Keep trying to register. It is not all sold out.. The classes looked like they were full because the server was overwhelmed. It’s not now. Keep checking back.

(Please spread the word. I don’t want people giving up and being sad when there’s no need now.)

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  1. Good job, ST’ers!! Sending you lots of good thoughts…beer o’clock comes early today, methinks.

  2. This must be so frustrating for you guys. You worked so hard! The event will be wonderful regardless.
    I have no idea if I’m registered or not. I got to paypal just as my session expired due to lengthy page reloads and hiccups. Paypal happily took my money but I got no confirmation from sock summit and there’s no way to log in and check. Can’t re-register, if I double pay my account will bounce like a rubber ball. I think I’ll go have some chocolate now. 🙂

  3. Argh! I went back and was able, the second time, to get the classes I wanted. How do I cancel the first set of classes? I’d like to free it up for someone, and I’d also like to be sure I get the classes I want…wah. Sorry, I hope I didn’t bork the system too badly. For me or for anyone else. Sorry for the frantic registering and re-registering!

  4. What is the problem with people not understanding that Yes, There are a Lot of Knitters? They must have thought you did not understand what “a lot” is. You should have told them it was a porn server. Then you would have more room than you know what to do with. Wish I could come…

  5. Never underestimate the power of Stephanie’s advise. I walked away earlier, thoroughly annoyed, having given up on registering after seeing that nearly every class was sold out. Went to the cafeteria to get lunch, came back and checked the blog to see what was what. Upon your recommendation I went back into the SS Registration page and amazingly signed up for four of the classes I wanted. Now Steph, if I can just get you to come to my house and teach the Speed Knitting class, I promise lots of beer and good food for destressing. I’m in Portland, you’re in Portland, it could work!

  6. My first try did not work even after I got my payment info in, but I just tried again and with some rearranging I got the classes I wanted. Whew! So keep trying, there are many great classes still open!

  7. Beer. Or wine. Or zambuca. or all 3. They are yours for this post. I am in. Got all I wanted, plus made it as a vendor with my buddy RAbbitch. Life is good. Hit me up at the sock hop. or wherever. Seriously. Come get your free yarn. Or whatever else you like (except my Grand Daughter)Seriously.

  8. Surely there’s a superknitter who’s also a technogeek? I believe you should be able to find one who will respond to the right kind of bribe. . .
    –Elizabeth D, for whom all of this is abstract, because I can’t go, dammit

  9. Whew! My wife and I were simultaneously registering for sessions and talking on the phone and we got through!
    The rule with servers is that you need four times the number that you can afford, and you need them four months before you can get them online.

  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Steph and Tina, and everyone associated with Sock Summit. A great big SQUEE! was heard all over the Hudson Valley a short while ago.

  11. Someday, when you say “no, really, there are WAY more knitters than you’re aware of” – they’ll believe you. LOL

  12. I know this is coming totally out of the blue, did you ever write up the pattern for the Roving Winds cashmere cowl that you blogged about on January 6th?

  13. Thank you. I did get in – didn’t get in your class that I really really wanted; or Cat’s, but it looks like I’ll be there after all.

  14. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you soooo much for posting this. I was able to register for some classes earlier but didn’t get the one that I wanted and now thanks to this information I was able to get the class that I really wanted!!!

  15. Thanks for all the hard work you guys put in on your end. I wasn’t able to get into any of the (many) classes I had on my list, but I’m hoping that this year’s spectacular registering frenzy means that maybe there will be a next time. Cheers!
    PS – I second (or third or whatever) the motion that you get stats out of your tech people after this is all over. The programmer geek in me wants to know.

  16. Thanks for the heads up – I couldn’t believe it – went in to look at all the sold out signs and there was a whole lot of ‘add to cart’ buttons – got everything I wanted except your class and will be booking the flight from Oz in the morning – how can I sleep now – its 4:55am!

