Broken and Fixed

Broken: Idea to get teacher list for Sock Summit up yesterday.

Fixed: teacher list (mostly) now planning for tomorrow.

Broken: Sock Summit website.

Fixed: by Sock Summit website people who are killing themselves to make tomorrow happen.

Broken: Tina’s sanity. (Mine snapped last week.)

Fixed: Mail server. (Everything goes at once. Makes me want to rip all my own hair out and eat it.)

Broken: idea that things can be done on my schedule regardless of how many other people are involved.

Fixed: concept that organizing this might have moments that are like trying to nail jello to a tree.

Broken: Dishwasher.

Fixed: Dishwasher! (I used vinegar and anger. Remarkably effective.)

Broken: Dishwasher. Damn.

Fixed: Budget. Damn.

Broken: Promise not to order pizza for a week.

Fixed: point at which my stress level triggers pizza order, apparently.

Broken: Idea to finish February Lady sweater last week.


Fixed: The problem of buttons for February Lady. Found some stunning ones at the Philosophers Wool booth at Madrona. Had them in my pocket ever since. They aren’t just pretty… they feel good.

Broken: Card for my camera which was holding pictures (very limited in number) from Madrona hostage.

Fixed: apparently (again) only by my anger when I rammed into the card reader for the fourteenth time and called it a truly filthy name. It likes it rough, apparently. It then released the picture I wanted, which was this one.


James. He works at the desk at the Hotel Murano in Tacoma, he’s a handsome devil, made only more attractive by his charm, his ability to get Tina into the hotel room she very adeptly locked herself out of in the wee hours, his willingness to discuss the politics of nuclear energy with Eugene, and his knitting. He’s got friends in Toronto, and this one’s for them. (He knit on my sweater a bit.)

Broken: Belief that I will ever finish that sweater.

Broken: Resolve to not eat chocolate as “appetizer” to ordered pizza.

Fixed: Despite my best efforts, the time- space relationship and the number of hours in a day. Would somebody do something about that?

134 thoughts on “Broken and Fixed

  1. Hmmm, that Broken and Fixed part sounds a bit like my life. Except for the James person. Why can’t I have a James?
    Will the cost of the Sock Summit be posted tomorrow as well? Gotta budget you know…. 🙂

  2. And don’t be all going around making a bunch of rules about chocolate and pizza. I just can’t get behind that.

  3. Me either, but I did find this interesting headline on the BBC website this morning…..
    “Knitting ‘can delay’ memory loss”…so I’m all for it. I started my first sock – I’m sure I did.

  4. Thought I was first….only to be second. What was wrong with your dishwasher, and how did you fix it? I have a few things not working properly, including a 23 year old son, and if they can all be fixed with vinegar and anger I will be golden!!

  5. I’m working on the space time continuum thing. I’ll keep you posted.
    He’s is a cutie. And he knits. I bet he even remembered to get his girl (or guy you never know, lol) something for V Day this past weekend too.
    You have a dishwasher – it’s called two daughters with functional appendages living at home ;-).
    What do you mean chocolate cannot be an appetizer to pizza? Hush woman! You’re a knitter. You’ll eat chocolate whenever you darn well feel like it.
    The sweater is coming along nicely. Any chance you’ll be at Stitches West in a couple of weeks?

  6. I saw that article, too, and almost emailed to the whole world (but I didn’t want to get busted for spamming).
    I’m with you, too, on the time/space/hours-in-a-day thing. What is the rule of the universe about how, just when you think you’re close to finishing something, 5 more things suddenly need attention, totally taking you away from the little bit that would give you a sense of accomplishment.
    I’m going to have a cup of tea. Surely that will make it better.

  7. Definetly sounds like our house this past week-computer sick with a virus,each child sick with something else,the oven won’t heat up,the living room ceiling came down after all the snow and ice on the roof decided to melt…So I did the only thing any reasonable person would do-I cast on a new pair of socks!Happy Sock Summit Organizing!

  8. Steph, dear, you sound like you need a little lie-down, and maybe a good cry.
    But, see? If you had finished the FL sweater before Madrona, it would have the wrong buttons.
    Here, have a blog-hug.

