Who’s got the remote

What a week. It’s like I blinked and lost four days. Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what happened, and I have gathered the best evidence possible that someone (possibly Dr. Evil) is screwing with the time/space continuum and my place in it. My evidence is as follows:

1. On Monday, I was beginning the second Viper Pilots sock.

Suddenly it’s Friday, and all I have is this.


I knit have every day, yet that is not five days worth of knitting. That is not normal.

2. On Monday, I had four loads of laundry to do. Suddenly, it is Friday and (drumroll please) I still have ONLY FOUR LOADS OF LAUNDRY. As this family has not taken a vow of nudity since Monday, I can only presume that we skipped several days, or someone else did the laundry, and that’s possible either.

3. I don’t recall Thursday or Tuesday at all. Not even a little bit. I can’t tell you one thing that I did on either of those days, and my recollection of Wednesday is patchy, and centres around the fact that I know I ate cookies that Denny baked at knit night, and knit night is Wednesday. That’s all I’ve got.

4. In fact, almost all I remember from the last four days is working on the new Sock Summit website, but considering the hours I’ve put in on that bad boy, it should be there, and it’s not. This supports my theory that the last four days blew by me like a fifteen year old girl asked to do the dishes. (I actually think it’ll be up really soon. There are tech people involved and I think they work for Dr. Evil.)

5. There is no episode for Survivor on the the Tivo. Ergo, Thursday must not have happened.

6. I am not packed to go to Sock Camp, even though I leave at 0’dark hundred hours on Sunday morning. I am a pre-packer. There is no way that I wouldn’t start packing at least 4 days before leaving. I haven’t made a single decision about what I’ll be knitting even though I am leaving for many days. I am not the sort of person who does that. I pack early. I pack often, I pack extensively. Admittedly, I do pack clothes last, but there is no yarn at all in my suitcase. None. I don’t recall an internal debate about what to knit while I’m gone either – and this is an activity that I normally give my whole soul to, several days in advance. By now I should have already worked out exactly what’s coming with me, found the yarn, photocopied the patterns, wound the yarn and put it all in the suitcase. That’s what I do. I’m a travelling knitter. If I didn’t pack on Tuesday, then there wasn’t a Tuesday. That’s final.

I believe this collection of evidence corroborates my theory that I have somehow been fast-forwarded through four days of my life. I feel that the knitting and laundry evidence is indisputable. All proper explanations for what in the name of all things woolly happened to my week are graciously accepted, and even encouraged.

I’m going to go pack.

184 thoughts on “Who’s got the remote

  1. I had a Tuesday, and a Thursday come to think of it. I’d be happy to lend you either one.

  2. Overwhelmed by yarn fumes and you buzzed right through a few days…it happens. Just be thankful there’s nothing you have to frog as a result…

  3. Consider yourself lucky…I’ve just had the kind of week I WISH would disappear! Wish i was going to Sock Camp. It sound WONDERFUL.

  4. Hi Stephanie – Not to worry, that happens to me all the time! Here’s what I *would* worry about, if I were you: I’m old; you’re not.
    Is that any better to worry about?
    How were the cookies? I’m hung up on the cookies.
    Best, and travel safely, because lots of us need you,

  5. If you ever find out where those lost days went, please tell me. I’ve lost any number of days that vanished without a trace. Maybe they all hang out together somewhere and laugh at us?

  6. Stephanie,
    I’d like to tell you how much I enjoyed your blog from Fri, Feb 26th. I laughed so hard that tears were streaming down my face. I read it to my DH, and, despite the fact that he’s not a knitter, he enjoyed the humor and even ‘got’ the life lesson in it.
    To continue the saga:
    DH and I were scheduled to go to New Orleans the next week. DH would be ‘conferencing’ and I would have lots of free time. So, as I always do, the first thing I start planning to pack is my knitting. I didn’t have anything in the works that would travel well, so I started decided on a new project. My sister had given me some beautiful lace yarn last Christmas from Dream in Colors. That led to the idea of a lace shawl. I went through the books and patterns of lace that I had accumulated for the past 20 yrs and found one I thought would do. I copied the pattern, enlarged the graphs so I could mark see them well, found the correct needles, collected stitch markers, scissors, etc. I wound the yarn into a ball and I put it all in traveling bag – ready to add to my suitcase. I even thought to check on line for errata for that pattern.
    On Sunday I thought I’d go through the pattern – just in case there was something I’d need that I hadn’t already packed.
    I started reading – “Cast on 331 stitches”.
    After another huge laugh at myself, I figured I was off and running. After all you had already figured out all the rookie mistakes for me and forewarned is forearmed.
    Over the next 5 days I made it through the first 30 or so rows and was just doing a casual count when something didn’t seem right. One side seemed to have more stitches that the other – a LOT more stitches. Somehow I had managed to place the marker for the center decreases about 4 pattern repeats to the right of the actual center.
    And it took me 30 rows to realize it. Talk about rookie mistakes. I had to frog the whole thing. Do you think Nancy Bush put a hex on this pattern?
    There is however a happy ending. I enjoyed the pattern and it is now finished and waiting to be blocked. It’s beautiful.
    Thank you again for your knitting and your humor.

