Settling Dust

Just a quickie, because we’re still hard at work here. We’re really tired, but we’re going to keep going. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For everyone who experienced a glitch, and everyone who didn’t. Thank you. We’re doing our best to sort out some of the remaining troubles. We know that some people who used the “back” button on their browsers ended up with double classes (See? We told you the back button was bad) and we know that a few other people are wondering if they are registered or not because their email didn’t arrive. We know that even a few more of you registered twice because you panicked, which we totally get. We’d like to ask you to do three things for now.

1. Stop. Relax as much as you can. The classes are mostly sold out now, (For real) Things might open up as we resolve the few problems above, but mostly, we believe that the way things look now are the way things are. We know there are problems, we are working on solutions for everyone, and we’ll post as soon as we have simple ways to sort them. Our IT guy is busting himself creating a page for you to log in and check what you got and make sure you’re all right. We’re still working.

2. Please wait until that page goes up to send us a complaint. Could be you don’t really have a problem yet, and sending us “Contact us” mail about it now only means that we’re not going to be able to tell who really has a problem and who got solved by the check page. Let’s do that first, and then we’ll deal with every single person as fast as we can. We didn’t sleep last night, we’re not sleeping tonight – we haven’t even had a meal yet today. Promise. You are, and have been our priority for more than 36 hours.

3. IF YOU DID NOT GET A CONFIRMATION EMAIL, GO CHECK YOUR SPAM FILTERS. Look around. See if it’s there. Many of you are confirmed, but had the email bounce back to us. This could be because your email security rejected us, because it’s caught in the spam filter or, and I hate to say this but we can already tell there are quite a few of them… people who spelled their email addresses wrong, because they were rushing.

If you think maybe you spelled your email wrong, don’t panic. The check system will let you find your registration, correct your email and get the confirmation mailed to you again.

I repeat. Do not panic. I know that this has been really hairy. (Trust me, we know. Oh – boy do we know.) We’re very sorry for any anxiety or upset the server overload is causing you. Our apologies.

161 thoughts on “Settling Dust

  1. Lurking from the shadows, wishing I could go to Sock Summit. Just thought I should tell you and Tina, you ladies ROCK and we know we are in good hands when you are at the helm. Also, it really is beer o’clock for you two!! Cheers.

  2. geez. Mercury must still be retrograde. I only hit submit ONCE (I swear it). (re. first and second comments)

  3. Thanks to you and your team for the frequent updates. Sock Summit is the place to be this summer! Do try to get a nap in will you? All of you? Please?
    Okay, this is your inner goddess speaking. YOU WILL ALL TAKE A NAP!
    I have spoken. Let it be done.

  4. Just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work – I’m excited and can’t wait for Sock Summit πŸ™‚ It made my day.

  5. No panic here…missed out on everything. Though, it does look like, over all, the Sock Summit team did a great you all will have a great time. Sorry to miss out on the “first”.

  6. No panic here…missed out on everything. Though, it does look like, over all, the Sock Summit team did a great you all will have a great time. Sorry to miss out on the “first”.

  7. Thank you for all your hard work. You and Tina have put a lot of hard work into this and we thank you for it. Nuthin’ but love coming to you from here.

  8. Please – for all those knitters who you are making your first priority – HAVE A MEAL!!! Also a nap!
    I’m blown away by the grace with which you’re handling this whole process. Big kudos. (Or… lots of good yarn karma.)

  9. Oh goodness.
    People need to chill out just a wee bit.
    And y’all should go get some food, since if y’all go stark raving mad it won’t do anyone any good.
    No one will die if they don’t find out about Sock Summit until tomorrow morning. Really.

  10. 1. Stop. Relax as much as you can. Do you see the success that this is? (Not maybe this exact moment, but the big picture is a HUGE accomplishment.)
    2. Go eat something. Fainting is neither attractive nor productive.
    3. There are not words to tell you how excited I am that I will be attending Sock Summit 2009. My husband and my kids and my coworkers are humoring me, but they don’t really get it. I’m over-the-top excited – and I’ve never knit a sock in my life.

  11. Hiya, ladies of valor. Thank you so much for the updates and the work…. and for taking on this behemoth of a task.
    I live here in Portland, and am at work until 9PM, but if you tell me where you’re holed up I’ll bring you delicious vegetarian food later tonight. I promise to drop it off and flee, and not interfere with the real work you are doing.
    Cause girlfriend, a woman’s gotta eat.

  12. Please take a nice walk in beautiful Portland or Scappoose or where ever you are. Your not eating won’t help anything and will add to your stress levels and potentially making you more sick. Nothing is that important to endanager your health (mental or otherwise). No one really wants you to have a stroke over this I promise! Take care both….

  13. Thank you! I admit, I’m one of the attendees that typed in their email wrong. πŸ™‚ Thanks for creating a “check it yourself” page. I greatly appreciate it!

