Is it possible to be stalked by your own desk? No matter what I do I can hear something on my desk mumbling about how I’m not giving it proper attention. If I work on the Sock Summit (when you guys see the teacher list you’re going to loose your minds. I can’t believe it myself) then I hear The Blog rumble. If I work on The Blog, my inbox threatens to implode. If I address the inbox, then the writing work I have to do looms large. It’s days like this that make me wish I had a boss who would step in and say “Go do this. I want it by five – and don’t let me catch you knitting.”

The knitting at least, is one area where I know where I’m headed. The skirt is drying, having finally decided to allow my own tenacity to determine the length. I decided yesterday that having reached a modest and scientific length of “somewhere around the knee – I’ll know more after I’ve blocked it” – to call it quits wherever I was at bedtime, and this morning I finished the repeat (two rounds) and cast off. I’ve still got to knit a whack of i-cord for the waist, and line it, but I think the bulk of it is behind me. It’s a pretty thing, and tomorrow when I put it on I’ll know the length. I like the element of surprise, and considering that The Blog comments were divided amongst “Stop before the knee or you’ll look ridiculous” and “Stop at the knee, it’s the only solution” mixed in with an equal measure of “Just below the knee is the only appropriate length” I’ve let fate decide. It is as long as destiny wants it to be, and we’ll find out how long that is when I put the thing on tomorrow.

In the meantime, I’ve set myself a goal. I would like to wear my February Lady sweater, which currently looks like this:


(plus another equivalent amount of roving)

to Madrona, which is (very appropriately) February 12. Nothing like a challenge to add fuel to the fire of overwork.

It’s very odd, and probably says something very bad about my personality that heaping a big spinning/knitting project to the pile makes it all seem more reasonable, rather than less. We’ll see if it ends up with me chewing on the leg of my spinning wheel.

(PS. For those of you who are Twitter-interested, I’ve started twittering (critics would say I’ve been doing it for a while) and all tweets (which are like very short on-the-run blog posts) are available on my Twitter page, or over there (I wish I could make an arrow pointing to it) on the right hand side under “I’m twittering…”. They are all 140 characters or less, and can be done from a phone, which can’t really be said for the blog. It’s just another way for all of you to know what I’m thinking at all times, heaven help us.)

150 thoughts on “Stratagem

  1. My office mutters about me all the time. Since the New Year I have been attacking it with fervor in an attempt to quite the muttering.

  2. You’ve got 17 days no reason you can’t finish spinning the yarn and knit up the February Lady Sweater by then. You can do it!

  3. The February Lady Sweater is gonna look fabulous in those colors. Can’t wait to see the skirt :^)

  4. I made two February Lady sweaters in November, once you get going they practically knit themselves! You have plenty of time.

  5. Not sure about the spinning part but the knitting for the FLS can definitely be done in 2 weeks… I did it! And I only have a few hours of knitting time at night and on the weekends while juggling a full time job, an 11 year old and a 6 year old. I would keep my fingers crossed for you but I have too much knitting to do!

  6. Is there a link to the FLS? I cannot imagine being able to knit an entire sweater in a tad more than half a month, even if I could only hobble around. I saw somewhere that “February is for finishing,” so go for it!

  7. So, am I the only one groaning inwardly about this pun regarding the skirt?
    “I think the bulk of it is behind me”

  8. Ack! Twitter! I can’t even keep up with my own blog and Ravelry. Must…not…add…Twitter…
    I do believe that you have more than one plate that is beyond full. I wish I had your organizational skills. I can’t manage to finish a pair of socks in under a couple months time and I don’t even watch TV. Hmmm…now that I think about it, maybe that’s my problem!
    Good luck with finishing the February Lady sweater in time for Madrona!

  9. I saw your Twitter widget earlier today and I was so excited. Looking forward to your tweets and of course the results of the Feb Lady!

  10. It boggles my mind how fast you can knit. I actually started the February Lady Sweater two days ago, and I’m hoping to have it done by Feb. 23, and I have no idea if I’ll get it done. I’d say good luck, but I think I’m going to need it more than you! πŸ™‚

  11. Just about everyone in my knitting group is knitting or has recently knitted the Lady Sweater. In fact, we’re having a Lady Sweater party at the end of this month. I’m sure no one would mind if you wanted to come. πŸ™‚ Just let me know; it’s in the West End of Toronto.

