The other day, in the car on the way back from the Knitters Frolic (big fun – got a little bit of really nice stuff too) I said out loud something that I’d been thinking for a few days.

I think I have too many projects on the needles.

Now, this is an odd thought for me. It’s actually the first time I’ve ever thought it. I regularly have rampant cases of startitis, and I cast on pretty much what pleases me and chug through it all any way that I want to. Any way. I don’t feel pressured by it, I don’t have “rules” about how many things are too many things… I just do as I please. Knitting is my lifestyle my hobby, a pleasant pastime and I like it. I’m just not the sort who feels at all guilty about how I “should be” knitting, or how many things I should be finishing… or when. I know that there are other knitters for whom it’s the opposite. Knitters who feel way more comfortable with having only one or two things on the go at any one time, and feel pressured an overwhelmed if the numbers get too high. I can’t relate to them (or so I thought) but I can respect that we’re all different and that one of the great things about knitting is that it’s just so…. personal.

There’s no right number of things to have on the go at once. It doesn’t make you a paragon of restraint to be the sort who likes to keep the herd culled, and it doesn’t make you the knitting equivalent of a hussy with no self control if you approach it like I do. “Yarn Harlot” was the name I came up with originally to celebrate the fact that I’m not particularly yarn/project monogamous. I keep a lot going on, and I like it that way. Until really, really recently, that is.

Sunday, I felt like there’s so much. Tons in fact, and it was weighing on me. Here’s what’s currently on the needles.


Plain socks, carried around in my purse. (My basic sock pattern, and Creatively dyed yarns – I’ve misplaced the ball band, (but know that it’s got cashmere in it) so can’t tell you the colourway, but I think the dyer lurks around here… maybe she could shout out if she recognizes it? I’ll fix the link if she does.) And yes… because someone will ask, that sock is in one of the really excellent Tom Bihn yarn stuff sac with the really cool clear bottom, and yup, I do have one of their knitting bags and yup again… it’s absolutely awesome. Also, yes. I have read the tag.


Niagara Sock from The Eclectic Sole, cast on to replace it’s first version that was the sock that turned out a mystical 23″ around the ankle. (23 INCHES. Still can’t figure that out.) It’s in C*eye*ber Fiber Sock, colour a fetching spring green called “May-belle”.


The Miralda Shawl from Knitted Lace of Estonia. (Love that book.) Knitting it out of the profoundly scrumptious Toots le Blanc merino/angora blend.


Cabled cardigan (#19) from Vogue Fall 2006, knit out of Cascade Ecological wool.

There’s more too. Stuff that’s been out of the queue for so long that I’m not counting it (Gansey, anyone?) and that stuff I’m not really bothered by. Each of them has a reason for their “time out”. That stuff there, that’s just the stuff that’s currently competing for my time and attention, and the lot of them make me feel like I’m totally not getting things done. Like I never finish anything. Like I’m behind, or not accomplishing anything – which is totally not true. I mean, one-at-a-time knitters do seem to finish things faster, but they don’t really. Total knitting time is total knitting time… and we’re all going to finish whatever we’ve got time for and knitting 4 things in two months is knitting 4 things in two months whether you knit them all an once or in a row… right?

Then it hit me. I’m not overwhelmed by the number of projects. The number of projects is fine. Always has been. I feel like I’m getting nothing done because my knitting time has evaporated. Poof. Gone. The deeper I get in with the Sock Summit, the more the knitting time disappears. I used to knit while I was on the phone. Now I engage in a death match with a database while I’m on the phone. I used to knit while I read my emails, now my emails are a big whack of customer service questions in another inbox… and I’m typing while I read them. I used to sit down in the afternoon for a little bit of a knit, and now I can’t find any time in the afternoon because dudes, the afternoons suddenly seem a whole lot shorter. I used to cook dinner and knit my evening away, and now I’m dragging myself away from my desk at 10pm – knitting for an hour and then falling into bed.

I don’t have too many projects. That’s not what’s happening. I actually have LESS KNITTING TIME.

Considering that I’ve always said that knitting is what moderates a lot of my less desirable personality traits (impatience, short temper, work-a-holic tendencies, occasional thoughts of violence) I think that this development should scare the crap out of everyone… especially those who live with me. If this keeps up, I could become a danger to society that makes the swine flu look like a cupcake party.

I’m going to go and knit for 15 minutes right now. It’s a public safety issue. Maybe I’ll even work on one thing for a day or two. See if it helps.

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  1. Ahhh, I feel guilty that you’re working so hard on Sock Summit – and here I am desperately waiting for it to happen – LOL.
    I tell people all the time that I spin so I’m not in jail and I knit so no one will know what I am capable of thinking:)
    It is a public safety issue – we can’t have our Harlot losing her marbles due to a knitting deficiency….here’s a closet – crawl inside with this headlight and I’ll cover the door for you – LOL.

  2. Thanks for all the work on the Sock Summit, and I’m sorry it’s biting into your personal knitting time. A short knitting break sounds like a great idea – we’d like to keep you sane (and safe)!

  3. I know how you feel. I am a tax accountant. It is April 29. You do the math. (This time reading the blog and responding is a mental health break)

  4. You have a lovely boss, despite comments from the staff: you can knit when you are supposed to be working: you arrange work things and social things around stuff you actually like … and I believe knitting is an as yet undiscovered cure for swine flu: you go S – you are and will remain my hero. Time is what happens when you are living. xxx

  5. I like the socks best, but that’s ’cause I like bright colors.
    Poor soul– your knitting time has gone away because you’re in the midst of planning a knitting event. Oh, the irony.

  6. Just be really thankful that you are a quick knitter – you do teach knitting for speed and efficiency after all!

  7. Sigh. Lovely knitting on cardigan and, cardi model #19 in my US issue of VK Fall ’06 is clearly not yours. Unrequited cardi lust accruing. jdu

  8. Gah! Accidentally hit post before I was finished commenting. I understand the panicky feeling of having too much on the go but the lack of knitting time is just tragic. I think you need to exploit a co-op student.

  9. I often have to take a break from work to knit for fifteen minutes. In many cases, it’s a public safety issue for everyone in the lab as well.
    Enjoy your knitting break!

  10. OMG! Knitting calms my inner-demons too. If I don’t have enough time to knit, I go stark-raving mad, e.g. bay at the moon, frothing at the mouth, severe bloating and cramps. Its a subtle distinction from my daily persona . . . but my daughter can tell the difference.
    Knit on, ’tis a public saftey issue, indeed!