  14. thanks so much for all your amazing efforts in planning, organizing, and ALL the fretting that has occurred… we knew there might be a glitch or three, and yes, you do need a nap & a sandwich for strength…OH and a beer!….

  15. Mary F you took the words right out of my mouth Step 1 Step 2 & Step 3! GO EAT, CELEBRATE, YOU DID IT!

  16. Go find some Stumptown Coffee…enjoy dinner…then some local brew. Thank you for all your hard work πŸ™‚ really ‘thank you’ a gazillion times.
    Hopefully this day was the harriest. And everything else will only be chaotic *grin*.
    P.S. You and Tina deserve a stop at Teuscher Chocolates in Portland. The chocolates are exquisite and are often ‘life event’ worthy treats!

  17. As someone who experienced problems and then got despondent b/c I thought it was ALL SOLD OUT, I must say that Twitter/Ravelry saved my sanity. I was about to throw in the towel, but then I saw that I should try again…. and boy, did I! I got most of my classes, but, sadly, I didn’t get into your “Knitting for Speed & Efficiency” class. I guess this means I have to go to Madrona. πŸ˜‰
    A most excellent effort by you, Tina and Cat. I’m just so thrilled that it seems to be SELLING OUT!! What a coup, eh?
    SockStock (Woodstock for Socks), here I come.

  18. gee, I hope I’m not one of the ones that misspelled my email address… I used the auto fill, so I didn’t even type it… sorry if I’ve caused problems!

  19. You guys are awesome. Your rapid response to people’s problems and comments was way above and beyond what was reasonable to expect. You did a great job of handling a difficult situation.
    Now go take a nap! And eat something! If you faint from hunger and exhaustion nothing will get fixed.

  20. Seriously, if I could send you dinner and a case of beer, I would.
    Please get some sleep tonight. πŸ™‚

  21. Most excellent. Vindication. Congratulations. I think maybe knitters could change the world.

  22. Please eat and sleep. This is a huge success, and it sounds as though the remaining problems are something that a day or two and your (now convinced of the power of knitters) tech guys will work out.
    Wish I could be there!

  23. Having booked summer vacation and a 4 day cruise for just MOMMY in January, the duckymama coffers cannot afford sock summit this year. Even had the server cooperated. But I look forward to hearing about the fabulousness that I know will be from you and Tina and the blog.
    I know two things right now – needles and yarn are more reliable things than stuff with chips. And you need a great, dirty, golden pint right about now, Ladies and a good night’s sleep (some food too). GO GET IT.

  24. You rock! I was never planning to attend, got all my fun money going other places already this year, but have been watching the whole thing grow, I’m deeply impressed, I hope you get to sleep soon!

  25. I wish I could go. It sounds like so much fun will be had by everyone. I would really like to know how to knit socks for my husband so he can’t
    possibly, ever, wear out the heels. If there’s a class on knitting indestructible socks for men who walk a lot, could someone please share this with me when the summit is over?

  26. Go eat. Everything always looks better after dinner. We’ll all still be really really interested in going to Sock Summit when you get back.

  27. please go eat something and at least lie down for a bit – you’re no good to yourselves or anyone else if you’re worn out. Sending good knitting and IT vibes your way!

  28. It was a real shame as that I could not drink during my lunch break/registration time as I needed one- my registration crashed 7 times before I was done- ended up with very different things than when I started. I am not concerned as I know it is going to be about the people and being there and less about the classes!
    Hope you both are drinking now! πŸ™‚

  29. Sounds like a craptastic day. Hope you have a beer around and maybe some chocolate. Once the dust has completely settled allow yourself at least a few minutes to fondle your favorite yarn.

  30. Steph and Tina….. I just want to say… you two rock! I wish I could attend Sock Summit.. in it’s fledgling year, but I am saving for a 15th anniversary trip next year. All the work you have done is amazing, and no one is upset because of all of this… rest well and enjoy your success. Sold OUT is awesome!

  31. I got caught in the landslide this afternoon, but let me tell you, you all did a FABULOUS job of sorting this out. And I agree, go eat, even sleep a little. Nobody needs sorting out that fast! This is going to be a wonderful event, and I want you to have good memories of it from beginning to end. For me, the initial confusion falls under the “stuff happens” category and in the long run, its all good. Thanks for all your hard work, and please take care of yourself.

  32. You guys are doing amazing work and we all know it. Please, please (as many others have said), take a break and eat some dinner. A big, satisfying dinner — with beer. Then get back to work on sorting things out. You don’t need to skip meals for summit planning — or at least not all of them in a single day! We know you are doing the best you can and that it’s all getting worked out. Seriously. The hour dinner break won’t kill anybody.

  33. you ladies are amazing… I know I don’t have to say it again, but I did and I am…
    Thanks for all your hard work. It’s hard to predict these things when you’re a non-knitter planing server ‘beefy-ness’ for a sock knitting convention.
    Way to show the world what a sock knitting feeding frenzy looks like!

