Geeky on a Monday

It’s been a fairly quiet weekend here, except for in the comments – holy cow, am I ever flattered by how much you all like that little cowl. I’m working on the pattern, and I’m getting it to test knitters…and then I’ll figure out how to get it to you. (Patience please.) Most of the quietness was enforced by a little gift I’ve gotten from the planet, in the form of what appears to be a stress fracture in my left ankle – although the x-ray isn’t back yet. (Joe says I certainly have had enough stress to fracture something, so maybe he’s right.) I took up running a while back, and perhaps I did a little much a little soon. (Going too far, too fast would totally be in keeping with my personality.) The treatment for said fracture is apparently something called “staying off it”, and I’m finding it hard. (That is also rather in keeping with the aforementioned personality.) The only thing keeping me down (as much as I am able) is knitting and the tv, and I’m combining the two rather brilliantly, I think.

I know that it’s probably no big secret that I’m a huge geek. A Sci-fi geek, to be painfully precise, and if you’re a Sci-fi geek, then you have to be knowing that this is a big week. On Friday, the final few episodes of Battlestar Galactica will finally air, and I will be watching, and hopefully, I will be wearing socks to match. (I know. Huge geek. I already copped to it.) When I realized that this is the week, I went through my stash until I found this skein


which is from Sereknity (Sereknity – get it? That’s even geekier.) and it’s called (drumroll for the geeks)

Eye of Jupiter! (If you’re a BSG geek, you’re going to totally get that.)

(Note for BSG geeks -wound up like that, doesn’t it look like it did on Starbuck’s wall?)


(Sereknity’s “Classica” yarn in the Eye of Jupiter colourway, in the clever and lovely Leyburn pattern that’s so perfect for busy yarn.)


I’m knitting it up just as quickly as I can, and frak it all, I will be wearing these by the time the series finale is on, if not sooner, and I know there’s just got to be another BSG knitting geek out there who will join me. I dare you. (If you do it, send me a picture, will you? Joe thinks this urge is odd as fish. I could use a few normalizing comrades.)

I know that revealing that I am a geek of this magnitude will be shocking to some of you, and reassuring to others. Think what you will. You can’t hurt me with it. To quote Blaine in the X-Files “I didn’t spend all those years playing Dungeons and Dragons and not learn a little something about courage.”

Geeks unite.

402 thoughts on “Geeky on a Monday

  1. Beautiful socks – not a sci-fi geek myself, but am married to one! Looking for test knitters? Want volunteers? Pick me, please!

  2. I would never be able to bang out a pair of socks by the premier, but I support you in your BSG knitting geekiness! Know that I won’t be working on socks, but I will certainly be knitting when I watch each of the final episodes (and when I find out the identity of the final Cylon – eek!) Tell Joe this impulse is not odd at all.

  3. Goodness, what I wouldn’t do for a stress fracture! Alas, two small children and a large child (dh) who have been sick for what seems like weeks haven’t let me rest at all. The yarn is delicious and fun, the socks are fabulous. Not a BSG fan, but I can appreciate that passion.

  4. A little wine should help with the recuperation. I made my daughter some socks from a similar colorway. She calls them her “clown vomit” socks.

  5. You Go Girl!! I never feel as alone anymore knowing you’re out there in the Geek Universe!!! Maureen

  6. Oh, wow. GREAT colorway. And I’m in love with Leyburn, too – there’s a KAL in the STR group on Ravelry.
    I’m a geek, too, although I lean a little more Joss than BSG (but we WILL be watching!). I just got a new car and named her Kaylee, if that’s any indication. πŸ˜€

  7. DoctorMama has a great series of information about running on her blog ( She’s a big supporter of not going too far or too fast, and she’s got lots of great little tips about weather and clothes and other miscellany. I’ve found it incredibly helpful as a beginner runner.

  8. Not a BSG geek myself. . .but I have my own geeky quirks. I did have to buy the “Twilight” colorway the moment I saw it. Now I just have to figure out what to make with it. Rest that ankle!

  9. More impressive than receiving 500 comments to any one blog post is that you actually read every single one. You rock. Love the new sock, even if I’m not a sci-fi geek.

  10. I’m not sure where I saw them but someone did socks in this colorway with a bullseye heel and the heel looked like the Eye of Jupiter!
    Your stitch choice is beautiful; thought that I should mention the heel.

  11. Cannot. wait. for the BSG. The only difficulty I will have will be waiting to watch it with my husband, as he’ll be at work when it comes on.
    I can’t remember which entry it was (quite a while back!) when you revealed you watched the BSG, but I may have squealed a little bit. Geeky knitters = awesome.

  12. Love the yarn and the pattern, but hate sci-fi! Not to worry! Sounds to me like a stress fracture is a pretty perfect excuse to sit and knit! Take care of yourself, you hear me?!

  13. Oh, I love it!
    I’ve been anxiously awaiting BSG, but I never thought of making socks to note the occasion.
    And Sereknity (!) Great pun. I miss Firefly.

  14. I know it’s hard, but do what the doc says. You do in fact get better much faster. (Been there, done that.) Not a sci-fi geek, but a history geek, who will watch pretty much anything the History Channel puts on. Geeks keep the world on balance, don’t we?

  15. While recovering from your stress fracture do take care not to hurt your wrists. Not knitting while recovering will be unbearable.
    xo Joce

  16. WooHoo Battlestar!
    My husband and I got swamped with work in the middle of the fourth season and fell behind, and, now that we’ve got our hands on the DVDs, we started into them last night. It was so awesome to stumble across your Eye of Jupiter skein (especially because it comes with a Serenity reference). Never thought I’d become a Sci-Fi geek, but I suppose that I put myself at risk when I married one. πŸ™‚

  17. I’m a huge geek, myself, and the yarn is GORGEOUS and a perfect name for it. Unfortunately I’m still knitting christmas presents… but I have a friend who that would be perfect for. He’s an astronomer… maybe Guy needs a pair of socks when I’m done with these…

  18. I am a GEEK and proud of it.
    Just to you know:
    – was able to convince my hubby to stay extra days in Vegas – so I can join him – and so we could go see the StarTrek Casino at the LV Hilton – ha ! Ah !
    – we spent our Saturday night when my daughter was a baby – happily watching STrek
    Along with Sci-fi, we have been huge fan of LOTR and must have seen the movie – in theater – each one, 2 times at least – that beside watching the extended version of the DVDs. With our daugther who is now 16 – she followed that says it all.

  19. I just last night started reading your book Things I Learned from Knitting…in it you express the secret wish for a lower limb injury accompanied by TV time. And now here you are…but in the book you took back your wish, so be very careful.
    I have never watched BSG. I keep wondering if I should take it up? I am a bit of a Star Trek Geek however so I think I sort of understand.

  20. Woot! I’m a geek and married a bigger geek. (If that’s even possible. He’s published scifi. So it certainly is.)
    But with all that tv and knitting time while resting that foot, you’re going to need more yarn since we all know you knit at lightspeed.
    Looking forward to seeing your next projects.
    Live long and prosper.

  21. I was always a Sci-Fi geek, now aided and abetted by my SIL. (Somewhere in my youth or childhood I must have done something good.) I’ll find a yarn in my stash to co-knit with you out into the cosmos.

  22. Wow, you’ve managed to combine BSG and knitting into something awesome. (Although given those two components, how could it be otherwise?) I love this blog.

  23. Yes. Stay off the ankle. Look at it as bonus knitting time. Send the family to get things at the store. You can’t cook, clean or do laundry if you have to stay off the ankle. Or scoop kitty litter, or shovel snow….. I’m sure you’ve thought of all this already? Just knit! πŸ™‚ You can handle that!

  24. Okay, I can be pretty geeky but I had no idea BSG was still on. Love the socks and the cowl–searching the stash for cashmere since I don’t think I can justify purchasing more (even if I get 3 cowls from the skein!)

  25. No geek here – hell, I don’t even watch TV – but get your blood vitamin D levels checked. Seriously, at your latitude you are not getting enough vitamin D from the sun for 6 months of the year and you may not be getting enough even from supplements. If necessary, I could send you a photo of the broken ankle I had four years ago. I wasn’t allowed to DRIVE for four months, speaking of going out of one’s mind.
    But if you ignore my advice and if you do really break the other ankle wicked badly, you can knit me a pair of those socks while you’re laid up.

  26. A) You had me until you said you had taken up running. Dude. That is just wrong. Don’t you know nature is trying to kill us? Now you have proof.
    B) Love the socks, went and got the pattern right away.
    C) Now that my beloved Stargate Atlantis has breathed it’s last, I have discovered reruns of Bones, one of my new favorite shows. Perfect for knitting, since I can just focus on my hands during the gory parts.

  27. All I can say is rolling chair + hardwood floors = staying off your bum leg. Three months on crutches with a torn meniscus taught me that. Hope your foot feels better soon!
    In the meantime, those socks are awesome and uber-geeky. We’re so proud of you!! *Sniff* You’re a credit to all of Geekdom.

  28. I’m way off topic here but I’ve been meaning to tell you that I’m thoroughly enjoying your calendar. Every morning when I stumble into the kitchen and rip off a page, I feel like I’m getting to have a little conversation with you, albeit a bit one-sided. I never knew the origin of the word “Luddite.” Kudos to you for teaching me something before I’ve even had some coffee.
    Careful with that stress fracture. I think I have a stress fracture of my brain today. Do you think that’s possible? I think so.

  29. I’m so jealous of those socks! And that you get to watch the final few episodes of BSG. I was living abroad for a year, so we are a season behind (so no spoilers, please!). I want the socks. I need that fraking yarn.
    Have you ever noticed that there’s nothing to knit on the fleet? Wouldn’t that suck? No wonder they’re so pissed at the Cylons.

  30. somewhere there is a pattern for the jumpers they wear. it looks like their workout gear, but it’s all one piece instead of two tank tops. brilliant!

  31. I am a huge SF geek, too, not to worry, there’s lots of us! Although I confess that I’ve not watched the current incarnation of BSG — I saw the original, in all its glorious cheesiness, so didn’t start with the new one; so by the time I heard it was really good, it was a couple seasons in already. I figure I’ll watch the whole thing in one fell swoop, just like I ended up doing with Babylon 5. Being a person of little patience, I prefer to swallow my SF in big gulps so I don’t have to wait so long to find out what happens!
    The yarn is gorgeous, the geekiness of your post is even more entertaining, and we must see a photo of the completed socks on your feet as you watch the show!

  32. I would happily join you for a sock-along if I had some Eye of Jupiter yarn, because yes, I am also that big a geek. (Although the odds of me finishing a pair of socks in nine-and-a-half weeks are sadly low.)

  33. I volunteer to be a test knitter!
    Sorry about your ankle, maybe it was all the ice and snow you run on? I can’t imagine that’s good for your body!

  34. BUBBLE WRAP YOURSELF AND FAMILY AND HOME. Immediately- for your own protection.
    I declared Momtial law last week.. apparently you didn’t get the memo.
    Rest and feel better soon…. HUGS!

  35. Never thought of myself as a geek until our first granddaughter was middle-named River from Firefly. So we rented, then bought, both the tv series and Serenity and have watched both many times. Completely love them.

  36. Oh my God – my husband and I use that line from Blaine in “The X-Files” all the time. It fills me with joy to see someone else using it too! πŸ™‚
    The socks are gorgeous!

  37. Yea Geek knitters! I am a Sci-fi and technology geek. Love the socks and the pattern. Luckily I have some socks in progress that I will try and finish by Friday – rather subdued colorway “David’s Eyes” but at least that gives me a chance to get them done!

  38. Um, I’m nowhere near a fast enough sock knitter to join you…but I am a big enough geek that I designed and spun a Battlestar Gallactica yarn. You can read the description here

  39. Oh, crap, the link didn’t work! Just click on my name in this comment and it’ll take you to the yarn (long sold and knit into a hat for someone’s geek-tastic boss!)

  40. Gorgeous socks! I love when yarn knits up so beautifully when the colors are so separate in the skein like that.
    It’s DeLurking Day! Leave a message on every blog you read.
    Keep you foot up. No running until spring.