  11. I totally hear you on the startitis thing. Although mine is complicated by sudden onset of ADD rather than less time to knit. I actually ended up spending a LOT of time watching youtube tutorials on how to do rag curls. Did I mention that I look like little orphan Annie today?
    Hopefully things will slow down for you soon, lest you suffer separation anxiety from your knitting.

  12. You know they always tell mothers, you can’t take care of anyone else if you don’t take care of yourself. That goes for knitters who are planning wonderful things for other knitters too, I expect. Knit away until you find your happy place again; we’ll all still be here when you get back! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. It would be wonderful if we could knit more time into our lives. I have a lot of projects going too, but recent studies bring evidence that varying projects helps protect against repetitive injury. I love a good excuse.
    May you find a day to call your own.

  14. In some countries they get naptime. It increases productivity and the general mood of these who participate.
    I think we all need knitting-time. I’d vote for it.

  15. Ahhh. I was wondering how the shawl was coming along. Lovely. And, the cardigan looks fab as well. Four projects that are competing for your time at present. That sounds about right. Now we just need to have another Stephanie that does the work thing so you can knit them!
    Just think – the sock summit will so be worth it!
    Although I would love if Joe’s Gansey got a little bit of air every now and again….. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I received an answer back to my question about the sock summit. An answer directly from you! And although I was thrilled, (yeah, I’m that big of a fan/dork) my next thought was “You need employees!! No wonder you’re going crazy.” I love my employees, they gave me my life back. Wish I was close to you, I’d work for trade, yarn or classes.

  17. I know how you feel. I have had the same problem lately. Work and a social life has gotten in the way of my knitting AND blogging time. I think I need to block out actual knitting time each day!

  18. I’m having to force myself to sit and knit for at least a little while each day. The new job responsibilities are getting a little out of hand, so my husband finally told me to put down the file folder and knit someting. Even my son got into it and told me I was too cranky without knitting.
    They’re learning.

  19. I think you need a time-out in the nice room with all the yarn stash, just you and those nice soft socks and perhaps a glass of wine. Definitely no coffee. You’re overstimulated enough!
    But I sympathize. I’ve had the same Celtic Cable sweater (from, I think, Interweave) on the needles now for the last five months. I intended to knit it while traveling for work and then the traveling went away in favor of 60-hour work weeks at the office. And I haven’t picked it up yet, due to lack of time. As far as I know, it’s still sitting in its bag next to the sofa, behind the pile of periodicals waiting to be read. Unless it ran away to seek a more loving knitter!

  20. actually – I’ve been experiencing the same phenomenom myself. Someone needs to contact NASA – I think we are figuring out the causal effects of the recent lack of sunspots!!!

  21. Mentioning the gansey was a wise pre-emptive strike against the Lovely and Talented Rams.
    Looking forward to seeing you in Austin. I will warn BookPeople about Knitters in Knumbers.

  22. I’m so excited to see you writing about the Gansey! I just got finished reading your blog from the beginning to today, and I’d already feared the Gansey had been knitnapped by the rabid squirrel – or dragged to some remote corner of the house by your cat.

  23. Just want you to know that the work you’re doing on the Summit is REALLY REALLY APPRECIATED! I hope we are not all running too fast when we get there to be able to sit down and talk. (I’m the Chris L who’s helping Tina with one of the SS projects…)

  24. Do you remember those things from the 90s called stress balls? They were squishy little balls that you were supposed to squeeze when you got stressed out. Maybe you should make a little ball of cashmere or something to keep in your pocket… Hope it all gets better soon!

  25. Funny, I was just thinking…welcome to my life…then I saw Katherine’s post! lol
    You have lots of company!

  26. I understand you completely…my knitting time has been curtailed drastically lately. I keep telling my family that they should be afraid, very afraid. My husband keeps trying to find ways to find me knitting time, that’s how I know how bad it is!

  27. **snort** Cupcake party. Good one.
    I feel your pain. I can relate. OK, I’m not the only one… the Yarn Harlot has the same problem as me! Except I’m not organizing a huge event. This too shall pass, and then you’ll be back to your “normal” knitting times. From the sound of this Sock Summit, it’s all going to be worth it.
    Chin up!

  28. I, too, understand completely! My darn job really gets in the way of my knitting. But, er, it does keep me supplied in yarn, so I guess it’s almost a fair trade-off. Almost. My youngest teenager told me the other night (after several days of trying to squeeze in a few rows here and there, followed by the attendant crabbiness) to “go knit.” That’s better than “go eat ****,” which is probably what she really meant.

  29. Time to hand over the house work and cooking to more able and less time-restricted hands. It’s either that or you’ll burn down the house when no one can find clean underwear.

  30. For the love of all that’s wooly, woman, get yourself an assistant to help free up some knitting time. Politicians who are holding a summit aren’t expected to do everything themselves; why should it be any different for knitters?

  31. I fully support knitting as a public safety issue. I approach my knitting in a very similar way (lots of projects going at once) and I also need my knitting time to keep me happy. For a while I was seeing a therapist, and she encouraged my knitting. She even encouraged listening to Brenda Dayne instead of those self centering audio bits because it tapped into knitting as relaxation.

  32. I hate when work keeps getting in the way of knitting. I have a few projects on the sticks that I would like to get done. You are the fastest knitter I have ever seen.
    But maybe someone can answer something for me. How do you keep a 2yo from stealing your yarn while you knit? He is enamored. Unfortunately once he gets ahold of it I have a cat’s cradle through the house!

  33. You still eat, right? sleep? interact with family? all of which are necessary to life, right, which is why, despite SockSummit, you still do them??? So add knitting to the list. It isn’t a hobby, it’s crucial to your health. You’ll actually get more done in the long run if you put an hour(yup, at least) On Your Schedule, daily. Then actually do it and don’t let yourself give in and feel guilty.

  34. Wheras I think that mentioning The Gansey was a low blow. That’s OUR rubbery chew-toy to pull out from under the sofa and toss and growl at and carry off with and fling all slobbery into your lap.
    Not that *I* would do such a thing. But Presbytera’s gonna be pissed.
    (Austin Val is simply rubbing in that not only are you going to be in her town and not mine but that you, and not I, are going to be in her town. Grrr.)

