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  1. The weird thing is I just posted something very similar in my own blog…I wonder what the knitting community can do for her family?

  2. I can’t imagine what her family must be feeling. My sympathies go out to them. They are in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. All my best wishes to Kay and her family. It makes you realise how precious the time we have with our loved ones is. I’m going to call my dearest ones now and remember to tell them how much they mean to me.

  4. I always find it sadder when something like this happens to someone who works so hard to make others laugh. My sincerest condolences to Kay and her family.

  5. I am not able to finish anything for Afghans for Afghans in Peter’s memory, but I will make a donation to MSF. What a terrible shame. Thanks for letting us know.

  6. Thank you, Stephanie for letting us know of this. I wonder if others of TheBlog will knit squares for Afghans for Afghans as Kay has requested. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a huge truckload of squares in Peter’s memory? I think so. Caring thoughts for Kay and her family.

  7. i came to this blog by way
    of kay and ann and the right
    side of the page and the links
    i have been delighted
    to”meet” so many fine careing
    and gifted people
    we are indeed a fine communty

  8. I too have stood where Kay is right now. My thoughts and prayers are with her. I found it’s not actually true that ‘time heals all wounds’ but time does allow you to live on and find happiness again in spite of those wounds. It’s a long journey and I sincerely hope her ‘time’ will come sooner than she thinks it ever could. Good friends are a godsend, and it seems she has as many as she could ever hope for. All my hopes.

  9. Oh my gosh, I am stunned. My heart goes out to Kay and her family. I love the Mason-Dixon blog and those girls feel like friends. We are thinking of you Kay.

  10. I’m so sorry to learn of Kay’s loss. All other things are trivial at this point for sure. She will be in my thoughts and prayers. Please pass on my thoughts.

  11. I was alerted to the sad news by a post that Annie made. I am feeling so sad for Kay!!! Reminds us all to give our special someone an extra hug today eh?
    love you Steph
    BTW your abbreviated blog statement shows the class that you have.

  12. This is very sad news.
    Afghans for Afghans is collecting squares for blankets in Peter’s honour. I will be collecting and sewing up 12 Canadian squares, so if you want to send one along, please go to the Fans of Afghans for Afghans ravelry page and sign up.

  13. I just saw this elsewhere — what a terrible tragedy. I went and gave my husband a hug. Thanks for posting about this.

  14. To Kay, Heart felt condolences to you and your family. Listen and watch for signs that he is still around. Our loved ones do let us know that they are still around. I want to share a poem by Emily Dickinson that helped me when my son died.
    And if I go, while you’re still here… know that I live on, vibrating to a different neasure behind a thin veil you cannot see through. You will not see me, so you must have faith. I wait for the time when we can soar together again, both aware of each other. Until then, live your life to its fullest and when you need me, just whisper my name in your heart,… I will be there.
    So sorry for your loss.

  15. I’ve read the comments so far and now I know where to go on Ravelry to make my donation. Maybe someone attending SS09 can set up another KAL/block donation for A4A like the Barn Raising squares for MSF/DWB.
    I leave my hugs and prayers here for Kay & family and all the other folks hit by this loss.

  16. My heart goes out to Kay and her family. Unfortunately, I can relate all too well as I sit here in the Oncology ward with my beautiful, but critically ill daughter. I appreciate every minute I have with her. Take care, fellow knitters.

  17. What a sad announcement. Thank you for letting us know. I cannot imagine how hard this must be for them

  18. Oh, no!!! Oh how awful! Thanks for the heads up and ohmygod. I’ll pray hard.

  19. Whatever the loss, sharing the pain eases the pain, gives amazing support throughout the universe and gives us time and opportunity to pause.

  20. Oh…my heart is sinking. I will go write to her now. Thank you for sharing the news about one of us.

  21. This has truly been a rough month for a lot of folks. My own grandmother passed away last week, and my husband’s uncle died tonight (both after considerable age and illness), and now poor Kay. I can’t think of a better community to be a part of in times like this, though.
    We love you and yours, Kay. Stay strong.

  22. My thoughts are with Kay and her family. May she grow strong as the need arises and find comfort from wherever it comes.
    Yeah, what was so important -like a ranting blog- immediately becomes so unimportant. Perspective.

  23. My sympathy to Kay and her family. I hope the wonderful memories she has of life with him will give her strength to carry on through life without him.

  24. So, send love and prayers and hugs to Kay and her family and knit something for Afghans for Afghans or our favorite charity in Peter’s memory. I’m headed for my stash right now.

  25. I was so sorry to hear the news and just sent Kay a note. I have been in this terrible place too, and Dustoffmom couldn’t have said it better.

  26. I know you are always busy, but do you know someone who could coordinate a blanket drive in Peter’s honor? You do a great job of inspiring people and it would mean a lot to many of us to be part of a group effort to do something positive for Kay and Ann and their families. I know we can send individually to Afghans for Afghans, but a community effort would be very meaningful. Just an idea. Thanks.

  27. Nora You are awesome…a great Idea!!!
    A blanket drive in Peter’s honor…giving comfort for those who suffer every day! Maybe that could give some comfort to Kay…that people care about her, and the causes she cares about too!!
    Hoorah Nora!!!

  28. I haven’t been able to get his death off my mind. I keep thinking about it knowing that one day it will be own husbands turn. Kay’s husband was young, younger than 60! I think about her and her children, barely in high school if even that old and it’s just too soon. What a hole it must leave behind.

  29. I have a sweater in the same situation that I’ve stalled on completely…I’ll frog it later.

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