Full details to follow

I got up and entertained these grand delusions of telling you all about my trip to Madison, and even tried to write one for a while, until the reality of my situation sunk in. It’s family night, my darling sister and mother-in-law are coming to dinner for St. Patrick’s day, the house is trashed, I have no food and no beer… and I have to get Sam downtown and onto a bus for her March Break trip before all of that happens. Clearly, If I think I’ve got time to blog, I’m delusional in a really, really big way. So I’m giving you just a little something. Something I think is unreasonably cool.

As most of you know, the charming February Lady Sweater is based on the even more charming February Baby sweater from Elizabeth Zimmermann’s classic book, The Knitter’s Almanac. I happened to be wearing mine when I happened upon a table full of knits brought by Meg Swansen (EZ’s daughter, and a fine fibre artist in her own right) at the Madison Knit in. Egged on by Joyce Williams, I whipped off my version and photographed it with the original, knit by Elizabeth Zimmermann herself.


I know that I probably reveal myself as eight kinds of fangirl and three more kinds of dork, by telling you how cool I think that is, and I don’t even care.


I touched something Elizabeth Zimmermann knit… and it touched my knitting back. Dork heaven.

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  1. I’m right there with you on the dorkiness chart – awesome! (Almost as good as when I got to touch your Kauni Cardigan 2 years ago!)

  2. I got chills just reading about it. Wowee. There’s something about touching something someone else has touched.
    Your sweater is a lovely reminder of EZ’s legacy.

  3. I am about to venture into the world of sweaters and I have to say, yours is really charming. I’m not even an orange-y person and I’m taken by it.
    Beautiful stuff!

  4. You would probably then be amazed at how many of us have similar feelings when we get to hold your “sock.”

  5. As Peabody says of Sherman (sort of): All dork and a yard wide! Totally jealous of the touching of the EZ GOLD!

  6. Dork Heaven….welcome to my world.
    I am also squeeing with excitement waiting for Saturday’s Graham Norton show!

  7. Whether that brands you a knitting fangirl or not, it is incredibly cool! I would be totally dorking out over that too.
    And yeah, what Anita May said, too!

  8. Oh, now that’s something special. There’s just a magic about things that were hand made that the people who buy their socks at WalMart will never understand. And made or touched by knitting Royalty, that’s a special sort of awe inspiring.
    I’m still all kinds of excited about the picture that I have of me holding your sock and you holding mine in Madison. We loved having you here!

  9. I think it’s absoultely lovey and I think EZ would be thrilled to have her sweater touch a hand spun, hand knit adapted version of her own pattern.

  10. wow! that’s awesome!
    also – i had no idea that i used basically the same color yarn as EZ’s original when i knit up the feb baby sweater – yay!

  11. “I would have done the same thing,” said the woman who gets a kick out of holding your traveling sock while you hold my sock-in-progress for a picture at book signings, etc. πŸ™‚
    (Also, your February Lady sweater is very lovely.)
    (Also #2, you once told me that I was funny. I just about died on the spot that someone as funny as you thought I was funny. So, I get where you’re coming from with the fangirl dork & whatnot.)

  12. It’s kind of like going on a knitting pilgrimage, at the conclusion of which your knitting touched the relic of a knitting saint. It probably gives you all kinds of knitting blessings and dispensations. Maybe your Estonian lace will magically become much kinder to you now!

  13. Lucky you!
    But you know, I felt much the same way when I met you at a book signing and you held my first socks. They’re extra special to me now, because they’ve been touched by the Yarn Harlot! πŸ™‚

  14. You do understand that many of us feel this way about you.
    I am just sick with envy that you will be in Seattle exactly one day before I arrive there for my vacation in April. I forgot to check my Harlot on Tour guide before we picked the dates.
    Someday you will be back in Santa Rosa, CA

  15. I completely understand. That is wonderful! I’d be hanging that photo up in my office. I might never wash that sweater again or at least it would be a long time.

  16. That is too AWESOME for words…
    And your sweater is absolutely gorgeous. It inspires me to knit my own FLS…and a baby one too…many babes in the queue amongst my friends and coworkers..

  17. Well, don’t just stand there like a government employee, “getcher geek on”!!! That *is so* cool! And have a Happy St. Paddy’s too!