  41. Tap, tap, tippity tap…… ok…. test knitters….. hurry! Hoping it won’t be beyond tomorrow till pattern is ready (yes, I am a nurse without patience/patients)…… Speaking of which for your ankle: RICE–R=rest; I=antiinflammatory; C=Compression (think ace bandage); E=elevation. Knitting serves medicinal purposes in all cases…. Knit On!

  42. lol! so geeky!
    Good for you for taking up running! I ran my first 5k in December…in a Santa suit. I highly recommend investing in a pair of Yak tracks for winter running.
    Slow & steady!

  43. OMG, you’re a geek?!
    Well, I don’t care, especially knowing that the pattern for that lovely cowl is coming – yay! You made my day!

  44. You know, I started watching BSG on DVD last year and it was great, but seriously, seriously intense. Almost too intense for me at the time (I was in the middle of a stressful academic job search.) I am planning to give it another go again this summer since I’ll have the summer off…..
    Stay off the leg!!!

  45. All geeks unite.
    I’m not a BSG person.
    (Please don’t faint. It’s not really my fault. It’s probably due to lack of cable and bad reception when the series started.)
    To redeem myself, I am trying to find a pattern (in my head) for a pair of pixie dust socks to wear while watching Peter Pan sometime soon. Also I need a pattern to commemorate Lazarus Long. Must be at least knee high. All ideas welcome.
    Sci Fi rocks!

  46. You Go, Geek Girl!
    Rock the BSG Eye of Jupiter Leyburns!
    (it makes PERFECT sense to me)
    Hope “Girl” is not offensive, I have in my head the Bellamoden yarn I just got, which is a minty-teal-aqua green called “Girl Nerd”. I got it for my younger daughter….I think she’ll love it, name, color and all.
    My Geekery is of slightly older vintage: original Star Trek, Star Wars, etc. School and kids and competition for the TV mean no real new Geekdom opportunities; except I bought the Firefly series DVDs for my husband after recommendations (and since one of my favorite colorways from one of my favorite dyers is named Firefly after it). Love it so far, have yet to see the movie. Soon, I hope!

  47. So maybe you know what happened to Stargate Atlantis? I had to miss a few episodes because of my schedule and all of a sudden it wasn’t on anymore! Does anybody know?

  48. Love the sock. Love the colorway. Love BSG. Love my daughters named after Star Trek characters. Heal the foot. Take care.

  49. I think I heard somewhere that chocolate and a nice merlot make bones heal faster. I’m not sure where I heard it, so don’t hold me to it.
    I also admit to being a geek, but mine’s more of the World of Warcraft variety. A geek, however, is a geek, and I’m happy to unite! Hmm, maybe a new pair of socks to commemorate the new expansion that just came out…

  50. Well, I don’t wish a stress fracture on anyone, and I am sorry for your discomfort, but oh, a week or two on the couch knitting and watching tv… Oh wait, I just did that over the holiday break. It was very nice. Hope you enjoy the non-fracture part of it.

  51. My dear, there is no way you are alone in the geeky universe. It is a quiet truth (’cause if everyone knew it might create panic) but geeks actually run the world!
    I’m so geeky I want to know about everything. My library cards actually wear out and google knows me on first name basis.
    Now if I could just teach my very large, 5 month old puppy to stay out of my knitting basket, I could knit along with you peacefully. (the cats have learned, why can’t he!) Perkins! Get out of there!
    I’m preparing for fairly major foot surgery in March and I’m already planning the books to read, patterns and yarn to work on. DVD planning comes next. I’ll have to be off my feet for 10 days and then have 6 weeks in a boot cast! UGH. I know that knitting will keep me sane.
    So hang in there. I know it may be difficult, but let some else be in charge for a little while and enjoy your convalescence.

  52. My sister-in-law has a stress fracture from traipsing around Europe for four weeks, and she’s in a cast which won’t be coming off for six weeks. (When I was trying to type “six” it kept coming out “sex”. I guess it won’t be coming off for that either.) Anyway, I hope that keeping off your feet, knitting and giving the fracture some rest will do the trick for you. Do not get up except for neccessities. Get Joe and daughters to help you.

  53. one of us! one of us! Ahem. My joy at the return of BSG is somewhat tempered by my sorrow at the end of SGA – I will miss my snarky Canadian doctor deeply.

  54. YAY! I can’t wait for Friday night. Don’t have a TV and don’t know how we’ll watch it, but will find a way. Love your socks.
    (Remember knitting a square for Rebecca’s Blanket a couple of years ago? Rebecca is pregnant now! Who says you can’t breastfeed with one breast?) πŸ™‚

  55. Hmm. As I seem to recall, you’ve yearned for this time of injury for years β€” perfect for knitting! I’m not a BSG geek (yet) so won’t join you in the knitalong. I’m too busy working on my second and third Doctor Who Scarves. And maybe I’ll cast on again for that River Tam. πŸ™‚

  56. I suffered a stress fracture in my hip from running. I was on crutches for a few months, not easy for those of us lacking grace and anything resembling coordination.

  57. I totally get what you are talking about – personality-wise. I started jogging in the last months of fall and ended up with shin splints. These were the result of starting too much too fast. And don’t you know, I haven’t been able to get back into it? Forget that the weather stinks, because I could go to the park district gym. Maybe I will continue to self-treat with you and try to knit more on the couch.
    I love that pattern by the way. I am going to go home and ball up some sock yarn that I think will TOTALLY go with it.

  58. I am not normally into Sci-fi but my sister let me borrow her Battlestar Galactica Season 1 DVD when I was down with a bad back. I was HOOKED!! I then borrowed season 2 and 3 and I am currently waiting for Netflix to deliver season 4 to me. It is the best show! Love that you found yarn that is so Battlestar. What season is about to end on TV? Season 5? I hope it isn’t the end of the series!! Hope your ankle starts feeling better soon!

  59. We in our house are big BSG fans. I might have to acquire some of that yarn and join you in knitting. (We are huge Firefly/Serenity fans, too.)
    Take care of yourself!

  60. Speaking for my self as quite a geeky techie type, I don’t find this strange at all (take a look at my post for today to see what turns my crank!).
    BTW, I broke my left ankle in quite a spectacular fall on my way down the basement stairs to run a load of laundry. All that kept me sane during my post-operative (yeah, required surgery) was knitting and reading. And you wouldn’t believe how many other kind bloggers left me suggestions on stuff to read while I was convalescing!
    Hope it is a quick recovery for you.
    PS – *Listen* to your orthopedist and physical therapist: it truly is the fastest way to heal no matter how much we argue that we “feel fine, really”.

  61. “Joe thinks this urge is odd as fish”
    Wow. You’d think living with you for so long would’ve set the guy’s “odd as fish” bar a little higher.

  62. Heh. I’m a sci-fi geek without cable, so I’ll have to knit my socks without a BSG theme. Maybe I’ll see if I can instead make Azumanga Daioh socks (which could be easily as wild as your Eyes of Jupiter).
    Rest up, and hopefully it isn’t a stress fracture at all but something that will heal miraculously overnight!

  63. Yay! I’m so glad we’ll see that pattern some day. Will be patient. That cashmere in my basket isn’t going anywhere.
    Also, I think it’s awesome that you’ve been running. I love running and I think it pairs nicely with knitting. It’s also can be totally meditative or totally butt-kicking, depending upon how you do it. And it forces a too-often sitting knitter (me!) to get moving.
    Sorry about the ankle, though, that’s too bad. Good luck healing quickly. If you have access to a pool, you can try water running, if you don’t mind looking kinda like a goon.

  64. Ich bin eine geekisher alzo.
    The only rub is that Sereknity shows a 3-4 week wait for that yarn.
    I do, however, have two skeins of Franklin’s Panopticon sock. After Wikipedia’ing panopticon, I think this may be sufficiently geeky and vaguely BSG related.
    I may not be wearing them this Friday, but trust that I’m with you on this mission.
    Geeks Unite!
    BTW, I ran across a Wash Sweater on Yarmando the other day.

  65. Ok. Seriously. I may actually hurt myself with esoteric pleasure knowing there is BSG yarn dyed by “Sereknity.” You are officially the coolest person I don’t actually know. πŸ˜‰

  66. I too took up running a few years ago but followed the Vancouver Sun “Learn to run” schedule. My running buddy (daughter) moved away and I re-injured my ankle during the last week of the program and I haven’t found anyone to run with since. The Sun Run training program (google for Sun run training) is a 13 week long program that has you doing intervals of walking and running. Over time the walking section gets shorter and the running part gets longer meaning less chance of injury. (My injury wasn’t due to running, rather to stupidity). Once your ankle is healed it may be worth looking into this.

  67. you seem to be just an accident waiting to happen
    my i can go all the way back to the twlight zone
    lights out on the radio
    who knows what evil lurks in the hearts and minds
    of men and orsan wells on radio convinceing
    people that the martians had landed
    now i watch boston legal
    yes stay off the foot

  68. Get your Geek on sister. Geek to the nth power here myself. I still wear my EXACTLY six foot long Dr. Who scarf, so I am a MUCH older geek than you πŸ™‚
    Not a current TV watcher, so have not become a BSG fan; am sure I would be though if I watched TV! Hum….might be something good to rent from Netflix. Since you like it, it MUST be worth watching.

  69. Went to the original Canadian Star Trek convention at the Royal York many light years ago … so I hear you.
    Are you going to wear it with a Jane hat (Serenity)? I’ve seen Stargate knitting patterns.
    And isn’t a Tribble just yarn waiting to be spun?
    [Which raises a serious thought: Are there Klingon knitters?]
    Best wishes for early ankle healing.

  70. I’ve just got two words for you (know you are not alone)
    Rivendell Socks
    Yeah, I know exactly what you’re talking about.

  71. If Joe thinks this BSG sock thing is odd, perhaps you should log into ravelry and let him see the thread about the jayne hat. I hope they run the episode twice Friday, just so I can pay more attention to what I might miss the first go round.

  72. But now that BSG has yarn how about we Doctor Who geeks. I understand there is to be yet another doctor, and who can actually replace David Tennant? Maybe something in a TARDIS colorway? (not to replace David but to knit with)

  73. I want to knit socks for Leoben.
    I want to do more than that, but knitting socks is all I can write on a family blog.

  74. You know, I was one of those people who CRIED when the original BSG went off the air. It was the tragedy of Grade Three! So it’s kind of surprising that it’s taken me until a few weeks ago to get on the current BSG bandwagon. I’m in the middle of Season 3 and have been challenged to catch up by Friday.
    BSG socks? Tempting…very very tempting…

  75. bizarre! i got an x-ray for a potential ankle stress fracture this morning!
    we are weirdly tied in the knitting world. here’s hoping we’re both break-free!

  76. But Steph, geeks rule!
    I am one and married one…no regrets: even yarn geeks are cool…(sorry to tell you, you are also one of this type of geeks, not just the scifi kind!)

  77. Not a Battlestar Galactica fan myself, but as a World of Warcraft player who has knit socks in colorways based on the game, I totally understand the geeky knitting urge. And the Eye of Jupiter colorway looks great in the Leyburn pattern! I love a pair of wild socks in the winter.

  78. I find it strange that you would say Joe finds it “odd as fish”. The man is a Newfoundlander, is he not. There is nothing at all odd about fish to a Newfoundlander. Or am I missing something?

  79. Dear Harlot,
    I have loved your blog and your books for several years now … and reading today’s post made me love you even so very much more! I am SO excited for the final BSG episodes, and I wish that I had some awesome Eye of Jupiter yarn to enjoy it with!

  80. Those socks are beyond gorgeous. Perfect stitch to show off the dye job.
    I was into SF before you were born!
    My DH is sidelined post leg surgery, and he doesn’t even knit! Feel better, soon.

  81. Sci-fi geeks unite! I haven’t watched BSG, but I do watch X-Files, Star Trek, SG-1, SGA, Firefly… I think I may have to try BSG now.

  82. A big Whoop Whoop to the geek-i-ness of the post, one of my favorite yet! How the frak did you end up with Yarn called “Eye of Jupiter”. Def Kismet. If I had a stress fracture, I’d join you on that quest to have new socks for the “premiere” of the final episodes. Unfortunately, I do not, so that means I have to get off my knitterly arse and get me to my kickboxing class!
    Can’t wait to see them- socks and BSG!