  9. I believe that anger and vinegar are a good solution for many many plumbing problems (not including the time we cut a pipe, and then couldn’t fix a stopper on it, and then didn’t have running water until after several more trips to the hardware store)

  10. If you need any help, even silly little things like envelope-licking, say the word. I dunno if I remembered to mention that before. I’m in the neighborhood!

  11. Chocolate as an appetizer with pizza as the main course sounds right to me. Sweater looks georgous (just make sure to keep it away from the chocolate and pizza)

  12. Hang in there. February Lady looks amazing. A beer or a glass of wine might help a lot in putting some of those “broken” items into the “fixed” category.

  13. I organize and plan things for a living – and my whole life is what you and Tina are going through with the Sock Summit. There are coping mechanisms that I’ve developed (knitting is one of them) and they are what see me through.
    I just wish that the things I organized were half as great as what the two of you are doing. If you need help – CALL ME!

  14. A limping dishwasher is far better than a totally hobbled one. How many appliances do you have left to repair-until-you-must-replace before you get to start the cycle over?
    Philosopher’s was about the only place at Madrona I didn’t buy buttons. But I did finish my sweater, assuming that blocking sorts the minor issues in the neckline. In the process I became well acquainted with Deb and Chris in the bar. That hotel has several good employees who can carry on a real conversation with total strangers while they solve a crisis or two. I think several now knit, too, or soon will.

  15. I also have attempted to fix my dishwasher with vinegar, but probably more disgust than anger. It sloshed water all over the floor whilst it was supposed to be only cleaning the dishes (overeager thing; hard to get angry at an appliance that’s just trying to help out–the floor is appalling). And I DID wash my floor, so really, the dishwasher saw a need and did its best to address it. Anyway, the vinegar alone didn’t work. I had to scrape away all the built-up gunk around some overflow-type valve, too. Apparently the gunk was confusing the valve. It was so disgusting, I can’t even tell you.

  16. Sounds to me like you need MORE chocolate (& maybe more pizza & definitely more knitting time.)

  17. Honey, if I knew how to adjust the “time- space relationship and the number of hours in a day” my dissertation would be coming along much more smoothly. Trust me. I so feel your pain. So. Feeling. It.

  18. Are you withholding the buttons from us? Please take them out of the dungeon of your pocket and display them in the full light of day for a moment. Thanks.
    Wish I could help you with that dishwasher thing…except that there must be at least two other people there that can wash and dry dishes. I don’t think THAT has gone the way of long-playing records—yet.

  19. Can I have first dibs on James? Any man who can knit, discuss the real world and unlock things is perfect.
    Thanks for the link to the button picture. While cleaning out the stash last month, I found a pile of ram’s head buttons and could not for the love of me remember where they came from. I must have bought them while at Stitches a few years ago. Now if I could only remember why — as I don’t wear or knit cardigans!

  20. I´m in a youth hostel in argentina and just busted up laughing over the “likes it rough” comment. Then I had to attempt to explain it in spanish. I´m way too prude for the conversation. Download the rest of the pictures while you can!

  21. Oh my, sounds like you need to take a break to just roll around in a big fluffy pile of alpaca!

  22. Oh, the questions this one raises for me… what exactly did you do with the vinegar to try to fix the dishwasher – splash it in its eyes to make it beg for mercy? What exactly was Tina doing out in the wee hours to get locked out? And, most important of all, since when is chocolate NOT an appetizer?

  23. You were in Tacoma and I didn’t know it? D—! I’ve never met the James at the Murano but I do have a James of my own at home. I don’t think I’m ready to trade him in for a younger James. My husband James–Jim actually– is well trained after nearly 25 years together. I don’t have the patience or energy to go through that process again:)

  24. My husband has been working on the Transporter (like in Star Trek). He starts work on the time space continuum thing next decade. I’ve recently discovered Magic Loop socks go wickedly fast as opposed to my beloved DPNs. Time space? Maybe I’ve figured it out with knitting?

  25. James was GREAT! He heated up our pasta in the break room. And when the microwave gave it a hot spot and a cold one, he brought it out for me to stir, so he could go reheat it again. And then he heated up our bread, too. (Thanks again, James! If you’re reading this, the pasta was seasoned with just olive oil, basil, parsley, oregano, and a dash of onion salt. I asked Mom when I got back upstairs.)