  35. C*eye*ber Fiber
    I admit it. I spent several minutes trying to figure out what dirty works were obfuscated by the asterisks in this yarn name. It did not occur to me that the asterisks were hinting at pronunciation, not meaning.

  36. Cast on for some preemie garments, and get a sense of accomplishment and finished project in a matter of hours!
    I sympathise with the gansey, I’m on the stockinette section for mr beest (he’s a thin one, fortunately) and was glad when the preemie-knitting opportunity presented itself last week.

  37. I totally get what you are saying. Being guild president has definitely impaired my knitting mojo. There is always something else knitting related that I should be doing rather than knitting. If I have the block of time on the weekend, rather than casting on a project, I should be typing up notes and contacting people. Rather knitting at night after dinner, I should be on Ravelry publicizing the next event. I love my guild, but I’m really looking forward to being past president and not feeling so responsible for everything.

  38. 23″ around? That could’ve been a sweater for a toddler! Frog to just before the heel & you’d have the body of a very fetching 2nd birthday gift for a special girlsprog in your life. Or not. I’m just trying to find the silver lining ๐Ÿ˜‰

  39. Does this mean you are not going to do the Sock Summit next year? Please say it isn’t so. I am planning for it already – and in Portland again, I hope. My DH is looking forward to Powell’s. Also, thank you for mentioning the gansey – its been keeping me dangling for lo these many months (years?). Other than that, I agree with Christine who strongly suggested an assistant. If I lived in Toronto I would so volunteer!
    To keep you motivated, don’t forget that the first year is the hardest and the second one should run much smoother. Just saying…

  40. Call me psychic or whatever but I’ve had the feeling in the past month since you got back from the West Coast that your time is no longer your own..and I don’t even live with you! Your blogs are still great, mind you, but just looking at the calendar you can see that they are more “scheduled” whereas before the WC there was always a more laid back, “hey, I’ve got to tell you this” feeling about them…… TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF,Stepanie!!… I picture you treading water and the water is up to your nose. Of course it’s great planning the Sock Summit, it’s the ultimate!
    Remember those old Greeks- the Golden Mean- it was true then and as true now. Moderation in all things(except yarn and knitting, of course). Take your life back!

  41. I sympathize with you. My knitting has fallen by the wayside lately with one darned thing after another happening. When I do get a minute or to of “down time”, I find I don’t have the energy to do anything but sit like a lump on the couch. Everything you’re actively working on is lovely, though.
    BTW, I think your loyal readers have officially swamped Tom Bihn’s web site. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  42. I know that feeling. Turns out if I concentrate on the little stuff that really should take a short time to finish if only I get over the speedbump that put it into time out, I feel like I’m getting lots more done. Like that sweater I had that just needed seaming except I wasn’t convinced the button band was right, which meant taking off the neckband before I could take off the button band and oh, it was too much to think about, and so it sat…for two years. Turns out taking off the neckband and then the button band and knitting them back on (right) and seaming it didn’t take all that long and I got a new sweater practically for nuthin’. Then there’s the one that really just wanted to become yarn again…

  43. I was so glad to see you at Frolic! I figured it meant you could escape from Sock Summit planning for a while…or at least escape from your own house! We even refrained from stalking you around the market..okay well at least we tried to do it from afar to leave you in peace.

  44. I too have many many things on the needle at once because of startitis. however sometimes the fury takes hold and I finish everything and I mean everything waiting on a pair of needles. Something like Spring cleaning my knitting. However in March I suffered a very bad knitting accident- damage to the rotator cuff on my right arm. Who knew you could damage your arm knitting!!! Since then I am restricted to 1/2 hour a day and this has resulted in the emergence of my not so wonderful personality traits- like yours. I have been told it will take four months to heal. Heaven help my family and friends. Thank goodness for your knitting blog.

  45. Maybe you could hand off some of the work to a willing volunteer? I’m going to take a wild guess that you have one or two readers with some spare time on their hands who would be more than happy to answer emails or wrangle databases…

  46. I know, I know… I think of you all the time, actually. How does that Stephanie do it? I ask myself. Spring is especially tough, I think. On a more personal note, though: it’s possible I’m just getting old(er), but did you maybe change the point-size of your type? Or maybe the lines are longer? I had a hard time reading… eh. Maybe I’m just tired. And *I* should go knit, too.

  47. I was wondering what was going on, because there is no way four things were too manyfor you. I’ve marveled at your ability to cheerfully knit away on many more projects than that all at once. (I’m a one or two project person myself, though I do put projects in time out and not count them. I currently have one in there that may never see the light of day again.)

  48. Let’s keep this simple. Which *other* project is a belated-wedding-present-labor-of-love destined to wrap its intricate, personalized, comforting, warm arms of wool around the man at the center of your home and life?
    Ah. Thought so.

  49. Stephanie? ‘Here is what is currently on the needles.’ you say. I get all excited about seeing a long list of links to projects and new photos and everything, . . . then you list four (4) measly things! (Four beautiful measely things, but still…)
    O, Knitting Fates, please find Stephanie the time for a nice relaxing knit! (Thank you for reminding me not to give Super-Stephanie the advice that I had all ready to roll.)
    I don’t have socks on needles for the first time in about 2 years. I am in withdrawl. I think it is time for a nice shopping event.
    Good luck with the jell-time. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing the Sock Summit.

  50. Oh, hang in there Stephanie! You’re doing a fabulous job… we all appreciate you… you’ll be okay… (trying to be encouraging here).
    I am in the same boat right now – 4 projects unfinished, one with a deadline a few days away, and no time to work on them, at the same time as a major work crunch requiring many more hours of work than usual, at the same time as my partner is in a work crunch (piano teacher – and it’s recital time) and another work crunch (big concert, many recitals), at the same time as we got hit with lice (at least two of the four of us affected, plus the doubling of household chores that it entails, not to mention the huge “ick” factor), at the same time as the flu bug hit us too (hopefully not swine flu!) and removed any sleep we were actually managing to get. Whew – when I write it all out like that I want to grab my knitting and some wine and chocolate, and steal away to some rock where no one can find me.

  51. The problem with the older, neglected knitting projects are the time it takes to reaquaint yourself with them when you do want to pick them up again. All the little adjustments and accomodations that have been made for the pattern, yarn, and the intended recipient (and who was that anyway?) have not been jotted down on a slip of paper and shoved in the bag with the project, so it turns into a time consuming puzzle of where you are and what you are doing.