  7. I know what happened to the Thursday Survivor episode: there wasn’t one. Survivor was one of those obnoxious “the season so far” summary episodes this week, and it was on Wednesday.

  8. That generally happens to me when it’s test time. The only thing that I really remember is what day of the week my exams are and going to them, but nothing else in the week. At all. It’s weird, but I’m glad to not really remember terrible times. XD

  9. To make laundry go away: at the age of 5 give each child a birthday present of a white and a dark colored laundry basket – this is to learn to separate lights and darks: at the age of 10 they get to do their own laundry!!! My kids fell for it!

  10. Having had a horrible day and a horrible week( teacher – lots of senior ( 16-19YR OLDS)exam classes- need I say more??). I would value losing the whole of this week- I am so upset/ cross I daren’t even pick my knitting tonight for fear of stabbing someone with my DPN’s. Hope you resolve the packing issue- and your summit is stupendous!

  11. Time loss….. it’s a conspiracy. I lost Wednesday and then had to do Thursday twice! I also haven’t started packing for sock camp, but must do that ASAP, so I can figure out which suitcase to use. (It must leave me the most space for camp goodies coming home because I refuse to pay for a 2nd suitcase!) Love your sock though! It looks awesome.

  12. Lucky you. My week dragged like there was no end in sight. On Tuesday I swore it was Thursday and it didn’t get any better as the week ground on.
    Where’s that fast forward button??

  13. My week kind of whooshed by too! And I don’t have a great deal of knitting to show either. So don’t feel too bad. Now get packed all ready for camp, and make sure you take enough yarn!

  14. Your week was apparently granted to me. It seems like Monday happened an eternity ago. Sadly I’ve accomplished very little during this never ending week. I’m so relieved that it’s finally Friday!
    Have fun at sock camp! I’m looking forward to reading about it.

  15. I did not like my Thursday. You may have it; maybe you’ll be able to do better with it than I did.

  16. Maybe those four days went to the same place that socks’ mates go when they vanish from the dryer?

  17. Well, you posted on Tuesday, so I can account for that…but nope, no Thursday. I’m with you there. There must not have been one.
    I’ve been sick all week, I think I may have gotten your extras.

  18. Maybe this is the universe’s way of sparing you any Tues-Wed-Thurs pain and helping you to get on with the fun of Sock Camp. “Nothing to see! Just go knit socks! Lalallalaaa!”
    PS Viper Pilots looking fantastico. I know how long it took me to make ’em and I know how fast you knit and I think 1.3 of those socks in a week and a half is awesomesauce.

  19. Oh, Steph! (re the Viper Socks)
    Didn’t you know that you were actually knitting on the Starbuck socks, and that they actually went “pouf” for no good reason when your back was turned?
    I wasn’t too satisfied with the BSG finale either….

  20. I know that Thursday existed in Colorado, but that’s just because it was a snow day and schools were closed. The metric boatload of snow I shovelled and my resulting soreness also point to it actually happening. Maybe the warp is somewhere between here and Toronto?
    I cannot vouch well for Tuesday. It may have been there as the kiddo remembers going to school, but then that could’ve been Wednesday, too.
    I think we should all make sure to use cookies or other dessert foods as our time markers, I personally vote for brownies. Who’s with me?

  21. Survivor was on Wednesday and a big fat disappointment. Although it is nice to know that someone else still watches that show. They say it is popular yet everyone I know thinks I am lame for watching it EVERY season 🙂
    Any guesses on who you think is going to win?

  22. Never mind all the other advice. You MUST read “The Time of New Weather” by Sean Murphy. And check out Jasper Fforde’s novels. You will appreciate what these guys do with time.
    Have a great trip. Packed or not.

  23. Dear Steph, we know you will do it, you always do. I hope you will also plan some good outdoor time in Newfoundland or other beautiful places to celebrate the return of the sun and indulge yourself. PS if I knit that much sock in a week, its a major event.

  24. My guess is that The Master is in fact still alive and in his feeble attempt to take over all things knitterly, he drugged you and took you four days into the future in his TARDIS. That’s what we get for having to go without The Doctor (mostly) for a whole year. Yes, I’m a bit miffed at how they thought we could survive. Oh well. You can have your Battlestar, and I shall keep my Doctor Who (when it finally comes back). Good luck with the packing. =)

  25. I would question the content of the cookies, but Tuesday was also in the time warp. Hard to figure. Perhaps in the stress of the insomnia, you were pulling out what you had knit during the day, ala Penelope?

  26. Dear Steph, we know you will do it, you always do. I hope you will also plan some good outdoor time in Newfoundland or other beautiful places to celebrate the return of the sun and indulge yourself. PS if I knit that much sock in a week, its a major event.