  18. In 1982, Elizabeth Zimmerman (Meg came also) to Green Bay, Wisconsin to do a knitting class for the YWCA. The class was $15.(!)My best friend brought her nursing baby to class.(This 1982 just had a baby of her own before this past Christmas.)Well, let me tell you: EZ was delightful! I have a signed copy of Knitting without Tears – with a note just to me inscribed. She spent the day chatting knitting, helping us with our knitting – yes she TOUCHED my knitting!- and she helped ME get started on the first pair of socks I ever knit. I was smitten. There were perhaps 15-20 knitters in the class. She was very funny and down-to-earth and endlessly kind to those of use taking her class.

  19. That is all kinds of AWESOME. Totally very cool and non-dorky. Second the person who mentioned knitting saint. That has to be good yarn karma.
    You do realise we go all dorky and fangirly over YOU? Sorry if that’s kind of freaky, but I think it’s true for most of The Blog πŸ™‚

  20. Seems perfectly normal to me–I posed with EZ’s sweaters (just the sweaters, nobody even IN them) when I attended her camp and it was like Dancing With the Stars. That little loden sweater is a major celebrity in our world.

  21. Just imagine the thrill for everyone else who manages to photograph their February Lady sweater with EZ’s baby sweater now. They will touch a sweater that EZ knit, Yarn Harlot touched and photographed, and I would imagine that Meg Swansen also touched. A *”hat trick” in one photo.
    *(three goals in one game)

  22. Dork heaven is right – amazing. I think my husband might even “get” the significance of that one though.

  23. Dorky, perhaps, but also SERIOUSLY cool!!! Roughly akin to touching Beethoven’s manuscript for the 9th Symphony or having some personal one-on-one time with Vermeer’s paint brushes. You touched creative history and that is all kinds of amazing.

  24. That’s the best kind of dorky πŸ™‚
    Thanks to you, via Graham Norton, I am now able to differentiate between a Canadian accent and an American one! Hooray!

  25. There’s something so touching about that photo and your post. It looks as though the mother sweater is holding the baby sweater on her hip. It says love and memories; knowing it’s yours and EZs, it’s perfectly symbolic of the passing on of knitting traditions to next generations.

  26. You “happened” to be wearing your February Lady sweater when you knew you were going to see Meg Swansen? Yeah, like we believe that was an accident πŸ˜‰ It’s definitely waaaaay cool that your sweater got to meet the original!!!

  27. You can officially die and go to Heaven now. Not that we want you to!! NO NO NO!!! I’m just saying.

  28. And I’m getting all squee just seeing something by the YH and something by EZ together in the same photo!

  29. Oh. My. God.
    I guess that makes me a dork too, because I think that is THE COOLEST THING EVER!!!!!!

  30. Both sweaters are lovely and though the same pattern, look so different, each perfect for its purpose, no doubt, except why is the baby sweater so CLEAN??

  31. Well, we’re all right there with you.
    You touched something Elizabeth Zimmerman knit!
    You’re my hero!
    And so is she!

  32. What dork? I am still thrilled that I brought my Tulip baby sweater WIP to one of your book signings, and you took it out of its ziploc and smoothed it out to get a better look. I wonder if I told my sister about that when I gave it to my niece… probably not! You touched an actual EZ handmade – OMG!

  33. Well, all I can say is there are many of us “dorks” out there and I am one jealous one! That will definitely be a moment to remember!

  34. Dork Heaven for sure! We’ll all meet there someday! (of course, I might be in “Hillbilly Heaven” or “Rock and Roll Heaven”, not sure of the hierarchy!)

  35. This is why I love your blog. I would do that too. Dork? maybe. Among friends? definitely!

  36. Excellent!!
    I hope you were wearing a tee shirt under that sweater when you whipped it off. Otherwise, we’ll be seeing the results of some kinnearing all over the internet–for our viewing pleasure.

  37. Cool! You should come to Knitting Camp (pref Session 3 – grin) and you can pet all sorts of things that EZ knitted πŸ™‚

  38. Dorky? That was the proper response from where I’m sitting! Thanks for showing that photo, it’s lovely.

  39. I felt exactly the same when you knit some of my sock at I Knit in London last year!! “Queen Harlot touched my sock!” I told anyone who’d listen!

  40. I will join the battalion of geeky fangirls to say that one of the Feb. Baby Sweaters I’ve made was blue like the one in your photo. So, I am all wooty over how much my sweater looks just like EZ’s.
    Happy Beer Drinking Day! You are a Knitting Rock Star and I toast you!

