Good and Bad


The screw on my wooden swift is cracked.



Absolutely nobody in this house is responsible for that happening, which makes me crazy because it means that at random intervals a complete stranger seamlessly jimmies the lock on our house, breaks in under cover of darkness glides soundlessly through the unlit living room – overlooking the possessions of every other member of the family, until he finds something that belongs to me. Then, he messes with my stuff and gets out again. He is heinous and does not only break my things, but eats food that is clearly known to be a treat for me, drinks all of my favourite juice, spills things and leaves them to congeal in sticky masses. While I was in Port Ludlow this last time, he actually entered the house, went to the fridge and knocked over both a jar of apricot jam and a jar of curry paste, ensuring that both combined and created a slurry of amazing disgustingness that greeted me on my first examination of said appliance. (Actually, the smell tipped me off.) Unfortunately, not only was the family not aware that he had done this, they had not noticed (or smelled – which is hard to believe – but true none the less) that this had occurred until I returned. This time the skulking rat-bastard deliberately sought out one of my most valued tools, and bumped or leaned against the swift knowing full well that this would crack the screw piece. I know this seems unlikely, and that it is more probably the consequence of family life, but as every single member of my family denies any involvement OR even proximity…. it is the only possibility that remains.


Joe went so far as to say that it wasn’t even possible that he broke it. That everyone else in the family might have broken it, but he couldn’t have. He could not have accidentally bumped it, knocked it, leaned against it… those follies are for other people. He is simply not that sort of person.

Me: “So any person who has entered this house could be responsible for innocently and accidentally breaking the swift… but not you?”

Joe: “That would be an accurate statement”.


I would be madder at him, but I think that he is only trying to save his own life with this ludicrous statement, which almost amuses me.


I could fix the swift if I could find the wood glue, which unfortunately was stolen by the intruder who broke the swift in the first place… which makes it not just a cunning plan, but a sadistic one.


I finished two projects and I love both of them.


This is Shawl That Jazz, knit with Twisted in “Puck’s Mischief” (Two skeins, with a little left over.)


I made the ruffle a little more ruffled, as well as knitting it longer than the pattern called for. That’s a 17 year old girl happily wearing it in public, which means that it must be both chic and look good with jeans.


If a 17 year old girl looks happy wearing something in public it does not bode well for my possession of said object.



I finished the viper socks.


Pattern: Viper Pilots (I love this pattern with an unholy passion and may knit it again directly.) Crash into Ewe: Diamonds at Night.



What a great sock. What great yarn. What a seriously geeky homage to BSG and all that was noble and good about the desire to be a Colonial Viper Pilot.



This yarn is 2% real silver, which I think twinkles on the blue background like stars in the sky. I think this is appropriate for Battlestar Galactica socks. (Naturally.)


Some people (coughTINAcough) think that this yarn is more than a little “disco” and have referred to the demure, elegant and star-like twinkle of the silver in a midnight sky as TINSEL, which it is clearly not. Maybe if those were not vipers that would be TINSEL. Maybe if you had no imagination that would be FLASHY.



I know those are vipers. I have an imagination. I am content. Those are silver stars blinking deep in the cosmos for navigation in the fathomless depth of space. Without the stars there would be no way for anybody in the Colonial fleet to have any idea where they had jumped to when fleeing the Cylons. Seriously. Not TINSEL. It’s like some people can’t imagine recognize real elegance when they see it.

247 thoughts on “Good and Bad

  1. The same individual is responsiable for sending my blood pressure through the roof Only My Stuff

  2. They’re glorious. I have not watched the new BSG but I have very fond memories of the original. Those pilots were totally hot. And that last photo looks just like stars in a night sky, not tinsel at all.

  3. Socks are lovely and they twinkle so fetchingly. The shawl makes me want to drop what I am doing (Giarasole) and start anew. (or knit faster)
    How come the rat-bastards that come in your house don’t also leave dishes and laundry strewn about? I hear that happens too….

  4. Tina must be jealous because the yarn is not yet made of a nonwool fiber. Very Viper appropriate in my mind, but then again I am also a BSG geek.

  5. Those socks and Eye of Jupiter are making me seriously rethink the ‘I can’t knit socks’ position I took last year. I may just have to give in and give it another try.
    If you’re certain the squirrel didn’t do it, then it sounds like you need a moment of clarity with the other household inhabitants. My mother had a method for dealing with ‘unexplained’ damage. She just stopped. Cooking, cleaning, driving children places, etc. We lasted one day, then the ‘guilty one’ caved in and confessed. As she put it then, it’s not the fact that I broke the light — it’s the fact that I didn’t trust her enough to know that she understood accidents happen and would believe my explanation.

  6. oh dear, and I was just thinking about buying my first and very own swift! but if random persons sneak into the house at night to break them…I might reconsider, or at least postpone.
    Love the shawl – nope it’s hers now, you can forget it entirely (-;
    Viper socks rock too!

  7. We have one of those mystery people who are responsible for all the things nobody wants to take responsibility for. She’s a ghost, and her name is Mrs. Murphy. She travels, too, and is blamed for things happening from Kentucky to Arizona.

  8. Aah, but with teenagers in the house, you can consider yourself lucky that your only specified damage can be repaired with wood glue and a wet rag!

  9. Those are some frackin’ awesome socks. The shawl ain’t bad either. Okay…it’s gorgeous. Can’t beat varigated yarn and garter stitch.

  10. Yeah, that intruder has been here too. Gee, he (and to any of us really doubt that this is a man’s “handiwork”?) must be like Santa Claus to be able to get around to everyone’s house all over the planet like this. So far, my swift is safe but I’ll be on high, red alert by now. . . .”all hand’s to battle stations!”
    BTW the socks: NOT tinsel–just sayin’–they’re fab!

  11. Oh my… the intruder seems very set on causing you problems – though the apricot/curry mixture actually sounds kind of tasty (though I’m sure it’s not very appetizing looking pooled on the shelves of your fridge).
    The shawl is lovely – maybe you can work out a joint custody agreement with aforementioned teenager πŸ™‚
    P.S. I agree that the socks are wonderful, accented perfectly with a hint of starshine.

  12. Love the starry socks! Not tinsel. Stars.
    My dear Durwood is making me a swift with a metal screw. It will be beautiful when he finally finishes it. I’ve gotten to take it on two test-spins. I can’t wait.
    You’ve totally lost the shawl. Look at that face. Does it look like a “giving it back anytime soon” face? No.

  13. So, I wouldn’t be thought of as crazy in this circle if I tried to justify the purchase of a back-up swift? I have, in the past, indicated that this is something I would like to have, but my husband thinks that I’m nuts.
    Love the socks. Nothing wrong a little starry sparkle.

  14. “That would be an accurate statement” may be an overstatement, according to my newest fav show Lie To Me, thus showing either guilt (or possibly fear of being thought guilty). Do you recall any twitching, or gulping, or sweat? How about hand movements? Apparently some show guilt, and others innocence. I suggest logging onto hulu and giving yourself a home repair break w/one or more episodes. The truth may be revealed.
    PS – Love the shawl on that 17 y/o.

  15. In defense of your family (although not for the apricot-curry incident) our swift did the same thing… and it wasn’t from leaning or bumping, just regular wear and tear…. whoever thought a wooden screw was a good idea was an idiot… that screw is under and incredible amount of stress…. its bound to break eventually. Hopefully you find the wood glue soon

  16. I LIKE the sparkles. Very twilighty and perfect for those socks. Whoever broke into your house must get around, because they visit mine on at least a weekly basis…
    I think you’d best make another shawl for you. I think the first one is a goner.

