Drive by random

1. I wasn’t going to blog today because Denny asked me for some yarn and I said “no problem” but it turns out that to find it, I totally have to “go deep” into one of the stash closets and I sort of made a big mess that I was going to clean up instead of blogging.

2. Screw that.

3. I’m knitting a vest out of the really, really beautiful Alice Field cormo (Foxhill) that I got at Rhinebeck and am helpless in the face of.


It’s the Diamond Rain Vest from Purlescence Yarns. I can’t seem to find a link to it right now, but I bought mine off Ravelry.

4. The front is done.

5. I turned on the furnace. I know it’s early, but it snowed for the second time last night and dudes, it was just too cold. (Also, since the game ends when the temperature drops below zero or it snows, and both of those things happened last week and I didn’t cave in until it happened again this week? I won anyway.)

6. It was too cold to spin, on account of my feet kept getting numb.

7. Since I turned on the heat, I have a whole other bobbin of the polwarth spun.


8. This appears to have made no perceptible difference in the amount of the polwarth in the bag.


9. The colours are more accurate in the top picture.

10. Anybody want to clean up a big yarn mess?

165 thoughts on “Drive by random

  1. Can I really be this close to the top and yet have nothing to say….
    Although, yesterday I almost posted a second time to recommend slivered almonds in the oatmeal.

  2. I feel SOOOO much better! I turned on the furnace last Friday just before company with a baby came to visit. I felt SOOOO guilty, I only set it at 62*F! We had frost last night….not the same as snow, but still……

  3. I will clean up your yarn mess if you come clean up mine from updating my Ravelry stash! <3 Good luck and stay warm. I havent turned mine off but it is still 40ish F here.

  4. I wouldn’t be able to refrain from wallowing in the mess a little and that might lead to severe felting, I’m afraid. Then I’d just want to look, touch, fondle, try… and you’d and up having even larger mess with not a little pole in the middle of it πŸ™‚

  5. I would love to come help you clean up the mess – I’ll even help reduce it if you like.

  6. HEAT?! Already? How about your brother?
    Before I am allowed to turn up the thermostat, my ex-pat Canadian husband now asks me if you, Stephanie, have turned on your heat yet?
    And we live in California.
    Your influence looms large amongst all Canadians it seems.
    PS> Belated congrats on your NYT Bestseller. Years ago I wrote to tell you I thought you had the potential of the next Erma Bombeck. I’m glad the literary types got hold and have allowed you to make good. Very, very good!

  7. See, if you would have pulled the stash out earlier you could have just cuddled up in *that* and kept warm. You still wouldn’t have turned the heat on.
    Apparently turning on the heat is Denny’s fault. If she’d have asked you for the yarn earlier, you’d still have the furnace off.
    (Should you need to justify anything else, please drop me a line. I’m good at it.)

  8. I turned my heat on about a couple of weeks ago because we had a string of really cold days here. Then it warmed back up and I felt kind of foolish for not sticking it out until the 1st of November. Then it got cold again and I don’t feel foolish any more.
    You have a butt-load of polwarth, there.
    I’ll come help with your yarn mess, but then you have to take me for coffee afterward. πŸ˜‰

  9. I’d love to come play with, I mean clean up, your yarn. I’d even help organize. But you have to know that sometimes organizing requires a reduction in total volume of stuff. I have room to store it for you here. :p

  10. The Polworth is lovely… I have my own closet to clean otherwise I would love to help.. I had to move everything around in the spare room to get to something, and decided that since everything was moved around, now was a good time to clean the mess and put all my fleece in one spot.. what a concept!! BTW, space bags are my new pet peeve. Great idea, when they work. Honestly why can’t they make the stupid things so the DON’T leak???? I mean what is the point, if you wake up the next morning to a closet full of exploded space bags? sheesh…..

  11. Just how many stash closets do you have? LOL Older houses like yours don’t usually have many closets, do they? Inquiring knitters/spinners want to know.

