Entirely over it

Check it out.


A sock. (I know. I’m relieved too.)

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends and readers. I’m thankful for all of you.

Hope you’re enjoying your holiday, and are surrounded by those you love and that which you enjoy.

It’s just a Thursday here in Canada.

It is, however, not just a Thursday where I have to go to parent/teacher interviews (which always makes me nervous – I still feel like they could give me detention or something) but also a Thursday where I’m nominated in the Canadian Blog Awards, where I was very gratified to kick arse honoured to win last year. I’m nominated for Best Blog here, and Best Activities Blog here. If you feel I’m worthy, I’d love it if you gave that a click, you don’t have to sign up or anything, and you don’t need to be Canadian, just like their blogs. There’s some other really, really great blogs nominated, including my dear friend Lene at The Seated View, for Best Disability Blog (although her blog is so much more than that) so do take a little bit to poke around. There’s some very fine writing out there. I don’t know when the first round of voting ends, but it’s soon. (I sort of forgot to mention it until now. I was very busy with the 1×1 rib thing. Obsession has its costs.)

77 thoughts on “Entirely over it

  1. wow. bold colours. You got my vote for best blog. I’m afraid of bold, varigated colours but you make me laugh ๐Ÿ™‚ good job.

  2. Don’t worry, you’ve spread the stripey joy (horror) to others. Right this very moment, one is staring at me and asking why I’m not knitting on it.

  3. Lovely sock! Are you done with the scarves for awhile? Maybe you’ll inspire some sock knitters now!
    And, yeah. What IS it about going to school that always makes us feel naughty?

  4. It’s not been bad, as Thursdays go. I AM relieved about the sock. Will now mosey over to the Blog Awards to vote……

  5. Ooooh, pretty! What is the yarn?
    I’m happy — for you and for me — that you’re doing a sock now. The Noro Whoro scarves are indeed lovely, but I need some sock inspiration. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Off to vote for you!

  6. Loving the sock yarn and the pattern–info please?
    Off to vote.
    Cheers, Barbie O.
    PS I know it’s an old story but remember Joe’s Gansey?? Take Beth Brown-Reinsel’s class on Ganseys and she’ll get you going on that one again fer sure!

  7. What pattern/yarn is that? I’m always on the lookout for stitch patterns that complement, rather than fight, dramatically variegated yarn…

  8. How bout a Noro sock? Then you got the best of both worlds! (I had an unfortunate incident today involving the oven, the turkey, and two of my fingers and I will have to knit vicariously for a couple of days, so make it good, ‘kay?) *sob*

  9. Hey Steph, *we* are grateful for *you* too ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve never got to your blog this far up the chain, so maybe I’ll be in time for you to actually _read_ my comment. Just finished a sock today, hooray, in time to wear them to a dear friend’s turkey dinner.
    From the Sock-Shaped State, ==Marjorie

  10. In what order are they listing blogs, anyway? Clearly not alphabetical. New baby + tryptophan made that all MUCH harder than it had to be. (ie, I am very, very tired.)
    Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes. I’m thankful for knitters who make me laugh. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Really?! You’re just gonna sneak peek that cool looking sock at us, and NOTHING? Not even a color hint? Pattern clue? No way!

  12. I’ve spent a good portion of my Thanksgiving day finishing a Baby Mine sweater (STR Mochaberry ~ thanks for a fun pattern). Alas, the intended recipient came out as a boy last Saturday, to the great disappointment to the 7 yo sister who already has two brothers…
    On to the Baby Yours in STR Falcon’s Eye.

  13. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! We are so very thankful you’re around to give us smiles and laughs and lots of pretty yarny pictures.
    We’d be even more thankful though if you would tell us the yarn and pattern of those socks!! Love it!

  14. One time recently I mentioned your blog to a muggle friend (who happens to be Canadian.) I said something like, “It’s probably the most well-known Canadian knitting blog.” The expression on her face was priceless: I guess that it has not occurred to some people that there might be knitting blogs, and that others actually read them! You will definitely get my vote. On another (Thanksgiving) note, am I the only knitter who reached into her stash of Louet Sales Euroflax today when she needed something to tie up her turkey before cooking?