  27. I know exactly where your week went. It eloped with mine. I don’t know where mine went either, so that’s the only rational explanation.

  28. hmmm…. very odd indeed! now here’s a pertinent packing question: have you ever entrusted yarn to the airline baggage gremlins or does ALL yarn go in your carry-on bag? i mean, have you ever (shudder) LOST a suitcase full of yarn while travelling due to the vagrancies of said baggage gremlins? i just need to know the best route to follow when i need to pack yarn and i figured you would have plenty of experience!

  29. Hey! I had that week, too! And the 2nd sock of my latest pair looks exactly like yours, so that’s proof. It ain’t us, Steph. The universe really is screwing with our heads. I hear Thursday was a bummer anyway, so I don’t mind so much. If next week turns out the same, however, I will really start to worry…

  30. I can only comment on the Survivor thing – as a March Madness basketball fan, it bumped Survivor to Wednesda, and it was a totally useless “look at the crap shots we didn’t think worthy to show you originally” kind of show. But other than Duke losing to Villanova (SOB!) Thursday was okay.
    Now if you could have gotten Dr. Evil to have taken today away from me, it would ave been so much better…

  31. Steph, it’s obvious what happened. You were kidnapped by aliens, and spent four days on the Mother Ship.
    You’re right about the knitting– four days knitting for you should equal at least two pair of socks.
    Have a good time at Sock Camp!

  32. Oye, tell me about it. It’s also been a blur for me this week. I feel your puzzlement.
    The second sock looks fab though.

  33. You’re welcome to my Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday…but really, you wouldn’t want them.
    And hey — the laundry didn’t grow — that’s got to be a good thing, right?
    Have fun at Sock Camp!

  34. You’re right. If you don’t get that knitting planned and packed, how on earth can you possibly know what else can be packed?
    Nice sock!
    And what was in those cookies?

  35. I think one of those days you missed was insomnia day. That in itself can make it feel like 2 whole days just blew right by you.
    If you’re at sock camp, doesn’t it follow that yarn to buy will be everywhere? I guarantee you, there will be enough love present that someone will hand you something to work on, so you’ll be covered except for the plane knitting, if that’s how you’re getting to camp and back.

  36. That black hole where you knit and knit and nothing happens and the knitting doesn’t get any bigger? Black holes grow and nothing escapes them. Now it’s your week. Next time…

  37. This week has been full of mysteries. This one is yet another to add to the list. I’m trying to figure out how I have not managed to get enough sleep with no rehearsals in my schedule!

  38. I’d offer you my Tuesday or Thursday, but since Thursday was the only day this week that didn’t totally suck I’m pretty sure you’d take it. And then I’d have to cry.

  39. CLEARLY you have been using some kind of mind-altering substance. What is the state of the kitchen? If all of the bananas, peanut butter, and jelly are gone, but no bread is, we know what you were doing.
    Sniffing yarn, and getting high off the fumes.

  40. I think you bought yarn on Thursday, judging by your Twitter…how could you forget that? Was it sock camp yarn and is that why it’s not packed yet?

  41. Was there knitting going on other than the sock? The shawl perhaps? Perhaps we’re not speaking of the shawl right now?
    As for the laundry, maybe it compacted during the week and there is actually eight loads, looking like four? ;D

  42. Maybe the secretive circular needle guys lurking in the van outside have something to do with it..?

  43. Evidence that the past week ran like all the previous weeks in your life:
    Your tweets.
    Twitter can not lie.

  44. I understand completely. This week has blown by me as well. I think it’s the lack of sleep I’ve been getting – walking through each day like a zombie makes you less aware of what’s going on around you. XD

  45. We know that you weren’t kidnapped by aliens or asleep because you posted on Tuesday and made it to Knit Night on Wednesday. Therefore, I can offer only two theories: 1) Like some of us, you’re still obsessing over the Battlestar finale figuring out the little angles or 2) you focused laser-like on Sock Camp planning. Either way, the rest of the world passed by in a blur.
    On this comment: “I haven’t made a single decision about what I’ll be knitting even though I am leaving for many days.” You’re leaving for Sock Camp so maybe you’d planned to be knitting — socks? Presumably the yarns is already there, so that’s why you didn’t pack any?

  46. Dear Steph,
    I’m sorry to say that, apparently, I have accidentally taken the last four days of your week. I don’t have tangible evidence of this. However, this conclusion is irrefutable in light of the obscene length of my week compared to yours. I was certain that someone stuck several extra Tuesdays and Thursdays in mine; they took forever and were, at the same time, completely frantic. Nothing was accomplished (sadly, that’s not unusual) but so much was attempted taking such great time that there is no other explanation.
    I apologize for having unintentionally confused and distressed you. If it makes you feel better, I was equally lost and at least twice is freaked out. I promise to return your missing whenever you wish, just as soon as I am released from the lovely, peaceful hospital I’m checking into this afternoon.
    I hope Sock Camp is all you dreamed of. Kindest Regards, E

  47. What happened to your week? Simple. John Locke was messin’ with the donkey wheel in your basement.

  48. Thursday was yesterday, and it I’m sure it happened.
    I know. I was there. I remember it.
    As for Tuesday, I’m with you.
    It never happened.
    I don’t recall where Wednesday went. It must’ve been there somewhere between Monday and Thursday.
    That last photo of your sock makes the yarn look even better than the previous photos. It’s beautiful.

