A Brooklyn Sidewalk

Last night I arrived in NYC at about 4:45, and boogied over to Brooklyn, ( That took an hour. There are a lot of cars in Brooklyn) checked into my hotel, googled where the bookstore was and was thrilled to discover that I was only 5 blocks away from where I needed to be. Partly I was thrilled because it was close and I didn’t have a lot of time to get there, but mostly I was happy because it meant that I got to walk in Brooklyn, which is something I love. I love walking anywhere, but walking in cities is something that I love best of all. I went out and walked up 5th street, past all the walkups and row houses, all with the window boxes and granite… the sidewalks are old and cracked, and I love every inch of them. I walked past a school, with kids playing in a playground outside, I walked past restaurants and little coffee places. I admired fire escapes, which I think are hopelessly romantic. I walked past the hundreds of different kinds of things and people in Brooklyn, and by the time I got to the bookstore I was in a great mood, and this is what I found.





If you look closely at the second one, you’ll see my buddy Danny from Toronto, who surprised me by turning up here, which is double weird, because I just saw him at SOAR in a whole other place. That boy gets around. The group was my favourite sort, small, eclectic and funny. Here’s a couple of highlights.


Here’s Kerry, with a great big wall hanging/ pillow project. I’m only showing you a small part of it, but it was huge and gorgeous. When she’s done, she’ll have FIVE OF HER CHRISTMAS PRESENTS DONE. (I told her we don’t need her kind hanging around these parts. Overachiever. It’s October for crying out loud. What’s she trying to do? Take all the sport out of it with her planning ahead thing?)


This is Amanda, showing off her first sleeves. (snork.)


Meet Joelle, charming as all get out, and beaming away with her 2nd pair of socks. (Yeah, I know. Not first socks. She was that charming.)


Jennifer wants to say hi to her mom Anita.


Eileen made a washcloth….

Carissa made a……


Guy monster thingie. Very cute.

This here though… this is Rebecca and she is holding an Eye of Jupiter sock.


She is holding just one because she refuses to knit the other until the second half of the fourth season of Battlestar Galactica is released from whatever holding tank the sci-fi channel has it in. While I support the cause (Geeks unite! Deliver my BSG to me! I will wait no longer for tales of Starbuck and the delay in knowing the final cylon model is frankly…. inhumane. Just saying.) I have to wonder at how effective her plan might be. I’m not sure how much the sci-fi channel cares that Rebecca will not knit the second sock until they comply… but it’s good that she’s taking a stand. I salute her.. and may poke around in my stash for my Eye of Jupiter yarn too. Maybe they won’t be able to ignore the clear cry for help that is two unfinished socks that still aren’t a pair.

Stand taken, books signed, knitters adored, I slipped of back into the night, had dinner with a friend, and tripped back down the Brooklyn sidewalk, on a beautiful early autumn night, fallen leaves between me and the sidewalk, with the big full moon shining down on me. It was awesome.

Today I’m in Boston – and I’ll see some of you here, tonight. (Tomorrow is Jacksonville, Florida, and Saturday SUNDAY (I think I’m a little tired) is 10:45 at Rhinebeck (just a signing, with all of the other authors there – not a talk.) See you there?

PS. Today is the last day of voting for the Bloggers Choice awards, and it’s possible that I’m currently being beaten by a guy who writes a blog about radio controlled things, and while I’m sure it’s a really good blog and I really wouldn’t mind being beaten by another knitter…. well. Never mind. All I’m trying to say is that it’s the last day, and if you think I deserve it, I’d love your vote. (I’m sure the radio guy would love it too…. you know. If you roll that way.)

83 thoughts on “A Brooklyn Sidewalk

  1. Did you see the tree growing in Brooklyn? (Best book ever.) Sounds like you had a great time, and I depart now to cast one million votes for you on Bloggers Choice.

  2. Rhinebeck.10:45 a.m.Signing books.Got it.So excited to be seeing you in person.See you there!

  3. I met you in Kansas City (I’m the one that brought you the Askinosie chocolate), and I’ll be at Rhinebeck (my first trip there)! Hope to see you again!