  41. Wow. How wonderful to be able to touch the little sweater EZ’s hands touched. I feel that way about the old raggedy quilt that my grandmother stitched by hand, piece after piece. Her hands touched it and mine can too. Now honestly, Stephanie, I’d feel the same way about something you had knit!!!:) You do realize that don’t you?

  42. And there won’t be some expose’ that, while knitting the sweater, EZ was on HGH or steroids! Maybe we are dorks…but we don’t have the scandals of some other activities!

  43. No no no no no!! Not Dorky! Wonderful wonderful wonderfulness. To think that you COULD touch something EZ knit gave me shivers, and to think of your knitting touching her knitting brought tears to my eyes. You have touched EZ herself!

  44. Will you be bringing that February sweater to Saskatchewan in June? Maybe I will even have started my February sweater by then and it could touch your February sweater that has touched Elizabeth’s baby sweater… once the dorkiness sets in there’s no telling where it might stop.
    You just might need a wool sweater in Saskatchewan in June – at night, anyway.

  45. As my 2nd favorite TV show says “Geeks rule the world, baby!” (Leverage)
    Favorite show being “Firefly”, also a show of geekdom.

  46. That is really awesome.
    Happy St Patrick’s Day.
    Watch out for the green beer!

  47. It was so cool watching you take those pictures (and I’ve got pictures to prove it — let me know if you want copies). I feel privileged to have been there.

  48. And may I also mention, if we are going to be in awe of someone, to put someone on a celebrity pedestal, isn’t really nice it’s Elizabeth? A genuinely nice, creative, yet down to earth person instead of some money-hungry, fame-seeking, drugged up, foul mouthed “celebrity”?

  49. i agree with my daughter monet’s earlier comment- it is truly the coolest thing ever! i got a little misty just reading about it!!!

  50. If that makes you a dork, I have a feeling we’re all dorks. I think Elizabeth would be very impressed with your sweater and your creativity.

  51. Steph, you really need to get a chance to take one of Meg’s workshops. They are smaller than the Knitting Camps and we got to go through the closet with all the sample garments. I ran my hands across things that EZ and Meg had knit…I was in heaven!

  52. I don’t think it is dorky at all. While I am not a person who gushes, I would gush if I touched something EZ touched. I am a knitter after all.

  53. I don’t even knit that much and I think that’s totally cool! Fan girl heaven!

  54. Man, I would have felt exactly the same way. Kind of like your sweater got to meet it’s ancestor πŸ™‚

  55. That is so cool! I am inspired by your beautiful ladies version, I want to knit it with my own handspun too. The colors are stunning.

  56. Dork glory! Yeah, I guess I’m waving my dork flag as I’m jealous… Weird, jealous that your knitting got to touch other knitting. I really need a yarn intervention or something.

  57. Add me to the Dork Brigade. At the Rhinebeck book signing, you said a moebius scarf I was wearing was pretty. My 13 yr old daughter called me a dork because I kept saying, “The Yarn Harlot thought my scarf was pretty!” Also, at a visit to the Charles Dickens Museum in London last May, I ran my hands over the desk where He used to write, much to my husband’s embarrassment, so I understand Fangirl. And I agree that the brush with knitting legend that you experienced is quite cool.

  58. The ORIGINAL?! WOW!!!!! You. Touched. Something. EZ. Knitted.
    I myself am still waiting for the Dream in Color Smooshy to knit the February Baby sweater.

  59. Today being St. Patrick’s Day, I feel justified to feel green with envy!! What a thrill!! Lucky you!!

  60. It’s not at all dorky. There is much I do not know about knitting history but it seems to me EZ is deserving of a lot of respect and even awe for showing the everyday knitter how to think outside the box. She’s a cool role model, too.

  61. How lovely.
    I guess those that are lucky enough to hold one of your socks, feel the same. :}

  62. A real live EZ created sweater! I am beside myself. Wow. So now I am touching the computer screen that links your photo to your computer to the camera which saw the actual items. Virtual reality strikes again.

  63. You represent all of us dorks – lucky you. I would have been too speechless to say or do anything like that.

  64. I got to wear a sweater that EZ knitted for Meg to wear when she was in her college years when I was at Knitting Camp a few years ago. How’s that for double geekdom ecstacy? Knit by EZ, worn by Meg, & then (for a few minutes) by me. I vowed to never shower again. Thankfully, that vow held only until the next morning.
    P.S. Peter turned a year old on Saturday, 3/14. He’s walking, talking & getting into everything.

