No, Really

There have been several comments and questions from people asking if truly, the sock that I frogged from the last post was really “that big”. Many of these comments came from people who, while they were not oversized transvestite sumo-wrestlers, did indeed have a body image that told them that if I was indeed knitting a very large sock, that I shouldn’t frog it, because it would fit them – or somebody.

Many people pointed out to me that yeah verily, humanity comes in many sizes, and that me, an admittedly small footed human, could perhaps not accurately imagine the largeness of others. While this may or may not be true, I offer the following photo of the enormous sock to prove that I am not misjudging “large” and am indeed saddled with a sock that possesses immensity that cannot properly be imagined without a visual aid.

Therefore, I present to you a picture of the sock off of a human foot:


(which I know doesn’t really look like I have knit a continent-cozy)

And a picture of the sock on the foot of a person with SIZE LARGE FEET, with AN ARM INSERTED ALONG WITH THIER LEG. Please note that the arm is not in contact with the leg or foot, and that indeed, some other things wider than a sheet of paper could likely also be inserted. I toyed with the idea of two arms, but felt that it would crush my spirit if it were truly possible.


If you know someone this would fit… let your soul fill with fear, and then RUN.

I rest my case. Big sock.