  17. I know that man! He pooped on my lounge carpet and pee’d on my kitchen floor. I really wasn’t anything to do with my wuss of a cat allowing strange neighbourhood cats in for a party!

  18. Love the shawl and the sock. That is definitely star light. I must say, I am please your teen loves the shawl becaue it is the pattern my 15-year-old niece picked out and I would have for her not to like it once complete.

  19. my 18 yo daughter just looked at the photos of the shawl model and erupted in a conspiratorial laugh.
    You won’t get it back .

  20. This is the same person who uses all my coffee creamer and puts the bottle back in the fridge, can’t find the dishwasher to empty or fill though it’s right next to the sink and who left all the household towels (and I mean all) in the teen-ager’s room last week so that when I got out of the shower the only thing I had to dry off with was the dog towel?? I’m collecting for a hitman or at least a few surveillance cameras.
    The socks are soooo cool. They twinkle.

  21. Oh, my condolences! Both on the swift’s demise and on that of your friendship. Since you can no longer hang out with coughTinacough because of her lack of good taste, I’ll offer myself up. I am very good at pretending to like tinsel. I mean SILVER. Of course I meant silver. Silver flecks of good taste. That’s what I meant. πŸ˜‰ Very cute socks!

  22. Well, your 17 year old looks so good in it, you can hardly begrudge her it if she does take it right? At least you get to keep the socks πŸ™‚

  23. Hey, your intruder also stops by my place every day and usually leaves with one sock out of every pair I own. He also has fun with my glasses: somehow he finds it very amusing to see me look for them forever just to finally find them in the craziest of places!
    p.s did I mention I love both colorways?

  24. We used to have a dog that destoyed something that belonged to the last person out of the house. (I guess she figured that person was the one who left her alone.) So, maybe this is a good sign that somebody in your family misses you when you’re gone.

  25. ahem. Isn’t the shawl model one of your knitting daughters? She’s more than capable of garter stitch. I think you know what the next birthday gift should be… enough good yarn to MAKE HER OWN!
    (All my “daughters and sons” – feline – want to do with my knitted objects is nap on them. There’s enough to go around so that if I retreive said napped on items for my personal use, they can find something of equal comfiness. I think it’s a good deal.)

  26. That same guy sneaks into my house too! He must really get around.
    The socks and shawl both look lovely. Hope you get to keep them! (Have to admit, the shawl does look lovely on that 17 y.o. though!)

  27. How swiftly they fall…
    So you’ll make two shawls and two pairs of socks and match your daughter and she’ll be okay with that? There was a great moment in my own younger daughter’s 17-year-oldhood where she wanted me to knit her something to match mine, and for me it was like, YES!!!

  28. Those socks are beautifully subtly elegant indeed – and I like tinsel and glitz and glitter. The shawl is pretty too and does look good with jeans. Now, about that intruder. Maybe you can train the cat to be murderous about such folks. Maybe you’ll have better luck than I did.

  29. I would like some of Joe’s not bumping into anything accidentally mojo. I was in a car accident and my balance is off while I’m recovering. Also if he has the ability to not get into car accidents in the first place. I’d like some of that mojo too.

  30. The ninja (because what else could it have been?) that used to break into my house at regular intervals seems to have stopped when my son left home. I am absolutely certain that it is purely coincidental. But he reports that he is now experiencing strange disturbances in his home. I am sure that it has nothing to do with his 16 year old step-son or the 2-1/2 year old twins!! LOL However both of the little ones already can say – with complete conviction and wide blue-eyed innocence – “NOT ME”. Just remember – the “Mom Curse” works!! “I hope you have at least two that are just like you.”

  31. I agree with LisaDinPA. If the kids knit they should be able to do it also.
    Those are beautiful socks…

  32. That shawl is so cute and looks great on your daughter. If it’s hip enough for a teen, then I’d better not knit it because my kids will think I’m trying to look hip and ridicule me…

  33. I remember that The Family Circus comic strip had a little gremlin-type imp that ran about the house causing problems and mischief. His name was “NOT ME”. NOT ME has visited my house plenty and it seems he’s been to yours too!!!
    I love the socks and shawl. As always, thanks for sharing!

  34. I once heard a comedian say that while he was growing up his sister blamed him for everything that went wrong in their house. My favorite was when his mother said, “Who left the training bra on the stove?” and his sister predictably said,”David did it.”

  35. It’s cheaper to buy more wood glue than a new swift. Rejoice wearing the socks in appropriate yarn – and let the rest go!!

  36. That is a beautiful shawl. Your daughter CAN knit her own and leave you yours. Unless, you find another yarn you’d like better for the shawl. Then she can have your ‘old’ one and you can knit your own, better one. The socks are also lovely. Remember, you’ll always be older than her. Age hath it’s privileges!

  37. Socks look awesome! I’m contemplating a reknit too, now that I have the hang of them. Your yarn is perfect, and I totally see the stars against the endless stretch of space. It’s like your socks are a portal into the sky. Actually, I think I need me some silvery blue yarn for my next pair… 0=)
    Perhaps your house acquired a poltergeist when you weren’t looking. Do they make traps for that?

  38. That same fella breaks into my house when I am gone too.
    See, if you cross the bridge, there are plenty of interesting things waiting to be written up at home! hahaha
    And, to think, some people just don’t appreciate the potential for flying thru the cosmos in a simple pair of socks…

  39. Stars in a deep blue night sky are good. Silver in a sock is antibacterial, and will keep your feet from stinking (although, seriously, we all know your feet would never stink).
    Just yesterday, I made a curry. I thought about adding apricot jam to it, for a little extra kick. I may have astrally traveled in my sleep, and spilled your condiments. If so, I’m sorry. I disclaim all responsibility for damage to your swift.

  40. I am putting my swift back in its safe keeping box as soon as I get home. I am an empty nester but DH still moves through the house. Love love love the socks. Their loveliness shines. The shawl looks great on her. You are not getting it back anytime soon.

  41. If that fellow ever broke into my apartment, I’d probably never notice. Seriously. A few years ago I was burgled, and the only reason I noticed was that the cable that normally connected to the VCR was now sticking straight out into the room.

  42. I hate to mess with your perception of your world,
    but it is possible that the screw cracked without anybody touching it. Wood has all kinds of memory and grain that is affected by environmental issues like past events, humidity changes, etc.
    We were sitting quietly reading one evening when
    we heard a tremendous crack–almost like a brief thunderbolt. We couldn’t find out what it was.
    Months later, while dusting on top of the china cabinet, I moved a redwood vase and noticed it cracked from top to bottom. I had owned it for decades. With nobody near it, it suddenly cracked open about 1/4 inch. Anyway, your swift may have
    had a similar gremlin. Carpenter glue and clamps or maybe many elastics (so as not to affect the threads of the screw) may work on it. I love the Shawl and the socks.
    Marlyce in Windsor.

  43. So, there was a time when i owned a yarn store and from said ownership I still have 2 wooden swifts in my garage – one of which is cracked on the upper part on non-functional. This swift would like to donate it’s screw for the further bettering of your own swift (the picture looks to be the same variety of swift) – would you be interested? seriously, let me know, i’ll package it up and send it on πŸ™‚ love the shawl and the socks – beautiful beautiful – as for the mess – they had to show you they missed you somehow right? (this is how my house looks when i leave too – and no one else notices…)

  44. Your daughter looks lovely and happy in your shawl. You, my good Harlot, are so screwed. You may as well start another.