  49. I had at least two of each day this week! I must have had your missing days for you. Phew my head is spinning and I am SO glad the weekend is here.
    The sock is looking great even as small as it still is. Have faith, it will grow once you start claiming your days back.

  50. I have never lost 4 days but I have lost 15 minutes before while driving on the 401 to work. It’s like suddenly I think how did I get this far….scary

  51. I suspect if you don’t pack enough yarn for sock camp, for some mysterious reason someone else there will have enough extra to share with you. 🙂
    I know what you mean about missing days. I’m missing three days from last week. It’s somewhat explainable — jet lag, recuperating from total exhaustion from taking care of my sick mom for a month — but I’m still amazed at how apparently I got absolutely NOTHING done — except one sock. Which last night, as I was midway through the second, I noticed has an uncrossed cable on the foot. So I’m debating whether it passes the galloping horse test; I really don’t want to have to tear out the toe and re-knit it if nobody but me can see it. Especially apparently even *I* couldn’t see it when I knit it.
    Take lots and lots of pictures at sock camp for those of us who aren’t able to go!!

  52. What happened to your week? Simple. John Locke was messin’ with the donkey wheel in your basement.

  53. It’s kinder not to fill in Tuesday or Thursday for you, so I’ll simply pass along advice found on a reproduction British WWII poster I passed on my way to lunch today: ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’.

  54. Well, you *did* blog on Tuesday and Wednesday. I read them. They are right there and marked on your calendar. Maybe that Estonian shawl is a sort of time invisibility shawl, ala Harry Potter, that blanks your memory instead of making you totally invisible? Obviously, the sock wasn’t what you were knitting, or was it?

  55. Aliens.It has to be the aliens.I think they like to mess with our time-space continuum.What you’re feeling is the reverse of working for what seems like hours only to look at the clock and have it only be five minutes later.I STILL can’t decide which phenomenon is worse…

  56. Did you stock the yarn holder in the new car and take a road trip? Maybe that would explain the missing days….

  57. Deal or no deal – I will trade you my next four Mondays in even exchange for two Saturdays and two Sundays. The Saturdays and Sundays do not need to be from the same weekend. I am very flexible and would gladly take any extra weekend days you might have on hand. This seems to be a perfectly reasonable trade. I mean do you really want to spend an entire weekend with a teenager raging around the house? On Mondays she will be in school for at least part of the day. And I will be spared Mondays at the office.

  58. Well, this has been a week from absolute hell for me, so maybe there’s some sort of life-sucker-outer-space-time-continuum thing going on above our hemisphere.

  59. If it’s any consolation I think I’ve lost a whole month. Sure I remember bits and pieces. Still, where has March GONE?

  60. based on extensive research (okay, reading the other comments), i believe there is something called “the law of conservation of time”. apparently you lost some days this week, and other people had interminably long weeks, so the universe is once again in cosmic balance.
    maybe, to make up for it, the universe will give you extra time to enjoy the sock summit? 🙂

  61. I’m with Debbie at 4:02 – must be the new car. Did you check the odometer?
    I’m betting they’ll have yarn for sale at Sock Camp.

  62. Two words — diesel fumes. Is it possible that the new car is emitting fumes or a signal of some kind that’s playing with your mind? Or possibly a few too many joy rides (enticed by that snazzy yarn holder) in the car? Have fun at sock camp with whatever knitting/clothes makes it in the suitcase.

  63. The whole Survivor thing threw me off, too..but our DVR automatically recorded it on Weds. And the prior comments are right – you didn’t miss anything and it will only confirm any thoughts you may have about various contestants.
    As for packing – I’m a last minute packer of clothes, but the knitting is another matter. When not listening to podcasts, I now spend my ample commute time in the car planning on what knitting projects to take when I head overseas for 6 weeks in summer…of 2010!

  64. That screwing with the time/space continuum thing is why I’ve never done Monkey Socks #2. I’d knit for days and days at a time and never get anywhere on it. I do visit sock #1 on occasion.

  65. Ms. YarnHarlot,
    I umm… I think you had a Tuesday and a Wednesday… respectfully, ma’am, I’d like to point out that you posted on your blog on both days. And, um… also, you had some Tweets on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Therefore, I think you must have had them. I agree with Maureen at 2:28, perhaps some bad knitting happened? Or maybe it’s all the work you’ve been doing for the Sock Summit? Work causes black outs, right?
    Respectfully yours,

  66. The laundry thing really perplexes me. Are you sure it’s Friday? Maybe somebody declared a leap-week this year. You know, like a leap-day, except in March and a whole week. Or at least several days in a row…
    If it helps, I’m pretty sure those same days have disappeared out of my life. Can anyone here prove that the past three days actually happened?
    Oh good god, it’s Friday. That means I have a paper due tomorrow. &*%$#@#$$%$@!!!!!