  65. I beat you in dorkiness, I think. A member of our spinning group has been to Knitting Camp several times and has books signed by EZ. I get excited just looking at the signature and touching the books that I know she touched. Don’t know what I would do if I touched a sweater she had knit.

  66. Are you saying it’s March Break but you *won’t* have to dig in for a 5-day squabblefest?

  67. EEE that’s the coolest thing ever!! I got all dorky proud once b/c I had an email back from the designer of a sweater I knit (she had seen it on my blog)… but actually getting to see the original EZ sweater in person AND have it with your Feb. Lady sweater… too cool.

  68. I had custody of an EZ sweater a couple of years ago. Its proud owner allowed me to analyze and sketch. Still figuring out how to knit it. Sign me on as another dorky fangirl.

  69. Mmmmm, that is delicious. So is the Guinness I’m currently drinking (in honor of the Irish, not being of the nobel decent myself). I think EZ wold have approved.

  70. You’re not being dorky; a sweater knit by EZ is something special! It’s the same reason why I would have to fork out millions if I wanted to own a Van Gogh.

  71. One of my girlfriends and I went to Meg’s knitting camp last summer. They passed around a sweater knit and worn by Elizabeth Zimmerman. My friend put it on and I took her picture. Seriously, she had tears in her eyes.

  72. Yes, but I know how dorky I am because I was thrilled to hear that you remembered Liz who was at the IKnit day, and so there’s a chance you remember me, because I was standing next to her brandishing a dishcloth. And breathe.

  73. Sniff sniff…..so sweet!
    I’m a nerdy fan girl too – of EZ, MS and YOU!
    I can haz tishooz nao pleeze?

  74. I touched the Tower of London once. I imagine it’s about the same feeling. I’d be beside myself.

  75. If you’re a dork then so am I. I would have wanted to do the same thing though I’m not sure I would have worked up the courage.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! Enjoy family night. I may just have to stop and pick up some Harp on my way home to celebrate….while knitting tonight of course……it’s Malabrigo March. πŸ™‚

  76. I’m sure having YOUR EZ sweater touch the original means some sort of very cool knitting mojo has rubbed off on to you. that little baby sweater is the cutest darn thing ever. I just finished one a while back and am hoping someone has a baby girl soon so I can knit another!

  77. Call me a dork as well. I’m excited for you. I have February Baby Sweater on the needles as we speak/write. I’m happy for you. And…love your sweater.

  78. That’s completely fabulous.
    … But if fangirling over it makes you a dork, it would seem there are an awful lot of us right there in the dork boat with you. =)

  79. Does this mean that you will never wash this sweater again?:) Thank you for sharing-can you feel my envious waves eminating up to Canada?

  80. To be in the vicinity of such a legacy… Bone chilling awe. Indescribable beauty. Humble to be close to it and feeling very frail and human, indeed.

  81. We would have thought there was something wrong with you if you hadn’t photgraphed them together! Having been in the presence of both Meg and Elizabeth’s knitting at Knitting Camps, I can relate to the thunderstruck feeling of actually being able to TOUCH them….. Good for you!

  82. Ecstasy. That is just definitional of cool. I’m just impressed that you didn’t make off with the baby sweater…

  83. Hi! You are not a dork – this is a very sane reaction to being touched by greatness. I am wildly jealous, especially since I used to live in the midwest, and have been knitting plenty long enough to have had a chance to meet EZ, and just didn’t know about her until it was too late.
    Now that I know the provenance of the February Lady, I just might have to make one myself – yours is gorgeous.

  84. If your a dork then so am I because I would do the same thing AND, when I saw you at Rhinebeck I wouldn’t walk up to you because I was too nervous to. So how’s that for dorky?

  85. Oh yeah? Well if you’re a dork then that makes me even dorkier because I was completely thrilled when we held each others’ socks last year in Portland.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  86. Ok, dorkitude lives on, then. I would totally do the same, and then blab to Princess of all there is Meg Swanson that I spun the yarn, and what kind of yarn did EZ use – was it that cool wool that she had used for that amazing Aran pullover that set the world afire for knitting them in the US…
    But did you make Meg hold a sock?

  87. I still feel that way when I touch something my mother made and she died 30 years ago (at a very young 55). To have that tangible connection is wonderful. My eyes and heart are tearing up at the thought. Nothing dorky about it.

