In which there are four days

I think I might be flipping out a bit. There’s four days left and I got up this morning and took an honest look at what needs doing, and dudes, the knitting might be the least of my problems. As a matter of fact, most of my problems may be the things in this house that are breathing. If someone experienced in these matters could stop by and offer a better answer to the teenaged statement “I can’t wait to move out so I can do what I want”, I would be eternally grateful, and possibly making better time on this Christmas thing. I offered SPS (Standard Parent Speech) #72a “I don’t know what makes you think that grownups can do what they want” followed by #76 v.2 “Do you think I wanted to go to work today?” with the add-on of “It sure would be nice to live the way that you do“, but I still got nowhere. I considered using “I wonder how old you’ll be when you care that your mother is doing everything with no help” but I usually try to save that one for really big game, and the little one did vacuum, while the big one shovelled. No point in over-guilting. Leads to immunity.

The house is still trashed, though I reclaimed the kitchen today, (Poor first choice though, considering that we’re probably going to eat sometime in the next four days and trash it again) and Joe claims he’s going to do he bathroom today, so maybe we’ll get ahead there. I’ve got the living room covered in yarn, which should be turned into stuff by Christmas, wrapped up and given away, and the dining room must be there somewhere. Joe has assured me that it’s under all the paperwork he has all over the place. The baking is almost all done, and I’ve wrapped five things, which is a lot better than wrapping no things, and I’ve got two foray’s into the world left to make, and if I do it right, I’ll make one today and one tomorrow. While that’s on, The Schedule maintains that the little sweater I’ve been working on should be done by midnight today.


Right. Not a problem. All it needs is TWO SLEEVES that I accomplish while shopping, cleaning and making dinner for family night. Excellent. I can do it. (That’s a pattern of my own devising, and Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted -which I like.)

I finished the next pair of socks in the queue though…


and I’m pretty happy about that.


These are charming Hedgerow socks (I love the way the pattern continues onto the heel) in Fiber Optic Foot Notes – in “Black Coffee“.


(That’s another gift I’m going to be sorry to see go.) and I started the last pair of socks in this years list.


(Man. Did typing that ever feel good. The last pair.) Those are a version of an old Patons pattern, being worked in Dream in Colour Smooshy (Cocoa Kiss) I’ll look up the details later. (You know. When my head’s not exploding.)

I’ve got the penultimate scarf on the list underway:


Noro Silk Garden, #’s 284 and 47, and yes, it’s the two row stripe thing again. People like them.

That only leaves one more scarf, but that doesn’t need to be done until the 28th, so I might be ok. I really might.

Sleeves, socks, scarf, shop. Yeah- is it any wonder that Joe asked me yesterday “Why do you think we’re going through coffee at twice the usual rate?” (He’s as much to blame as I am.) Starting tomorrow we have got to get a grip.

To distract you from how distracted I am from the blog, I’ve got a big set of gifts to give away. Blue Moon Fiber Arts has generously donated THREE memberships to next years Rockin Sock Club world domination tour.

The lucky knitters are Ellen K., Adriana H and Lynda M. (I’ve emailed all of you.)

Sleeves, socks, scarf, shop. Gotta go.