  52. Lissa at 4:22: I have the same issue. Telling a 2 year old not to grab the yarn is like putting up a big roadside sign that says “FREE YARN, COME AND STEAL IT!”

  53. Ok. Love all the projects you pictured. But, you have just added another project to my growing list. The Miralda Shawl. Oh, my…beautiful. I have the yarn in my stash…I am off to get the book and get started on it. (crazed laugh as I run out the door..haha)Oh, yeah your post was about finishing projects..oh, well.

  54. Oh, I think you might have just thrown me a thought as to why I am so crabby lately…
    Can I possibley put off the grocery store for another day and knit. No? Ok, how about this – I’ll take the grocery list and the knitting in the car, hit the Starbucks drivethru, and knit in the parking lot while ostensibly looking over the list? It’s a plan, man.

  55. Steph, here’s the secret to organizing and surviving big events — get an assistant! Get one that is really into managing the details and you will get your life back. Life is too short not to have adequate knitting time.

  56. I have startitis, along with chronic I-want-to-knit-stuff-for-my-friends-itis. I currently have 8 projects on the needles, 3 more that need to be on the needles shortly, and only 2 of those are classified as being in “hibernation.” I’m also joining a sock KAL. With all of these projects, one of my friends actually asked me if I was having personal problems because she hadn’t seen me.
    I hope you get more knitting time! Oh, and you totally made my day today. ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. I looked for a job all winter long and I find it. I’m proud! I start on May 25th and I know that after that, I will be lucky if I have, euhhh, 20 minutes per day. Oh lร  lร , I must start right now my summer projects if I want to wear them for August lol!

  58. I went back to school this past fall. Same thing happened to me. I had to put a bunch of projects away – like out of sight, in a box and do really easy knitting. This real life stuff is killer.

  59. Your house too? I had this exact same epiphany a few days ago, flopping down at 11 pm and realizing there was no way I had 12 rows of lace left in me. Who switched on the knitting time vacuum? And how do we switch it off?

  60. The cabled cardigan reminds me of the River-something sweaters you and Ken knitted each other near the beginning of your blog, if memory serves. Anyway, a thought: the Sock Summit preps are temporary; just wait till you get to actually enjoy the days! It’ll all be worth it.

  61. Given the current level of media hysteria over the swine flu, I have a hard time thinking of ANYTHING that could be scarier. So you go knit, Ms. Harlot. And if you feel that ordering in pizza instead of cooking dinner might just save a few more lives, you go ahead and do that, too.

  62. I agree with the other commenter (is that a word) who was absolutely amazed that you e-mailed back personally about a comment I had made. I was thrilled. I still can’t get your 2009 tour info downloaded, but I’m sure it’s MY inadequacies not your suggestions. I really appreciated the e-mails. I’m a multi-project knitter, too and understand the need to balance this and the need to finish. I cannot believe how much you accomplish…now please let me into your class at Sock Summit so I can knit faster! (I promise to bake you something amazing if I get in…!)

  63. I am feeling the same way. I normally have about 10 projects going at the same time, and it is totally cool. Since I have been so busy, however, I haven’t been able to get any of these projects off the needles, so the idea of starting a project that will just sit in a pile makes me sad.

  64. I think I see the problem: you live too far north. See, as you get closer to the poles, the circumfrence of the Earth is smaller, so it takes less time for that part of the world to complete a day. If you move south, the world is wider around and the days are longer. That’s why my workday is thirty-seven hours long.
    *snicker* I’ll be ordering my membership in Rationalizations ‘R’ Us now…

  65. Just remember there are lots of us out here in blogland who are doing their best to help psychically. We are sending as many good knitting vibes your way as we can. I just wish there was a way we could give you our knitting time the way some folks share vacation/sick time with co-workers. All the projects look great and you’ll get to them eventually. It’s the eventually that’s hard to take. Hugs, Alice

  66. Sounds like knitting time with small kids in the house.
    Hopefully the universe will regain its balance again soon.

  67. Hi Steph, I have been experiencing less knitting time for the last two years that I have been in nursing school and it has been really hard! I am graduating in two weeks and the thing I am looking forward to most (besides a paycheck!) is my knitting time back! Good luck getting through this busy time.

  68. I don’t dare actually count what’s on the needles. It might scare me off from beginning the next project. Why is there always a next project anyway? There always is. More yarn, too. Why is that?

  69. So, in light of this post I really wish I had posted this *yesterday* before your UFOs were threatening to collapse on you, but I’m shameless so here goes anyway.
    We are so excited that you are coming to the Dallas area!
    I organize a knitting group (one of few in this area, I can tell you, coming from Northeast Wool Country) in McKinney TX. The day you are here marks the end of our first charity knit-a-long supporting our local NICU and Project Linus.
    If you felt moved to knit a tiny hat or blanket for the preemies, or something larger for the Local Project Linus recipients, we would be so honored.
    I’ve put the link to our Charity post above.
    BIG fan.

  70. I’m with you, dude. I’m so busy right now that all I can do is thank the gods that I ended up with a professor who thinks it’s funny that I knit in class. Hence, class has become my knitting time. Strange twist, that one.

  71. Oh my I just realized if you’re a harlot for casting on a 1/2 dozen projects at a time and having a go at them…. then I must be the happy hooker for my wip’s number a dozen!

  72. I started a Hand-spun yarn business because I loved to spin, now I hardly ever get to spin (months and months would pass without spinning).
    As part of my de-stress program I’ve made time in the morning to do one bobbin’s worth of spinning. I’m also going to Physical Therapy. Both are certainly helping stress! Of course now I have to have all my teeth capped due to the several years of not dealing with stress.
    I’m really looking forward to the Sock Summit, however I think everyone that comes into contact with me is really looking forward to the Sock Summit being over. Is three days enough time to enjoy all the fun? Although I’m not even suggesting it be made longer, just wondering how to stop time while we are there! Good luck knitting!

  73. If I don’t get to knit each and every day I find myself grumpy and fidgety and unable to sit still for a minute. I can’t watch TV without knitting in my lap-or ride in the car(I actually get alot of easy knitting done that way) or talk on the phone. It is like if I am not knitting while doing every other thing I get foggy and even somewhat stupid.
    And those knitters that only do 1 project at a time-and don’t buy “stash” yarn are an egnima to me, but I do admire their restraint. I have none-I know I would be a rageing Alcoholic or dope fiend if I couldn’t knit because I am definitly an obsessive personality that doesn’t know the meaning of moderation. Currently on the needle at my house(not counting some UFO’s hidden away) is
    (drumroll) 13-and I just started an entrelac scarf on size 3’s that I made on size 9’s just to see what the yarn would do on smaller needles.