  26. Isn’t chocolate an appetizer for everything?
    Can we see these wonderful buttons? Or are we waiting for the finished product?
    Hang in. You will pull it all together, and we are mostly patiently waiting.

  27. I know how to get more hours in the day: just keep flying east.
    Though, the extra time you get is pretty much eaten up by sitting around in the airport terminal, but that’s ok, you have your knitting. ^_^

  28. Listen, honey–you go ahead and eat chocolate. A great big hunk of it. You deserve it. And speaking of hunks, James certainly is one. And he can knit too? Wow. Hang in there, your sweater will get done.

  29. About that time/space continuum thing? If I figure that out I’m not telling anyone for at least a week while I catch up to life. Heck, I could fail to tell everyone for a year and who would know? Time suddenly being flexible and all. Persevere.

  30. Oooh James. He is adorable and knits too? WOW.
    FYI Chocolate goes with everything, before during and after. LOL

  31. You have had several days rolled into one, haven’t you. When that happens, I take a deep breath and try to remember my name. It helps if you read it off your nametag. That’s why I wear one!

  32. Ok, I almost started drooling over the beautiful sweater. I love, love, LOVE the color! Oh, and the guy is a cutie too. 🙂

  33. I think I’m in love with James. It’s too bad I’m so old and have such high morals, or I’d be checking into the Murano even as we speak.

  34. haven’t you learned yet, everything is broken? some things appear to work some of the time, but that because they are broken at being broken!
    its a fluke when they work–and not something you should count on!

  35. There’s just something about a guy with knitting needles in his hands…especially when he’s that smokin’ hot to begin with. (Hey, I’m married, but I’m not dead.) Buttons?

  36. But chocolate is one of the four food groups, and therefor has a minimum daily requirement, and who can argue with good nutrition?
    I plan to use “nail jello to a tree” in at least one sentence tomorrow.
    Breathe deeply. Namaste!

  37. Deep breath, a glass of wine or beer and keep moving forward. As my mother says Tomorrow is
    Another Day.
    And remember everyone appreciates what you are doing, Family friends and “the blog”.

  38. I’m eating Girl Scout cookies and drinking a glass of white wine which I am labelling “dinner”. At least you have a food group or two covered with the pizza. Plus a hot new knitting friend 🙂

  39. I can see why you were roughing up the card to get up that picture of James. Hi James.
    (This ones for all of us, Steph.)

  40. Oh, dear.
    Make sure you have a glass of wine with the chocolate AND the pizza.
    Everything else will work itself out.
    (But now I think I know why people hire people to organize a convention!)

  41. Chocolate is not an appetizer. It is a food group in its own right, and should be revered as such. I suggest chocolate, and a good beer, as a proper prelude to ordered pizza.
    The four main food groups are chocolate, caffeinated, carbonated, and crunchy. I’ve always wondered whether cheesy should be added as a 5th food group. If so, then you’d have 3 covered!

  42. My twin brother, who is now a Buddhist monk, used to believe that there are 4 basic food groups: chocolate, dairy fats, sugar, and alcohol. I still believe this. You have covered two with chocolate and pizza, add a beer and you are very nutritious.

  43. Steph, you are an angel, even if you do eat more wool than most angels. I’d come make you pizza myself but I am busy writing my book in hopes it will be out for Sock Summit.
    I somehow missed the desk guy – so glad you and Tina found him. I am sure that he will never forget either of you.

  44. hee hee harlot stooped to man candy to dazzle us… too funny…
    ohhh no– that means your dishwasher is STILL BROKEN?
    UGH. HATE that.
    And Pizza is sometimes a necessity not a luxury.

  45. Ah, James. I would like a James. He’s cute. He’s hot. And he knits. My husband, though cute and hot, is not named James and he doesn’t knit. Which is probably just as well. Yeah, that doesn’t make sense. That’s what looking at pics of cute, hot guys knitting does to my brain cells … fries ’em …ooooohhhh.
    I say eat chocolate whenever the mood strikes you! After the day I’ve had, I’m going to eat chocolate, have a beer, and KNIT till I feel better. (but the pic of James helped, thanks!)

  46. You thought you’d never finish that sweater??? HUH!!? I think you just began it! In comparison to the time it would take me to knit it, it has been only a moment. Glad all the brokens are fixed. 🙂

  47. Just about every James I know is cute. He’s no exception.
    Did you have issues with the lower garter band flipping up on your FLS?

