Many Things

1. There are all these things that I keep forgetting/neglecting to tell you because I can’t make it all go together so I’m not even going to try. Prepare yourself. This entry will be chaos.

2. Socks continue to scorch the needles they are so darned fast. Pair by Friday for sure I think.

3. Total for MSF/DWB also scorching. We’re up to the staggering and remarkable total of $590 768.

Fear us, for we are mighty. (There’s more too, as I make my way through my inbox one chunk at a time. As you can imagine, a couple of hundred grand in small chunks is a lot of tallying. I don’t mind at all, but that’s why it’s taking a while. To get even a thousand dollars in $20 bites takes 50 emails. Patience please. If I haven’t acknowledged your gift yet, it’s not in the tally- but it will be, I do a bunch every day.) As promised, we have more karmic balancing gifts. (If you think you’re the person that won, check your email. I’ve sent notes to everyone got lucky.)

The gracious Barb has two things she’d like to share. A set of these beautiful Spinner’s Notecards will be going to Kelly P. and a skein of this beautiful laceweight,


it’s 90 Canadian alpaca, 10 silk 1300 yds, which will be enough for Tracy T. to make something really good.

Marie in NJ has decided to give three skeins of this Wool in the Woods “Fuzzy Wuzzy”, (colorway Thief in the Night)


to Dragon P. (Well, she didn’t exactly decide it should go there, that was a random number generator, but you know what I mean.)

Aubrey of Goodies Unlimited (I love everything they make) has been very generous, she has four $25 gift certificates to give away, and those are going to Kristi P, Tamara G, Holly G, and Luciana. (The four of you should give Aubrey some extra love. She had to have her gallbladder out just before Christmas. I don’t want to tell you what to get, but I have a tub of Everything Balm that I’m pretty attached to.)

Beth, another soap making goddess, has three sets of six bars. They’re glycerine based, contain natural dyes and nice things, and are scented with essential oils.


and the random number generator says that they will be going to live with Diane N, Sabrina D and Janet H.

Finally today, my friend and yours, the indefatigable Cat Bordhi, is going to sign one each of her books and ship them off to live with five different knitters. (Probably not until after TNNA though.) New Pathways for Sock Knitters, Book One is going home to Brownie C. Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles is for Dawn V. A Treasury of Magical Knitting is going to live with Leslie M. A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting loves Brie C, and a copy of Cat’s novel Treasure Forest (which I read and loved- a lot) is going to Melissa S.

A big virtual hug to everyone helping me make this happen.

4. There are more gifts to come, so don’t worry if you didn’t get an email from me and you think you’re being left out. You’re not.

5. Sam really needs mittens and a hat. She is having trouble being very, very hip, and very, very warm, since she feels that all of her old woollies are “not very cool”. (I think this means they are colours.) I’m going to have to figure something out, since it’s -25 here today.

6. The ankle x-ray came back yesterday, and it’s not a stress fracture, but an osteochondral injury. This isn’t tremendously bad news, since mine is “stable” and “minor” but it does mean that I have to keep staying off it. Intense negotiations with the Dr. have resulted in a plan involving a cane and brace (I was opposed to crutches because they are hard on your hands and you can’t carry a coffee. If I can’t carry a coffee, I can’t do it.) for three weeks, and then “imaging re-evaluation” and referral to a specialist if things aren’t a lot better.

7. I am going to have to find a non-weight bearing exercise to do for the next three weeks, because it turns out that going for runs and walks is a crime prevention strategy for my personality.

8. I am sort of glad it is an osteochondral injury, because one of the other choices was that maybe it was “gout”. Since I (whether I am right or wrong) associate gout with people who look like Winston Churchill, I am sort of glad I don’t have it. As I said to the doctor, I’m a fit, active, 40 year old vegetarian in sensible shoes. Gout would be inappropriate.

9. Osteochondral injuries are usually injuries of “overuse” that athletes get. I think that’s better than gout. (The fact that I am not an athlete does not make this feel any less noble.)

10. I know all of that is wrong, but I can’t help it.

11. I want a cane like House.

12. Have I told you guys about the special Bohus exhibit that’s about to happen? It’s called Radiant Knits: The Bohus Tradition, and its opening at the American Swedish Institute on Friday January 23 in Minneapolis. (The fabulous Minnesota Knitting Guild is a sponsor.) I can’t go, but I think that anybody who can should hustle there as fast as they can. Solveig Gustafsson will be there talking about her work dyeing and recreating the Bohus Designs, Bohus Stickning designer Kerstin Olsson will talk about her work at Bohus… it’s going to be gripping, all of it. (Make sure you scroll around on the Swedish Institute page.) There are tons of events, and I know a lot of them are sold out, but a lot aren’t. I think that anyone within striking distance should turn up. Bohus is an important part of knitting history, and besides it being a really, really interesting topic, it’s important to support knitting events like this, particularly educational ones.

We’re in serious danger of losing much of this knowledge about knitting, and if we don’t support attempts to pass on the expertise and experiences of the knitters before us, much of it will be lost in the shuffle. Bohus Stickning organization was begun in Sweden in the 1930’s during the last great depression. The wife of the Governor of BohuslΓ€n helped a group of women to create a co-operative organization to help support their families. (Actually, since many of the women’s husbands were unemployed, knitting became the main support for a lot of them.)

It’s a timely and interesting topic.

13. You should read the comments from yesterday. There are some socks there that are purportedly “fast” that I hadn’t heard of. Totally worth a read.

14. Speaking of reading, I just finished Housekeeping (on Cari’s say so) and it was really lovely.

15. Also very good, Franklin’s book, It Itches. I’ve been remiss in not saying anything about this, but truth be told, other than flipping through and giggling several times (mostly to make sure that he hadn’t written a terrible book that I was going to have to avoid discussing with him.) I hadn’t had a really good sit down with it. I finally did, and it’s very grand. I quite liked the wee essays (especially the “Lost Knitting Diaries of the Famous”) and quite frankly, I know knitters who should be relating pretty hard to the cartoon on page 101. (Hint. That may not be a compliment.) I’ve heard my work compared to Franklin’s and his to mine, and I don’t know how he feels about being compared to me, but after having a nice cuppa and a perusal of his little book… I’m flattered to be in that rarest of niches with him. The proud, the few…

The Knitting Humourists. Nicely done buddy.

198 thoughts on “Many Things

  1. Hrm – comments work now? I broke my foot about 8 weeks ago and managed to talk my doc out of a cast, but not crutches. Love the cane idea.
    Wishing I still lived closer to MN – I’d be in the car for the Bohus event for sure. Maybe I should start my Bohus?

  2. One thought about transporting coffee while using ambulatory aids –
    Use a stainless steel travel mug with a good, tight lid.
    You’ll be laughing all the way to the caffeine high.

  3. My youngest stepdaughter wore Ugg slip-on slippers and (mismatched) cotton ankle socks for TWO YEARS, through two brutal Montana winters. Make Sam make her own, because there is no understanding what teenagers consider “cool”.

  4. Glad you’re getting caught up with the miscellaneous stuff. I hate it when that’s hanging over your head and it interferes with knitting.
    PS. I haven’t received an acknowledgement yet. Hopefully the total will really soar when you finish them all!

  5. I am really tempted by those socks you are knitting, they look like they might solve some horrible colour pooling issues that I am having.
    Look after yourself and get well soon!