  4. the sci-fi channel may not be too concerned with me…yet. let them delay the rest of the season some more and they’ll know my wrath! and yes, it involves knitting needles strategically placed to hurt their derrières. 🙂 but for now, the pair of socks remains half finished, just like the stupid storyline.

  5. That sounds like a fun day. The Blog really loves your events. Seeing & hearing you is great, but just being in the company of other knitters is so fun too. Kerry – five Christmas presents done! Good for you! I keep giving them out as presents early for birthdays. My done pile is dwindling, just keep knitting, knitting!

  6. Don’t got it.Sheep and wool website says author signings are on Sunday.I’m going Sunday.Hope you meant to write Sunday.:| At least I’ll be surrounded by wool.

  7. Alas, Mike and I have had to cancel our Rhinebeck trip this year. My brother in Manhattan emailed me yesterday and has requested our presence this weekend, and I’m so sorry but family trumps even the YH! Hopefully you’ll be back in our neighbourhood soon. We will travel anywhere from NYC to Baltimore, but of course you know that Philly is best!

  8. While you are in Boston, could you possibly, somehow please wave the sock in the general direction of Fenway Park? Or if you could spare a moment to go there and show the sock Fenway Park in person? Maybe that would help the Red Sox (baseball team) get the mojo from 2004 and 2007 back. Right now they are channeling the ghosts of Red Sox from the previous century. After all, the team is named for it’s socks, and I’m sure the travelling sock will have an affinity for the Red Sox. Especially since it does appear to be red.

  9. Sounds like a lot of fun! Can you explain the washcloths please? It seems that they are being knit for some reason, but I can’t figure it out.

  10. Those Eye of Jupiter socks are utterly awesome. And speaking of BSG and inhumanity: A friend of mine, who is the closest thing I have to a sister-in-law since my husband is actually an only child, knows who the final Cylon is and WON’T TELL ME. I don’t mean she heard it from some Internet spoiler site; I mean she has actually seen a couple of the new episodes and has inside info from someone on the crew. It’s killing me, I tell you.
    So glad you love Brooklyn! I was born and raised there and sometimes fantasize about moving back. Then I remember about the cold winters and sticky summers and think better of it. 😉

  11. I love the leaves on the pavements too. I realised this week, (I am slow) that we get the whole street redecorated from grey to gold for a few days. Gold is a much jollier colour. Can’t wait to see how the skirt progresses.

  12. Violet beat me to it but I just finished (like, two hours ago) “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” and when I saw that you were just there… I need to go to Brooklyn! It sounds like it’s kept a lot of the charm the book made me long to visit.

  13. Could we get the Yarn Harlot to spend a few moments of her flying time thinking about a 2008 total for Knitters Without Borders? The holiday season approaches and although I know knitters are always generous people I’ll bet alot of them are like myself and would like some goals to aim for…how much? and by when? PS When can we see skirt pictures?

  14. I was working at a Komen for the Cure fundraiser last weekend and Michael Trucco aka Anders aka Mr. Starbuck was one of the celebs attending. He doesn’t even know when they will be showing the second half of season 4! However, he did tell me that he’s been filming another BSG movie called “The Plan”, as in the Cylon’s plan. It is sort of a prequel to season 2…and he doesn’t know when that one will be airing, either. Oh, and he’s the nicest guy you’d ever want to meet!

  15. Take peanutbutter with you on the road–it’s how we keep our vegetarian daughter alive on family vacations for a number of years!

  16. Hi Rebecca! ::waves::
    I hope your travels are going well and that you haven’t done (too many) faceplants or anything like that. I second the peanut butter suggestion from above. With maybe a bag of hershey kisses to dip into it, heh.

  17. My sister moved to Manhattan recently and I think somewhat to her surprise absolutely loves it; thank you for the description of walking Brooklyn. For sharing the simple delight of seeing and loving where you are in the moment.

  18. You are one lucky woman (well deserved) to face that sea of smiling,adoring faces…on a business trip.

  19. Just reading your blog makes me tired. Make sure you take care of yourself. Flu season is upon us in Canada, and run down Yarn Harlot’s are great hosts for the flu beasties.