  15. I knew the 1×1 ribbed scarf was doomed as soon as you posted about loving it and NOT being tired of it (grin). The sock looks beautiful. Hope you’re having a nice, normal Thursday….

  16. I didn’t much like teacher interview nights either. And I was the teacher. :/ I never gave detentions to parents, although sometimes I wished I could do that. ๐Ÿ™‚ Off to vote now. For you! Good luck, Stephanie.

  17. Ooooh, you started the Holidazed! Very nice! I love the colorway too!!! I’m hoping to start them soon! Is the pattern as addicting as I think it will be?
    We are *very* thankful for you too! I’ve voted and I hope you kick butt again this year!! Best of luck!!

  18. Voted for you in both categories, let the arse kicking begin! Also, try the Jared Flood Turn-A-Square Hat on Ravelry for a variation on the two row love. I finished mine last night out of Kureyon and Cascade 220 – super cute!
    PS – yarnpiggy at 3:37 – Noro Whoro! Ha!

  19. Thank you and Happy Thursday to you!You by far have the best blog around(Canadian or otherwise)! And just what is that sock yarn?I’m full from dinner but it looks so yummy,I could just eat it!

  20. luv the socks, and as for the calendar, i bought one as soon as it came out, and read random and not-so-random pgs (like my b’day).
    i found it fun and fascinating, so chances are i’ll buy the one you shipped out today. congrats on beating deadline!

  21. I’m a teacher, and I want you to know that we get really nervous for those meeting too. I’m a wreck for a week before hand.

  22. Speaking of the ever-lovely Lene, are we going to get to see this year’s holiday battle plan?

  23. oh yes, I did vote awhile back – for you! What an interesting concept to be writing a calendar for so many hours and minutes in the future. I will read it with that perspective in mind.

  24. Voting done – for you and Lene. ๐Ÿ™‚
    You can’t quit now, I just bought some Silk Garden yesterday and spent last night saying, “just…one…more….row….” I’m hooked!

  25. I went to my LYS and found Silk Garden a little too rough for a scarf for the little one. But thanks to you, I’m hooked and am about to cast on for onr for myself. heheheh I am wondering what you are knitting the sock out of as I love that colourway!

  26. Hi Stephanie…Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to you, too! I just turned my first heel in a sock last night, while watching “Cleopatra” (sighing over Richard Burton), with your book “Knitting Rules” open on my lap to your bit about socks. Turning the heel was like you said, magical, and you’re right, I DO feel smart figuring that out.
    I just wanted to say I recently became acquainted with your Harlot-y ways and I love this blog and your books. I’ve been reading your archived entries, and am in mid-2005 now. You got my vote for best blog most definitely. Thanks for writing every day to let us know what you’re working on…it really is something to be grateful for, the community (online and real-world) of knitters. Thanks again!

  27. Thanks – Romni is dangerously low on Noro. I’ve held witness to the effect of “the” blog. Julia Tuesday: “Holy guacamole! We sure sold a lot of Silk Garden this weekend”. Julia Tuesday night after getting caught up on her blogs; “Oh….”.

  28. As one obsessive to another, I’m thankful for you, as well. My laughter at the computer is the tip-off that I’m reading your blog. ( Although, the moving writing gets me too. ) And having read it for so long I can say there is simply no comparison with others. You’re a hard act to follow.

  29. *sigh* I know– I HATE talking to my kid’s teachers. But I’m not so keen on talking to my students’ parents either–I’m afraid they’ll see what a big immature goober I really am.
    Excellent sock! I’m glad it was wonderful as far as ordinary Thursdays go:-)

  30. Happy Thanksgiving to all, and even remember Steph, one of the things we are all thankful for is your wise knitting ways and your wonderful writing.

  31. Having just suffered through Parent/Teacher Conferences on the teacher side of it, we honestly dread it every bit as much as the parents do. And Thursdays, whether there is a turkey in the oven or not, are the day to hoist a beer and say, “Ahhh, weekend . . . I’m coming for you.”

  32. I was into slippers, felted slippers…felted clog slippers. It was just so cool when after a couple of really attention needy rows of sole increasing the slippers just sort of knit themselves, and then to throw them cavalierly into the washer and drier, (ahem, um, well actually, twice) and “Sha-a-zam!” slippers. What more can i say? Scarves are nice too.