  12. If by clean up your stash you mean relocate it to my house. Then yes i’d love to help. Dawn.

  13. Whoa! Didn’t the game last well into November last year? I was looking forward to that again this year. Still, good to hear that the snow is coming on time. Sort of.
    I’m holding out until our snow isn’t a mix of snow one minute and rain the next. Or until never. My room gets really warm…
    Also, nice colors on the vest! Have no clue what it’ll look like done. Kind of like a mystery until you finish it…

  14. I’ll come clean up the stash yarn if there’s yarn payment….
    Every time you pull something out of your stash, I fall in love with it, so I think it’s a great deal. Har!

  15. If it helps ease any lingering doubts that you did the right thing in turning on the heat, the nice pleasant “warm” you experienced in Jacksonville not that long ago has given way to overnight temperatures in the 30s (F) and long pants and jackets during the day. That usually doesn’t happen until January or February.

  16. Unbelievable I know, but it snowed in outer Sydney (australia) only last week. I thought it was global warming, not freezing (yes we are going into summer now). I’m confused.

  17. I’ll clean it up! Because then I will get to play with it:) I promise you won’t even have to check my bag on the way out!

  18. I’ll be more than happy to clean up your yarn mess if you’ll take my 3 yo for a day. I bet we’ll both have some fun. As for turning on the heat. We have also so to speak we burn wood and have been for the last couple of nights because it’s gotten down in the low 30’s and my that makes my bones cold. Love the polworth… any plans on what it will be made into???

  19. I’ll Help! Just let me put on all my garments that have REALLY big pockets, and I’ll be right over.
    (Says the girl whose stash “corner” needs to be beaten back from spreading into the entire living room!)

  20. I was going to give you grief about not making it to November, until I realized that:
    a) it’s 13 degrees outside here (that’s 55, for our friends to the south) and not snowing;
    b) I have almost no control over my heat (I have a space heater for emergencies, but otherwise it’s up to the owners of the house upstairs); and
    c) upstairs has already turned the heat on.
    We’re clearly wimps out here on the West Coast. So I’m going to cede the moral high ground. πŸ™‚
    Wrap yourself up in the polwarth!

  21. Hey, I was passing through Logan Airport (Boston) yesterday, and I saw that they have bronzed the coffee cup you left in the ladies’. The sign above it says “Left by NY Times Best Selling author the Yarn Harlot, she’ll be back!”

  22. Mine’s been on for a bit now. I don’t care to freeze and I stopped at the shoe store and even bought new winter boots before the first real snow fall hits. Just need to get the winter tires on then I’m ready to hunker down until April. Sheesh I hate winter.

  23. When you say zero, you mean zero C, right? I’m in my own version of furnace wars – it was mid 30s Farenheit here last night and getting colder and I have this friend who has bet me a lobster dinner that I’ll cave before he will.

  24. If I help clean up can I take a little home for myself? πŸ™‚ We turned on our heat a couple weeks ago. I am a delicate flower and was freezing during the day. One of the un-foretold downfalls of working from home. We are getting our chimney swept in less than 2 weeks. Then we can start building fires! I really do hope the snow holds off until after then.

  25. The vest looks lovely – the colors and the pattern :^)
    and it’s cold where I am to – heat just got turned on and I am a good 500 miles SOUTH of you (granted, we didn’t get snow, but it is cold)
    Can you take a picture of the ‘big yarn mess’? I want to compare (I am sure I am messier)

  26. I sooooooooooo wish we had some cool. Maybe we could trade off: you take some of my 93degree San Diego heat, and I’ll take some of your Canada Cool. Whattaya say?? Trade??

  27. Sudden memories of raking leaves and then jumping in the big piles as a kid. Now I want to go jump in the big pile of wool.

  28. it was cold here in florida
    when its 38 40- out comes the fleece
    i made little narrow scarfs ahd very
    long so i could wrap round and
    my neck and have it look like a
    turtle neck or cowl all one
    needs till it warm up a bit
    take it off put it in pocket
    till its cold again not more then2 inches

  29. We broke down last week and turned our heat on. I was hoping to make it until November but it was too cold and a visit from my father-in-law prompted us to flip the switch.

