Happy Birthday to me

I am 41 years old today. I can do whatever I want for the whole day, and now that my kids are bigger, that’s really what happens. (As all the mum’s out there can attest, you can say that you’re getting a day all you like when you have little kids, but it’s not true. You get what they can spare, and not a moment more.) I’m pretty psyched, although being given a whole day is a little like being asked what I’d like for a present – I suddenly can’t think of a darned thing I need or want.


I’m starting slow. I have a cup of coffee that Joe made (I love it when other people make the coffee. It’s like a miracle to me) the Premier Crossword from yesterdays Toronto Star (I saved it) and my knitting.

I wonder what I’ll do after that?

534 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me

  1. Happy birthday Stephanie. I’m sure you’ll find a way to fill your day. Enjoy!!

  2. Happy birthday Stephanie! If it were my birthday and I had the whole day to do whatever I wanted, I think I might curl up in the garden (if you don’t have a lot of bugs that bite) with my knitting and a good book. (You can do that if you have one of those sheet-music holder thingies.) You can have coffee and later, wine. Hope it’s a good one. Cheers!

  3. Happy Day—What should you do next?? Start a new knitting project without thinking for a second about the UFO’s in your basket. Or maybe 2-it’s always fun to see how the yarn looks as you begin to knit.

  4. Happy birthday Stephanie. If it were my birthday, I would take that cup of coffee, go sit in the garden (if you don’t have too many bugs that bite) with my knitting and a good book. (You can do that if you have one of those sheet-music thingies.) Later, I would trade in the coffee for some wine and just sit and enjoy the sunshine and the smell of summer. Hope it’s a good one for you. Cheers!

  5. Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy every second of the day, no matter what you decide to do.

  6. Wishing you a Fabulous Happy Birthday!
    Cheers to a day of knitting and being at peace!

  7. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. I’m sure you’ll think of something to do!!

  8. Oh, Happy Birthday.
    I just had my 44th on the 5th of June.
    And, yeah, my children are younger (9, 5, 2) and there’s no real time to do what I’d like most, which is, of course, knit.
    Hope you have a fantastic day completely devoid of the trials and trevails you so humorously share with us all the time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Happy birthday! It’s nice having grown kids. It means you can truly have a day. I hope you enjoy it. And I hope they fix your favorite foods and pamper you all day. You deserve it. As a matter of fact, so do I. Hmmm, I wonder if my family will notice if I move my birthday around and claim it as today?

  10. Hope your birthday is so good that you extend it by at least a week. Perhaps the family has been so excited by the coffee making that other things will magically appear before you.

  11. Happy happy happy birthday to you!
    My boss has her husband trained. When she’s in the shower each morning, he makes coffee and has it sitting on the bathroom sink for her consumption as soon as she gets out of the shower.

  12. Happy Birthday! Do whatever you damn well please and don’t apologize for it! Cold “beverages” are also in line for the day. Enjoy!

  13. YAAA…Happy Birthday to ya!!!! you youngun’!! I’m 54 nyaa nyaa nyaa nyaa nyaa….and that’s all I ever want for my birthdays…a day to myself and my loves taking care of me..the berries, eh?

  14. Happy Birthday!!! Relax—you deserve it, with all the stuff that has been happening to you!!! I so enjoy reading your blog, you are so funny and your knitting is inspirational:):):)

  15. The only possible way to top coffee and a crossword is a good movie on DVD. If the weather is nice, a walk in the park is always festive.
    If you haven’t seen “Up,” it’s a perfect movie in every way. Bring tissues.

  16. Happy birthday to you (and my godson Seamus who is turning 17 (gak!) do whatever the moment says to do.

  17. Happy happy Birthday!! I remember when I was 41 and had 1 year old twins running around- enjoy -it goes too fast- mine are college sophomores now and I miss having them around! Celebrating a birthday without your kids is not fun.

  18. Enjoy your day, young ‘un! Only do what you want – those days are few and far between ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. It IS your birthday – I read that on your calendar. Happy Knitting Day.
    Happy Birthday too !

  20. Happy Birthday!! In less than 24 hrs. I too will turn 41. I don’t feel 41, do you??
    Have a wonderful day!

  21. Congratulations! You are precisely as old as my parent’s marriage. Yep, it’s their 41st anniversary! Dad says he picked this day because it’s Flag Day in the good ol’ USA, and so it’s easy for him to remember.
    I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  22. My dear grandfather, who lived to be 104, was once asked what his secret was for a long life. He said to be sure to eat some of your own birthday cake every year.
    Here’s to you eating your own birthday cake for many years to come!! Happy birthday!!

    For your birthday you should do what I like to do every birthday. Make a list of blessings in my life – one blessing for every year. So this year your list should be 41 blessings long. It’s amazing how wonderful this list makes me feel the rest of the day (and beyond!)

  24. Happy Birthday Steph!!! Sounds like your day started off right. Now you only need a little bit of Stash Acquisition to top it off. ๐Ÿ˜€

  25. Happy Birthday to YOU! From all you share with us, let me hazard ~ yoga, sock knitting, garden, walk, wine, food, family ~ not necessarily in that order. Whatever it is enjoy, and know that I am spending the day spring cleaning (it is really, really bad here), while dh and dd are gone, gone, gone. Praise the goddess and pass the coffee!

  26. The character development of young Spock, Kirk (from the very moment of his birth, forward), Bones, Scotty, and the rest of the crew in the newest Star Trek is fascinating. (I’ve seen it twice.)

  27. Happy Birthday! I’m going to the Estes Park Wool Festival in Colorado today, and I will lovingly pet fiber-bearing animals and squeeze lovely skeins of yarn in your honor!