  34. Stephanie, Tina. Breathe! You DID it!! It was hairy and glitchy and people are sad and bitchy but for the most part it wasn’t that bad out here!
    You. guys. ROCK!
    Breathe. Drink. Go eat something.
    Thanks so much for all your hard work and know we love you guys!

  35. I’m sad. I only wanted one class, started at 10:15, and made it to the “be patient, hit the button only once” comment 30 minutes later before the screen went blank. Now all are full, I’ve checked email, including spam, checked my credit card site, no record of a charge. At least I’m not wasting a plane ticket and hotel room. I know it wouldn’t be the quality experience, but could extra rooms be set up and video feed of the class be arranged? Will there be a charge to attend without class? At least the local economy will be benefit from all these rabid knitters running around.

  36. Server problems aside, do you guys realize how tremendous today was? You basically sold out in about an hour it seems, if you take out the glitches. Do you know what sorts of events sell out in an hour in this country? Some athletic events. Rock star concerts. And now a knitting extravaganza dedicated to socks!!! All the non-knitters I’ve talked to today have looked at me like I’ve grown a second head, but the knitters all get it. You have put such effort and dedication into everything leading up to today and we are all appreciative. Give yourselves a break, go eat some dinner, have a few beers and get some sleep. Everything will still be here in the morning and we’ll all still be excited.

  37. my advice.. a shot of whisky after a good hot cup o tea. stay away from the computer. Get some rest and handle these things in the morning. You’ve given very good advice. we have all gotten used to instant gratification.
    and I’m sure you’ll make things as right as you can for folks… I just hope folks are reasonable.. alas, we are talking about knitters and a sock summit.. hard to be reasonable.. you might have to do these twice a year for a while!
    Hang in there!

  38. Thank You, Thank YOu for all your hard work.
    I’m a happy camper, I double booked but I know it will work out!
    I can hardly wait till Aug.
    Happy Sock Knitting,

  39. These updates are hugely comforting. It is so wonderful that you guys are taking the time to keep us all in the loop about what is going on. It really makes a difference in alleviating stress for everyone. Thanks so much for your patience, your attention to detail and arranging all this for us.
    This will be an amazing conference!

  40. Poor nice knitter lady. If I knew where you were, I would send pizza. And chocolate. Even though I don’t really knit socks!

  41. You guys did such a great job (especially through the logjam of eager sockers). Thanks for your hard work!
    When life has returned to relative calmness, and massive amounts of chocolate have been consumed, could you post some stats for us techie nerds? Like how many attempts to access hit the server, and how many people registered, and stuff like that?

  42. Thank you for everything, Stephanie and Tina.
    I didn’t try to log for any classes. I love my sock knitting, but I knew that there would be others FAR more rabid in their sock-love than I who would get in first.
    I shall come to the marketplace and maybe see what’s left for the hour classes. Even if I miss out, I will be at the Summit with bells on.
    Now have something sweet, caffeinated, alcoholic or unhealthy. You’ve earned it.

  43. No need to panic, since I got ZERO classes. The page refused to load, so I gave it a rest. Apparently lots of others had NO problems because I went back minutes later and EVERYTHING was sold out. Except podcasting. Whoo hoo. I really wanted to be there. Maybe next year? Maybe those of us who got aced out can get first dibs next year? Just a thought.

  44. Time for food and sleep, and beer! Not necessarily in that order. Thanks for imagining this whole Sock Summit thing up, and running with it. It’s going to be great! And I got my classes….wheeeeeeeee!

  45. words cannot express just how hard I tried to give myself an ulcer this morning in those 15 minutes.
    …..calm..thy name is harlot.

  46. Eat!!! Sleep!!! There is nothing that can’t wait for your Personal Touch until tomorrow, especially since your Awesome Utterly Fabulous Summit basically Sold Out at light speed.
    Absolutely tremendous job! Thanks for birthing this–tho I know it ain’t over yet!!! πŸ˜‰

  47. You, my friends of the wool-houses, are some of the most amazing people on earth. Thank you for all of the updates, and hand-holding, and Twitter, and Ravelry, without which I would be lost and very sad indeed. Today has most certainly been a rollercoaster.

  48. You guys are awesome. I didn’t try to register or anything, but I’ve seen the drama, and you guys are dealing with it so much better than I would πŸ™‚ I bow down to your awesomeness.
    Now please remember to eat something. Wouldn’t do to have you crash halfway through this stuff.

  49. To make it bigger and hence more classes available, you and Tina would have had to take on much more risk. I hope everyone realizes that. I am grateful for the risk you took and the risks you will take and all the hard work. Thank you!

