She can be taught

Dudes, I’m really pleased with myself, because I just caught little old me serving up a huge deep dish crazy pie and I actually stopped myself before I sat down and had a big piece.

See, on Monday, I was surfing around and saw this. My buddy Glenna has dreamed up a pair of Battlestar Galactica themed socks called Viper Pilots, and I was totally smitten with them. Completely and totally smitten. (I actually can’t believe she didn’t email me herself, but I’m letting go.) I can’t be the only one impressed by them either, because pretty darned quickly I’d been notified by a bunch of other knitters about them, including Abbie. I tripped over myself all the way to the stash, and ripped out a skein of yarn I’ve been saving for a special occasion, wound it up and cackled about having perfect Colonial Fleet socks to anyone who would listen. (Joe renewed his belief that I am supremely nerdy, which really isn’t bothering me, since I suppose it’s obvious at this point.)

I had a skein of… wait, where the hell is the ball band? Oh, right. Crash into Ewe hand dyed sock yarn with real silver in it, in the colourway called “Diamonds at night“. (The dyer appears to be currently off line for a show. Lurk about.)


I thought the colourway couldn’t be better for space themed socks. See the little strands of silver? Like a starry sky, that’s what this yarn is, so I bought Glenna’s pattern and Tuesday I cast on, and gleefully phoned Rachel H. (who also said I was a big dork) and told her that I was — and here’s where the crazy pie comes in… I was going to finish them to wear them on Friday night for the Battlestar Galactica 2 hour series finale.

“Steph” Rachel H said (and she used that voice she uses whenever I have a plan that can’t possibly work, which is rather often, now that I think of it.) “It’s TUESDAY.”

Now, I’m not really, really dim, just sort of moderately excitable, and I think that a lot of the time people underestimate me… so I’m used to explaining myself, so I did.

“Rachel” I said (using the voice I use when I think Rachel isn’t understanding a crazy plan, which is rather often… now that I think about that too..) “The show is FRIDAY. It’s just a pair of socks. I’ll totally finish.” Rachel sighed then, which can usually be interpreted loosely as “Ok wingnut, do what you want but I’m still right” (I wonder what it means that that comes up rather a lot too..) and reminded me what order the days of the week come in, then wished me luck. I have knit my brains out since then.


I knit them on the bus. I knit them at the DKC last night, I knit them when I got home, I’ve been knitting. I’ve been knitting and admiring the little Viper ships starting to line up, and imagining wearing these starry socks as I bid a final farewell to Starbuck and Odama and all my favourite Cylons. Only this morning when I saw really, where I was in these socks did it start to resonate that maybe Rachel was on to something with this “days of the week” thing. This is Thursday. Friday comes after Thursday.


Yeah. Crazy pie. Not eating it. Maybe I can wear one…

184 thoughts on “She can be taught

  1. You keep listening to that RachelH, you hear? She has that sanity thing going on and you …. well, you’re the Harlot. Sanity has nothing to do with it. (cool socks, though) (sleep is over-rated, btw)

  2. As an anklet.
    But what, you’re never going to watch reruns? And you can remember that you were knitting on them, your Crazy Pie in the Sky socks…

  3. Look at it this way. Knitting the socks WHILE the program finale is on will mean something too…as “I knit these when…”

  4. They are still Beautiful. Maybe you can tape the show and wear the socks when you watch it?

  5. Look Honey, you be just as nerdy as you wish. We are all, in some way. Me – mainly knitting (duh!) but I read everything I can put my hands on how language develops. No, I don’t do that for a living. I just think it’s fascinating the difference between a creole and a pidgin. I can’t tell you who are the characters of the show that you are crazy about – but my daughters could.
    It all comes out in the wash. Except for the silver threads. Let’s hope not the silver threads.

  6. Or, if you haven’t gotten to the heel turn by tomorrow night (which I can’t even begin to imagine as a possiblity), you could put your stitches on some waste yarn (and stuff the ball in your pocket) and wear it on your wrist…

  7. You may be a nerd, but you are also a HOOT! Good luck on making time stretch!!

  8. Knitting one while you’re watching the last show will make them even more special – almost like an autographed sock :). P.S. Don’t forget to take a photo of the sock with your favorite character during the show.

  9. Instead of wearing them while you watch the finale, you can express your geekiness and fandom by knitting on them during the finale. That should be sufficient! However, do not let yourself be seduced by the idea that you will finish them by the time the show finishes – that way lies madness…

  10. If anything could warp the space/time continuum, it’s a pair of sci-fi-themed socks. I still think you’ll get them done for Friday.

  11. wellll… you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men! but at least they are lookin’ good as you progress on them and maybe it is equally significant if you actually create them while watching the finale!

  12. Susan is right – you knit them WHILST watching. It’s the only way you’re going to cope with the disappointment of not being able to wear them.
    You’re *definitely* a nerd, but the coolest one I know!
    (Is “cool nerd” an oxymoron?)

