Honk if you love That Laurie

It’s That Laurie’s birthday. If you don’t know who That Laurie is, then you haven’t been reading very long. That Laurie is a blogless wonder of a knitter, esteemed and clever to her very core, and the source of some of the very, very coolest guest posts ever written on this blog. That Laurie is a real source of knitterly genius in the world… and her name came about as a result of it. Laurie who? Laurie with the incredible shawl/sweater/roving/ yarn/socks…..

Oh right. THAT Laurie. Every time I see her she’s wearing something incredible, or has something incredible to teach me or something incredible to show me. I invite you to take a minute today to peruse some of her genius (I have helpfully listed them for you so that you may revel freely in all that is That Laurie) and then dudes…..


Honk if you love That Laurie!

Feet Treat – in which we meet the wonder that is That Laurie’s hand dyed, colour progression yarn.

The Wool House Presents: In which That Laurie begins to talk about how to dye colour progression roving.

The Wool House Presents Two: Combing and Dizzing. (See that? Until I met That Laurie, I thought dizzing was obscure.)

The Wool House Presents Three: To dye or not to dye

The Wool House Presents: Finale

Indigo Adventure: Part one – where That Laurie learns about indigo dying and so do we.

Indigo Part two

Mood Indigo: the third part.

Indigo Addendum: In which That Laurie answers questions and ties up loose ends.

She’s Gone to Pieces: In which That Laurie starts thinking about stuff in bits.

Many Little Pieces

Piecework, part 3.

The Yokes on Me: In which That Laurie proves that it’s good for us when she’s obsessed.

The Rainbow Spiral: In which you wish you thought of that.

Yoking Around: or quiggling the spiral


That Laurie, I miss you!

(PS. There are six rows and the crochet cast off left on the shawl. I’m hysterical with joy.)

127 thoughts on “Honk if you love That Laurie

  1. Hahaha…as I read “Honk if you love That Laurie” under the photo, I heard Canadian Geese honking as they flew over my house! They must know her, too…

  2. That Laurie is gifted-what beauty her knitting has and I wish I had her talent. Her sense of color is especially wonderful. I bet she never says “So, does this color go with this color?” or “Hmm, that row doesn’t look right”.

  3. I believe that at the end of the rainbow there is something wonderful made by That Laurie.
    Happy Birthday, Laurie! Honk! Honk! (That’s me and the geese overhead).

  4. Ouch. I just realized that it is also my little sister’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Theresa. Your present is “in the mail.”

  5. At the time- the yoke entries really gave me hope that I could do this sweater that I have been planning for some time. I have almost worked my way there. She taught me a lot about knitting in just those three entries!
    Thanks That Laurie and Happy Birthday! (If I had a car I would honk- perhaps I should get a bullhorn or noise maker of some sort for just these instances)

  6. I love blog entries where I learn something, or ones that inspire me to try something new. I love That Laurie’s guest posts. Happy Birthday to one creative lady.

  7. Honk! Happy Birthday That Laurie! You share the day with one of my closest friends Sue, and are two days away from the birthdays of my Dad and my FIL. There were some busy parents on New Years Eve some years…

  8. Honk Honk!! The only thing that makes us readers happy when Stephanie isn’t posting is when That Laurie is guest-blogging. Have a great day and many more to come!
    P.S. Your knitting and dyeing is amazing and we love it! It inspires us to try all kinds of new things.

  9. Honk, honk! Happy Birthday THAT Laurie! Yesterday my DH turned 50! Apparently late September is a birthday destination shared by many great people with at least one thing in common: parents who liked “celebrating” around the Christmas holidays!

  10. Oh, THAT Laurie! Happy Happy HAPPY birthday! Anyone the Yarn Harlot calls “inspiring” is a wonder for sure; as a Simple, Toque-Knitting, Process-Knitter, Enthusiastic-But-Simple (see above) Knitter, I applaud you! I am, even as we speak, raising a cuppa in your general direction!

  11. A very happiest of birthdays to That Laurie! Every time I see a post about her, my heart beats a little faster knowing that great wisdom is about to be unleashed. Not that there isn’t normally, you understand, it’s just that I want to grow up to be That Laurie.

  12. Happy Birthday That Laurie! Good day to be born. It’s my birthday as well (best birthday present ever was finding out 3 days ago that I am expecting my first baby!)
    As for the shawl… You go, girl! I can’t wait to make that one. My fabulous friend Wendee (of Hazel Knits fame) might be helping me out with a custome dyed laceweight for the occasion. For now, however, I am heading into the final stretch on the Cap Shawl from VLT (still totally enamored with the fact that when it is all done it will comprise 75,441 stitches, all lovingly hand-crafted by me :->).

  13. So, what sound ought one to make if she not only loves That Laurie, but wants to grow up to be That Laurie?

  14. Honk, honk, birthday greetings from Texas, That Laurie! I’m in awe of your dyeing and knitting expertise, and enjoy your posts when you’re subbing for Harlot during one of her extended absences.
    Best wishes for a wonderful day.

  15. HONK HONK!!
    I was just thinking recently that we hadn’t gotten a visit with That Laurie in a long while. And here she is- we miss her too.
    Hope your day is lovely That Laurie.

  16. HONK!
    Don’t rush the shawl, man. You will miss working on it when it’s done…at least I did, anyways. Maybe I’m nuts. Can’t wait to see it in the yarn you used.

  17. happy birthday, that laurie —
    HONKing to you in brazilian portuguese ( a mental souvenir of my first trip to brazil):
    parabens a voce,
    nesta dia querida!
    muitos felicidades
    muitos años da vida!
    it translates roughly as “all the best to you today, dear. much happiness and many years of life.” MUCH better than the boring english-language original, no?

