We’re doing a random Wednesday on Tuesday, which is really random which totally is in keeping with the spirit of the thing, so there.

1. I took down the 2008 tour page and put up the 2009 tour page. I’ll be out and about a little bit in the next month or so. I’m looking forward to it.

2. That’s a little lie. I’m really looking forward to being all those extremely good places, and very excited about all of you guys, but deeply regret that I cannot teleport to them, since the travel fills me with an unholy dread I usually save for spiders.

3. Speaking of spiders, there was a very big one on the ceiling over my desk yesterday, so I avoided my desk. This morning when I woke up… it is gone. This is worse, because it could be anywhere. I hate that.

4. I hate that for the sake of growing strong and fearless daughters, I have to pretend not to be a neurotic mess about the spider that is lurking around here. I suck at it, and keep visibly flinching away from things like lint. I wish it would just show itself so we could come back to a stand-off.

5. I decided that I had too many things on the needles and that I totally had to finish some before I started something else. The multiple projects were weighing on me.

6. So I started some spinning. (I don’t understand me some days either.)


(Dicentra Designs, Hand painted Fibre. Blue Faced Leicester Top. Colour – Rohan. Way less neon in person.)

7. At least I was spinning on a Tuesday, which is totally not random and is somewhat reassuring.

8. The Class Schedule for the Sock Summit is up. I would be hugely relieved, but the to do list is MASSIVE on this one, and finishing a task only seems to emphasize the difficulties ahead. I hope I do a good job and that I am sane when I am done.

8. I am not worried about the swine flu. I feel very alone in this. That makes me wonder if I am missing something.

9. That makes me worry.

10. I really wish the sweater I’m knitting now was done. I’m a little cold. I don’t get why I always think that if I’m cold I should knit a sweater. It’s way to slow to help.