  13. I say you use them more as memorial socks. You knit them, you watch, you wear them later and remember all of the good times. I think that’s better than having them done for the finale. Don’t you?

  14. You could always wear one with the needles in it, like a toeless sock, during the show. Hmmmmm, I don’t suppose even the great Yarn Harlot can knit them in place on your foot……or could you? Makes an interesting picture in my mind. If you try it, be sure to give the camera to someone first.

  15. well, you can watch it at home or if not so, no sleepy crazy driver on the roads. My advise: knit the legpart as long as you need it, thread a lifeline through the stitches , or in case you are very fast, do this with both legparts and wear them as wristwarmers, after Friday knit the heel(s) and feet. You will sooo be in tune with the Battlestar theme.

  16. First off, what an awesome pattern! Kudos to the designer!!
    Now, I’m so pleased that there does exist, in this great big world, a pattern that has the Great Yarn Harlot knitting a bit more slowly…
    Oops…did I say that? Your knitting speed is still that of a train compared to mine, which would equal that of a slug.
    Anyhow, just slip whatever bit of sock you’ve finished over your foot and pretend like the pair is finished…and enjoy the finale.

  17. Dare to dream…big! Knit as far and as fast as you can; we will even understand if we don’t get a blog again this week…maybe.
    Wear what you have on Friday. You can always print out the inspiration pair and put them between you and whatever part of your foot/feet don’t have socks on.
    (or maybe someone with more extensive photoshops skills than mine can make you a “paper pair”)
    As you can tell, I have plunged in after you on a few of the larger Harlot plunges and it hasn’t hurt me one little bit…ha!ha!har!har!hee!hee! At least that is what my psychologist says when he gives me those pills! =D

  18. Wait, this is the same woman who convinced us all that knitting a portion of a sock a day for step-outs was not only reasonable, it was actually slackerish when viewed in historical context? I can’t believe you’re giving up.

  19. May I quote you to yourself?
    “An invitation to a birthday this Saturday is a good excuse to buy a book.”
    But that’s what we love about you.

  20. I just watched the Kinnearing video clip — what a hoot!
    And the pattern for your sock is SO appropriate for the BSG finale (I watch back episodes on DVD, so I don’t have any clue what’s happening this seaosn).

  21. Pretend it’s the day before Christmas and knit like mad! Or just wrap the yarn around your feet and ankles and knit later!

  22. Thanks for the link – the pattern is lovely!
    I think I’ll set my goal to make them by the time hubby and I buy the DVDs and have our usual BSG DVD marathon of episodes and extras. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a feeling that I’m only going to be able to knit during the commercials of the finale unless I can start a garter stitch project before tomorrow night…

  23. whatever – you can so finish them! Or… you could save the last bit to finish as the show finishes… they would then have the last moments of the show knitted into them. Wicked!

  24. Record it and then you can watch it again when you do finish them. Or stay up all night and knit like stink (but that would be silly wouldn’t it?) I won’t be surprised if you have a pair by the time the titles roll, the question is can you knit through the finale or is that pattern needing too much concentration to make for tv knitting?

  25. I think knitting on them while watching the show is homage enough. THen you can remember them when you finally get to wear them.

  26. I’m with Amber…that’s a mighty fine-looking wrist warmer right there.
    Enjoy the finale! I’ve never seen BSG…I’m planning to have a serious marathon at some point, since everyone I know says it’s the best thing ever. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Ankle warmers! You can wear two ankle/wrist warmers for the two hour finale! I am drooling over the pattern! MUST HAVE NOW!!!

  28. Pshaw. Drop everything and finish the socks.
    The eating of the crazy pie is always so entertaining…and if you don’t, Rams will call you a slacker.

  29. …is that a red, sparkly knitting bag? If so, please tell me where you got it! Now I am thinking about bowling-ball bags for carrying knitting…

  30. You are very right, I was not thinking clearly and should have given you advance notice pre-finale…WOE. Thank goodness the rest of the internets picked up my slack!
    That yarn looks fantastico, BTW – I was thinking to myself earlier that all these starry/shiny/silvery yarns with metal in them would have been darned near perfect and if I’d thought of it sooner I would have done the sample in one. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Also, I am intensely flattered and impressed that you’ve been knitting these everywhere you go. That is some kind of fannish dedication. ::salutes::

  31. Option 1: (based on last post) Get on a plane. Fly anywhere, just be back in time for the show. You seem to knit enormous quantities when on the road
    Option 2: Hit the market, buy a dozen or so microwave meals, and a six pack for yourself. Tell the family they are on their own, find a secluded spot and knit.
    Option 3: TiVo. Or tape the show, play it when the socks are actually finished, and pretend your cosmic convergence worked out just as planned.

  32. Kudos for trying—-I’ll cross my fingers that you can bend the space time continuem and wear them when the program blasts off. Now, myself?? I’m more of a Next Generation geek.