  30. Purlescence – my favorite LYS!
    Buy me a couple of beers and I’ll clean up your yarn mess for you – though I’m such a lightweight that it would be best if I cleaned it up PRIOR to the beer. Organizing things makes me happy (and indicates I’m somewhat pathetic, I know).
    Love the colors in the Polwarth. Holy cow is that a lot of fiber…

  31. Haha thanks for answering my question. It snowed here in London last night! First time we’ve had snow in October for 70 years. But I turned my heat on the night before the snow… although it was below zero.

  32. I’d love to help you clean up your yarn – I love to organize yarn. I’d be even more inclined if you gave me yarn for organizing your yarn πŸ˜€ .

  33. i’ve had my heat on all week and even now i’m huddled over a space heater. still, i’ll be glad to come up there to help you clean up a big yarn mess; provided you have socks ready for me when i get there.

  34. I’d love to come and clean up your yarn “mess”, if I lived close enough to do it. I think it would be fascinating to see what another knitter has stashed.
    And right now, I am so very, very glad I live in Portland, where it hardly ever snows. (I’m not rubbing it in, this is my first winter here after living in the Great White North!)

  35. I’ll clean up if it means that I can keep anything I find (kind of like finding change in the bottom of the washing machine – I always get to keep THAT)!

  36. I would LOVE to come and play in your yarn mess, I mean clean up your yarn mess. I would start out telling you that I was there to help and that we were going to organize it in some manner to make it easier to see, find, etc. But then I would get distracted. And I would pet some of it, and squeeze some of it, and lose my serious organizer/helper objectivity and start ooh-ing and aah-ing over it. You and I would sit among it and you’d tell me stories of where you found it, what your dreams were for it. And that would remind you of other yarn that was hidden, I mean put away, in other places. You would run around and get more yarn from the other hiding places, I mean homes.
    Soon, there would be twice as much yarn mess (or more). Aaaah…a girl can dream!

  37. I am surprised that your feet were numb with all the wool socks you have. Try 2 pair at a time. Only kidding, since my heat has been on for several weeks and it has neither snowed or gone below zero. Of course, if you are talking centigrade, then it has and I feel better. πŸ˜‰

  38. My dog says that she would be delighted to come help with the yarn…she sent you a picture of just how she could assist, in fact. A little slobber never hurt anyone!
    You have HEAT?? AND yarn? AND a spinning wheel? AND roving?? Hope you like houseguests for the winter!

  39. I don’t feel guilty at all about the wood stove being on last week a couple of time. Nope, nope, nope! I’ve recognized that the husband is 73 and I’m 60 and we’re entitled to be warm (at least as long as he’s able to tote the wood).
    Gorgeous vest – I must consider using that pattern with some yarn I have in stash…

  40. Oh actually I just did that last night. I organized my stash. Mind you it is a very very very small stash as it fits only in one wicker laundry basket. But my dog kept thinking that this basket of yarn was actually a basket of chew toys for her, so I was forced in self defense of the yarn, to zippy bag them instead of keeping my artful display. I think I might get a little intimidated at the challenge of your yarn stash and the imposibility of attempting to organize it. Sorry, but I beleive you are on your own.

  41. What does all that yarn mess do for your start-itis?
    Really talk about aggravating it… πŸ™‚

  42. Who do these commenters think they are? Haven’t you met this sort before? You are a woman of experience, how much do you want this stash cleaned up?
    (I had better go and attend to the bedroom stash that I have to step over to get to bed – it is driving me mad (and that is saying something), imagine what the other people in the house think, ony they aren’t saying – what forbearance). This does not include the computer stash which has quite a few WIPs in it.