  45. You can kiss that shawl goodbye…gotta love one’s teenaged years.
    I like how you superimposed the stars on the socks. It made me snort my beverage. ~ksp

  46. So sorry about the swift, I hope you can fix it as good as new. Unfortunately when there’s more than two inhabitants in a house, the SODDI (some other dude did it) defense is really effective.
    Meanwhile, your socks are lovely and you can tell Tina that the so-called tinsel is actually death ray crystals and if she doesn’t stop calling them disco socks she might get hurt!

  47. Methinks Joe doth protest overmuch. He’s lucky your sense of the absurd is outweighing the urge to inflict bodily harm. *grin*
    You are SO not getting that shawl back.
    And I agree. Stars. πŸ˜€

  48. I love your Viper socks! I’ll be knitting them twice myself, and I am so looking for an appropriately colored twinkly yarn for my pair. My sister is getting the first, non-twinkly pair, and my only twinkly yarn isn’t the right color. But I will find it!

  49. This weekend my grand children (ages 7 and 5) learned the joy of a swift and ball winder. I can forego toy shopping from now on – just let them wind yarn on holidays! So, you must get the swift fixed in case you have to amuse small children.

  50. I’m insanely jealous over your sockies! They are stellar! (teehee) I’m SO making a pair, and I concur that the amazing yarn is a *must* for the elegant Vipers!
    Good luck getting that swift fixed, I’ll think gluey thoughts for it…

  51. Wouldn’t saying how much YOU loved the shawl be just the right manuever to get Megan to suddenly NOT like it?
    If you really wanted it back, that would be my plan of action. It would require perhaps a dip to your self-esteem, but you would have your snazzy shawl to comfort you.
    And those are definitely stars on those socks. Definitely.

  52. Those socks are awesome! Everything about them. And Meg does look great in the Shawl. You may not see it again….
    Two great projects. Now, if we could just find the damn wood glue. Damn invisible rat bastards!

  53. We call that rat bastard Mr. Molecule. He is also very good at smearing toothpaste all around the sink.

  54. oh no! We send healing, prayers, and love to the swift. Maybe we can we awaken its tree like inner nature and convince it to grow back together? Ye gods. The shawl and socks are gorgeous! I may have to start watching BSG on DVD.
    As for the shawl… maybe this would be a good time to cast on for another? It does look awfully cute on her.

  55. Definitely not TINSEL.
    And you are never going to see that lovely shawl again. Sorry about that broken thing – which I must admit I have no idea what is…

  56. Hmmm…in my house, “Not Me” is the person responsible for the bad happenings. Sorry about the swift. Come to Florida…I’ll let you borrow mine.
    As far as your happy daughter, I’m thinking I must knit one of those too. Anything to get my own girlie to sport the twinkle in your daughter’s eyes is worth the effort!!
    Last…your socks ROCK! I can totally see you taking flight to explore worlds as yet unseen and to introduce knitting to the beings who reside there!

  57. Those same terrorists come to my house and make messes! It must be a plot designed to cause people to kill their otherwise “loved one” decreasing the availability of men, teens, and young adults to defend our “homelands” where ever they/we may be.

  58. …Since there is “real” silver in them there socks, does that mean you’ll have to polish them now and then??.. (sigh) Nice anyway!

  59. Ok, I admit it – it was me. I broke the swift. I came to borrow it, accidentally broke it, and then couldn’t find the wood glue to fix it, so I left it there (well, it was of no use to me now, was it?). I really wish people would put stuff back (wood glue) when they’re done with it! But I swear, I had nothing to do with the mess in the fridge! πŸ™‚ Love the shawl and socks by the way. Gorgeous!

  60. Those socks are BAD ASS!! Love them and must have a pair as well.
    I like he shawl too, but I would need another skein of Twisted in Puck’s Mischief to have one like it. At least if that shawl goes missing, you know where to begin looking for it.

  61. Love both the socks and the shawl.
    What is it they say? Possession is 9/10 of the law…….you don’t have a chance……… πŸ˜‰

  62. The socks are stunning, as is the shawl which I also predict that you will never get to wear!
    There’s a great wood glue called Titebond that woodworkers use that should fix that swift right up.
    Like many previous commenters I too have a lurking rat bastard, and even now that we no longer have a roommate, if something gets moved, busted, lost, cracked, or thrown out, the answer when I ask my hubby about it is always “I have no idea, but it wasn’t me.” and of course outrage if I suggest that he might be a liar! Previously the RB infamously rearranged my whole garage to my mate’s specifications, hence moving many valuable collectibles and antiques to outside shelf storage with little protection. Stuff that I had emphasized repeatedly could NO WAY go OUTSIDE. When I found thousands of dollars worth of things ruined, including historical family items (my family), I was assured he had nothing to do with it, had no idea who could have moved it, how it got there, who poured water into all the boxes, etc. because he had touched nothing, NOTHING; to which I replied I doubted our roommate or a burglar would bother to do all that in the middle of the night, or know which boxes held his stuff, and which mine.. Later he spent over 4K on a motorcycle for me, and that is roughly close to the value of what was ruined. I just keep a tab running in my head, and collect occasionally, LOL!

  63. I’m pretty sure that guy has been at my house on numerous occasions! Love your shawl and love your socks more:)

  64. I think you’d better make yourself another one of those shawls, ’cause I know that look. That shawl is hers. But looking on the bright side, you have made something that a teenager actually likes and wants to wear, even though she knows you like it too. That is not an easy thing to do.

  65. My former sister-in-law took the position that when asked to do something demeaning at work, like make coffee, the only sensible course of action was to make BAD coffee quite cheerfully. The boss will never ask again!
    I think your family is subtly letting you know that the house falls apart without you in it to keep it together. The swift and curry jam spill are just metaphors…

  66. In my house, the cats do a lot of damage. Who broke the driveband on mom’s spinning wheel? The cat. Who knocked the loom over, popping the 1/2 finished wedding project off the pegs costing me hours of work? The cat. Who dumped broken glass in the dishwasher, requiring a call to the appliance guy and $65 in parts and labor? The cat. (I did not believe the kids… until I put a new drive band on the wheel, and watched the littlest girl cat eat thru it. No idea how she broke the corelle bowl in the dishwasher, tho.)

  67. dude. If you can’t have a little disco on your toes, where can you have it? Disco-dissers are just jealous and sad. Rock it!

  68. Do you know, that same villain made tracks from Toronto to Dallas in a matter of a few hours and absconded with all, ALL, MIND YOU,
    my scissors! Including the poultry shears in the knife rack! The same person has also managed to spill YOUR wood glue on my Corian table top, necessitating the sanding and polishing of said top. I say we lynch ’em!

  69. You know, once your daughters tune into appreciative adults, you will be shocked at how many of your “dorky” things are suddenly looked at with pea-green eyes.
    -from a daughter with her mother’s earrings & 80’s sweaters.

  70. The shawl AND the socks are pretty darned bitchin’. ::high-fives:: And you and I both know they are silver, not tinsel.

  71. This also reminds me of the time my then 4 year old daughter wrote her sister’s name on the table and with a completely serious expression blamed her sister for doing it. It would have been more believable if her sister hadn’t been 6 months old at the time. I know my children are geniuses but…This gremlin resides at my house too even with the girls both away at university…I feel your pain. P.S. Love both the socks and shawl.