  28. Happy Happy!
    birthdays rock and so do geminis!
    set a good example for me. mine’s in 3 days!

  29. Hey! Happy Happy Birthday!!!!! I remember 41- I had a one year old babe- wondering what the hell I was doing!!!!! But here’s my birthday story- I turned 50 last Feb. Hubby says, “What would you like for this big 5-0?” I suggested something black and sexy (I thought clothing, lingerie, hey- great laceweight yarn) He thought differently. Black Sebring convertible, fully loaded, leather seats (black, of course, and yes, heated). 6-CD changer for my tunes. Remote start. And right now-on Sunday morning? he is out there washing and waxing it, vacuuming its carpets. Then he gives me the keys back!!!!!! Love that boy. May you have many black and sexy surprises for your 41st!

  30. Have an amazing birthday! I do believe a glass of wine or a Guiness would be in order for your celebration! Enjoy your day – Shawn

  31. Happy Birthday Stephanie! Enjoy your day, sounds like it’s starting off well. My birthday is tomorrow and I too am looking forward to doing only as I please.

  32. All the VERY BEST to you for this 41st year . May you be healthy, wealthy and wise. Well I guess I could leave the wise out of there as you already are wiser thatn your years, so it appears. Hope you find something nice to do just for YOU today. The just ME days don;t happen to often so enjoy.

  33. Happy Birthday. I like to watch movies I’ve been meaning to, or listen to a good book, eat oreos, carrots with dill dip, and a favorite ice cream usually ben and jerry’s. I can knit while I watch movies or listen to a book.
    Basically just tune out the world and eat whatever I want.

  34. Happy Birthday! Today is my daughter’s 12th birthday too — which makes June 14th a most auspicious day! It’s the birthday of 2 of my most favorite people in the world. Since you and I have never met, does that make me a stalker? Just asking. . .

  35. Here’s to you!
    May you receive today some of the joy you give to others.
    Make the most of the day.

  36. On my Twitter feed, your post about your birthday plans is followed immediately by someone else’s, who as karma would have it, seems to have an excellent suggestion. To whit:
    YarnHarlot: It’s my birthday. I can do whatever I like for a whole day. First…Coffee and crossword. Then?
    My Friend*: On to the zoo!
    It sounds like a good plan to me, anyway. grin!
    *That’s not her Twitter name, but I figure she may not want a horde of knitters following her for reasons she can’t fathom. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  37. Happy Birthday, Stephanie! Grab yourself a nice glass of vino and some knitting and enjoy the beautiful sunshine we are having in Toronto today (well, it is sunny in Scarborough at any rate!). Let the family cater to your needs (like a refill of the glass!) and just enjoy!!

  38. How about emergency stash clearance before the arrival of the plumber. No? That means you are having a better birthday than I had. I hope yours continues to be a good one right up until midnight in whatever time zone you fancy celebrating in.

  39. What’s it like having hundreds (thousands?) of people wishing you Happy Birthday? Sending you best wishes, too.

  40. Happy Birthday, dear Yarn Harlot! I hope your day is everything you want it to be and that someone fetches you a beer or more as well as making the coffee. May the coming year bring you a new camera, the time to write more books, a zillion new yarns, the projects you’ve dreamed of, good health, good coffee, and good beer, and quality time with your family. And no more appliance incidents (although the ones you had were screamingly funny–you had the screams, we got the funny–your writing is wonderful).
    p.s. what does your mug say?

  41. Happy birthday!!! Hope you have a wonderful day no matter what you decide to do…

  42. Happy Birthday! Enjoy every moment. I agree that coffee made by someone else always tastes so much better! Have to say that you made my day … Sunday morning with a bagel some tea and a Yarn Harlot post … perfect!

  43. Happy Birthday!
    And even though your kids are not little, anymore, you still only get what they can spare. It’s just that they can spare more, and are better at waiting…but if they do end up needing you, we all know what will happen!
    Here’s to all the teen emotional pyrotechnics holding off until tomorrow!

  44. Best wishes for a great day…I can relate – with a little extra spare time to myself – I’m lost as to what to do…but take the fact you have time to even ponder what to do with yourself as a gift ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. Happy Birthday! Sometimes the best day is the one where nothing special is planned, but it unfolds that way regardless.

  46. I was going to say Take a Nap for all the sleep you lost when you had little ones, but someone beat me to it.
    So, take a nap in anticipation of nightsweats and insomnia for all us older women who who are going thru menopause!
    Happy Birthday!

  47. Have a wonderful birthday-but why confine it to one day? Each day this week when questioned why you are doing something reply-because it’s my birthday. That should work until at least Friday.

  48. Stephanie! lots and lots of love and thanks for always keeping us smiling and have a wonderful Birthday Week!! and don’t forget to give your mom a call and wish her a happy labor day! hee..hee.. Karola

  49. And many happy returns! Time _is_ the greatest gift, so good-o for your family for its wisdom! Best, randmknitter

  50. Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your day, do something fun, or nothing at all- you deserve a day of whatever strikes your fancy ! My birthday is Friday- but so far no plans. ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. Happy Birthday to you Steph………Dont forget to eat alot of BD cake,yum…….Hope you have a very relaxed day.

  52. Happy day! Maybe treat yourself to a wandering bike ride that has no timetable except your own.
    Cheers! *clink*

  53. Happy Birthday Stephanie! 41 years young. ahhhh…. coffee and knitting. What else is there??? OH! Who’s making dinner?

  54. Happy birthday! My baby is due tomorrow, and usually when people say, “Well, *my* birthday is June 9th” or something, I think “so what??” but I wish she’d share your birthday – I could use it as proof she’s born to knit. Unfortunately, I don’t think she wants to be born today. I think she’s aiming for another week or two of easy living…

  55. Happy Birthday! You deserve it, but if you would like a birthday filled with small children, I have too I can lend you! ๐Ÿ™‚ just joking!