  17. HELP Then … can I fix the classes … I don’t even know what I chose for sure because I got the wrong confirmation list !!! Please, oh please, help…… OMS continue

  18. Thanks for sending me an e-mail to let me know to try again. I’ve gone from bitter despair to overwelming joy now that I’ve gotten a class with Anne Hanson. You guys are awesome! Thank you.

  19. I already tried going in later, and I got everything I wanted except for the Barbara Walker speech. I sent word to a friend, too. Thank you, thank you so much for all the work and effort.
    (Could you, maybe tape the Barbara Walker lecture and sell it as a cd?)

  20. ::dancing around singing:: I’m so glad I’m not a techie anymore, I’m so very very glad!

  21. Steph–what happened with the Madrona registrations two years out of three was not just so many trying to register at once, but that when people waiting hit the ‘refresh’ button, it put them in the same classes two or three or four times, then thought the classes were full. Hope this is not part of your problem, because Suzanne spent weeks sorting it all out! Good luck and thanks for the updates–now I’ll look to see if my number one-four classes might be availbable–did get into number five, but I guess I’m greedy! Thanks for all your hard work–it will be wonderful, you know! Best, randmknitter

  22. Dangnabit! I just got off the phone with my BFF who said she got her classes and they were now all full. I wiped my brow and was relieved the temptation to take a class had passed. After reading this post, what did I do? I went and poked around the site and am now taking a class. Why did you have to have a summit so close to where I live? Sigh. And on a day when I find out the $ we spent on the fridge repair will be refunded by Maytag because of a recall. So I just HAD to have spare $ coming soon. Must be fate, kismet, karma, wool fumes……

  23. What a wonderful bunch knitters are! Just when I had given up, a Ravelry post sent me back and I got into 2 classes I wanted. I am so very happy!!
    Stephanie and Tina-You have done a stupendous job keeping us informed and your support is so very much appreciated. Your caring for your fellow knitters truly shows through.

  24. Dang, the only class my budget would allow and that I really, really wanted to go to was Continental Knitting and it’s all sold out. I’m thinking it’s not the server issue since many of the other classes are available and it’s noon here in Pdx. I hope more of that session can be added–my personal wish fulfillment.

  25. Whew! I am SO glad to hear that. I had given up, but now I was able to get the classes I wanted.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you! (…doing happy dance…)

  26. ::SOB::
    you need to add about 72 more ‘speed knitting’ classes – they sold out in MINUTES and I missed it. I have come to grips with my inability to follow a pattern, insuring project implosion: I cast on to frog (I have t-shirts). But I was really hoping to do it faster, ya know? The faster I get to the frog part, the sooner I get to the ‘eternally hopeful’ part where I just KNOW the next project will go perfectly as imagined…

  27. Well, I figured I missed the boat on the classes so I went drown my sorrows in the dye studio. Just came back and checked and the classes I wanted are full again (sob!). Back to the dye studio…

  28. OMG that was CRAZY town! But, I got pretty much what I wanted. I bet you guys are completely exhausted! Take a nap!!!!

  29. Well, you guys just KEEP being amazing and incredible, and acting like this is totally the normal and expected thing when a very cool knitting forum is on offer: how ELSE will the rest of the world learn?!? =)

  30. Man… what a rush. Going to be hard to go back to work now. Maybe I’ll just bag it and fly high on SS09 vibes for the rest of the day! (Oh, and knit.)
    (I also second the query about cancelling classes signed up for in error when the slot-count was wrong.)

  31. Update: I went back I got lots of the classes I really wanted and am feeling much better now. Of course there are some overlaps with my first attempt but I get those straightened out eventually. I’m keeping my registration #’s even though the site didn’t like my ccv# the second time. Hugs to all of you, Alice

  32. Thank you for all you’ve done, Stephanie. I am going to hold my breath and keep trying to get into classes. Not. Going. to. cry.

  33. Yay! I was able to get a few classes the second time around. Thanks for the heads up!
    Once I got past the server issues, I found the registration page to be very easy to use. I liked the fact that you couldn’t accidentally double-book yourself for a time slot – nice feature! I think you guys did an excellent job designing the site, and hugs for the server stress.