  12. February Lady in February.. of course.
    I have been twitter stalking.. πŸ™‚
    PS I met Franklin yesterday.. he’s awesome. As if you needed me to tell you that.

  13. You’re the only person I’ll twitter (at least, thus far) and lord knows why the random tweets coming from your mind seem appealing to me when even my own stray thoughts are unutterably boring.
    Can’t wait to see the skirt. Ditto the FLS, although I feel vaguely guilty about encouraging you in your madness.

  14. Noooo … I really struggled with the Feb Lady sweater and it is currently a UFO haunting me. However, I do Twitter and have been following your “progress” particularly with the template!

  15. I don’t have an office,but my fabric,yarn and cross stitch all seam to be ganging up on me.The stuff I want to do beckons but then so do the ‘paying’ alterations.I think the only proper thing to do is to cast on a new pair of socks…

  16. Love the yarn for the FLS. I hope your ankle doesn’t impede your spinning. Looking forward to see what the skirt decided to do. You comment about the ‘bulk of it is behind me’ made me laugh!

  17. But, we all like knowing what you are thinking all the time.
    Granted, it may mean the housework gets much more neglected, but who really cares about that anyway?

  18. Congratulations on heading out of the house! I’m sure you’ve been feeling caged… The FLS will be lovely, and I’m sure you’ll get it done. How fun that you are a-twitter. Or is that “twitterpated”? (It’s from Bambi; can you tell I’ve got kids?)

  19. I can’t wait to see the skirt. I am knitting a sweater for Madronna too. Started a couple of days ago and have the back finished working on the front now.

  20. We’re so demanding, and I hate to ask the question . . . but are you still working on getting out the pattern for that pretty cowl you featured a little while ago?

  21. Regarding the yards of i-cord (not alluding to your waist size, m’dear, just my hatred of i-cords)
    I am going to commit blasphemy, having read in the past how you feel about the crochet, and suggest you do not knit the cord. If you can chain and slip-stitch with any sort of comfort or speed, I have found it to be far, far faster than an i-cord for me.
    Chain the length you need (unstretched, just sort of lightly flattened). Then work your way back, using slipstich in every chain. It doesn’t matter if it gets twisted, really. Nice and sturdy, NOT too bulky despite the fact that one is using the Dreaded Hook. I think the weight comes out the same as a 3 to 4 stitch i-cord. Minus the eye-twitching (at least for me).
    Can’t wait for Madrona myself πŸ™‚

  22. I get the adding-to-the-to-do list will help accomplish it delusion…I mean theory.
    When I’m faced with overwhelming heaps of tasks, I need to fit in creative, mind-quieting activities to help me focus and then sprint through the tasks. I swear it works. Most of the time.

  23. ooooh, more distraction from work – I’m following you on twitter now. Beware, the blog will most likely increase in numbers from twittering!!!
    Hope your blog server can handle the volume

  24. Can’t wait to see you finished February Lady Sweater, although I’m disappointed it’s not in 70’s appliance colours (from Teri, the lady in the Yellow 70s appliance coloured FLS at the Retreat in Kananaskis)

  25. Yay! I was going to ask what had happened to the black hole roving. Such beautiful colors! I am very interested to see the finished product.

  26. Have you noticed you have seven books listed on your sidebar? Wow! The number just jumped out at me.
    You can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Go Stephanie!

  27. You should totally have made the skirt a mini! I know you do yoga and bicycle everywhere in the summer – show off those legs honey!!

  28. Try TwitterFon for Twittering from your new iPhone. It’s much easier than the web interface on the phone!

  29. Good to see you on Twitter, too. Now we just need to get you on Facebook, GoodReads, etc. (Because you obviously have too much time on your hands!)

  30. Wow… my stash actually sings in cacophany, but my desk died a sad, pathetic death a long time ago, and I haven’t heard a peep (or a twitter) from it every since…

  31. My desk long ago stopped muttering at me, and instead has taken to shouting at me. Mostly variations of “Clean me up! I’m groaning under all this crap!” but nevertheless, what’s important, cleaning off my desk (which will promptly get messy again) or snatching a few minutes to knit?
    Can’t wait to see the skirt or the FLS. And I just got some 50/50 merino/qiviut yarn that will be *perfect* for the cowl. Can I be a test knitter, please? Pretty please?