  56. Happy birthday! I look forward to having a day to myself sometime. But my kid is not even two yet, so it is going to be a while!

  57. Happy Birthday!!! The days that have no plan often wind up being the coolest, I feel.

  58. See, you are smart by not having lots of ideas. I generally spend the previous two months thinking “oh, I’ll do that on my birthday!!” every time something delectable occurs to me.
    Then I try to do it all in 16 hours. By mid afternoon I’m exhausted and crabby and it takes me a week to recuperate from all the “fun”. Which I don’t look back on as fun at all.
    Trust me, “nothing” is a pretty awesome way to spend a day ;).

  59. Happy Birthday Stephanie – to you and my daughter. Hope you have a great day doing whatever you want.

  60. Happy happy birthday to you! I know what you mean about miracles – I came home the other day, and my girls had loaded the dishwasher, run it, UNLOADED (!) the dishwasher, took out the garbage, swept the kitchen floor, and made dinner! (well, it was nachos, but still!) I nearly passed out. Hope similar joys are headed your way!

  61. Happy Birthday Stephanie. May the knitting gods be nice today, may your coffee cup stay filled and of course may you have nothing but peace and happiness. Enjoy your day!

  62. Happy Birthday! Made a small donation to Doctors without Borders in honor of your special day. Hope your Birthday is filled with wonders great and small, and much love and happiness!

  63. Happy birthday, and I hope your day os wonderful, how ever it turns out.
    Today is my daughter’s 17th birthday, so I’m off to make a carrot cake for her.

  64. Wish you all good things on your birthday! And, thanks for all the good stuff you share with us!

  65. Happy birthday, and I hope you spend the day doing only the things you want to do!

  66. Happy birthday! I’d tell you to knit something fun for yourself but I know that you have a deadline. I hope you have a wonderful day of Stephanie! ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. Many happy returns on the day! I like to celebrate my birthday in Hobbit fashion by giving small gifts to the people I love. (Not that I don’t love getting gifts myself!)

  68. Hope you have a wonderful birthday, filled with all the things you want to do, and yummy things to eat and drink – made by others, of course.

  69. May your personal New Year be everything you want it to be! happy birthday, happy new year!

  70. Happy Birthday!
    If I may make a suggestion?
    Glare at someone until they present you with chocolate. Maybe some wine. Chocolate, wine, knitting…perfect!

  71. Hey Stephanie, Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day…I’m waiting for when I get a whole day to myself again–good to know it will come again!

  72. Adding my wishes for a very happy birthday — and an idea to take care of that awful feeling of ‘What was it I wanted to do when I had the time??’ (which I too have experienced in the past) — I now try to keep a page of all the projects I hope to do in a safe place, and when the day hits, I look in there and remember. Sounds pathetic, doesn’t it? No time even to daydream regularly …. but it’s also good for taking out at moments of stress to reassure and comfort yourself and give you a reason for going on!

  73. Happy Birthday Stephanie! In our home our birthday is our day to do what we want and have dinner where we want…unlike growing up when your birthday was just another day and no one even acknowledged that it was your birthday…I’ve always made our children’s and my husbands birthdays very special all day…
    Happy Birthday

  74. Happy Birthday to us – I just love it that they put up flags every where for me on my Birthday!!
    Hope your day is great!

  75. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my favorite peeps. Like thousands of others, I feel that you are my friend. Enjoy your day.

  76. Happy Birthday! Kick everyone out, sit in the bath with a good book, then enjoy the quiet while sitting in your favorite spot and knit what You want! Have a great day

  77. Hello Stephanie,
    Have an absolutely wondrous day – whatever you do. Happy Birthday!!!!

  78. Here’s to you on your special day! (I’m toasting you here with a virtual beer!!)Happy knitting all day long……

  79. Happy Birthday Stephanie! Have an excellent day, relax and do whatever you want.

  80. Happy birthday. All you are missing is some good beer! Have Ken treat you to a pint or two. ๐Ÿ˜€

  81. Happy Birthday! Thank you for keeping us all entertained! I hope you have a great, peaceful day!

  82. If I were you, I’d get all pumped up on the free coffee and probably end up getting overly ambitious about how many things I could do with all that time and start casting on projects, feverishly writing down notes, possibly take the very neurotic bend and start polishing things and dusting, only to end the evening wondering why I never get any time to myself – LOL.
    I’m trusting you have the wisdom to skip all of those steps and just smoothly transition from a long morning of knitting and coffee drinking, to a beautiful and tasty dinner with a good stout beer and possibly something sinfully delicious for dessert….Happy day!

  83. Happy B’day Stephanie! Hope your 41st year is filled with love, laughs, and yarn.

  84. Happy birthday ! Hope you get all you want and much more ! You deserve a full day off to enjoy yourself.

  85. May your entire 41st year be happy and healthy! As for what to do after coffee and knitting: is there something after knitting? I usually get to that part and that’s it for me!

  86. I’m glad to see that you are at home on your birthday – relax and enjoy!

  87. Today Today Today Today
    Today is somebody’s Birthday
    Today Today Today Today
    Today is somebody’s Birthday
    It’s not the pickle’s or the pear’s
    It’s not the elephant’s or the bear’s
    Today Today Today Today
    Today is Stephanie’s Birthday!!!
    Many happy and relaxing returns of the day!

