One weekend with some socks

Standing in the airport on Friday, I tried to hard to laugh at my own timing. The airport was packed with Canadians fleeing the cold for their March Break, all lined up, laughing and headed for the warm sunshine of Cuba, Bahamas, St. Lucia… and there I was. Going to Wisconsin. It took me a while to get over that, especially when the lady in front of me, repacking her overweight bag, dropped her bikini bottoms and left them behind. I did pick them up and give them back to her, but I won’t deny the urge to pitch them in a bin as she wandered off to her warm beach holiday.

As I struggled through the crowds headed for parts south, I reassured myself with the knowledge that on none of my vacations to Cuba have I ever seen a yarn shop, and though all those other people were going to be enjoying a sunny beach… I would be amongst my people, yarn and iconic knitters, and if you throw in a beer… they’re pretty much going to come up on par for me. Here then, is a photographic essay on the last couple days.

Friday AM. I begin a sock, travelling from Toronto to Milwaukee.


(Duet sock yarn de-kay. Pattern from my head, colourway, sadly forgotten. Pretty though.)

The sock and I then changed planes


and went from Milwaukee to Madison, where a nice knitter named Connie gave me lunch and a beer and was very kind to me, and then took me on a whirlwind look at a few of Madison’s awesome yarn shops. We went to Lakeside Fibers and The Sow’s Ear, both of which have coffee and food as well as yarn, and I can imagine myself actually living in them. (Lakeside also has a couch and a bar next to the coffee part. I may have promised that if they let me live there I would keep my things very tidy. I think they thought I was kidding. I wasn’t.)

The sock and I then journeyed to the hotel, where the first people we met were Amy Detjen and Meg Swansen, who both turn out to be very nice actual real live people who are very funny, drink beer and think I’m short. (I am, so I didn’t mind them noticing.) It is at this point that I took all leave of my senses, and didn’t ask either of them to hold my sock… though I did knit on it in their presence, and hope that counts for something.

The next morning, the sock and I hung out with Joyce Williams a little bit, and admired her beautifully complex sweaters and rapier wit.


And encouraged by Joyce (who’s really a bit of a troublemaker, in the best ways I can think of) I took the pictures I showed you yesterday, as well as this one, which is really just my humble sock basking in the glow of things knit by Meg Swansen and Elizabeth Zimmermann, which were lying around on a table without a guard or anything.


The sock met a room full of knitters in the morning.


The sock had a lovely time shopping with Dale-Harriet at lunch.


The sock met a whole other roomful of knitters in the afternoon. (The sock was quite tuckered out by this.)


The sock met Margo’s first sock, Kara’s first sock, wished Caitlin a happy 21st Birthday, collected washcloths from Susan and Joyce, and cheered Barbara’s first knitted object. (You can click to embiggen these knitters)



Then the sock retired to an Indian restaurant and laughed at all of Joyce Williams’ jokes, because she really is that funny, but I didn’t take pictures, because … I forgot.

The next morning, the sock became plural, and then was ripped out on the way to the Chazen Museum of Art with Kate (who rocks pretty hard too) and I spent a happy hour wandering through an incredible textile exhibit of traditional Chinese clothing called “Writing with thread: Traditional textiles of Southwestern Chinese minorities” If you live near there, the sock and I urge you to go. No pictures here, because we were chastised for picture taking – and don’t like to break rules very much.

Off to the airport we went then, and waited for our flight back to Milwaukee,


and then enjoyed a 3 hour layover there, which we enjoyed in grand style.


Then the flight from Milwaukee to Toronto…


And bang. We were home again, and I had two things. A healthy respect for all that is the Madison Guild (You should join. They’re awesome) and a new pair of socks.




Great weekend.

165 thoughts on “One weekend with some socks

  1. I adore those socks. No, really. I love that colorway. And would it make you cringe to know that lots of people would be just as jazzed to meet you as you were to touch an EZ creation? Hmmm…did that sound stalkery? Hope not. Glad you enjoyed Wisconsin! You were treated to some decent weather, if it was the same as here in the Twin Cities.

