This can’t be right

I’m leaving for Madison Wisconsin today. I’m flying in today, doing the knit out with the Guild, flying back out on Sunday. Myself and I, we had a little chat with me and decided that since this is a very short trip, we would streamline the bags. Only take what I need, try to leave the suitcase behind….

I’ve got it down to one tiny little bag, but all I can think is that this can’t be enough to go away with. There’s an extra pair of pants, three shirts, three pairs of socks, a pair of yoga pants, the little toiletry bag… two brand new sock projects. (Realistically, I only need one, but only taking one put me right out of my comfort zone.)

This is enough. I feel sure that I have enough. This is how much I need for three days. I know that, but I just can’t stop going though the bag thinking “Really? This is all I have? Really?” I know it’s enough for what I have to do, but it just doesn’t feel like enough to fend off an emergency with – especially since I don’t know the nature of the emergency. I travel so much that if I take my big bag, I’m a streamlined travel machine. I’ve stunned people with my ability to cope using only what’s in that bag. Tea? What sort? It’s in there. Tylenol? Why… yes. Would you rather have Advil? Lost a button? Need a snack? Spare tee shirt? Wanna do a yoga Dvd? Glass of wine? Yup, yup, yup. I have it all, and it all fits in one bag that I’m used to carrying and it’s my system, and it works really well. It works so well that I can bug out of a hotel room faster than a MASH unit on a good day.

This, though… I keep looking at this and being uncomfortable. Last night I was puttering around with it and saying “I must be forgetting something. What else do I need?” and Sam looked at me and said, “I know what you’re forgetting.”

“You do?” I asked. “Yup.” said Sam. “You’re forgetting that you’ll be back on Sunday.”

Right. Small bag. See you later.

183 thoughts on “This can’t be right

  1. That’s the whole point of being low-maintenance, isn’t it? No twelve-pound makeup kit.
    Be proud, not jittery.

  2. Have fun in Madison! I was a student there, and used to have breakfast with Abe at the top of Bascom Hill.

  3. Ah, but the joy of travelling with only one bag! I love it when I do, and then I walk past all the people waiting for their suitcases feeling very smug, and get to leave much earlier than them, and before the rush.

  4. Whenever I’m doing this my husband brings me back to earth with “you know, they have stores in [insert name of destination here], too.” So, check that you have your travel documents, money and any prescription meds. Anything else you’ve forgotten can be replaced if you really and truly need it.

  5. I’m only mentioning this because you didn’t include it in your checklist – you did pack underwear, right? (Not enough yarn and DPN’s in that suitcase to cover THAT mistake…)

  6. As long as you’ve got a card(credit or debit), you’re home free. Anything you’ve forgotten that you absolutely need, you can buy. I noticed the lack of underwear(an oversight, I’m sure). And, I can’t go anywhere without at least 3 or 4 books. Enjoy the trip.

  7. You have knitting and underwear and a bit of money right? What more do you need?
    Feels weird though doesn’t it? LOL.
    Have a safe and fun trip.

  8. If you are nervous about the small bag, pack the glass of wine in there. If something goes wrong you will have a little wine to help you cope!

  9. I dunno…you CAN survive without underwear…. no panty lines in the photo’s then..!?!
    Safe travels !!!!

  10. Remember George Carlin’s routine about his “stuff”? We all feel that way, we like our stuff and feel nervous without it. You’ll do great, though. Smart daughter, by the way. How’d you do that?

  11. Have a wonderful time! Madison’s one of my favorite places — I recommend Himal Chuli for veg Nepali food on State St., the Sun Room for lunch, and Cafe Soleil for breakfast, some pastry, or lunch. Lucky you. πŸ™‚

  12. You’re OK, Steph. You’re traveling in a civilized country with pretty reliable transportation and commercial systems.
    Safe Travel!

  13. When I feel like I need to pack more, I keep telling myself, “They have stores where I am going”. I tend to overpack myself.

