

  61. HA! I am 52 and my mother *still* hasn’t given up hope that one day I will start wearing lipstick. Some things never change.

  62. Hey Teach has entranced me too. But since I’m still working on Gigi (what in good heaven made me think that making my first adult sweater out of what is virtually embroidery thread, i don’t know. it’s not a very encouraging process, but will be Dead Sexy if I can just finish Right Front and seam ‘er up) and since my neighbour has commissioned me to knit up some balaclava’s for her son… and since I swore I would make this adorable Debbie Bliss coat-sweater-thing for my daughter when it started to get chilly… I will just live vicariously through yours instead.

  63. I can’t imagine what a job it must be to actually READ every comment that you get; that’s why it made me so happy to see your email in my inbox.
    Thanks for being so great!

  64. You are a love. I feel the same way. You have expressed it artfully…I slither past it all into my real work…. guilty thoughts on hold until finally two months later, when night dreams of someone else taking chage makes me cringe I get busy and the dreaded paper work is done in an hour. I encourage myself the whole way, step by step. Why stay guilty???For love of knitting, that’s why. Weird creatures, US.

  65. Whatever you do, finish the Josephine top before the annual Furnace Wars start, unless you can somehow convince the top to only affect the weather in your brother’s neighborhood.

  66. Be strong! And know that you are not alone! Paper, and the management of it, is just about my worst downfall. But as September is always a sort of “New Year’s” for me (related to the start of a new school year), I always take this opportunity to make resolutions. And top of the list this year is the timely and orderly management of all paper that crosses my path both at home and at school! Lead the way for me, O sainted Harlot of the fibres! πŸ™‚

  67. Stephanie…I don’t comment much, but I read your blog almost every day. Your knitting is beautiful and your writing always brings a smile to my face. You’ve inspired me to start the “Flow” tank, although I’m going to try it in Manos silk blend…not so sure how that’s going to be, but I can always rip! Have a safe trip to London. P.S. That sock yarn is lovely. May have to find some and give it a whirl.

  68. After all that paperwork, you’re going to feel like a million bucks, all right. All green and wrinkly. (Or maybe that joke only works with Yankee money).

  69. I was in London last week, warm days, cool nights. Listened to your pod cast with Knit Picks on the plane. We went to Buckingham Palace and I keep thinking about you. You should go. See here , we did the State rooms, wonderful, you will love them. If you buy your ticket in advance you get in in 20 minutes, buying the ticket there means a wait of almost 3 hours. We bought the ticket at the hotel and had no problems. You get a recording that explains everything. Have a wonderful trip and safe traveling. In England they do not allow metal needles on the plane.

  70. I saw the Hey Teach sweater when it first posted and had it cast on late the next day. I finished it in record time (for me) and have worn it twice, once on an 80 degree day here in Indiana.
    Have a great time in London.

  71. Attention all English (and Continental… as in where you live, not how you knit)knitters: DO make every attempt possible to get yourself to our dear Harlot’s event. You’ll love it. And bring food or beer for her. She’ll love it!
    If only I didn’t have this thing called a job over here in central Pennsylvania!

  72. LONDON! How totally cool is that?! IMO you have every right to eschew housework for knitting. Afterall, knitting is your livelihood and this is like working overtime. The misti alpaca socks look marvelous.

  73. Of course you won’t be knitting. You’ll be crocheting! I think I know the difference!
    Thanks for yesterday’s post.

  74. Lovely projects. My theory is, that lots of people take short smoke breaks throughout their day, we ought to be able to take little knitting breaks. Just to take the edge off, like maybe one row here and there?
    Hope your paperwork is going smoothly.

  75. London-be prepared for EXPENSIVE!! My daughter just came home from London(She flies with the President–Brag,Brag-and yes, I know but she says he really is a nice guy…) and,anyways,she had to buy pantyhose(they call them tights) and they cost $40.00 American!!!! For 1 pair!! She loved the city but said the prices were not to be believed-a pizza cost over $50.00.

  76. What? No knitting breaks? Even I took knitting breaks when I was cramming for my teaching certification exams. It went something like this: 1 hour of knitting for 15 minutes of studying.
    I did pass, BTW, but me thinks I was in such a hurry to get home and knit after the test that I didn’t pay attention to a little thing called the speed limit…and got my first ticket.
    I’m sure you don’t have those kind of worries, so take your knitting breaks, for heaven’s sake!