  6. Well, I’m glad your injury isn’t “bad” (although I think that’s a bit relative when you are the one stuck on the couch, so to speak). I hope that you find lots of interesting patterns and yarns and movies to distract you. Consider the universe telling you to take a load off – whether you like it or not.
    MSF rocks – I’m so excited to see that number climb! And you are a stalwart soul for doing all that data entry; it’s a grand burden to bear, though, isn’t it?

  7. I wish I could kniw socks as fast as you…
    Got some nice wool lined up for those Leyburn socks. I’ll time how long they take me!! LOL

  8. Glad its not a ‘bad’ injury — although it has cut into the knitting time.
    And are all teenagers anti-colored clothes now? The ones here are either in layers of one color, or in white. I just knit my third white fuzzy scarf . . .

  9. Some very lucky people are getting gorgeous gifts! -25 is pretty chilly! Here in the UK we were shivering when for once it got to about -7 last week! And it was headline news too! I’d love to see what Sam thinks is cool – maybe you should let her loose on your stash to see?!

  10. WOW – I don’t get any sort of alert to your blog – I just open it randomly and when I reached the end today there were zero comments!! Of course, it was the day the dog interupted me three times while I tried to read the blog and by the time I reached the bottom, I knew I was no longer first. Anyway, I’ve amazingly been first twice before.
    Since I live about 5 miles from the American Swedish Institute and used to drive past it everyday on the way to work, I will be sure to visit during the exhibit. I think you (and Joe, for a change)should figure out a way to come to Mpls on an unofficial visit. It’s cold, snowy and welcoming. We have fabulous LYSs and at the end of the month we have (for Joe and all other true Canadians and Minnesotans) a Pond Hockey Tournament (did you know there are amateur competitions all over the world). Quite a scene. PLEASE COME TO VISIT.

  11. I would be exactly the same way about a potential gout diagnosis. this sounds much better. Regardless, I hope you heal quickly.

  12. Those are *lovely* soaps…! Also, yarn. Of course πŸ˜‰
    I hope that your ankle mends quickly, and that there’s enough coffee and knitting (hah!) to keep you busy during the next few weeks!

  13. If you get a cane like house, please at least use it CORRECTLY! He holds it in the wrong hand! Hold it in the hand OPPOSITE the injured foot, or you will do more damage to yourself!

  14. At least it’s not a wrist injury.
    P.S. Dragon p your yarn will be on its way to you as soon as I find it (the Christmas clean was a tad vigorous this year).

  15. Whoa. The words osteochondral injury just sent me down memory lane. You know how you’ve always hoped for a knitting injury (by this I mean an injury that allows you to knit, but not do much of anything else)? Well, be careful with that, because I ended up with a lot more knitting time than I planned for this fall because of an osteochondral injury.
    Sending ankle mending thoughts your way.

  16. I hate that you’re injured, but I’m really glad it isn’t gout. My fit, young, healthy husband started getting gout from his mid-20’s, which sort-of blows the Winston Churchill theory out of the water, but it was excrutiatingly painful (to the point where he couldn’t tolerate the bedsheet on his feet at night, let alone socks! And even once it went away it came back every now and again. I hope your injury heals quickly and stays away once it’s gone.

  17. Megan Garcia has lots of advice in her Yoga for Curvy Women about how to adapt yoga for fat, out of shape women. You don’t qualify, but the same things actually apply to injured active fit women….chair yoga…and anything you can do upright you can do upside down…in my son’s school they do yoga (yeah, it’s a GREAT school!), and his friend had a broken leg, so he did a lot of things on his back with his leg in the air!
    And just think, it’ll give your daughter so many more reasons to roll their eyes at you, what a plus!

  18. Canes *can* be cool. And I hear, quite writerly.
    You must decide if this is lucky for you (or not) – I just freecycled away my great aunt’s gout stool.

  19. Your web site link shows the perfect walking cane for you, the ” alpacca feather ” beautiful and 234.-dollars only….lol.
    Get better soon….

  20. In my knitting group are a few people who just love to hold onto anger and niggle at it. Ya know? Like a thorn in one’s side that one doesn’t want to remove, but just complain about. I get impatient. Let’s move on! So some designers write impossible patterns. Quelle dommage. It’s a beautiful day, and we’ve got stuff to knit.
    Today was my most brilliant attempt at getting them to move on. I can hardly take the credit, though. I read them the second letter to a designer from Free-Range Knitter. It is tremendously fun to read to people who laugh so genuinely. Too fun, really. We moved on and the whole meeting had a good feel. Thanks, Stephanie!
    Gout isn’t so bad. I’ve got it. Give up a few foods. Take pills. Get your blood tested regularly. And otherwise do whatever you want.
    I have a friend who volunteers at a nearby zoo. I did feel rather badly when she reported that a chameleon died of gout. Suzi was accused of giving it too many crickets. That wasn’t one of the foods I was encouraged to forego eating, however.
    I hope your ankle feels much better very soon!

  21. Regarding #5. I can’t help with the mittens, my daughter refuses to wear them, period. However, for the hat: she is 16, she dresses in a very “cool” way (so she and her friends say), she lives in Toronto (so she should have Toronto taste) and I have knitted her countless hats which she has never worn. Until now: I knitted her a Porom (one of Jared Flood’s pattern) last November. It’s the perfect slouchy type of hat that girls of that age wear because it doesn’t flatten the hair. She loves it and wears it every day. Why don’t you show her the photos on Ravelry and see? I knit it with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino (no, the plain wool wouldn’t do, not good enough) and it was, at last, a success. Not easy to achieve with a teenager…

  22. You are amazing – how do you do it all??? Sock-blazing, reading, fundraising, hobbling with cane and coffee, working, homemaking/repairing, writing…goodness! I want some of whatever you got! πŸ™‚
    Take care of that ankle though! The more you stay off it the faster it will heal, which means you can get back to all the stuff you need/want/like to do!

  23. We have all my dad’s canes if you need to borrow one. πŸ™‚ You being House-ish makes me chuckle! The teen from Japan who is living with us this year, and who found snow and cold fascinating the first two months of winter, but groaned when we told her there’d be “real cold” this week,and more snow, dropped her ‘kitty’ hat that I knit for her, in the driveway this morning. (Repairman Wayne found it, thankfully, and there is no more drip under the sink. Yay!)I haven’t seen the handwarmers I made for her for weeks, and I imagine they’ve gone somewhere else to live. She’s learned to crochet, and next, knitting, so she can knit her own stuff. Perhaps Sam could make something she likes??

  24. If I can find my flame House cane, I’ll ship it your way. I busted my knee a while back and refused to hobble around in crutches for two months, so I was able to use a cane. Now its just sitting somewhere at my Mom’s house not helping anyone look bitchin’.
    Ps. Although side effects make you a cynical genius. Totally worth it in my opinion. πŸ˜‰

  25. I think the non-technical term for that is ‘joint mouse’. At least that what we used to say instead of osteoblahblahblah. I sheared a piece of bone straight off my ankle years ago while dancing.
    Also, canes are good for holding coffee in one hand and adjusting other people’s attitude with the other.And? You can get plenty of exercise while doing the ‘adjusting’. Which is completely win/win.
    And in the random news portion of this comment I finally broke down and joined RSC 09. Hopefully I’ll get to go to camp!

  26. “Overuse” injury? Have you been knitting with your FEET???
    When I had my broken ankle, we rented this little scooter thing–your non-weight bearing leg kneels on the padded seat and the other foot pushes you around. Complete with handbrakes and a little handlebar basket–but no little bell to ring, sad to say.