  67. I would gladly have missed Wednesday and Thursday this week, not the best of times. Survivor by the way, was just a rehash of stuff, not a new episode. No knitting for me for a while, sigh…ciao

  68. As a yearbook teacher, there are whole weeks I’ve lost into a computer, with almost nothing to show for it, if the “server” blips and doesn’t save someone’s work.

  69. Check under the dryer, I find lost things there all the time. If it’s not there, you can have my Tuesday, I ended up at the ER with a feverish 2-year-old. Or my Thursday, I got poison ivy. I think you probably could have done better things with both those days. BTW, got my RSC package today and am uber-impressed by you as always! Have a fun and safe trip!

  70. OH OH! The sleeping thing! Did you ever see Fight Club? Insomnia totally throws off your sense of time. In fact, you could be living a whole separate life in between your bits of consciousness. THAT’S what’s happening!!
    No worries, you can thank me later. 🙂

  71. My Tuesday and Thursday were twice as long as usual. Perhaps I somehow lived your lost days on top of my own? If so, I will gladly give you my next Monday and Wednesday in return. Really, it’s only fair.

  72. Open your eyes people and smell the lanolin! It’s the gansey! It is fighting back against permanent neglect by kidnapping and forced labour, wiping your memories of the event with its soft scent and fibrous embrace and plenty of whatever-was-in-those-cookies.
    (Obviously Denny’s already succumbed. You can only save yourself… trust no-one.)

  73. You call that an alibi? Okay…maybe Denny’s cookies will stand up to scrutiny.

  74. This is what happens when you call your knitting a “collossal pain in the ass”. Knitting doesn’t like that.
    Don’t ask me how I know.

  75. In case no one has yet mentioned it, Survivor didn’t show on Thursday as usual, but on Wednesday. Fear Not intrepid viewer, as it was just a clip show and a fairly weak one at that in my opinion. However, I’m sure it’s likely up online on CBS’s website. It’ll be back on April 4th at it’s regular time.
    This information is not provided to prove or disprove the existance of a time consipiracy, however. 🙂

  76. You’ve been in the TARDIS and The Doctor had to wipe your brain. Happens to me all the time…

  77. For me, that would be a pretty normal five days of knitting, maybe even generous. This week has seemed very long to me. Maybe that’s where part of your week went.

  78. The problem was the viper socks. They contain direct access to the space=time continuum that should have been warped in the correct direction to let you finish them.
    You wrote to us on Wed, remember?

  79. I wish I had such solid logical evidence for getting nothing done! And I’m totally with Lady Violet and her Doctor Who related explanation!

  80. Based on the ridiculous length of my own week, I think I can safely say your days got caught up with mine. They sucked, so be glad you didn’t have to live them. You’re welcome.

  81. I feel that way about this week too, so maybe I was also sucked into your time warp.

  82. Umm….might this have ANYTHING to do with the cold medication you’ve mentioned recently?? Maybe backing off on the dosage…?? Just a thought, if you’re not likin’ this side effect! =)

  83. whazzup with the possible recipe for the uber lightweight neck cowl you cooked up?
    you mentioned a plan to share – still in the offing?
    (maybe I lost days there too and missed an update!!!)

  84. Having just now finished The Watchmen my only possibly theory is that Dr. Manhattan happened.

  85. Whoops, I didn’t think you’d notice, sorry. I needed some extra knitting time for my shawl desig in progress. Would you like a couple of days from my next week? I’ll be glad to give up, say, Monday and Wednesday.

  86. I heard there was a black hole over Toronto…perhaps you were sucked into it on Tuesday and redeposited back home on Friday…better get a move on girl…times a wastin and there are sock to knit….enjoy your time away and I can’t wait for you to share it with us…

  87. Holy smoly –Well things can only go up from here GL and enjoy sock camp. that is if you can find and pack a sock to knit. By the way do the ides of March have anything to do with this ?

  88. Unfortunately, I can confirm that Tuesday and Thursday did occur, because I had a ton of homework all week. Tuesday I had two research proposals and a four-page sentence outline to write and a play to read. I spent all of Thursday writing a nine-page paper. (This is what I get for double-majoring and being in the Honors program.) I wish those days hadn’t happened though, for sure.

  89. i put out the clock
    and i wound up the cat
    i took off the lawn
    i watered my hat
    i lounged 0n my brother
    and tickled a chair
    then combed my umbrella
    and opened my hair
    one of those weeks

  90. I’m with Kay (2:52). We did indeed have a “snow day” here on Thusday (and again today) in parts of Colorado & I’ve gotten TONS of knitting done. Perhaps your Thursday got sucked down here? I can vouch for Tuesday as well. That was my one rip-back on my February Lady Sweater. So sorry that I messed the time continuum on your end.
    Think it will probably continue as this evening & night will NOT end anytime soon — we have 3 extra teenage girls in the house for that period.
    Best wishes on packing and getting off to Sock Camp. And birthday wishes to my role-model-with-the-clever-comment Rams!