  14. Neither my husband nor I have ever mastered the art of travelling light. We can fill the entire back of a van with what we need for a weekend escape!

  15. Great, isn’t it, how you kids can almost always yank you up by your short hairs. Have a great trip. I’ll look forward to reading about it and maybe seeing some pictures.

  16. I recently have scaled down to a much smaller purse than I have ever carried since I actually needed a purse. I’m pretty sure the only reason I can use it without having a panic attack at its slightness is because I can still manage to fit some extra crochet hooks and a headband project or two inside.

  17. The less my family takes on vacation, the happier and more free we feel. We did a 10-day European trip with only a rolling duffel and backpack apiece, and we didn’t hit a laundromat or smell funky by the time we got back. πŸ™‚ Less is more. You might be surprised how much you’ll like this.

  18. Last fall, my husband and I went to England for two weeks and had no checked luggage. We traveled everywhere by public transportation and I did laundry at a launderette once and had fun speaking with the locals. We agreed ahead of time that we would not go to any fancy restaurants with dress codes (Heck, we couldn’t have afforded them at last fall’s exchange rates). I brought socks to knit and even had enough room to buy some yarn at Liberty’s and a small shop in York. A very freeing way to travel…

  19. Lucky for you, Madison does have stores so if you have forgotten anything it can easily be obtained!
    If you are anything like me, you will take the quick three day trip, leave home thinking you must have left something very important out of your bag and get home realizing you didn’t use everything in your bag!

  20. The Sam is wise, listen to the Sam. . .
    But don’t let her see this comment or she’ll think that means about other stuff too. πŸ˜‰

  21. My daughter is the type who thinks there should be “one of everything” in the car. Myself, I like to travel light. As long as you have your knitting, all else could be replaced. (Oh, but don’t forget your drawers!)Have fun!

  22. If only I could think like Sam.
    I go beyond that… “What if I’m NOT back by Sunday? What if the plane cannot land because of a freak snow storm?” I would still pack for a week.
    I’m a big what if person… hence my yarn stash and my overstocked food cupboards.

  23. You’ll be fine! And this will give you fresh perspective on your “regular” bag on the next trip.

  24. I’m sorry – 3 knitting projects are the absolute minimum for travel. At least, that’s what I take on a day trip when I’ll be spending more than 2 hours in the car (not driving, of course).

  25. I feel your anxiety.. I was known as the bag lady in high school for the ability to pull out anything that was needed from my back pack. Just breathe you’ll be fine. πŸ™‚

  26. I’m just impressed. Have a great time in Wisconsin. Maybe if you are forgetting something, squeaky cheese will help make up for it.

  27. Sam has excellent timing! She’s got your sense of humor, I think. πŸ™‚
    And Dawn? Taunt us, why don’t you? I too heard the article on doodling, and thought about knitting as I do in pretty much every meeting I go to– but my (unenlightened, old-fashioned and stuffy) employers would never allow it. *sigh*

  28. I totally get it. I joke that I overpack to go to work, even. I’d be worrying over all the ‘what ifs’ if I tried to go light. But you’ve got all the basics listed, so you’ll be OK! And if there’s room in your bag, you can shop while you’re there…Have fun!

  29. ONE small bag for three days ??!! Yo have got to be kidding , right ? Lordy you wouldn’t want to travel with me with all my luggage. Have a great time and Hopefully they won’t loose that ONE bag. OMG you didn’t mention any knitting in that bag !!

  30. My husband always says, “If you need something, you can always buy it.” That’s true, there’s always a mall around. But maybe don’t let the gods see your itty bitty travel bag. They might just decide to make mischief. I always carry a few essentials in my purse in case something happens to my suitcase.Stick some undies in there. Have fun!

  31. Have fun in Madison!! I’m from WI and miss it terribly. If you’ve never been, make sure you stop by a Culver’s and get a Butterburger and fried cheesecurds. You’ll thank me later, I promise.