  2. Those are some pretty socks! Did you get to eat any squeaky cheese while you were in Wisconsin? How about some beer cheese soup, a staple for the cold days there!

  3. Beautiful Socks! I live in far upstate NY (1.5 hrs from Ottawa – and we always rejoice in April when everyone leaves on Spring Break, and Mother Nature, with her infinite wisdom, provides us with weather that most times is actually better than what the weary travelers get! Good-Bye to them! I’ll stay home and bask in the sun in my back yard!

  4. Great Weekend! Wonderful sock!
    Thanks for the Madison preview–I have a business trip to there in June. Can’t wait to hit the hot knitting spots!

  5. Did you take ballet? The last picture is a wonderful ballet pose. I’m sure the socks enjoy being graceful, beautiful and strong.

  6. All those empty seats are killing me. I didn’t sign up in time for anything and debated for days about just showing up for you talk but didn’t want to be humiliated and turned away at the door. Oh well, maybe next time.

  7. Good god, I am in love with those socks. I love the aubergine colorway too. I might have to purchase some myself. ๐Ÿ˜€
    I’m also becoming a big fan of “simple” socks. 2×2 ribs or 3×1 ribs (the latter I’m currently doing). So cozy.
    Glad you enjoyed your trip!

  8. How on earth can you knit socks so fast? I mean, I know you were on a plane and everything and had a lot of time on your hands, but still! That’s ridiculous! Two socks in one weekend! Maybe I’m just impressed because I’m 1/4 of the way done with my very first sock ever and it’s taken me a week and a half to get there. You are amazing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Am I the only one who finds it extraordinary that you can finish a pair of socks (sock yarn, small needles…not bulky yarn, big needles) so quickly??
    Anyway, even though I’m jealous, they do look great. And is that fifth position there in your last pic? Impressive, again.

  10. I adore the socks!! And going somewhere cold for spring break isn’t so bad when there’s knitting involved. I’m heading to Seattle for mine!

  11. And we enjoyed having you!! Thanks for coming, for answering questions so graciously, for showing off your sweater, and for not minding when I dashed over at the last minute with a pile of your books.

  12. Sounds just as wonderful. You know, I bet that lady never gets to meet rooms full of folks that are there just to see her.

  13. Holy cow you knit fast.
    And another reason Canada is great…you are not forbidden to go to Cuba.

  14. Dear Stephanie,
    Thanks for passing along the hug for Dale-Harriet– great shot of her, too! Now, if only you can return to the Sock-Shaped state… Lovely finished socks! I finished a pair this weekend too, at a genealogy conference. Nothing like a nice long, interesting, non-sleepish sitterdowner meeting. Madison is a great town. Actually a lot like Santa Barbara: college town, about the same size, rather laid-back, water on one side. . . and yarn stores: we have three!
    From the State of Sockitude, ==Marjorie

  15. Nice socks, and it sounds like you had a good time! I hope the restaurant was Himal Chuli, which has the best Nepali food in Madison. I’m still not used to the name change on the Chazen — for years it was the Elvehjem, which conveniently abbreviated to LVM.

  16. Those socks are just my colour!If you ever get tired of them,you can just send them on down here…I’ll take really good care of them …I promise…:)

  17. I was going to ask how you found a coordinating solid. Clicked link, now I don’t have to. Clever girl.

  18. LOVE your socks! Thanks for coming to Madison. I’m glad the weather was kind to us all!!

  19. A pair of socks in a weekend?!?
    And here I’m being so pleased with myself that I actually got the whole foot knit and I’m past the heel on my Leyburn socks (done in the Eye of Jupiter yarn). Thank you! thank you! thank you! for posting about that!

  20. Your socks had a great trip by the sound of it! They look great (as usual)! Do you ever knit anything that looks total pants?!!! I doubt it.