  77. What is it with our moms and lipstick? I assume you got the same comments I did (and still do)–“you’d like so nice with just a little lipstick”.
    Sorry, Mom–makeup cuts into the yarn budget. Besides, I’m cosmetic challenged. πŸ™‚

  78. I am cracking up at your post. This is how I feel about everything. Ok CAN’T blog today MUST mop the floor. lol. I am a beginner knitter so I get overwhelmed by your amazing work but someday I hope to be there myself πŸ™‚ You’re inspiring.

  79. It’s a well known fact that concentration lags and effectiveness drops after too long doing something without a break.
    Which is why I cast on a new hat yesterday even though I should in theory be spending the entire weekend writing assignments.

  80. Lurker here, just coming out of the shadows to say hooray for you coming to London! I’m coming down from Nottingham for the day, and really looking forward to it.
    Kiwi chick living in England going to listen to a Canadian speak – yay for the global village!

  81. Looking forward to seeing you at I Knit – although I couldn’t get a ticket for your talk as they were all sold out. Like Charlie I’ve just finished Cornaline, so I’m looking forward to finding her there.
    News today says to expect 10 days of tropical storms – ha! That’s just rain with good PR. Think layers, carry a brolly, it won’t be too chilly. I’m sure there’s plenty of people willing to show you the sights. Pity you haven’t got another book signing in town- the giant Waterstone’s book store on Piccadilly has a great bar on the fifth floor, and it’s big enough to hold all the people that want to meet you.

  82. You’re coming to London! And I’m coming to see you la-la-la-la-la-la! Hopefully not in a stalker-ish way though.
    Current forecast for next weekend suggests clouds and rain. Could change, but don’t bet on it.

  83. I don’t comment often as I think you have enough to read each day. I’m so excited to see/hear you next weekend though. Gerard & Craig have the loveliest yarns in their shop, beat a path there. Also grey,rainy and possibly autumnal for next weekend. So brolly and layers. Have you read the Ravelry excitment? We will be wearing our pins and cheering loudly!

  84. I’m sure you’ll receive a warm welcome in London – from the people if not the weather (although the forecast is for thunderstorms here at the moment).
    I would love to have come and seen you but will be in Cornwall (Southwest England – the bit that sticks out bottom left of the map).
    Just a couple of points – don’t drink beer on the underground – it’s recently been banned – it’s best to drink beer in one of the great London pubs!
    Also, although London is quite expensive, it’s not quite as bad as Pat DeLeeuw’s daughter has said – I think she must have been shopping at Harrods :o). Tights (pantyhose) can be bought for a lot less than $40 and pizzas generally are around Β£5 – Β£10 depending on where you go.
    Have a great time (and I hope the paperwork goes well).
    love & hugs

  85. It is very grey , hot and humid today in England – thunderstorms threaten, however NEXT week when the kids go back there will be a sudden Indian Summer and it will be hot – I tell you this as a teacher because it annoys me every stinking year!

  86. London is MUGGY at the moment. Much hotter and clammier in reality that it looks like it should be when you look out the window.
    i mean layers are good, but generally – this summer – you need an unbrella, and vest tops. It’s that kind of year.

  87. Long-range forecast for England generally is pretty urgh so layers and a light waterproof will be required. I won’t arrive til 1pm anyway so I’ll probably be both wet and steaming, not the best of looks.
    I must remember to bring you a bottle of one of our local (East Yorkshire) beers (hope I can get it past the people on the door). Also hope that the queue to see you won’t be toooooo long but I suspect that I’m going to be wrong on that one!

  88. Have fun in the UK. Funny story the other day my 22 year old said hey mom, my roommate friend’s girlfiend teaches yoga to that Stitch Bitch lady. It’s a small world! So now you’re the Stitch Bitch not the harlot.

  89. If the colour of that yarn were H2SO4 it would be the chemical name for sulphuric acid.
    BBC Weather is pretty accurate for London (use postcode W1T 7QN, which is Jack Horner’s pub at 236 Tottenham Court Road, an excellent source of savoury pie and good beer). Expect low twenties Celsius and pack layers. And an umbrella.
    Do not expect anyone in my country to give you more than three ice cubes in your soda, and don’t expect free refills.
    If you spot a mouse on the Tube playing near the juice rail, you win 20 points, but don’t point it out to anyone, we don’t talk to strangers on the Tube. If you’re gong to fall asleep on the Tube from exhaustion and jet lag, make sure you’re on the Circle line, which is the yellow one. You”ll get back where you started eventually.
    Have a great trip!