  32. Yes I agree with the rest. All you need is underwear and the socks. The rest you can buy. Have a wonderful time!

  33. I agree with Marjorie’s husband. anything else you need, you can purchase. Your daughter, it seems, has inherited your sense of humour.
    When I was (much) younger, I used to have an incontinence problem. As a result, I always had an extra pair of panties, and when I left for more than one night, I packed at least two extra pairs. This has continued to the present day, when I always have at least two extra pairs of panties with me. I almost never need them, but I need to pack them anyways or I’m insecure.
    That’s way more information than anyone wanted, but hey, there it is.

  34. Yes, definitely don’t forget the underwear. it’s never pleasant to have to use hotel shampoo and the hairdryer to have clean underwear every day.
    And once you get used to minimalist packing, I think you’ll like it. I mean, really. All that weight saved means that you have less stress on your shoulders, which can only be good for your knitting hands!

  35. My ‘comforting thought’ when I’m traveling is that there is little that I would forget that couldn’t be purchased when I arrive at my destination, if I really needed it.
    Of course, this wasn’t a reassuring thought when my family and I were preparing to backpack into our campsite at Tettegouche State Park in the middle of the freakin’ wilderness. But it works for most things.

  36. I did the same thing when packing for vacation last night. Kept staring at the rather small pile of clothes on the bed thinking “what am I missing?” Turns out I really seem to have everything I could think I might need, so I gave up and did some knitting instead. It’s not like we’re leaving civilization, so if drama unfolds, we’ll cope πŸ™‚

  37. Dearest Harlot,
    Finally, you pose a question for which I can provide actual insight!
    I have observed in myself that I need a certain amount of “stuff” to go anywhere. But, that, say, month-long trips to a foreign country require very little in addition to that get-out-the-door stuff I cart everywhere. If it’s a long trip, others are staggered by my preparedness. If it’s a trip to the coffee shop down the block, people are snickering at the rucksack full of survival gear I’m toting.
    In fighting against this urge, I have found myself many times, supposedly packed for a short trip but *positive* I’ve forgotten something vital because there just isn’t “enough” there. In calming my neurosis-fueled searching, someone asked, “Do you have: a credit card? See, you’re more-than prepared to deal with anything else you may have forgotten.”
    Based on a trip where my bag was lost, I’ve added a pair of clean undies and a toothbrush to that “do you have” list (I arrived late at night and had to wait to purchase those two things til morning.) But, otherwise, as much as it galls me to admit it, having the entirety of my possessions lost save a paperback, my wallet, and an in-progress sock, the credit card and some kind friends or patient strangers really are all you need when traveling.
    So, Steph, do you have a credit card, clean undies, a toothbrush, and your knitting? Good. You’re ready to go.

  38. Beer and cheesecurds are all you need in Wisconsin. Trust me.
    Maybe yarn too- you should pop into the Sow’s Ear while you’re here- best gals around!

  39. I’m coming to Madison this afternoon and I’m bringing a van load of stuff! If you need extra sock yarn, beer, or Trader Joe’s honey sesame almonds–I’ve got your back.

  40. Yeah, yeah… it’s been written already but reading your list, extra pairs of underpants, not there. I noticed. It happens. ask Bobby.

  41. My hubby has this trite phrase …. it’s not a third world country! That means if we’re missing something we can buy it!
    I really hate him sometimes
    Have a great trip

  42. Smart girl!! Don’t you just hate that sometimes!! *lol* Makes you proud AND irritated at the same time!

  43. One thing I try to remember when packing (assuming I’m going to a civilized place) is that if I should have an emergency and need something I didn’t bring with me, there will be stores at my destination.
    My mom taught me that when I was going on a Girl Scout Wider Opportunity for a week and it has served me well.
    The corollary is not to pack anything I will absolutely need in my checked luggage, because (for instance) while there are plenty of clothes shops in Portugal, I didn’t see a single yarn shop. πŸ™‚

  44. Sadly, I think I take more stuff than that with me in my purse when I go to the mall (where I could, duh, shop and buy anything extra that I needed in a hurry). No wonder my back hurts.