  34. Man, was that a rush! (I’m sure you guys have another word for it…) Excellent work bird-dogging the ITS guy — nice save. Now go and have yourselves a beer or ten, you deserve it!

  35. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Now, what to do about my double-booked classes? I’m sure I’ll figure it out … taking a deep breath first.

  36. Well, I still wasn’t able to get into the classes I wanted. Ah, well. A suggestion for the future? Could you try to work it out so that one person can register more than one person at a time? My mother is a.) on a road trip and b.) sooo not a computer person. If I’d been able to get in, but only get *one* of us in, that would have been really frustrating, too. (We’ll still be coming to check out the market and breathe wool fumes!!)

  37. Stephanie,
    Not sad! Not giving up! Not surprised that the server would crash! Knitters are VERY enthusiastic people. It is going to absolutely fantabulous! Everyone is going to rave about it. Everyone will have so much fun.
    If there were any way I could go… so I will be home knitting socks in solidarity the whole time! The world will be full of sock knitters. There in spirit! Epic!
    Thanks to you and Tina and knitterly vision!

  38. I spent last week at Folklife in Seattle and there were tons of musicians playing all around the Seattle Center because there wasn’t room on the stages. Now I have this image of all these knitters who already bought their plane tickets just showing up at SS09 anyway, not taking any classes but mobbing together…roving packs of feral knitters, high on yarn fumes and server-hate…

  39. WOW… that was super crazy for a while there! I figured that there would be so many people signing up first thing that it would show classes sold out that really weren’t. So… I waited about an hour or so and tried again! And, I got all the classes that I wanted 🙂
    Thank you for all the hard work you have put into this thing so far!!!

  40. Yes, some things are open..but it’s too long of a way to go and too much money to just register for anything that’s available. This was the first event that I had both the time and resources to manage. My own fault for counting on it so much. I know you all worked hard and it will be a huge success. I wish you all well.

  41. YAY!!!! I’m so happy I got into BW’s lecture!
    Thanks Steph, and everyone involved…
    (but tell those IT people that they really gotta take us seriously!)

  42. I am a geek. I work with geeks. They can’t believe that knitting is almost the only thing I do outside of work. They hide their faces when I say I knit. They hide their bodies when I knit in public. No geek could possibly believe that knitters could crash a server. They do believe that sports fans can crash TML Leafs servers (and did). But, then, they built servers that shouldn’t crash, and they did because of servers. Believe me, this geek needs to knit to retain her sanity.

  43. Totally excited here. 🙂 I managed to get 3 of the 4 classes I wanted. Didn’t get Sock Innovation but that is okay as I got the Sock Design class with Star Athena. Now I can get back to knitting.

  44. Wow! I’m not able to attend, but I went to the registration page anyway to see how it’s going. You all are incredible! It seems like nearly all of the classes are full, which is great.
    Congratulations, good luck, and have fun!

  45. I got a lot of chuckles thinking about what those tech folks where thinking when they saw the traffic volume at 10:00:01 (I used to do the tech stuff for a living so I am empathetic to their plight and can well imagine their shock). Go have a beer (or 5) and breath!

  46. Woot! What a wild rush of energy I’m on after that. I’m thrilled to have gotten a class I really wanted and also very thankful for the hard work you, Tina, and the SS magicians have put into this:)
    Mwah! Hope you have a good cup of coffee, followed by some orgasmic organic chocolate, mixed in with some knitting, and followed with a yummy evening meal and some good, stout, artisan brew!

  47. amy@4:34 – I did the same thing! Went to registration to see how it was going and if true, almost everything is sold out. I’m so happy for those who got in, and for the sock summit organizing team. I’ll be thinking of you while knitting on the beach at Cape Cod.

  48. I did not get a confirmation in my email. I am very frustrated. There were no classes available by 10:30, just beginning ones. I signed up for 3 and the reception, but have not heard back. I am worried.