  27. You know…
    Isn’t warm weather a treatment for gout? So, if this is the case, gout would be a much better option because you would be forced to come down to Florida (where I am, in case you’re not getting my drift).
    Then, I could peer over your shoulder (after having brushed my teeth and showered so as not to offend) and watch your fabulous techniques for finishing socks so darned fast!

  28. Glad it’s not broken! A cane like Dr. House’s would be awesome. πŸ˜€
    And I agree, “It Itches” is fantastic! My copy just arrived yesterday and I zoomed through it giggling the whole way. πŸ™‚
    Socks! Yarn! Soaps! Books! Oh my!

  29. Osteochondral injuries are waaaay better than spiral fractures of the bone above the elbow -check out my blog — just to make you feel better — but just the same OUCH and I do feel sorry for you – and I totally understand the coffee thing.

  30. re: Sam’s hat and mittens: perhaps “They Might Be Pirates”? I made the hat for my brother last year, and he thought it was da bomb. The Anemoi mittens are gorgeous and loads of fun, if you haven’t considered those already.
    And dude, you should be GLAD it’s not gout–red wine supposedly causes gout to flare up.

  31. There is a very cool hat (cap style) on ravelry appropriately named Sam. Could be the one.

  32. Everyone should want a House cane. I mean really, who doesn’t love Hugh Laurie?!?!
    oh, and have you ever watched Pushing Daisies (American tv show that was just canceled on ABC)? It’s about a guy who’s a pie maker/PI and he solves cases with another PI who knits. It’s like a fairy tale! Goes well with knitting, too.
    Feel better!

  33. I’m mid-way through week 4 of no weight on my left foot, so I totally know what you’re going through. I only wish I could get just a cane (instead of crutches and a brace), but that will be a while yet for me. I’ve not made much knitting progress, so I think I’m going to have to start some of those supposedly fast socks…

  34. I love EZ’s Mitered Mittens. Done up in Silk Garden, they don’t quite match, and I think it looks tres hip.
    For a hat, look up “Felicity” on Ravelry. It is ‘the’ look this season. Apparently.

  35. Listen to Colleen. During the Great Knee Debacle of 07, I was down to one crutch and got a lengthy, stern lecture from my physical therapist on correct use of canes and single crutches. Apparently it’s important or something.
    Knitting isn’t a crime prevention technique for you? My husband has learned to hear, “I really REALLY need my knitting,” and translate to, “You should back away slowly now. And quietly.”

  36. How long should I wait before I pout about no response? haha.
    Seriously though, how fast do you knit?!
    I asked for Franklin’s book for Christmas as well as your calendar. I got the calendar, and enough money to buy the other πŸ™‚

  37. Sorry about the ankle. I have an osteochondritis hole in my femur due to an injury. I used to used to abuse my knees for fun when I was a kid. Now, I just walk a lot and do yoga and I just lay off for a few days when it starts to hurt. Someday it may result in a partial knee replacement, but it has held for 30 years or so now! It sounds like you have exactly the right info and treatment plan for your injury, hope it feels much better soon!

  38. Dear Stephanie,
    This is totally off topic. I noticed in your family it doesn’t seem like you buy into store bought xmas gifts. It is more like you make scarves, socks, sweaters for family members. No wii, video games, latest fashion baring clothing. I think you get my drift. Here in the US there seems as though there is a lot of “buy the best gift from the xyz store, wiis, video games, etc. spend to excess”. How do you do it? With the economies of the world kind of sputtering, expectations of truly a difficult couple of years ahead, I would like to know how you do it. It seems more fun and spirited than what I am experiencing.

  39. Guilty of not reading all the comments before making my hat suggestion, but I made Robin’s Egg Blue Hats for all of my hipper-than-me friends for Christmas and they went over really well! Plus they were super duper quick. Good luck and now I’ll head over to MSF to see if they’ve sorted out the problem they were having last week when I tried to set up monthly donations πŸ™‚

  40. Love Franklin’s book. I have it on my coffee table cause I love the cover so much.
    Hope you heal well, enjoy the extra knitting time!

  41. I love it when people do things on my say-so. I will, however, try not to get too drunk on the power. Especially because I’m going to need to stay alert right now. See…my stats counter has started smoking for some odd reason…

  42. A friend of mine is using a cane right now for a hip injury and it is ‘the’ flame cane that House uses. The pharmacy at the hospital actually called it that. Aaaand to make it even more official, the hospital is *in* Princeton, NJ! Also, my friend is known be rather House-like in his tone of speech, so to recap: 1. House cane, 2. Lives in Princeton, 3. Bitter.
    My friend is House.
    Just though that might bring a smile!

  43. Hang in there! I’m glad you don’t have a stress fracture, but an ostochondral injury isn’t anything to mess with either. I’ve got one of those in my left knee and right ankle. As difficult as it is for you, please persevere with the rest regimen!

  44. I’d have gone with the crutches. When I had to use them (fractured ankle) I: lost twelve pounds (great aerobic exercise), developed sculpted upper arms, and had ABS for the first (and last) time in my life. Just saying.

  45. You should definitely read Robinson’s two more recent books, Gilead and Home. She is a brilliant writer. The trick is getting a good book stand so you can read and knit at the same time!

  46. Forearm crutches – a good friend (and chiropractor, so she’s very conscious of using her joints properly) was recently laid up with a shattered ankle and used these. I overheard her recommending them to another friend, and saying that she appreciated having her hands more free to open doors and carry a cup of coffee.

  47. Housekeeping is a wonderful book. Please follow up with Gilead (for which Marilynn Robinson won a Pulitzer) and Home. She is such a beautiful writer and treats the English language with silk gloves.
    Enjoy the time off your feet = you don’t get it very often!

  48. I am so wicked jealous of you and your House cane. His canes are the best. You have to show us pictures. You should come up with the “cane caddy”, some type of bag to attach to it to hold a working ball of yarn…. =^)
    Why aren’t colors kewl anymore? I don’t get it. You should knit something with colors anyway and if Sam says anything tell her it’s colors without the “u” so it doesn’t count…. =^P
    I don’t understand teenagers at all. I didn’t understand teenagers when I WAS a teenager. ::sigh:: Good luck! Stay strong! Groan a lot, that usually helps with the sympathy factor.

  49. Thank You for the House cane link! I am going to be needing one when my RA flares. I was told that I should not try to force myself and use the support. I looked at my Hubby and said I want one like House’s. Love the show!! =)

  50. Sorry to hear about the ankle! As a recoveree of 2 knee surgeries, I recommend mat pilates for non-weightbearing but still feeling like you’re doing something. And then eventually yoga πŸ™‚

  51. Can you get to an indoor swimming pool? Swimming or a water exercise class is the BEST non-weight bearing exercise. When I was rehabbing from an auto accident long before I could walk on dry land, I could walk in the pool. What a treat! I used to joke that I could throw away the crutches, cane, walking boot (your choice at different times) if I could just figure out how to move around encased in water.

  52. As to your comments today being in chaos, your blog read like and e-mail from my sister so it was easy for me to read. Sorry to hear about your foot. Rest it as much as possible. I did click on the link you put for info. You really should not feel too bad. It said that this is usually in adolescents and young adults. So you are young. That thought should speed up your healing.