  74. It’s only in the throes of enacting a brave and audacious concept that you get to wondering what the *&^%$ you were thinking when you thought up said brave and audacious concept. And Sock Summit is a Brave and Audacious Concept, make no mistake. I’m coming, all the way from Denver. I’m bringing a whack of friends. Say these words to yourself: “I believe it will be splendid…” And it will be. It’ll be sockalicious. Socktastic. Sockadelic. When it’s done, you’ll know it was worth it, because Planet Sock will have more citizens.

  75. of course! that’s the answer! it all makes so much sense. thank you! i no longer have to feel bad about too many projects and non-completion! it’s all about the shortage of knitting TIME! whew! i am soooooooo relieved. at last, someone who understands. it’s so rewarding to meet like-minded people. ๐Ÿ™‚

  76. OK, so I guess I shouldn’t feel guilty that I can’t see either my coffee table or my console table because both are covered/surrounded by knitting projects and patterns and books…

  77. I’m surprised you only have four things “on the needles” (in other words, that you actually knit on). I would have thought it would be more. I think I have at least six.
    I have to point out about the Swine Flu: I hardly ever watch T.V. (and probably wouldn’t watch much news if I did, being a teenager) and so when my friend mentioned it I had no idea what she was talking about. I looked it up on wikipedia, and it said that the strain of it that had caused the epidemic in the U.S. only caused mild symptoms for a few days and then went away. It doesn’t sound very dangerous to me. What’s everybody freaked out about?

  78. I’ve had the same epiphany, I’ve never minded having many projects going at anyone time though I sort of have a rule about having two of the same kind of projects going, (with the occasional exception for socks), I’ll have one sweater, one blanket, one lace project, one scarf, one plain garter stitch project, etc, etc, etc. But when it occurrs to me that I don’t seem to be getting anywhere with my projects it’s usually because I haven’t been putting in the time with them. Mostly it happens when I don’t have the blocks of time I need to get reaquainted with the projects.
    I try not to let it bother me too much, I tend to get philosophical, When my life gets complicated my knitting gets simpler. When my life gets simpler then my knitting gets more complicated.

  79. Yes, I am always grumpy if I don’t get at least 30 minutes a day. I’ve told people this, but they don’t seem to “get” it.

  80. How do you keep track of where you are on these projects? And what if you run out of yarn on something you started two years ago? I am a mono-knitter (One ‘Til Done) only because I live in fear I will run out of yarn for the project I am working on. So I scurry around knitting constantly whenever I can.
    I just told my husband I was commenting about the post where you have several items on the needle – which sounds like a drug problem now that I think of it…. Well,anyway, Steph, he called you a “greedy little guinea pig”! That’s OK Steph, he calls me that too after most trips to the yarn shop…. Think of it as an endearment…

  81. Mmmm, cupcakes.
    I just finished a bunch of projects in 3 weeks and panicked because I realized I didn’t have anything else in the works or planned.
    That was a stash dive, I tell you.

  82. Well at least you CAN knit. I broke my arm last week. So now I’m home with endless hours of time free.. my stash sits looking at me; my 10 projects wait half finished; my spinning wheel is collecting dust. And I just want to SCREAM!!! I need a knitting release!!! I’m considering my toes.. maybe I could knit with my feet…

  83. Oh yes please – knitting time mustn’t evaporate to that extent…that is what drives everything else. My fingers and eyes would feel cheated (as well I’d be feeling lost-ish and grumpy)if I put fabulous knitting experiences together for others and I ignored the very bits that brought me wooly joy. I’m so grateful you commenced ‘knitting-detective’ until the proper conclusion was established – must knit more and not just in frenzied ‘have to’ time, but gracious deep breathing knitting time.

  84. I was curious so I googled the tag and after much searching discovered that some bags tags had written in French “We apologize for the president. We did not vote for him” Hope that helps those who were as curious as I was ๐Ÿ™‚ poor Stephanie!!

  85. Oh boy! You make me feel so normal the way you have all those things on the go at once. I have been hiding the fact that I do that too. Hope your knitting time gets better soon. I know it will be an awesome Sock Summit and you will feel rewarded when it is all over.

  86. Well, I was going to say what you have on the needles right now is nothing. I’ve got 3 cardigans, at least 6 socks, 2 lace shawls. and a hat on the needles. At least that I am aware of. Oh make that 4 cardigans. But that wasn’t this real issue. I can totally relate to the lack of knitting time. Mine seems to have totally evaporated in the last 2 months.

  87. ok, good. I feel better about what I planned to cast on tonight now. Two lace projects at a time is no crime.

  88. Maybe you could get one of those gizmos that when you talk it types. This would free your hands to knit while working on the computer.

  89. It’s a public safety issue…. how true.
    I think you better go write yourself up a prescription:
    Knitting x4 daily for preventative measures
    Knitting as needed to restore sanity

  90. I was wondering when that would happen. I have friends who’ve arranged various events,(though none were even close to being as large as the Sock Summit) and they had a similar experience. I feel that way during Dyeing Season, which for me is generally starts sometime in early April and runs at least until the end of October. I get so busy that I don’t have any time to spend spinning at all, in fact I barely have time for my normal chores. Towards the end of May I usually start to get pretty cranky so my family will tell me to go and spend 30 minutes spinning. I love knitting, but it takes more brain power and concentration for me so spinning is my stress reliever. After a little bit of quality time with my wheel, I’m my usual happy self again. Just that little bit of time spent spinning will change my whole outlook on things. After spinning I’m calm, centered, reorganized, and re-energized. I’m always amazed at how much better I feel, and my family is very relieved to have me back to my normal happy self, at least for a little while. So now I try to remember to take just a little time out of every day to spin and make myself happy. It definitely sounds like you need to do this too. I know that sometimes 30 minutes sounds like way too much time, so maybe try 15 minutes of knitting. When I spin during Dye Season, I set a timer, and then ignore everything for that time, including the phone. (Unless there is an emergency of course. For me, a emergency involves copious amounts of blood, or a fire, or some other type of catastrophe.) If it’s not an emergency, then it can wait until my timer goes off. Good luck on your mission! I hope that you can make a little bit of knitting time for yourself. When you do manage it, don’t feel guilty about it. Remember, that it’s better to knit for a little bit than it is to spend time in jail because you just snapped one day and bit everyone you came in contact with LOL! Besides, I hear that the yarn selection in jail isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!!! Thanks for all your hard work.