  88. Happy birthday! I shall sing you the traditional birthday song of my ancestors:
    “Thiiiiiiis iiiiiiis your
    (It isn’t very long.)”
    Have a wonderful, relaxing day ๐Ÿ™‚

  89. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I’m going to have a beer to celebrate your birthday (it’s 8.45pm here)and I wish you to have a wonderful day.
    Enjoy a beautiful sunday, visit the zoo, have some ice cream, and be happy – you have a loving spouse, wonderful children and a lot of knitting merits.
    And we love you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  90. Happy Birthday Stephanie! I hope it is sunny and mild in your neck of the woods–relax!

  91. Years ago on the TV show “The Odd Couple” Felix,the character played by Tony Randall, wanted to throw a birthday party for Oscar, played by Walter Mattheau. Oscar was a grump and didn’t want to do anything and admonished Felix that he better not do anything for the birthday. Of course Felix didn’t listen – he never did – and threw a surprise party, telling Oscar, “You have to have memorable moments in birthdays.” I’ve always thought that memorable moments were the way to go, so remember that particular piece of knitting and that very good coffee – as a memorable piece of that 41st birthday and a great start to your 42nd year.
    …and many more memorable birthdays to you!

  92. Happy Birthday yarn harlot. Doing absolutley nothing all day long still counts as “doing whatever you want”.

  93. Let me add to the chorus: Happy Birthday! Thanks for another year of being you.

  94. “Hoppy birdie” to you (what my daughter said to me when I turned 30; she was 2. *That* was a *very* long time ago)!
    May you have a wonderful day for knitting, more good coffee, maybe even some chocolate, your favourite ice-cold beer, and/or a *very* good scotch — complete with a gift cert to buy some yummy yarn — and may you have a grand year ahead!

  95. “I suddenly can’t think of a darned thing I need or want.”
    That’s a pretty good definition of happiness.
    Happy Birthday!

  96. Happy Birthday! May your year be full of good health, good fun and great knitting ๐Ÿ™‚

  97. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day — and may the next year bring you nothing but error-free projects, smooth travels, and pretty yarn!

  98. Good for you, and have a happy birthday! Coffee, a crossword, and knitting sounds like heaven. Enjoy it, you deserve it!

    Hope your day is a pleasent one and you get to relax.
    Best Wishes, Jo

  100. Happy Birthday! As a younger mom I know exactly what you mean about getting a whole day to yourself. Enjoy your day ๐Ÿ™‚

  101. Have a very happy Birthday and allways plenty of wonderful knitting wool! I hope you are having a wonderful and relaxing day.
    I love your birthday and I think June 14th is a wonderful date. (Haha – it’s mine, too. So I can think of sharing this with a wonderful person like you … And as Mimi said up there: As we have never met (and as its highly unlikely we ever will, what with that great big ocean between us)– does that make me a a stalker?

  102. Happy birthday. You are the age of my youngest child. Yesterday was my birthday, today is my daughter’s wedding anniversary, and tomorrow is my husband’s birthday. Thursday is a granddaughter’s birthday.
    Happy knitting.

  103. A very happy birthday to you, and I hope you’ve been enjoying the gorgeous day we’ve been having here in the GTA. I too enjoy having coffee made for me, and otherwise being waited on is great too, especially on a birthday. I wish you a lovely birthday cake, baked for you by someone other than yourself, and lots of knitting time.

  104. HappySolarReturntoyouhappySolarReturntoyouhappy

  105. A very Happy Birthday! Today is also the birthday of another great women – My Aunt Helen. She is 90 years old today. Her comment for today “I”m 90, really? I don’t feel that old.”
    Enjoy today and here’s wishing you many more!

  106. Have a wonderful, relaxing Birthday!! Hopefully it’s sunny there (finally!).

  107. Happy birthday! And the view here from 50 is, it only gets better and better. (An aside) Joe over there–thank you for taking such good care of (y)our Stephanie!

  108. Happy Birthday!!
    May I suggest chocolate as a useful addition to the day (it also comes in very acceptable ice-cream and cake versions!)

  109. Wishing you a grand Birthday! (I well remember my 1st with kids being older and mostly out of the house!)
    Do whatever, whenever, however! Enjoy!

  110. Many happy returns of the day! May your birthday be filled with everything wonderful! (Yes, that means lots of knitting.)

  111. Oh, poop. I was even going to send you an e-card, because what says you care better, right? But then work got busy and stuff. Anyway, I hope it’s been a great day and that the year ahead continues to be full of equally or more great days.

  112. Happy Birthday Stephaine! Mine is tomorrow, so I am always happy to hand another birthday wishes to a fellow gemini!
    Best wishes!

  113. On my 40th this year, my husband was in Cuba and I had to work (it was a Monday). I really sweet, knitting friend of mine took me out for a cocktail or two and made sure I wasn’t home moping alone. Aren’t knitters the best?
    Whatever you did today, I hope it was fab! 41 had to be a bit easier than 40. If it wasn’t, feel free to lie to me as mine is a mere 8 months away!
    Cheers and happy birthday!!!

  114. Happy Birthday! You’ve accomplished a “whole whack of stuff” (did I get the Canadian vernacular right?) in those 41 years. Day of rest well deserved!

  115. I wondered why today was the most perfect day since the creation of the world. Thanks for letting the ripples spread outward. Happy birthday, lamb.

  116. Happy Birthday, Stephanie!!! Enjoy the coffee and puzzle and garter, and whatever else pleases you.

  117. Happy, happy birthday! I hope it’s peaceful, calm, and wonderful. And you don’t have to knit on the garter stitch blanket unless you want to.

  118. Joyeux anniversaire Stรฉphanie! Moi, j’ai eu 42 ans il y a 2 jours…
    Continue ร  nous faire rire, ร  nous apprendre des choses, ร  expรฉrimenter, j’adore รงa!
    Pas de bonne journรฉe sans Yarn Harlot ๐Ÿ™‚
    Bises de Paris, France.