  53. I had this awesome, thoughtful, intelligent comment all thought out… and then the comments broke. So I’m going with my first reaction: dude, now I want a cane πŸ™‚

  54. Love that your osteochondral injury hotlink is to UW Health – in my city! Yep, we gots us some good medicine here.
    Non-weight-bearing exercise? Sounds like an excellent excuse to go swimming in a lovely indoor pool in the middle of winter!
    And be careful with the cane outdoors. The rubber tips tend to wear and can freeze in super-sub-zero temps, both of which can make it slip. My Mom is looking at a knee replacement (started as a torn meniscus, now her knee is bone-on-bone) and got a cane with a four-legged base – she says she’d rather use a little old lady cane than end up on her, um… posterior.
    Hope your OI (would that be pronounced “Owee?”) heals soon.

  55. When I was younger and concerned about looking cute in the winter, I was told that sometimes “it is just TOO COLD to be cute.”
    I agree… now that I’m older.

  56. We have a wedding to attend in Minneapolis in March and I’m making my husband and another couple drive up from Indianapolis (8 hours) a day early so I can go (and drag them) to the Bohus Exhibit. I’m very excited! πŸ˜€
    Rest up!

  57. I second the motion for the Alapaca Flame. ; )
    Good luck working out ‘cool’ and ‘off feet aerobics’.
    While buying ‘It Itches’ for my girlfriend, I got a copy for myself. Totally worth while. my girlfriend also does Sudokos, so… LOL

  58. Flame cane or plain vanilla, please don’t emulate House and use it in the WRONG HAND. A cane is always used on the opposite side to the bad leg, and House’s bad leg is his RIGHT. So, add THAT to your sins, Dr. House, but be reminded we love you , bad attitude and all.

  59. I’m glad to hear it isn’t gout – having had my first acute attack of it over xmas and New Year I wouldn’t wish it on anyone! You can’t knit with it for 2 reasons – the pain and the medication!!
    I love Franklin’s book and was so glad to meet him and have him alter the name on the tombstone in my copy

  60. As one who just had a painful and vaguely undignified bone scan for a suspected stress fracture (and is therefore literally radioactive), I recommend swimming if you can get to a pool.
    Canes are indeed, super cool.

  61. An overuse injury? From trying on too many socks, perhaps?
    But I’m sorry you’re laid up. Do take care of the ankle. You don’t want it to plague you for the rest of your life.

  62. I think a “House” cane (for use in your house, get it??) with flames would be approriate, given the speed of your current sox. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  63. Hmmm…maybe Sam would like those green mittens that were recently on the cover of Vogue Knitting? The ones by Jared Flood. I can’t think of the pattern name, but I’m sure someone will remember it. They struck me as so hip and simple. I’m dying to make them, but I’m sure it would be July before I’d ever have them finished! Luckily, you knit much faster than I…
    OK, I looked it up–they’re called Druid Mittens.

  64. ouch! I’m glad it wasn’t gout! my DH has it (and no, he doesn’t look like Churchill :-)) and it is NO fun. His started when he was in his 20’s and he couldn’t believe it either. Good luck w/ finding a hat suitable for a teen…scarves are all the rage for my students…in NC where it’s not cold at all (usually- this week it’s going to be WAY cold). go figure.

  65. I wanted to post regarding DWB (US version). I would like you to please add the $100 I gave last year . (So I am a little behind) Along with the $25 I pledged for the beginning of this year. Great cause and you have been a heroine with putting all this together.
    Swimming, some yoga and pilates may be worth looking into. My sister, a marathoner, had athroscopic surgery and a stress fracture in 2008. She really had to learn to cope not being able to do any thing. Cycling may be another option.

  66. Just a comment about the Bohus exhibit you might want to mention also. Bohus sweater, wrister, tam, hat/scarf kits are on sale online at:
    AND if you are lucky enough to live close to Minneapolis, stop in at the museum shop and drool over the kits in person. I guarantee you that it’s hard to make a decision. They are all just beautiful!

  67. Aquafit, baby. Never mind the little old ladies bobbing around – it is wicked hard if you put some effort into it. Plus if you put on a belt and go into the deep end, the pressure of the water on your ankle will work away the swelling, which is also important.

  68. Good luck healing fast!
    And thanks for the promotion of the Bohus exhibit. In addition to the exhibit and lectures, tours, classes, there it an afternoon of knitting in the beautiful mansion that houses the ASI. Saturday, 1-4 pm – be there everyone who can!

  69. Too bad about your ankle. I noticed no one has commented about BSG. I can’t wait for the shows to start again. I am a big fan and a Scifi geek. I teach high school English just north of T.O. and I make my kids read Scifi (Ender’s Game) for class. I love to knit as well but unfortunately do not have as much time as I would like. i haven’t tried socks yet, though. Maybe I should pick up a pattern and yarn this weekend.

  70. House AND Sci-fi? Groovy. We could all come keep you company, watch TV and knit while your ankle heels. (It was funny when you said you watched BSG –I loved the old ones as a kid– as it’s the next thing up on my Netflix queue!)

  71. as a teen myself, i can suggest some winter trends/brands that are popular in my area, in case you want inspiration for creating gloves and a hat without a pattern.
    1) you can’t go wrong anything from Anthropologie
    2) another popular store: Forever 21. large, slouchy beret type hats are fashionable, and so are knit caps with brims
    3) urban outfitters sells knit hats and gloves for an edgier audience
    4) updated classics can be found at J Crew
    ps- have you seen the house episode where they thought someone had gout?

  72. Re #7 – Look for a ‘floor barre’ class at a local ballet or dance studio.
    Floor barre is for injured dancers. We stay sitting or lying on the floor the entire class and get a great rehabilitaion in at the same time. Some of us even cramp up! Makes you gain muscle tone too. I love that class.

  73. It is possible to carry coffee while on crutches. A brother-in-law of mine had his leg amputated. While the wound was healing, he used a walker. He used the thermal coffee carafe I had given him, filled it with coffee, put the carafe and a mug on a belt loop, and carried them to his chair. He told me it saved his life.
    My mother has gout. Do you remember back in April at Webs when I showed you my first socks, and said that they were for my 92 year old mother who knitted lap robes for old people? She has gout. She copes.
    Hang in there.

  74. My fit husband has gout… he gets it when he eats red meat and drinks beer. He has to drink loads of water for days to get rid of it.

  75. I guess we can all be glad you don’t have gout! I’m an active, healthy 27 year old and have “pseudo-gout” which is all the symptoms of gout except you can’t just lose weight and take a drug to fix it. Kind-of a permanent arthritis thing that made me stop running ASAP. Good luck finding hat and mitten patterns for Sam: can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  76. Re #7 and seconding the above comment: the NYC Ballet Workout on DVD is mostly floor barre, AND it’s narrated by Peter Martins. Definitely relieves all my stress. πŸ™‚

  77. I received a copy of Kitschy Stitches for Christmas. I laughed and laughed and laughed. It’s a compendium of acrylic yarns and the horrible horrible crimes committed with them. Not so much a knitting history, not very noble, but enough to make mimosa shoot out my nose on Christmas morning.

  78. Problem is, House carries/uses his cane on the wrong side. When I was on one for a couple of years, the physical therapist said the cane should be on the side opposite the injury, and it is much better.

  79. We’ve got the most lovely paisley cane here that my mother is no longer using – she’s switched to a big wheeled walker with hand brakes and a seat. You could have it painted with flames…

  80. Knitters have been known to velcro cup holders to their crutches for convenient coffee conveyance.
    Gout is nasty. Sour cherry capsules from Traverse Bay Farms, decrease purine consumption, monitor your uric acid levels closely, etc. I have friends with it. Ouch!
    So, are you taking anything for your cartilage and bone health? Hyaluronic acid? Vitamins K2 and D3? Might help your ankle… Hope you heal quickly and completely.

