Rest day

My suitcase finally showed up last night, which was very good news. I wasn’t particularly bummed about losing the clothes, but there’s some really good knitting/yarn/fibre stuff in there that would have broken my heart to lose. I was going to show you all that, plus everything that I knit while I was away, but I woke up this morning with a miserable cold (Flying and travel. Does it every time) and I fly again on Sunday, so I’m taking a part of a day off. I’m making tea, I’m using what little energy I have to have to do a few Sock Summit things with Tina (did you hear? Registration is Tuesday and I got up all of the homework and materials lists on the individual classes) and then, then I think I am going to do the only reasonable thing for a sick knitter to do.


Garter stitch. Plain good garter stitch, in simple good wool.