  83. Ouch! I hope your ankle heals quickly. The Eye of Jupiter yarn and socks (so far) are amazingly beautiful. What do you think “Eye of Uranus” yarn would look like? Who do you think the final Cylon is?

  84. SciFi geeks must unite, especially those of us who knit. You aren’t odd…Joe just doesn’t understand the yarn-geekiness involved here.
    Stunning yarn and that pattern shows it off beautifully!
    Sorry I can’t join in the knitting…unless someone is kind enough to donate yarn I won’t be buying any for a while (gotta love cut hours at work…but my girls are worth the yarn-y sacrifice, even if they drive me batty at 4 and 10 1/2 months).
    Keep up the great geeky knitting, I know you will be wearing those socks soon since you are ‘staying off’ that stress fracture of yours :).

  85. I know I’m very late to the bandwagon, but I’m also volunteering to test knit that gorgeous cowl.
    And BSG nerds unite! I’d join you in the Eye of Jupiter sock knitting as well, except sadly the yarn wouldn’t ship for 3 or 4 weeks.

  86. Those socks are *gorgeous*.
    Oddly enough, two of my last three blog posts also admitted geekery (although I suppose a nerd is slightly distinct from a geek), but my nerdiness has more to do with yarn meters and Canadian TV shows. This can be tough on a Hoosier girl.
    Hope your ankle’s better soon!

  87. I would so be there! Um, except I’m not caught up on this season yet (still on the PVR, my husband has been away and we are going to watch them together) so I wasn’t going to watch the season finale until my husband and I can BSG binge when he gets home on Jan 18th. But I love that yarn! Truth be told, I am not the geek I once was, (former Trekker/Trekkie, I wandered away from the geek flock temporarily when The X-Files got boring), but that yarn is awesome! I must have some. Thanks for the link! And bummer about your foot. Heed the advice! The aforementioned hubby did not several years ago with a similar running-induced injury. It was bad. Very bad. Stay on the couch!
    P.S. That was my FAVE X-Files episode! Awesome! Love that quote. πŸ˜€

  88. Count me among the geekdom.
    I’ll be helping out in the Firefly room at Penguicon.
    Currently knitting while watching my Stargate DvDs WITH commentary.
    Yep, Geek.

  89. I cannot wait for the BSG premier this week! Hubby has been teasing me because I’m practically jumping out of my skin! I love the Eye of Jupiter socks and would absolutely join you if I thought there was a chance in you-know-where of finding that yarn in time. Stay geeky, both in yarn and sci-fi-love!

  90. Hmmm, I have busy yarn that would work, but I hate to admit that I missed out on this series – it seems to be a pattern – XFiles, because I didn’t like the premise, I didn’t watch, however, I got on track, was an x-Phile for many years, saw each movie, etc once an ex-boyfriend who knew me too well sat me in front of an episode and got me hooked. Star Trek Next Gen – again, wouldn’t watch it because of some stupid ‘loyalty’ to the old one and thought dumb idea – said ex-boyfriend again, got me hooked by making me watch it. I won’t get into why he’s an ex, but had he been around, he likely would have got me over myself with BG because I had a problem with Starbuck being a girl – (I’ll duck and cover now).

  91. I have a stockinette in the round project all ready for Friday (that way I can’t screw it up too much when I’m not paying attention to my knitting).
    It’s a Skully sweater (from Stitch and Bitch)which I am constantly misspelling as Scully … a geekian slip.
    Geeks Unite!

  92. OOOOooohhh pretty! I have that colorway in her Shimmer yarn (merino and bamboo). The bamboo gives it an interesting mottled look that I love. I think you have found a splendid pattern for that yarn – well done! We’ll be savouring the final episodes for sure… did you know there is a 10 part webisode on I just found it today πŸ™‚ And the upcoming (2010) Caprica series looks interesting, there are sneak peaks online…

  93. Yep – Geek here.
    and that’s only TV.
    Um – If you can decipher all of the acronyms, I’ll be duly impressed.
    I’m off to invoke my inner Vasquez at the gym. Geeks unite!

  94. If I had some of that yarn and could knit socks in a week, I would surely join you cause that’s gonna be all kinds of awesome!!! Can’t wait for the start of season 4.5, so say we all!!!

  95. Oh No! Stress fractures suck like nothing else. I had a few in high school, thanks to hockey and band. Speedy recovery!
    And while I won’t be knitting Battlestar Galactica socks, I will be watching the finale and knitting something else. Does that count? πŸ˜‰

  96. If you are a geek, I aspire to be a geek.
    Joe’s logic is irrefutable. I hope you heal quickly.
    Just got horrible news an hour ago myself. I have to STOP KNITTING, writing, doing fused glass, and anything else where I grip something with my right hand until my tennis elbow heals. To be sure, I’ve not even attempted to play tennis for more than three decades, so I think I’ll have to call it knitters elbow. It all started when I knit my first double-knit washcloth out of cotton over three days and did more than 6 hours of fused glass during that time. I have to key and mouse at work, so knitting has to stop until I heal. When I am finally able to knit again, I’m probably going to have to knit myself a sweater with long sleeves that tie in the back. . .

  97. Steph, just promise me: NO SPOILERS. I am late to the BSG party and am still catching up on DVD (season 4). So please, please, please, not the tiniest word!!!

  98. Married my DH six years ago because he watched Sci-Fi with me anytime, anywhere. He, too, has a stress fracture and is hard put to sit still. I’ve been running the Serenity movie and old BSG episodes in an effort to keep him glued to the sofa…….
    Also volunteering as test knitter…..

  99. I don’t have any stash named anything nearly as cool as the Eye of Jupiter – however – I am working on a pair of socks with some Cosmic Fibers Tencel Sock in the Ice Truck Killer colorway – from Dexter!
    I can’t bear to watch BSG and be interrupted so I am planning on watching it later, all by myself, from my handy old VHS.

  100. Remember I said something good was going to have to happen? Well, think of the uses for this stress fracture!!!! Snow shoveling? Sorry, gotta stay of the foot. Grocery shopping in the snow? Sorry, really bad if I slipped and fell on the snow/ice. Would totally wreck my healing. Dish washing? Can’t stand. Vacuuming or mopping? Way too much for my foot. Laundry? Stairs are REALLY bad for this injury. See how well this is working? Best of all, IT’S TRUE!
    You’ll simply just HAVE to keep that foot up and enjoy this space of unlimited knitting and tv!
    While I never got into Battlestar Galactica, I am old enough to have enjoyed every one of the Star Treks, starting back wi the original ones with James T. Kirk….so science fiction geeks unite!
    (Blogless) valerie in albuquerque

  101. Hey, I’m in! I doubt I can get mine done by the BSG premiere, but that way I can knit while I’m watching. I’m actually working Friday night, but I’m TiVoing it and will watch into the wee hours of Saturday morning.

  102. As someone whose first “major” knitting project was a Dr.Who scarf (which I subsequently lost and wept bitterly over on an amtrak adventure) I’m with you on the whole “geekiness” thing. Enjoy, enjoy–and remember:
    “Reality is a crutch for people who can’t handle science fiction”
    ha ha!

  103. Well. So much to say. First of all, STAY OFF THAT ANKLE!!! I can attest to what happens when you don’t. It gets worse, and then you end up on crutches and in a cast. Mine was in my foot, also from running too much. It sucks, bigtime. But not being able to walk for 2 months sucks worse.
    As for BSG, SHH!!!! No spoilers please! I’m catching up! I still have to watch all of LAST season! ARGH!
    Nice socks, btw.
    Rebecca in London ON

  104. Geek confession alert – I think Dr. Temperance Brennan from the TV show Bones looks so much like you that I’m amazed she hasn’t pulled out knitting needles to help solve a case. Seriously, it is like a separated-at-birth thing.
    And, I love that leyburn pattern, and Mintyfresh’s other creations too. Bainbridge scarf is a favorite, and someday I plan to tackle that double knit neckwarmer of hers.

  105. Opps, I forgot to wish you a speedy recovery! RICE – Rest, Ice, C…, Elevate (what’s the C – Chocolate?). And, while waiting for your pattern I whipped up Poinsetta from Winter08 Knitty this weekend, in Sarah’s Yarns 4-ply cashmere. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  106. Geeks unite!
    The project that started me into the knitting world was a Doctor Who scarf (which is even huge-er than it’s supposed to be as I didn’t understand guage at the time), I have been to a ST convention, the network in my apartment is named Caprica.
    Geeks rock!

  107. Oh, wow, those are gorgeous!
    I’m so far behind – we’re still two episodes away from the end of season 3 (we only just finally saw the Eye of Jupiter,) so I’ll be waiting to catch up before seeing these new episodes.

  108. Total BSG geek here, although a relatively new one! I’m spending all of Friday watching season 4 on the sci-fi channel before watching the first episode of the final season. I can’t believe they didn’t put season 4 on DVD til last week! So frustrating. And that hank totally looks like the Starbuck’s drawing when wound up! Also, I think the C in RICE stands for compression. So, RICE!

  109. Who are you calling a geek??? Love the yarn, love the pattern. Right now I’m spinning Liza Souza’s Mars Quake (is that close enough???). Not sure what I’m going to make with it (surprise!) but I’m thinking fingerless mitts…. Now I may have to order some of the sock yarn. Ready for BSG or ST or whatever…

  110. Yikes… Sorry about the stress fracture. I hope you can get in to see a sports doc–or I bet you have at least a half dozen among your readers. Ice and yoga and rest and ibuprofen should do the trick.
    Doesn’t it seem like the virtue of running should come with rewards instead of injuries?

  111. So, I already liked your blog, and then I find out we have the same taste in geeky television. ROCK ON! Beautiful yarn, enjoy!
    (Psst: I’m the final cylon. Don’t tell anybody.)

  112. Funny, I thought you had this big (okay, maybe medium-sized) dream to mildley injure a lower limb. You know, so that you could just sit and knit and watch T.V. and not have to (as much as it would pain you to miss it) preform such thrilling jobs as scrubbing the toilet.

  113. geek here too. And a new knitter. My goal is to one day make socks like that.
    Not BSG fan. but I do geek out for Dr Who and Torchwood.
    Thank you for inspiring a new knitter

  114. Well when you’re watching keep an eye out for my hubby, he has a small cameo as Prosna (who he played – but was killed off as – in the mini-series)
    As a BSG fan if you’re interested, Tricia Helfer and my hubby also did a great movie together called Walk All Over Me. It’s a small Canadian film but it’s available for rent in both Canada and the States. /shameless-husband-promotion

  115. I loved this post. It might be that I am recovering from a 13 week stint of recovery… 2 surgeries to fix a running injury (each foot one at a time) and I have had a hard time staying down, but with knitting I am getting through. Although dying to run again… I think my husband would love those socks to go with his liking the aforementioned show, I will have to see if I can locate that yarn and knock out a pair for him before the last one airs… hmmmm… geeks unite!

  116. GORGEOUS socks! Love the colorway…
    Happy volunteer to test knit the cowl. I have the perfect cashmere silk blend yarn in my stash that would make several beautiful cowls….

  117. Well, isn’t an injured foot supposed to be a knitter’s dream? You can sit around and knit, and insist that other people do the laundry…
    (I recently broke my arm, and couldn’t knit for several weeks. Though, knitting does help with recovery now that the cast is off.)

  118. OMG!!!!!!!! WHOA! EYE OF JUPITER!!!!!!!!!! If I had known about that sock yarn earlier, I totally would have jumped on that Leyburn sock knitting bandwagon. FRAK!

  119. Total bummer about your ankle!!! Totally cool that you can use the time to knit and create and geek out with the Tube! Sorry I can’t join the sock KAL exactly, (I’m committed to a different sock pattern for a class this week.) I do totally support your geekdomness though. Knitting geeks of the world knit on! Praying for a quick recovery for you and a personal endurance to make it through the wait and restraint to push yourself just enough once you’ve healed. P.S. Totally LOVE the cowl, B-U-T-FULL!! Can’t wait but will for the pattern! Peace from Florida!

  120. Another BSG fan!! Can’t wait, but I think I will actually watch the final episodes instead of knitting (which will be nearby for the commercials). The allday marathon looks so inviting I hope we get a major snowstorm so I can stay home and watch all over again. Love the socks! Geeks do rock!