  33. Actually, Steph, I’m relieved that, while you can easily knit a pair of plain socks in a weekend, it takes you a little longer to knit a pair of fancy, cabled socks.
    They will be fabulous, when they’re done. Silver is antibacterial, too, so your feet won’t smell, even if you wear the socks on a warm day.
    And you say you’re not an SF fan.

  34. Hee hee! Wingnut!
    I am frequently the creator of a zany “I’ve got plenty of time” idea. Sometimes it’s best to live in oblivion. Who needs those heavy, heavy realities, anyway?

  35. Oooh, pretty pretty socks. Too bad you won’t have them done on time. Maybe if you knit all night, but then you won’t have the energy to go to the show. Darn.

  36. ooooohhh you can DO this! it’s just space-time. The continuum thing, remember, I posted about this a few light-years back…
    Thanks again. For deflecting me from what I really should be doing, but am now contemplating abandoning Totally so I can knit a pair of ColonialFleetViperSocks even Starbuck hasn’t got these!! *AND* the ultimate deciding factor is that I ordered for no apparent reason a skein of midnight blue gorgeous with silver fibres included from Loopy Ewe last night
    what else could they be for?
    Viper socks (oops, BG) forever!

  37. I haven’t been watching Battlestar, I have to admit. Judging by the way I react to sci-fi I need to wait until the series is finished and watch it over a few weeks or I’ll drive everyone around me crazy for years rather than months.
    So what does it say that I suddenly feel a desperate need for those socks?
    I love the volume of nerds knitting attracts. I’m finally among my own kind.

  38. Hey! That was my blog title!
    Hey! I have some Dye-Version Hand Dyed Fibres; Silver; Colour- Midnight.
    Hey! Someday I hope to make a scarf using the…”Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks pattern”, because it looks like stars.
    Have fun knitting and watching the show. (I’m not a BSG fan, but have been known to covet some Trekkie finds) ;o)

  39. Lovely pattern and great yarn….one question..Is the silver in the yarn scratchy, itchy, poke you where you don’t want to be poked? Just curious because I love yarn.

  40. I’ve just been given a sack with ten different yarns in it for test dyeing (sp?). All of the yarns are from a company called Kraemer and one of the yarns in the mix is the natural (undyed) version of that sock yarn you’re raving about. It has sterling silver in it, as well as silk. The exact mix of fibers in that weight is offered by a number of on-line yarn shops. Enjoy!

  41. Run waste yarn through stitches and tie off. Remove pointy objects. Wear as a wonderwomanesque (though instead calling it some alien womanspecies name) wristband of powah.
    (Um, tuck attached yarnball between boobage for the time being. Might need to break out the bra for this one.)

  42. I vote for taping the TV show, finishing the socks, and then wearing the socks while you watch the TV show.
    It doesn’t make you nerdy; just supremely cool.

  43. Knitting them DURING the show will have just the same…. maybe wear your one Viper Pilots sock along with another Eye of Jupiter sock… then you can keep the BSG loving both on your toes AND on your needles =) Lovely.

  44. I have read 10 comments. Please do -not- knit those while watching the season finalle. Those look like a wicked knit. Way fun though; you have the Perfect Yarn for them. Enjoy yrslf!

  45. Cannot think of an appropriate BG riposte, so knit long and prosper is about the best I can do. xxx

  46. agh, so awesome! i wish i’d known about them earlier. i have a similar colorway (without the silver, alas) that is currently being used for knitting socks for my stupid boyfriend– if i’d known about this a few days ago he would have been out of luck. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  47. Can’t help but think of Archie & Meathead arguing about whether one should put on a sock and a sock, then a shoe and a shoe, or if it was better to put on a sock and a shoe then a sock and a shoe! I say one sock is better than none, and the pair can be worn at a video wake for the series, eh? Enjoyed the YouTube – Norton’s job is to make folks look dotty, and I think you did us knitters proud! Thanks!

  48. I’ve never watched the show, but those are some pretty cool socks. I love the color! What is that sparkly red bag you’ve got there? If it’s red and sparkly, I automatically have to have one!

  49. I hear crazy pie tastes really good. I may have even sampled some from time to time…

  50. Wear one, but make sure your other foot is bare in protest to this ridiculous “days of the week” thing people insist we follow.
    Also, forget about the Lexie Barnes bag, let us all drool over the Signature Needle Arts DP’s. (They’re my favorite needles and it’s all your fault. Pusher.)

  51. YOU CAN DO IT!
    Dude, I was totally wondering about that yarn. I have some of her other hand-dyed yarn (which is all kinds of lovely), but was very curious on the silver-flecked kind. Is it scratchy?

  52. Wouldn’t knitting it during the finale be (almost) as good? Nonetheless, they’re pretty awesome. I totally want some, and I’m sure that Sean will want a pair too! Maybe as a wedding present? I still have two weeks…

  53. Damn. Nice socks. Great yarn. But really, you can’t really call yourself a dork, like I call myself one in all things BSG, because you called Adama… Odama. Sorry. I’m so sad the show is going to end! But there’s always the movie and then the spinoff – Caprica!

