Full details to follow

I got up and entertained these grand delusions of telling you all about my trip to Madison, and even tried to write one for a while, until the reality of my situation sunk in. It’s family night, my darling sister and mother-in-law are coming to dinner for St. Patrick’s day, the house is trashed, I have no food and no beer… and I have to get Sam downtown and onto a bus for her March Break trip before all of that happens. Clearly, If I think I’ve got time to blog, I’m delusional in a really, really big way. So I’m giving you just a little something. Something I think is unreasonably cool.

As most of you know, the charming February Lady Sweater is based on the even more charming February Baby sweater from Elizabeth Zimmermann’s classic book, The Knitter’s Almanac. I happened to be wearing mine when I happened upon a table full of knits brought by Meg Swansen (EZ’s daughter, and a fine fibre artist in her own right) at the Madison Knit in. Egged on by Joyce Williams, I whipped off my version and photographed it with the original, knit by Elizabeth Zimmermann herself.


I know that I probably reveal myself as eight kinds of fangirl and three more kinds of dork, by telling you how cool I think that is, and I don’t even care.


I touched something Elizabeth Zimmermann knit… and it touched my knitting back. Dork heaven.