  43. Yep, I’ll give you a hand with the “yarn mess”…..for a small(yarn) fee, heh-heh-heh….
    Just wait’ll you hit your 50s. You’ll be warm clear into December ;o )

  44. I made the Diamond Rain vest in Malabrigo about a year go – soo yummy! Unfortunately here in California it’s only cold enough for me to where it about 2 days a year. πŸ™

  45. I LOVE the colors of your polwarth! I am DROOLING! Since I consider you to be are all knowing of all things knitterly and spinnerly, How does one figure out how many kg of roving to buy for spinning the yarn for a sweater? I am newish to spinning and figuring out weight of bags of fluff to length of knitting yarn is SO FAR BEYOND me! I cannot wait to see the sweater you make out of this BEAUTIFUL wool!!

  46. No heat here in Tulsa yet but then our low last night was 31F and high was 59F. And I think it’s only fair to mention that we have 4 big indoor dogs and 6 hairless cats. All of the cats, and at least 2 of the dogs, usually wind up in bed with us. Trust me, we stay warm. Not only have we not turned on the heat, but we sleep with the ceiling fan above our bed turned on.
    I don’t have nearly enough stash. Perhaps I should make a trip up to help you clean up yours so I can see what a good stash should look like!

  47. Our heat has been on for awhile, but after all, Minneapolis is north of Toronto. I haven’t given in to wearing a winter coat yet – that is definitely against the rules before November.

  48. I’d be happy to help clean up if I get to fondle the yarn before I put it away! I’m in central California…by your rules most years I would never turn on the heater. We actually drive up to the mountains to play in the snow. And wear our knitted items.

  49. My landlords caved ages ago (or it seems like it, anyway). It took me a while to figure out why my dust allergies were acting up.
    Looking at your polwarth and the yarn you are using for the vest has convinced me that almost everything in my stash is crummy and I need to replace it all with “the good stuff.” Sigh.

  50. I’ll come clean up the yarn mess in exchange for a 10% clean up fee. Sort of like a finder’s fee but of a fibery sort of bent.

  51. WOOS! Wus?? (sp?)
    I win the furnace war! Still no heat in my house and it has been in the 20’s (F) with a couple of snow flurries. When I do break down and turn it on, I only set it at 50 degrees ~ for the whole winter. That’s cold, but I live alone and dress warm. I have to pay the heating bill so 50 it is….

  52. Don’t you know there are many of us who would be so happy to “help” you clean up your pile of yarn. Then, months down the road, when you ask, “Has anyone seen my (insert yarn here)?”, we’ll all remain silent. And not post that project on Ravelry.

  53. I’d love to help clean out your yarn stash! Oops, did you say clean up? My mistake… πŸ˜‰

  54. You have your heater wars. I am here in So Calif and have failed my own air conditioning policy. I never turn the AC on this late in the year but it has been in the mid 90’s and we are going to have a challenging Christmas because of all the money I spent on this big anti- sweat machine So I decided I did not want to sweat I wanted to knit in comfort. I do not say this to gloat at all. I say this as a gal who has recently become obsessed with knitting and wonders what I will do with it all living here in this climate.
    Belated congrats on the NYC best seller! WOOT WOOT!
    Cindy- Calimesa California

  55. My heat’s been on for a couple days, but I finally got around to weatherstripping the draft that’s been leaking in through my air conditioner tonight.

  56. Yes I am more than happy to clean up for you, will even let you keep it all….. just one “small” problem you need to fork up the airfare.
    Heh for that I will even clean your house, car and organise the family .. whatever.. πŸ™‚
    Seriously hope to be over near you next year. Perhaps at SOAR? Planning a trip to Washington DC to see a son I haven’t hugged in 4 years.

  57. How cleaned up is cleaned up? Sort and stack, sure. Alphabetize by brand, with subcategories by fiber content, color and weight? Fergit it! πŸ˜‰

  58. Um, sorry about the zero degrees. Could you send a few of them this way? I’m having the opposite problem. I usually have my air conditioning off for good by October 12. This year, no such luck. Ninety-four degrees over the weekend.

  59. Good luck re-stashing your stash. I just got mine put away. My husband had gone on an un-stashing yarn hunt—he just didn’t understand why yarn needed to be seeded here and there throughout the house. (Duh, so I can always be within three feet of yarn should I feel the urge to pet it. . .) Mine is all in labeled bins and has its own closet now. The process was part fun (“Oh I didn’t remember I had that,”) and part scary, in a “Geez, why do I have so much yarn, does anybody NEED this much yarn, I think I might have a yarn problem” sort of way.