  119. Happy, happy birthday, Stephanie. No one deserves to do nothing more. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m doing the same thing today even though it’s tomorrow when I turn 36!

  120. Happy Birdie! Sounds like a plan to me- its better if you see just how it goes, otherwise it just goes pear shaped! xx

  121. Happy birthday! Maybe what you need/want is just the opportunity to decide what you need/want? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  122. A very Happy Birthday to you! I hope you enjoy whatever you do!
    I also find that when I suddenly have a lot of free time, it is harder to make use of it than if I had to “schedule in” my personal time! If you are used to having a framework, it is more difficult to organize yourself without it.

  123. Happy birthday! If you have finished The Premier from the Saturday Star, I would highly recommend following it up with The Sunday Crossword from today’s Star. There’s even a wool-related word in it … someone must have told them it was your birthday!

  124. Happy Happy!
    Wait — you have knitting to do & wonder what to do “after”? What is this “after” knitting of which you speak???

  125. Happy Birthday Stephanie! This is a great day to be born! My oldest is celebrating his 20th today and he’s just “sitting around and doing nothing…it’s my birthday you know” Many wishes for more of the same to you!

  126. Birthdays come but once a year,
    So, I send this message clear:
    Happy Birthday, Stephanie dear,
    Happy Birthday ’til next year.
    It’s better sung, but no less heartfelt. Way glad you were born!

  127. C’est a ton tour de te laisser parler d’amour! Happy Birthday!

  128. Happiest of birthdays to you!!! I want to thank you especially for keeping me sane while my significant other was undergoing a stem cell transplant. Reading your blog always made me smile and transported me away from the reality of life. Who the heck needs to watch reality shows on TV???
    We will be waiting to hear how much knitting you got done today!!!
    Best wishes!

  129. This is my first time posting on The Blog, although I read every entry (it’s set as my homepage), and I can’t think of a more appropriate first post than to say–
    Happy, happy birthday, Harlot! ๐Ÿ™‚ You have given me many a chuckle and quite a few guffaws. Cheers! Enjoy the rest of Your Day!

  130. Here’s to a very happy birthday and many, many more to come. It seems it has started well already and if the weather here is anything to go by, then it is bound to be good. ๐Ÿ™‚

  131. Hey cool, we are only 10 days apart b-day wise. I’ll be 40 on the 24th. Have a great day doing whatever you decide you want =)
    …and I say again, go get a massage! lol

  132. Happy birthday to you and me! We are twins except for a slight age difference. I had the same problem today – can’t think of what I want to do now that I have the chance!

  133. Ah – we share a birthday, as well as a love of knitting, although I am 15 years older than you are!
    I hope you have had as enjoyable a day as I have had!

  134. Happy Birthday. A nice dinner and a glass of wine (if you haven’t had too much to drink already) followed by knitting in the late twilight. Maybe the Man of Your Dreams could even serenade you.

  135. Ooooh I’m so jealous of your me-time. JEALOUS. But do have the most wonderful day! Oh and I think some type of decadent dessert is definitely in order. Cake….chocolate.

  136. Happy Happy Birthday!!! Some of my favorite people (and, uh, a disproportionate amount of ex-boyfriends, but we’ll set that aside) are Gemini’s. Have a wonderful fabulous day!

  137. Happy Birthday Stephanie, Coffee and your knitting – sounds like a good day to me – hope the rest is as good.

  138. Happy birthday! Now I just need to know what kind of cake you’d like me to make for you. How about dark chocolate with mocha rum cream and a white chocolate drizzle, served with a handful of black raspberries?

  139. Happy birthday Steph – your blog and books keep light and joy in our knitting – thank you!

  140. Many Happy Returns!!!!!
    Close your Inbox, declare it a national holiday, and go knit/spin something. Oh, and there probably should be beer involved at some point, too. XOX

  141. Happy, Happy Birthday!
    You know, for as long as I’ve read your blog I didn’t realize until today that our birthdays are so close together. I just turned 50 on the 9th (last Tuesday). Thus, I can honestly tell you that the years to come are wonderful and I wish you every joy as you advance through them.
    Hugs and happy knitting to you! May you enjoy each day as you have enjoyed today, and we will always be happy that you were born! ๐Ÿ™‚

  142. From one of my favorite Boynton cards from the ’80’s
    Hippo Birdie, two ewe…
    Hippo Birdie, two ewe…
    Hippo Birdie, dear Stephanie…
    Hippo Biiiirdiiiieeee Twwwwooooo Ewe…
    Have a great day!!

  143. Happy Birthday Stephanie!
    Many many happy returns on the day and the whole year coming.

  144. happy birthday stephanie ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you get the entire day to do as you please.

  145. Have a wonderful birthday! I find that everything tastes better when someone else makes it–not that I’m a horrible cook, just that by the time I’m done standing over things and smelling them, often I don’t want to eat them. Odd. Funny that when we’re faced with a day to ourselves, we’re stumped. Completely at a loss. Is that all mums?
    I went back and read your previous “guest poster” birthday posts. I love them. You deserve a day full of friends and love. Enjoy it.

  146. Happy Birthday! I really like the blanket. Sometimes garter stitch is the best stitch for a busy spring/summer.

  147. Are you sure you’re only 41? It doesn’t seem possible that you have accomplished so many things in such a short time, besides all the knitting! Your blog is the best and I hope you have the best day ever, sometimes doing nothing is the best present! I hope you have fun reading all the excellent messages.
    Eve from Carlisle, Ma.