  91. I know the feeling! I knit for mental health and control of anger. My children do not understand this, as they try to fill my Friday nights (knitting Group) when they want me to babysit the grands, Saturdays (knitting group)and Sundays with activities. They don’t understand that when you work 60+ hours a week you do need intensive knitting time on the Weekends (i.e: I knit so that I do not kill people ~ except for those who interfere with my knitting time!!)

  92. Oh, doesn’t it just make your fingers itch, can’t wait to be knitting again, now lets see, what’s happening on Sunday…..?

  93. The only flaw in that 4-projects-in-two months logic is, if knit serially, rather than concurrently, one can be wearing the socks and the sweater, and somebody else can be wearing the other socks, while one finishes up the shawl.
    Who else is finding it ironic that planning a knitting event has left Steph no time to knit?
    Stephanie: Go knit. Life is short.
    Knitters are forgiving, understanding and kind. Whether the summit comes off absolutely perfect (hah!) or has a few ragged edges, will make little difference to the quality of the summit experience.
    But Steph, if you are in a sweater with wraparound arms by summit time…well, that’s just unacceptable. Solicit help for the cr@p part of summit planning. And go knit. Seriously.

  94. I always attest that knitting keeps me sane. That icon that’s floating around (I don’t know where the quote came from): I knit so I do not kill people. Soooooo true.
    The Summit is all worth it though, right?

  95. Welcome to my world, where knitting time evaporates before you realize it!
    Does this mean that there will be no KAL like the Olympic party? Or mystery shawls?
    Because every time you propose something like that, I join in. Then, you have your magic fairies come in with dinner and wine…and, after a couple of late night knitting parties, everything is done.
    And I plod to work each day getting further and further behind…
    But, think what a blow out Portland will be if you have been restrained that long…=}

  96. My biggest complaint about yarn and fabric stores…nobody sells time! Maybe I am shopping in the wrong places does any one know where I can find time?

  97. Oh my gosh maybe that is what’s wrong with me, I don’t have enough stuff on needles!

  98. My “too many” is not so much projects on needles, but pattern with the sizing all marked out in bags with the wool, a swatch and a description of what size needles to use. I get to that stage and then feel I have the project “ready to go”. I think I have about 20 projects set up, although I only have 4 being knit. I also have a tonne of patterns I want to knit, which, if I still like the pattern after a year or so, it almost becomes a sweater I have, as I take the pattern out, look at it, think about type of wool, colour, modifications I would make etc., yet never get it going.

  99. I think you hit the nail on the head right there. Less knitting time is all it takes for something normally manageable to feel like a huge slog, because we normally count how long it takes us to finish something in days and if you cut the knitting time to less than half the number of days just skyrockets!
    I am terribly grateful that I did a lot of crafting for the show I’m in. I got my knitting time and I don’t have to keep any of the end products, so I have a bit more space to keep stuff!

  100. I recommend getting a basket and filling it with the most luscious yarns you have. Keep it by your desk and even when you can’t knit, pet the yarn. Let the frustrations be soaked up in the yarn. It helps. Really.

  101. The Gansey!!! I enjoy your blog and keep up with it and haven’t heard of the gansey for quite some time. I thought I missed the fianally! I’m about to start one for my brother from handspun and would love an update on yours for encouragement.

  102. Just keep on knitting. Even one row at a time here and there adds up eventually! That’s how my Perpetual Manos got finished. And that’s how the stockinette snoozefest that is my daughter’s sweater in progress is going to get finished.

  103. *pops over to the Tom Bihn website and orders one of those amazing sock bags*
    Thanks so much for the tip, Steph!

  104. I get little bits done waiting for stoplights, trains, etc. With a full time job and a 1 year-old grandbaby at home, teaching knitting classes (can’t always knit then)…it does get hard to find blocks of knitting time. I know what you mean about stuff not getting done. I put an alpaca sweater into hibernation for the summer so that I could work on summery things, and wonder if they’ll get done before it’s too late to wear them and it’s time to get the alpaca out again! Hang in there Steph–just remember you are doing a great thing for knittingkind with the Sock Summit. A few minutes here and there does add up. Maybe put a skein of something nice around your neck as a talisman of sorts. Let the yarny goodness soak in ๐Ÿ™‚

  105. I am the opposite, I think.
    I prefer to only have one or two, MAYBE three (if I’m feeling especially daring) projects on the needles at one time.
    I like to finish things, and then start on new ones.
    This forces me to:
    1. Actually finish what I start
    2. Have something to look forward to (new projects)
    But I’m new to knitting… who knows. I might change!

  106. I do not think you have many projects on the needles. Really. They seemed far too few for a person like you. I have many more on the go at the moment and I am perfectly happy taking up one or the other whenever I feel like it.

  107. Sure makes me feel better to see you have so many projects on needles. Now you have made me want to buy yet another knitting bag!!!!!

  108. The thing is (and I haven’t read all the comments, so I’m sorry if someone has already said this)that knitting is more than your hobby, and even more than a public safety issue: it’s fundamental to your work. Therefore, you need to be able to give it the kind of priority you would give other parts of your job, before you run out of things to write about.
    When I faced a similar tension (read, profound conflict)between work and housework and rejuvenation-time, I scrutinized the budget and found enough for someone to clean my house every other week. It works out very well: the lovely person I found has work that she wouldn’t have had; I get a clean house every other week and let it trash itself in between; and it’s not nearly as expensive as you would think, if you consider what your time is worth. Just something to think about.
    Meanwhile, all the sympathy in the world!

  109. i took my mom to her cardiologist appointment, and he noted that i’m always knitting. he said he wasn’t patient enough to knit. i told him i knit so i don’t kill people. then i told him that i also knit everywhere because i’m not patient enough to just sit there (i had been knitting in the waiting room while listening to a book tape on my mp3 player; i’m also an unrepentant multi-tasker).
    i’m much calmer when i knit. i’ve had my kids tell me to pick up the needles,lol!