  48. I think you knit that sweater amazingly fast. I finished mine 3 days ago, but I started it in September! Granted, we weren’t exclusive, but you seem to have knit yours in record time!

  49. Some days a person gets the elevator and other days we get the shaft. such is life especially when you are a go go go girl like yoursself. I’m surprised you had ANY time at all to do what you like to do the most and actually got to knit anything on Feb. Lady. Take a deep breath. Good luck ,

  50. Time-space continuum? You know you need a TARDIS.
    My sympathies on the dishwasher thing. Mine has been out of service for two and a half years now. Last time we ran it we ended up with a water spot on the basement ceiling below it. It’s all by hand now, and my teenagers have come up with the “if we do a lousy job she won’t ask us to do it again” approach and I just don’t have it in me to bug them as many times as necessary to end up with clean dishes.
    Chocolate? Have a Tim Tam Slam. That way you’re not so much eating chocolate as drinking tea/coffee with a cookie on the side.

  51. You could move. There’s a place with 5832 hours in a day and weather warmer than Toronto. Granted, Venus is a bit far from any yarn store.

  52. Chocolate fixes just about everything, I decided yesterday. Your sweater’s gorgeous, and hey, James, if just holding a sock project makes you smile that much, wait till you’re knitting one too!

  53. “Despite my best efforts, the time- space relationship and the number of hours in a day. Would somebody do something about that?”
    Suggestion: Read/reread about tesseracts in “A Wrinkle in Time”, by Madeleine L’Engle. (If you figure it out please let me know.)

  54. Ah, James. I remember James. I do trust Tina was wearing more than you were that time. (I expect she was, but it might depend on what kinds of beverages had preceded the event.)
    I suspect I know which color buttons you got. A set of the teal Philosopher’s Wool ones came home with me. They do feel so nice. Worry buttons. I don’t have a sweater for them yet, but I couldn’t resist them at all.
    Dishwasher empathy: I have the dryer that died horribly and smellily right before I left for Tacoma (precipitating a crisis because I needed to both pack and make sure my children were clothed in my absence, and the laundromat wouldn’t be open that late: my parents ended up leaving their house open for me to sneak in late at night and dry clothes) — but then when my husband finally gets around to getting a repair person there yesterday (only after the OVEN goes out too in an unrelated show of appliance sympathy strike support, and only after 10 days and multiple reminders!) — the dryer works fine. They claim to have tested various things.
    So why did it smell that way, and refuse to tumble or heat???
    Only the Shadow knows. But obviously the Dryer is lying in wait, lurking, biding its time for the moment when malfunctioning spectacularly will really mess up my life again.

  55. Like the reader above, I offer a “blog hug” as well!
    And I say chocolate is a GREAT appetizer. Goes great with vodka drinks, something I humbly admit to knowing from experience 😉
    The sweater is beautiful adn will be done when it decides you need it to be done the most. And you are a superstar for the Sock Summit work, you will build it and knitters will come.

  56. Why is it that those of us who are busy, are screamingly, hair-on-fire, not ever going to be enough time, busy.
    But there are so many folks who are doing nothing and claim to be bored.
    How does this happen?

  57. Forward Momentum! Keep going or it all falls apart! Those buttons made me want to go knit a cardi of my own. Grab a glass of wine and put your feet up! Love ya, Steph.

  58. Hush about the chocolate appetizer and pizza. Get both in the order you wish and thoroughly enjoy. Heck, take an extra piece of chocolate to sooth your nerves and have a nice beer to wash it down with.
    The sweater is beautiful…okay so is James, but I must behave as I’m happily married.
    Rest, relax, knit!!!

  59. Oh baby! My mom lives near Tacoma and I’m going there next week. Guess who’s going to check out the hotel Murano! Yes, I’m married, but remember what they say–it doesn’t matter where you get your appetite as long as you go home to eat!

  60. Sounds like we had similar weeks, minus exotic travel & cute knitting guys, everything is broken here – buying new dishwasher asap.

  61. Oh Steph!! You *ARE* my fix 🙂 Sounds like Life has Happened. Take care and DON’T let the Wookies win! PS I can hardly wait til Sock Summit! Happy Dance! (when can we pay-n-register??)
    From the Sock-Shaped State, Marjorie

  62. Dear Philosopher’s Wool,
    Please bring buttons to MSW.
    ps – Unfortunately I can totally empathize with the hair on fire while the household appliances conspire against all that is decent, clean, and warm!