  21. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me! Oooooooh, I have some Duets in my stash … g’bye for now, I’m off to go dig it out.

  22. I think sitting with knitting, booze, and tv shows on the laptop is the BEST way to get through airport time. Sounds like a great trip all around. And those socks are a fabulous colour.

  23. I am impressed that you not only can whip out a pair of socks that quickly, but that you can pose with your feet turned in opposite directions. I could do that too, but then my hip joint would pop out and have to be surgically replaced…

  24. I like your new socks, but mostly I’m jealous that you can go to Cuba. I don’t like warm weather, so I probably wouldn’t go if I could, but I’m jealous of that freedom.
    Is it possible to avoid Second Sock Syndrome by alternating, as in a green, then a pink, then another green, and another pink?

  25. Well, I’m bummed that I didn’t know about your trip to Madison, because that’s acceptably close to come & see you in person.
    I am also looking at that new pair of socks with an increased respect. I am currently attempting my first pair of socks, using your Basic Sock Recipe. I ripped the little bit of my first sock right out this afternoon because it was big enough for an elephant. So I’m trying again. But that snappy-looking k2 p2 ribbing is giving me fits. I’m definitely still a novice. I’m still working on it!
    Those socks are beautiful. Someday I too will have followed in your sock-steps & have such lovely things to wear on my feet.

  26. Can I make you jealous by telling you that I met the one and only Richard Rutt, aka the knitting bishop? And touched some of his knitting? (lovely gloves and mittens!) *grin* He lives pretty much just around the corner from me *big grin* So I totally understand your feelings in the presence of EZ and MS knitting!

  27. Ok…I am humbled by the speed of your knitting. It takes me over a month to knit a pair of socks. When oh when will the speed pick up? Are you a practicing ballerina? Thank you for your blog. It makes my day.

  28. I’m reasonably certain that the colorway is called Raspberry Fantasy. I only know that because I fell head-over-heels for it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. I am humbled, and a teeny bit envious by the speed of your knitting. It takes me over a month to knit a pair of socks. When oh when will the speed pick up? Also, are you a practicing ballerina? Nice 5th position! Thank you for your blog. It truly makes my day.

  30. The socks look great! I think it’s so stupid that Canadians can go to Cuba but Americans can’t. The travel restrictions have been loosened to pre-Bush levels. If you have family in Cuba you can go visit them.

  31. Glenda (1st post) said what was going through my mind after yesterday’s blog post… you were thrilled having touched EZ knitting…I’d be just as nerdy/dorky holding one of your socks… (one can become rightly infamous in their own guild/knitters circle if they’ve had the opportunity to hold and be photographed with the beloved YH sock)

  32. Wow… sounds like an awesome weekend on a level of awesomeness that is almost totally impossible to achieve. A level of awesomeness that the knitless masses will never understand. They all go warm places, lay on beaches and come back with nothing to show for it but a tan. You came back with a pair of fantastic socks.
    It’s overused but true and I’ll say it again. Awesome weekend.

  33. What – no cheese curds? Dude – I totally live vicariously through your ability to procure said curds, and nary a curd was mentioned or seen! What’s Wisconsin without the curds? ๐Ÿ™
    Great socks, btw!

  34. Cowl?
    Also love the look of the solid stripe slightly down from the cuff. V. Interesting.

  35. Those socks are so pretty! Are they your regular 64sts done all fancy in RIBBING?
    Hmm… Are you ever going to come to Ottawa, and give a talk? There’s a really nice yarn store in Westboro- WabiSabi. Plus, some wonderful Yarn Forwards. Pleaaaase come! Sign copies of your new(ish) bookbookbook!

  36. Your socks are so pretty! I love the color. I was going to come and see you in Madison but I was busy with band stuff. (I play flute).