  110. We should ALL be allowed to knit on the job. When I work from home, I take frequent breaks to knit a few rows… it keeps me from saying and doing things to certain co-workers that I would no doubt regret. also, Socks don’t count when considering how many WIPS you have.

  111. My knitting time just doubled because I’ve injured my knee and can’t go dancing! So I’ve settled down to REALLY memorizing the basic sock pattern. Since I memorize stitch patterns easily, I can then put the two together and drag socks anywhere!
    The cats are thrilled I’m sitting so much, but I’m nervously waiting until my knee surgeon gets back from vacation and takes a look.
    Embrace the change and remember it’s only temporary, and will probably get easier every time you do it. Just like learning socks!

  112. I originally hesitated about trying to order you around (I mean, you’re an adult… I am not the boss of you… yadda yadda yadda…) but SERIOUSLY.
    If a lady named the Yarn Harlot can’t find time to knit?! Then we are all in trouble.
    Do it for all of us. Cut back on the work & knit. In the interest of full disclosure, Sock Summit isn’t in the cards for me this year so I’m not emotionally invested in the love, sweat, and tears you’re pouring into it, but still… Go knit.
    That’s an order. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  113. Melissa is right, we do all need knitting time.
    I feel for your current lack of knitting time, I really do—but your current schedule is pretty similar to my normal one. It explains why I’m a project knitter, don’t you think? I’d never finish anything if I cast on everything I wanted to.
    Go. Knit. Be happy. Someday I hope to emulate you!

  114. Having several projects on the go keeps me from getting burned out. If I had to actually finish something before I started the next, it would probably take me much longer. Knitting when you’re sick-to-death of a project is like pulling teeth!

  115. Knit lots, feel better.
    I’m having a bout of startitis that is mainly mittens. Just in time for spring ; )

  116. Dude! I can totally relate! It seems like the more conscientious I am with my writing, the more my queue gets deeper, longer, and more despondent… I’m with you.
    I’m ditching the computer RIGHT NOW to go knit for a while!

  117. I’m sorry to welcome you to the real world! I carry my knitting with me everywhere, but it’s more as a security blanket than with any hope of putting hands to needles.
    (But maybe, if I start thinking of my knitting time as a public safety issue, things could change>)

  118. “If this keeps up, I could become a danger to society that makes the swine flu look like a cupcake party.” I live in the SF BayArea, CA. I so laughed out loud when I read that!! I do feel your pain. I recently started a Master Spinner Program and all I do is homework. I am missing my knitting and getting cranky. Last night I sat down to knit on a shawl that should be finished by now(one of a dozen WIP’s) and it was so very soothing! Make time to knit, it will save everyone in the house from an untimely u hmm accident, LOL!

  119. Is that all? Congratulations on keeping your startitis under control.
    I’ve got boxes and boxes of things on needles. Clothing I started 25 years and 4 dress sizes ago. Bedspreads I’m never going to finish but in the first flush of enthusiasm I knit 7 out of 363 squares and if I call it quits what’ll I do with the bit I’ve done? Baby clothes intended for relatives who are now having kids of their own.
    Joe’s gansey is a youngster by comparison.

  120. Very timely as I cast on 4 projects in 2 days and now have 14 OTN and feel the pressure intensely. There is just too much good stuff out there!

  121. Yay, the lack of knitting time really sucks and makes me cranky too. I wish I could figure out how to get a few more minutes into my day. When you get that all worked out, let me know. Thanks.

  122. I wish I could have more than one or two things on the needles! I’ve been looking and thinking about casting on a third project for weeks now, and cannot bring myself to do it! I don’t know why; as if someone else would notice that I’ve started something; as if it’s better to just have all the yarn laying around here not on the needles?

  123. Jen and Lissa,
    The secret to dealing with 2-year-olds is to give them their OWN yarn! Take them to the store and let them pick out something of their very own, that they can do as they please with, and in return they must leave yours alone.
    It worked for mine ~ hope it helps you, too!

  124. I’ll bite. What does the tag say??
    I usually have no more than 3 projects otn, and right now I only have 2 (but they are both sweaters, no socks at the moment). I am experiencing something else, though. It’s not quite the same as startitis, but I have been going online and ordering stuff a lot more than usual lately. I can resist for a long time, but lately I have caved in 4 times in just a few days. Is it orderitis? Or webshopitis? I’m not uncomfortable with the amount of projects underway, but I’m a little bit nervous about the ever-growing stash. Then I just realized I’m doing my patriotic duty to help the economy, and it’s also a form of saving for retirement.

  125. I’ll bite. What does the tag say??
    I usually have no more than 3 projects otn, and right now I only have 2 (but they are both sweaters, no socks at the moment). I am experiencing something else, though. It’s not quite the same as startitis, but I have been going online and ordering stuff a lot more than usual lately. I can resist for a long time, but lately I have caved in 4 times in just a few days. Is it orderitis? Or webshopitis? I’m not uncomfortable with the amount of projects underway, but I’m a little bit nervous about the ever-growing stash. Then I just realized I’m doing my patriotic duty to help the economy, and it’s also a form of saving for retirement.

  126. Having less knitting time sucks. I hope you manage to recapture some soon. For your own sake, as well as for those you love.

  127. Perhaps this will help. Years ago I read an article that said everyone has a personal multi-tasking number, the number of things you can comfortably have on the go. The average is seven, which is why phone numbers were originally seven digits long, but it varies considerably and I’m guessing yours will be higher because you’re used to multi-tasking. (Mine is eleven but I had an employee whose number was one!) The interesting thing is your performance doesn’t degrade gradually as you add things to your list, as you might expect. Rather when you add one more thing to your to-do list than your comfortable number, your efficiency and ability to cope do a lemming dive over the cliff onto the rocks below. If your number is seven, then eight is as bad as twenty.
    So, figure out your number. I was sceptical at first but it’s pretty clear. Take things off the list till it seems manageable. Keep your A-list under the comfort number and everything else gets temporarily deferred or deleted or delegated. When you finish some things you move more onto the active list. If you have a lot coming at you, it’s helpful to keep the list a few short of the cutoff number so you don’t have to be shuffling all the time.
    Knitting that’s mental health/R&R doesn’t count as a to-do item, but if it has a deadline then it goes on the list. Good luck.

  128. Stephanie, your projects are beautiful. I’m glad you have all those projects on the needles! I’m knitting vicarously through you! I have 2 projects going but a whole lot of yarn! As my yoga teacher says, real or imagined. Happy knitting to all of us!