  90. Ah, paperwork…one of those parts of adulthood that sucks. But surely you can take a break to knit for a little while? You probably should set a timer though so you don’t forget it was supposed to just be a break and 8 hours later you’re still knitting.
    Lipstick gives me the heebie jeebies. Bright colors are for wool, not for my lips, thank you very much. (Maybe some people think I’d look better with makeup, but I see some women wearing a lot of makeup and think they’d look better if they would just go wash it all off.)

  91. Really looking forward to seeing you in London!I hope that you have enough time to get over the jet-lag and enjoy some of our fantastic capital city, but please remember that there is a lot more to the country then just London! I reckon that the southwest is the best part of the whole country, and we’ve got some fantastic inde yarn companies down here. (no I’m not biased really I’m not – well maybe just a little)

  92. It’s actually pretty hot and sunny in London today (30th August), but that’s likely to change. The BBC website is quite good for weather predictions, but the weather’s been all over the place recently.
    Hope you enjoy your trip to my lovely city – I’m gutted I’m not going to be able to come and see you – my baby is due to turn up any time now, and I just can’t risk it!

  93. At my school, we’ve been getting ready all this week for next week’s influx of children. I’ve been getting lots of planning done because my knitting is at home. But yesterday I took it with me to show my sweater progress to a teacher friend who is learning to knit. Then the bag with sweater sat on my desk all day, and did you know, knitting can talk! It called to me like a two-year old the whole day. I was able to ignore it only because I didn’t have the pattern along with me. I deliberately left it at home, knowing what would happen if I took it along.

  94. Can’t wait to see you in London! I’ll be there with beer πŸ™‚
    Oh, the weather here is… not good. It’s lovely today, but the secret to living in/visiting England is dressing in layers. Last week, I kid you not, it was raining in my backyard but not in the front.

  95. hello, it’s me, back again. Yes I know I’ve already commented on this post but I’m So Excited about you coming to London. I couldn’t resist adding some more tips, I know you haven’t asked for them and probably the world and her mother has given you their tips. Anyway, I am a Londoner born and (sort of) bred so must be allowed the right to give my own crafty tips on the capital.
    Liberty ( – beautiful mock-tudor department store. The haberdashery department is lovely (although the selection of yarn is rubbish). Lovely buttons and ribbons and trimmings though. And of course you will be familiar with their famous fabrics.
    VV Rouleaux ( beautiful beautiful ribbons. Amazing.
    And it’s round the corner from …
    the Button Queen ( which is self-explanatory.
    Marylebone is a lovely area to stroll around actually as there are gorgeous shops and cafes. Quite pricey around there as well, you might even find that elusive $50 pizza (maybe it had truffles AND caviar on it??)
    Victoria and Albert Museum – I’ve said it before, others have said it before, I know you’ll know about it already. But I had to emphasise it.
    Finally general recommendations – British Museum, St James’s Park (the view from the bridge over the lake is the best imho in London and the pelicans are v cool), Marks & Spencers (Marble Arch branch), Lower Marsh (home of IKnit! and fab vintage stores), Exmouth Market (home of my fave restaurant Moro mmmm), and finally, a walk along the South Bank from Westminster Bridge all the way to Tower Bridge and including Borough Market and Tate Modern and the replica Golden Hinde and the replica Globe theatre. And a detour to the Fashion & Textile museum to visit the shop and admire the outside but unfortunately it’s closed at the mo …
    I’m sure you’ll have a fab time whatever you do!!

  96. My husband has become accustomed to hearing me say I don’t have time to do housework because I am knitting a gift for someone and I only have X number of hours/days to get it finished. I keep telling him that we are saving money by me making gifts and that makes both of us happy!

  97. I was in London a few days ago, and it struck me as perfect weather: I was wearing cotton summer clothes, with a light wool shawl, and I wasn’t too cold. I saw people wearing tall leather boots, trousers, leather jackets, scarves, etc – and they weren’t too hot.
    Seemed like an excellent way to take advantage of knitwear year ’round.
    (BTW – I met an English friend who, with her current style of hair & glasses, could be your DOUBLE. For real. If you ever need that level of security, let me know…
    I’m honestly going to try it out on my knitting friends – show her photo & say “look who I met for lunch,” & see if any of them drop stitches in shock. Will report back.)