  63. I’d be delighted to alter the time-space continuum for you if you’d just give me James’s phone number. And tell me he’s heterosexual. Even if he isn’t, just tell me. Lie to me. I don’t care.

  64. Wow! Does your life ever run on even keel? You poor dear!
    I am of the firm opinion that it’s a woman’s primary job to fix that which is broken.
    Girl Power!

  65. I’ve been petitioning for an extension on that whole time-space continuum concept but so far nobody’s gotten back to me yet. Sorry…
    And chocolate is a perfectly acceptable appetizer for, well, anything.
    Have fun and remember to breathe. 😉

  66. My friend has her own Space/Time continuum. This is agreed upon by multiple people with graduate level science degrees. She sometimes shares it but despite my best efforts, it won’t transfer to my knitting.

  67. Ah, James… he was a prize! I’m glad you persuaded your camera to release that picture.
    You are a peach for taking this on. Breath deeply. It will all work out. I have a wonderful picture I snapped on the way home of ferns growing on moss growing on the branch of a tree growing by the freeway. Deep stillness in the midst of chaos.
    I have it on good authority that chocolate, when eaten with pizza and washed down with beer, does provide complete nutrition.
    For someone.

  68. Pause. Good-sized glass of red wine. Chocolate, then pizza. Deep breath. Rinse, repeat.
    February lady is fabulous. Sock Summit will be. We’ll see our teachers/classes/hotels when we see ’em–and we’ll be just fine!!!!!
    A physicist friend of mine is working on the space-time continuum thing-let you know if he discovers anything. Actually, you have just proved that Relativity is correct: supposedly, the faster you go relative to all of us, the slower time should pass for you, relative to us. This is why the teacher list is coming out on Friday–Friday for all of us is the same as Wednesday for you. Slow down, dudes!! you work too fast!

  69. My husband is an electronics technician, and was a Mr Fix-It before we got married, and he has long been sick of it. (I think he married me because I didn’t own a blow hair dryer, his sister’s one always needed fixing.)

  70. The only way to end a meal that has chocolate as an appetizer is with more chocolate and red wine (preferably dark, and port). I hope you know how much we all appreciate y’all’s work on this one, btw; when you’re standing at Sock Summit surrounded by happy (hyper) thankful knitters, it’s gonna feel great. I promise.

  71. I think I’m about the twentieth to want dibs on James…
    Re: eating the hair. Could this potentially combine eating and flossing in one step?
    Stay sane and have fun with the sock summit. Sounds like much fun. I need to retire – so I can live more.

  72. What’s wrong with a chocolate appetizer? It’s also nature’s perfect breakfast food. Has antioxidants. Really. I think. (Red wine is supposed to be good for you too, but I don’t drink.)

  73. i dunno, i’m having a week/month/year of freakin’ mondays so i think chocolate at every part of every mood sounds good …

  74. the lindt 85% chocolate got me through the semester before graduation. It is high in the good things you eat chocolate to get and low in sugar, and excuse me but I just remembered that I left some out and I think it is getting lonely.

  75. I don’t know about the time/space continuum but I do know that time becomes elastic when you arrive at Miami International Airport. None of the flights to the Caribbean ever leave on time. Not too many people get upset by it. Some of the airlines put flights and times up that they have no intention of ever flying, that they don’t even have planes for! If you’re in MIA, you sit and knit and eventually they put you on a plane and you go away. Works great.

  76. Vinegar and anger, huh….at my house when things are broken and not going back together in the way that I would like I resort to having my husband stand close to the object, dishwasher, etc. I think there is an unwritten universal law that states that getting things to work properly requires testicles. So, my husband gamely stands close for a bit, then goes back to whatever he was doing, and the thing then comes together like a charm.

  77. When it rains…
    The sweater looks great and I am sure the buttons are going to make it look even better. Funny thing I noticed about the picture of James (I looked at the pictures before I had time to sit and read), he is holding it like he wants to knit on the sock (or maybe he was knitting on it??) instead of having a somewhat detached grip and the “Why am I holding a sock again??” look on his face. Total cutie. My husband knits, but it is negated by his preference for crochet…can’t win em all.