  32. is it possible? oh, absolutely! as a woman who is frequently stalked by her knitting projects, i firmly maintain that this ability is transferable to any type of work or work space- including desks. i’m also stalked by my mop, my dishwasher and my washing machine. πŸ˜‰

  33. You do realize that Feb. 12 is two weeks away, don’t you? You knit fast, but I think that close a knitting deadline, on top of the writing deadlines, may make the first half of February a mite stressful.
    I hope your ankle is mending well. Looking forward to seeing pictures of you in your new skirt.

  34. I’ve just started Twittering too and wonder if I am crazy….another thing I really shouldn’t be spending time on, but I want to, I want to….just have to figure it out all the way!

  35. What weight will the yarn be for the FLS? Pretty colours! Around here,it’s the housework that grumbles at me….

  36. Oh boy! Now we have something to read between blog posts! (So many comments on your blog-erversary were about how we worry when you’re gone for long spaces. No worry with twitter! Unless we get weird and worry after a few hours…)

  37. I retired in part to get away from my desk. Papers to write, papers and journals to read, projects to get up to speed on, e-mail to answer, software to learn, and so on. It wasn’t fun any more, so I turned my back on it and walked away. Sometimes I miss it more than I can say, but that happens less and less often as time goes by.
    I can’t wait to see the skirt and I really like the FLS colors.
    Oh, I forgot. Did you know you can order a wheelchair at the airport and be pushed to gates, etc, saving your ankle wear and tear? It’s free except for the tip to the pusher. I used the service when I was on crutches after foot surgery.
    How is the new washing machine doing? I’m sure you still miss Sir Washie, of course, but has the new one showed any talent?

  38. Can’t wait to see the February Lady – that yarn is just stunning (my favorite colors – or at least most of them). I know that as long as you are not making a room size rug or a king size bedspread, you can get anything you want to knit done in barely a wink (and the rug or bedspread would not take you much longer). When I need speed, I have to resort to crochet!

  39. Between you and the Tsarina, I can see I will be fully entertained for at least the next several weeks, maybe longer.

  40. Kathryn/coffee_offline told me she’d convinced you to sign up to Twitter. That’s great! I’m __Deb and naturally, followed you right away …

  41. You know, I’ve resisted Twitter for quite a while. I’ve been content with just plurk. Now tell me why I suddenly found myself clicking “Join now!” Heh.

  42. Taking on the sweater makes it all seem more reasonable because having something happy like that is like a bit of sunshine falling into the darkness of a messy closet. A bit cheery. Can’t wait to see both projects.

  43. Wow, I’ve only just started blogging and I logged onto Etsy for the first time today. I guess I’m at least 2 or 3 years behind everyone else?
    I’m behind with learning to spin too, have just started drop spindles now!
    See you on twitter in a couple of years!

  44. I know the feeling well, of too many things. My two cents: I enjoy your books so much, that I’m loathe to say Blog More, vs write more. True, reading the blog feels intimate and is full of instant gratificaiton as a reader, and I love it, but there’s something about Book Harlot that is special.
    For inboxes–god love filters. And every so often, just delete the whole dang thing, and start fresh. Of course, business chores and workshops and all that have to be attended to.
    Keep the knitting or spinning projects going, if only because a) you write books about them–so yeah–and b) you’d go insane if you didn’t and while yes that might be fun to blog about once or twice, long-term there are disadvantages. Like no more books.
    The Blog is going to dis-assimilate me, now…

  45. Love the FLS – just finished one, but I’m going to be watching how those colors of yours work up. Our newly formed Knitting Group is going to do it as a KAL.

  46. Well, I’d better not look at the list of teachers for the Sock Summit, because I like my mind nice and tight.

  47. LittleWit at 4:16 – my desk has quite the muttering, too. πŸ˜‰ I hibernate just when I really need to get busy. Phil Foglio is writing a Girl Genius story on Twitter; now that’s a creative use. Obligatory knitting content: The February Lady Sweater is too lacy for February weather!

  48. Cowl pattern? pretty please? I have 2oz of cashmere that’s just sitting and waiting for this pattern…

  49. your desk mumbles? my whole house screams!! (or maybe that’s just the kids?). if i no longer have time to keep my house from attracting the attentions of the health dept i’m blaming you and twitter!

  50. Somewhere in November my FLS became my DFLS, Damn February Lady Sweater! The few I know who have made this project have done lots of trips to the Frog Pond. I admire your optimism and look forward to admiring your knitting. Early last fall I pictured having several of FLS to wear with any color combination. Now I’d just be happy to finish the one and have it look good.