  98. I’m ALWAYS checking the weather in London, where rockstar son is in residence – in fact, I have it as a favorite – we Manhattanites and other nyc-borough-ites are always into the weather … who knows why? maybe ’cause we’re on an island, or maybe ’cause I’m old?
    back to “working” the wrist by knitting as much as humanly possible (at least until it brings me to screaming pain) and then I stop and bring on the ice –
    safe flight, SPM!

  99. off you go to london town
    i take the knit london newsletter
    don’t forget to take a blue square

  100. The weather here in Bradford is cold with a bit of a wind from the mountains. In London its flat as a pancake so I think it will be a little warmer since its nearer to the Equator, ha, ha. I would bring a nice warm sweater or cardi or your beautiful Manon to show us all. It may be September soon but our autumn can be quite cold at night, in fact your hands can get positively forze off. My friends Chezzle, ruth and I are all beetling off to London to see you so hope to catch you at the book signing. We can’t wait to meet you, we all follow your hilarious blog, you have me in stitches, ha, ha.
    My WON at the moment are a beautifully soft heavy cashmere/silk laceweight from HipKnits. the colours are gorrrrgeous in greens, grey, and pruple, just stunning. I am designing it meself right from the start. I worked out how many sts to cast on it was a doddle.
    Roll on Lonoon.

  101. Hope you’re flying with Air Canada, I knitted socks on 5″ bamboo dpns between Heathrow and Toronto and back earlier this month and was asked to hurry up and finish them before the end of the flight as the flight attendant wanted them. I’m looking forward to Saturday soooooo much, and wishing you a safe and easy journey.

  102. Aw man…to do all those neck decreases twice and then see that you missed the arm decreases…that’s so depressing. I hope you will find the gumption to get back to your Josephine top soon. It really is a lovely project. Enjoy your trip to London–I’m looking forward to seeing pics of the sock visiting all sorts of wonderful places!

  103. Clutter and stacks of paperwork is an ongoing problem today I bought several rubbermaid tubes to fill to try to make it look less cluttered and more like a desk and kitchen
    need to clean and balance check book then laundry.When I want to knit or crochet Iam afraid my hubby will give me the lifted eyebrow which generally means excuse me dont you have things needing to be done.It is the first of the month so I need to balance and get bills out the door.Did I mention I found some yummy yarn today and got the knitted babe book?This of course is I changing the Hugs Darcy

  104. Have a great trip – looking forward to seeing you in London on Saturday! (And what everyone’s said – the weather could be doing absolutely anything by then…)

  105. $40 for a pair of tights???? I don’t know where the girl was shopping, but they’d better have a string of diamonds going down the seam!
    London isn’t anywhere near that expensive. And unless you’re eating in a swanky celb endorsed restaurant pizza does not cost anything near $50.
    Don’t believe the scare stories. London is a great city, you can live according to the budget you choose and there is plenty of beer! It is however, likely to be raining, or about to rain, muggy or “close”. Not because it’s London, but because that’s been the British weather since early June!
    Have fun in London. Unfortunately I can’t make it but I look forward to hearing what you thought of our capital city.

  106. Now you know as soon as you complete all that paperwork and probably before you even finish more will come in. It is a never ending cycle and it could prevent you from ever knittig again with that attitude, young lady. So set a match to the paper and go back to knitting, that is what life is all about anyway, right?
    Do I hear snickering? Whose snickering in the corner,
    Okay, have to go…
    Good luck with the bonfire!

  107. Had to comment again after the conversation about prices. London is a little more expensive than Toronto, particularly for food, but I’ve yet to see a pizza or tights for anything like those prices – I’m sure you *could* spend that but you’d have to look pretty hard…

  108. If you are coming to England bring a waterproof coat – its been raining here for about 3 months now! Are we downhearted? Well, yes, I am a bit actually. Have a great trip!

  109. SW London weather report! Well, yesterday was sunny, after a grey, muggy but dryish week, and today dawned misty, thundered at breakfast, poured on and off all day, tipping down like a monsoon as I speak. However a friend in N London suburbs phoned this afternoon and it was sunny where he was! Today is the official ‘last day of summer’, to which we all chorus ‘What summer?’ Mind you, I remember quite a good two days back in June, or was it May……? So: light layers, rainproof jacket, umbrella and enjoy! Good luck with the jet lag; I’ve never found a good way to manage it. Can’t wait for Saturday.

  110. The weather in London is PERFECT for knitwear – it’s just that it’s not always easy to know what type of knitwear it’s perfect for… πŸ™‚
    So far it’s looking like high teens (celcius, that is.)