  88. Every time I wear my green socks (like today) I think “These are the socks the Yarn Harlot held!” So yes, I understand your squeeing.
    (I also now sound like a creepy stalker, which I assure you I am not.) πŸ™‚

  89. Gettin’ in the dork line. I understand that Elizabeth not only cursed, but enjoyed a nice bottle or something-something….even for lunch.
    My kind of lady.

  90. Catholic dorks will tell you that the sweater EZ knit is a second degree relic and having touched it to your sweater makes your Lady Sweater a third degree relic. I’m getting chills.

  91. O.M.G. I’ve got chills! Not dorky at all – I’d be over the moon if it were me! And how clever of you to recognize this once-in-a-lifetime photo op when you did – I’d probably just have drooled over the EZ knits and gone home, realizing many hours too late that I missed my chance! Smart girl!

  92. Mama and baby sweaters! Don’t they look good? But the baby came long before the mama. Not weird.
    It was so great to see and hear you in Madison. It was a glorious day. I hope you had a good time too.

  93. Wow! I’ve recently been watching the Knitting Workshop DVDs and EZ is such a superstar! You can just tell she was a sweet and kind lady with a gentle sense of humor. Those two sweaters look perfect together. Lucky you!

  94. Am I a dork because all I can think is how excited your sweater must have been? Eh, I’m a dork anyway.

  95. I got goosebumps and tears in my eyes. I bet EZ was looking down from the spirit world and smiling broadly. I wonder what she put in her blog after you took the photos!

  96. The power you have! You turn people into dorks too. Your Graham Norton episode will air on my TV this Saturday. I have set TiVo and am waiting to hear you talk to Greg Kinnear. I am proudly dork.

  97. Dork? Well – if that means having a reverence for the work of an icon (who is all-deserving) then dare I say, we all ARE dorks, because we all recognize the value of a knitting *gift*. Did you see how many people also point out that WE (your readers, fans, personal dorks) bear that same reverence for you? (Also, unquestionably, all-deserving.) Now think about how *I* feel!! I held the Sock; MY piggy was held by YOU; we exchanged pictures…..and let me assure you, that time we spent in pleasant company and conversation meant as much to ME as a conversation with EZ would mean to you. I have no doubt that she’s in Heaven, jumping up and down excitedly and squeaking “She held my February Sweater! The YARN HARLOT touched my little sweater!” (Furthermore, from all I’ve read about her, I believe she would even allow herself a “SQUEE”.)

  98. Geeks/dorks of the world, unite!!
    That must be why I work the class I took with EZ into way too many conversations and casually show the picture I took of her “plopped” on the lawn in front of the LYS where the class took place.
    *And,* if I’m ever in the same space with you, the reaction will be the same, you know πŸ˜‰

  99. WOW!!!!!!!! I don’t know if I would have thought to do that. The pictures are totally cool!!!!! And your sweater turned out great.

  100. AAAAAAWWW!!!!! Let’s hope we all get a chance to be a dork. Good thing today is ST Pat’s I am sooooo GREEN with envy! Good for you, you deserved this.

  101. Hey. Steph. REALITY CHECK. *You* hugged someone I have hugged (that would be Dale). And we all three knit. Somehow, a hug qualifies for Knitting Dorkitude too. At least to me. If you E-V-E-R get back to California, aim for a little further north of LA, ok? Guest room is waiting. . . πŸ™‚

  102. Stephanie, that’s so cool! I would have done the same exact thing, there is nothing dorky about that at all! I’m so excited for you!

  103. Oh! I love the connection between generations – even though EZ is gone, her knitting spirit lives on. Also, talk about being a dork, am I the only one who didn’t know the February Lady Sweater was an adaptation of the February Baby Sweater by EZ? Yikes!

  104. OH. MY. GOD.
    I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous…..
    You are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lucky.

  105. Waaaaayyyyy off the cool chart, my friend!
    The whole episode reminds me of a story Patrick Stewart told about learning to dance for a movie part…when he found out his instructor had been one of Fred Astaire’s dance partners, all he could think was, “I’m dancing with a woman who danced with Fred Astaire.” Call it mojo, or mana, or whatever you want — that sort of connection is wonderful!

  106. Hey – if it hadn’t been for our spinning guild, I would have driven north to Madison to join in the fun. An original Elizabeth Zimmerman! Wow!
    Beats St. Patty’s day without beer.