  37. Zip over and take a gander at Rams’ new Ravatar … EZ is explaining the meaning of life to her.

  38. I put one lonely sock on the needles for my upcoming horrendous-all-in-one-day trip to Salt Lake City and back. And I know that I’ll not even be to the heel turn of sock #1 by trip’s end. I console myself that my slower knitting makes my knitting MORE cost effective (fewer $/minute spent knitting) … but I do admire your speed. And talent. And wit.
    Will stop gushing and rambling now. Cheers!

  39. lovely socks!
    Cuba. I once waited for a flight in the airport in Mexico City beside two gates occupied by planes–one going to Cuba and one to China. It amazed me that if I just got up, walked over *there* a few steps, I could theoretically wind up in truly forbidden territory (at least for Americans…). There were lots of normal-looking people boarding those flights, too. The world seemed pretty strange right then.

  40. Oh gosh! My photo! On your blog!! *Squee!* I’m honoured beyond belief!!!
    I lurve the socks! I’m glad they had such a lovely trip!

  41. I really like the socks. I haven’t done alternate colour heels and toes for a while and this reminds me to do it.
    Knitting in the same room as Zimmerman stuff. Pretty heady – or in this case, I suppose, footy.

  42. Agreed – nice socks!
    Very impressive that you can create a sock in just one day, even with airport time.
    I can only make a baby hat in 24 hours, or one of those turn-a-square hats, but not an adult sock.
    Madison seems a nice town indeed.

  43. I turned 21 this weekend too!!
    It sounds like you had a fun filled weekend. I’m quickly moving along on my own pair of socks as I read.

  44. I was supposed to be there!!!!! I was supposed to be there!!!! It was so perfectly timed to be the day after P/T conferences…*sigh* and then to be whisked away to mediate house repair in another state. I had even talked our handwork teacher into going with me (yes, knitting is part of our curriculum. And woodworking. At the moment, my third graders are learning to spin, weave and felt; my sixth grade daughter was going to bring her first sock she knit in handwork to show you). The Madison guild is awesome enough to entice me from Milwaukee. And the beer is ever-flowing here. We ARE the Beer Capitol of the World after all! come back, come back! I will feast you with cheese curds and beer, I swear! See, it isn’t you who is the geek, but us…

  45. Great socks, Steph! I think I saw that colorway somewhere, and it’s called “Chocolate Cherry” or some such. Wonderful weekend too. Wish mine went that well. Peace. ~Emily

  46. Great socks-love the colours! Please don’t tell me there are no LYS in Cuba- I’m one of *those* Canadians on my way there on Friday- AND I’m taking my knitting to the beach!

  47. Based on another photo I’ve seen of these feet on Ravelry, and this one, I maintain that you were a highland dancer!!

  48. Damn, you knit quickly! What’s your secret?
    I’m trying to unlearn “throwing” and trying to learn “continental”, and I feel like 8 kinds of challenged. EZ said it could be done and I know Eunny can do it, so it must be possible, but man…it’s HARD!
    Awesome socks!

  49. A whole pair of socks in a weekend? It took me a a year and 1 month to knit my first pair. Well, a year to knit the first sock…the second one took only a month. My confidence was soaring LOL.
    That is a great colour of yarn. Is it called cranberry? Lovely.
    Glad you had a good trip.

  50. Dear Stephanie:
    What great experiences you had in Madison! Sounds like a great trip!
    Question: Have you ever thought of doing knitting videos? You’re “less than a day socks” left me drooling, wondering why I can’t pick up the knitting pace, and craving a look at how fast you do knit.
    Share, please. It’s worth a small donation your charity. Incentive?

  51. Holy cow! I can’t believe how fast you knit! Look at the progress you made on that first sock between your flight and the next morning! Nice looking finished socks, by the way. Glad you enjoyed your trip, even though it wasn’t your typical March break destination.

  52. Those socks are so cute! I love cute basic socks. I just wish I was better at knitting them. I suppose with practice I will be! I noticed that several people said that many would be/ are just as jazzed to meet you in person… and I have to agree with them!