  111. Oh pooh. I was in London for the WWKIP (SnB London does a great Knit Crawl) and stopped by i knit London, saw the poster for your talk in September,asked to purchase a ticket and was told they were all sold out! Geeze, it was June for crying out loud. Grrrrrrr. I so wanted to be there. Enjoy London, it’s my favorite city in the world, right after Toronto.

  112. Some days knitting just falls into second place. It would be nice to knit whenever I want to, but there’s other things to do – always.
    Have a safe and wonderful trip to London, and it’s always a good idea to pack something warm to wear, just in case.

  113. So, I have to ask. (I hope it isn’t rude…) Do you get free yarn? Or can you write your yarn expenses off on your taxes because it is required for your job? I simply can not fathom how it is possible to keep yourself supplied with the fabulous yarn with which you are constantly taunting us, your loyal readers. And I wish you wouldn’t have all of those oh-so-easy links to the exact yarn and patterns you are using. Ms. Pearl-McPhee, you, my friend, are an enabler!!!!!
    (Really love your blog! And your knitting! And Canada!)

  114. For weather in London try the BBC website:
    I’m so looking forward to IKnit day!!
    You should be fine wearing Hey Teach, the temperature is around 17 celsius at the moment, its just the rain that might factor in, but as long as you have a good umbrella you’re sorted!
    (ps: there’s a group of us from ravelry meeting up on friday night for food, i’m sure you’d be welcome!!:~)

  115. London? Wow! Big journey. How exciting. I don’t suppose you are popping over here to Paris afterwards for a visit to the tricoteuses?? Go on, you know you want to.

  116. I had the choice between cleaning and knitting. It was cleaning that won, because next weekend I am going to London too ! Must decide on what to bring the yarnharlot- Belgian beer of course, but there is a lot of choice….

  117. Hello, tada i have my first blog and etsy store ever, time to let the world in, have a breeze, love your new sock colors, top is great too, enjoy your day.
    Anyone to read this you are all welcome to my blog and etsy store
    cya Monika

  118. Hi, just checked at the Halls are Fully Air Conditioned… I knew they would be was amazed anyone thought they wouldn’t be.
    My friend and I are staying by the London Eye the night before, plotting to drool in Liberties at all the STUFF. Are we meant to be bringing anything for Medecins Sans Frontieres or such?
    The guys from IKnit are lovely, I’ve met them a couple of times, their shop is amazing… a licensed Knitting Shop!
    Hope you’ll have time to say hi to us all and sign some books

  119. Reading all the comments made by people who are looking forward to seeing you at the IKnit in London makes me realise why I couldn’t get tickets a few weeks ago! πŸ™ I shouldn’t have left it so late. Ah well. Hope you have a blast! I’d wear layers – the Tube will be muggy as hell!

  120. You should know that the BBC, and every other forecaster’s predictions on UK weather this summer have been particularly rubbish. Your best prediction is that the schools start back this week, so the weather will almost certainly be glorious on school days and rain at the weekend. So autumn bridging garments & some kind of water-from-the-sky protection would be wise.

  121. SO sad that the tickets for your London talk have sold out! I will have to stalk you (in the nicest possible sense) at the book signing instead. I think they should be offering special tickets for expat Canadians living in London so we don’t miss out….Some would call that blatant favouritism but purely in the name of self-interest I would call it an advantage of playing on the home team!
    Re weather in London – dress as you would for a visit to Vancouver, i.e. wear layers and bring your umbrella.

  122. The Vancouver weather comparison is bang on. It’s meant to rain for the rest of the week, but has been quite mixed, so layers are definitely the answer and a big umbrella! Can’t wait for your talk on Saturday!

  123. Lovely, lovely sock colours. I’d almost reform my undying aversion to sock knitting if it meant I could play with colours like that. Oh, that’s right, I knit hats with it instead!
    By and large, I’m with you on the aversion to lipsticks but amateur theatre and my father taught me one good thing about the powers of lip cosmetics – it makes it easier for people with hearing disabilities to lip read from a bit of a distance. My dad was usually OK if he was in the first few rows of seats where he could get a good look at my face on stage. The brighter the lipstick (a sassy red was his favourite) the more easily he could see what I was saying. This may make it easier for folks who lipread see what you’re saying when you’re on tour. Mind you, this only works for the first 5-10 rows!

  124. Do u think u will be able to get the Queen to hold a sock for a photo opportunity ?
    The offer to visit NZ is still open..u really need to work on coming over here…:)

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