  51. i keep trying to figure out whether, if i sleep on the floor in my son’s crash pad with the latter-day hippies, i can afford to ascend to the sock summit. i may just have to wait for the next harlot visit to indy instead. (PLEASE?? i’ll bring more endangered species chocolate . . . !)

  52. I vote you work on the Sock Summit stuff. I am going if I have to crawl! I’m so excited and I hope I get to meet you. Can’t wait to see pix of the skirt.

  53. you can’t tweet from your phone here in Canada, Mrs. McPhee :'( that feature has been disabled because of the big bad bells, rogers and telus’ not being happy.

  54. The FLS is fabulous and very do-able by your deadline. Love the colors! They’re mine, so in case you don’t find it fetching when you’re done, please send right away. Sorry you dumped your coffee; hope it was not on a hand-knit.

  55. i continue to be in awe!!! you are going to go from spools and roving on jan. 26 to a fully completed sweater by FEB 12?!?!?!?! sigh….

  56. C’mon, man. Not the Twitter! I don’t know from all these new things! Also, I have noticed some bloggers begin to neglect thier blogs once they get sucked into the Twitter-ing. I will be absolutely bereft if that happens here!

  57. “the bulk of it is behind me” – whereas for me, the bulk would be my behind! HAH. Ditto on the twitterspeak. Really. How can you possible master ONE MORE THING, when I have yet to catch up on any thing?!

  58. If you’re reasonably confident after a few inches of the body that it’s going to be the right size, I’d start knitting the sleeves then, rather than leaving them until after knitting the whole body. I’m currently twizzling a very large amount of knitting around each time I finish a couple of rounds of the sleeve… Think it’s going to look very good though!

  59. I’m so glad you’re doing the FLS. I love mine, wear it ALL the time! Totally doable in 2 weeks! I also can’t wait to see how you alter the pattern b/c somehow I just can’t see you doing the top in garter stitch…. Also, b/c the garter stitch makes you want to put your head in a blender and turn it on “puree”. Just sayin’…. =^)

  60. I don’t suppose I could convince you to use Facebook as well? I haven’t made it to Twitter, but I have managed Facebook.

  61. Hey, if the FLS doesn’t happen, there is always the February beret from Sock Pixie. (Just a suggestion).

  62. I’m happy to see that you’re on Twitter! It will be a nice fill-in between blog posts.
    As I reread what I wrote, it seemed like that could be considered creepy. Is it? I hope not.

  63. Not to belittle your brilliance regarding the task at hand; but I must ask: have I missed the pattern for that fantastic cowl?????

  64. A factoid from the opening weekend of the Bohus exhibit at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis – museum staff reported that after one Yarn Harlot posted about the show on her blog, they saw the highest rate of web hits on their site ever. They LOVED the knitters, and they want to hold another Knit Out in the museum before the exhibit closes. We have converts, I believe!

  65. Dang.. I get to go to a really fun (and I’m serious… I will be laughing my arse off) family reunion instead of the sock summit. When will they invent a clone closet so i can do everything I want to do. I’m hoping there will be a sock summit 2010.
    btw, Stephanie, always ask a busy person to do something.. it’s because they are always willing to add another thing. I look forward to seeing your sweater either before madrona or after… as long as you don’t go crazy in the meantime… enjoy

  66. Knit, Steph, Knit! Anyone who can knit a sock and then some a day can knit a FLS in two weeks. I did mine in a heavy worsted with long sleeves and it is now my favorite!

  67. Great! I’ve some royal blue skeins in the stash and couldn’t decide between Hey Teach and the FLS, which seem similar to me. Now you’ll soon have done both and I’m very curious which you’ll like better.

  68. Your FLS will be beautiful. Why not join the Ravelry FLS group “twisted fls challenge” to knit the FLS in – February – using Blue Moon Twisted or your own gorgeous twisted. Love to have ya.

  69. I live in Tacoma and I’m so excited for the fiber festival! Will you be reading at Madrona? I’m so there … again.

  70. Another project is definitely what’s needed. It works. My theory is this: we all work faster when excited. Being thrilled about the new project spills over into everything else, it all speeds up, and you get the passion + work done.
    But only if you are disciplined at the same time ;).

  71. Have you seen all the BSG characters on Twitter? It’s brilliant. There’s a group of people playing in character … and they’re following along with the current events of each weeks episode.