  72. When I was married, that person used to come in all the time and do stuff like that, and usually moved my possessions around so that I later could not find them.
    My husband was very annoyed at this aspect of my personality, and was very upset with me for never being able to find my things.
    The fact that I actually WATCHED him move my things on numerous occasions was immaterial. He didn’t do things like that.
    But since the divorce, that person has never come back and I can find things again.

  73. I live in a household constantly under attack by this clumsy sneak thief who comes in and takes things or breaks things (and manages to go completely undetected, in spite of being so clumsy). It is, however, very frustrating to be on the other end of this argument, as the person being scolded for breaking something you didn’t touch. Clearly it was one of my brothers, who have been proven guilty several times upon further investigation of these mysterious sneakthief intrusions, and yet it is I who often endures much of the.. frustrated ranting of the scorned party. “Did you take the lid of the big pot and get scorch marks all over it? maybe you were cooking and something went wrong?” “no.. pretty sure I’d recall that.. but didn’t steven go pick up a large amount of rocket supplies from the store the other day… and doesn’t that pot lid look suspiciously like a shield?…Nope? okay I guess I’m just hallucinating things. Perhaps that’s how I missed the stranger breaking into the house to ruin your pot”
    And so I guess all I want to say is.. maybe Joe is innocent?

  74. Man, that little guy gets around. I would be smug and say that if he’s at your house, he’s not at mine but, alas, I would never say that. 1. because it’s not true and 2. it would be mocking him and we all know where that ends up.
    You rock your BSG socks and let them that scoff go rock their own socks!

  75. I tell you what…that stranger breaks into our house, too. He’s the one who leaves the dishes on the counter instead of loading them into the empty dishwasher! I

  76. I tell you what…that stranger breaks into our house, too. He’s the one who leaves the dishes on the counter instead of loading them into the empty dishwasher!

  77. Wood glue and a couple of zip ties while it’s drying to make sure the seal is strong. Good luck.

  78. uh, you remind me of the time (many years ago) when I came home and discovered my vase/family heirloom/graduation present in pieces in the mop bucket, with a towel on top of it in the kitchen. I was irate but controlled. My roommate very flippantly responded that the cat had broken it. (and put it in the mop bucket and covered it with a towel?? Just confess, dear woman.)

  79. Are you sure that the cat didn’t break it? I mean animals are sneaky creatures. The guinea pig used to break things in our house. I’m sure it was the cat!

  80. I think the person who breaks into my house (on a daily basis) is related to yours … but with a different modus operandi. Mine leaves every available horizontal surface — be it floor, table top, or counter — covered with detritus comprised (mostly) of socks (always unmatched), shoes, papers, food wrappers, books, and unsorted mail.
    Perhaps your wood glue has shown up at my house today. I’ll look around for it when I get home.

  81. Actually, the swift could have been the cat, who presumably can’t talk and thus hasn’t had a chance to deny she broke it. (Though of course, if she could speak English, she would.)
    I’m pretty sure the cat didn’t drink your favorite juice or spill the curry paste, though. (Mine do jump into the fridge on occasion, but haven’t progressed to the level of opening jars.)

  82. I was wondering where our intruder would end up. He left our house about the same time as the youngest moved out. Funny that. And no, it could not have been Joe. Almost sure of that.
    Georgeous, beautiful socks. And the shawl – almost as pretty as the model. Well done!

  83. I continue having those – no it couldn’t have been me experiences & there is only ONE other person living in this house. Guess the cats are much less lazy than I thought & have developed thumbs. Love both the shawl & socks but have to say that the happy expression on the 17 year old’s face makes it unlikely you’ll ever see the shawl again.

  84. It’s good to hear that other houses have intruders who break things, spill things, especially in the fridge, and then vanish again leaving no trace behind. Our latest refrigerator mishap was a jar of pickles put on it’s side to make way for a pizza box. All the juice leaked out of the jar and the egg carton soaked up a lot of it. The child who put the pizza box away was wondering why his eggs were tasting a little vinegary.
    I’m sorry about your swift, and hope you find the wood glue soon.
    I do not see any evidence of tinsel in those socks. Just some stars twinkling in the background, which seems appropriate for Battlestar Galactica socks.

  85. Just so you know, people break into my house all the time and hide stuff. You’re not alone. πŸ™‚

  86. You missed one good. Since the seventeen year old loves the shawl and it’s hers. Sorry. Don’t fight it. Now you can knit another one. Make it different enough that you enjoy it still. This shouldn’t be too difficult since you enjoyed the knitting originally. Have fun. Also you may want to start looking for a new peg for your swift. Or someone with lots of wood working tools who could be talked (bribed with socks) into making you a new one. Good luck,

  87. I love anything that sparkles. I might have to procure some of that yarn just so I can stare at it. Unlike Joe, anything that gets broken or spilled in this house is just automatically my fault. My husband just says “when did you break/spill/ruin… whatever” can’t tell you how much it aggravates me. but I exact revenge by purchasing MORE sock yarn .. so there!

  88. Love the socks; adore the colors in the shawl. Have one child so he gets blamed for everything which is a really good plan. Asking Joe if he did it is like asking him if certain pants make you look fat – of course not. This is a smart man. BTW – no tinsel was harmed in the knitting of those fab socks.

  89. The elegance and appropriateness of the socks are undeniable. The shawl is Beautiful! The swift vandalism reminds me of the perennial culprit in the Family Circus cartoon: Ida No. Could she be responsible?

  90. Love the twinkles, love the shawl! And the fact that your teen loves it too? Well, kiss it good-bye. It’s gone faster than your swift-bustin’ intruder…

  91. Great socks. Definitely stars twinkling.
    [Seen any good patterns to knit for the upcoming Star Trek premiere? My friend says she isn’t going to wear her Guinan hat and I can’t wear my Vulcan ears.]

  92. ARghh. Poor swift. When my brother was very little he’d blame everything on our cat, Pekoe. (guess what colour Pekoe was!) “Pekoe do, mummy!” he’d insist! Our Pekoe is long gone, but does your cat ever get the blame? I love the starry socks. Great photo showing the shiny bits. πŸ™‚ They’re frakkin’spectacular!

  93. Obviously you forgot to appease the domovoi before you left. (Russian household spirits that are generally protective, but known to get up to no good if you forget to appease them.) That’s what happens in my house anyway… πŸ˜‰

  94. That bad man didn’t drink the bottle of wine that you’ve been saving, did he? ‘Cause he did at my house.

  95. You know, the same thing happened to my Olde Thompson Salt and Pepper set this weekend. “Someone” put them on top of the stove, near the vent for the oven, and what do you know, they melted. Hmmmm. Now, I know I would never had done that because I have melted other things and LEARNED NOT TO DO THAT. And I did really like those red salt and pepper grinders. Good luck with the swift. Although I do think a backup swift might be in order…

  96. Mr. Not Me lives at your house, too???!!!!!???? Boy, does that man get around. He’s gotta be ancient, too, as he lived at our house when I was growing up. Small *sob* for your fractured swift…may it heal quickly. Good luck with the shawl; I think it’s a goner.

  97. The intruder must be quite hefty and clean since he is constantly at my house and leaving wrappers, silverware and like scattered in bedrooms and living room. Said intruder is especially nasty since he uses my bathroom for hot showers since there are so many towels scattered about as well. My two kids stare aimlessly at me and the misplaced items. They aren’t even scared there is an intruder!
    The pictures are knitting inspiration-thanks.