  54. That IS the perfect colourway for space themed socks! Enjoy the finale, even if you do have cold feet.

  55. Gorgeous yarn and spectacular pattern. Although I don’t share you’re enthusiasm for the new BSG (I was raised on richard hatch!), I salute you for your dedication.
    Wear whatever you have by tomorrow on your head. But don’t spill your beer.

  56. If this makes you nerdy, I’m officially your twin.
    And by the way? These socks? Well, not these, but ones like it, will make a perfect Schedule barter. And since I’m a season behind, you have plenty of time to knit them.
    p.s. and if anyone tells me anything that happens in eason 4, I will… erm… have a tantrum!

  57. Perfect colorway/pattern combination. I’d not be surprised if you finished them (you’re tenacious) but personally I think the Eye of Jupiter socks might enjoy another go and these can be saved for reruns. Afterall, it would be a shame if you stayed up all night to finish the socks on Thursday only to fall asleep midway through the last show on Friday.

  58. You could always put it on scrap yarn (matching of course) and wear it as a super cool wrist band. I hear those give you special powers or so I thought when I was younger…

  59. If this makes you nerdy, I’m officially your twin.
    And by the way? These socks? Well, not these, but ones like it, will make a perfect Schedule barter. And since I’m a season behind, you have plenty of time to knit them. And speaking of The Schedule – I know how fast you can knit when you’re motivated. You can totally finish by tomorrow night.
    p.s. and if anyone tells me anything that happens in Season 4, I will… erm… have a tantrum!
    p.p.s. Like that’s any deterrent. I need a bigger “or else”…

  60. Knitting them while at the party will be a better conversation starter than wearing them (under pants I presume). That way you can enjoy the process and the product…. Unless, wait a minute, are you watching the 2 hour finale by yourself? No, it must be a gathering of some sort, right? Well, either way, have a drink and enjoy.

  61. So excited! The Knitty Gritty with you and your socks will rerun on HGTV late tonight / early tommorrow at 3:30 am California time! I missed it last time. I have it set up to record!

  62. You can do it!!! Just think there’s only one more chance to wear BSG socks while watching a “new” episode. Well until “The Plan” that is. Good luck!

  63. You DID finish a pair of socks in three days during the Madison trip, but you had long moments in airports and on planes with none of those annoying family people insisting on your immediate attention.
    Ditto everyone else on the yarn and the pattern. Will someone be selling Signature dpns at the Sock Summit, ’cause even though I already have “a few” sets in duplicate sizes, those are too cool.

  64. Simple way to break the space time continum: TIVO or tape the episode and watch the FINAL :< episode in full Viper Pilot regalia. Seriously, it is the only thing a true fan can do….

  65. Hey, it’s the spirit of the thing!… I like the wrist-warmer idea and knit on the other sock, so you can remember wearing/working on them as you watch the finale. You go, girl!

  66. Ok, so it’s not going to happen *this time,* but I can see why you would think it was reasonable. Didn’t you knit a full pair of socks over the weekend on the Madison trip? So you totally can do a pair in less than a week, but the trip was obviously different than your normal daily life, and those socks were plain while these are most decidedly not. So I can see where you would get tripped up, you know? But damn, those are hot. I don’t watch BSG, but I sure have friends who do!

  67. Yeah, that Sara Smith thing was supposed to be humor. She’s not my style, either. I prefer my humor to be funny.

  68. OMG – I LOVE these! I am not even a BSG fan – kinda don’t get it – don’t hold it against me. BUT – you HAVE to finish these! You can do it! Yes you can!!!
    (Been eating lotsa crazy pie here today. . . . can’t you tell. . . .)

  69. I’ve also got some Crash Into Ewe yarn that I’ve got marinating in my stash for the right pattern! Can’t wait to see if you get to weear one, or two! You can do it!

  70. Now I KNOW you can make these socks in time – you made those other socks on your Milwaukee weekend. You can just stay up all night & do nothing else tomorrow but knit – you’ll be done with time to spare!
    OR just TiVo the thing so whenever you’re done with your socks you can watch it, just talk to no one so they don’t ruin it for you.

  71. “Hope is the thing with feathers
    That perches in the soul,
    And sings the tune–without the words,
    And never stops at all” – E. Dickenson
    Crazy pie? Well, then what about being an eternal optimist? I apologize to family/friends who may have an issue with how you view the time/space continuum, but for many of us who lurk – you inspire us all to try harder, think creatively and stretch those possibilities.
    And are they going to be great socks – mmmm hmmmm.

  72. These are gor-geous. I know nothing about the programs you are so ardently following but they are gorgeous nonetheless and would probably like a lovely spot of TV watching Friday evening – in their current form or whatever generation of existence they might achieve before then. Knit on mighty warrior and wear one proudly while knitting the other or just keep knitting. At least you can knit socks.