  121. I only got on the BSG bandwagon about a month ago, but I am totally caught up and ready for Friday thanks to the DVDs!! Do you think the final cylon is a knitter?
    I think my Firefly DVDs are getting worn… both DD and I can quote large chunks πŸ™‚

  122. I am also looking forward to the start of Battlestar Galactica. Your socks are great. I’d join you in making some if I had the yarn.

  123. How excellent! It’s lovely yarn, and that pattern is in my queue too. I wish I was caught up on BSG so I could watch the new episodes. Grr!

  124. Ha ha! I just shared this with my hub, we had a good laugh – thanks to the son we are all caught up and in the know on BSG. Rather a good show. We’ve always been into Star Trek and Star Wars and D&D, but he introduced us to BSG and Firefly. Taken us to a whole new level. GOOD shows. Sorry about your ankle – it must be hard to stay still! Hope it’s a quick heal and you are back up and around soon.

  125. I’m a huge geek who doesn’t have a television, so has to wait until shows like BSG come out on DVD. But then I can fully indulge in the crack habit, by watching all the episodes in a weekend! Yeah!
    Wishing you the best with your ankle…try to stay off it! I know it’s hard. I’m Type-A myself…

  126. I find this sci-fi knitting geekiness “fascinating”. Don’t forget, you’re not the one who named the yarn “Sereknity” so tell Joe that resistance is futile. Perfect time for an ankle injury! Get better soon!

  127. If I could get my hands on the yarn and if we had the sci fi channel I would so be there with you knitting my heart out. I am a cheap person that will have to wait until the DVDs come out so I can get them off Netflix. The plus side to having to wait is that I get to watch it all instead of having to wait every week. I just consumed the whole of series 4 of Dr. Who.

  128. I seem to recall an essay entitled “Be Careful What You Wish For” in your “Things I Learned…” book.
    I think that’s the one about the woman who broke a leg/ankle/whatever and was forced to rest it for 6 glorious weeks of knitting, and then broke her wrist.

  129. Cowl pattern??!! Squeeee!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now I will have a legit reason to buy a skein of that yummy cashmere!

  130. I’m a nerd. I went to MIT. All my friends are nerds…I’m a knitting nerd. My oldest is a music nerd. My kids have grown up knowing that saying, “so and so is NOT a nerd” is a deadly insult πŸ˜‰
    Go for your socks! I’m only mildly interested in SF (even for an MIT nerd, I’m weird πŸ˜‰ but it makes total sense to me!

  131. Are you familiar with “Reiki,” an energy technique that anyone may/can learn. It may hasten the healing of your fracture; just be sure that if there is any bone setting to be done by a doctor, that the setting is done before you to any Reiki, but I doubt there is any setting involved with a stress fracture. May it heal quickly.

  132. Ha, ha, ha, ha! What a coincidence! I’m re-reading your book “Things I Learned from Knitting” and what did I see on page 18?
    “In my private, hopeful heart of hearts (and I know I can’t be the only knitter who has thought this) I have a secret wish: to injure a lower limb.”
    Looks like you got your wish. Knit on and prosper!

  133. Yes, please do stay off that stress fracture. Trust me, what happens when you don’t is even less fun. (Been there, done that.) Here’s hoping you heal quickly!

  134. You have no idea how normal you just made me feel!!! New lyrics to “My Favorite Things” are streaming through my mind now! Not stress-fractures, those aren’t on the favorite list, but everything else is!

  135. I should have known that you were a nerd (we here in my home prefer the term ‘geek’), but I’m still surprised. While I don’t know much about BSG, I’m a huge Star Trek: TNG, Star Wars, LOTR geek. My hubby was Darth Vader for Hallowe’en (there’s pics on my blog!) and I was in my glory … if only I could have found a NON-slutty Leia costume …

  136. Another sci-fi geek here! Never got into BG, but I am a Trekkie til the end. Also a horror geek, but that’s another story πŸ™‚

  137. I hope your stress fracture heals quickly. I had a stress fracture on my toe. I didn’t couldn’t stay off of it, so it took a while to heal.

  138. Would it help if I told you I was almost late for class this morning because I stayed up til 2 playing DnD? and I’ll be equally tired Saturday morning because of course an event of such magnitude as the BSG start up will need to be analyzed repeatedly well into the night.

  139. You are an evil temptress! If I didn’t have 6 pairs of socks already in various stages of completion, I would join you! But I will be watching the final episode – GEEK that I am!

  140. Weird. One of my other hobbies besides knitting is bellydance, and a LOT of bellydancers are also sci-fi geeks too. I’m still trying to figure out that combination, and then I find out my fellow knitters are also sci-fi aficionados. Hmmm . . .

  141. Not into Sci-Fi, but a geek none the less. Husband is a plays D&D (has for 27 years).
    Heal quickly, a badly sprained (they thought it was broken at first) ankle kept me off from work for 7 weeks this spring, around the time Joe was in a cast. At least you have better knitting weather than I did, just don’t go outside a lot.
    Hibernate and knit,

  142. That was a frakking GREAT post!!! I LOVE BSG and your yarn really does look like the painting on Starbuck’s wall. I’m working on Leyburns right now with the Socks That Rawk group on Ravelry. I’ll send a pic or you can visit my projects on Ravelry under “metalliknitter”. Geek Girls Unite!

  143. I actually preferred the original BSG – keep the boos to yourselves!- and haven’t been watching this one as much… but if I had the yarn, I’d be right there with you hon! If only so you had those few moralizing companions. πŸ˜‰

  144. i can’t fracking wait to see the socks! and the episode on friday too!
    hope your foot heals fast..

  145. I am foaming at the mouth I’m so excited about BSG. I’m not kidding and I can’t stand it! Your post brought me so much glee (for sci-fi shows not stress fractures) that I had to comment.
    Best of luck with the staying off the fracture. Here’s to quick healing!

  146. Can’t wait to knit the cowl – I’ve got some cashmere all put aside.
    Just picked up the new X-Files movie at Costco for 9.97 – what a steal!
    Now we have to fight over what we watch first – the last 2 hours of 24 or the movie.
    Yours, on permanent “stay off it” – how do you stay off your whole body?

  147. If you haven’t done so already, there are nine BSG Webisodes on SciFi Rewind that you want to see before Friday. Love the socks!

  148. Dude. The BSG group on Ravelry has been doing an off-season KAL using patterns that have names reminiscent of the show – Adamas shawl, Apollo socks, etc. You’re totally in.
    My husband and I are going to be at a hotel on 1/16, and we’re fervently hoping that “Premium Cable” includes Sci-Fi so we can watch the premier. It’s always two weeks behind on Hulu.

  149. Gee, Steph, with everyone groveling for your cowl pattern you just may have crossed the threshold into β€” da dum! β€” Designer Land.
    I ordered my yarn yesterday.

  150. I have to weigh in for Dr. Who and Torchwood, since they seem to be under-represented in the comments. My favorite Doctor is almost always the current one, although my first Doctor had the scarf. Knitting, Time Lords, they seem to go together, no?

  151. Word up! I plan on watching Friday night!!!!!! Can’t wait. I love BSG and I have to have that yarn, but I’m guessing it will be hard to come by being that you have this post. If I can somehow get my hands on some, I am so going to knit some eye of Jupiter socks! Frak yeah!

  152. There’s no way I can knit fast enough to finish a pair of socks by then…but I will definitely be knitting my afghan as i watch the show!

  153. How cool are those socks!!! I’d totally do the same if I could get the yarn on time but we’re just on the beginning of the 4th season. Not quite as sci-fi but I have to admit that I love to knit while watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer (for the 2nd but not last time) while wearing my Buffy pin on my sweater and my handmade Sockula (stuffed vampire made out of a sock) as company. Yeah, geeks unite! And go Starbuck!

  154. Let’s get back to the root…D&D…
    Being a teacher allowed me to keep my multi-sided die AND use them on a regular basis for math games!
    I had a spasm when I was at an actual teaching store in a rare moment and saw that they now sell them as “teaching tools.”

  155. I got the first two seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation for Christmas, and I’m totally psyched. And now my youngest neices and nephew are getting turned on to the original Star Trek, so we’re breeding a new generation of geeks. Heh. No shame, Stephanie, no shame. πŸ˜‰

  156. I once knit a baby blanket in that stitch; I have a picture somewhere. It had nothing to do with BSG, and it was pink. As I recall, there were about 200 sts, and the plain purl on all the wrong-side rows was nearly the end of me — but not quite, and I am now a stronger knitter.
    I don’t know that I want to start socks at this moment, but I am getting an idea for something else…

  157. Hope the x-rays come back as just strained or something not quite so long in healing!
    Also, Joe has lived with you for how many years now? He’s seen you do a great many things that are quite frankly a bit odd to the non-initiated so I wonder just how often you’ve been on about wearing those socks for that episode.

  158. Stephanie:
    Knowing you’re a sci-fi knitting sistah, makes me love you more!
    Those socks are gonna be galactic!

  159. Hey Stephanie,
    When I was in college I gave myself a stress fracture in my shin from running way too much. I recommend staying off it as much as possible, check out your shoes (are they new? are they fitting right?) See if the Dr. will give you an air cast to wear when you do have to walk around. It will alleviate some of the discomfort you are having and cut down the healing time. Also try aquajogging to keep up your fitness level.
    Love the socks. Heal up fast.

  160. Stress fracture? Started running? Did you get the very best shoes designed just for running? If not, then you should do that once you’re on your feet again. You may think Mr. Nike is charging outrageous prices, but they are soooo worth it.
    Or, drop into your local Y where your girls had memberships and have them introduce you to water jogging. Way fun!

  161. I have a friend who thinks he is geeky because he is obsessed with computers.
    Then he found out I knit and said, “oh now THAT’S geeky!”
    ha ha I love it πŸ™‚
    Hope your x-rays are clear!

  162. Yah, lots of us BSG geeks will be knitting away on Friday. Not to mention Dr. Who and Star Wars and everything else.

  163. frakking yarn diet – no eye of jupiter for me. But i’ll be watching and knitting. Gotta finish up those webisodes, too.

  164. terrific socks…love it all wound up too. My two cents for the lower limb: take time with your recovery – I’m an olde runner from long ago and it pays great dividends to recover with ease and grace. It also pays great dividends of the negatory type when one pushes to get movin’ too soon. Best of luck with the x-rays.

  165. I’ve injured my left ankle at least three times (I lost count). It might’ve been a stress fracture a couple of those times, but I didn’t go to the doctor because the first time I didn’t have health insurance, and the second time because I had too much to do, so once I could finally put any weight on it at all without wanting to scream, I hobbled. Looking back, that was really pretty stupid. Next time I fall down the stairs and half an hour later I still can’t put any weight on my foot, I’m going to the doctor. Except I really hope there won’t be a next time.
    I didn’t learn how to knit till I was in college, but when I was in 8th or 9th grade I crocheted myself a Dr. Who scarf.

  166. It’s completely reassuring to me, and while I won’t have awesome matching socks to go with it, I’ll be watching too! And as I’ve been reading your blog and books for years now (and had the lovely expreience of meeting you on your first book tour in Hollywood), it’s not at all surprising to me! It’s just one more reason for me to love you! : )
    I hope you’re not creeped out by a complete stranger saying that! : )

  167. I love it! I have watched few episodes of BSG, as they were screened at odd and stupid times here in Australia, but I liked what I saw!
    My sci-fi geekiness resides almost entirely within the wonderfully odd confines of the British sci-fi/comedy books and series of “Red Dwarf”, so I can really identify with you! ‘Frak’ for you is ‘smeg’ in the Red Dwarf universe: a very useful non-curse word!
    Embrace the geekiness!

  168. I’m on a yarn diet. I WANT Sereknity’s Mums! WANT! I will now go sit in a corner and pretend I didn’t clicky that link.
    I have a vest to knit on Friday, but I may have to set the DVR so that I can watch it without input from the non-geeks. I have the last season of Babylon 5 to finish watching as well. What fun.
    Sorry about your ankle. Rest it, be healthy and don’t slip on any ice.