  50. Please please get some sleep! Really. We can wait.
    We want you to be in one piece.
    You are doing amazing things.
    Thank you thank you thank you!!
    xoxo M

  51. Ditto everyone who advises food and rest. Let the tech guys earn their money while you two take some down time. As someone who’s pulled all nighters to get web stuff fixed, there’s only so many nights you can do that before you get punchy and things go weird.
    Also, a note to the disappointed. I got aced out of the only class I wanted for SOAR. It was full an hour after registration opened, and I confess I was bummed. But I did get a class at the Sock Summit. So perhaps you’re just storing up karma for the next high-demand fibery event?
    Just a thought…

  52. Thanks so much for the update!! I am keeping positive that my money paid = classes achieved! Whee! Please eat! Also, feed the IT guy, eh?
    xxoo smoooooch.

  53. WE know you did all you could, no a person in their right mind would slight you in the least, we are sorry it is such a mess for you! we know you told them!!! UNbelievers that IT folk are! Hugs and happy thoughts are coming your way from all involved I am sure!

  54. I only hope that you both have the fortitude to make this one of many sock summits, and that I can attend in the future. From where I am, just watching from the sidelines, you are doing amazing, amazing things. I can well remember hitting redial in the dark ages, trying to get concert tickets. Heck, I can remember having to register for college classes via phone and not being assured I’d get classes I needed to graduate–and that was a university. You are two amazing women pulling together an awesome idea.
    Don’t forget to take care of yourselves. Eat, sleep, that sort of stuff.

  55. Stephanie, Tina and all the crew that worked so hard and have put so many long hours into this. I want to thank you from the bottom of my little knitter heart! Please take some time for yourselves to rest up, have timely meals, and de-stress. We want you to feel good about all the greatness you are providing to so many and of course to be healthy!
    Again many thanks!

  56. Sock Summit is a newsworthy event. How many classes sold out in how long? You rival the rock stars. You all have been awesome. Excellent info before, during and after the registration, phenominal support and the check page is great. Kudos to you all for taking this on and making a success of it. Pretty please post stats for us techies????

  57. Go get food. Or have it brought in. Sleep you can push off with coffee, but gals, please – sustenance will help those brain cells synapse a lot better…(oh…not brain cells, nerve endings, right? Whatever, I’m not a doctor! I’m just a mom and granmom…food, you need food!)
    Take care of yourselves, please?

  58. Aw, geez! I feel so bad, cuz I just earlier today used the “contact us” button to unload my whining. I explicitly stated I didn’t need a response. I still don’t need a response. I did manage to get a reasonable set of classes — and I’m sure I’ll be pleasantly surprised when I’m there, even if they weren’t my first choices.
    More to the point, you guys should stop with the human sacrifice already! Eat a real meal. Sleep for a solid 8 hours. Let the IT guys mop up. You’ve done wonders and you’re going to make yourselves ill if you don’t get hold of yourselves. (Consider me channeling your respective moms!) We need you and want you happy and healthy.
    I am so sorry if my little squeaky wheel this morning did any damage. I just wanted to unload. Y’all are awesome.

  59. Target is selling something called “Blue Moon Ale”….If I could only figure out how to get it to you two.

  60. Oh, dear Tina, dear Steph, dear et al. Go get a good, hot meal, and go to bed! Sleep. The rest of us are going to be here, and I firmly believe that taking care of your bodies comes WAY WAY WAY before Sock Summit.
    Remember what Count Rugen said: “After all, if you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything.” ;o)
    I wish I could gate crash right now, send you all packing to a place with great food, and then tuck you all in. Staying up this long would literally put me in the hospital. I don’t know how you’re doing it.

  61. Perhaps next time not during Mercury retrograde!
    The Geeks didn’t believe the POWER OF THE KNITTER!!! What a splendid tsumani of sock fanatics. I am amazed.
    I’m going to bring some of my homebrew mead for you guys. Thanks for all your hardwork.

  62. Please for the love of wool eat something. I understand the pressure, but please don’t let there be casualties before the registration is even over.

  63. I know you all are overloaded, and I want to thank you for everything you have done and are doing to make Sock Summit happen, and I know you may not even see this note for days to come (if ever), but I’m wondering if there could be an official word from the Sock Summit Team regarding the trading/selling/exchanging classes that’s going on, particularly through Ravelry? Personally, I’d prefer people go through the system to open spaces back up for all to have a chance at, but I don’t know if that’s what y’all would prefer. Thanks for all you are doing! Love from Portland!

  64. Damn! I tried to get in a bit after 10:00 and the system was down. Then I had an all day meeting with the boss. When I got back to it, everything was sold out. Those of you who got it, tell Barbara Walker I love her.