  129. Um… yes. The knitting ADHD syndrome. Have more than a bit of that myself. Can’t seem to walk by a nice sock yarn. And there are some sweaters lurking — not to mention the lace weight if I ever get up the nerve for the shawl.
    That said, I was thinking how much your current schedule resembles that of a teacher during the school year. Yep, we get the summer holidays, but when you are in a coma for the first two-three weeks, the charm is a bit different.
    Here’s wishing you luck with the pacing of life and more knitting. [Either that or I’m looking for the Harlot equivalent of ‘Knitaflu’ vaccine to send your way….]

  130. I don’t have too many things going, but have some to finish. I have a friend(a cross-stitcher which was my obsession before I discovered knitting) who would tell her husband that stitching was cheaper than therapy! Taking time for hobbies saves your sanity and makes you soooo much easier to live with!

  131. Okay. I tweeted this the other day. But I’m going to say it again. You need a VA. Seriously. You are a knitter. It is your lifestyle, your hobby, your business. And if you don’t have time to knit, there is something seriously wrong.
    You need to work out what could be done by someone else and pay them to do it. Seriously. This is important.
    You can access a whole directory of possible people here Or write a personal ad on the blog for a kick ass knitter who also has kickass database skills or who would love to sort your e-mail and deal with teh routine stuff so you can do the really important stuff, or whatever.
    I know I am a bully. But seriously. if you have no time to knit there is something wrong.

  132. I must have at least fifteen projects on the knittles. At least. I’m actively working on three, ok, maybe four. It’s not such a bad thing. I’ve been having huge fits of finish-itis. This is quite amusing to me. It’s such a rare feeling for me.

  133. I had that same epiphany a few days ago. I’ve been home with my kids for the last 9 years and recently have returned to school. Needless to say my knitting time has declined! BUT I seem to keep going at the same rate I used to in starting a new project. It’s like my mind hasn’t caught up to the fact that just since it’s been 3 Weeks since I cast on whatever, I have not had the same knitting time in those 3 weeks as before. Also I get bored with a project when it’s been on the needles as long as it would’ve taken me to finish it before.
    I thought school was supposed to make me smarter

  134. I absolutely laughed out loud when you said lack of knitting time may be a danger to society, I could not agree more as I feel that way myself. No knitting time = crazy Mother. ๐Ÿ˜‰ This last summer when my daughter was a newbie with severe reflux and cried a lot (esp. in the evening), I would walk up and down the block with her in the wrap knitting knitting knitting so my sanity remained intact. I’m sure the neighbors were concerned for me… but little did they know… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  135. LynneW – yes, you’re right. I’ve discovered that already… gave him some scraps and he flopped around the yard with them for an hour while I knitted. It was great!

  136. Wow. i know what you mean about the not knitting. I’ve been so busy that I don’t really remember working on the project that sits on my desk, next to me as I work.

  137. I was going to chime in with a “hey me too” even though what I’m organizing isn’t as big as Sock Summit, and then I read the comments. Is it something to do with the season change? About 80% of comments say, “Hey, me too!”

  138. i periodically go thru your “purging” desires… but i have found that a day or two cures it *wink!*…..i do think the summit is perhaps trying to eat you alive tho…remember this knitting equals sanity… so have a time out occasionally and knit for a few…. It was evident that you were way toooooooooooooooo zoomy yesterday when your list contained 2 #8’s!!!!!!!!

  139. Wow. I never would have thought that you would consider 4 projects “too much”! I never even count my “carry around socks”. One of these days I will get the chance to take your “knitting for efficiency” class; you manage to ge through so much more knitting than I ever can!

  140. I say find a nice bridge and hide under it with all your projects… just for a day. No family, no phones, no computers… just knit!
    I think though it seems to be a trend lately; too many projects and not enough time!

  141. Well analyzed, I must say. And now that you have it figured out, I am certain it has scared the crap out of anyone you live with. They should do everything within their powers to help open up more knitting time for you, because you are a great big powder keg waiting to be thrown up on everyone within a 100 yard radius and lit. As we say around here when things go awry, “Run for your life, head for the hills, hit the dirt …”
    Knit woman, knit … knit like there’s no tomorrow!
    ๐Ÿ™‚ firefly

  142. And I have the opposite problem. Suddenly, I find I only have ONE thing on the needles and I don’t like it, so nothing else is getting started. Not sure how this happened. Suddenly, I’m monogamous! I need to pick up something quick, and simple — just to keep my fingers agile, you understand. I might lose my touch! ๐Ÿ™‚

  143. As another working mom I know that time might not just re-appear. You should consider voice recognition software to free up your hands during computer time.

  144. As Joseph Campbell said: Follow your bliss. And by bliss, I mean KNITTING.

  145. Stefanie, ever since I discovered you I have been amazed at how much you knit, and then heard about the “while on the phone, while on the computer” what a great use of time! I just don’t know how you physically do it: do you have a headpiece?
    I have been known to knit on the loo, that’s how desperate I get for a few minutes on the needles…xxa

  146. I only skimmed to see if you found out what the red yarn was yet. I didn’t see it, so I’ll answer! My husband bought the SAME yarn in the SAME color from Creatively Dyed at Rhinebeck. It is called “Luxury” and is 80% Merino, 10% Cashmere, and 10% Nylon. (Ooh… this is important: It doesn’t say superwash and the washing instructions say “hand wash”.) The colorway is called “Queen”, which I gave my husband a whole lot of crap about. :^D (Mostly because I was jealous I didn’t see it first.)

  147. Life does get in the way of the knitting schedule – it’s a sad fact all knitters have to l ive with! That said, how you get through all the knitting you do, as well as all the other stuff like writing, touring, summit-organising AND running a house and keeping a family amazes me every time I log on to the blog!
    You go girl – you’re doing a fine job, you deserve to sit and knit a while!

  148. I have the Swift bag, love it to death, it was my carry-on and purse since the day it arrived til my son was born (7 months) when it was promoted to diaper bag. No it is not really big enough for a diaper+toys+knitting bag, so it is taking a vacation right now. But it really is that terrific.
    I did not know about the tags. A bit disappointed as it is like Ella Fitzgerald’s manager pulling a Britney Spears stunt to get better publicity. The Swift + stuff sack combo doesn’t need gimmicks to sell itself, it’s quality and clever design through and through.

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