  20. I can’t believe I’m actually going to miss you in Boston, but I’ll find you at Rhinebeck, for sure! I have exercised outstanding willpower in waiting until then to get your book so I can get it signed. It has taken a lot out of me, this waiting business. (I am sure it will be worth it, though.)

  21. Tried to vote…went to the link…filled out a million questions (even my DOB), hit submit and got knocked out, cannot display etc etc. Maybe they don’t want the American vote??? I’ll try again tomorrow, but am very discouraged. Sounds as though your tour is going well; glad you don’t sound too stressed….vaya con dios…

  22. Well now, aren’t I in line for the “Dork of the Year” award? What in the name of all that is knitting made me think you were going to Chicago? Here I was all “Hope Chicago treats you well” and all that. Sheesh. This is why I don’t get out much; when I do I embarrass someone, either me or whoever brought me out in the first place. And it’s so hard to knit with that stupid white jacket on. Why do those ties have to go back so dang far, anyway?

  23. You have got to be kidding me. Radio controlled thingies? No comparison. This I know, because I whipped out my knitting during my sixth grader’s radio controlled robot building meeting for Science Olympiad, and all those sixth grade boys agreed there is no comparison. Although I wonder a little at their enthusiasm for the knitting, now that I think about it…

  24. Yay I got on the blog!!
    Sorry if I, er, startled you in the coffee shop yesterday. I sort of tend to forget how to talk around people I don’t know. So I just wave like a rabid squirrel instead…oops. But you were awesome last night.
    PS- I think your hair has style and I LIKE it!

  25. Autumn walks in a city are the best. So are Spring, Summer, and even Winter ones. One of the reasons I moved downtown.
    Do you actually get a day in there to just enjoy Rhinebeck? If so, do enjoy and here’s hoping the weather is as beautifully clear and crisp as a Fall Fiber Festival should be.

  26. I voted and when I did you were in the lead. HOORAY!! Speaking of voting, sorry about your PM. I hope it’s not a harbinger of what could happen here. But it looks like Parliament is okay, right?

  27. I too couldn’t get through to vote for your blog either. Maybe ruth was right and they don’t want american votes. Maybe your fellow canadiens will come through for you. Or maybe so many people are voting for you that the site can’t handle the traffic! Oh well, yours and crazy aunt purl’s are the only blogs I read regularly. All of us know that you rock and we don’t need no stinking award to tell us that!!!

    As of this comment, you are now at the top for votes.
    And some may say you have no shame about calling out the fact that there is something to vote for you on. However I respect it completely – In sales, the mantra is you have to ASK for the sale to get the sale.
    Republicans for Voldemort, Harlot for President!
    (Not that you would want it of course and who would blame you? All that public speaking, wearing of bras and needing of clean pants…….)

  29. I have been following your blog for sometime, so I was super excited when I found out you were going to be in Boston on the 15th. As the Knitting Gods would have it, I also happen to have a midterm scheduled for the same time. I tried to claim that my religion (knitting) was having a holiday today and that I should take my exam another time, but my professor wouldn’t have it. So, I wanted to know my heart is with you at Porter Square Books right now, and hopefully, my mind will not wander over there, as well.
    A sad college student,

  30. I voted for you, I am just a lurker, but I created and account just to vote for you. I of course had to type those stupid wordy things 400,000 times so I could prove I was not a computer. (Okay 4, but numbers have never been my strong suit) Hope you win!

  31. Rams – Brooklyn has five times as many people as KC in one fifth the space. Hence, no room for big book stores. Plenty of awesome knitters though. Off to find my knitting for the final (praise the powers that be) debate. I think a hat for this one. Were I more ambitious I would be standing out on Hempstead Turnpike with an unfinished sock in one hand and a camera in the other.
    Stephanie – On Sunday I will be the one wearing the T-shirt that says “YES NAG is gansey spelled backwards”

  32. I’m very impressed that you made the effort to vote despite how busy you are. yay democracy! Here’s to hoping your vote made a difference! I know mine did (AB is no longer a big blue blob on the interactive CBC map)!!!