  72. Fate is such a good decision maker. Almost always works for the best!
    I LOVE the spun colors and as an FLS… nice.
    Hope your foot is healing faster than expected. I saw the swelling was down.

  73. What do you mean there’s more roving for the Feb. lady sweater? Having never completed a crocheted or knitted sweater in my life, that already looks like plenty of yarn already. How many grams would you say that is? (Actually, since you’ve probably already got way too much on your plate, what with that inbox and all, just forget I asked).
    It’s all my favorite colors. And no, I’m not just being polite because this is your “house”, lol. It’s gorgeous yarn.
    Would you run screaming if I asked how’s Joe’s gansey, even if I’m not rams and it’s not tuesday?

  74. Those are very nice bobbins and I do look forward to seeing the sweater they are meant to be. I am so impatient when it comes to my spinning. It has to be plied and sometimes knitted *right away*.
    I’m going to Chile and thinking about what knitting to bring. A sock for certain, but what else that’s not too fiddly?

  75. Wow, I love the yarn you’ve spun for the FLS. I’m psyched b/c FLS is the next sweater I was planning on doing too, so we will be knitting them at the same time! (Though mine is not with handspun…) Can’t wait to see the skirt.

  76. There is a book about productivity by David Allen. He has a meditation practice, not just a hamster wheel going fasterfasterfaster. It might be the sort of thing you need, especially since I haven’t heard about anything about you downsizing a single commitment. I know that is not much of an endorsement- I am vague on the details- but other people say ” it changed my life!”- and they are the sort of hyper- charged, super- achieving, high- tech, computer, information revolution sort of person you are.
    I started a Leyburn sock for my son. To test the leg- I’d already tested the foot, I had the child sit on the edge of the bed, and try it on. He started groaning with happiness and comfort. The other two came running in, and then sat down and tried on the sock. Number two said “OOOOOOooohhh, I’ll give you a dollar for this sock! It feels wonderful!” and Number three, who does not talk, simply tried to walk off with it, needles, skein, and all.
    The leg was too loose- something about coltish young boys- and I had to rip out two inches of work. Then I had to read Knitting Rules, to figure out what to do, to finish this sock, to make it just right. It is a beautiful pattern, the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a long, long time. So, again, thank you for Knitting Rules.
    DH heard the commotion, and came in. The boys said ” This is the best sock, ever!” ” It is so comfortable!” He, then, asked, ” When will you knit a pair for me?” We’ve been married for over ten years, I’ve knit the whole time, and he has been dismissive the entire time. It was wonderful! I get to share this sort of love with him, now.
    And, again, gratitude for five years of marvelous, wonderful blog posts.

  77. I wanted to say this before but there were just too many comments: thanks for blogging – it is the highlight of my day. And thanks for the archives – I got started reading you late and am slowly going back and reading them all. I love them – THANKS!!!!

  78. I’ve wanted to say this before but there are always too many comments: thanks for blogging – you make my day. And I started reading you late so I’ve been going back and reading the archives – I’m so glad they’re still there. Thanks for it all!!!!

  79. Thank you.
    My February Lady has been resting since my mad Christmas-knitting rush because I don’t know how long she should be, and you just helped me decide. Done is done, and if she stretches, that’s okay.
    Now if I can find just the right lacy edge because I don’t want a garter stitch hem . . .

  80. Good! If you can get a whole FLS done by Madrona, then my goal of finishing my Bohus Green Mist Jacket in time for the Saturday banquet doesn’t seem so crazy…(only 2 sleeves, 1 back, 1/2 a front, seams and bands to go. Oh! And buttons!!

  81. re: twitter, i notice you’re yarn shopping at 11:39 p.m. pacific, Monday. even though i’m part of the generation that grew up with it, i feel like saying – isn’t the internet wonderful?

  82. Oh, I need a boss like that too. Or I need to start feeling less pressure to get certain knitting projects done. I think there’s a critical point in a project’s lifetime when it ceases to need casual knitting and demands finishing IMMEDIATELY. I think that point arrives when, say, you have a FLS to spin and knit. Good luck getting everything done!

  83. Those filled bobbins are a beautiful sight! Have fun plying. Plying is always my favorite part of spinning because you finally get to see what the yarn is going to look like.

  84. Your February Lady sweater is gorgeous! I’m sure it will be done, and if it’s not, oh well, it’ll still be gorgeous.
    Also, is it just my monitor, or have you gotten over your fear of pink?