  81. Okay, so I know that a foot injury isn’t funny, but I LOLed at “Gout would be inappropriate.”
    Feel better!

  82. Out of all the things in your list post I am picking one thing to reply to: Bohus.
    Is your beautiful Bohus sweater going to be on display there? It should be.

  83. Hello, lovely lady! As an exerciser and as someone who deals with permanent knee and ankle issues, let me reassure you that there are many, many things that you can do for cardio that are non-weight bearing.
    I’m assuming you have access to an indoor gym, or to the Y or the Canadian equivalent? Swimming is great, and you might be okay with the rowing machine. And the spin bike, to just name three. Oh, and recumbent bike, as well, although the calorie burn isn’t as great there, so you might want to consider adding some upper-body exercises (bicep curls, shoulder presses, etc.), all done with fairly light weights (like, 3 lbs or so). And when your doctor okays it, you could add in elliptical work, and incline work (for the latter, think treadmill, slowed waaaaay down, but at a really steep incline).
    Question regarding the fundraiser–I’d dearly love to be able to send some money as a contribution, but I’m totally flat-ass broke at the moment. What I COULD contribute, though, is some skeins of handspun. I also have some very nice fiber chewing its way through the doors of my Stash Closet. How would I go about sending this to you? Or to the recipient?

  84. Sam might like the pirate mitts and pirate hat from Hello Yarn. They’re all over skull and cross bones and are rad in gray and black. πŸ˜›

  85. now that i have found dwb phone numbers
    and postal numbers etc i will try to
    help a little will not need a prize
    be careful with yourself you will
    be putting some real stain on the
    other side of your body
    reading kate j and the friday night
    knitting club new one out
    julia roberts will play the lead
    in the movies who would play you
    fern michael the sister hood books
    the seven women are great

  86. As for the gout — just struck my husband. He’s a vegetarian and a non-drinker to boot. I’m glad you don’t have it. His first bout of gout hit just before his 40th birthday, so we’re calling it his “middle-aged middle ages” disease. No worries, really, though, the drugs are working just fine.

  87. Whenever I get hurt I hit the swimming pool. It can be a leap of faith to get into any water, even that of an indoor pool, during an severe cold spell but you won’t freeze. Just bring a hair dryer or risk icicle dreadlocks.

  88. “I’m a fit, active, 40 year old vegetarian in sensible shoes. Gout would be inappropriate”
    snarf. Glad I didn’t have a mouthful of anything when I read that. Made my day, thanks.
    PS, glad it’s not a stress fracture.

  89. I must say that you have inspired me to try to learn to spin
    I made a cd spindle out of sheer luck and it work
    AFter the first spin i was hooked
    I got about twenty yards of very uneven yarn but then my makeshift spindle broke.
    Im sad now
    There is no place to get a new spindle and since i dont have a gauranteed income (im in junior high) i have no way to get one
    Just thought id let you know that you got me hooked.

  90. I love it when you make a list of all the loose ends. Feels like a fresh start, but now you are recovering from your injury. Make sure you rest it plenty. I think it takes too long to recover a second time! And you do not want to learn to live with this.
    Thank you for reminding us about knitting history. Bringing all the incredible knitting ideas together in modern times threatens to dissolve the uniqueness of individual cultural knitting. Knowing where we came from inspires us to express creatively. We need it both ways.

  91. I’m so glad it’s not gout! Not that I’m glad you have some other injury, but…if you get gout you HAVE to stop drinking beer. And I second the comment about how excruciatingly painful it is. I thought I broke my foot because I couldn’t stand the sheet touching it. I’m only 47 (yeah, well…) and I’m just now starting to show a slight resemblance to Winnie. I promise to never wear a watch chain, however.
    Take care. Don’t knit TOO fast. Remember, only YOU can prevent wildfires. Probably not a big issue in frozen Toronto. But you never know.

  92. Let me see, I just read your last two books and I believe you wished to have some injury similar to the one you now have so that you could sit and knit? By the way, my 13-year old son loves to listen to me read your work out loud to him – he thinks you’re hilarious – and I was quite complimented the other night when he said to me, “You sound just like the Yarn Harlot!”

  93. Ouch! I’ve had multiple foot/ankle/knee mishaps/surgeries, so I’ve had lots of practice. My personal preference is crutches simply because my dogs know to give me a wide berth; we jokingly call them “dogwhackers” because the dogs got in my way at the wrong time once or twice and got accidentally whacked. Works great for dogs, not so well for cats.
    Canes are fun, too. I have several, although no House can, but my favorite is a tacky tourist cane I got in New Orleans a couple years ago that has a crawfish head for the handle. It’s not only great-looking, it’s an excellent lethal weapon — that head is solid metal!
    Anyway, do exactly what you’re supposed to and don’t do what you’re NOT supposed to, and you’ll heal up in no time. Just remember, bones always take at least 2 weeks longer to heal than you want them to, so use your knitting-acquired patience to hang in there.

  94. Wow! I totally fell in love with the green laceweight alpaca. I MUST have some. Can you find out where Barb got it? The color is just divine and I’ve been wanting to start a lace project. I just had shoulder surgery (4 weeks ago) and was worried that I might not be able to knit for a while, but I’m back on the needles and feeling great. Hope your ankle heals as quickly.

  95. Take it easy with that ankle. I had two surgeries for probably a long standing stress fracture that I had been walking on for years (Odd but true, I used to sprain my ankles tonnes as a kid, and walked them off. Turns out I probably shouldn’t have:) Anyhoo, I was on the crutches during the winter, but I took good care of the old ankle and it’s all good many years later. So a little rest, a little elevation and you’ll be back to normal in no time.
    If you get a cane, see if you can get those spikey things on the bottom for extra grip on ice and snow. And flames would kick ass. Then you can use it as a grabbing arm and whacking stick. I love that show.

  96. Ouch! Another vote for swimming as a substitute. If you don’t swim take lessons! I have done two sets of lessons in the last eight months and I’m fitter than I’ve been in years. And it’s a nice break from Edmonton winters to spend some time in warm water, under bright lights. Plus there’s a hot tub.

    Have you heard of Pilates? Joseph Pilates designed this equipment for people that needed to heal from sport injuries.
    If the link does not work go to and look for Pilaties. They will air the product on Feb 5th.
    Wish you the best in your recovery and lots of knitted items. Happy Stitching….

  98. Although not a big fan of the Twilight book or movie, I think that Bella’s Mittens by Marielle Henault are about the warmest and coolest mittens around. I also like the green mittens by Jared Flood in Vogue. Since we are on a theme of sorts, I also like the Bella Swan Le Push… hat by Jenn Mainwaring. I saw these on Ravelry and really liked them. Funny how knitters see movies.
    Sorry about the foot. I had a boot on all last winter (with crutches) and it was not fun in the snow and ice. I hope that you heal up quickly.

  99. Glad it isn’t gout. I have it and it’s awful. And the only sure way not to have repeat attacks is to become a vegetarian. So if you are and you have gout, you are in a heap of trouble.

  100. Be glad it is not gout! My hub had that and the pain is unbearable. Of course, I had to drag his sorry ass to the hospital when he couldn’t walk for all the pain. He used to look like Churchill, but has lost some poundage. I myself, am dealing with a quirky lower back as we speak, but would trade that for a cane, anyday.