  45. Have fun in Madison. Such a fun city; I am jealous. I lived there for 10 years during and post college.
    The flan and peanut butter bomb at Restaurant Magnus are amazing. They also do a pretty good mojito if you are in to that sort of thing.

  46. Kudos to Sam. She’s so smart! I’ll add to the others – a credit card will always serve you well in the event you forgot something essential. More often than not, the world will not end if you forgot something. BF and I have a checklist that we always refer to when traveling. It’s very helpful and might put your mind at ease. You can always add to or cross off things that are particular to a certain trip. We never check baggage – so we always pack light. Never had a problem. Never needed anything that we couldn’t buy.

  47. Plus…it’s Madison, if there’s anything you’ve forgotten, we have stores. And if you can give us enough warning of something you need, the knitters joining you tomorrow will bring it!
    Have a safe flight–see you tomorrow.

  48. My name is Michele and I am not a light packer. While I don’t consider myself high-maintenance, I am always surprised at how much I need to carry along with me to feel, well, comfortable. Having travelled a lot lately on short trips, I’m getting a little better, even paring down the knitting projects. Just throw in an extra pair of undies, to be sure!
    Safe travels!

  49. You forgot to leave room for the yarn you will buy while in Madison! I always throw in a collapsable duffle bag, just in case. Have fun!

  50. That’s Sam’s a wise one! Our travel mantra is “tickets, passport, money” (and, I would add, knitting and a good book); everything else is negotiable. πŸ™‚

  51. ‘See you tomorrow! Email me if you need anything and I’ll go shopping for you!

  52. I always travel with my backpack and maybe a small purse, and it really can carry everything you need for up to a week with a bit of care. You’ll be fine!

  53. Judging by the number of times I have read that you spill coffee on your bottom half, I would say another pair of pants. . . πŸ˜‰ But I think you are already gone so just be careful. Only one small bag will make it easier for you to hold on to your beverage!

  54. We packed for a month at the Oregon coast. Brought big dog, crate, four acoustic instruments, books, and probably more yarn projects than I could do in four months. The thought of running out of knitting is just plain scary, though! We did bring a bit of clothing, too.

  55. Along with others, I see no mention of underpants. I know you don’t need to bring a bra, because you’ll either wear the one you own, or not bother (why bother with one if you can get away without? I did when I could!).
    But I assume you aren’t bothering to bring underpants, because you are expecting to be pelted with them by knitters, like you were in Burlington MA, last year.

  56. Don’t you think that it’s funny that you have 78 (when I just checked, I’m confident it’ll be more!) people checking over your packing list for you?

  57. You know what? If you have a change of underwear and a toothbrush you are fine. Everything else can be purchased there in an emergency. Even knitting (though it is advisable to bring the projects anyway).
    Credit cards are for emergencies.
    Have fun.

  58. I’m so bummed out that I will miss you! I love your blog and knitting (not necessarily in that order) and Madison is just a short jaunt from where I live in Milwaukee. Unfortunately, I will be heading out myself on a trip tomorrow. Bummer!

  59. You’re thinkingn of packing like a Mom, and now you are simply the Kineearing woman. It’s a whole different thing, this near celebrity packing.

  60. Thinking maybe PJ’s to lounge & knit, sleep in after your shower while sipping your wine. Have a good trip !

  61. That Sam is a smart girl, must be the name πŸ™‚ Have a great trip and I’m sure you’ve not forgotten anything.
    – Another Samantha

  62. Small is good. That is my new(ish) mantra when packing. Born out of many embarrassing moments when I have not or almost not been able to lift my own bag onto the bus.

  63. I’ll admit, that as much as I’d like to be one of those stream-lined travelers, I usually end up with way too little stuff. So I’m a giant suitcase kinda person now. XD

  64. If you have never watched it, be sure to take a peek at George Carlin’s famous monologue “A place for my stuff” You’d love it. It was the first thing I thought of when I read your post πŸ™‚ I totally relate though. I am a big overpacker. With me its not knitting, but books!