  169. OMG!!!!!!! I am so with you on the geeks Unite, while I am not into BSG I am(sadly now was) a big fan of Stargate Atlantis, which ended last friday I am still upset with the fact that it ended i haven’t brought myself to watch it. I am also a huge fan of Sereinty and it’s predecer Firefly, I too am a geek and a nerd because I was on the Acedemic team! Please stop by my blog I currently have to scarf patterns!
    Proud Geek and Nerd,
    The teenknitter,

  170. If I had a skein of that yarn in my stash I would join you. But instead I’m working on plenty of my own selfish knitting – an Amelia sweater for me. I took a break from it to make a baby sweater while waiting for my dpns to arrive in the mail, and now I’m rocking the sleeves.
    Husband and I will be watching on Friday and I will be knitting. We spent the weekend re-watching the first half of the season on DVD. πŸ™‚
    I showed him the Eye of Jupiter colorway online, but he wasn’t as impressed by it as I was. He wouldn’t wear a Jayne hat either, so I have to keep the sci-fi geeky knitting to myself…

  171. Yes! Yes yes yes. Love the yarn, love the idea of the socks, love the frakkin’ show. Love SF!
    I especially love that I can show this post to my husband and son, and they totally “get” the SF love and think the sock knitting is the quaint and amusing part. I’m a misfit to so many different groups of people for so many different reasons, yet each group thinks at least one of my oddities is wholly normal and understandable. Heh.

  172. Hubby and I will be spending all of our free time this week catching up on the first half of season four, since it just came out on DVD – we started watching the show in the interim between 4.0 and now and have COMPLETELY geeked out on it. Any ideas on the identity of the 12th?

  173. I’ve been interested in BSG but haven’t seen it yet. My totally geeky husband would love it I’m sure. I am a fan of Firefly though. Excellent series. Too bad it was canceled. I should find some yarn for it. The move was titled “Serenity”…

  174. That is crazy awesome, and if I could knit socks (or anything else round, I’m still in the long-rectangular phase of my learning curve) I would be joining you.
    I will, however, be making an Eye of Jupiter cake for our BSG 4.5 premier party, where we shall watch the last episode aired and play the board game before watching the start of the rest of the season. πŸ™‚

  175. Geeks rule!!!
    BTW, I’m gong back in your archives and reading all your posts from the beginning. I’m up to June 2005 and am thoroughly enjoying myself. Though I do have a bit of deja vu since I’m reading about Mr. Washie and I know he died the death of a valiant hero recently, and it’s a little disconcerting to know his fate.
    Amyway, enjoy the show and stay off your feet. You deserve a rest.

  176. This post is probably one of the best, right up there in the Top 20 for me. The scifi references alone make me want to have your babies. And then you’re knitting Leyburns! Did you know there’s a Leyburn KAL on Ravelry using STRs? I’m up to the heels on mine but can’t figure out how to do short rows so I’m a bit stuck.
    What does one have to do to be a Yarn Harlot test knitter? πŸ™‚

  177. Woah. Love that sock yarn. How awesome would it be if they showed Starbuck or Laura or someone wearing a pair made out of it? πŸ™‚
    P.S. When you mentioned “Sereknity” I thought it was a take on “Serenity” and that it was a company that only sold yarn named after sci-fi references.
    P.P.S. Geek is the new black.

  178. I sincerely regret not picking up a skein of that very yarn when I saw it somewhere on Ravelry! Dude! It’s not in stock anymore and too late to get it before the shooooow!!
    Ah well I will be content to watch the remainder of the series unfold… I sure hope the ending is worth all this build up! πŸ˜€
    Go on with your geek self! And take care of that ankle…

  179. I hope that ankle heals quickly, I know how frustrating forced inactivity can be. I love that eye of jupiter yarn, it is so bright and cheery.

  180. Argh, wish I had time to knit the socks. Too many projects that must be done.
    Too be fair though, I did just finish the 16′ scarf from season 18 of the original Doctor Who series, based on the original BBC pattern (knew someone who worked on the original). Took a few months, and is 4 times as long as I am tall, but I am a geek, so there!

  181. Huge geek over here! I tried to suppress it for years but I’ve fully embraced it now. My current obsession is with a little fantasy series called Legend of the Seeker. It’s a little on the low-budget side but I love it.
    Being a real geek, you need to take a trip to Dragon Con. It’s a huge sci-fi, fantasy, anime convention held every year in Atlanta. Check it out:

  182. Thank goodness the fracture isn’t in your w-r-i-s-t (gotta spell it out to confuse the fairies)! I know that is the real reason you let Joe and friends wrangle the washer… so you would not have any knitting impairments!

  183. the yarn is out and waiting. i refuse to start the sock until i have proof (in the form of the BSG episode in HD on my DVR) that my show is coming back. sadly, i will be on a plane (to toronto, heh) during the premiere but i’ve already warned people that if they spoil me, i will stab them with a knitting needle.
    my Eye of Jupiter socks will be with me for the finale. lord knows i’m going to need something to be happy about when the show is over…
    *counts the hours*

  184. Well, I’m not a BSG fan (not that I don’t like it, just that I never got into it), but I will be wearing Horcrux Socks to the next Harry Potter premiere. So I don’t think you’re weird at all! =)

  185. I am an enormous scfi geek myself… we don’t have the fancy cable, so we are a bit behind on the BSG.
    I just tonight finished watching Blood Ties, a vampire series not only filmed in Toronto, but actually set here too. A different vein from Forever Knight, and it is a lot of fun to hear them talk about the landmarks and streets! Only two seasons so far, but I really enjoyed it.

  186. I hope you are on your (healed) feet again, soon. In the mean time, *do* *not* let kindliness keep you from expecting and receiving a ton of help and pampering from your family, esp. the girls. You should be waited upon hand and foot.
    I am a deep-dyed geek, as are my daughter, my husband and most of our friends, but we are more science geeks than sci-fi. I have read a ton of sci-fi in my day and sidled into some horror. Then, I read H.P. Lovecraft. After a few books, I managed to scare myself nearly to death. HPL is deeply weird, deeply. I do not recommend reading HPL to any who have sleep difficulties or stomach stress issues. Could do you in.
    I wish you joy of that yarn. It rocks. I do like the socks suzanne mentioned just above (11:23 pm). What imagination!

  187. ha! I spent my vacation knitting baby garments while catching up on Dr. Who episodes. It was wonderful being able to knock two to-dos off my list at the same time.

  188. Here, it’s Star Trek. Like, all incarnations. However, I haven’t even thought to put on some DVDs and move the knitting along. have to consider that! Do have all five seasons of B5 too. could get a lot done, couldn’t I??

  189. I’ve been to a star trek convention.
    Posted by: Jennifer at January 12, 2009 6:49 PM
    P.S. For Jennifer:
    Just wanted to add this.
    Jennifer, I use to help RUN conventions! LOL Star Trek ones. Some of the best Thanksgivings I had! Some of us 50 somethings have a lot to hide!

  190. love the socks and I’ll join the geeks I’m for Dr Who. Can’t wait till 2010 for the next season to start. I watch re-runs often.

  191. I’m sorry to hear about your ankle πŸ™ Hope you’re feeling better soon!
    Those socks look awesome! I had to share that info with my husband because he’s a HUGE BSG fan πŸ™‚
    If you’re looking for test knitters, I’m game πŸ˜‰

  192. I really wouldn’t say that I’m geeky, but more dorky. XD It’s a fine line, you’ve got the intelligence on your side, I’m just a little clutzy and awkward. But I’m totally okay with that. ^_^

  193. You my dear… have just bonded with my husband! (I have e-mailed your link to him… insisting he read’s this entry) He is a total sci-fi freak and after being married to such freak, it has grown on me. I listen (while knitting) to said show and have decided that Farscape is actually good, StarGate, not so bad, and even went as far as naming our cats, Vala and Izaahnna. I guess we are all geeks. Enjoy your episode!!!!

  194. Someone said it before me, but I have to say it again: SHINY!
    I love the socks, and I adore the cowl. Enjoy your geekiness (I love being a geek, though I’m not the BSG variety), and rest your ankle! Enjoy the extra knitting time!
    I just got this gorgeous skein of silk cashmere in a lovely, lovely blue–this cowl is the perfect project for that skein! I’m looking forward to getting the pattern!

  195. That whole stay off it is truly difficult – I speak from just coming off of 3 weeks of crutches and coach rest and 4 hats and 2 pairs of socks later.

  196. Firstly. Sorry about the stress fracture. Hope it heals rapidly and doesn’t cause too much grief. At least it means lots of knitting time with your leg up.
    Next: Of course geeks rule! And nerds are right up there. Have attended more than one Worldcon, have an SF book collection that most libraries would envy and I know the meaning of First Fandom which makes me a die-hard SF fan. My DVD collection of SF rivals my son’s anime collection.
    As to the KAL: Sock That Rawk! on Rav is doing Leyburn so maybe I can count my sock toward both? I will probably be casting on in the next 24 hours as I’m stuck at my parents home with a sick DH. So count me in if it’s ok for me not to be using Eye of Jupiter yarn as I have none but I think I have a BMFA rare gem that comes darn close.

  197. Well, if I could knit nearly as fast as you I might join you πŸ™‚ But I salute your geekiness and love the fact that you quoted both X-Files and it was a quote about gaming (my particuarly geekiness). Enjoy the socks…and the BSG ending πŸ™‚

  198. Rock on with your geek self!! We’re huge sci-fi fans too although I haven’t been able to watch the series while it aired. Thank you DVD’s!! Oh, and I love RPG’s, the X-Files, and BSG. If not loving them is normal, I don’t want to be. Can’t wait to see them done.

  199. Thanks for pointing out that pattern with regards to varigated yarns. I hardly ever know what to do with them except hope that nothing pools too badly.
    Geek knitters unite! Though I must admit I’m more of a nerd.

  200. I’m in for the challenge, I just need to wait on getting the yarn to get started.
    BSG, Barack Obama, and Lost=best week ever!

  201. Am failing you on the BSG – for me, the original will always be the only (I know that dates me, but… really? the new Boomer doesn’t say “boom” even once? mannnn….. and I just for some reason can’t get past a girl; Starbuck. as awesome as she is, and as much as I would like the character if I encountered her as anyone-not-Starbuck) but I measured a shawl by how many seasons of Red Dwarf it took to get me through, and last year my friend got “heart of the TARDIS” socks for her birthday – because the pattern was a vortex and the colors were so bright that it’s entirely possible that looking into them could give you the power of teh entire universe.

  202. No judgment here on the sci-fi thing. As a fantasy nerd, I empathize. Two sides of the same coin, really.
    But I am here to talk to you about your running. May I suggest the Couch to 5k? It’s how I picked up running again last year and I really liked it. You build up running gradually so there’s less risk of injury, and has a really great structure so you don’t have to be guessing wildly how far you should be running today. It has some basic guidelines and I ended up breaking them by week 8 or so and developing a plan of my own, but it’s a nice base.

  203. While rather geeky myself, I have never really gotten into BSG, but I may try it. But ooo! Sereknity! Is that a person or a brand of yarn, and where can I get some?!

  204. If you’re aiming to hit that MSF goal by next week, I’d offer that cowl pattern “with proceeds going to MSF” … that should do it.

  205. BSG…YEAH! I can hardly wait until Friday night. I was actually turned on to BSG by a fellow knitter, probably not a surprise to the rest of the fans in knitdom. Took me months to finish my first pair of socks (last weekend!) so there’s no hope for me to join you on your ahem, mission, but I give you 100% support. Geek is GOOD! Glad to be a card-carrying member myself. Go Harlot!

  206. damnit, I would be SO IN. Except i have this toddler, and a book I’m behind on. And a second glove, two hats, and a pair of mittens that need to be done before the first week of march.
    I waaaaant that yarn.

  207. When I hear Starbuck, the last thing I think of is coffee…
    So you think she’s #5? I’m thinkin’ it’s Baltar.
    And did you watch the 10 webisodes??!!!

  208. Ooh, so envious! I think I got to the end of Season 3 before moving. Gods know when I’ll get to see Season 4 – I’ll just need to buy it, I think.