  65. I just wanted to tell you that while I know it won’t seem like it to you for a long while yet, to me, today was just part of the adventure. I am so excited about SS, and the eventful registration was way more fun than if it had gone smoothly and quietly. Thank you for all the hard work, and please, get some sleep and some food. We have a few months before we need to panic. πŸ™‚

  66. There are just no words to thank you all for your efforts. This is a historic moment in time, this coming together. And it is all because of you. If we felt panic at any time is was only because we wanted to be a part of this momentous occasion. This occasion that you made happen. We are so grateful.
    Sleep, eat and rest. Tomorrow the problems will still be there. Go take care of yourselves and bring down your blood pressure.

  67. Thank you very much for all of your hard work!! I’m very excited about Sock Summit, and I am amazed at how much work has gone into it and how well you’ve kept everyone updated. Please, please take care of yourself and get some food and rest. πŸ™‚

  68. Hugs.
    It did better as the day went on. Time to let the IT folks deal with things and do their magic acts.
    Looking forward to checking that new page and learning how to turn in those extra classes and maybe even an extra one because I feel guilty that I got so much and others got nothing.
    More hugs, Goodnight.

  69. Bless you. There were problems, but they’re being dealt with. I still think it’s an awesome site. Loved the explanations, and the way it all worked. Loved the color coding. OK, so it worked for me, but still. Awesome. And thanks for all that work. Hope you’ve had food by now. I worry.

  70. Thank you so much, Stephanie and Tina, for putting this together, for your immense amount of work, for your leap of faith, which has been richly (though also stressfully) rewarded. Thanks also to the IT guy who’s trying to make it go. If we whine about not getting everything we want, it’s just because it is SO awesome an event, and such an embarassment of riches, that we might be so excited we forget to be as gracious as usual. I am one of the silly people who registered twice, and I must honestly say, I wish so much I could be in two places at once, except it would be unfair to take up twice as many spots.
    Please, sleep, rest, eat, knit, and have a beer or two. It’ll all get sorted out, and those that didn’t get in this year–there’s always next year, right? πŸ™‚ (Sorry if I just made you and Tina faint, Stephanie.)
    And, how ’bout them knitters, huh? I think it’s hilarious that we were making the IT guy giggle nervously and incredulously. Crashing a server makes me think of NBA guys crashing the glass, getting rebounds. Folks, thanks for helping me fulfill my dream of feeling, even a tiny bit, like someone who could get called for goaltending.

  71. I am just so sorry to hear about all your troubles. It seems like you’ve all worked really hard to set up a great event. What a shame about the servers. You hang in there. We’re rooting for you!!

  72. So great the classes are all full, even if I didn’t get in. Not really the point, just want to be there and be part of this. Thanks so much for your hard work on this great event! WHOOT

  73. Tina and Stephanie, thank you so very much for all you’ve done for us. You are our rock stars, we light candles to you, we send healing thoughts your way. But always truly, truly grateful for all you’ve done, are doing, and will no doubt continue to do.
    Now, if you’re not yet sleeping, go sleep. Maybe have a beer or glass of wine first. Wait, maybe nosh a little before the alcohol goes in…

  74. Blimey. I’d love to see the server stats you know. We all knew this was going to be a big slice of crazy pie. Kudos to those who are viewing it as all part of the adventure.
    Don’t beat yourself up over this – far far bigger organisations have had far worse registration disasters. Go get something to eat and feed your tech guy. They work loads better when caffeinated.
    Its going to be awesome. I wish I was there, even just for the experience. Maybe you should make a DVD?

  75. Not going to the Summit – not even on the same landmass! πŸ™‚ Just wanted to say – I hope you managed to relax, eat and sleep eventually. You’re working so hard on this, and I really hope nobody’s giving you a hard time about the glitches, or classes being booked out.

  76. My heart goes out to you Stephanie. I would not be able to hand this as coolly as you. I would be sitting in front of my computer having a panic attack and unable to speak or type.
    I love that you are able to share this experience instead of holding it all in.
    cyber xoxo

  77. Server overload, huh? Those servers…and people never believe the knitters will overload the servers, do they πŸ˜‰

  78. In addition to sleep, chocolate, wine/beer, might I add a good neck, back, and shoulder massage to the mix.
    If I knew of someone in Portland who could come to you and give you (and the tech guy with the nervous giggle) massages, I would make the arrangements!

  79. People always underestimate the power of knitters. I’m not surprised your IT people underestimated the demand. “It’s a…sock summit. Oh. People coming to knit socks? Yeah, this server will do you just fine.”

  80. The computer geeks are probably wondering, What’s up with all these yarn geeks?! Hence the giggles.

  81. Actually, it sounds as if you’re doing pretty well for a system not tested under load.

  82. The whole Sock Summit sign up experience was the 21st century equivalent of the 1970’s concert thrill:
    1. The band is coming
    2. Set up camp the night before
    I was blown away by the thrill of it all! Thank you — ST’s and ALL knitters who made it such a rush!
    (And no, I didn’t get everything I wanted, but I don’t even care πŸ™‚
    Knit on, folks!!!