  53. Mmm, the sock colourway reminds me of food. It seems to want to be called Chocolate Raspberry Swirl. On another topic, I know you are the originator of the term “kinnearing” (did you see the article about you in the Toronto Star the other day?) but I’m also wondering about your use of “embiggen”. I’ve never heard anyone else use it, and it’s really a great word. Much preferable to the boring “enlarge.” Thank you for embiggening our vocabulary.

  54. A yarn store with tea and wine! I could move to WI for that.
    Also, you are not the only confused traveller out there. For the Massachusetts school holiday in February, my family and I head to Chicago for 4 days and Ithaca, NY for 4 days. I think I was the only New Englander dumb enough to go to two colder places. The things we do for family.
    Next year we will wise up and head to Key West.
    Thanks for sharing all your journeys and beautiful knitting.

  55. Love the socks! Please tell me that someone else took that last picture though. If you are able to bend over with your legs held in that position and take your own picture then you can take on work as a contortionist in a side show should you ever decide to stop writing. Jamaica, the Bahamas, etc. are all over-rated, Wisconsin was a much better time. (I’m not just saying that to make you feel better about leaving snow for more snow… really)

  56. I was one of the lucky knitters in the afternoon session that got to hear you speak. I thought your talk was very interesting, not to mention funny and I got to be first in line to get your autograph on my newly purchased Harlot book! Awesome.

  57. Beautiful socks, great stories. But there’s no need to apologize for not photographing everything and everyone — sometimes you just need to savor the experience and let the photo op go!

  58. “none of my vacations to Cuba”
    As an American who cannot (without much trouble, and possible revocation of passport) go to Cuba, may I say I am INSANELY JEALOUS??? I would LOVE to go to Cuba, in fact am dying to go…and despair and wonder if I will ever be able to in my lifetime; yarn shops or not. Sigh.
    But the sock cavorting with EZ’s knits is radically cool.

  59. Right now I’m vacationing on Sanibel Island, Florida… and they have a yarn shop. ๐Ÿ™‚ (I haven’t had a chance to stop by, though. I hope that doesn’t mean my knitting license will be revoked.)
    Wisconsin is very nice, too, though.
    Good place for beer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. As one of the few citizens of the US who has traveled to Cuba legally (I lived in Havana for four months), I can guarantee you there are no yarn shops. Apparently, there is a man who comes “from the east” once every couple of months with a large bike laden with stringy cotton that all of the abuelitas buy to crochet baby things out of. I never saw this man. I looked. I researched. I tried to buy the yarn a woman was crocheting with. It didn’t work.

  61. Gorgeous socks!
    You know, it’s not just the “sock in a day” that kills me. No, it’s the “sock in a day” PLUS all the eating and drinking and socializing and picture taking and touristing…
    You’re not signing up for Socks Wars IV are you??

  62. I’m still in awe over the fact that your knitting touched Elizabeth Zimmermann’s knitting. That is beyond ridiculous.

  63. The Sock and I: A Journey through Knitting Land.
    Couldn’t resist after seeing all the pics of the sock at all those hot spots!

  64. We enjoyed having you with us – and are hoping you’ll come back again soon. Yarn is better than a bikini any ol’ day.
    And you really need to get yourself to Knitting Camp one of these years.

  65. It was great meeting you Stephanie! Thanks for signing my book and keeping me laughing. My cheeks were actually sore. We went to the Sow’s Ear and Lakeside after the Knit In. I was very impressed with both as well. I hope you were able to enjoy the beer from my friend Rhonda!

  66. Thank you,Stephanie. I was also very moved to see your sweater with our dear Elizabeth’s. (Am working on one (the small one) now.) What a fine trip. And what a fine, clever sock you knit.

  67. I am reassured that the sock did meet EZ’s knits. But no sock with Amy or Meg? You really DID take leave of your senses!