  85. I love the colors for the new sweater. They are borderline romantic. The skirt will work it out- if it doesn’t is too short- you can cinch it shut at the bottom and you now have a knitted bag for toting yarn…hehehe. As for the desk problem…I am having the same issue. I am currently studying for my Bar Exam and I SWEAR that the books are chasing me around my house. I even found one in my car & it scared the bejesus out of me!

  86. Umm Harlot– I have to confess.. I’m really kind of hoping you have TERRIBLE gauge issues with the Feb lady sweater… like so much so that it fits ME.. cause the colors and the handspun are BEAUTIFUL!
    Not that I’d ever WISH gauge issues on ANYONE.. but you now.. there is the pretty factor there…:P
    *and I blogged meeting Franklin… Finally.. just so you know* πŸ˜›

  87. I hate for my first post to be one in which I say, ‘I hate something…’ but please, please, please. People don’t actually loose their minds, they lose their minds. At least that’s what people usually mean to say. We can loose our minds on thinking through a thorny problem like how long a skirt should rightly be, but we don’t loose them over something so fabulous as a line up of incredible teachers. That would probably make us lose our minds.
    That mistake makes me really grouchy. You probably could tell.
    But I actually really love reading your blog. It’s one of two I read regularly.

  88. OK, you asked for it.
    You do have a boss. YOU. Set a schedule or have your lovely Lena do it for you. Be reasonable or you will drive yourself insane. How much time does it take you to write most productively, i.e. I write for, say two, hours then my mind starts to wander. Make that your scheduled time plus half an hour for interruptions. Email: answer 20 emails then move on to the next task. Schedule Sock Summit tasks for when you are at your best. Work out what’s best for you. Good luck.
    Good luck on the FLS. I know you can do it.

  89. “I’ve still got to knit a whack of i-cord for the waist, and line it, but I think the bulk of it is behind me.”
    I hope the lining does it’s job and the bulk of it isn’t behind you when you’re wearing it;)

  90. I signed up for the Sock Summit mailing list! Maybe by the time August rolls around, my life will have calmed down enough to spend 4 days with my knittin’ peeps!

  91. “I’ve still got to knit a whack of i-cord for the waist, and line it, but I think the bulk of it is behind me.”
    Hopefully the lining will do it’s job and the bulk of it won’t be behind you when you’re wearing it;)

  92. Wow, Duffy, can you organize me? I think I’m hopeless. I find I triage, what smoldering fire is going to irrupt into a blaze if I don’t do it now. And then I’m constantly saying to my employees, “I can’t think about that now.”
    And, Steph, in response to your tweets: being cold all the time is a real drag, do you guys have room for a wee wood stove? Or better yet, a gas one? Mine keeps me from going insane here in Alaska.
    And, coffee in laptop, not good. I dumped 20 ounces of green tea in one – dead, as a doornail. Apparently the anti oxidant effects of green tea doesn’t work on electronics.
    And the February Lady Sweater, girl give yourself a break… I for one love the orange sweater that has the rounded front, might be perfect for Madrona!!
    And can we all say “Thanks, Ken, we love ya'”

  93. Mmmmm, too much work on the desk, I know how that goes… though real estate is slowing down to a point where it’s kind of scary and I was wishing for more work πŸ™
    LOL, I am right now knitting my swatch for my February Lady sweater…. spooky πŸ˜€

  94. My FLS has been almost done for a couple of months now. Maybe I’ll take a weekend in February and finally finish it. The pattern makes terrific sweaters (I don’t think I’ve seen an FLS that I didn’t like).

  95. My personal thoughts are that the more you do, the more you do and the less you do the less you do. The February Lady sweater will get done on time. I have faith.

  96. An arrow, like this?
    I can’t wait to see the Feb lady, and the skirt.
    My only advice on dealing with too much, all the time (like a bunch of little kids, aren’t they?), is to decide on how much time you’re going to spend on each task. Set a kitchen timer, and work on it for ONLY that long. You’ll be amazed at how much gets done.
    Tim Ferris’ book “The 4 Hour Work Week” has a ton of good stuff in it on how to manage your work so it doesn’t end up managing you. ;o)
    Best of luck!