  33. Hi Stephanie, just wondering if you’ve contemplated using Noro sock yarn to make a pair of stripy socks. It’s been done on ravelry. Not that I want to start a new obsession ๐Ÿ˜€

  34. i voted -i will demand a recount
    if you do not win-we do that
    here in in the states-i live florida
    i have a hard time with itchy yarn
    i used baby yarn no more then
    2″ less on some
    use harlots pattern its in the archives
    55 to sixty inches lays flat and
    and wraps nicely and long enough
    to wrap around ones head and ears
    my new one is baby blue

  35. Every morn I read your blog,I love your humor..you are the BEST! Unfortunately when my daughter Madison and I went to Rhinebeck to see you both times we checked and you were not at your book signing area! I was going to purchase your new book but I wanted it signed! Last year we heard your talk and enjoyed it immensely…very funny! I’ve always wondered what brand of needles do you knit your socks with? I also knit socks but not as fast! Gorgeous colored socks! Please email me @bvargas917@aol.com

  36. You have my vote on both! I am reading “Things I learned from knitting” at the moment whenever I have a minute to spare, which isn’t often. And as long as you can make me laugh out loud in the midst of a toddler running amok, an 8 month old teething, and a house that looks like a toy bomb exploded in a soup kitchen, you will always have my vote. Thanks for brightening my days with roaring laughter while writing about my favourite hobby!
    Iris, St. Catharines ON

  37. Voted and voted! Not because you told me to, but because I honestly wanted to vote for you and Lene. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Great looking socks! Looks like BMFA STR but what is the colourway?
    Did you ever get a chance to try the banana avacado pudding? (No worries if you didn’t, I’m just always curious about people’s reaction to it. I think it’s delicious of course, so that’s really all that matters. Ha ha ha!)
    Have a great weekend!

  38. Is that the Twisted Tweed pattern? I was just visiting another blog and noticed the similarity in patterns,. Lovely yarn, BTW. Please let us know what it is!

  39. Oops just realized I posted on wrong day! Like everyone else, I want to know what yarn you’re using or is it one you dyed yourself?
    Already voted. Is there anyone other that the harlot to vote for!

  40. Gorgeous yarn and sock pattern. We would love to know the details. Oh, and thanks a lot for getting me hooked on the noro striped crack scarf. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  41. “You don’t have to be Canadian, just like their blogs.” Shouldn’t that read “Just like our blogs?” Oops!

  42. Done and done!
    BTW, has anyone ever knitted socks with any of the bamboo yarns? I am currently doing that, and am starting to hear horrow stories about the way it stretches after wearing.

  43. Stephanie:
    I think I get it! You are actually content right now. It’s the peace we aim to experience. Just think, you’ve learned new carpentry skills, updated a room for someone you love, and you are now immersed in an activity that gives you simple joy. That’s it! Go with it and relax.
    You’ll get restless again and set that energy towards something else. For now, though, enjoy.

  44. Just so you know, I appreciate you letting me/us know when it’s time to vote. Hope both you and your friend win.

  45. Oh, my bad. I skimmed your entry, and I swear that I saw Best Blog whore, which totally works with the whole Yarn Harlot thing, but it was very, very wrong. I’m so sorry. But it did make me laugh…

  46. Hmmm – I posted a comment a few hours ago, but it’s not here…so, trying again.
    Like the latest sock very much…methinks you’re not “besotted” but “be-sock-ed”!

  47. Nice socks…I made the Noro scarf last year and loved it…Now you need to try the Turn A Square by brooklyntweed betcha can’t stop with one. I’m on my third hat in 3 days.

  48. “if the world knew how much I’m using knitting in public to pretend to be a patient and kind person – the thought of me running out would scare them too.”
    Now I have seen you several times at WEBS signing books endlessly and chatting. Your kindness and patience to everyone in those lines is legendary and you are not knitting while you are doing that. Of course you have just been talking about knitting. And there are all those yarn fumes….

  49. Love the sock, love the blog and your books are in the post office waiting for me to go collect them..bought from a Canadian knitter who needed to tidy up/de-stash or something..anyway, you bring laughter and joy to many here..and as an old house owner and renvater, you did a great job on the room..take care and keep knitting, Maggie

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