  73. one of the girls must have a bear or doll hanging around, someone should wear the sock-ette during the finale!

  74. I also cast these on in the hopes of wearing them for the Series Finale! However, my favorite LYS in Chicago here has knit nights on Fridays, so I generally catch BSG later, on the internet. I started on Sunday and I’ve almost finished one of them, so there is hope that by the time I get around to watching it, I’ll have them done. All of the cables and all of the knitting through the back loop certainly do ensure that they take as long as possible to finish.

  75. What if you TiVo/DVR-ed it and waited -gasp, I know! – to watch it till you were done? (I guess you’d have to have TiVo/DVR. But someone must. And you could have a party. And show off your socks – out of the PERFECT yarn for them.)

  76. No, this is perfect this way! Every knitter knows that you knit the memories into whatever you’re working on. If you knit on those through the finale (and then stick to very boring, nondescript knitting periods until you finish them), then every time you wear those socks, you will instantly feel all the emotions you felt while watching the finale. Kind of like a virtual rerun every single time you wear them! Wicked!!

  77. Umm… not eating the crazy pie would have been casting on and knitting at a nice, rational speed from the beginning, yes? But you stopped eating and put down the fork when you realized you couldn’t finish the whole thing. Very, very good! (But a bit of crazy pie now and then just adds flavor to life, right?)

  78. Perfect yarn for those socks for sure . Can’t wait to see the finished product on Friday and yes it is tomorrow!!! good luck

  79. Oh! I am definitely knitting these when I finish my mom’s afghan, so I can wear them for my and my friend’s marathon BSG rewatching this summer!

  80. Ok, so I know there are lots of people saying to knit them DURING the show, but as I am also a BSG nerd, I recommend NOT DOING THAT!!!!!
    Because if you try to knit during the show, you are only going to have to frog EVERYTHING you just knit because you won’t have paid one iota of attention to it! And if you DON’T have to frog it, then you’ll totally have missed the LAST FRAKKIN’ EPISODE!
    I do however love your persistence and the beautiful blue yarn. Rock on.

  81. It’d be pretty special to own a pair of socks that you knit on (during the ads) as you watched the last episode. Commemorative socks! That’s not crazy – and you can relax a bit now too, if you take that tack.

  82. Oh come on, people, we are all nerds who knit. I’ve come out of the closet with this and defy anyone to make fun of me. I usually just get, “gee you don’t look like the knitting type”. Guess when that stops I know I’ll be OLD enough to look like a knitter.
    Harlot, you’re a trip. Its good to set goals, though.

  83. Totally off topic, but are those Signature needles? I’ve been drooling over those for so long… ๐Ÿ™‚

  84. LOVE the Crash into Ewe yarn… I made an awesome beret with the Amethyst colorway. I had a really hard time choosing between Diamonds at Night and Amethyst. They’re going to be gorgeous.

  85. Stephanie, you are charming and very dear, and I enjoy your blog and books more than I can say. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

  86. I’m disappointed in you.
    I had it in my head that you were some magical, infinitely gifted goddess of speed-knitting that defies gauge and moths alike, sometimes even bending the laws of physics to complete your nerdy socks on time.
    Like I said … disappointed.

  87. Wow. It never occurred to me that you might not be able to do it. Congratulations on your connection to reality. Mine apparently needs some work.

  88. Or…. wait for it… shift time and space.
    Tape the show and wear the socks when you are finished knitting.
    Kree! Live long and prosper. (Sorry no BSG sayings as it is still in my future.)

  89. Oh sniff! I am already welling up in preparation for Friday night. Love That Show (and your sock(s) and yarn.)

  90. Ooh. I want to make these. It might be the only way that Starbuck and Apollo get together!

  91. Well, I guess you could have silvery/starry sky wrist bands…? Or something thematic to knit on whilst there?

  92. I just purchased the same yarn on Sunday at the Yarn Party in Maryland!!!! I love the colorway and of course absolutely love silver! (Love your pattern too!!!!!!) So sad that BSG will be coming to an end, but I can’t wait to watch.

  93. Ionno… I guess you finishing that one sock depends on when the show its. I mean, if it’s like 10pm, you’ll totally finish. Just stay up tonight, get up a little earlier than usual, not do anything other than knit, you’ll probably make it.
    Then again, I’m going through finals week, I may be a little delusional.

  94. And yet you have that much of a sock already. And you started on Tuesday. My sock–which has no fancy stitch pattern or anything, just plain stockinette–is just at that stage and it’s taken me nearly two weeks to get it there. I still say that you’re a fast sock knitter. I hope when I get better at socks I’ll gain your speed.

  95. Okay, this is the way I see it: perfect!
    Perfect pattern, perfect yarn, perfect needles, perfect event!
    No matter how much knitting is done, it will be absolutely perfect! Do doubt about it.