  65. I sure wish I’d realized you were coming to Madison this weekend. It is drivable from there to Minneapolis – where we are holding a knit out amidst the Bohus sweaters at the American Swedish Institute on Sunday. Just two more weeks and they are gone.

  66. I always forget the underwear and the toothbrush, but you’re probably way more organized than me.
    BUT, what about the suitcase to bring home the yarn you’re going to buy while you’re there?????

  67. I’m with Mel:
    underwear and bra.
    and socks.
    and that’s it.
    oh, and maybe one of those foldable canevas bags in case you bring back some extra yarn/fiber/fill in the blank, that way you won’t have to by another bag…if need be of course!

  68. I went to Disney/Orlando for 10 days with only a rolling duffel & a backpack (both carryons) and did just fine. I resent paying the airlines to check baggage. As long as you have knitting, you are good to go! Have fun.

  69. I agree with all of the credit card comments. Plus, if you have forgotten anything, it can be like a party game and ask the audience if they have …..? Such as a paperclip, Advil, Tea, I’m sure that you will find us a well stocked group. I’m looking forward to hearing you speak tomorrow!

  70. Aw, nuts! I just went in to see if I could watch the Graham Norton episode, but it says the video is only available in the UK. Bummer!
    Packing: we always pack extremely light. We started doing this when we were hiking the high peaks and doing long trails; makes a big difference! We have been to Paris and London, separate trips for longer than a week each, and we each brought one carry-on bag so we wouldn’t have to check baggage and worry about losing it, or worry about dragging it wherever we went. MUCH easier. So – what you have packed sounds good to me! It is something to get used to though, and if it works for you, you may be very happy you tried it. Also, as your Wise One said, it is only a couple of days. If it were longer and farther it might be riskier. Like everything else…it is hard to let go.
    Have fun on your trip!

  71. Besides, if it turns out you did forget something, you can buy it — Madison isn’t exactly the back of beyond. πŸ™‚

  72. It’s going to be 48 degrees on Saturday in Madison! Spring will be here at least for the weekend. So you don’t have to bring a winter coat. That’ll lighten your load. I am looking forward to seeing/hearing you tomorrow.

  73. Oh, you’re just trying to see if the Yanks remember being taught “gitch.” Me, I’m too traumatized by the juxtaposition of a lack of underwear and the deployment of the phrase “have you by the short hairs” to notice anything else.

  74. My Mom and I went to Atlantic City with her sister and my cousin. Everytime any of us needed anything (and I mean anything), Aunt Gigi would whip it out of her purse. Matches, needle and thread, Kleenex, chap stick, sissors. You name it; she had it. We started calling her Mary Poppins. We were grateful for her Girl Scout attitude of being prepared, but we also glad we didn’t have to carry her purse! Have a great trip.

  75. It doesn’t sound as though you’ll have time this trip, but on on a future one, leave time to drive down to visit the most fascinating yarn shop called “Christa’s” in the little crossroads of Ettrick, WI. Never been in another quite like it, I guarantee!
    We found out the hard way (by having our bags lost for days during a thunderstorm delay) what we _really_ need to survive on one bag, so now we pack with that possiblity in mind. Have you found those space-saver bags yet? The ones that can smoosh down to practically nothing when you just can’t pass up the new yarn? This even beats the extra foldable bag idea, since it will probably then still fit in just the one. Have a great time!

  76. A wise old guru on a wind-swept hill once told me: “Lay out all that you’ll need. Pack half of it. You’ll end up with twice as much as you’ll use.” It hasn’t failed me in 35 years of traveling…… Have fun in WI!!

  77. Greetings from Madison!
    It’s supposed to be 50+ farenheit here this weekend, so you will be plenty warm! Sorry I’m going to miss you at the knit-in. It’s DH’s 40th b-day and I thought I’d be nice and spend it with him.

