I wasn’t going to blog today (don’t you find that the whole “spring ahead” daylight savings thing puts you way more behind than an hour?) but I’m just so annoyed I have to share.

Look at this.


I was admiring my knitting and noticed that somehow, a stretch of my snowy merino/angora has gotten soiled, and I didn’t notice, and I knit it in. (I suppose that this is the eventual price for knitting instead of cleaning… some sort of cosmic come-uppance. Noted.) I don’t know if that’s dirt that will wash out, or a stain, or what, but there’s really no point in continuing until I try and wash it out, since if it won’t wash out, I’ll have to rip back, take out that bit and reknit.

Is there some sort of a hit out on this project?

Seriously. You can tell me. I’m figuring it out anyway.

(Also, I got the dishwasher back together but it doesn’t care that the penny is out. Score: Major appliance 1, Stephanie 0.)