  96. Battlestar is the only show I cannot knit while watching. I am SO torn…so ridiculously excited for Friday’s episode, yet so ridiculously bummed that it’s the last one. Sigh. Your socks look simply gorgeous, by the way–you were right; the yarn is perfect!!

  97. I have faith in you. You. Can. Do. It.
    Even if you bind it off at the last minute of the last show, would still be your googby to BSG socks.

  98. It is the crazy-pie-ness that has me coming back for more! Here here to temporary knit-insanity!
    (Which, might I add, is really the best! I mean really… how fabulous is to to stumble upon to a fabulous pattern, match it to some stellar yarn and then charge head full-steam, so inspired that everything else drops below the (event) horizon. It’s like an out-of-body experience. Like floating around weightless, but with a rocket pack strapped to you so you’re like blasting forward at the speed of sound!… I’d say 75% of the space references here were unintentional, btw.)
    Hm, should find coffee. Or crazy pie. Or BOTH! ๐Ÿ˜€

  99. I am so envious of this yarn and these socks…and I cannot believe that BattleStar is over. I am going to freak. I wonder if Starbuck’s husband is going to come back alive, and be present, … I wonder if Odama’s woman is going to die… and I wonder if the ship will hold up as long as they need it to, and that Gaius Baltar. Ohmygosh.
    HOW CAN THIS SHOW BE OVER? I am going to start it from the first episode soon. PRetend I haven’t seen it yet. Love, Kathleen, who has put in an order for this silver wool…..I can’t stop myself, and I’ve even advertised it on my housecleaning pages….. Wowl.

  100. OMGOMGOMGOMG — the Knitty Gritty sock episode from nearly two years ago finally got shown on television here in Westchester county, NY. Finally. Our cable service provider carries the HGTV ( network which, luckily, features a selection of older DIY shows. And thank goodness I recorded it. So, I will watch it over and over and over again. BTW, I was fascinated to see that you can knit without even looking at what you are doing. You look at the person you are talking to and your fingers don’t stop moving. Amazing.
    Okay, now I’m going back to the tv room to watch you knit socks again ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Yeah !

  101. Oh, I see the ships! That’s so cute. I am going to have to watch this Battlestar Galactica thing… sounds like a worthy series if it inspires such socks!

  102. Rachel H is very smart. One of these days you will realize that. (Then again, my friend Sue, who uses that same tone with me sometimes, is not as smart. I can totally do things in short periods of time, regardless of what she thinks…)

  103. My boyfriend, he who is the BSG fan in our relationship, says you ‘frakking rock’! He has been trying to convince me that I must start watching but I’m more in the zone of fantasy nerd, rather than sci-fi. I’m also a huge fan of The Wire, and he’s been telling me this is the best thing on TV ‘since the Wire’ (isn’t everything at the moment?) for ages and has now had himself vindicated by a journalist in the UK Guardian.
    Anyway, he thought you might like to read it too I think:
    Hope you get that one sock made … maybe you could mix ‘n’ mathc one sock with the other BSG socks you made previously?

  104. You coordinate you socks to the TV show you’re watching? I am so impressed! With that kind of power, you probably COULD rearrange the days of the week. I am doing well if I can coordinate my right sock with my left sock, a feat other people refer to as “wearing a pair of socks.”

  105. I cannot knit and watch BSG at the same time. I’ve tried – even plain stockinette is impossible because I’m watching so closely. But I love the socks and I just so happen to have Dream in Color yarn in the same color the designer uses in the original – in fact, I have Dream in Color Starry, which also has silver in it.

  106. Hi Stephanie! The needles pictured with the socks; are they the famous needles that were in the last story of your second book? The story where the needle was lost in your hair? Of all of your books, I love that one the best!
    Keep on knitting in the free world!

  107. Those are truly the coolest socks! Thanks for alerting us all to the pattern! And you really have the perfect yarn for it… maybe I can justify buying more yarn now, lol. >_>

  108. Obviously the time space continuium is not cooperating — blame it on that. Crazy pie?? Without it we would all be carving our messages in stone.

  109. Nerds of the world unite! Knit away during the finale!
    I so have a friend that needs these socks. He would DIE for Viper socks. They may be a kewl nerdy birthday gift for him.

  110. Not to rain on your parade, because these are going to be gorgeous socks when you finish, but you do realize that if you’d used the same yarn with your basic sock pattern that you easily could have finished by Friday. I’ve done your basic sock pattern in that many days multiple times this winter. As a matter of fact I’ve done it no less than 5 times. I’ve worn wool socks all winter, thanks to your basic sock pattern. Of course if you want to get fancy it does take a bit longer than 3 days to knit a pair of socks. Too bad because that yarn would have worked fine as basic socks too and I don’t know that the Gallactica folks were into patterned socks/tights, whatever it was their legware consisted of. Oh well, you can wear these socks during re-runs (which you undoubtedly will watch).

  111. Cheers!! Your Knitty Gritty sock interview finally appeared in Michigan. Watching it was like watching a story that I have known for ages, green socks so familiar. I realized too that you have become familiar as family from your long time blog!!