  78. good thing Joe is a keeper!! LOL
    Last time I made my monthly 5 hour drive to see my daughter I was ruthless…only 3 knitting projects. And it worked, but I felt uneasy the whole time. What if I finished them all? The nearest LYS was a full 20 minutes from her house. (I had minimum of clothes, but no worries I would wear them all out.)
    Steph, you rock. The trip will be great and you have set up another benchmark for us all!!

  79. My goodness, people are very concerned about your underwear or lack thereof. I forgot a nightie/sleepwear at a family holiday and had to use mum’s raincoat… LOL
    Crazy Aunt Purl used to travel heavy – now she travels with carry-on luggage only!
    Two years ago we dragged two suitcases around Canada. One had my spinning wheel in it πŸ™‚

  80. I’m packing for my second trip to Marillion weekend in the Netherlands, and I keep looking at the pile of things going with me. Which is much smaller than my first trip. And I keep saying — this can’t be right, I must need more stuff. So I know how you feel. Safe journey!

  81. Maybe you should take the big bag just so that you feel better and don’t throw yourself all off balance. I always travel with a less is more philosophy, but it sounds like you really might be a devotee of the more is more in travel philosophy…just roll with it! It’s ok!

  82. Sam is brilliant. And you’ll feel more comfortable once you’ve taken this new bag & its pared down contents for this test drive.

  83. Don’t forget to leave room for one of those foam cheese hats! I don’t think that you’re allowed to leave the state without one.

  84. Did you forget extra “unmentionalbles” or do you go comando? Actually, don’t answer that.
    Have a great trip.

  85. I love the way teenagers can nail it like that. You want something called out for the way it is, you talk to a teen. Hey, meantime; have a good trip!

  86. Out of the mouths of babes (when they are ours, then they are always our babes)! And twice as much knitting, you’ll be okay. Those lucky Madisonian knitters getting to be with you. Be sure to get some rest! You deserve it!

  87. How about underwear? I didn’t see them on the list. Not having those could be a bit of a problem. I hope they’re in the toiletry bag. πŸ™‚

  88. You’ll be fine. In fact, as much as you do travel, I’m surprised you take so much usually. I had a similar sounding packing-list for a whole summer abroad once. I don’t claim that I smelled great by the end, but I had enough stuff to get by πŸ˜‰

  89. I think I brought more than that last time I went to see you (St. Thomas campus with the Yarnery) and that was about 1/2 an hour from my house.

  90. Uh-huh… Flew from Wis. to California and drove back–total, four days. One knitting tote, and one duffle. I could not believe I actually did it. You can too. :o)

  91. I’m an overpacker, working hard to get away from that. Whenever I do have the right amount of stuff and therefore a smaller bag, I fel like I am forgetting something…never been the case. I actually have forgotten the stuff I really need when I have the big bag. I think it’s because I keep thinking that I have put everything in there…I have, only it’s everything I don’t need.

  92. Watch the local news while your there. My brother John will have his head shaved for charity. I made him a new hat.

  93. I always wondered how Maxwell Q. Klinger got his dress collection packed up so quickly…
    Also, did you see Glenna’s BSG socks? Full disclosure: I was one of her her test knitters. But that’s also how I know this pattern is entirely made of awesome. And since you love BSG I figured you’d want to know.
    Have a good trip!

  94. Can’t wait for your next post to see what you forgot. By my count: clean undies and PJ’s.

  95. I used to be like that but then I decided that, as long as I have my medications & plenty of knitting, I can buy anything else I forget. That has made me a lot more relaxed about packing. In fact, I am going to visit my daughter in California soon & actually ordered some pants & T’s from LL Bean to be shipped to her house. I need them & figured that’ll be that much less to pack (& besides, I’m not sure they’d get here before I leave)!

  96. De-lurking for the third time in several years to ask: sweater? Knitter . . . Madison . . . sweater. Or sweaters.

  97. De-lurking for the third time in several years to ask: sweater? Knitter . . . Madison . . . sweater. Or sweaters.

  98. pajamas? I mostly use my exercise t-shirt to double as my pjs (before I’ve sweated in it of course).