  78. Wow! You sound tired. The sweater is marvelous. And I’m glad you found buttons. Isn’t it wonderful when you find just the right ones?

  79. Wish I could help you on the time/continuum thingie…but at the moment, I am jammed and broken. There isn’t a James on the planet (including James Taylor) that can fix me up.
    But I thank you for the man candy, and the chocolate before pizza idea. And I send you hugs and humor for all your broken things too!!

  80. Your sweater is just stunning, stunning, stunning! Oh, and chocolate is the food of the gods. I think it’s their gift to make us happy.

  81. James ROCKED. He was the nicest guy and did a HUGE kindness for me and another newly made friend (which I won’t reveal because we really hope James is still at the hotel working NEXT year). But when you think “customer service/oriented” you have to think James – great guy.
    Pizza fixes many things. Beer with pizza fixes even more. And Good Friends with pizza and beer could possibly put shrinks out of work 😉

  82. All you need with the pizza and chocolate is cheap champagne. Makes everything wonderful again! This too, shall pass, dearest Stephanie… believe you/me it shall pass.
    As far as the time thing goes.. I get up early. Too early. I have knitted at 0430 am up until the kids got up every morning until Christmas eve…I tried buying time, but that just cost me

  83. OMG- I am totally using vinegar and anger as a solution to all my problems now. Glad to see you are at least getting on the up and up for the fixes!

  84. I will soon be starting a petition to add at least an extra 5 hours to each day. Screw our current methods of operation. Shall I consider you a signatory?

  85. I REALLY like the idea of adding more hours to the day. How do we effect this change? Just think of all the wool I could buy with more time in each day!!!

  86. OK! I am going to show my lack of knowledge (otherwise known as ignorance). I see the twitter stuff. I read you every day. I must have missed the explanation and I am coming up on 62 (perhaps that explains it!). Anyway, what is Twitter and why should I read it? When I go there it seems that there is some kind of question(s) people are replying to . . .

  87. In case Mrs. James also reads the blog, I hope you enjoy the appreciation your handsome guy is getting from this discriminating group. Handsome, handy, and he knits, too! What a fine combination!

  88. Hmm. You obviously patronize a different class of hotel than I ever have. I’ve NEVER seen such a cutie behind the desk! Might James or one of his friends be available at the venue for the Sock Summit?

  89. My brain only caught a few key points from this entry; chocolate before pizza, handsome devil that knits. I’m just going to hang on to those warm fuzzies all day.

  90. I am no good at fixing things around the house, but in anger I have fixed a dishwasher a few times before. If the motor won’t turn, and it makes noises but won’t start, I’ve had luck taking the cover off the very bottom of the dishwasher front (on the outside, w/ the door closed) and looking for the the motor and the little blades that are supposed to turn. Using something long, pointy, and not metal (bamboo knitting needle?) gently turn the blade a little. If it won’t turn at all, I’m stumped, but if you just push it a little, then try to start the dishwasher, sometimes it will work. The explanation I got was that sometmes gunk or dust builds up on the motor, and it just can’t make itself start turning. That little push loosens it up, and wah-la! a working dishwasher. If this don’t work, I have no idea and am very sorry. My handy-woman training only got me so far in my broke college student years.

  91. Today is the 20th.
    “You know you knit too much when…”
    Not at all a true story, right? Purely hypothetical.

  92. Hey so before you realized that your dishwasher was really broken (sorry about that!) you used vinegar and anger. It really worked? For some reason my dishwasher has decided not to turn on for the past three days. Maybe I need to use some vinegar and anger.

  93. Of course chocolate is the perfect appetizer for pizza! What’s broken about that?
    As for more hours in the day…I would particularly like 3 more between 9 and 5 so I could get more work done and then knit after work (starting about 7) without guilt over not doing more work at home (I teach). Come to think of it another 2 hours between 8pm and 10pm (when I go to bed) would be nice too. So, that’s an additional 5 hours per day, but not equally distributed. Too much hassle to set the clocks back twice every day. Would be hard to convince other people that these were the true times. And, the sun might not cooperate either.