  107. We are both agog! And, while your sweater is an amazing and awesome feat, the original is a treasure. Hooray for you.
    Happy St.Paddy’s & Cheers.

  108. Feeling like a dork ??!! i don’t think so . More like history in the making . Lovely lovely . even the contrast of colours is pleasing. so gald you posted this.thank you and happy “”Paddy’s day”

  109. oh wow, that is so touching; i knit so many of those baby sweaters in my 20s and 30s when friends were propagating and patterns not as available as now (but i did have secondhand EZ books).
    your lady sweater is just lovely; the handspun yarn really makes it special!

  110. wooaah! i’m sitting here reading your blog, and i’m wearing my very own FLS! at this very moment! how weird is that?!

  111. That’s like touching Jesus’s sandals or something. The grail of knitting. It couldn’t happen to a better person. Go you!

  112. I must be a super dork because I experienced just that kind of moment when I had my picture taken beside you, Stephanie, at one of your booksignings–holding The Sock!

  113. But didn’t you have a sock to take its photo with an EZ knit?
    I have gone to knitting camp a few times, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE handling all those knits that SHE made, and I recognize from all the books!!!!!!!

  114. That reminds me when you touched/signed my books…I mean your books, I mean the books you authored that I own. It was just like that. I think.
    I like that you are dorky like that.

  115. Yowza! You touched something knitted by the great goddess of knitting — how totally awesome is that?! And you signed my copy of one of your books, so I’m like two degrees from EZ. And since you and Meg are both incredible knitters (before whom I prostrate myself in a state of awe), it’s like….it’s like… (speechless).

  116. I would never wash my sweater again. How very sweet and time-warpping. Did you hear about the producers and one of the actors (I think) from BSG being asked to work with a United Nations panel? Because of the current issues BSG deals with, the UN wanted their input on how communities deal with government, civil rights, terrorism etc., I thought of you.

  117. For all of us knitting FLS, I think it’s safe to say we are in a little dork heaven.. Thanks for verbalizing it for all of us.

  118. I’ll live vicariously thru your “dork heaven” moment. It must have been a knitting dream come true to see and touch something knitted by EZ. What a wonderful and meaningful photo! Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  119. Queen Dork and I mean that in the most respectful way. Whoa, I feel like I am 2 degrees of separation away, or is it three?

  120. Ooooooooooooh – and I read the blog of someone who has touched something that EZ knit. πŸ™‚
    Love it – would have done the same thing!

  121. It’s kinda like the adult version of putting needles in a baby’s hands! Seriously fantastic!

  122. I’d have done the same, so don’t worry!!
    And if it’s dorky, so what?! It gave you pleasure, didn’t harm anyone, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  123. Totally, totally cool! EZ and Yarn Harlot’s knitting occupying the same space!

  124. Oh my gosh! Geekism, uh no! More like touching the hand of the knitting goddess! Truly awesome!

  125. Well if that makes me a dork and ageek, I don’t care. I once held Norah Gaughan’s knitting, and she held mine! I was thrilled!!
    OK now I MUST run and make one of those little Feb. sweaters. I’m still on the fence about the lady one.

  126. And what kind of geek dorks does that make us, since we all totally get it?
    Hey, I’m proud of the fact that I have a friend who got an OBE from the Queen before I met her (the friend, not the Queen). That makes me only “two degrees of separation” from Queen Elizabeth II… and three from anyone she spoke to before she gave the award to Sally! The possibilities boggle the mind!

  127. The best kind of dorkiness. (And I’m jealous, of course.)
    I’m in process on my own FLS — my first sweater for myself, first cardigan, first raglan, and loving it. Thank you for the inspiration.

  128. I fully understand and share your awh. I remember calling Schoolhouse press to place an order and got Meg on the phone and I totally became a babbling idiot. That was just a phone call… imagine if I got the honor of touching something as sacred as an original EZ garment. WOW!

  129. Totally as cool as the Star Trek thing – to see history in front of you is the best!

  130. Then we all are dorks together!
    I just knit my first EZ pattern (Baby Surprise) and was superbly thrilled to knit a pattern that EZ wrote & to join the EZ knitting lineage.
    My FLS is underway. Here’s hoping it’s half-way as pretty as yours! (Though knit out of off the shelf yarn. Little ol’ country-cousin sweater.)