  209. Sorry about the ankle! Just think though, if you had to have a fractured ankle, this is the perfect time to have it. You get to sit and knit inside when it’s the coldest and nastiest time of the year outside and you have a seriously legit excuse! Also, others can run to the store and do all the other errands, and you still get to knit! It would be so much worse if you did it in the spring after waiting all winter for warmer weather. As for Sci-Fi geekiness, I’m so with you but there is no way I could knit fast enough to have a cool pair of socks for the series finale! I have to confess though, while I was a fan of the original BSG, I haven’t caught the fever on this one yet. I must have missed a few too many episodes at the beginning of the series. I’m planning to start over and watch the DVD’s. However, I’m a Browncoat and I just cracked up over the Sereknity yarn. That’s a nifty name. I’m amazed at just how many fiber people are also Sci-Fi geeks. Just like it cracks me up that so many spinners and weavers own a Siamese cat and a Corgi, myself included! Happy knitting and watching TV. Hope you heal very fast. Knit long and prosper!

  210. If it makes you feel any better about your sci-fi geekiness, I named one of my handpaints X-301 in honor of Stargate:SG1. (It was one of those ‘dump the leftover colors onto a skein and see what happens’ kind of things, so naming it after a reverse-engineered Goauld deathglider seemed appropriate.)
    Stay off the ankle. This is an excellent opportunity for you to make the girls do housework.

  211. Oh dear, stress fractures suck. Now don’t get RSI doing all that knitting! Hope you can be back on the road/treadie soon!

  212. Of course you’re perfectly normal. Best wishes for your ankle. And your post made me search for when the third season will air on German tv – that’s the middle of February. Hrmpf. I’m so close to ordering season 3 and 4 on DVD…

  213. Oh, frak, season 4 of BSG will not be aired in Germany in the near future. Guess I have to buy the DVD soon, as I did with season 3, or I’ll explode of curiosity.
    As for the socks, yarn and pattern: shiny! πŸ™‚
    Take care!

  214. That’s so funny! We just watched a review of BSG with the writers/producers hosting and commenting last night! Anticipating a great finale! Feel better soon.

  215. I, too, would like to know how to fake a stress fracture so that I, too, can watch scifi and knit all the time for awhile. I’m not saying YOU’RE faking, I’m saying I want to fake it.
    What gorgeous socks! I may have some busy sock yarn downstairs in my stash. I’ll go check. If I do, I’ll start knitting a pair, although I doubt I’ll get them done this week. I’m a sloooooooooow knitter.
    I just started Colin Andersson’s toe up sock with his signature heel (he’s Knitman on Ravelry and his blog is I can lay that aside for the moment, if need be. OOOO! Let me go check, now! I’m getting inspired.
    Thanks a lot, dear Stephanie!!!

  216. Stephanie, we so need to get you to an SF convention…Bring Joe- he still won’t think you’re normal, but at least he’ll have a new standard for weird… (LOL at Rams’ comment!)
    Anybody know anything about Ad Astra, the local Toronto con? (It’s in March,, but I’ve never been, so I can’t give a personal review, though the website looks promising.)
    Yeah, another SF fan here- serious book fan, met my husband at an SF convention, Stargate and Firefly fan, longtime gamer. I’m afraid I gave up on BSG after the first season, though I may eventually catch it on DVD.

  217. I hear that space is running the 1st ten episodes plus the “webisodes” starting 10AM Sat. I will be firing up the DVD recorder for the webisodes if I can figure out where they are placed time wise and am currently watching the 1st 10 on DVD to get back up to speed. This is made more interesting (polite term) by my husband parachuting himself into the show without seeing the 1st three seasons, many explanations required, sigh….
    I’m always happy to find other women with “geek pursuits” as my love of Sci Fi, rabid music collecting and bookaholic reading habits have left me convinced I’m a bit of an odd duck as women go
    I’ve seen an eye of Jupiter sock somewhere in my travels where the eye is on the heel I’m seriously thinking of tracking down that yarn as you’ve managed to turn me to the dark side and after 30 years of resistance to 4 needle knitting I’ve churned out my 1st pair of socks and they worked perfectly.
    Oh for some enforced, rest enjoy some of it for me.

  218. Thank you so much for the BSG reminder!!! I’m not a regular watcher but my boyfriend is, and since he’s home recovering from a quadruple bypass done on New Year’s Day, he’ll have a whole day of BSG to keep him occupied! Between that and hockey, he’ll be very well entertained. πŸ™‚

  219. I could stay off my feet and knit anytime! I am not a lace knitter so I may be the perfect person to test knit the cowl. It would be a good test of your instructions. I’m a computer geek/documentations type person so I’m big on step by step instructions that really work. Hang in there.

  220. Sereknity…snort snort. Combines two of my loves, SciFi and puns.
    Thank you for helping to normalize the world for SciFi Geeks everywhere (we be in hiding so very much of the time).

  221. Is it really delurking day?
    Note – if you do need a cast, just make slippers and don’t felt one til the cast comes off.
    I just finished a pair of felted slippers for my DH – split the top, made a longish cuff and used one needle until the heel was finished; then went to dps in the round. He couldn’t be happier.

  222. I’ll cop to my scifi geekiness here – I got all excited with the Serenity reference. I’m not a BSG watcher, but if you find yourself still off your feet past Friday, night I recommend Firefly & Serenity?

  223. I am another BSG widow. I am also a Sci-Fi geek, so please tell Joe that you’re not an oddity. Sorry about the stress fracture. I wish you speedy recovery.
    Oh, I’m also a Sock-geek….love knitting socks!

  224. Oh no, not geeky in any way at all. I am really into vampire books/movies/shows and fell in love with HBO’s new series based on Charlene Harris’ books. I bought some sock yarn off etsy that was dyed in a colorway inspired by one of the main characters and I plan to knit them up so when season 2 starts in the summer I can wear them while I watch the show.
    I don’t see anything geeky about it at all…more like enthusiastic. πŸ™‚
    Hope your ankle feels better soon!

  225. What’s wrong with being a geek? All the most interesting people I know are. πŸ™‚
    Sereknitty — love the pun and really love the socks you’re turning it into. Hope the ankle heals soon.

  226. My husband turned me years ago. Into a sci-fi geek, that is. I told him just the other day that I know WAY too much about Stargate SG-1. So does my six year old daughter. We were watching some show and having an actual debate about whether the guest star had portrayed a Goauld or a Jaffa on SG-1. I think a spa day is the only thing that can save me.
    But BSG!!! I’ve been quivering with excitement for a week now! If I was a sock knitter (I’m just too darned slow), I would SOOO have a pair of those! Gorgeous!

  227. I KNEW you were a geek!!!! Damn I’m good. There’s something about can feel them, they have a certain aura.
    I might not watch BSG (we have maybe 3 stations…rarely watch TV), but the highlight of my week, and one that if someone talks/interrupts/walks in front of the TV, causes me to go into a screaming rant (cuz it’s about the ONLY show I watch) is “The Big Bang Theory”. I am a chemist/physicist. I can relate…to whatever those boys are saying.
    And I wouldn’t hesitate to knit something if the same event presented itself….maybe a buckyball…ahhhh, those carbon chains…they make me feel whoozy inside. HA!

  228. I still remember when you wore your “All Your Yarn Are Belong to Us” t-shirt a few years back and I was the only one that laughed.
    Oh well. It was damn funny.

  229. Drat! I swear you all are going to get me to start knitting no matter what! So cool that you found Eye of Jupiter yarn to make BSG socks.
    My husband and I tivo our shows and then parcel them out to make them last even longer. I am dying to know who the final cylon is, so we may go through these last few sooner than the earlier ones.
    I never realized how much of a sci-fi geek I am until recently when my husband got me the season 2 of Torchwood DVDs and I watched the Dr. Who season finale for the 3rd time. (We still have it in our Tivo.) I think I look forward to the sci-fi series we watch more than my dramas. I’ve been stalking the BBC America website to find out when Torchwood and the Dr. Who Christmas episode will air here.

  230. I declare Friday “Harlot’s RICE Day”. Good thing Sci-fi channel has thoughtfully scheduled an all day season 4 BSG marathon. I will join you in solidarity.

  231. So I once met this chick who gave, like, these talks about yarn and stuff, and she had this thing she said about wistfully dreaming of the perfect injury, which would involve being told “no running around, you need to sit in one place,” and that it would be, like, totally awesome because then there’d be nothing to do but knit.
    If only I could remember who that was.

  232. There isn’t a problem in the world with being geeky. I try to demonstrate my geekiness on a regular basis; at least once daily is a requisite.
    I had a friend binge me on BSG this summer: positively captivating. But my dad is a hard core Trekkie so my loyalties are fixed. Have fun!

  233. That colorway is spectacular!
    And oh yes, the cowl… I would love to knit one, too! I have handspun that’s crying out to be a lacy little cowl.

  234. Another knitting geek! I would have been more surprised but I researched an article about the weirdest knitted objects ever and discovered this trend… I thought it was just me… but I’m not as much of a geek as my husband who was crowned Geek of the Week.
    You might also like to check out his SF&F review site! Hopefully it will help you keep off that ankle…

  235. I do hope your stress fracture heals soon.
    I just wanted to say how pleased I am that you’re going to share the cowl pattern with us, just as soon as you are ready! Thank you dear Harlot- you brighten up my day.

  236. Another geek weighing in! I will totally be watching BSG this week! I’d love to join you on your quest to knit BSG socks in time for the finale, but I’m a slow knitter, and my BSG socks would be done in time for the final season to be out on DVD, I think.
    But I’m totally cheering you on!

  237. Oh yea! something to knit for my equally geeky man. Luckily I have sometime to get this together because we watch all tv from the internet and I can only handle one sci-fi show at a time so we are (much to his dismay) woefully behind on all fronts.
    I always tell him he is lucky he found someone who will knit quietly through Torchwood, Dr Who, BSG, Heros etc…
    Now I just need to keep this post from him so he doesn’t realize he might have gotten a bit luckier and found someone who matched his excitement. The socks should dazzle him long enough for him to forget that!

  238. Though you are a geek, you are not a geek alone. Alas, I am without cable and will be missing BSG this week. I cannot tell you how that makes me cry big soggy tears of sadness.
    I think the will save vs. blubbering like an idiot is a DC 15. It’s a good thing my WIS modifier is high or husband would have to do something drastic involving a mop and the 1978 Battlestar Galactica series.
    I just want them to get to frakking Earth this time!!

  239. Wow, I like that pattern. Thanks for sharing, I’ve added it to my Ravelry queue – I’ve got a few sock yarns that have a high obnoxiousnes potential and that pattern *is* great for it.
    I’m knitting pair of socks for me out of some The Purled Llama Dulce and for the first time they’re for me! They’re for not the baby or hubby or older girlchild! This is exciting because I’m a wool freak and have only crap socks from Wal-Mart. (I’ve been knitting for less than a year at this point so my goal of replacing the contents of our socks drawers has only recently been born.) I’m using that Herringbone rib pattern out of the last Interweave Knits issue.
    I’d be happy to test the cowl pattern, too. It would be my first one! πŸ™‚
    You rest that ankle and enjoy BSG. Perfect time to have a bad ankle, if you think about it. Because even if no one in the house watches BSG you can pull the “Oh, my ankle, my boredom!” card. Heh.

  240. I will be patient about the cowl pattern but will repeat my vote to charge us all a bit, to help with the plumbing, new washer and dryer.
    We love BSG at our house and rented some to catch up on the story to be ready for Friday. It is honestly the best science fiction drama I’ve ever seen. The writing is great and the acting is the best. If the power went out on Friday I think my family would gladly walk miles through a snowstorm to get to a friend’s house with cable and electricity.
    Love the BSG socks!

  241. I’m also sooo excited about BSG returning to tv! I just have to figure out a way to watch it… my little attic hideaway only gets three channels. Sandra will have it on tivo back in Calgary. The question is, can I wait another month to see it? Hmmm.

  242. Woo hoo! Thanks ever so much for agreeing to make the cowl pattern public. I didn’t comment yesterday, knowing in my heart that many others would. We know genius when we see it, and that cowl IS IT. I’m looking forward to the pattern, definitely. Keep off the ankle like a good girl – just remember that spring (and therefore biking weather) is coming someday, and you’ll want to play. Vicky

  243. I forgot to say I’m sorry to hear about your stress fracture. Happy knitting, television watching and healing. (Make sure you’re getting enough calcium and magnesium in your diet/supplements.)