  148. A very Happy Birthday to You! My wishes for you. long life, good health, and the wealth of many friends. God Bless

  149. Happy birthday, Stephanie!
    I keep forgetting that we have nearly the same birthday, except I’m two years older and unlike you, who cleverly now has nearly grown up children, I have a toddler.
    Thank you so much for sharing your life and your writing with us. As much as I love your knitting writing, your writing on childbirth, babies, and parenting has meant so very, very much to me. At several pivotal stages I’ve come across something you’ve written that is so very pertinent to me, and so very enlightening, moving, and thought-provoking that it’s hard for me to find words to express how much it has meant to me.
    I can only thank you again, and wish you the happiest of birthdays with the people you love (and some time for yourself, too!)

  150. Happy birthday Stephanie. Many happy returns of the day.
    Mmmm the anticipation of a crossword – sounds like you have the day sussed. Life doesn’t get better than coffee and a crossword. Simple pleasures but delightful. I think you could gear it up and think of some more nice things to do.
    Live long and prosper (yes, I did see the Star Trek movie over the weekend, I loved it).

  151. Dear Steph…… Wishing you many happy, healthy, knittingly ones to follow!

  152. Happy Birthday – look forward to meeting you at the Sock Summit and having my picture taken – the best to you. May all your wishes come true.

  153. Wow. You’re the same age (year, day, and everything) as my sister-in-law. Cool! Hope it was a lovely day!

  154. Happy Birthday, and you’re right – a day to yourself is an utter gift – hope you squeeze every moment of whatever makes you happy out of it…

  155. Wahoo! Happy Birthday!!!
    Did your boss really give you the day off for your birthday? (I mean, it is a weekend and all – but I hear your boss is rather strict.)

  156. Hope you’re having a GREAT birthday!!! Rest, relax, knit…… ๐Ÿ™‚

  157. Happy Birthday! Thanks as always for the many laughs and, yes, a few good tears.

  158. Happy Birthday! I hope that you’re enjoying a relaxing day filled with……..whatever you want!

  159. Happy Birthday, Steph. In your honor we have had a lot of fun with dry ice here in Columbus at TNNA. Ysolda Teague dipped her lentil-stuffed mouse into the dry ice bubble pond and it is currently drying out. Annie Modesitt, Shannon Oakey, Miriam Felton, Clara Parkes, Kristi Porter, Amy Houck, and all the Stitch Cooperative people gathered around the bubbling fog and had a very jolly time. Yes, Jeni’s Ice Cream is involved. Wish you had a lot of dry ice and Jeni’s ice cream on your birthday. We would have loved to have had you with us. So happy birthday to you!

  160. Happy Birthday Stephanie.
    I too can’t believe how much you’ve accomplished.
    You deserve a totally relaxing day.

  161. You’re 41?! You’re kidding. Really, I can’t imagine you’re 41. I figured that once you turned 40 last year, you were done. Forty forever, with the occasional 27 on a good day.
    Forty-one. Really. Not a chance. Go turn cartwheels or something; clearly, you’re not 41.
    You still deserve cake and a good beer or three, though.

  162. All day long I’ve tried to remember what it was about 14 Jun. Now I know. Happiest of birthdays dear Stephanie!

  163. I’m a little late, but I hope your day was amazing. Let’s hear it for coffee and knitting on a day when you’re supposed to do whatever you want! Bright Blessings.

  164. Happy Birthday! I hope you get as much joy out of the day as you give to the rest of us every day!

  165. Happy, happy birthday! So glad you are getting to do what you said you would do on the calendar!

  166. i just wanted to chime in and say happy birthday! and thank you for bringing me many years of nearly daily entertainment trough your blog.
    also, my roommate, who i found on the “roommates wanted” section of cragslist, he makes the coffee. every day. i think i may marry him. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    happy birthday stephanie!

  167. Happy Birthday! I know you don’t work on your birthday, so I didn’t think to check your blog today (I thought it might come under a “work” category). I hope you had a great one, and many many more to come.

  168. Happy Birthday! Hope it was a really great one and that you spent it exactly how you wanted to!

  169. Happy Birthday! I turned 41 this year too on June 9th! Here’s to us ๐Ÿ˜€

  170. Happy Birthday, I hope you have a wonderful day and get some inches done on that blanket

  171. Hope it is very happy, what ever you decide to do. You truly deserve a special day that is all yours from start to finish.

  172. Happy birthday to you! It sounds like you’ve got the right idea there. (We’re in birthday mode, too, and spent the day feeding rhinos to celebrate my younger daughter’s eighth.)

  173. Thank you for sharing the start of you birth-holiday. I hope peaceful moments found you all day long. The 40’s decade is filled with transition, growth, change, and a lot of shifting beneath your feet. Stay Alert and Keep Up The Good Work! The 50’s decade, more fun than being in your 30’s, will make it all worth it.

  174. Happy 41st. You are definately a young one but so full of knitting wisdom. I’m 53 young but when grandbaby #12 arrived this year, I suddently felt older.

  175. Well happy birthday! As a Mama to a 2-year-old and an 8-month-old who celebrated birthday 32 yesterday, I can attest that I did not get to do just want I wanted. But I did get to spend it with the best family on earth – mine.

  176. Happy Birthday!! You and my mom share the same birthday… Mom is 85 today and has been knitting 73 years… She taught me to knit when I was 5. What did I get my mom – I knit her a shetland lace stole.

  177. A very happy birthday to you. As a mother of 4 teenagers, I am thinking that you need to leave the house if you want the day to yourself.

  178. Happy, happy birthday Stephanie, I am so happy to be able to share that birthday day with you! I too had a great day, have yet to get in some knitting time though, living in the Pacific Northwest there are still a few hours of evening left so I will probably get some rows in!

  179. Happy Birthday, Stephanie! I’m going to have a beer and toast to your good health for a long, long, long, time. And to perfectly written/perfectly fitting patterns, no dropped stitches, on-time flights, no lost baggage, etc., etc. You can fill in the rest. Oh…and THANKS…you can fill in the rest….