  101. Swimming and/or deep water walking/cardio are excellent non weight bearing exercise. in my class, we have a woman with a knee injury, and another with a foot with atrophied muscles. Both of them tell me they get lots of benefit out of the water classes & it helps keep them moving in one of the only ways they can.

  102. If it wasn’t -25 I’d say water aerobics (and if you can find an indoor pool…well, so much the better) but otherwise, that would make them ice aerobics, and that’s probably totally worse for you than walking.
    I’ve had to put my foot up for the last three days and it’s making me nutsy cuckoo– I really hope you managed to talk your doctor into something better, because I know three weeks would probably completely unhinge you!

  103. Glad it isn’t gout because (DH tells me) gout HURTS. Like needles in your toes (and not just a couple of friendly, dull dpns, either. Oh, and same DH looked sad HE wouldn’t have Saturn (or was it Jupiter) socks for BG Friday!! At least it doesn’t conflict with our local hockey team’s schedule!

  104. Glad it isn’t gout because (DH tells me) gout HURTS. Like needles in your toes (and not just a couple of friendly, dull dpns, either. Oh, and same DH looked sad HE wouldn’t have Saturn (or was it Jupiter) socks for BG Friday!! At least it doesn’t conflict with our local hockey team’s schedule!

  105. If it wasn’t -25 I’d say water aerobics (and if you can find an indoor pool…well, so much the better) but otherwise, that would make them ice aerobics, and that’s probably totally worse for you than walking.
    I’ve had to put my foot up for the last three days and it’s making me nutsy cuckoo– I really hope you managed to talk your doctor into something better, because I know three weeks would probably completely unhinge you!

  106. Dear Harlot
    Gout is not the common misconception you are talking of. It is a biochemical imbalance in the blood leading to uric acid crystal build-up in the joints. Very painful. As a vegetarian – should you have it – which you are saying you don’t – you might look at lowering your spinach intake, and take up drinking a lot more water to help your kidneys remove the toxic wastes from your body. Here endeth the lesson.
    The purines are the difficulty. My mother had it – which she laughed at, because in no way could she be considered to have had a debauched life. More consequent of congestive heart disease for 20 years and the concomitant lack of drinking and diuretics. Something has to give.

  107. I’m so sorry you are having these troubles with your foot. Hope it gets better soon. Bohus Stickning is so inspiring, I think all of us, just by association, will be proud to be knitters. To be able to improve the economy of a whole region by knitting is one thing, but when you handle one of the sweaters the quality is just outstanding. I remember seeing a black and white movie in which Kathryn Hepburn was wearing one and being impressed, and I was a little kid at the time. There is a wonderful confidence that is communicated in the design.

  108. Steph– how can you resist the cane on the lower right, called “Alpacca (sic) Feather!” Now, be a good patient and keep on knitting πŸ™‚ We all want you healthy and productive. I can hardly wait til Sock Summit!
    From the Sock-Shaped State, ==Marjorie

  109. My ankle sprain and I salute you and hope you are feeling better/more mobile/soon outfitted with a suitably awesome cane.
    All the best,
    Katherine the Mousecatfish

  110. Have you seen these hats for Sam? BasicSimpleLazy by John Brinegar, which is just a very simple basic hat, but my friend’s 14 yr old daughter informed me the color combo was “way hot.” These are also quick and fun, Put-Your-Hair-Up hat by Anna Sorrentino.
    P.S. It stinks that you have to have assistance walking, but if you’re gonna do it, House’s Cane is doin it in style!

  111. As an OT I feel compelled to ask you if anyone has shown you how to use the cane? A lot of people that just go buy one end up using it wrong – like House does – by using it on the same side of their body as their injury, you actually use it on the opposite. There are also specific techniques for going up and down stairs – let me know if you need more information.

  112. And AFTER you’ve recovered – REALLY GOOD running shoes, which don’t last forever. When I was training for the NYC marathon in 1985, I was told running shoes stop being useful after about 500 miles, as the rubber hardens from repeated impact. Now I’m aware that was a few years ago, but chemistry is still chemistry, so you might check out the age of your sneakers and walking shoes before you hit the pavement again. Write the date on them when you buy new ones.
    I did stress fracture one of the long bones in my foot during a shorter race, hitting a pothole (yeah, welcome to New York!), but went with crutches for 3 weeks and found it easy to manage. I got lots of quilting done those 3 weeks.
    Best of luck, and careful on the ice!

  113. Deep water running can be a good, no-impact alternative to running. I did that a few years ago when I hurt my back, partly because I am one of the worst swimmers in the world. The only downside to deep water running is that the world has yet to produce a waterproof mp3 player!

  114. Hi Stephanie, sorry the ankle isn’t better yet. You’d look great with a House cane. I have “It itches” and love it. Have read through a couple of times now, it makes me chuckle every time.

  115. Just for fun, check out walking stick covers and their group on Ravelry. You can find almost anything there.
    I’m sorry about your injury, and I totally agree that gout just isn’t “you.”

  116. Swimming’s got to be worth a go. It’s certainly the only exercise I’ll deign to do – everything else makes me horribly bad-tempered!
    House’s cane is very cool. I’m trying to think of other cool literary/geektastic canes, but all I can come up with is the ebony cane belonging to the Patrician of Anhk Morpork (Terry Pratchett). It has a silver skull topping it.
    yay! for lots more money in the MSF pot!

  117. Oooh, make sure you get the cane with the flat top, not the traditional hook. The hook tops are hard on the hands if you actually use it properly to relieve pressure on the foot. Sore hands don’t help knitting!

  118. stephanie, listen to those who mean well to you. Use the cane/crutch on the right side, which is opposite the injured leg, I have been in a cast on crutches, 1 crutch, cane for weeks when I was 21. I used the forearm-crutches which are standard here, never understood why your whole continent uses the armpitcrutches which seem clumsy to me. The forearm crutches hang on your arm when opening doors and don’t block off bloodvessels in your armpits. Joe must be glad you have not gouts too, because.. not only Churchill had it, big old man, but Henry VIII -very ugly-ish-big old looking man, had gouts AND six wives, think about that, Joe, if you get my rather hithery-pickery thoughts. I think Yarn Harlot has somewhere in her stash some wool she can knit into a beautifull holder for a lidded (and loaded) coffeecup, something like the pistolholder of policeman, not the belttype, but the sling across left shoulder, holder under right arm thing.Or make a holder for a Mactype coffeemug out of an empty foodtin and two of those strappy things used to bind cables etc. together fastened to your crutch (a cane would become off-balance through the weight) and knit a nice cover for the tin. Make up the crutch as House’s cane, like watching the series.Stay of that anckle as you are told. Happy knitting.

  119. Yes, you can carry coffee with crutches! Been there, done that. It takes just a little bit of prep work though. You need (1) one of those thermal coffee mugs with a lid, (2) a plastic over-the-door car cup holder, (3) some extra bolts (optional: (4) about 9 inches of 1/4″ elastic).
    Hack off the hook that goes over the door on the cup holder (you’re left with a flat tang). Make a couple of holes in the plastic spaced so that they line up with the holes on the crutches (you could drill these, but I used a steak knife and just spun it like a drill bit…). Bolt the cup holder on the crutch; if there is a front/back to the crutch, the cup holder should be on the front.
    The optional elastic can be placed through a hole (if one exists) several inches higher up than the cup holder. This then enables you to carry magazines and newspapers in the holder.
    I did manage to carry uncovered beverage containers with the crutches, but you have to go s-l-o-w-l-y. But, this method gave me a lot of freedom when I was stuck on crutches for 6 weeks!