  244. When my husband looked over my shoulder as I was reading this post, he noticed your picture of the wound up skein and said “Hey, that looks like the Eye of Jupiter. You know, from Battlestar?” I burst out laughing. Loved the reference so Firefly too.
    Hope your stress fracture heals soon!!!

  245. Now all I need is a turquoisey blue yarn called “event horizon” and I’ll knit myself a wormhole scarf/cowl while watching Stargate SG-1 on the internet!

  246. The socks are beautiful but more than that, we SciFi geeks need to stick together. I never got into BSG but I’m a huge Stargate: Atlantis fan and I’m pleased as punch that my SGA patch arrived last week. I’m in my 40’s man! And I’m still geeked about a patch.

  247. See, this is why I love your blog. You “get” me. πŸ™‚
    I am so the Sci-Fi geek (and a Gamer Girl, so that’s a double whammy.) Shall I name them all?
    Let’s just say I started out when I was a wee lass of 5 and watched the “Planet of the Apes” TV series and “Space 1999” back in the 70’s. (I even had the Space 1999 lunch box in 1st grade.) Then I watched BSG and Buck Rogers as I got a little older (still in grade school) and was completely obsessed with the mini-series and TV series “V” (middle school where I played D&D during my lunch hour,) plus got into watching all the Star Trek I could when my parents finally got cable. I watched X-Files, all of the follow-up ST series and Babylon 5 when I was in high scool and college and then married a fellow Sci-Fi geek and gamer (DH, the love of my life.) Of course, we’ve had to watch Xena, Hercules, Buffy, Angel, Stargate, and Roswell too. And last, but not least, the new Doctor Who series.
    We’ll be over at the in-laws watching BSG on Friday night (they have satellite) unless some major emergency involving lots of blood happens. LOL
    P.S. I’m knitting socks but they’re not for me. They’re for DS the Eldest, also a big Sci-Fi geek and Gamer. His father and I are so proud!

  248. Oh yeah! Geeks unite! BSG Rules! But there’s no way I’m going to have a pair of sock finished, maybe just the latest cowl or three on the needles. I can tell you though that I’m very jealous of you having an Eye of Jupiter colorway. Enjoy!

  249. love the sox, downloaded the patt yesterday and preorder my yarn from etsy today. I’m a geek for things too, but not sci fi. Love reading your blog. Patiently waiting for the cowl patt.

  250. So sorry about your ankle! Don’t be surprised if the x-ray shows nothing. My son has one in his leg, and the initial x-ray was negative, but one a couple of months later shows the break healing, so it was there all along. The socks are lovely! I was a Star Trek Voyager/Deep Space 9 fan back in the day. Someday I’d like to see those series again…perhaps while knitting socks!

  251. Right there with you sista, BSG and a Stargate freak. Loved, Loved, LOVED Farscape, still miss it and say frell (aka frak). Please add me to the gotta have the pattern for the beautiful cowl list! Already ordered the yarn, those poor Roving Winds people won’t know what hit them!

  252. I took up running not too long ago too, and hurt my knee the second week. I was feeling good and I think overdid it. Hope you heal quickly!

  253. I haven’t gotten into BSG, mostly due to lack of time for TV watching, but how much does it say about your level of geekness if your sister, who lives in the UK, gets a Sonic Screwdriver for you for Christmas and brings it to Canada? The package also had a Sonic Pen, now I just need a Sonic Lipstick and a Laser Screwdriver to complete the set. Wow, was that geeky or what?
    Love the socks.

  254. As my friend who recovered from backsurgery in a black recliner said to me: tv + stay off feet + recliner + snacks at hand and you’re a guy!

  255. AHAHAHAHAHA!!! Sorry, I had to laugh, it’s not about the stress fracture cause I kind of had the same thing a couple years ago… I’m laughing about the BSG Fandom!!! I JUST got my best friend and her mother hooked on it and I forgot Season 2 at home… I think I may be beaten if I don’t bring it in tomorrow.
    Plus I”m very sad, going through withdrawal because I havne’t picked up season 4 (haven’t even seen it since we shut off the cable to save money) and I haven’t seen any of the eps leading up to the finale…. so sad. But I do have socks and knitting to keep me company. πŸ™‚
    So say we all.

  256. Da%$! I guess that means I am a geek. I have really been trying to avoid this my whole life, but oh well. I am getting to the age where I just don’t care anymore.

  257. No Frakking way!!!!!!!!! It is mostly your fault I have turned into a scifi geek. My 27 yo daughter just cocks her head and stares at me when I say…”they are releasing the latest DVD on the 6th and they are all in my queue” she says “huh?”.

  258. Ooh, I’m in love with the Leyburn socks! I’m making them just as soon as I finish the current socks I’m working on. I’m making them out of The Alpaca Yarn Company’s Paca Peds in the Kermit and Miss Piggy colorway. (I named it! Hee Hee)
    I’ve been reading for a couple of months and never commented, but I just needed to let you know how much I appreciate your wit and humor. I’m reading two of your books right now, Knitting Rules! and What I learned, and I’ve got your 2009 calendar. It’s like you took the thoughts right out of my head! I swear, I had totally planned to ride a stationary bike this year to lose weight for the simple reason that I could knit while doing it!
    Anyway, I’m sure you’ve heard this hundreds of times, but your unique views on knitting and life as a knitter help me enjoy the craft even more…especially since, being the only knitter in my family and friends, I’m surrounded by muggles.
    Thanks for being you!

  259. Oh boy.. After missing the first episode of the new season of 24 you better bet I went on the DVR and set up BSG!!!
    Who is the final model??? YARN HARLOT! Mwahhahahahhaha

  260. I’m with you! I bought the Eye of Jupiter yarn after you talked about it here since I too am such a huge BSG geek! I’ll cast on tonight – I won’t finish a pair by Friday but I’ll be done before the last episode ends.

  261. mmm… I just need a Serenity commemorative sock pattern, and *some* of my geeky needs will be satisfied πŸ™‚

  262. Geeks good.
    And if it makes you feel any better, I’ve managed to do something to my sciatic nerve while shovelling snow…an excellent excuse to sit and do more knitting.
    I’m also one of Those who would really, really like to have the cowl pattern. I’ll sit and wait quietly, just wanted to let you know it’s lovely.

  263. Well – I’m not into sci-fi, but I’m a knitaholic. ;-))
    Want another test knitter for the cowl? Email me ….
    And get well soon – a broken ankle is no joke!

  264. I was a sci-fi geek long before I was a knitter. Though the knitting obsession is growing and growing and my stash may soon approach the same volume as my SF book and DVD collection. Reading through the other comments I can’t believe how many other SF-geek-knitters there are! Shiny!
    Love the yarn! And the pattern! Would love to knit along but it’d probably be too late by the time I got my hands on the yarn. I’ll definitely be checking out all the Sereknitty colorways. I already love them just for the name πŸ™‚

  265. My husband and I are huge BSG fans through Netflix, No cable. We live in fear of BSG friends spoiling the ending before we can get it on dvd!! Please please please don’t give it away for those of us that have to wait! Love the “Eye of Jupiter” yarn for so many reasons. Thanks for making my day.

  266. Love the socks. Working on baby blankets as every person I know seems to be procreating. I also have to make another snowdrop shawl as a wedding present for a former student.
    I want the socks. Maybe I’ll cast on a my Malabrigo Eggplant sock yarn on Friday. My husband can have BSG military socks by the time we find out who the 5th Cylon is — I’m thinking it’s Starbuck.

  267. Not a BSG Geek, but a geek in my own geeky way. Love the leyburn socks, I just printed off the pattern, have the pefect busy yarn for it. enjoy your time off. I knit and watched old movies all day on Sunday, it was a great way to spend a winter day.

  268. Do you think your stress fracture is a result of sympathy pains for the now-defunct Mr. Washie? πŸ™‚
    I’m throwing a BSG viewing party Friday that’s bringing together people from several heretofore unconnected parts of my social life, so the phrase “Geeks unite” rings very true. Don’t know if I’ve got any sock yarn worthy of a Cylon reveal, though….

  269. I’m such a geek that the last time you mentioned this I went online immediately to buy this yarn and I live in the UK! (Which reminds me, no spoilers please!!! I’m being very good and not reading ahead online.)
    Hope you get well soon (or experience a pain-free knit-full recuperation at least)!

  270. While I would love to do the BSG Sock Project, I am being very strict with myself and making myself finish up projects that have been on the go for a while. So far these past couple weeks I finished an afghan (crocheted), two scarves (knitted), and am now focusing on a knitted/felted bag. I also need to finish up my first sweater, and knit a hat for a friend, and THEN I will be able to work on socks. My first pair of socks, I should add, so it is probably better not to have the pressure of a looming deadline for that, on top of learning how to do the heel stuff, which seems slightly intimidating to me.
    Being a sci-fi show geek myself, I’m looking forward to seeing your Eye of Jupiter socks when they are done.

  271. “Geeks unite” — so say we all!
    Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse premiers next month, (with BSGs Tahmoh Penikett) hopefully it will be better handled than Firefly. *tear*

  272. So cool that you admitted to being a geek! I’m so phyched about these last few episodes! I think I know who is the last cylon but no one agrees with me! So I’m not going to make a sock, but I’m knitting a scarf with my prediction knitted into it!

  273. Farscape and BSG have enhanced my bad language. What would I do if I couldn’t yell “Frak!” or “Frell!” when I mung something up (like my current bit of lace)?
    Yes, I’m a geek. Deal with it.

  274. Love your socks! The colorway is gorgeous! I’m a sci-fi fan, and see nothing wrong with your addiction to BSG. My husband and I were huge fans of the original series, and we enjoyed the first couple of seasons of this one, but then it got dark and weird so we stopped watching. I’ve always been a Stargate fan myself, but those are gone now too. What are we going to watch now?

  275. Wasn’t it you who at one time fantasized about suffering a lower extremity injury b/c it would give you ample opportunity, aka excuse, to sit and knit? Work it, baby, work it!
    I broke my ankle last September (walking pretty well again, thanks) and found that it made EVERYTHING hard, so hard that I had little time left for knitting after every day’s struggle to get up, get coffee, get clean, get to the computer, and get done the (few) other things I had to do. I sincerely hope your experience is more positive.
    As a fellow geek, I have to know: have you watched all the Firefly episodes? Most excellent geeky stuff, most excellent even for the non-geeks. As to BSG, I have only watched the original series; must get the new one on DVD from library.

  276. OK… I just had to pre-order the yarn, which will be here in 3 weeks. And I downloaded the pattern. So I’ll do my darndest to get the socks made as soon as I can. And will post on Ravelry. πŸ™‚

  277. So sorry about your ankle. I get an injury every time I decide to start a new exercise program ;-P I hope it heals soon.
    Love the socks! Still waiting for the pattern to that gorgeous, perfect cowl.

  278. Test knitter here! Hand raised high to the sky to volunteer. I’ll knit this lovely cowl whether I’m an official tester or just a knitter enthusiast of all things Harlot.
    By the way, I played D & D when you were learning to knit! Wouldn’t that be about 1973?
    LOVE the Leyburn (& toe up to boot – maybe that’s a pun), colourway and challenge!
    Keep that leg up!

  279. *oooo, oooo, I’ll test knit……raising hand and waving from Atlanta*
    Kudos for getting an x-ray. I thought I’d sprained an ankle last fall but now think it was probably fractured. Yup, I should have gone to the doctor…….enjoy BSG……

  280. Awesome socks! Geeks unite!
    I am late to the BSG party — I’m halfway through Season 2, and it’s killing me that I’m not ready for the new episodes. We’re going to put them on the DVR and keep them until we get there. πŸ™‚

  281. ok, i got ALL of those references. my dvr is set to record, although i am lacking in geeky yarn to accompany my sci fi viewing. sadness.

  282. Hope you ankle is doing better. As for the geekiness factor, I think we in the USA have just welcomed the Age of Geek, our new president being all geeky/nerdy/dorky, which makes for a very special human being.

  283. Add me to the Doctor Who geek list! I definitely think we need our own yarn- something that magically self-stripes itself into the TARDIS. And, of course, only takes half the normal time to knit (wibbly-wobbly…)

  284. Great yarn! I bought some red, blue, and yellow Lorna’s Laces to knit my boyfriend Eye of Jupiter socks for X-mas, but other holiday knitting took up too much time. You’ve inspired me, though – I’m going to cast on at the start of Friday’s episode, and have them done by the series finale (if not well before).