  68. Sounds like a fun trip! And I see by Dale-Harriet’s blog that she brought you some proper squeaky cheese. I had my first fresh-from-the-dairy squeaky cheese last summer in Wisconsin, and will probably never be the same again.
    I too stand in awe of your knitting speed. I’m a knitting plodder by comparison — I was so proud of myself for completing a plain stockinette sock flying from Baltimore to Seattle a few weeks ago (with a fairly lengthy layover in Denver). But two socks in a weekend? Well beyond my capabilities even if I have no other demands on my time whatsoever! And you have such wonderful taste in yarn colors, too — just beautiful socks. And in such esteemed company, even without photographic proof!

  69. You unfortunately missed our lovely weather in Madison by about a day or two, but it was totally awesome. Way better than Cuba anyway.

  70. I have lived in South Florida all my life, about 80 miles from Cuba, and still I have never been there! Amazing how all us Americans are so jealous and weirded out by you seeing traveling to Cuba as something so simple. Very strange world!

  71. You were quite the good samaritan for handing over that bikini bottom. Not sure I would have done the sameโ€ฆ yeah I probably would have. And hoped she got quite the sunburn.

  72. Gracious but you’re a wicked fast knitter! I mean, I’ve seen the videos on YouTube where you’re just knitting away, lickety-split but still!…In any case, if you’re still yearning to travel south but are not in the mood for Cuba (the “Austin Lounge Lizards” have a great song about Cuba, btw) come to Texas. Spring-time in Houston is quite nice!

  73. Now, I don’t have to envy you your sock-knitting skills since I have my own, but that fifth position. . . that’s flexibility I will never achieve. . . sigh.

  74. My husband can do that with his feet (not why I married him). So glad you enjoyed the Badger State once again. Lakeside Fibers is super nice. I like to sit there, look at the lake, and pretend I have NO responsibilities.

  75. Smashing socks, fun trip!
    What is that twisted looking ballet stuff you’re doing with your feet? It looks disconcerting… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  76. Now see — all those people want to visit Cuba and all, whereas *I* would give anything (well, maybe not ANYTHING anything) to go to T’ronto! (And I will, one day, just see if I don’t.) The sock? FABULOUS…not only beautiful but I examined it with my very own eyeballs. What a HEEL! Thanks, for about the best day I’ve had in a month of Sundays. (and the pig says “tell her I am loving on her” — she hasn’t recovered yet)

  77. great sock! I knit them out of my head too! Pretty yarn, simple stitch, and Bam! you’re done!

  78. Sounds like a very nice weekend. I so wish I had the speed to finish socks in one weekend. I would have alot of my Christmas projects done. Better yet I would now have a drawer full of socks. BTW the woman that knitted a dishcloth named Joyce reminded me of Mrs. Doubtfire. Check it out and see for yourself. I did a triple take.

  79. Oh holy carp! You’re were watching Fringe weren’t you?! I lurve that show.
    and I’m still drooling over the EZ pile.

  80. I love your socks. I love all socks! But a video of your knitting at warp speed (no fiber pun intended) left me seriously depressed. Seasons change while I knit a sock. Now here you are again, knitting a pair over a weekend while giving a talk to a group and negotiating travel. At my house, sock yarn piles up in the queue while I torture the current project. Row. By. Row. I am a sad, slow knitter.

  81. RE: First photo heading home… hey! I know that carpet! Ah Dane County Airport… I’ll see you soon!
    Glad you enjoyed Madison! It is a fine fine town to live and knit in ๐Ÿ™‚

  82. Good morning, Stephanie,
    I’m with you about a table full of knitting by Meg Swansen and Elizabeth Zimmermann – no guard?! But I’m even more in awe that said table had a sock-in-progress by Stephenaie Pearl-McPhee on top of it, you yourself standing next to it! Oneo of these days I’m going to attend something like that, a conference or big guild meeting. I’ll spend the whole time standing in a corner with my eyes big, but that’s okay.

  83. So if you ever run away from home, Joe can find you living on the couch at Lakeside Fibers in Madison? Does he know this or are we keeping it a secret?
    I had a “moment” seeing your picture of the sock nestled in the midst of all the EZ-and-Meg splendor because there in the top right was a BABY SURPRISE JACKET, and I was just at a Zimmermania class last night where we all showed off our versions of the BSJ.