  120. speaking of franklin… i was wondering what the status is of the 1000 knitters project? and once it is complete, where can it be viewed?

  121. I just got my right arm back, but in considerably worse condition than it was before I broke it. Turns out immobilizing something for a couple of weeks make it pathetic and weak. Even more so than the original injury. So stay on the couch but move it and use it as much as the doctor allows! And be glad it’s not a limb that is required for knitting.
    Housekeeping is a lovely, strange book. Another strange and lovely book is Wild Life by Molly Gloss, which I found totally captivating and which has the added attraction of quoting my great grandfather.

  122. Housekeeping! i read that book in college, and then afterwards, we all watched the movie. Did not translate quite so well to film, but then most books seldom do…but there is a funny scene where she is moving the newspapers around to make room on the sofa, and as she moves them, she seems pretty satisfied that she actually tidied up the space a little.
    Glad it is not gout. You cannot drink beer with gout. that would be bad.

  123. Recumbent stationary bikes are good for non-weight bearing exercise and you can knit while working out. When I broke one ankle and sprained the other my physical therapist had me working out on the bike. Just make sure it is adjusted appropriately for your height and leg length. If not it can stress uninjured parts.

  124. Good for you for cleaning house. I am in a brace and on crutches. I tore a couple of ligaments in my knee trying to ski (it’s been 15 years…) and yes, carrying coffee is not feasible on crutches. Sigh. The family is getting tired of doting on me.
    Hang in there! I want a cane like House too! He ROCKS.

  125. Dude, have I got a cane for you! Black with a gnarled brass handle that “fits” a hand perfectly. The best part is of course that the handle unscrews and the secret flask is revealed. It was husband’s grandfather’s cane, and I used it after my last knee surgery. The Scots heritage of the cane requires that the flask be filled with Drambuie during use.
    It’s yours to borrow if you want – I can send it out if needed.

  126. Yay, comments are working! How on earth did you manage getting out of the house in such frigid temps when you had babies? Did you just not? Because we are about 25-30 degrees warmer than you guys (that sounds like so much, yet it’s still so cold, sigh) and I’m just hibernating. I kind of think you Canadians would call me a wimp.

  127. I sent ya an email offering some hand dyed yarn for karmic gifts – you probably haven’t gotten to it yet! But….the offer still stands. I would love to contribute!

  128. I have an ankle injury myself- I fell down the library steps which actually made me feel ridiculously noble (suffering for my academic work).
    Congrats on the sports injury. You’re right about your normative statements regarding gout.

  129. Thank god…a stress fracture is a major PIA.
    I’d sugest swimming if it weren’t arctic up there, but that was how i survived my SF a few years ago. Rowing is good if you’re allowed it, and can get access to a machine (we rented one for a couple months at one point during my recovery and it was sort of cool not to have to leave the house). Perhaps you might consider the 100 pushups routine rage that’s sweeping the interwebs right now?

  130. Gout has a bad image. I’m glad you don’t have it, but it’s very treatable. My husband has had it for years, except he takes medication and it doesn’t bother him at all. It started when he was a very active and healthy person with a good diet. There’s a strong genetic component, at least in his case. He doesn’t look anything like Churchill though. Hope you feel better soon.

  131. Housekeeping: very good call. I would have recommended it if I’d known you hadn’t read it.
    House: you have to learn to catch a tennis ball on the cane like Hugh Laurie.

  132. When you are walking with the cane, be careful not to kick it. I hit my little toe into it, and broke the foot bone behind the toe. On my *good* leg.

  133. Stephanie – get the folding version!! They work really well and you can play with it too! I used one from 2003-2006 when I had 2 knee replacements.

  134. When I read the “Winston Churchill” it made me laugh ,I spent three days in the hospital with my first bout of gout. It can strike any time, I thought I had sprained my ankle. By the way gout hurts more than a sprain.That was the week after Christmas . I hope you get to see the exhibit. Keep your foot up, and take care of yourself, this is the time when having kinders is nice, as long as they don’t mind getting things for you!

  135. If you do get a boot as a brace, be sure to wear a shoe on the other foot that will keep your hips level. Otherwise you’ll have back issues that will make you cranky and want to use your flaming cane on anything and everything that pushes your buttons (which will be many by then).
    Perhaps you should suggest to some of our excellent knitting historians to pursue writing books on Bohus so that this art is not lost. I’d do it except I can’t afford to fly to Sweden.

  136. One good thing about your ankle–at least it’s not a HAND !!!! Imagine if you couldn’t knit for weeks on end !!! OH MY that would be a real catastophie. I too have Franklins’ wee book and just loved every page of it and had a few good laughs for sure . Keep knitting and I too am waiting to see the hat and mitts that Sam wants to wear –never know what they will choose.

  137. i just made a struan (by ysolda teague) for my very cool, very hip, and very styley friend. it was a big risk giving her a knit gift but she loved it. hats with brims are in. highly recommended.

  138. It is too cold here, too! I’m sure Sam will pick some nice black or grey yarn. I love the hats for teens and kids with the ear flaps and long strings, they are very popular down here in Connecticut.
    I read about a Swedish study that showed women who drank four or more cups of coffee had a greater rate of bone fractures if they didn’t get enough calcium.
    And the radio news announced today that a British study showed drinking more than 7 cups of instant coffee or more than 3 brewed daily gave some people hallucinations, as in hearing voices or being sure someone was there when no one was! No word on the oddities of drinking a lot of tea, my choice for caffeine.

  139. I’m not a teenager anymore, but I can sympathize with the monochrome color selection. Black, white, grey or some other mostly one color option always feel nice and classic (when not done in lime green, hot pink or hunter orange at least).

  140. “This injury is more common in adolescents and young adults” I would be happy about being considered a young adult, even if it meant suffering a young adult injury πŸ™‚

  141. Canes have many uses including fishing things up off the floor, out of trash cans and off shelves that are too high to reach. This is besides attitude adjustments for teens and poking idiots (who stand in the aisle in front of what you want in the grocery sore and refuse to move when you drive up in your little cart) in the derierre. This is from observing DH the footless wonder who navigates quite well on two mechanical legs and a cane.
    If you want a teen to wear something like mittens knit a skull on them, preferably with flames. I have a pattern for the skull in fair aisle and have knitted mitts for a teen with it so I know it works. If you want pics, mail me.

  142. Believe it or not, three of us (all women) on the same side of the office are gimping around. One disc injury, my pinched nerve, and the one who slipped and fell off her back steps. Those of us with the back trouble acquired it because we were shovelling snow…because our husbands had slipped and fallen.
    I’m sure the snow’s to blame for yours, too, in some fashion, no matter what the doc says. And a cane is definately the way to go. I’m thinking of getting one myself. If I’m going to limp, I’ll do it in style.
    As for “It Iches”…man. I love that book. Did you see Franklin’s Santa cartoon last month?

  143. My personal favorite cartoon in “It Itches” is on page 6. My husband has never worn anything I knit for him.

  144. I like the show House too. Dang, being off your feet like that totally sucks. Hang in there. I am within a long drive of Minneapolis and will consider this. I never heard of Bohus until I started reading your blog and Wendy’s. See? You do really educate us!