  83. Congrats to you all, for proving once again that knitters are all-powerful! Those poor techs didn’t have a chance, did they? And I have faith that Stephanie and company will straighten it all out.
    Almost makes me want to take up knitting socks.

  84. Didn’t get into a single thing, but I may go down just to breath the air and be there & maybe buy some yarn. Will there be a chance to buy into classes if people cancel?
    Moral of the story– for 2010, make it even bigger!

  85. Go take a nap and have a meal. We can wait a couple of hours. Take care of yourselves!

  86. I really appreciate all your hard work.
    Please take care of yourselves.
    That being said, I’m sad that there is nothing left to enroll in today – ??? podcasting. I’m not surprised, just sad. Please – no one needs to tell me that it was to be expected. I know. Like a lot of other people, I have obligations that did not allow me to spend 30+ minutes fighting with an overwhelmed server at 1000 AM on a work day.
    Oh well- there will be other opportunities to learn. Hope those who did get in have a great time.
    Margie in Maryland

  87. Wow, sold out in an hour… I had a feeling that was brewing when I took a look at availability for hotel rooms in the three nearest hotels the other night.
    So next year’s sock summit…. BIGGER, Much bigger… with a tad more lead time for those who would have to book flights as they are soooo much cheaper booked in advance.
    Or just hold the sock summit in Europe… pretty please… ducks and hides as Steph and Tina look afraid….

  88. So, Stephanie—–are the tech guys believing you now about the number of knitters in the world??? How about the general manager at the Portland Convention Center???
    Thanks to you and Tina for all your hard work and I hope that the SS goes fabulously!

  89. Just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work! I can’t even imagine what all of you are dealing with, but I love how much you care for this summit and the participants. I for one am very grateful!

  90. Big hugs and thank you’s for all you guys are doing to make Sock Summit and amazing event that will talked about for years!!! I can’t wait and although I didn’t get a couple of my top picks, I did get two classes, I really, really wanted so I am in the classes where I need to be. It’s all good.
    I just commented on Tina’s blog, that it’s kind of a good thing you guys haven’t revealed your location because you would be inundated with veggie pizza delivery, beer, boxes of chocolate, tequila, wine, etc.
    I sincerely hope you guys can get some rest soon — the human body can only take but so much abuse.

  91. Congrats to Harlot and Tina and all the knitters for REPRESENTING! And to both of you for putting together such an enticing offering. There’s clearly a heck of a lot of pent-up interest and room for more. I’ll miss you all!

  92. What a good job both of you did!!!!!! I can’t come but I’m still hoping you might have SS2 on the East Coast, Toronto, Detroit, etc. Yes, I’m begging!!!

  93. never underestimate the power of knitters. who else can take down a server with a couple of sticks and some string?

  94. In a strange, funny way, yesterday added to the buzz of excitement that we are all feeling. It makes it more special that we are going to be the 1st to participate in this wonderful experience.
    I would be very interested in knowing exactly how many hits the server took in the 1st few minutes of registration.
    Thank you for making this happen.

  95. This is reminding me of birthing/teen rearing all rolled into one hair-raising ball. Your progeny has the head circumference of a 10 lb. bowling ball and is taking it’s time down the birth canal, has not slept through the night, is colicky, bites the other children, won’t do homework, be home by curfew, or put gas in the car. There is a lovely, funny adult thing at the resolution of all this, I’m sure.
    Please get some rest soon.

  96. I just want to give you a big “Thank You” for doing all the hard work involved in getting the Sock Summit up and running, and getting the website in running order. I was able to sign up for 3 of the classes I wanted to take. If you tell me what kind of pie, cookies, or cake you like I’d be more than happy to bring it to the Convention Center. I live in Portland so it wouldnt be a problem.

  97. Love. You. All.
    Please take care of yourselves.
    You’ve done, and are doing, a magnificent job – especially as you all were hampered by working with muggles who totally underestimate the power of yarn.

  98. Another sad knitter and best friend who had Dr. appt instead being at computer yesterday morning. Must start making cancellations for rooms etc. Have fun everyone.

  99. Given all the technical issues you guys have been battling, I think you both have done a tremendous job in communicating status. I’m so looking forward to the summit. Congratulations on what looks to be a fabulous event!

  100. I’m with Robin, tell Barbara Walker that I love her, and we all love you, too, Steph! You and Tina have done a tremendous job. Make sure you sleep and eat a lot after this.

  101. I did not even try to register….but I say congratulations on the 1st Sock Summit. May it be the first of many. I’m sure the urge to say “I told you so.” to the computer folks who did simply not GET IT when you told them how much traffic to expect. I mean, really, why has the world not taken you seriously…when knitters say that many will come…..they mean it!!

  102. Please don’t stress out so much. I know that you and Tina tried to warn the IT guys what would happen. There are three of us that are going to Sock Summit, we were all lucky to get at least two classes. Just because we did not get everything, just means we have more money to spend at the Market. Plus, as much as I tried to stay away from the spindle spinning class, guess what one of the classes I was able to get into was! But the most important thing is to make sure that this does not ruin your time, and that there will be a next year.