  98. So, Ida Know and Not Me live at your house too do they? Those gremlins cause more havoc, I swear, than both cats and the dogs put together.

  99. I always blame the cat. Generally the safest thing to do especially given that I’m home only a couple of hours in a day and the cat is sitting around (loafing and sleeping mostly) or making mischief all day long.

  100. You truly keep me sane on my most insane days;-) I know of this secretive silent intruder you speak of and I put a pox on him. Actually I just lit a candle in hopes of cleansing my house of evil intentions. It didn’t work.

  101. While I am not a BSG fan, I can clearly see that those little flashes of silver are OBVIOUSLY stars shining in deep space. No question about it, whatsoever.
    As for the swift…. Well, honey, that truly sucks.

  102. I can hardly wait to see what you are knitting for the opening of the new Star Trek movie!

  103. When you glue the swift, clamp it tight and keep in clamped for longer than you want to.
    i know where your wood glue is. It ran off with my duct tape and is creating a whole race of mongrel adhesive offspring.

  104. I love you Steph!
    I have an intruder too, his/her name is
    Love the Viper socks! Love the Shawl!

  105. Dude that same guy comes in my house. Sometime in the past six weeks he erased my phone number off my resume file. Which means that I have been sending it off with a cover letter all about attention to detail and then sending them a resume that they had no way to contact me from. Oye.
    If you’re stuck on the swift, try emailing this guy. I bought a really nice wooden swift from him and he might be able to help.

  106. That shawl looks so great on her–and she obviously loves it so much–that it was clearly meant to be hers all along. You were just caring for it during the growth stage. Much like a child.

  107. I may have to try knitting socks just so I can have a pair like yours, and although I just finished my first knitted shawl,I am going to try this pattern too. You may as well get some more yarn and do a KAL with me, because your shawl has a new owner. Isn’t it wonderful how generous you are? You need a trap for the intruder. Let’s put our devious minds together and think of something eh? Jennifer

  108. Forget the wood glue. Go get one of these:
    (Notice the counter? And the tensioned bobbin rod? Lovely for handspun, and makes a great swift, as well. I’m getting ready to order one, myself.)
    Or, if you can’t justify that, you could go for one of these:
    Or one of these:
    Or, there’s a more budget-friendly option:
    I think it’s completely reasonable for you to make sure you have decent tools. Especially when you have to come home to the kind of stuff listed above. (Man, would that ever put me in a grouchy mood. Then again, my children are still young enough that I can intimidate them into telling the truth, so I am as yet unaccustomed to being baldly deceived. I’ll probably get my comeuppance in about three years, when DS #1 enters adolescence . . . ) Wool save me.

  109. Crash into Ewe is all sold out and taking advance orders for that lovely silvery yarn, it’s suddenly so popular. Gee, I wonder why. But of course the yarn is filled with beautiful silver stars, not cheap and tacky tinsel! Clearly certain people have no taste except bad!
    Gorgeous socks! I haven’t watched BSG yet — I’ll do the whole series in one fell swoop one of these days, like I did with B5 — but those socks are still so beautiful that I’ll probably have to knit them just for the occasion! Having the appropriately geeky socks is mandatory for certain events, obviously.
    And that’s an even more gorgeous shawl — but yes, it has been claimed by the teenager, and all your efforts to recapture it will probably be in vain. Best to give up and knit yourself one with even more luscious yarn. And then hang onto it very, very tightly lest another teenager decide to claim it!

  110. I think Tina may be jealous of the ‘stars’ in the Viper socks.She probably wishes she had thought of it first…

  111. In my house, people admit it when they lose things, break things, leave things for me to clean up/sort out. It ends with that. No offers to set things right, replace, repair, clean. I don’t think just saying “sorry” really covers it. but that’s apparently my limited view of the world. And what is it with the scissors? I once bought a dozen just so I’d have a pair when I wanted one. It took a few weeks, but eventually they all vanished into thin air.

  112. I love the twinkling stars in the night sky – Tina is so wrong this time!
    As for that person who visits your house, he must get lots of frequent flyer miles because he spends a lot of time at my house too – breaking things, eating things, moving things, losing things, etc. I say we lock him up and throw away the key.
    My swift had a related mishap – only I saw it fall and saw the part break (one of the thin bits that expand out and support the yarn). I ordered a replacement part (actually two, figuring it would happen again) and then that guy showed up and stole the pieces before I could install one of them. Major nerve!
    In the newspaper comic Family Circle, there were actually ghostly creatures named “Not Me” and “Don’t Know” – or something like that. I guess every family has them.

  113. Your blog has brought quite a bit of laughter into my life. I have enjoyed your style of writing and your sense of humor so much that I have purchased a few of your books. I want to sincerely thank you for these brief interludes, even on a stressful day – it can lighten my load.

  114. In my family, the intruder’s name is Pinko. He gets blamed whenever someone makes a mess, something goes missing, or whenever no one else wants to take responsibility (or if there really is no one to blame). In fact, I think he was first imagined into existence when my mom got pregnant with me and my grandmother said “what?” and my dad said “Pinko did it!” So if you want/need to blame Pinko for anything – feel free – he’s used to it.

  115. There are two mysterious strangers that do things like this.
    Their names are: Notme and Ida No.
    They come to my house all the time, too! It’s so annoying.

  116. Yes, it’s from Family Circus, but that doesn’t make these two any less REAL!!!!!!!!
    The cartoonist makes them look cute but they really are rat bastards!

  117. Shiny is good. Subtle shiny is probably better. From my point of view the socks have a subtle shiny to them. Bah!to those who disagree!
    The dude who breaks stuff and messes up the house comes to my house and does the same thing! I have noticed this since living with menfolk/having children. I have no recollection of it happening before then. Oye! Would that breakage/messy dude would leave shiny new things in his wake!

  118. J’accuse Hank! Remember how he loved the ball winder? While you were out of the country, he probably sneaked over and played with your swift and broke it. That is my belief. Even if he didn’t do it, if you accuse him unjustly and make him cry, the guilty party will fess up!
    Or is that just too ugly? Yah, that’s too ugly. See if Hank will play along when you accuse him and pretend to cry! That boy can act. I’ve seen him in superhero costume.

  119. Sam’s (the designer, not the daughter) shawl knit up looks great on your daughter. That’s a happy face there.
    Hope swift repairs go well, or failing that, a prompt replacement. I have grown to love my flat tabletop design: fewer parts to break, and only the ballwinder needs to attach to the table.
    I love that silver yarn. I have several skeins dyed by different dyers — Tempted and Damselfly yarns. Great stuff! One I asked for a custom dye job on, ‘like stars in a summer sky’. They weren’t stars in deep space, though, which would also be cool, but probably essentially dyed black.

  120. Those seriously GOOD socks make up for a lot of BAD stuff. I hope you can get that screw replaced without having to shell out the money for a whole new swift…
    Nice shawl, thank you very much, I have been trying to resist buying that pattern for days. Why do you have to keep referring to it?!

  121. I think the swift-breaker was from the outside. That damage would have made a highly audible CRACK sound which would have alerting any member of a well-trained fiber family of impending DOOM. Joe clearly exhibited a strong sense of save-your-skin with his response. If he’d have known about it for a longer period of time he could have come up with a better defense.
    You could just berate all friends that your offspring has over in an attempt to find out if some un-witting visiting teen-ager did it…!