  131. After seeing your February Lady Sweater I just fell in love with it and I’m planning to make my own – I’ll be dyeing and spinning the wool myself too. Thanks for the inspiration, and how TOTALLY COOL to connect with EZ in this way (don’t forget we’re all knitting dorks too)!

  132. I am a huge dork and a massive fanfirl as well. I almost wet my pants when you kept the sign I made for you back in the fall when you came down to Jacksonville.
    Love the pics! very cool.

  133. That is pretty cool. It’s amazing to see how long a well knitted item can last and manage to look as fresh as if it just came off the needles!

  134. too cool. I went to Knitting Camp back when EZ taught it and got to have her comment on my knitting. Major fan moment.
    And she was the very first guest the Madison Knitters Guild had come back in 1985 when there were maybe 15 members. I was there.

  135. That’s the best kind of fangirl as well as the best kind of dork. Doesn’t get any better!

  136. Rabid fangirl squeal! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Rabid fangirl ascii art! :-D~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (That’d drool coming off the rabid fangirl’s tongue:-)
    Rabid fangirl congratulations– those two works of craftsmanship look unspeakably lovely and complimentary together.

  137. Ummmm.. You are worried about looking like a dork with us?
    I’d be right there geeking out with you if I could!

  138. Ahh, now you know how I felt meeting you wearing my FLS while yours lay nearby on the table at the Madrona Fiber Arts show.

  139. Steph,
    I get teary just thinking about it. Because like an earlier comment, it is SO much nicer being a dorky fan of a knitter than a skanky Hollywood celebrity! If I ever meet you in person- I’ll be just as likely to react to you in the same manner! You just keep on keepin’ on, sista!

  140. I have never commented before but have to for this! I love that feeling and ditto all that has been said to you above!

  141. That baby sweater need to be enshrined in a glass case in a chapel so that pilgrims from all over the world can come and gently hold their own knitted objects against it. Especially tangled balls of yarn, which will instantly unravel; lost needles and measuring tape will reappear, mis-crossed cables will correct themselves (even if they were knit 10 inches back). I’m serious. It would totally work. You know now that your sweater will never felt, pill, fade, or stretch, AND it is immune to moths, right? Awesome. πŸ™‚

  142. Just sat here staring, tears overflowing.
    The evidence of knowledge shared.
    ..and still, it continues.

  143. Yes, that really is cool…I just started on my own February Baby Sweater, out of a wool/silk blend in a lovely Magenta color…it’ll be great on the 5 month old, I really am sad that I dont’ have enough to make it for my February Baby, and of course, it is discontinued….
    I may have to size up and make another…
    Can I touch your sweater that touched the sweater that EZ made?? Pretty please???

  144. Yes, that really is cool…I just started on my own February Baby Sweater, out of a wool/silk blend in a lovely Magenta color…it’ll be great on the 5 month old, I really am sad that I dont’ have enough to make it for my February Baby, and of course, it is discontinued….
    I may have to size up and make another…
    Can I touch your sweater that touched the sweater that EZ made?? Pretty please???

  145. My FLS is totally jealous of your FLS touching EZ’s FBS!! that is so cool! Guess that makes me a dork as well.

  146. Makes me think that, from the theory that everybody is max 6 steps away from everybody else in the world, I am now only 2 steps from EZ. As we met in London on the Iknit-day last september, and you met EZ by means of her sweater (and daughter). Well OK, 3 steps.

  147. EZ’s knitted items and also Meg’s and Joyce’s touching your knitting or touching you does not make you a dork. You are admiring true art-they just use yarn,not paint. Rembrandt would be humbled by their talents.
    I had the pleasure of going to Knitting Camp a few years ago and I was so in AWE the whole time .
    And not only are they artists, they are some of the nicest people on Earth. Throw in Amy Detgen and the wonderful woman who filled our orders everyday and you have a complete set of yarn artists.
    I bow and swoon before them.

  148. Now you know how we all feel when your hands touch our socks. πŸ˜‰
    BTW – Would you mind sharing how much roving (Ounces) you needed to spin for your lovely sweater?

  149. It is 9.40pm on Saturday March 21st and I just heard your voice on Graham Norton show, but cant find the kinnear picture he took on that said show lol..is it posted on this site and do I have the right website.

  150. Just watched Graham Norton’s show and saw where you have invented a new word: kinnear, and forms of it. It was a hoot! By the way, if you have time, could you let me know when that particular show taped? Would appreciate it. Thanks, Chris

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