  18. Ditto of Eleanor…
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday too yoou
    Haappyy biiiirthdaaay deeear Laauriie
    Happy birthday to you!

  19. HONK-HONK!! That Laurie, You rock! (Really cool vest – love it!) Happiest of birthdays, and many more to come.

  20. Honk!!!!!!
    Today Today Today Today
    Today is somebody’s Birthday
    Today Today Today Today
    Today is somebody’s Birthday
    It’s not the pickle’s or the pear’s
    It’s not the elephant’s or the bear’s
    Today Today Today Today
    Today is That Laurie’s Birthday!!!

  21. I’ve made this shawl…Did you not it was a crochet picot cast off? That means for each and Every stitch, you do a little chain?
    Rent movie. Rent two. Go easy on the wine…you want to get into a zen state with that cast off…it’s not hard, but have you noticed how MANY stitches you have? That castoff is not to be taken lightly!
    Oh, and when you go to block it, I strongly recommend using string and wires. Otherwise you’ll be pining forever! (check out my ravelry projects (Neen) to see mine blocking).

  22. Honk, honk! (And since I have the flu, I’ll be honking into tissues all day long to prolong the celebration. ;o)
    Happy Birthday That Laurie!
    Today is also my youngest daughter’s birthday . . . quite the girl is she. I’m so glad she has good company sharing her birthday. :o)

  23. Lang zal ze leven
    Lang zal ze leven
    Lang zal ze leven in de gloria
    In de gloria, in de gloriaaaaaa!
    Hip hip hiep! Hooray!
    Happy birthday, That Laurie. May this be another year of fantastic creations and inspiration for all things fibre related. (and please share)

  24. Honk! and from my hubby, who loved the pictures… still doens’t understand the knitting process for Rainbow Spiral and Completely doesn’t get WHY anyone would put that much work into a sweater… he STILL thinks she’s great!!! Honk!!!

  25. Happy Birthday THAT Laurie!
    Any chance we could convince you and Stephanie to consider working on a book together??? It would be AMAZING!!! The two of you could tour together and really freak out the muggles! Please? Pretty, pretty please? With sugar and a cherry on top?

  26. Hey, it’s a party! Now if only we were all actually TOGETHER, we might be able to realign the planets (or even just our own earthbound financial system) with our joy!
    Happy birthday, TL. Your present really is in the mail (if it’s not there already).

  27. Happy birthday, Laurie! By far, my favorite Laurie series is the top-down yoke set. Nothing makes me so happy as when I’m zipping along on a top down sweater!

  28. Happy Happy Birthday, THAT Laurie! Thanks for sharing such useful, fun, and beautiful ideas and techniques with all of us. 🙂

  29. AaaaWOOOOOOgah!
    (That’s an antique horn, since we’re celebrating a birthday! Not that you’re antique, Laurie, just that I wanted to throw a little variety into the honking frenzy.)

  30. A million thanks for all the birthday greetings! And particularly thanks to Stephanie. Posting on a Sunday–I am deeply honored :).

  31. Honk honk!
    Happy birthday That Laurie! I hope you have/had a birthday just as awesome as you are. =)

  32. HONK! Happy birthday, Laurie! I’ve loved That Laurie’s posts. Laurie is one of those people whose brain is so innovative that the rest of us can only stand and stare, slack-jawed, in awe; one of those people that you want to be in the same room with, in the hopes that a tiny bit of that brilliance could possibly rub off.

  33. Ching-ching ching-ching! I don’t have a car, but I do have a bell on my bicycle! ^_^ Happy birthday That Laurie! ^_^

  34. Happy Birthday and many more good ones. Just today I read about a knit-along for the EPS Fair Isle Yoke Sweater a local yarn store is doing and thought I should reread your series on EZ and Meg’s yoked patterns. Here Stephanie’s gathered them all neatly for me.
    I hope you’re no where near the paths of hurricanes and could celebrate as you wished.

  35. I wanna be like you when I grow up! So much for me to learn and looking forward to it. HONK! Happy birthday!

  36. That Laurie’s guest features are some of my favorite parts of this blog! The Textile Museum of Washington DC particularly enjoyed the Indigio pieces, since we opened an exhibition on the same subject. Honk, honk, honk!

  37. To “That Laurie”:
    Merry Birthday to you,
    Merry Birthday to you,
    May all your fine wishes
    and good dreams come true.
    May everyday bring you
    it’s own special cheer,
    the gift of our friendship
    and fortune this year!
    (words by Mike Jittlov – Wizard of Speed & Time)
    Hugs, Alice in the Heartland

  38. Honk Honk!
    Happy Birthday and wishes of health and happiness!!
    Thanks for all of the great writing!

  39. honk! Because of That Laurie, I was not quite the idiot I would have been when I encountered a spinning group dying indigo this year! I was able to form some questions and see the magic first-hand! Thanks, Laurie!

  40. many happy returns of the day, Laurie!
    I am still in love with your “cathedral” sweater and someday I am going to figure out how to make one of my own.

  41. Happy Birthday, That Laurie!
    I hope your day was wonderful. Your knitting is stunning. I’m really hoping your daughter marries my brother so I can meet you. If you see him soon, you can tell him I think he should marry her. She’s a sweetie.

  42. WAAAAAA (air horn salute) for your birthday That Laurie. Your innovation and enthusiasm are inspiring.

  43. I’m way late because it took time to peruse That Lauire’s posts. As a non-knitter (shush!) I am amazed by the education I’m getting from this blog. WOW! Thanks so much.

  44. Sadly, I lost my own Laurie this past January. My only sister would have been 66 on September 23rd. She was a woman of great wit and talent who overcame congenital birth defects to become a quilter, needle woman, omniverous reader, and a writer. I miss her terribly.

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