  33. If not for my Number Guy’s looming deadline at work and my own requirement to teach class at 8 o’clock this morning, I could have been a part of that small, cozy gathering. Sounds like it was a winner.
    ::le sigh::

  34. Have home-made pie for breakfast, fried artichokes for mid-day snack, chicken pot pie for lunch (go early), and don’t forget to have maple sugar cotton candy for dessert. Say hello to all the fluffy sheep. I’ll be there Saturday.

  35. well, due to holidays i missed saying hi while you were in brooklyn but plan to drive up to rhinebeck on sunday. good luck with your schedule. i don’t know what day it is either. i’ve had too many double monday’s this month.

  36. Glad you enjoyed your time in Brooklyn. Depending upon which airport you flew into, you might have flown over my apartment building (it’s under one of LaGuardia’s landing patterns).

  37. Stephanie:
    The Jennifer in your current blog about Brooklyn is my daughter!!! Guess what I am getting for my 60th birthday—- your book. For mother’s day she gave me your last book.(at the New York Book release in Columbus Circle) Thanks for bringing sunshine to my day (and Jennifer’s) ever day you write.

  38. I’m with you on the BSG (I can’t believe what they’re pulling) and the love of walking in cities. If I wasn’t so addicted to knitting while I watch other sci-fi channel shows-like S.G. Atlantis- i would protest via boycott. But with so little on tv that I can actually stomach, I’ll be sticking with Sci-fi despite their BSG jerkiness.

  39. Don’t you find you trip over a lot on those wonky cracked sidewalks (get a load of me, I’ve gone native! 24 hours ago I’d have called them pavements) when peering up at all the fabulous buildings and those fire escapes? I’ve spent the day tottering around New Jersey city and have stubbed all my toes because I wasn’t looking where I was going. NY/NJ has such lovely architecture. Still miffed that I missed your talk though!

  40. Dude…I totally tried to vote for you a bazillion times, but no dice.
    The Eye of Jupiter sock is very nice, but I’m really digging Rebecca’s cardi — did she knit that, too?

  41. You are in the top three of BEST HOBBY BLOG, but you are fifth in the running for BEST BLOG EVER. Now if I was going to pick one for you to win it would be best blog ever since of course that’s what you have…
    Vote early, Vote often, Vote in both categories!

  42. I just voted for you in 3 categories: Best Hobby, Best Design and Best Blog of All Time. I too had a bit of trouble with creating the account…two tries and I got in…I CAN be taught! And I really, really love that you ask for our vote and go on to say that the other guy might also appreciate our vote “if you roll that way”. It should be a lesson to our politicians in America (sorry, tired from the thankfully LAST debate!).

  43. I love walking in cities, too. And Brooklyn has some great places for walking. Nice you had that little mini-rest while on the way.
    Tried to vote for you. After giving them all sorts of personal information that I think is not really their business (cuz I love you and your writing), it turns out I missed midnight and probably won’t be able to vote anyway. Sigh.
    Wish you could see Lansing right now. Gorgeous, 70’s appliance colors… including poppy red (remember that one? oh yeah, you’re younger than me, maybe not)…

  44. I love the eye of Jupiter sock. (I agree with you about the whole Battestar not factoring in her 2nd sock – galactic politics i’m sure).
    How did she make that heel? I searched around a bit and didn’t find it. I saw the yarn it’s knit from. What type of technique is it?

  45. I love Rebecca’s sock — the heel is perfect! Guess I better get working on my sock again. My daughter and I discovered that when waiting at the doctors or a restaurant, or pretty much anywhere, if I am waiting patiently and no one arrives, and then take out the knitting when we have had enough of just sitting, invariably we are called before a row is done. Think that will work for BSG???

  46. oh, that amigurumi is from a book called “Creepy Cute Crochet.” Very, very awesome!

  47. ohhh!! I know Danny too!! Met him at a Kaffee Fasset knitting course with Brandon Mably last year here in the UK.. he was doing a European Tour… and boy he does lovely hats!!! (he gave brandon one!)
    So met Danny last year.. and you (you signed a book for me at i-knit! – thank you!)this year small world!!!

  48. Looking at all your event photos…have you ever noticed how soft and “sweatery” all the knitters look? Not a sharp edge in the crowd. So inviting.