  60. I have some of the polwarth too, in a lovely bright colorway “Parrots”. Btw, it never gets smaller. Just like an everlasting gobstopper. πŸ˜‰

  61. I love Purlescence it is one of my favorite shops. They always are helpful and fun.
    I’m going through my stash lately so I feel your “mess”.

  62. well, if ‘cleaning up’ your yarn involves stuffing it into bags and taking it with me… yep, i’m your gal! πŸ˜‰

  63. I live in WI, which is probably warmer than where you are, right? And we’ve had our heat on for weeks. I always tell myself it’s for the kids, can’t make them suffer, right? But really it’s for me. We only turn it on to 65 or 67, anyway, so it’s not like it’s summer in here.

  64. Oooh! You mentioned my very faaaaavorite yarn shop. How did you know about little ol’ local-to-me Purlescence?

  65. The game ends when it drops below freezing? My boyfriend and I were completely unaware. Our furnace still isn’t on, but it’s been below freezing at night for a while. Once it gets truly cold, the furnace will come on, just not yet.

  66. Um, keeling over from skilled-spinning envy. Gawd those fleeces spun up gorgeously. If I were living in your climate, I think I’d be tempted to just burrow right into a pile of them to keep warm (and colourful).

  67. Now that is knitting weather. It’s been almost 100 degrees (37ish Celsius) here all week and its too hot to work on much more than a sock.

  68. I drove past 5 bookstores – to go to a family owned, local bookstore that everyone on Long Island knows is one of the bookstores that the NY Times uses to calculate it’s “best sellers” list. I bought the last copy and made sure to tell the people there to order more. I hope I contributed to putting you up on the NY Times bestseller’s list again!
    oh – yeh. I’m knitting my first sock (Cherry Tree Hill – supersock dk – in “Caribou Creek”) – it’s too much fun!

  69. I’m the dork who posted above…
    I bought the last copy of YOUR LATEST BOOK (without that bit of info my post makes no sense…)

  70. I’ll clean up your yarn mess if you’ll clean up mine. Somehow it seems much easier to do this task for a friend.

  71. I love Alice’s cormo. I have 4 fleeces or partial fleeces in the stash, all winners of ‘best of’ at MDSW. She also makes some nice romney. One of the things I miss most about moving away from the east coast is Alice’s cormo.

  72. We haven’t turned on our heat yet….it has been pretty cold at night (around zero) already here in the Okanagan (BC), but most days the sun has shone so the house has warmed up sufficiently. We are aiming to hold out until Nov 1st.

  73. Sorry- but my mother wins in the SABLE (Stash Aquired Beyond Life Expectancy)wars. She had an entire GARAGE FULL plus MORE IN THE BASEMENT. Most of it was neatly stored in Rubbermaid garbage cans and large plastic bins. We finally had to clear some of it out and donated a lot (most) to the Mennonite Central Committee. But not to worry, most of it was acrylic sayelle type stuff-she bought some nearly every time she went out shopping, often by the bagful, because she liked the colours and loved to knit. You can accumulate a lot of yarn over 40 years or so that way, and she isn’t a prolific knitter like you Stephanie!!

  74. Good luck with getting the stashed ‘re-stashed’. It seems to expand a bit and not fit back in as easily.
    The yarn you are using now is gorgeous.

  75. I really love that yarn. I would come help you with the yarn mess but I’m afraid your stash might be a little “lighter” πŸ˜‰ Maybe next time

  76. Hurray for Alice Field and Foxhill Farm and you for blogging about a humane and animal ‘happy’ yarn source. I love her stuff.

  77. I would like to come and clean your yarny mess up… Because then, I could come to Canada and meet you – but IΒ΄ll had to take my family with me… *lol*
    /Julia – in Odense, Denmark.