  49. Well, I tried about an hour ago and didn’t get anything I wanted. I’m also bummed that the opening night and the Sock Hop are sold out. Partying with fellow knitters is half the fun. Any chance of anything opening up?

  50. I made a deal that if every class I wanted was available and it went smooth I would go to sock summit & (big yeah!!) everything was open and it was a breeze to register. So now I am off to try to explain why I want to knit socks & a vaction to learn how….

  51. Stephanie and Tina, someday you will say “there will be 11,000 knitters hitting that Registration button at the opening bell,” and the techies will believe you. And you’ll say to the banker, “There are umpteen thousand people buying Socks that Rock,” and instead of laughing he’ll asking for marketing info.
    Someday, someday.

  52. Been trying all morning. IT IS SOLD OUT for anything I’m even remotely interested. It consistently reports SOLD OUT for most things.
    Lucky me. I get off free, and Portland gets none of my $$. Whoopee.
    In a VERY sad Sock shaped State. the Geeks failed us.

  53. I’m getting some conflicting information. I have printed confirmation numbers and a pending charge on my credit card. What I do not have is the confirmation e-mail and I registered four hours ago. I don’t know if it went to my spam folder and it got deleted. So how do I know for sure if I’m actually registered for these classes.

  54. After initial total failure, then encouragement from a Minnesota friend and you yourself, Stephanie, I tried again, and I got some classes, and though it certainly wasn’t wide open, it’s worth the trip. I had been looking forward to the Sock Hop, but oh, well, guess my knees will be saved once again… Thanks for letting me know I should hang in there and not give up right away (that is, after an hour and lots of SOLD OUT notices…)

  55. Plan B: Will be stalking the halls for you & Barbara Walker!
    Thrilled to have classes with MEG (yes, captitals intended!), Anne, & Priscilla!
    Sending you (((hugs))) and virtual beer…
    See you in August!
    – Denise (aka dlotter on ravelry)

  56. You’re never fully prepared when systems are involved. You have done an awesome job! Can’t wait for August. Breate and drink beer! You deserve it!

  57. I got great classes all except yours and Cats. Rats. will just have to wait to take those another time. Just so you know,I was on at 10:00 and server wouldn’t let me in did get in 10:45ish and your classes were full but I did get great other choices. You guys really do rock! And a big ha ha to the people that didn’t take Tina seriously. Thank you all for the hard work. Big events take big dreamers and the summit is going to be wonderful!

  58. You deserve a beer. And some nice cashmere or silk. And some sort of dessert drenched in chocolate.
    Sorry the techie stuff has been such a headache, but I’m SO grateful that you all are putting this on. It’s going to be glorious.

  59. What planet are you on??!! I’ve been checking since 10:50 a.m. when it said all the classes except 4 were sold out, and it still says the same thing. What a friggin waste of time and lost wages. 15 mins? Whose brilliant rocket scientist brain surgeon genius idea was that? Might have worked if the “Add to cart” buttons appeared when the classes came up. But with 2 mins left just as I hit the check out button, the system went down again!!! I was unable to get anything I had first signed up for, because it took 15 mins to come back up.By that time of course all the classes I had signed up for had expired. Apparently it was only in a select few areas, because I’m not going now. No classes available. Thanks for nothing. Oh btw it took 50 mins to even get onto the site. The page kept coming up as unable to display because the server was down. And I was not the only one, several of my friends who were going to go said they had the same problem.

  60. Shelli, I understand you’re upset and disappointed, but. . .
    man was that rude.

  61. Wow. shelli /\.
    It was a technology thing. No one did it to spite you.
    I got the “server down” thing for the first fifteen minutes and checked back a half an hour later (from central Pennsylvania). A lot of what I wanted was reading as “sold out”, but I clicked on some things that looked interesting and got back on an hour later – post-glitch apparently – and thing’s weren’t sold out after all. I was able to get everything I really wanted that didn’t conflict with another one-time only class.
    There are quite a few people like me who will be dropping accidentally double-booked classes.
    Breathe. Check back tomorrow.