  180. So happy to add my voice to all those who have sent you bithday wishes! Health, why not wealth, and contentment to you on this special day. Contentment is so very underrated, don’t you think?? yet it feels so good! May it all be yours, girl.

  181. Happy birthday to you and to me! ๐Ÿ™‚ You’re 41, and I’m that Beatles song…..

  182. Happy birthday! I hope your special day was wonderful and filled with more coffee and knitting and not much of anything else. ๐Ÿ™‚

  183. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day! I turned 49 on my last birthday, so you know what next year’s birthday brings!

  184. Happy birthday! Is there such a thing as a reverse golden birthday? I would think 41 on the 14th would be one!
    Hope you had a great day.

  185. Happy Birthday, I hope it was satisfying and fulfilling. Here’s to a wonderful new year full of terrific friends, new learnings and lots of love.

  186. Happy Birthday! It was mine, too, so I spent the day doing a bit of spinning, knitting and avoiding anything that resembled a chore!
    Hubby was on the ball…coffee and my favorite doughnuts this morning and out to dinner tonight…good man!

  187. It’s the 15th already, but I can always wish that you had a lovely day. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Coffee that someone else made? What a treat! (My hubby doesn’t drink coffee, but he knows that if he wants to make me happy he can make me coffee in the morning.)

  188. Happy birthday to you!
    You share the day with my (older) big brother!
    Hope it was really nice!

  189. Happy Birthday, Stephanie!!! Have a great day and lots of fun with your family & friends!

  190. Bon anniversaire !! tous mes voeux de bonheur pour cette annรฉe ร  venir. Que les dieux du tricot soient avec toi ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Moi, ce que je ferais ร  ta place ? Attaquer un projet qui nรฉcessite un peu de rรฉflexion et de calme que tu n’as jamais le temps de commencer…
    Bonne journรฉe, profites-en bien !

  191. Hope yesterday was great!
    Glad that you enjoyed Saskatchewan… (I miss that huge blue sky now that we’re back in the Maritimes..)
    41 is good. I wish you great days of 41 and beyond !!!! :o)
    (Did you just hear Buzz Lightyear’s voice in your head..?)

  192. I hope it was a perfectly Happy Birthday. How fitting that it was a perfectly lovely day!

  193. Happy Happy Birthday.
    Yesterday was also my best friend’s birthday and I believe it was the first time I have had a knitted item sent through the mail and delivered on time for a birthday. It even went across the whole continental United States and got there in time. Thank you so much. Your knitting calendar keeps me knitting motivated!
    Here’s hoping you got all the alone and together time from various parties that you required to make your day special.

  194. happy birthday! Don’t forget to switch to beer around 11am- with a nice lunch, of course!

  195. Happy belated birthday, Stephanie;
    you bless my life with laughter, wisdom, and courage to keep knitting & ripping, if it takes 15 times!
    Hope it was a good one! Dee

  196. Happy Birthday, Stephanie! I hope it was relaxing, and filled with yarny goodness.

  197. Been reading your blog for years & just now realized you share your birthday with my most favorite aunt. Special people, special day. Hope it was grand! (And the magically prepared coffee continues.)

  198. Happy birthday, and many many more! Hope your day was filled with eveything you wanted, including mistake-free knitting.

  199. Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday dear Yarn Harlot!
    Happy birthday to you!
    I hope you had good one.

  200. June 14 is a BIG day! It’s Flag Day here in the States (I proudly handed out American Flags to tourists and shoppers on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile). It’s the birthday of my dear friend R. It’s my parents’ anniversary. And to top it off, it’s your birthday.
    Happy belated birthday, Harlot. I hope it was restful and lovely.

  201. Happy Birthday Stephanie!
    Sorry I’m a day late. Heck, if my family gets the gift within the same month then its on time. Have a wonderful birthday!

  202. Happy Birthday!
    Sounds like you’re gonna have an awesome day!!
    I love it when I have the whole day to myself. But like you, I immediately realize I can’t think of all the grand things I know I could be doing….

  203. Happy, Happy Day! Have a wonderful birthday and know that you have lots of best wishes for a relaxing day. Knit On!

  204. A day late, but no less sincere. Many happy returns of the day; wishing you peace, joy, love and laughter for the year to come. It gets even better..

  205. Happy Brithday! Hope you had a great day. My husband shares your birthday and wanted time to himself too (to watch golf), but like you said about young kids… at least they still nap!

  206. Happy Happy Birthday. I hope you have a great year ahead of you. I’m really happy you took today’s picture of the blanket with the paneled wall in back cause I was beginning to wonder whether the blanket was white and gray or whether you were changing over to black and white photography.

  207. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and spent it relaxing and doing just for you!

  208. Happy Birthday. My birthday is 2 days before yours and as the mother of small children, I can verify that what you say is true. I went to work for a rest, and was then taken out for dinner while my parents spared their evening to put the kids to bed at their house.
    And then precisely nothing knitting-related was done on WWKIP day. I hope to cajole LYS to do something for next year!

  209. Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!!
    You probably wont even see this but
    Happy Birthday ,and you sure are loved!

  210. Happy birthday! I hope it was everything you hoped for!
    Me, I’m just looking forward to the days when my birthday will truly be my own again.

  211. !Feliz Cumpleanos! Alles Gute zum Geburstag! Suntsu quyluh, Stephanie! (my best at phonetic Mandarin) Many many happy wishes on your 20th anniversery of your 21st birthday! Relax, do whatever the heck you want, and indulge this one special day of the year ๐Ÿ˜‰

  212. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays! It sounds like you were off to a good start…hope the rest of the day is just as nice.