  122. OMG.. I *LOVE* that shawl.. and I agree… she looks pretty happy. Good luck getting that back. I need to go get me some puck yarn!
    re the broken swift. My swift’s screw was sheared.. I can’t thing of the right word, but it didn’t work.. So.. now I use a C clamp that a builder friend gave me and I clamp the swift on to the table. It works great.
    your socks are great too, but the shawl is fantastic! thanks for sharing!

  123. Dear Stephanie’s swift:
    I know that you are made out of wood, which was once alive, and therefore endure wear and tear in the same way that other living things do. I also know that your wood is particularly susceptible to drastic changes in temperature and humidity, such as occur during the change of seasons. It is not the fault of Stephanie or her family that they were unable to provide you a stable environment in which to live out your days. They live in Canada, such an environment cannot exist outside of a laboratory, and, Dear Swift, if you lived in a laboratory, the yarn that would be wound on you might not be so luxurious as the yarn that Stephanie has provided you.
    It is only out of love for you, Dear Swift, that Stephanie has blamed an invisible and unknown intruder for your early demise. Denial is a legitimate stage of grief, and I know you understand that there will be many other stages before she is able to move forward. I thank you for your patience, but since you are made out of wood, which lives far longer than I, I think that you are also silently scoffing at me for my presumption about your patience in any way.
    In any case, I hope you did not hide the wood glue to state your intentions about your End of Life wishes. If you do not want to be resuscitated, the correct way to ensure this is to sign a DNR order, not to hide the paddles.
    Blessings to you and a “swift” recovery,

  124. I think that Megan needs that shawl. Bribe her, tell her that if she finds wood glue and a clamp, and applies them together appropriately and successfully, you’ll make another shawl for yourself πŸ˜‰
    I mean, really, a 17 yr old girl looking that happy while wearing something that classy and classic? Gotta indulge! And be proud of her!

  125. I know who broke the swift……..
    I know a funny little man,
    As quiet as a mouse,
    Who does the mischief that is done
    In everybody’s house!
    There’s no one ever sees his face,
    And yet we all agree
    That every plate we break was cracked
    By Mr. Nobody
    `Tis he who always tears our books,
    Who leaves the door ajar,
    He pulls the buttons from our shirts,
    And scatters pine afar;
    That squeaking door will always squeak,
    For, prithee, don’t you see,
    We leave the oiling to be done
    By Mr. Nobody
    The finger marked upon the door
    By none of us are made;
    We never leave the blind unclosed,
    To let the curtains fade.
    The ink we never spill; the boots
    That lying round you. See
    Are not our boots they all belong
    To Mr. Nobody.

  126. The screw on my swift never did really work right. I just move the thingie that the screw would go into up to the height I want and put a large binder clip under it to hold it up. Works like a charm. I love binder clips.

  127. Oh wait, it’s the other screw that’s broken on yours. Well, that just sucks.
    Maybe it was squirrels.

  128. OMG, I am shocked at how broken your swift is. A word from the experienced : do not, under any circumstances, even if it seems like a fantastic idea at the time, hold onto the screw to hold it together while the glue dries. Your hand not be able to let go. Furthermore, do not twist it back up into the swift thinking that this would be the best thing to hold the two broken pieces together. Your swift will be unified forever.
    Trust me. I know.

  129. Considering that the original Battlestar Galactica came out in the late 70s, full in the disco era, a little disco glitter is certainly not out of the question! Um… where did you say you got that? They have lots ‘n lots more, right?

  130. Lots of people have stars in their eyes – but you have stars in your socks, and that’s just … cosmic! Everyone should have twinkle toes. Beautiful work!

  131. I’d suggest using hide glue to repair your swift — if for no other reason than it being both strong and possible to undo (since getting the threads exactly right is presumably both important, and sometimes annoying). Beyond that, you might try using waxed thread to hold the screw together while it’s being glued (wax to avoid sticking, thread to get between the threads).

  132. Is that the same guy who uses up all the toliet paper and doesn’t put the new roll on, so at about 3 am when you use the darkened bathroom, you find to your dismay… paper? πŸ™

  133. Dunno if anyone else suggested it to fix your swift, but Gorilla Glue (and a clamp and a few hours) will work, that stuff is amazing! Good luck, I LOVE the shawl!!!

  134. OMG! That is so freakin’ funny! The same kinds of things happen at MY house! And my DH is ALWAYS the first to say, “It wasn’t me!” WHATEVER!! Thanks for making me smile! And I LOVE the shawl! Off to bookmark the pattern!

  135. Use epoxy instead of wood glue and that thing will never come apart again. I used epoxy to fix a shelf on a wood TV cabinet and I have had absolutely no problems since then. I don’t feel as confident about wood glue. Just make sure you are in a well ventilated area. You can get it in a small amount and that small amount will last forever. You’ll be looking for things to smack back together.
    Good luck. Do you read down this far on the comment list?

  136. Silver can’t be tacky, especially when combined
    with blue. Beautiful yarn, beautiful socks.
    I have a swift that is made to sit flat on a table,
    so only the ball winder has to clamp on. I love it.
    It may break someday, as parts of it are wood with
    screw threads, but so far, so good. It’s a Spin-A-Yarn, and I got it in 2005 from Vickie’s Rainbow Co., Bensalem, PA 19020. No affiliation, just a happy customer.

  137. Certain nameless individuals might do well to remember that disco clearly makes the world a better place. The socks are awesome as is the yarn.
    “Your Disco Needs You!”

  138. Not so sure about the socks – but I LOVE the shawl – I do hope that you get it back off your daughter!

  139. The shawl is lovely (added it omy Rav queue), the socks are nice too – but your daughter is simply beautiful in that last photo. Reclaim the shawl and get her a print of that photo instead!

  140. You know, the same rat bastards have been to my home. In my fridge, they tipped over a can of salsa, obviously only minutes before I opened the fridge because I was the lucky winner of that “find.” They also used my extendable duster to clean the soot covered cobwebs from the garage, without thinking that maybe it might be a good idea to cover said duster with a towel so that it wouldn’t be ruined by the soot. Oh, and also tried to unjam my sewing machine with a potato peeler . . . seriously, had to go all the way downstairs to get the potato peeler to do that one!
    Love the socks. Maybe someday I’ll actually finish one.

  141. Gorilla Glue would be great at fixing your swift. Its got incredible hold.

  142. When I was growing up, when something got broken/lost/eaten, and no one came forward, we came to the conclusion that there was someone else lurking in the house, committing all these offences, and we referred to this shadowy presence as “Uncle Devious.” I think he moved from my parents’ house to mine, once I had kids.
    Also, I just finished my first lace shawl, and my almost-fourteen-year-old keeps trying it and looking at me soulfully. I’m not falling for it.

  143. Your socks are glorious!! And, the shawl is so lovely and so wearable–hope you enjoy it if you can snatch it away from the 17 year old. As for the creature who invaded your domicile and did that horrendous damage–I note that you refer to that individual as “he”, for surely no female would be responsible for such heinous behavior!

  144. Thank you for making me smile at 6:45 in the morning – that’s quite a feat! I totally think they’re stars… because WHO would put tinsel in socks! Stars make MUCH more sense in socks!