  91. Hmmm. Mebbe you were comatose in reaction to the lack of sleep from monday? In any event, I’d be happy to give you my Tuesday, Thursday and Laundry. *ANY* time!!

  92. I was going to try to avoid the obvious (and terrible) joke about hitting a time warp and the days weft, but I really couldn’t help myself.

  93. And clearly whoever has the remote is also making everyone double-post their comments…
    …Denny had better make more cookies.

  94. The four days have either migrated to this Christmas knitting coming up, or, alternately:
    The days that you warp time and space knitting Christmas presents are exactly like Quantum Leap, except it’s not a string holding a lifetime together,it’s a rubberband that can snap back into shape.The days were borrowed back to some Christmas socks, somewhere else.
    do have safe travels,and a marvelous week.

  95. Okay, nobody’s referenced “Life on Mars,” that I saw as I scrolled through…having any flashbacks to 1973 lately?

  96. I have the exact opposite problem – every day this week has felt like Friday. This means each morning after I have woken up and thought it was Saturday. It wasn’t. It was any weekday except Friday.
    Is it Friday yet? If not can I please be fastforwarded?

  97. I believe your week went to Texas. I spent the week in the hospital with my son. I thought we’d never leave. It felt like an eternity.

  98. You’re getting old? Er. Old-er.
    I can say that because I’m experiencing the same thing. Besides misplacing days of the week, I’m also losing small appliances.

  99. I think it’s the car; it’s making your life go faster. Your used to bike speed, that’s all. You’ll catch up.

  100. I have no theories or answers, just more questions. I, too, feel as though I have done nothing this week. Several classes canceled, meaning I spent whole days at home working.
    I sat at the computer, wrote things and saved things and wrote more. Don’t ask me what I wrote, though. Must have done a blog or two?
    I did finish a pair of socks at some point (those were started in January… slow socks). But the thing which has been on the top of my to-do list for over a week, is still not touched.
    And I have no children to blame, either…
    I’m all for hitting the rewind button. Where do I find it? We don’t have a remote control anywhere in this house. Five computers, not a single functional TV, not a single remote.
    I guess there is a replay on the answering machine. Perhaps I could try that?

  101. I’m sorry. I meant to apologize. Really. But some of your time was used up in the world’s longest meeting at work today. And some of the other lost time must of I must have also used because I really don’t remember finishing that hat but there it sits, unrefutable evidence of time swirling around the universe and settling in unlikely places. I promise I will try to stay out of the way next time. 🙂

  102. Well, that would certainly explain a few things about my week (like, how did it get to be the day before my not-quite-eleven year old’s birthday and I’m not ready?!). I like your theory. That way it’s not my fault.
    BTW, just got my sock club package, and I LOVE YOUR SOCKS!! Must go cast on now, just as soon as I do my four loads of laundry…

  103. psssssssssssssssst …….
    Survivor was on Wednesday night because of the Basketball on Thursday…. lol

  104. oooooooooooops !
    Sorry! Bad lag …. I shud have known better ….
    than to click more than once!….

  105. I feel your frustration. I think I’ve been transported back to last week. I am having a ‘no sleep’ week. maybe I’ll have a ‘four-day loss’ week next week. I can account for almost every second in a 24 hour time period at any given time of the day/week this week, because I CANT EFFIN SLEEP! Please have a great time on your trip..

  106. I have no recollection of Tuesday or Thursday either. I’m pretty sure they were deleted from the usual line-up. This has got to stop.

  107. You’ve got me convinced. I’m totally prepared to drop tuesday and thursday from last week.

  108. I say….blame it all on twitter. It’s an innocuous little thing that steals time in small snippets and when strung together, they add up to days.

  109. Oh, no! It’s a time loop. You won’t know what tense to use. You may meet your own great-grandfather. You will see yourself going to other locations.
    Just remember to wash pants tomorrow so they will be ready for packing/wearing on Sunday.
    Have serious fun at the sock summit. Take many pictures. Be sure to take the sock for pictures. Wow! What if Greg Kinnear registers??!
    Deeply envious! [Though not of the time loop thing.]

  110. Survivor was on Wednesday on my TIVO — a recap and not very exciting at that. So you missed nothing except the middle of the week (which is usually not as wonderful as the weekend anyway).

  111. That *!~# shawl ate your week.
    It’s been across the pond and nibbled at my week too. I remember buying fish on Tuesday, and, apart from visiting daughter and sick grandson, that’s it.

  112. Oh, no! It’s a time loop. You won’t know what tense to use. You may meet your own great-grandfather. You will see yourself going to other locations.
    Just remember to wash pants tomorrow so they will be ready for packing/wearing on Sunday.
    Have serious fun at the sock summit. Take many pictures. Be sure to take the sock for pictures. Wow! What if Greg Kinnear registers??!
    Deeply envious! [Though not of the time loop thing.]