  99. I used to travel for work quite a bit and had the same sort of “organization” that you do. However, it took me several years to realize that I would NOT be going to the back end of nowhere, and that WHEREVER I went they would probably have a drugstore or a Walmart.
    Have a great trip, wish I lived in Madison.

  100. That’s the mother coming out in you. Where you are headed, you are not anyone’s mommy. Just say, Sorry I don’t have any “fill in the blank.” If someone needs blank they should bring blank with them and not expect everyone else to enable their shortsightedness.
    What’s the worst that could happen? Really, what?

  101. Sweetie don’t worry. You’ll be fine. They actually sell things in Madison so if you find something missing, I’m sure you can pick it up somewhere in town. P.S. I noticed that you didn’t mention undies–I’ve discovered that most Walgreens carry Hanes ladies panties. It’s good to know in a pinch but not something that you want to put in your profile.
    Have a wonderful safe trip.

  102. *snork* Your kid and my kid might get along! And whatever it is you’ll need, you’ll deal with… I have utter confidence! Safe travels!

  103. I’m one of those who must pack for 3 weeks when I’m only going to the mall. I have dreams about owning steamer trunks to take with me on trips. But I have also found that I use almost everything I take.
    Thank you Sam for the chuckle.

  104. Sounds like you may have parented young children at some time. I’m with Renee and Dixie.

  105. Well. There were 139 posts when I started writing this. My guestimate is 120 of them were concered about the lack of knickers in the list. I am starting to believe you will need the extra bag for all the knickers brought to you at the event!
    Enjoy yourself.

  106. Only one true downside to a small bag – where do you hide the stash additions so you can sneak them into the house with no one the wiser?? See? You were forgetting something…. LOL!

  107. Smart Sam! My son just went to Belize for 10 days with just a backpack and did OK, so I think you will be fine. The most important thing is the sock yarn anyway. πŸ™‚
    Have a wonderful trip, and remember what I always tell myself, they do have stores where you are going, if you find you need anything you didn’t bring with you.

  108. i need you to help me pack. i leave for mexico next saturday, on a mission to build houses. whatever i take with me i have to carry on my lap from san diego to chipultapec; in a van with 10 other people, all doing the same thing. i think you have this down to a science…

  109. BE SURE to transfer a hug to my Evil Twin, Dale-Harriet, who’s going to be there (probably in the front row!). Short, wears old-fashioned dresses (think 1800s), and often posts here.
    You’ll get a nice hug in return πŸ™‚
    From the (green with envy) Sock-Shaped State, ==Marjorie

  110. I guess I’m not the first to notice you forgot underwear and socks….unless you wash them out every night. πŸ™‚

  111. I have to bring 2 bags with me just to go to work, never mind a weekend away (one of them holds my breast pump). I’m with the others, tho, underwear is kinda missing from your list.

  112. I’m glad someone else noticed the absence of socks (to wear). I pack lightly if I’m going away for a weekend and I have bought so many socks at my destination that my sock drawer contains enough for a family of four. And not one a handknit.
    So last year I started keeping 2 pairs of socks in the “weekend” bag.

  113. Undies, Outies, Toiletries and knitting. I can sometimes forget if is it a reeal emergency I can buy just about anything at Long’s or Walgreen’s or even the 24-hour Target of Wal-Mart (sad tho it may be). Have a lovely time.

  114. Well, I’m betting someone will bring you panties tomorrow would be my guess. But it IS going to be warm, and we DO have stuff here…although truth to tell, I may bring more stuff to the Knit-In that you bring to Madison. The husband noticed that I almost NEVER go anywhere without a biggish purse, large tote bag (for the books, notebooks, &c) and kntting basket. I ALWAYS have a book along in case I get stuck in an elevator. Never had, and I wouldn’t mind a quiet hour alone in a small box with a good book (my luck there’d be either a claustrophobe or an operatic singer en route to an audition…… SEE YOU TOMORROW!