  285. Maybe knitting and sci fi go together – Knitting since a babe, I’m a sci fi nut since the ORIGINAL Star Trek, and Battle Star Galactica is incredible – much better to watch on the DVD sets as I totally lost track of the series on the Sci Fi channel…. and missed so much – but I’m catching up and Star Gate Atlantis is incredible – the perfect night – watching and knitting and drinking wine.

  286. Geeks rule, normals drool. I’m a huge Sci-Fi fan, heck, I collect Star Wars toys, you can’t get any geekier than that! Highlander, SG1, SGA, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Babylon 5, Angel/Buffy and of course, Battlestar! We’re having a party for the Friday eppie, and I have been officially designated Mystery Cylon for the night. I’d knit those socks but I think I’ve pretty definitely established I can’t knit a sock to save my life. I’ll have to settle for making some type of Star Wars Jedi scarf.
    And ouch! I did the whole stress fracture thing a few years ago — have they given you a walking cast? It allows you to move about, while keeping the weight off the fracture. Meanwhile, look at it this way — you have quality knitting time, you can boss the family around and make them do things in the house since you can’t, and you have stories for us and another book!

  287. Hope your foot gets about to healing very, very soon. Holding my breath ’til Friday (your socks are looking gorgeous!) — oh, and, next time, could you warn a girl?? lmao

  288. As if I didn’t like you enough! I am also a huge geek, and am so frakkin’ excited for the BSG premiere. I’m not nearly as prolific a knitter as you, so I don’t know if I will actually knit anything, but I applaud you for doing so.

  289. I am such a geek, I had to STOP watching BSG because I was getting too emotionally involved. Now I’m faced with getting them on DVD, which will cause major emotional involvement, because you can watch them ALL AT ONCE.
    I am eager to see the cowl pattern because I have several luscious skeins that deserve special treatment. Have you considered making the pattern something that we can “buy” with a voluntary contribution to knitters without borders?

  290. Dude–I’m not a BSG geek–I’m a Supernatural one! And now that you’ve challenged me, I’m wondering what sorts of socks I could make for my beloved Sam and Dean… (Classic Ghost Rock Geek, I can hear it comin’…)

  291. It’s a great color. Unfortunetly, I have a feud with the original bsg (it took Buck Rodger’s time slot! Grr…) so can’t bring myself to accept the new one. Now, if they come up with some B5 colorways, my life will be complete. As long as they are better than Opal’s HP ones. Those were really dissapointing.

  292. OMG you even quoted from one of my all time favorite episodes Jose Chungs from Outer Space!
    Blaine had some great dialogue

  293. I also went over right away and snagged some Eye of Jupiter when you mentioned it last time. But, in the lace weight. I was thinking a Pi shawl just might be the perfect project for it. Simple enough that I won’t lose track of the pattern when I get all evolved in the show!
    Unfortunately, I will not be able to watch the new BSG on Friday night due to a work function. The DVR is all set to go, though!

  294. don’t feel bad. i actually created a dr. horrible hat pattern (goggles and all!)
    geek on, woman, geek on!

  295. I think it’s a totally normal and wonderful inclination, but I think at this point it might be hard for anyone to get their hands on that colorway before the series ends, much less knit it up.
    Not to worry, though, Sereknity has some pretty fantastic colorways besides Eye of Jupiter.

  296. Geeks FTW! You just revealed yourself to be even cooler, a feat that I thought previously impossible. Do tell… do you watch Doctor Who as well?

  297. Yet another reason why you rock…you’re a BSG Fan! I can’t wait for the final episodes, and yet I can, because they’re the LAST ones! Enjoy!!! (And I LOVE the Eye of Jupiter yarn!)

  298. Sadie6: It’s nice to know your hubby has a “normal” life after playing Norman on Blood Ties.
    Stephanie, Beth at used some of the information in your post today for her own little explanation of knitting. She starts off with, ‘Okay, socially I am compelled to speak out about a β€œlifestyle choice” that seems to be spreading. You see people doing it publically in sunny parks, behind closed doors (of course!) but now though recently rightly considered a PUBLIC THEAT these same people are now, according to a 2008 article, allowed to pleasure themselves on a plane, as THEY PLEASE. I am of course talking about knitting.’
    Beth goes on to explain knitting as a slightly kinky addiction. She’s very funny about it; but her blog is sometimes NOT work-safe. You also might also want to avoid liquids near the keyboard as you read her knitting piece.
    I bought the first-season Blood Ties videos from Beth; my wife is a devout knitter and addicted spinner with a drop spindle; and the world is getting just too small.
    I didn’t enjoy BSG in the ’70s, and haven’t seen it this time. But we’re Star Trek, Dr. Who, Torchwood, and Red Dwarf fans.
    And the C in RICE is SUPPOSED to mean Compression; Chocolate works too, though. DO stay off the injury, Stephanie, and listen to your Doctor!
    All the best,

  299. OK, weren’t you the one wishing a while back for some small illness/situation that would keep you off your feet so you’d have an excuse to knit?
    I think this is the universe answering your wish.
    Just knit and enjoy it, no that the plumbing & laundry are back together and the mad rush of the holidays is over.

  300. It is on my calendar. There are alarms set to go off so I can prepare myself and fortify with beverages and snacks. I cannot wait.

  301. Oh, a fellow lover of all things geeky! The more I read, the more I love your blog. I’m half-way through your latest book and enjoying it immensely.

  302. I think I have a geek trifecta: Computers and sci-fi and knitting (oh my!). Our family breeds computer geeks and knitters.
    Oh, and stay off that foot or a representative from the “land of a million mothers” will be paying a visit.

  303. I wish I could join you for the BSG knitfest on Friday, but I will be dancing at a Realtor party (one that actually promises to be fun….thanks Beth!) But my DVR is primed. But now I’m debating if I should record the entire 14 hours of BSC on Sci-Fi on Friday.
    But let’s be honest, The Doctor is way hotter than any guy on the Galactica….
    I am a little disappointed at your attitude about stress fracture…….I would be begging the doctor to put me on total bed rest for a month! Just for the knitting time! But then again, I bet it gets old pretty quickly.

  304. Does volunteer #100 get to be a test knitter? I would love to knit that lovely cowl if you are looking πŸ™‚

  305. I happily spinning/plying to all 5 seasons of Babalon 5 so I can relate. I will wait until I can get all of the seasons of BSG. I find it’s easier that way.
    BTY I’m loving our newest book and the calendar. Tahnks for the Stash definition (1/9/09), my husband finally gets it.

  306. I think you scared off all the commenters with the geekitude, only 130?
    But I have a desperately urgent question – that ankle’s not your treadling foot, is it?? I guess that would be one advantage of a single-treadle wheel! Break one ankle, use the other!
    I have to tell you, I observed my very first Tuesdays are for spinning yesterday with my very first spinning wheel. It turns out that I am not a prodigy. The spinning was kind of bad. But I want you to know, in case you are out of spinning commission over this ankle thing…Tuesday was not neglected.

  307. I’m also a sci-fi geek. Not so much into BSG, though my sister is. My latest addiction is Doctor Who. Yep, love David Tennant. Don’t have any Doctor Who socks, but my wonderful Mom did knit me the infamous scarf. Don’t make fun of me, but I wear it all of the time since it’s so warm. (Endless feet of wool garter stitch is WARM!) In Maine this time of year, we need all of the warm we can get.
    I’ll go back to knitting away while watching the Doctor save the universe once again. Does it ever get old? πŸ™‚

  308. I think at this point I’d take a stress fracture over what’s happening with my eye. At least lucky you, you can still knit and watch tv. I can’t do either at the moment, sigh…nevertheless you have my sympathy and I hope you get better soon…ciao

  309. Being a massive SciFi fan/geek myself, am very pleased to know you are too (not particularly surprised). Just to add another layer of ‘how it’s meant to be’ re. the yarn “Sereknity”, very recently SciFi ran Joss Whedon’s hilarious off-world movie “Serenity” based on the terrific but short-lived TV series “Firefly”.
    Meanwhile, lovely socks!

  310. I can’t help you out with BSG knitting but I’m in the throes of designing a sweater that replicates the Klingon vertebra. So if you’re also a Star Trek geek (and really who isn’t?), we’re part of the UFP.

  311. Ouch! Sorry to hear about your ankle. Besides exercise being good for you, running is actually really hard on your body. My knees can’t handle the impact. (Even back when I was fit.)

  312. Geeks unite! Oh man, I can’t believe BSG is over already! I don’t watch television when it’s on (that’s what DVD series are for), and I’m in Japan so I’m way behind anyway, but I thought for sure that it would go on forever!
    The socks are gorgeous. Hope they’re good to go!

  313. As a self-proclaimed “knerdy knitter” (see blog title), I am SO EXCITED about BSG coming back on the air. While I don’t knit fast enough to complete a pair of socks before the series finale, I did knit a “Starbuck’s Mandala” hat (special destiny, indeed) that I wear whenever watching any of the episodes (especially if they prominently feature Starbuck, who I have a major girl-crush on).
    Geeks unite! In the immoral words of whoever said it, “Be nice to nerds. You’ll probably end up working for one some day.”

  314. I’ve intended to get into BSG but I got into scifi too late and I figured it was too late to start watching something that was almost over… (which is how different than my getting into Firefly after the fact, but granted one season worth of dvds for only 19.99 at Target didn’t set me back much)
    Saya (who just completed her Jayne hat and is reveling in her own geeky knitting goodness!)

  315. Geek of the Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis type checking in here!! The final episode of Atlantis was screened here in the UK on Tuesday evening, and hubby and I sat watching every last minute of it (while I was also finishing off a pair of rabbit bootees for the expected baby of friends) – so I know where you’re coming from re Galactica!!

  316. Re: the cowl pattern & what to do about it
    I think you should sell it through Ravelry. I’d pay $5 for it, and the funds from everyone would pay for the new washer & dryer. After that, pattern sales could fund your blog IT costs (you know, the having to get a bigger house thing).
    Advantages of Ravelry – you don’t have to handle order fulfillment. You don’t need to figure out how to host a shopping cart or do credit card processing or help people who accidentally deleted the email with the magic download link. It’s just handled for you. Money shows up in your account, with little to no work on your part. (Believe me, you want to stay out of the order fulfillment business. You already have a job).
    Besides, it’s fun getting money through paypal. Why fun? In my case, I tend to see it as “extra” money. Money I receive into my paypal account becomes money I can spend on stash (paid for through paypal). Doesn’t help with paying for the washer, but does help self-fund one’s addictive hobby… It’s guilt free. You can declare it as stash money up front if you want.
    Anyway, whatever you decide to do with the pattern, I encourage you to sell it rather than provide it for free. While I would certainly love a free pattern, buying it would make me feel like I’m giving something back for getting to enjoy your blog every day. It would give me a way to contribute.
    Thanks for all you do!

  317. No! No! No! I’m on a yarn diet. I can’t buy any more yarn, especially sock yarn! But how can I possibly pass up Eye of Jupiter yarn? It’ll take 3-4 weeks to get here, so maybe if I promise to finish and get another pair done I can justify it?
    Our son gave us season 1 of BSG last year, and we’re slowly working through the whole series via Netflix–just finishing season 3 so we won’t be watching the season finale. No spoilers please!
    My knitting goes to all D&D games–my GM had better not tell me I can’t knit during games! (Luckily, it’s often my husband who understands what happens when I am not allowed to knit.)

  318. Ooh, I must get some of that yarn! I don’t have time to make socks for BSG (especially since I’m already working on another pair with a deadline) but I’m definitely going to be wearing my Starbuck’s Mandala hat. At least until I get too warm, because apparently San Francisco thinks it’s summer.

  319. I’m right there with ya – except for the running. What is it with running? I don’t get running.
    We don’t get the SF channel, so what ever you don’t tell me what happens, I’m waiting for the dvd.

  320. “I didn’t spend all those years playing Dungeons and Dragons and not learn a little something about courage.”
    I LOVE that quote. With all it’s different layers of meaning.
    Geek on, girl!

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