  112. OMG you are such an enabler!! After you found the Eye of Jupiter colorway I had to have it too (I’ve got the pair about 2/3 done, knitting 2 at a time on 2 circs). And here now you’ve convinced me to order the viper socks pattern too! Lucky me I already had Smooshy sock yarn, in the colorway Midnight Derby. Looks just like the night sky, minus the sparkly stars. Cool eh?
    BTW….I wanted to have my Eye of Jupiter socks done to wear for the final episode…. I get a few more days to finish them as we are going to my parents’ house for spring break and they do not have cable. I’ll be watching the final episode next Thursday. ๐Ÿ™‚ (no bloggy spoilers please!)

  113. Not wristwarmers! Power bracelets! (okay, now I’m showing my Wonder Woman fangirl status)
    But really, knit power bracelets! The thread of silver is sure to attract some sort of special energy, right?

  114. (I’m so sorry for all those repeats. I don’t know what happened. I hope no servers were injured.)

  115. I came in late to work today so I could see La Stephanie on Knitty Gritty at 630am EDT!! We need to let HGTV know that Knitty should be on either later in the day or repeat it!! Only one day a week–ugh!!

  116. Question: (mustly unrelated to this post) When you use a ball winder and you make those little “galettes”, when you get to the end (if you started in the middle), doesn’t it get all tangled? I’m just wondering because I just bought one on-line and want to know if I should use the inside or the outside. Save myself some aggro in finding out the hard way.

  117. OK, yeah, forget about the socks, what is that sparkly red bag under the sock? Someone mentioned Lexie Barnes in the comments but it doesn’t look very Lexie to me. Please, Stephanie, tell us, what is that bag?

  118. What the heck is the red thing behind the sock? I can usually figure out things in the background but I am totally clueless as to what that could be.
    Oh yeah, good luck on finishing those socks by Friday. The show is on at night so you have all day…

  119. VERY cool socks, very cool indeed, and I’m normally a plain vanilla sock kinda person.

  120. Don’t you already have BSG socks (Maelstorm colorway knit to the Layborne pattern)? Why don’t you wear those and knit the Viper socks?
    BTW thanks for the link to the Viper pattern. It’s been passed to my BSG-fanboy peeps.

  121. The really sad part of this is that it’s exactly like the things I do.
    But look at it this way, Steph, there are other people like you out here.

  122. The really sad part of this is that it’s exactly like the things I do.
    But look at it this way, Steph, there are other people like you out here.

  123. As a mathematician, I can certainly understand the dorkness. I have dork depth (math) but not dork breadth.
    But I’m confused. Why is the title of the post “She can be taught”? Are we to presume that you won’t have the conversation with Rachel H again? Have you learned? Are you comfortable with the current state of space-time?
    Maybe you meant “She can be taught, but she’ll forget again.” (And we’ll love you anyway)

  124. Here’s the strange thing…I was going to email you this morning to express my excitement over tonight’s 2 hour series finale. I was even going to mention your cool BSG socks which you blogged about previously and how I had sock envy. But mostly, I was going to email you because you’re the only person I know (well, not really but you understand) who watches BSG. No one in my Real Life is a sci-fi geek. With a Friday night trifecta of Terminator/Dollhouse/BSG, who’s a girl gonna talk to?

  125. they’re AWESOME socks even if you are like me and don’t know the first thing about BSG.

  126. Great socks!! I notice you are using what looks like Signature Needle Arts dpns. I just got some. Don’t you LOVE them??? They are my very favoritest needles ever.

  127. Not Crazy, just Determined. or Driven. Dedicated.
    What’s going on with Canadian Politics these days (as per Dec ’08)? I certainly don’t want to burden you with thinking about politics (yecch), but I’d directed many family members to you during that period for your fantastic lesson, and would love to hear your perspective on how that whole fiasco went -we certainly don’t hear enough about you (y’all) on US news…

  128. You coordinate you socks to the TV show you’re watching? I am so impressed! With that kind of power, you probably COULD rearrange the days of the week. I am doing well if I can coordinate my right sock with my left sock, a feat other people refer to as “wearing a pair of socks.”

  129. You coordinate you socks to the TV show you’re watching? I am so impressed! With that kind of power, you probably COULD rearrange the days of the week. I am doing well if I can coordinate my right sock with my left sock, a feat other people refer to as “wearing a pair of socks.”

  130. You coordinate you socks to the TV show you’re watching? I am so impressed! With that kind of power, you probably COULD rearrange the days of the week. I am doing well if I can coordinate my right sock with my left sock, a feat other people refer to as “wearing a pair of socks.”

  131. I am SO sad that Friday is the season finale. I thought I had at least 2 more to go. Battlestar Galactica is the fastest hour on television, I swear.
    I love the socks and must queue the pattern.
    Damn sad that it’s the last episode, because I don’t think I’m going to love Caprica quite as much, because there’s no Starbuck, no Lee (drool), no Old Man, and no Baltar with Caprica 6 in his head.

