Bright questions about a boring blanket

The blanket continues to go well, and so I bring you the first in a series:

Blanket Size Check ’09


Nope. Not done. Clearly just entering the lab robe phase. (Thanks to Natalie for holding the blankie, and thanks to Joe for the new camera for my birthday. it’s really cool knowing what the pictures look like in advance again. I was pretty much over the element of surprise on that one. )

Let’s try some questions to liven things up, shall we?

Dianne asks: Just wondering – what yarn are you using?


I’m using Cascade Ecological Wool. This yarn comes in natural undyed sheepy colours, and I really think that the combination of the bold shapes and natural palette is really sophisticated and modern. Mind you, I thought that about mint green batwing mohair sweaters with spandex pants in the 80’s, and now everytime I see a picture of myself from then I practically have to breathe into a felted bag to get a hold of myself, so who the hell knows if its true.

Terri says: Love the blanket. First thing I thought when I saw the picture was …

soothing. I’m putting money on the yarn being Eco Wool. How many skeins

do you figure it’ll take?

I’m guessing that I’ll use about 8 skeins, since I’m hoping that this will be a big blankie. This pattern calls for Silky Wool, so I’ve adjusted the stitch count to account for the larger gauge so that the proportions will be the same. I think. There was math. No way to know if it worked, but I like how it looks. I figure (cue ominous music and sense of foreboding) it’s a bunch of rectangles. What can go wrong?

Mim Bird thinks: Even if you are on deadline, I am having a hard time believeing you have only one project going. Surely all this garter stitch is going to cause repetitive motion injury to your brain. Your stash called this afternoon and begged to hold an intervention. Come on…just a few rows of lace or a small cable, just for a relish, just to keep things lively? You’ll come back to your garter stitch refreshed and alert. Come on…You now you want to. xo

Actually, I do have one teeny tiny (really) stealth project going, but it’s going to be done tomorrow and then it’s all blanket, all the time. I figure I can take it. I’m usually all over the place with the knitting. A little monogamy should be not just possible, but pleasant. (Stop it. Laughing is rude. I’m serious. Get a hold of yourselves. )

Holly wonders: Are you caught up on Doctor Who? You probably have time to watch all of them… not just the new ones!

Sadly, I am caught up, and heartbroken that they can’t seem to make dorky TV as fast as I can watch it. I’m currently shopping for a dorky new series to love. Suggestions for dorky TV are welcome. I also think that this blanket is probably a wicked time to catch up on movies – which would be why the DVD player broke last week, but that’s easy to fix. Computers play DVD’s.

Alex inquires: What differences do you find between the Knit Picks and Addi Turbo needles?

I think that the KnitPicks needles (options) are a good needle, excellent value for the money, and supremely pointy. (I like pointy.) I find that the Addi Turbos are less pointy, but slightly more comfortable, smoother, I like the cables better, and think the joins are nicer. That said, the Options give you… well. Options. I can change cable length – change needles… that’s a nice thing to have, and I (clearly, since I own and use them) like the KnitPicks needles just fine – especially at their price point. That said, I really think that when it comes to needles you get what you pay for, and in a subtle, overall warm-glow sort of way, I prefer the Addi Turbo’s for this project, and for most projects that are really, really big. Anytime I’m getting a megadose of time with a project, I like both the yarn and needles to be the ones I like best. Reduces the odds I’ll stash it in a damp corner of the basement and disavow all knowledge of it.

Kathy in KS suggests: Something tells me there’s going to be an awful lot of these “the blanket is still going well” posts, aren’t there? At least keep us informed as to the color changes or something. Like “I went from the medium light gray to the medium gray today, and tomorrow will be the darker one. I can’t wait!”

Okay. No problem. (Although really, I see where it could be sort of a downer that I picked neutral colours on this one. Bummer.) Today I think I will finish with the black, and then it will be white again. I can’t wait!

(Better? No. I didn’t think it would help much either. How about if I promise a tutorial on picking up stitches in garter stitch? Favourite cake recipe? Anything?)