  49. Wait. I may be braindead — did you say there’s a yarn named after Battlestar? Eye of Jupiter? How the hay did I miss that before?
    Enjoy Boston, one of my fave cities — this is a beautiful time to be visiting the area!

  50. Dang, I missed the awards *and* your talk last night. Pretend I was there like all the other times, and I will see you at Rhinebeck. Cannot. wait. Will your book(s) be for sale at Rhinebeck? Should I plan to purchase one (or more) there so as to support my friendly local (all right, semilocal) business or bring them with me? Probably both, just to be safe.

  51. I clicked on the Blogger’s Choice awards page you linked (a day late, normal for me). It looks like you are in a run-off of the top three in that category. You, the radio-controlled things blogger, and (!!) a monk from Burma who works for freedom of belief and expression and whose motto is “Working for equality is human values.”
    Hmm. Radio controls is one thing, but that last guy is going to be tough to beat.

  52. Your blog is currently in the top three for best hobby blog (link in your post) and also for best blog of all time (http://bloggerschoiceawards.com/categories/1). Congrats!! (maybe the muggles will begin to believe if you win best blog of all time!)
    The voting page did take a bit to load, but it eventually came up. Good luck!

  53. Inspite of the fact that I am a fairly recent, happy “city” escapee, your blog today did make me want to pop over to Brooklyn and have a walk that would reveal the various sights you described.
    I loved the photos of the smiling knitters — what treasures. As an author you are so very fortunate to have chosen this particular field to write about, because everywhere you go you are greeted by some of the most delightful, creative, and generous people Earth has to offer.
    Jupiter should be so lucky…

  54. The problem with having 2 socks that aren’t a pair is that they’re a pair. I so want to go to Boston, wish I could join you there.

  55. I tried to vote, honest I did, but after 7 “error” messages (doesn’t like my user name, wants my DOB …) and I apparently can’t read those goofy letters that we’re supposed to type in, I gave up, for now. I will get coffee, and do battle with the web site again… but only for you dear Harlot, only for you!

  56. I really enjoyed your talk last night in Cambridge! It was great to hear you speak again. Hopefully, you’ll get a little bit of rest along the way in your tour.

  57. Rumor has it BSG returns on January 16. Knowing that doesn’t make the wait any shorter, though. Maybe I’ll spend my time knitting some toaster cosies.

  58. WOW! Ms. Stephanie…two of my FAVE cities on this tour! Boston…GO REDSOX! and JAX, Florida!!!
    Kudos to you… Hoorah to the knit folk on your tour!!! Stay well…knit on!

  59. Well crap, Stephanie. Like Kristi above me, I’ll be on a bus to and from Rhinebeck on SATURDAY. I was going to bring your book to read in the wee hours (Rochester… it’s a bit of a haul) and to have you sign it, but … maybe I should lighten my load for the of that and make a little extra room for wool. Oh well.

  60. If I do make it to Rhinebeck (*hope hope hope*), I’ll wear the socks that Glen Hansard touched. 😉
    But not the “I’m blogging this” shirt, ’cause that would be redundant.
    Have fun on your continuing whirlwind tour!

  61. I would love to follow along on one of your tours, just to be in the background and meet all the awesome knitters. If you ever need a tour assistant, I’d be happy to work for food and sock yarn. 🙂

  62. It was fun surprising you there. I figured you knew I was going to SOAR and Rhinebeck, so thought this would be a good ambush.
    I had a weird moment with a non knitter on Wednesday that combined a couple things from this book.
    I was knitting on my socks in Bryant Park, and an older woman and her friend stopped to talk to me. She asked if I was making socks, I said yes, and she said oh isn’t that clever, good for you. She then asked was I expecting a baby. I only smiled and said I said no, and that I didn’t think I could handle another one. Thinking about it later I should have plumped up my belly a little more and rubbed it, saying oh yes, and my husband is so proud! But that might not have gone over very well.
    New York parks are great for knitting in. Almost no one bothers you, and its so pretty right now.

  63. Can I purchase your books at book stores? I never buy anything over the internet. Thanks for your time.

  64. When the dude can do radio-controlled knitting … then I will be impressed.
    But not enough to vote for him instead of you.

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