Much Better

The top ten reasons I am much happier.

10. I put the largest possible tree that would fit in my house.


9. That rather big glass of wine can’t hurt.

8. Christmas knitting, on the needles and off the needles, as per Lene’s schedule. Right on target. (Admittedly, it’s only day one, but I’ll take my successes where I can get them.)

7. Erin told me that my nephew Hank is definitely old enough to appreciate getting a knitted thing for Christmas. (This means that he passed through the “knitted presents are sort of lame in a world that contains a Wii” phase very, very quickly.)

6. I finished socks and a hat over the weekend. Pictures to come, but I love them.

5. I forgot about this Sockumentary, made back when we were doing the sock scavenger hunt all over Toronto. It’s genius, and it makes me happy all over.

4. Kim got David Suzuki to hold a sock. (I just donated to MSF again because — well, frankly I love David Suzuki so much that this picture turns every crank I’ve got.)


My mum has an actual real live crush on him, so I expect she’ll freak right out, and if you knew my mother, you’d know how hard that is to achieve. Kim – Excellent job.

3. I made really excellent bread.

2. I got a whole bunch of emails and comments from really decent people making really excellent points.

1. I hardly have time to blog because of the BIG PILE OF MONEY THAT KNITTERS DONATED to MSF. Seriously. Check out the sidebar, and know that I’m putting the total up again tomorrow, and that I’ll be giving karmic balancing gifts out this week too, and that once again I’m blown away by what I’m seeing all of you do.

It’s enough to make a knitter weep with Joy. Which I did. You guys are awesome. Changing the world. How about that.