  115. I see others have beat me to it but I think you need some extra underwear and your camera. I have the same problem whenever I go anywhere, not that I travel all that much, but occasionally I travel. I’m always afraid I’ll forget something. Once a year I go to my friend’s house and have a girl weekend. It’s great fun and we gab for hours! We’ve been friends since Jr high and it’s our way of catching up. Hope you have a great trip. Safe journey.

  116. the Victorians called them Unmentionables and I think that’s why you did not name them but always have some in your little toiletrybag – the next to your skin things, no woman ever forgets those. Make a checklist of what you brought, what you did not need this time and what you really missed and was too costly to buy, while you don’t need two of them at home. Five travels from now you will have a perfect list of what to take with you. I did this while every weekend traveling to a motorrace circuit with no chance of sneaking out and buying missing things, I learned fast to check the list.Your camera is standard in your travelingbag, yes?

  117. This would increase my comfort bubble: 1) comb/brush 2) chocolate bars 3) pantyhose and maybe a 4) spare pair of shoes. You could always go shopping, but I like to save time at the front end by including what would take too long to buy. Ever EAT your candy bar while waiting in line to buy it?- That’s me.

  118. I was in an airport bathroom in Detroit when a wild eyed lady walked in and said, “does anyone have a tampon?” She got ten, in thirty seconds.

  119. Even IF you hadn’t bothered to pack ‘undies’
    I bet they sell them in Madison….
    just a hunch!
    Have a wonderful trip…and remember ‘beer time’
    with all your buddies!

  120. We went to Europe for two weeks in the spring, and everything I took would have fit in my smaller suitcase (which, unfortunately, is slightly larger than carry-on size!). However, I took my larger suitcase and had plenty of room for souvenirs.
    However, our normal trek is from the San Francisco Bay area to Los Angeles by car, and I wind up throwing in extra stuff because there are too many times when I have looked at the weather report, and have packed lighter clothes than I would wear at home–and then have not had what I needed!
    Have a great trip!

  121. I never thought of underpants like so many did, but I did worry about where you were going to stash your new purchases. Hope it worked out.

  122. i can just see a you tube
    of you and the mattress
    make a great tv comedy skit

  123. God Bless you! I spent 30 years in the Army Reserve and was activated for the Gulf War in 1990 with a MASH unit. Girl we could bug out on a moments notice. SO can you! I’ll send you my mess kit if you need it for your “essential bag”. That’s what you call the small bag you keep with you for quick moves. The rest of your gear goes on a big supply truck for later. Good luck with your little bag!

  124. I went to England for a week and had a friend say that he couldn’t believe I lived out of a seven pound case of luggage for a week. It’s quite easy to do.
    Besides, had to leave room for it to be 16 pounds by the time I flew back. :3 What with books and the birthday presents he gave me.

  125. Waiting for you to be kinneared without the possibly missing underwear….Linda

  126. Don’t forget your underwear! You can sleep in yoga pants and a T-shirt if you don’t take pajamas. My wise and well-traveled father once pointed out to me that nobody notices that you’re wearing the same clothes over and over except you. I have gotten the makeup bag down to the essentials … and I take travel size toiletries, but the toiletry/makeup bags take up the most space.

  127. So… did you bring a cooler for all of the beer? I hope the mini-fridge in your hotel room was big enough.
    Sorry I couldn’t be there. Unemployment (thus lack of $$ for fibery activities) sucks.

  128. Of course you eat pie on pi day! And cookies and peas and other round things in a circle of friends… and then you sing rounds. Really.

  129. I’ve gotten pretty good at packing for a 3 or 4 day trip in just a carry-on (including knitting and books) – as long as I don’t have to take too many business clothes. But then again, my “travel” purse is HUGE!

  130. Stephanie, what is that gorgeous yellow sweater you are wearing on the Knit In website? Did you make it? Please tell us about it.

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