The strangest thing going on around here. Entirely bizarre. I wake up in the morning, address my to do list, and then glance out the window and see that the bright burning day star is gone and it is night again and I missed almost everything. Yesterday the trouble was compounded by a raging UTI, (got meds. feeling a little better today) and the fact that Meg is trying to finish all of her university stuff, even though she really, really, really doesn’t want anything to change and would love it if High School went on forever. (I’m with her, actually.)

Then suddenly it’s dinner time and I’ll be darned if that doesn’t just appear on the table without some sort of effort, then there’s homework and more essays and such for all the girls… and then I am overcome with exhaustion, knit three rows on this shawl and collapse into my bed. When I wake up, the bright burning day star is back, and I hit the reset button. I’m not unhappy or overwhelmed, (except maybe with the UTI, which seems totally and completely fair) I’m just super, stupid, crazy busy with being a mum – and that seems fair too.

I am thinking that tomorrow will be much better, and I will write a blog then. What are you doing?