  78. I’ll help you clean your stash because that means I get to ooh and ahhh over it, and then I get to grope all your yarn and fiber. I’ll get to see all the yarn you’ve been collecting during your travels, and be able to put them on my Christmas list! What fun! It’s such a blast to go stash diving in someone else’s stash. We all collect such different things and are drawn to all different colors and fibers. I must confess that I too fell victim to Francine’s amazing Polwarth at SOAR. I came home with several new fiber acquisitions, including a big 1050 gram bag of lusciously dyed and carded Polwarth in the Mikado colorway. Mmmmm Polwarth! Since my bag has 6 repeats of the colorway (or series of colors that make up the colorway.) I would love to make a sweater or cardigan that is simple to knit but showcases the colors. Maybe spin it so that the colors flow from one to the other somewhat like Noro. If you had any suggestions I would really appreciate it. What are you going to make with yours? Are you spinning the colors separately or just spinning then as you come to them in the roving? The fiber is so lovely that I really would like to make something that really showcases the colors. If you or any of your readers have an idea or a pattern suggestion I would really appreciate it. As for your furnace, we had to turn ours on too. We have had snow on the ground here now for 2 days. It stinks! Sigh! At least you have a reason now to sit inside and sort your stash. Mmmm fiber!

  79. I’ll happily come and clean up your yarn if you’d like to come unpack some book boxes. πŸ™‚ We’ve finally moved into our new home in England and I can see my stash behind the other boxes but couldn’t get to it if I tried. Nor do I have a great deal of time to knit. Sniff….

  80. Cleaning up a big yarn mess – I can’t think of anything nicer to do. Oh yeah, knitting that same yarn. Personally I wait until I have the house to myself, before I get out more than a few balls of yarn at a time; goodness knows someone would have a fit, if they saw the extent of the stash!
    Gorgeous colours, by the way.

  81. I’d offer to help with the stash-tidying if I were on the same continent…
    I am impressed by your holding out against the heating-temptation. I caved a couple of weeks ago – our bathroom is so cold that I was spending longer (and longer, and longer!) in the shower to avoid getting out, and then I worked out that it would probably be better, energy-saving wise, just to turn the heating on. And there’s been snow in my garden for two days now, which is pretty unheard of for this time of year and this part of the UK. If things continue like this, I might have to enhance my stash so that I can hibernate in it…

  82. Mine went on last night too. I feel better that you succumbed at a similar point.
    And, I managed a night or so with snow/sub zero temperatures and no heat. We are not used to snow at this time of year.
    At some point, I must shut my bedroom window (it’s OK, I leave the door shut so the rest of the place is warm).

  83. Holy, I think you better add a second day for all that spinning! Love the colour of that yarn for the vest and the pattern,waiting to see the FO. As for cleaning out stash!! I moved from a large house to an apartment facing south and had to download everything . My niece was the recipient of some lovely yarn from the large stash I had. I don’t have to worry about heat as I have heat on top , below, and both sides of me. I may just go the whole winter not turning it on. We’ll see. It seems to me that knitters should revel in the winter as it gives us more time to knit when we are hunkered down. My sister and brother in law always said “”When the works all done this fall”” we’ll have time to do this or that and I dare say they were right on . Happy spinning

  84. You should get some Alice Field cormo to spin. I bought a pound of cormo pencil roving from her farm at Maryland a couple of years ago and it was amazing stuff, it wanted to spin so fine that it became three ply fingering weight.

  85. Ooooh, pick me! Pick me! Cleaning my own yarn mess would be a chore but cleaning someone elses yarn mess would be an adventure. Cleaning YOUR mess….well, I can only imagine.

  86. I will clean up your mess! Pay no attention to your front door opening and closing, or me struggling to shut the hatch on my truck…it’s nothing, really!

  87. The best part of having a stash, no matter the size, is getting to go through it occasionally. Putting it away again, makes me feel organized,virtuous almost, and there is almost always a way to get just the tiniest bit more in there.
    I just pick up your last book. It made me laugh, it made me cry. Congratulations on the NYT bestseller list.