  113. Time is nearly as confusing as gauge. I was out sick for 3 days this week, and when I went back to work I had 3 weeks worth of new email. Huh?

  114. This week flew by for me as well. I got 2 wisdom teeth pulled Tuesday morning, but everything else from last Friday to today is one big blur.
    In my case, unlike yours, the house exploded with mess, making it quite likely that the last week occurred. 😉

  115. I have a four year old with the flu. Based on how looooooong my Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were this week I can only assume that I accidentally got yours, too. Sorry.

  116. It’s not just you, there really has been something wonky going on with the time/space continuum! This is the last day of Spring break in my neck of the woods, and after six days of hardly leaving the house, all I’ve managed to get done has been to strip the paint off the floor of one room (the previous homeowners were nutbars), wax said floor and move some stuff in there. (Not even all of the stuff!) It’s crazy.
    And even though I’ve been giving myself the evenings to knit and spin, I only have one skein and part of a sock to show for it. Dr. Evil, indeed!

  117. I’m making a wild guess at work overload and stress, even if it is all good stress. Take a nice long, hot bath and I bet your memory will improve a bit. Thanks for all you do!

  118. Clearly, you were abducted by aliens. Is there any stardust on your Viper Pilot socks?

  119. Checking my Twitter log I see that on Tuesday 3/24 you encountered “Raoul: Professional Procreator” — perhaps you’ve deleted that day from your memory?
    As for Thursday there is no evidence of tweeting from you during those 24 hrs — But I fear that Survivor is missing from Tivo thanks to the wonders of SEC March Madness…

  120. You know, there has to be someone behind this lapse or black hole in time. And I’d bet (something besides yarn or course) that it was the same people who took all the circular needles you needed for February Lady Sweater.

  121. Uh, I flew halfway around the world this week and ostensibly GAINED a day in the process and I still don’t know where Tues, Weds and Thursday went off to! Nor do I understand how I could gain an extra day and still be one whole sleeve from completing the sweater I was absolutely certain would be finished by now. There is definitely something fishy going on in the space-time continuum.

  122. Ok, now I’m scared! I thought I was the only one who somehow blinked and missed the week. My husband had surgery on his leg and my son is on vacation from school, all in the same week at the same time! And I didn’t have any of Denny’s cookies so it can’t be that! (Besides, why would anyone mess with a person’s cookies. That’s just wrong!) So, when you find out why and where our week went I hope you let me know. I’m thinking that whoever took our lost days should be pummeled! Hmmm, I’m beginning to think lizainthemountains might be on to something. Maybe the new moon is messing with us!

  123. You can so have my last four days. Eek. I had nightmares about moths flying through my bedroom. Spent the last two days sorting the stash and bagging. Made a list of all of the projects I have all of the yarn for right now. This list is certainly enough to keep me occupied for many months. And I still want to buy new yarn..desperately. And in all this time I still haven’t finished the ankle sock I started three days ago. Time-Warp indeed!

  124. You know what? I think you’re right. I didn’t experience some of those days this week either. And NO knitting was accomplished!
    In my case, I put it down to my toddler having Hand, Foot and Mouth and myself being eerily whisked back to the Horrible Newborn Era where I sat up all night and my baby was attached to an increasingly jaded part of my anatomy.
    I have nothing to show for the past week. No knitting, no tv watched, no admin done, no housework (ha ha!). I’ll admit to having read some books, but I can’t remember them.
    Hope you managed to enjoy BSG wearing your one sock, anyway!

  125. Girlfriend, you are busy AND a mother is what the h–l happened! Can we talk?! I’m working on a deadline project at work, got 2 teens, I feel your confusion–life is a blur sometimes.
    I love your comment about the 15 yo girl & dishes–I am sooo there. Mine helps “clean up” after dinner (definition: clear the table and leave most crumbs on it), only on her nights, then literally vaporizes back up to her room. Its like Star Trek.
    Oh and can you send your Laundry Fairy over to Jersey–I can use that kind of mystery help. My laundry is happily reproducing right now as I write this. In fact if I so much as leave one article of clothing from that load out, it WILL mate with another and create more dirty clothes.
    Have fun on your trip!

  126. Your 4 days were eaten by the internet. I’m amazed by how much time will fast-forward when I sit at the computer. I’m sorry you lost 4 days to it. But let this be a warning to you, computers are damgerous time-eaters and cannot be trusted with your precious time, no matter how useful they act.
    Have fun at sock camp!

  127. My mother had 6 chidren in 8 years………….she doesn’t remember being pregnant with, delivering or the first 5 years of life of children #3 and #4………..same kind of time warp! And those two children haven’t let her forget it for the past 50 years!