  62. Hi Stephanie, I just want to say a huge thank you to you and Tina (and everyone else on ST-1 and ST-2) for putting this together. I can’t imagine how much work it’s been.
    Every time I read the description for the Luminary Panel, it just makes me so proud to be a knitter. And to think now that I will be attending that panel–I can’t wait!
    Again, THANK YOU!

  63. Wow Shelli! You are having one tough day. Please hang in there with the Summit team.
    Apparently, once again, our knitterly community has been underestimated by the techno-geeks. I say that kindly since I have gone out of my way with cookies, etc. to gain their trust. It has helped on many occasions like this when my servers have crashed.
    The good news about all this is that the first ever Sock Summit appears like it’s going to be a success and we will have an opportunity in the future to attend an encore. I say that because due to scheduling conflicts I won’t be attending this one.
    Thanks Stephanie and Tina and all your behind the scenes helpers!

  64. I’m kinda proud we crashed the server. 🙂
    One big round of “I told you, so” for Tina.
    Tangental story: The toilet in an apartment I owned in another lifetime “continuously” plugged up. The “guy” came and with the obligatory condescension wadded up a huge amount of my toilet paper and said “If this goes down, will you believe that it’s working correctly.” I nodded. He flushed it. It plugged up immediately. A moment I will savor for the rest of my life. (The wax ring seal had fallen into the center for those wondering.)

  65. Well, when I had to leave for work at 1:25pm Eastern, the server was still overloaded. Now that I’m off work, everything is sold out. Sadness! I usually don’t get to go to these things, but I’d been saving up my tips, figured I could stay at a youth hostel rather than a hotel, and I even went on a yarn diet to save up. For once, I had the money to do it, but fate says no Sock Summit for me. I’m going to go cry now.

  66. Two words to share with your server guys: Load Balancing.
    One server, no matter how big, is big enough when you reach certain level of traffic!

  67. Unfortunately, by the time I got this message about them being open, they aren’t. At all. None. (except for 2 which I wouldn’t take, ever)
    (SIGH) Will you do this again next year???? Please????? And this time rent a bigger server????

  68. It was a bit frustrating. I tried to connect to the website starting at 10:01 PDT and it kept timing out. I finally got on it about 10:30, by that time, most of the classes I wanted were already full. I chose 3 plus the luminary panel, checked out, and for some reason, one of the classes I had chosen had not registered. I went back, it was full.. But anyway, great job, I know you worked really hard and none of that is your own fault. Maybe next year, if there is a next year, things will go better 🙂

  69. I love, love, love the design of the Sock Summit site and I’m a professional web designer! The writing is pretty great too and I think I know who did the writing. But who did the design? Such greatness deserves credit.

  70. I know you have probably heard this numerous times. I work full time but yesterday I tried to log on at 10:00. Couldn’t get on for 45 minutes(after trying every 5 minutes). At 10:50 I was finally able to get to the correct page and all the classes I wanted were sold out, even the alternates. Needless to say I am so dissapointed. I bought my airline tickets 2 months ago along with my accomidations. I know there are always problems with a new venture, but I still really want to go and was wondering if there is any kind of stand by list for the people like myself that were unable to register because of the server crashing, etc.
    Please let me know because otherwise I need to contact the airlines and hotel and cancell my reservations.
    Ann Byrns

  71. i was really disappointed yesterday after trying unsuccessfully for 45 minutes to log on to find that all the classes and alternates that i wanted to take were sold out. i checked every 5 minutes during a very busy morning at my full time job. i purchased my airline tickets and hotel accomidations 2 months ago. i still really want to go.. is there going to be a stand by list? if not i guess i will need to get a refund on my airline tickets and hotel.
    please advise.
    ann byrns

  72. I’m sorry that you have worked so hard to bring something positive to all of us sockaholics and have received nastiness in return. I’m glad you know that the majority of us appreciate you and all of your hard work!

  73. I think it’s pretty clear…you and Tina should be running Stitches.
    Sending you all my love. Can you get me into the sock spinning class on Thursday with Judith. (kidding)

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