  88. Wow, you turned on the heat before I did! (I suppose I do live a little further south, but normally I’m a wimp.)

  89. Clean up (and pet) yarn instead of insurance accounting…..ANYDAY! I’ll be right over Stephanie.
    The vest is looking great by the way. πŸ™‚

  90. There has been some frost overnight, and I’ve got a north-easter blowing straight at the flat, but I refuse to put the heat on. I can even see my breath today (indoors). I’m going to be knitting very warm woolen jumpers und kein ende, this winter. Furnace wars continues in Cornwall… At least it doesn’t snow here.

  91. I’ll come clean up your mess o’ yarn if you come clean up mine πŸ˜‰
    and the house we’re renting now? No furnace at all. Only electric baseboard heating and small fireplace that does not compare to the might of the woodstove at the farm.. My cold toes miss the woodstove.

  92. Ok, so I guess you’re going to laugh when I tell you I live in Atlanta and I’ve had the heat on for 2 weeks now!

  93. I was SO determined to make it to Nov 1st. I was soooo close, until the cold rain/snow day yesterday. The house was down to 53 degrees and the dogs were actually shivering. I don’t make dog sweaters, so I had to give in.
    It was good to see you – Baby Braun says *kickkick* – which I think means ‘Hi’ but could also mean – ‘Give me more oatmeal’.

  94. I turned on the heat last week. It was when Fenner cued me up to nurse and instead of nursing put her wee hands under my breasts to warm them up I said enough was enough.
    All warm and working is a lot easier too.

  95. I’m still heatless in Ottawa. The house was 15 when I woke up this morning and I’m not sure how much more I can take. I’m trying to make it until November, and it just might happen since tomorrow is supposed to be much nicer.
    Excuse me, I must go. My fingers are too cold to type. πŸ™‚

  96. “…have to “go deep” into one of the stash closets…”
    “one” of the stash closets? I knew you had a lot of yarn, but apparently i have no concept of how much!
    we turned out heat on in vermont a few days ago too-when we had to scrape ice of the car one morning.

  97. yeah I was winning the Game too until hubby got home from a business trip where he got to stay inside temps of over 70*F … big baby!
    I would love to learn to spin – stash takes up way less space (easier to hide from hubby)

  98. Okay so I live in the southern part of the US and I haven’t turned my heat on yet. We’ve has some temps in the 30’s but it warms up enough during the day. No I did flip that little switch on my ceiling fan in the bed room.
    and I’ll clean up the yarn mess πŸ™‚ you may be missing a skein or two but who’s counting πŸ™‚

  99. I turned the heat on about a week ago. The nights were at freezing and I have young kids still (at least that’s my excuse, I hate being cold!) Now air conditioning wars, I can hang for a long, long time. Or until my husband complains about sweating.
    Good luck with stash cleaning!

  100. Congratulations on winning the game! Stash cleaning is fun — maybe while it’s out, you can select for the holiday knitting and get a jump on the gift preparation?

  101. One of my favorite things to do is to dive into my stash-just to see what’s there that I might have forgotten I owned. I am never disappointed and always inspired. Doesn’t mean I will be starting a project with stash yarn-but I know I will be starting a project.
    Stash isn’t just hording-it is there for inspiration.

  102. how hard is it to learn spinning? every time i see pics of those big blobby bats of pretty pretty fibre i just long to fondle them! and if i could spin i would then have an excuse to do just that!

  103. oh god. I have to do that. Dig through a poorly organized stash to find yarn, for a stranger who doesn’t have enough to finish their sweater.
    Is it wrong that I’m actually really looking forward to it? But if it helps, I’ll photo the mess and send it to you. I guarantee you’ll feel better.

  104. I’d be delighted to clean up your yarn mess. You will be astounded how much easier it is to see and find things when I’m done. (Except, of course, for the things you can’t find at all… wonder what could have happened to them…)
    That is lovely Polwarth. Perhaps you need some assistance organizing your fiber as well?