  84. I am soooo jealous…I didn’t get to go to a warm, sunny clime or Madison…and it RAINED ALL WEEKEND!!! I just clung to the wood stove, took a couple of long naps, and knit.

  85. Stephanie, I comfort myself by remembering all the times you’ve described yourself as having “freakishly small feet.” Mine are on the other end of the continuum — I’m sure that MUST be why it takes me longer to make my socks (yeah, right).

  86. Y.H. your speech in Madison was very entertaining. It was funny, serious, informative and lively. I just wanted to say thank you.

  87. Your trip sound like a dream vacation to me, anytime of the year. Living where it is warm WAY to much of the time, any place where you can wear wool would be a real treat!

  88. Stephanie, I have 3 questions. One, when you travel, what do you carry your knitting in? Do you have a small bag that contains just the project you are working on or do you carry, like me, a huge ginormous bag that has everything you could possibly need it it! Second, it seems you prefer double point to circulars for your socks. Why? Thirdly, I was in Austin, Texas this past Monday – Tuesday to see my daughter who is a Legislative aide at the TExas Capitol. I visited The Knittin Nest and laying there on the counter was a beautiful orance sock colorway that was to come to you! Oh…. I wanted that sock yarn. SO tell me what you are doing with it!

  89. Love the sock colour! Now I have a question for you. Do you have a favourite sock pattern? And, if you do, why is that one your favourite?

  90. I love the socks! I, too, am one of those slow knitters. I started a pair in September and have just turned the heel on sock 2. Oh well. I am also trying to learn continental to speed up a little. I would love to be able to knit a little faster because there are so many things that I want to knit. When I get frustrated with my lack of speed, I remember that I like knitting, and that is why I do it. My mother would always rub it in about how much faster she crocheted than I knitted, and she was right. But I think that knitting is “cooler.”

  91. Pretty Socks! That’s a great colorway & there’s something about contrasting/complementary heel & toes that always makes me smile. Dunno why, but it does. Joyce Williams is a hoot isn’t she?

  92. Great socks. I had great socks going… then the kitten got into the basket (BAD KITTEN) and ATE THE YARN… or at least ate pieces of the yarn… SUPERWASH so I can’t even just felt it back together. Plus it made her throw up.
    Then the school called and my son was throwing up (hopefully not because he ate yarn). Ever want to just hide in a closet for a couple of hours? Of course I’d have to CLEAN the closet first. Glad you had fun in WI. We’ll have to get you to MI’s Upper Peninsula, we have great beer and great yarn shops too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  93. I LOVE your socks. I especially love that they’re a very plain, comfortable pattern, but still look so good.
    I tried some fancier sock patterns, but am finding that I love the comfort that goes with plain ribs. I’m only just starting to see that they can be pretty, too. Thanks for helping with that realization.

  94. Re: Graham Norton show – if you go to BBC 2 website and look up GN show No. 5 series 2(I think it is)you can watch the whole thing on line. Had a quick look and Kinnear is about 18 mins in … did not have time to listen to the lot, will do so on return.

  95. I’m so glad you made it to the Chazen exhibit! DH and I played hooky one afternoon last week and went. Amazing needlework indeed! Too bad about the picture chastisement. I was thinking about going back to get some pix meself.

  96. Just watched the Norton/Kinnear video. Stephanie, you rock so hard! My eyes still haven’t stopped tearing from laughing myself silly.

  97. Okay, yes, but WHAT show were you watching? (Notice how I only care about the important things? :p) My first thought was bones, but I don’t think that’s quite right. Also, Madison sounded like a load of fun. Nice 5th position, hope you remembered to turn out with your hips and not your knees, would want you to hurt something else so soon.

  98. Thanks to the link to the Kinnear spot on Norton. You’re an *international* celebrity, now! Strike that– you were international already. Okay, you’re an international *TV* celebrity, now!