  103. I hope you, Tina and the rest of the SS team that brought us this event are taking time to enjoy what a enormous success (and the glitches will work out) registration was! being able to essentially sell out a huge list of classes in 30 minutes during a horrible economy is fantastic!
    And make sure to enjoy being in the NW while having a beautiful couple of days of sun shine!

  104. if you ladies are still in portland and need a delivery of beer or snacks, just say the word. the day you’ve had makes my crappy work day pale in comparison.

  105. I can’t think of a single thing you could have done to make it better. Your really tried to get all your cables crossed ahead of time. I didn’t get the classes I wanted – but I DID get classes and I’ll be there with socks on.
    I’m sure you don’t have time to knit but set some yarn nearby for good vibes.
    You’ve done a good job. Couldn’t help the glitches. You fixed stuff as fast as you could. See you in August!

  106. So, yes, Remickey will be Mercugrade (what? doesn’t everyone pronounce it that way?) till Saturday the 30th, and speaking as someone who was born that way (during a merc. retrograde period) you’ve wrought well, go eat and sleep so you’ll WANT to do it all again, and and and WOW. Congratulations on selling out in an hour.
    I’m just a Blog-reader enjoying the fray while my first pair o’ socks are in the work basket over there, so what I get to say just plain and simple is: Congratulations.

  107. Wow. For a first-time event/website, you have made everything go as smoothly as you possibly could. You have handled it all with grace and speed. (I personally am taking pleasure from crashing the server. Just another notch in the belt of knitters everywhere to remind folks we are strong and a true economic force.)
    Now – get some food and some rest. The rush is over. I’m sure folks will wait a bit for their info. Congratulations on a job well-done.

  108. Steph – for heaven’s sake go eat something! I know there are some people screaming, but the screamers are not the ones who are ever going to be appeased by anything you do, even if you work impossible miracles and give them the pony with whipped cream and cherries on top. The reasonable people have a better sense of what you’re dealing with, and they want you to come through this thing alive. I get what’s driving you here, but killing yourself to come through isn’t going to solve anything. Seriously. Take a break. We’ll all wait here. We’ll just knit a few extra rounds. We’re good that way.

  109. remember the radio show “Deaddog Cafe” remember their motto Keep calm– be brave watch for the signs — all will be well.

  110. You did great. As for the whiny screechers? You’ll have a better time without them. Seriously. If they did get in, they’d complain about their room. Or the temperature in the classroom. Or the accent of the teacher. Or some other thing. Blow them off, have a meal, have a beer and have a well deserved sleep.

  111. When things start to look very hairy indeed, I remember what a very smart woman once wrote: It will be all right in the end. If it’s not all right, it’s not the end.

  112. Whoa! I’m not lucky enough to attend, but you guys could teach the airlines something about customer service!

  113. Have you thought about videotaping so those of us who can’t get there could share the experience? Bet even those who are there might like to have a copy. Nothing fancy no big production.

  114. Wow, you are amazing. I can’t believe all you have been through and yet here you are, apologizing. I saw some ugliness on Rav, and all I can say is, I hope some people’s names are taken note of and I hope they never, ever get in. You don’t deserved to have snotty knitters take advantage of your generosity. But then, you are nice enough that you’d let them in and teach them anyway. I hope the entire Summit totally surpasses all of your wishes and the nice knitters that got in make the whole thing a total blast.

  115. I can’t attend this year, we are doing a big Anniversary trip to Hawaii but I’m hopeful for next year.
    I would love to see all the stats when everything settles down.
    You have done a fantastic job getting this all set up. Just think how much less work you will have if this becomes an annual event!

  116. My offer still stands to drive out to Portland and beat some sense into your tech people about not believing in the power of knitters. Really.
    Also, the idea from Patricia about taping (DVDing?) and making it available to those of us who were totally and completely shut out because of the server failure is one you need to consider. At least the lectures if the teachers don’t want to give away their secrets!!

  117. i am unable to go west
    perhaps a you tube event for we stay at homes

  118. Does this set the scene you are in?: A flock of about a thousand sheep, grazing on a hillside, just turned around and spotted you, and only you, holding one bucket of grain. HOLY #(*&$#^*! Run, I tell you, RUN!!! =0)~

  119. I got in as a vendor.
    I got into the Luminary Panel.
    I like this.
    Other than that, I am very happy and feel honored to be able to participate.
    I won’be able to go see anybody or participate in any parties or classes or anything because I’ll be minding my booth.
    I truly can’t wait!! πŸ™‚

  120. Just a bunch of big hugs to you guys. You’ve done an amazing job. I hope you’ve had time to calm down, eat, sleep, chill, beer (in any order).