  132. Even if you can’t wear even one for the show, you could hold it up and let it watch. I know how exciting it is when patterns unite with the right colorway. At Stitches West, I went to the Tess Designer Yarns booth to find Superwash Merino for a pair of Hiker Socks (One-Skein Wonders), and while talking to Melinda (the dyer), fell in love with a gorgeous skein of brown, turquoise and deep purple. “Oh, that’s my newest one,” said Melinda, “It’s called Enchanted Forest. I thought of it while watching the new Narnia movies.” Yes, Hiker Socks in “Enchanted Forest.” I couldn’t *not* buy it.

  133. Yo! I’m loving that pattern! I know just the yarn in my stash to make them with too. It touches my BSG loving heart.

  134. Totally wear the first sock and knit the feelings and memories of the last show into the second sock. That’s way better.
    And the car? Way cool. After emissions the two most important features I need in a car: A place to plug in my iPod and a place to safely put my tea. How is that car for those things?

  135. OK, at the risk of losing your friendship forever (stifling back a sob) I have to admit it: I’ve never watched that show. I KNOW I KNOW! I can feel my daughter’s eyes rolling around and the gust from her Deep Sigh bent the trees over. HOWEVER! Having said that, those socks are absolutely the BOMB! Or…erhm…you know, super terrific. The fact that they didn’t fall off your needles in about 20 minutes leads me to believe that I’d best never do more than Admiring them from Afar, because the onliest socks I’ve ever managed had ordinary ribbing cuffs and looked like escapees from a WW II bunker. Having said that, oh MY oh MY but those are some seriously wondrous socks. DO put up the pictures when they’re done (with your feet in them, please, those are my favorites). I doubt they’ll inspire me to try them, but they may inspire me to start another pair of Bunker Escapee socks.

  136. come on you did complete a pair of socks last weekend in 2 days.. i know you are very talented.. and extremely fast.. i can’t believe you weren’t able to make it! hugs karola

  137. viper pilots? kinnering haha you crack me up! you also inspire me!thanks leighbee

  138. It might be crazy pie, but they are gorgeous socks. You can knit them (or presumably were knitting them) during the finale and enjoy your efforts. I think you were lured into a false sense of security by the dk weight socks you finished over a weekend. Obviously it wouldn’t take you that much time, because you’d just done it!

  139. Hi Stephanie,
    Great job on the books — I was in Chapters and saw you on the shelf again. That’s impressive to be able to sustain an income via your through knowledge and work ethic. Also, I saw that you’ve posted Oso Negro Coffee and I was elated. I’ve had that brew when I went there for a year at my sister’s suggestion of a few months. The town is so nice too. Please feel free to peruse my site at also about knitting with you as inspiration.
    Rosie Cuffy

  140. OR, while you wait for Crash into Ewe to have come back with yarn, check out Dream in Color Starry, also with silver. I have it in Blue Lagoon, and it so has Viper Pilots’ name on it!
    GeniaKnitz in PDX, home of the Sock Summit

  141. Or, while you wait for Crash into Ewe to come back with yarn, check out Dream in Color Starry, also with silver. I have it in Blue Lagoon, and it so has Viper Pilots’ name on it!
    GeniaKnitz in PDX, home of the Sock Summit

  142. Or, while you wait for Crash into Ewe to come back with yarn, check out Dream in Color Starry, also with silver. I have it in Blue Lagoon, and it so has Viper Pilots’ name on it!
    GeniaKnitz in PDX, home of the Sock Summit

  143. You know, I had forgotten about that skein of yarn from last year, but the pattern you’ve used is stunning.
    I started a new full-time job the day after the Homespun Yarn Party, so I was neglecting my shop last week. Ironically, two people who went to the Homespun Yarn Party wrote and requested some of the “Diamonds at Night” colorway. Last night, I put up some special orders, but they were purchased by people other than the ones who had reserved them and I couldn’t figure out where the sudden popularity was coming from. They were selling like hotcakes I tell ya!
    Today, one of the customers mentioned that you’d mentioned the yarn on your blog. I’m so glad that you like the yarn and I’m touched that you had “saved it for a special occasion.” After a rough day at the new job, you don’t know how those words really touch me.
    Now… get that pattern for myself.
    Knit On!
    Terry aka Crash Into Ewe

  144. <3<3<3
    I just discovered your blog through a link on Ravelry, and lo and behold! A post about BSG socks! I will officially be following your blog forever =D I never even dreamed that other knitting nerds were BSG nerds, too!

  145. I love that there are socks in this world named after BSG! My husband and I will miss the show very much. However, when I excitedly showed my husband the picture of the socks, he informed me that those viper ships on the socks are not vipers, but actually cylon raiders. He presented me with a small die cast replica of each to prove himself, since he could see the doubt in my eyes. I told him, whatever, they’re still cool!

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