  97. Are we going to see a picture of your knitted skirt when finished It shoud be recorded for all time

  98. Hey Stephanie, When are you going to do a DVD of your fast knitting?? Just read about it on the Sock Summit page. Put my name on the top of the list to buy it. I am SO SLOW at knitting it’s discouraging and REALLY need it. :>(

  99. Wow. I’m planning on going to Madrona also. Do you think I could have my FLS done by then? (Rhetorical question-I’m a brand new spinner, and just started thinking that homespun might make a great FLS.)
    Love your color choice. Love the skirt also.
    See you at Madrona, I hope!!!
    PS I would leave you my blog URL, but the reason I read yours at this time is that I can’t remember my blog ID. Suzieknitter??, Volksknitter?? something like that. I guess I don’t blog often enough. LOL

  100. I’m so glad you finally joined Twitter. It will be great to have your posts mixed in with the rest of the business posts that fill mine currently!! I’m amyk_va and will not be nearly as entertaining as you are, but will try.

  101. Oh no, I’ll never get any work done now that I’m following your Tweets πŸ™
    can’t wait to see the FLS πŸ™‚

  102. Well, now you just need to start Plurking. πŸ™‚
    PS: Will there be a Sock Summit II? (Normally I’d preface that with “If it’s a success…”, but really, we all know it’s going to be huge.) I really, really, really, want to go, but my employment situation is frowning on Sock Summit 2009… (sniff, sniff)

  103. One wonders, what WOULD my journalist-father have thought if I said to him, “Yes, Da, I google several times a day and some lovely people I know twitter….” That’s beyond me, I’m still suspicious of a little silver thing masquerading as a telephone, when it clearly has no kind of coil-y cord. But I feel like the new year is finally underway; I’ve finished the first of what may be a new crop of toques, made half-a-dozen headbands, a pair o’ mittens…and I’ve dug out some sock yarn which is glowering at me in an anticipatory way……desk? Oh, it just cusses at me and throws my unfinished stories on the floor, it’s a scandal.

  104. Yay! Tweets keep me satisfied between blog posts and allow me to point at you when @stephenfry asks why knitters do strange things.

  105. I assumed from the beginning that the length of the skirt would be determined by the yarn color, the skirt stopping after the color band equaled the other color bands, and before the color changed to something darker. I am anticipating its debut with great interest!

  106. I really like your Twitter addition. The February Lady should be really pretty in those colors. I knit a February baby sweater when I found out I was pregnant earlier in the year, thinking I was having a little girl…but, wee Nathan just doesn’t ‘do’ lace! Luckily, there are many baby girls around who need sweaters.

  107. How are your liking Twitter? I tried it because everyone seemed to be talking about it and how great it was but it just wasn’t for me. It felt like, if I didn’t have time to blog and knit and parent and be a spouse and student, I really didn’t have time to tweet and read tweets. And yet it is so popular. Maybe I should give it another try.
    Anyone else use it? How do you work it?

  108. I love the February lady/baby sweater. I’ve knit one, and want to knit another, even though there are no girl baby’s on the horizon. I plan to knit one for myself one of these days, so I’m anxious to see your progress… and me? I’m stalked by laundry, dirty dishes, the cat.. that is why I go to work each day — OUTSIDE the home πŸ™‚

  109. Hey Stephanie.
    I enjoy your blog very much, it is a fun read but it does take extra effort to read it. I use Google reader, and there seems to be some misunderstanding between it and your blog. It only displays the title of a post and the first two lines. Other blogs have sometimes had this problem in the past, but it is now fixed so it seems something that is possible to do something about. I would appreciate very much if you could have a look at it, it would be so much easier to have your full lovely blog posts to show up together with the other blogs I read.
    Thank you so much in advance,

  110. I was thinking about the cowl pattern as well, even have some cashmere saved up for it . . .

  111. Yea! Twitter! I like Twittedific too. Fun to see you there… Pretty yarn for your sweater. Wish I could knit as quickly as you do…

  112. My sis received her FLS by FedEx today (she lives on the other side of the country from me) and it fit perfectly. I used Dream in Color (Go Go Grassy) and started it on January 1, finishing up last weekend. I am not in love with the pattern and deeply indebted to the lady who blogged the FLS tips and hints. Now that you are rev’d up from all that sock knitting (weren’t they just falling off your needles?), spinning the wool and completing your FLS should go quickly, despite your busy schedule! Best wishes for your success!!

  113. stratagem?
    i hope that is an amelie reference. that just bumps you up in the coolest geek factor by a number greater than ‘i’.

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