  121. I’d advise against eating ponies with cream and cherries on top though πŸ˜› (@Lisa Grossman, 2:11)

  122. Rest, relax. I am disappointed in not going. Got in right away, then blacked out screen. Tried for 2 hours and everything but the podcasts was gone. Oh well, maybe next year. I’ll spend my money on YARN!

  123. Yet another person wishing…but my air conditioner ate my summit money. Before you judge, it’s summer in Texas, I had no choice.

  124. Keep up the good work! I wish I could go, but I know I can’t afford it. I just wanted to come and wave some pompoms at you. RAH!

  125. Zillions of thanks to you both, Stephanie and Tina! I was in awe that Steph sent me a personal email from my comment on her first post of The Day, telling me to try again. Ravelry surely added to the excitement, the server load, and told me to go back again, too. This is an incredible event and I’m so thrilled to be attending!
    Now, get some rest, some beer and some chocolate, though maybe not beer and chocolate together, πŸ˜‰
    You DID IT!!!

  126. Another sad knitter who missed out on any classes because of some medical tests and no computer. I feel guilty because my best friend also missed out, because she supported me through a difficult time. Please don`t give up and say you`ll never do it again, we really would like to come another year.

  127. here’s a {hug} and a beer. sad i can’t go this round but hopefully come Sock Summit time I’ll have a golden key for sitting this out. hint: more yarn/book storage which will be funny b/c i’ll have spent all my budget for the next 30 years to get the /storage/.

  128. dear stephanie and tina —
    i missed the great scramble because my son, who’d been living in portland and had promised me a place to crash suddenly decided to move east. i’ll be sending good vibes your way, along with a fervent wish that you put together a “sock summit east” for next year.
    perhaps it could become an annual event that alternated between, say, portland and somewhere east of the mississippi. i volunteer my city, indianapolis. it has tons of avid knitters (i know at least two who are coming to sock summit), great yarn shops, lots of moderately priced hotel space near the convention center (expansion to be complete next year), friendly people and a shiny new airport, plus 5 or 6 interstates that converge on the city. and if the whole family comes to town, there are several major museums (one just for kids), triple-a baseball in a modern-but-retro ballpark, a big zoo, a wnba team, the track where the indy 500 and the brickyard 400 are run, and much more to see and do.
    stephanie drew a huge crowd to a bookstore here last year, and people in my knitting groups hope she’ll come back soon. and if she brings a sock summit here, that would be even better!

  129. In re: Twitter. As it happens, I don’t care for beer, but please feel free to tell Carrie Nation that Ben Franklin himself opined “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

  130. Also re:Twitter. I will be spiritually disappointed if you stop talking about drinking beer.

  131. Alas, for lack of vacation to do this sort of thing!
    However- Stephanie, *now* (or sometime before the IT guy gets away) is when you ask said IT guy to write down, in technical language, exactly what happened, and why the next IT guy who has to deal with knitters should *listen* to you, when you tell them we knitters are numerous and obsessive… then you stash this message to the future in a safe place to show the next tech people you have to deal with. (Also, you may need a new motto…”Yarn Harlot: Confounding All Expectations Since 2004″.)

  132. I just read the latest twitter, and am here to say that those that know you love you just as you are. If you didn’t drink a beer (or even talk about it) we’d want to know where our Stephanie was and how to get her back!
    A pox on those soo busily minding other people’s business, uninvited.
    Wish I could make it but just returned from a drive across the country to see my son & his family in… (ready for this?) in Portland Oregon.

  133. You poor people! Computers are grand and wonderful things, as long as they’re working. And for pity’s sake, there are far greater evils in this world than beer! (my hubby converted me a long time ago, and I have no regrets) Deep breaths all.

  134. Hugs and THANK YOU for everything. Now go have a beer. Really. You are a great role model.

  135. You know what would be great? If you do this again, would be a sample registration page where people could practice the process BEFORE registration opens. First time through, no matter how ready you are, with the clock going tick, tick, tick, in the background, is kind of unnerving. So much so that I ran out of time and had to start over, by which time my slots for Stephanie AND for Barbara Walker, which I had, had gone to other people. Sob!
    P.S. I TOLD you we would crash the server!

  136. So Sorry, So, So Sorry!
    Since I don’t twitter, it is here that I send mea culpa – first for not being in Plano tonight, and second, because I am not going to be in Plano tonight… I can’t bring you some ‘real’ coffee.
    I was born and raised in Texas, but only drink Louisiana style brew. You surely would appreciate the soft, strong, gently roasted beans with good, clean (natural) ranch water poured over the not too finely ground beans to be brewed to perfection. No perking — just drip coffee.
    so, so sorry

  137. Stephanie: If I knew you better I would nominate you for RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards for 2009. Seriouly is there someone in Toronto who can do that? Nominations should be in by June 29, 2009. Pick up a form at the Royal Bank. Keep up the good work and happy Knitting!

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