  128. Some mysteries solved: dishwasher still broken down means four lost hours, washstack not grown means daughters like new Mr. Washie, no dustbunnies in the house? then you must have done springcleaning before your oncoming trip, accounts for a day or two lost. For all of you who have lost days: it is the end of winter, go sit in the sun for a bit of time sipping hot coffee or chocolate, it helps cope with lost days. Try to travel with as littleluggage possible and tahe at least five minutes each day for sundrenched coffeesippint during sockcamp and have fun, all of you.

  129. I can’t help you- I’m still trying to figure out what happened to 1994- it’s just a blank space in my time/space continuum.

  130. Dementia? You simply can’t remember being found wandering around a yarn store holding your VISA and saying I want six of everything. Good thing for your finances you were found and returned to your family before the yarn was rang up.

  131. I agree with Kristi at 8:35. You are suffering from the time warp/internet addiction, or in your case necessity. I personally have experienced this phenomenon. I sit down in the morning to read your blog and am thusly drawn to others and led down the path of: you tube, yarn sales, books, the latest wikihow, etc……..next thing I know it’s 2:00! oh well too late to start any projects. I’ll do laundry and clean tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. There you have it. Have FUN at sock camp, you lucky duck.

  132. You’re right, and I’m glad you noticed. When I mention something like that, my husband mutters about having me tested for Alzheimers, so I’ve quit talking about missing days, fire hydrants which change color over night, and that big yellow ball that appears sometimes in the sky. They really get freaked out when I mention the aliens who kidnap me at night and leave me on the living room sofa, after eating the best part of a package of Girl Scout cookies.

  133. Not many people know this, but when the stock market bottomed out, the Daylight Savings Bank went under, and was bought out by a Chinese investment company specializing in time futures. They bought all the winter hours from Daylight Savings Banks in several different time zones, and were counting on an upswing in demand for daylight in the spring. However, lack of consumer confidence caused more people to stay indoors and knit, resulting in a 1720-point drop in the value of daylight shares within a week of the “spring forward” time change. The sudden devaluation of daylight, combined with a .83 percentage drop in earned interest on the saved daylight already in banks, averaged out to a net loss of approximately 76-78 hours of daylight for each person in North America.
    So there you go.
    And? If you had saved all your daylight in a 401K? You really got screwed.

  134. Not many people know this, but when the stock market bottomed out, the Daylight Savings Bank went under, and was bought out by a Chinese investment company specializing in time futures. They bought all the winter hours from Daylight Savings Banks in several different time zones, and were counting on an upswing in demand for daylight in the spring. However, lack of consumer confidence caused more people to stay indoors and knit, resulting in a 1720-point drop in the value of daylight shares within a week of the “spring forward” time change. The sudden devaluation of daylight, combined with a .83 percentage drop in earned interest on the saved daylight already in banks, averaged out to a net loss of approximately 76-78 hours of daylight for each person in North America.
    So there you go.
    And? If you had saved all your daylight in a 401K? You really got screwed.

  135. The new washer/dryer and the new car are now LMAO at you because you’re twittering instead of knittering and you think you’re in charge of electronics.
    Oh, and the combined energy of all of us *not* going to sock camp is turning the world backwards, like Superman did. If we can’t go, you can’t go either. (insert evil laugh here)

  136. i’ve been sick most of the week, and coming off some serious medications, so i can relate to losing most of the week. my only contribution to your lost week is that i saw you laughing at alexis’ knitting wednesday at lettuce, but i don’t think i ever understood why. it was long? it was beige? meh. that’s all i got.

  137. Do you think it could have been an alien abduction? Maybe they wanted to study what knitting was all about and had you hooked to some probes or something. Do you feel weird or sore anywhere? LOL.

  138. Survivor was on Wednesday last week. It was just a re-cap so not much was missed. Can’t help you with the rest.

  139. Well, the no “Survivor” in the TiVo I can explain. This week’s show ran on Wednesday because of the NCAA basketball tournaments, which I’m not watching either so it doesn’t really matter. You didn’t miss anything, however, because it was one of those stupid “review” shows where they use up some of the footage that wasn’t good enough to be used in sequence. I watched about three minutes of it, then realized what they were doing and switched to something more interesting on the History Channel or the Travel Channel (but not Andrew Zimmern – gross!)
    Like the other yearbook adviser way up /\ there, I blame it on the time you spent on the computer working on the Sock Summit (thank you for that, btw, even if the tech people still haven’t posted everything). Any hour I spend on the computer working on a project takes up three hours in the real world. It’s like dog years, but in reverse.

  140. well…it’s a long shot but….
    Perhaps you’re actually a cylon and you’ve “lost the last four days” because you were taken over by your programming. Do your friends or family report any odd behavior? (More odd than usual that is)

  141. Re number 6,
    My mom came to visit for 6 days.
    She had one suitcase and a carry on.
    When I packed the suitcase into the car it was heavy and she said…..’that’s the one that’s full of yarn, my carry on has my clothes, I thought I should bring another pair of pants but there wasn’t space’…it was a major you know you knit way too much when moment.

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