  145. Socks that twinkle – perfect. Sounds like the same intruder has been here – “not me”.

  146. We have similar ghost like happenings around here as well. Our standard is to Blame “Gammy” and “Papa”. Both dearly departed loved ones who seem to come back and haunt us whenever they think we need to fix something πŸ™‚

  147. OMG a 17 year old that loves your knitting? You are so blessed. Mine has just sort of accepted a sweater that I knit for her 3 years ago when she was 17.
    A little glue and some wire will fix the swift, otherwise it is a good reason for the significant others to get you a new one.

  148. When my kids were still at home, I found that I had 2 extra children I never saw. They were, by name, “I don’t know”, and “Not Me”. Funny how once the children I had given birth to, moved out these other two disappeared from the scene also. Poltergeists? I think not.
    Love reading your blog. The socks (with stars) are absolutely beautiful.

  149. Years ago that same intruder used to visit our house.
    “Someone took my shoes!” my (then) pre-teen son would complain.
    “Sure,” I’d say. “Someone broke in without arousing the dog, passsed by the valuable stuff and took your smelly, beat-up sneakers.”
    At age 18, our second son has never had that problem. His big “boats” are always in the middle of the floor, right where he left them!
    BTW – they look like stars to me, too

  150. Hey, I think the socks are cool, and I’m totally with ya on the BSG geek thing.
    Geeks rule!
    (At least they whupped the cylons, ha ha!)

  151. Wow, that is a real bummer about the swift, but those socks are fabulous. Too bad the shawl was so awesome. You might’ve had a snowball’s chance in hell of wearing it. πŸ˜‰

  152. The wooden screw on my swift no longer worked so my husband bought a washer with a neck (sleeve) put it through the hole in the bracket then added a stainless steel bolt. It was the only way he could fix it. The threads on the wooden screw would not hold. It is possible that it got dried out and cracked it does happen to wood, the constant change in temperature and humidity does not help.

  153. Re: the apricot/curry mixture in the refrigerator (which, by the way, sounds kind of good to me, but never mind)
    Clearly your family has been influenced by the spate of crime-solving TV programs that have dominted the airwaves for the last decade. They know better than to contaminate the crime scene before the professionals arrive.
    YOU are the professional.
    Lucky you.

  154. Regular Elmer’s white glue should work too. Quick clamps might be easier to use to make sure it glues on tightly. If you need to, you can sand off any extra glue. Regular old wax paper rubbed on should help make it smooth to use again.
    Maybe the same mysterious person who snuck in *cough, cough* would go fetch you some glue when you weren’t looking?
    Love the knits! And the heavenly blue socks!

  155. I had the exact same crack in my swift screw. I used wood glue and a clamp, and it seems fine. The hard part was making sure the threads were lined up exactly when I tightened the clamp. Glorious shawl, btw.

  156. Of course they are stars, and I’m not just saying that because I spent last weekend watching over 12 hours of BSG in an attempt to catch up on the best drama EVER (living without cable really stinks sometimes). As does living without cables.
    I also can see a situation where an apricot/curry mixture would be appealing, but not spilled all over the refrigerator.

  157. “Gee, he (and to any of us really doubt that this is a man’s “handiwork”?) must be like Santa Claus to be able to get around to everyone’s house all over the planet like this.”
    Well, lets face facts. No on really knows what Santa Claus does during the off-season.

  158. Well, your daughter may swipe your shawl, but at least you know she’ll be wearing something warm when it’s cold outside!

  159. In our family, the being who breaks things, turns lights on, etc etc is known as “Yahoodi”. Yahoodi hasn’t been around here recently; maybe he went on holiday to Toronto!

  160. The first photo of the socks, before I scrolled all the way into the photo, looked like a particularly interesting pair of jeans. Then I scrolled down and saw they were socks, and read the rest of the post.

  161. Are those stars in the last photo for reals?! They’re insane! We really wanted to put stars on the Berroco Sox Metallic images but…that whole truth in advertising thing…bah humbug!

  162. Steph’ check the other screws too! I might consult a trusted carpenter-friend rather than just slapping some glue on my treasured object…I’m just sayin’…Gorgeous Shawl!

  163. How does “that guy” get all the way from your house, down to mine in California so quickly? He seems to visit here quite often, in fact. As only men live in this house besides me, you might be able to guess that they ALL use Joe’s logic!

  164. I see the stars, Steph, I swear… but I must be part 17 year old girl, because I think I’d have that shawl out of your house before you could say, “Hey, are you that guy who broke my swift?”

  165. I dare say that the shawl is a gonner and you will have to knit another.It makes me drool and the socks are WOW—real honest to God twinkle toes. Loverly loverly

  166. Eek! My Shawl That Jazz is on the same Ravelry page as yours! Ohmygosh, I am not worthy! I hope mine turns out as cool as yours did – my daughters are already planning to steal it, inspired by your beautiful girl wearing yours!
    Have to say though, I had plans…. I knew what I was going to knit next, I had it all worked out, pattern ready, yarn selected, everything – and then you, you just throw the Shawl That Jazz onto your blog and all my plans were wasted. I was compelled to find a different yarn, BUY the shawl pattern (I don’t buy single patterns, EVER! except now!) and cast on what YOU were knitting – like I’d lost the ability to think for myself! If you’re going to do that to us again – could you let us know a little in advance, so we don’t waste time making our own knitting plans? Thanks!

  167. When that final undecipherable ancient scroll is translated, it will read: “Thus spake Nefertiti: WHO TOOK THE SCISSORS?!” No doubt if the Sphinx had answered, the reply would be “Ida Know and Notme.” And while our mischievous house spirit, Maryann, makes off with all sorts of things, such as needle gauges and eyeglasses, in your case I suspect there are more sinister forces at work–the same that are transforming our youthful faces into–well, something else–time, and dry air…and then the humidity in the summer is the final insult, to wood. My piano has a “Dampp-Chaser” to combat all that. We boomers need something comparable, do we not? Gorgeous socks, not at all tinselly.

  168. My parents used to claim they must have a 5th child nobody had actually seen who’s name was “NotMe.”
    My dad would come home … “so, what happened to the…”
    my mothers response “I have no idea, the kids keep telling me it was our little brat child NotMe, but I havent been able to find him to ask him about it”
    also before my brother could talk my sister and I used to say “Joseph did it” we said it so often our cousins srated saying it at their house. Unfortunatly for them there mother NEVER beleived them.

  169. I can’t see the words, “rat-bastard” on your blog without thinking of your thieving squirrel-nemesis, which always makes me smile (sorry).
    That shawl is lovely. I’m always surprised how simple garter stitch can look so lovely. I don’t know why, but I always think that it shouldn’t. Stitch snobbery, I guess – such a basic stitch shouldn’t be as elegant as it is. I’m glad to be wrong again!
    Sorry about the swift. I hope your intruder replaces the wood glue so you can fix the screw. You’re welcome to come over & wind at my house. It’s nice & warm here.

  170. that same person visits my house too. along with the famous trio of Not Me, I Didn’t, and I don’t know.

  171. The socks are awesome beyond belief. Stars in the sky, not tinsel. They are made from pure silver, for crying out loud. How can that be anything less than elegant?

  172. I have totally stalled out on my viper socks–not because I don’t want to knit them, but because I rediscovered the joys of playing Zuma, a computer game by pop cap games. Thank god you posted this because now I’m filled with a strong desire to leave work immediately and get cracking on my socks. I love that pattern, too. It’s fantastic!

  173. When my kids were growing up we had someone named “Not me” living with us. Me: “Who left the wet towels in the middle of the bathroom floor?” Response from all 3 children and husband: “Not me.” I got so fed up one day that I set a place at the dinner table for “Not me”. The kids still remember that and claim that now that they live on their own with roommates that they too have someone named “Not me” living with them. I just have to laugh….

