Auspicious Days

1. It has been four days in a row without screwing up the shawl. I am doing nupps now (rhymes with “soups”) and I love them very much and they aren’t even a pain in the arse, but Nancy is not kidding when she says to do them “loosely”.


She means it. She really does. Fear not the sloppiness, for it shall reward you on the next row when you have to “p5 tog”.

2. I am working on updating the tour page, because right now it’s all of last years stuff. For now I can tell you this:

Saturday March 14th, Madison, Wisconsin. I’ll be speaking at the Knit in that the Madison Knitters Guild (truly, one of the really great guilds out there) have planned. Information on how to get in is here. (There’s a PDF to click on there, it takes you to the registration form. Click on the “Classes Descriptions, Schedule, & Registration Form” line.) I think most of the classes are full, but I’m pretty sure you can still get in to hear me speak. I’m doing a lot less this year, and it’s been a long while since I was in this neck of the woods, so I’m thrilled. Totally thrilled. Hope I see you there.

March 30 – April 4th. Camp Knitty-ha-ha. (AKA – sock camp) at the Port Ludlow Resort. This is for Sock Club members only, (I think. It’s possible Tina can be bribed.) but I’m teaching there and who only knows what we’ll get up to. Buckets of fun, undoubtedly.

May 30th – June 7th Saskatchewan Stitches Conference (Haus of Stitches.) I’ll be speaking and teaching in beautiful Muenster, Sask. and I’m really excited to be doing such a great Canadian event. It’s nice to get on a plane and not need my passport, and this event promises to be really interesting. Info on what, specifically, I’m doing there, is here., but do poke around. There’s a lot of really great stuff.

3. Today is Ken’s Birthday. Ken is my best friend and the dude who makes this blog go. Without Ken, this blog would crash and burn on a regular basis because I have no idea what I’m doing. Ken is the guy who holds my hand though upgrades, and baby steps changes in the way I have to do things so I don’t freak out because I have to learn another piece of html. I love him for a whole lot of other reasons too, but if you enjoy this blog, then maybe you want to join me in wishing him the happiest of days. Happy Birthday Ken! (I’m going to start your birthday dinner soon. Promise.)