  99. You must knit like a machine. making a pair of socks, speaking to groups of people, going to knitting shops and everything else. You are an amazing woman.
    I love your blog.

  100. You must knit like a machine. making a pair of socks, speaking to groups of people, going to knitting shops and everything else. You are an amazing woman.
    I love your blog.

  101. If you want to forget to take pictures sometimes, you should certainly just enjoy your dinner. But how DARE you forget the name of that colorway, when I am IN LUST and MUST HAVE IT NOW?!?
    Glad you had safe travels and good times between.

  102. seriously though. how does one take a plane from Milwaukee to Madison? It takes an hour to drive! I imagine the plane starts to land before it completes its take off!
    Great pics. Cheers.

  103. very tasty-lookin colourway I thee dub “Raspberry Chocolate Sundae” in honour of my very tasty favourite sundae dessert – the raspberry chocolate sundae!– those socks are lookin o so yummy!

  104. Glad I’m not the only one who noticed your lovely 5th position in that last picture. I’m so curious to find out if you ever took ballet now, as we would then have that in common which somehow would make me feel, well, like we have more then knitting and daughters in common, I guess!

  105. The Sow’s Ear completely rocks–it used to be my yarn store, until I moved from Madison to Milwaukee. And, well, yes, Amy Detjen *is* tall. Did you get to see/ride on her purple Harley? If not, make a note to yourself for the next Madison visit.

  106. Oh My God! Joyce’s intricately patterned sweaters look sooo beautiful.. works of art and knitting talent and creativity. I would pay lots of money to own one….if I had lots of money.

  107. TOTALLY agree with you about Lakeside – paradise on earth, that shop. (You didn’t even mention free wireless and the view…)
    And I’m so glad you caught the Chinese costume exhibit. That show melted my brain.

  108. Thank you for the lovely presentation Saturday. I think that the vegetarian Canadian Hippie and I could be good knitting buddies if we lived just a few miles closer!

  109. That last pic of your new socks – fab socks, first of all, but hey, lady, you can turn your feet inwards like that?! That’s a serious yoga addict right there in those socks – respect!!

  110. Fab socks – but hey, lady, you can turn your feet to face each other?! That’s one flexible person stood there in those socks – respect!!

  111. Apologies for the multiple post – got an error message when I tried to send the first, so sent the second!
    Still impressed with the flexibility, though………….!!

  112. Dale-Harriet looks like one of the kindest women on the face of the earth. Why isn’t age and experience honored in Western culture? She is a woman whose experience and understanding I would love to learn from . . . How I would love to sit down and knit with her for a few hours!
    And for the sake of brevity, I will cut short my rant on the tragic marginalization of the elderly. “Progress” is so much the poorer for it.
    Lovely socks!

  113. Wish I could have been in that room, with your sock. Darn high school solo and ensemble festival. ๐Ÿ™ The child playing her flute at the solo and ensemble festival wanted to be in that room, too. Come back to WI soon?

  114. Isn’t the Milwaukee airport nice? There’s even a cool used book store before you go through security, and a great (according to Isobel) kids’ play area on the concourse. Glad you had a great time in Wisconsin!

  115. You weren’t watching The West Wing during your layover in Milwaukee were you?! That would be so thrilling.
    (That’d also make my life complete.) Make me or break me, Ms. Harlot!

  116. Wow! You have great turnout. Does that tell you that I spent most of the week in Toronto at the ballet? Spent a lovely morning in Lettuce Knit.

  117. Oh my gosh! Margo’s first sock is made out of the same yarn as my first sock! And I’m in Madison, too! Holy Serendipity!
    Wish I could have seen you!

  118. I am a new at knitting and enjoyed your story. I have been trying to do socks. I live in a very rual area, so I am self taught. I really like knitting.

  119. Er, FIFTH position. Clearly I need more sleep. If my old ballet teacher ever sees my previous comment, she’ll kill me.

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