  174. Wow, 17-year-old wearing it in public and lovin’ it. You’ve got zero chance of haning on to that one. But you still get much congratulations on accomplishing that near-impossible goal. (I was lucky, when I was that age, my mother was bookkeeper for a small company that knit samples for perry ellis. I suppose what happened is that occassionally both the sample pattern and the appropriate yarn for it, just fell into her purse. i had such nice sweaters for a couple of years….)
    Oh, and Joe is definitely the culprit this time. and my theory is they spilled the stuff in the fridge to distract you from the swift. okay, maybe not… but they TOTALLY knew the spill was there. Why am I so sure? Because that’s how we handled spills in my group house in college. And then every month or so we’d have a BIG cleaning day. : )

  175. HEYYYY!!! That’s the very same person who has been in my house!!! He sure gets around…I’m in Texas!!!
    PS-LOVE the shawl and socks!

  176. Not a spinner, but someone who lives in a dry climate: it could simply be aging wood that has dried out, for the last time, in a house that has been heated for much of the past few months. It may be time to put a new screw on the wish list, because glue may not hold for more than a few days.

  177. Those are sparkling stars and so NOT tinsel!!! There are those who appreciate the elegance of a bit of sparkle and those, well, those just not bold enough to do so. Stinks for them. Enjoy every minute of those socks!
    As for the screw on your swift – I know a guy who might just be able to replace that for you.

  178. have you tried standing inside a circle
    and call on the elements to rid you
    of your ghosts ? you have to sweep em
    out now and again.

  179. SaMANtha…ZUMA??? says she who’s hung up on that dumb snake game – nevermind! Regarding the shawl…it’s much finer than any I’ve made but I wound up starting a Fashion Flare with my dumb granny shawls. They’re convenient, comfortable, easy to handle and beautiful. Now then, those socks? STERLING! I mean, to look at them is to SEE the airships and the deepspace and STARS. I am SO tempted to try some, but I have to make a few pair of Any-Idiot-Can-Make-These style socks first. Even though I can’t make them I can surely ADMIRE them……I can’t paint ladies’ faces either, but I like the Mona Lisa! (In other words: Lawsy, Stephanie, EYE-WATERINGLY BEAUTIFUL SOCKS!)

  180. Frack me!
    When you started these socks I (yawn) was not fully engaged, but now! I am enthralled! Why? I just became addicted to BSG!!! When I read the blog today (post-BSG addiction) and read the name of the socks (which you had mentioned in a previous post) I about fell off my chair! Wowie wow. I am now waiting (im)patiently for Season 2.0/2.5 to arrive (she said, drumming fingers on table…).

  181. I wish I could blame a mysterious person for the breaking of the tightening screw on my beautiful, birch swift, but alas it was me (or is it I?). Anyway, I contacted Angelica’s online, and she was able to supply me a replacement (Yeah! It fit!) within days. This saved me from falling into a depressive state and allowed me to completely wind into balls the Takhi cotton I had purchased for a butterfly sweater for my sweet Alexandra (age 4 – granddaughter) :>)

  182. Socks are too frackin cool! I’ve have the pattern on my to do list. Hope there are other BSG socks out there in the future. Will miss the series but this is a great way to carry on for the future

  183. I know I can’t be the first but…..
    those socks… the only PROPER reaction can be an auditory one – one in which you only can hear:
    “nothin’ but the rain”

  184. I once found a favorite lipstick with tiny teeth bites in it and a 4 year old young lady with a suspicious colored face. I asked her if she knew anything about the tooth marks in Mommy’s lipstick. She said she thought Daddy did it! Funny I didn’t know Daddy wore lipstick….. or even liked that color.

  185. Sorry about the double post. The 4 year old is now 27 and no longer lives here. Maybe the dog did it.

  186. Tina is simply jealous that Blue Moon did not get the silver sock yarn first, and is feeling betrayed. Make some socks that rock, and I’m sure she’ll stop calling them disco. They happen to be really incredible socks, and this lowly knitter is contemplating the feasibility of knitting a pair by mother’s day (not gonna happen, need to pick a different pattern). The shawl is fantastic, is it knit like a giant short row heel? Happy knitting!, and sorry about the swift.

  187. Well you know that the intruder doesn’t eat Indian food- or they would know that Mango goes with curry NOT apricot!

  188. I’ll bet it was either I. Dunno or Notme. Those guys are always to blame.
    Love the absolutely not flashy socks. Hard to say which is prettier, the shawl or the 17 year old. You done good with both.

  189. My 26 year old, very careful, 95 pound daughter sat on the toilet and it CRACKED!!!!!!!!!!
    stuff happens!!!
    (or you could live in a museum)

  190. My husband just built me my very first, very own swift. In fact he built three. Out of wood. They are beautiful…… He got the directions from google at a website that specializes in do it yourself. Would you like the link? At the moment…. I am not sending the husband. Sounds like you have a Mr. Nobody and a husband anyway:-)

  191. Additional thought – whats wrong with flashy socks?
    And I have a daughter too – you no longer own the shawl….. just thought you might want to know………..

  192. Love the shawl . . . sorry, you’re out of luck ever getting it back! To bad about the swift. Ida No did it . . . I’m sure no member of your family would do something like that and not admit it.

  193. My daughter is the same…if I knit anything FOR her, she doesn’t like it and won’t wear it. But if I make something for ME, she covets it and I never get to wear it again!

  194. I notice that the wood-grain in that portion of the swift does NOT go exactly lengthwise, but is noticably on the bias. This makes it less strong, so that if someone brushed it just a weeny little bit in passing, it might easily break. Or a breeze when the Man came in the window.

  195. This is totally off topic – your patterns are my favorites from the RSC – They always fit me well, knit without too much brain and are totally beautiful. The only bad thing about them is they go a little too fast, and I have to come up with more knitting. This year’s only yarn purchases are sock clubs… must knit from the stash, and I’m doing okay with that, it just makes the sock club all that more special.

  196. Stephanie, do you not remember that as mothers, we are constantly making things for ourselves and waiting for the teen to steal the one they like? If we were to consciously create something to their exact demand, it will be worn once, maybe twice (I say this from more experience than I’d like to admit – I’m a slow learner). A mother has to knit all things as if they are for herself, then the daughter will quietly acquire said garment from the mother’s closet and wear it with delight. Actually, I have two daughters who prove this theory. One is 34 and never wore clothing purchased for her; she wore her mother’s undergarments, her friend’s jeans, her father’s t-shirt (poor man never had a clean t-shirt in his drawer, she confiscated them), and another friend’s shoes. My 16 year old is now dipping into my closet and wearing things I Never would have Dreamed that she would like. I need to buy more shirts.

  197. ok, you got me, what is a swift, I’m a knitter but I don’t use one of those, I take it that it has something to do with spinning but can someone please explain? Thankyou so much!

  198. SOCKS – WANT!!! Quite sad that yarn is sold out, bookmarked for future purchase.

  199. So excited to hear you are coming to Mobile and Fairhope, Alabama in May. We have so many looking forward to seeing you. This may not be the forum to post this, but we would like to invite you to come by our store in Mobile, Wellslee’s All Strung Out (route from Airport to Fairhope) in Mobile, Alabama as make your yarn crawl to Fairhope Page and Palette bookstore, customers of Wellslee’s All Strung Out.

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