  105. I would glad come play in your yarn. I mean tidy it up for you.
    My kids wore sweatshirts to school for the first time today. This is the best October weatherwise we’ve had down here in Houston for as long as I can remember. (They started wearing light cotton cardigans last week because we are currently leaving the house before dawn and I thought they might get cold. Plus the sweaters are cute!)

  106. If I come clean up your yarn, do I get to keep some? (one for you, two for me?) I would gladly make a deposit of a few balls from my overflowing stash.

  107. I turned on my furnace last week in Colorado too – snow and bitter cold, but it’s warmed up again this week.
    I don’t want to clean up the mess, but I would love a picture of it … I saw a YouTube video once called ‘yarn porn’. Please don’t be offended, it was simply yarn, but looking at the yarn was fascinating. I suspect a video of your big yarn mess would be just as fascinating.
    Good luck with it!

  108. Our heat’s been on for ages! (Partly because we are revelling in having our own house with heat everywhere. We’ll regret it at the end of the month.)
    As for yarn, yarn everywhere…well…I moved in a month ago. When DH finally pulled out the rest of his bags of clothes, he unearthed more yarn, hidden in the middle.
    I’m STILL cleaning up, and this is after major (pounds and pounds) of de-stashing….
    You’ll get it put away.
    And if you don’t?
    Insulation, dude.

  109. Polwarth? Isn’t that one of the Hogwarts houses?
    And Purlescence- that’s one of my LYS, thousands of miles away from you!

  110. Why, yes. I would love to come clean up yarn at your house. It’s got to be better than cleaning up my own!

  111. I and many others, I’m sure, would pay good money to stash-dive at your house.
    I was trying to hold off until Nov 1 on the furnace and it was too cold here too (Michigan). Is it me or is it cold early this year?

  112. I was going to gloat for a minute there, because you are my idol for your ability to withstand cold, and I have yet to turn on my heat.
    Then I remembered that I live in San Francisco, and “cold” to me is a high of 65F, and I’m really a total wuss. Though in my defense, I would like to point out that my apartment has really crappy windows and no insulation…but still. I’m a wuss, and am in awe of your superior cold tolerance.

  113. My hubby was talking about turning on the heat this morning and I said, “Don’t you dare!” It is only 28F outside – really not cold enough! So, before getting ready for work, the dogs and I piled up under a blanket on the couch and watched the morning news. Ahhhh, my favorite time of year!!

  114. From the sounds of your stash i think i would quite like cleaning it up πŸ™‚
    Your vest is going to be scrumptious!

  115. OK, so here is the deal, even DH understands the concept of the furnace wars, and at this point we are kind of in them against each other. Impressively enough, he has said “when I start feeling as cold as I did in England I am turning on the heat!!”. The house has been as cold as 57degree and the heat is still off. This is really impressive as he is originally from San Diego, CA. It will be an interesting winter here….
    oh, btw, I am not telling him you turned yours on yet, it might make him cave quicker.

  116. Dude,
    I live in VT (USA) already had school closings due to 6 inches of snow we got the other night….that just ain’t right! I am freezin my pumpkins off…..

  117. I share your pain about the length of the vest, but really — I just have to say — that is one CUTE baby!!!

  118. I would love to come up and help clean and organize your yarn stash. If it means I get to play and stroke the yarn I’m all for it. I won’t even try to steal any… ignore the the large carpet bag I would plan on bringing…it’s just for cloths, toiletries, you know the basics. Oh yeah and some socks to finish knitting.

  119. My heat has been on for weeks- but I live in Fairbanks AK and its been snowing and hovering around 0 F forever; I dont feel bad about it.

  120. I will come help clean up the yarn mess, so long as you don’t mind me rolling around in it first!
    Maybe tossing it a bit like newly fallen leaves?

  121. I hate the cold so much.
    I thought I was one of a kind nice to meet a cold hater.
    Since my boyfriend and I split I can at last have my house as i like it.
    I love my central heating on 30 c , \i sometimes leave it on all night.
    I love my fan heater on in my bathroom, a toasty bath.
    I just love heat, always turn it up.
    In my car, hotel room etc…
    Wierd i may be, but i love it…
    Claire x

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