  145. Reiterating: Marilyn Robinson is a god, and Giliad is a great American novel, and underrated, Pulitzer or not.
    That said, five bucks Canadian says you would hate Giliad and fifty cents* says you wouldn’t finish it.
    (Disparity in wagers because you’re cussed and would be likely to finish just out of spit.)

  146. A House cane huh? Can’t see House without thinking of Bertie Wooster. And if that is meaningless to you, you MUST take some time while mending your foot to watch a DVD or two or three of PG Wodehouse’s best. Hilarious!

  147. Stephanie,
    That laceweight is wonderful.
    I requested Franklin’s book It Itches for Christmas. My husband was quite confused with this request. (He is a non knitter) I enjoyed the book also.
    I work in vocational rehabilitation, and happen to have seen a web site recently where you can order a cane that looks exactly like the one on House. You can find it at . I too am happy to hear you do not have a stress fracture.

  148. I live in Minneapolis and am planning on going to the Bohus exhibit at the Swedish Institute!! It is worth the trip just to see the mansion.

  149. You and Oprah alone could cause the end of the economic crisis by touting a favorite anything. “Everything Cream” indeed. I want it – but who will use up all the other miracle creams I haven’t finished yet?? Boo hoo!
    Gotta love it!!

  150. I rented a knee walker instead of falling prey to crutches. There are pictures here:
    It’s actually fun – way faster than anyone can walk. Coworkers suggested a horn so they could hear me coming, but my accessory of choice would have been a cupholder.

  151. My friend is 28 this year and has had gout for the last year! Of course, he’s had a lot of medical issues since he was little, but still- it can happen to you! (And yes, we all accuse him of secretly being 80 years old). Congrats on the continuing MSF totals!

  152. Thanks for the info on the Swedish Institute in Minneapolis. Its just a few block away from me and i have never been there. I will be going now.

  153. Re: Sam needing a hat. I strongly suggest Calorimetry on Knitty. That pattern has found nothing but favour from all the ladies I’ve made it for (which are only 3, but they are picky ladies). Deceptively warm, and pretty darn quick. Plus: does not interfere with the hairstyle beneath it!
    BTW, I’m in Saskatoon, so I knows cold! And so far, it’s doing the trick.
    Also, fingerless gloves would still be better than no gloves at all…

  154. Hope your ankle heals quickly. Crutches are sooo dangerous. I know several people who broke other bones while on crutches for a break or sprain. Cane and brace sounds like a much better idea to me.

  155. I clicked on Solveig’s site and am gaga over the bohus colorways. I want to crawl inside those pictures! Yummy is right!

  156. Have you tried Arnica on your leg. I helps reduce swelling and pain.. I trust it with all my aches and pains and bruises etc. you can get it in gel or ointment format. Health food stores carry it

  157. *sigh* I heart House. Well, Hugh Laurie, rather.
    Housekeeping is one of my all-time favs from pursuing an English degree. I’m still only halfway through Gilead, and must admit that I did much better at close reading when I was being graded on it.

  158. Wendy Knits mentioned the Bohus exhibit in early Nov. My knitting buddy & I made fast plans to be there as we figured it would be mentioned by you, and we’d never be able to get reservations at the workshops. While I’m glad you’ve given it some “air time”, I’ve very happy it was after we were able to coordinate our flights to/from Minneapolis. For those of you going, we’ll be the freezing women from S.C. & would appreciate any help in finding good food (we’ve already researched your great LYS).

  159. Holy cow! I’m on vacation and checked my email for the first time all week to find soaps! What a lovely surprise! Cheers everyone πŸ™‚

  160. Hi Steph
    Hang in there, the House cane is a great idea. I bought one for my husband last year for Christmas. He had knee replacement surgery. He loved it. May help you knit lightening faster!!
    Get it. It may divert comment from knitting and could be useful research.
    Seriously, take care hope it is better soon,

  161. Just don’t USE your cane the way House does! He holds it on the wrong side, and it drives physiotherapists around the world (inluding myself) CRAZY! He should know better!

  162. A co-worker of mine was ordered off her foot for a stress fracture. She rented a knee walker, which is a scooter with a raised platform to kneel on with your bad leg and you push with your good one. It was bulky to use around the house, but for getting out shopping and at work it was great. Plus, she decorated it for the holidays.

  163. Was really pleased to see your comments about not losing our knitting history. I find it very disappointing that publications such as IK and VK are so focused on selling trendy patterns to young knitters for garments that will be unwearable in just a few years(already unwearable for many of us.) Some historical perspective in print could keep us from re-inventing the wheel – or the granny square. Sans history and technique, we are not producing anything worth preserving for the future.

  164. I would have emphasized this part too “This injury is more common in adolescents and young adults”…especially considering the Churchill comment!
    It’s about the same feeling as when I get carded in order to get a beer!
    Though doc will probably tell you once you get your release, you shouldn’t increase your run by more than 10% per week. And if it hurts, don’t!

  165. I have not read the book, but Bill Forsyth’s 1987 film version of “Housekeeping” was incredibly powerful. Since you are off your feet for a while and since knitting coincides so beautifully with movie-watching it might be a good occupation for a couple hours. Christine Lahti plays the crazy aunt and does a spectacular job.
    Obviously no watching of anything until after tonight’s episode of BSG! I think the final cylon is Laura Roslin, btw.

  166. Forget the cane – it keeps falling over and won’t stay where it’s put.
    Go for a folding walker – more stable, stands by itself, can be folded to fit in car or on bus. Plus you can attach a basket to the front like a bicycle basket. Very useful for carrying knitting supplies or thermal mug of coffee / tea.
    I used a folding walker when I broke my ankle and was cast-bound for 4 months. Much easier than crutches and more efficient than a cane.
    A rolling chair can be a gawdsend in the house. And the girls can fetch and carry – isn’t that why you had then in the first place?
    Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.

  167. For Sam’s mittens… does she like Twilight? (I’ve noticed most teenagers either love it hate it) If She loves it, there is a great pattern for Bella’s mittens from the movie for free on Ravelry.

  168. I’m so glad that you mentioned the Bohus Exhibit in Minneapolis. I originally hale from the west, central part of Wisconsin (a couple of hours from the Twin Cities), but since I now live in Sweden, it is impossible for me to make the trek. But, that is okay, since I live much closer to Bohuslan and the museum that hosts the Bohus sweaters is a mere hour’s drive away. I will, in fact, be taking a class in Bohus knitting from Solveig, herself, at our knitting retreat in late March. Hope a lot of folks make it! It will be lovely, I’m sure!
    P.S. They will also be showing a documentary film about the Bohus Tradition during the exhibition. I go to knit night with one of the ladies that is in the re-enactment parts.
    P.S.S. Sorry to hear about your ankle. Have you tried riding an exercise bike? They tell me that it’s good for my 51 year old arthritic knees, since it’s non-weightbearing exercise.

  169. Oh my,
    I hate to admit that I am a lurker on this site. I check in from time to time just to see what is going on, without ever posting any comments. As I am skimming the recent updates, I am thinking “House is almost on, I am going to have to leave ‘The Blog'”, only to see you want a cane like his. As always, I am Laughing out Loud, with my two border collies staring at me like they, too, want to know what is so funny.
    Recover quickly and stay warm,

  170. I’m all sorts of late to the party with this comment.
    I’m an (almost) 26 year old of average weight for my height and a vegetarian (although for less than a year – prior to that I really only ate white meat). I have gout in my left toe! πŸ™ It developed after I hit my foot with a cart while at work. I think I got it because it’s hereditary. So, maybe I can become the sexy new face of gout :p

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