  94. Can’t wait to see the button on your sweater.
    ‘scuse me… I have a pizza craving now – need to go order some. Chocolate will tide me over until it arrives…

  95. Hey I just saw a pizza with strawberries covered with 3 colours of chocolate. Seriously. Seriously GOOD. Also a sandwich with brie slices, topped with choco chips, and julienned fresh basil, warmed up in a panini press. All the problems in the world melt away. And yes…wine does go with chocolate.

  96. I don’t mean to be critical, but the sleeves on the FLS just fly by if you use a 16″ circular. I finished mine last weekend. It is blocking today and I cannot wait to wear it!

  97. Correna at 10:41– Brie, chocolate, and basil? Zowie! Gotta go warm up the panini press…
    For all you time travelers out there, keep in mind that adding more hours to the day makes you age faster. Just sayin’.

  98. Broken: My idea that angels DON’T walk the earth and work in hotels.
    Fixed: My despair that an angel wouldn’t knit– okay, I write romance books, and James is a total hottie!
    Don’t worry, luv–anger and sanity will eventually prevail, and would it help if I told you I was totally salivating over the colors in your lovely sweater? MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm……

  99. Okay, wait, wait, wait, WAIT. Let’s go back to that dishwasher item. Ours is currently making horrible grinding sounds and I want to know details about what that vinegar thing is for? Pleeeeze?

  100. dear, dear Stephanie, firstly: truly sorry you’re feeling badly; secondly: your humor is obviously unimpaired regardless of the broken-fixed roller coaster ride. Reference: twitter reply to rickmercer. Your succinct wit ‘bowls’ me over!

  101. Dear Harlot-if you are going to rip your hair out, at least knit with it, rather than eat it. 🙂 Deep breath. Glass of wine. It will get better. I have the Philosopher’s Wool rams head buttons on a sweater I made from one of their kits. They’re very cool. Have you ever checked out the buttons from Black Water Abbey? Also very cool.

  102. The last pair makes me feel less guilty for last night. I made BBQ popcorn (brown sugar, parsley, onion and garlic powder, smoked paprika) as an ‘appetizer’ while I was waiting for my some veggies to roast. Delicious, but come on!
    Thank you for the James, btw.

  103. No eating your hair….. We were watching Ripley’s Believe it or not the other day and there was this woman in India who chewed on her hair…. At age 16 the removed a hairball the size and shape of her stomach….. yeah.
    he he he
    FLS is looking wonderful!

  104. Hi! I have been petitioning for a 36 hour day for some time now, obviously without success. Then we could sleep for 8 hours, work for eight hours, and still have lots left over for other wonderful pursuits.
    My dishwasher currently works, but has been recalled – some part that is prone to overheat and cause fires. I have the replacement part; now for the endless repair person samba.
    Sadly, it says right on it not to attempt installation oneself…

  105. Can we all share James?
    Kathleen – I assume the vinegar thing is for people living in hard water areas. The limescale from the water builds up and eventually blocks the pipes, the vinegar disolves it.

  106. I’m with Kay. I will happily share James. He looks like a total sweetie.
    If I could fix the space-time continuum and the # of hours in the day, then I would be Q and would have finished the very boring garter stitch project I’ve got going already.

  107. At least your appliances become break consecutively. Just last week my fridge and my washing machine bit the dust!
    Count your blessings Yarn Harlot! Back to the sink to do another load!

  108. Chocolate and pizza….hmmm, I was under the impression that those were two important food groups.

  109. James! Oh my Gosh….you found James. I found James when I taught at the Puget Sound Bead Festival two years ago and was totally enamored. What a nice man, good at his job, made everyone feel important,
    I’m totally in love with my Husband, but well I did have quite a crush on James, 30 years or so my junior, and stumbling on a picture on your blog, made my day!

  110. Did you find your 4.5mm needles? If so, where were they?
    Oh… and I used to buy my yarn at Simpson’s Sears. Kingston was too small for The Bay back in those days.
    Isn’t it great to have so many yarn stores now?
    Happy Birthday to your daughter. I notice that she is smiling in the pictures. Good going there, Mom.

  111. ” …I taught at the Puget Sound Bead Festival…”
    and I read this at first as the “Bread Festival”, and wanted to go!!! But I hadn’t had supper yet.
    The Sock Summit (just to get ahead as well as behind in the comments) sounds utterly faboo! So envious, must try to plan a little better…

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