  213. Happy Birthday. Hope you had an amazing day to yourself. As the new mother of 6 week old I understand about having and not having time.

  214. Happy belated birthday!! I hope it was wonderful and everything you hoped it to be. ^_^

  215. Happy Birthday Harlot,
    I hope you had a great day and for some reason I’m very excited to see which colour in the gray scale you are planning next for the blanket… yes I’m easily amused; always a good sign in a fan.

  216. Happy late birthday! I hope you had a good day and came up with something to do.

  217. Never admit that you have hit the forty mark. Say instead, “It’s the 2nd anniversary of my 39th birthday”. Works for me! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Happy belated anniversary!

  218. You know, I have a five year old, a three year old, and a baby. A day for yourself? I’ll take your word for it. It’s an encouraging thought.

  219. Hope you had a great day! I find the same problem when asked what I want for my birthday–can’t think of any of the things I have gazed longingly at all year!

  220. A day late and a loonie short but many birthday wishes from this person from the warmer CA (south of the border).

    The next step is to have a birthday WEEK like my MIL does!
    I’m still in the ‘can’t imagine a whole day to myself’ mode here.

  222. Happy Birthday, a day late. At first I thought that since you had gotten so many congratulatory messages, I would just pass, but then I realized you’re getting close to 500 happy birthday greetings and that would be great and amazing. So this makes 480.
    Can’t wait to hear how you spent the day.

  223. Happy birthday! I know I told you this last year and probably the year before but, you and my youngest daughter, Paige, share the same birthday! She turned 3 and we spent the weekend at a hotel with an indoor water park. I hope you enjoyed your birthday as much as she enjoyed hers!

  224. happy BD stephanie! i now it’s a day late but birthdays should last all week once we pass 40 . . .

  225. Happy Belated birthday. I think you should be able to do what you want to do for the rest of the month.

  226. Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a really good one.
    The blanket looks great so far. I have a shorter attention span than a gerbil (gnat, perhaps), so an all garter stitch blanket in soothing solid neutrals would take me years to complete. I can just picture myself, guilt-ridden, pulling it out once or twice a year to complete another rectangle or two before succumbing to another project.
    Best of luck completing it in one fell swoop — something I could not accomplish! (But then again, you have the attention span of a gerbil, which far exceeds that of the gnat…)

  227. happy belated birthday — hope that your day turned out all that you wanted it to be!

  228. I had forgotten it was your birthday — again — so soon!! But how could I forget?? There are so many wonderful, great, fantastic, truly special people with birthdays today. It must truly be a most auspicious aligning of stars. Best wishes for the next 41!!

  229. Belated Birthday Wishes!!!! Thanks for all your efforts of sharing your world this past year. We all certainly appreciate it. You were being “discussed” in Columbus this past weekend.I saw a lovely top on a lady while we were both visiting Knitter’s Merchantile. She shared the pattern name and yarn type. I did find the pattern after looking through their bookcase.KM unfortunately didn’t have enough of that yarn but sure did try to find me something similar. After a while a light came on and I said “Oh I know where I’ve seen this before…Stephanie made it and loved it!!!” It was the “Flow” top by Nora Gaugain (sp?) And it looked as cute on the lady in the shop as it did on you! I may have to knit it!!!! Thanks for showing it to us first!! Hugs!

  230. I thought about you on your birthday, but didn’t get near a computer that day. Anyway, I hope you had a very happy b-day, with lots of knitting and coffee, and that ever-elusive critter, time to yourself.

  231. Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!!! I was on vacation and didn’t get a chance to read your blog so I missed your big day. I love birthdays (especially mine) and I believe that everyone should celebrate and enjoy each and every birthday because it’s a gift. Besides, getting older definitely beats the alternative! Hope your birthday was wonderful and just what you wanted it to be!

  232. Happy Birthday, belatedly. I hope your day to yourself was wonderful. When my kids were little (they are young adults now) they would go off to see their father (we were divorced) and I would think I was going to get some mad amount of stuff done. But as soon as they were gone and the house was quiet, I would be lost and sort of frozen in time.
    Hope your special day went surprisingly well for you.
    Best to you and yours,

  233. Happy Birthday, belatedly. I hope your day to yourself was wonderful. When my kids were little (they are young adults now) they would go off to see their father (we were divorced) and I would think I was going to get some mad amount of stuff done. But as soon as they were gone and the house was quiet, I would be lost and sort of frozen in time.
    Hope your special day went surprisingly well for you.
    Best to you and yours,

  234. Happy Birthday, Stephanie! I want you to know how much I enjoyed your reading here in Austin a couple of weeks ago. I know you were feeling badly, but you were such a trouper and kept us all in stitches! I hope you are feeling all better now and had a great birthday. Sandy

  235. Dear Stephanie,
    Thank you for your birthday. I bought (myself) a new,(but lovingly used), Lendrum folding wheel, for your birthday. It was total serendipity; no such thing as coincidence. It’s working very nicely, except that, it has such a great whiz bang ratio set and lots of bells and whistles, I’m having to (ahem) re-learn spinning. Such travails!
    Well anyway, it beats bursted balloons and empty honey pots. Forty-one ain’t so bad. You are in the top of the inning. Forty-six, well that’s another kettle of fish.
    Thank you again. and many happy returns of the day.

  236. Happy birthday! Don’t have any kids yet, but know the feeling of ‘never ever having a day off’. Don’t feel guilty about a day of leisure. There are many years of fulltime running around to compensate ๐Ÿ™‚

  237. Hope you had a wonderful birthday. And regarding your twittering of today, my goodness a little gardening seems to have done wonders for you! Look at you doing all those computer “thingies”. Impressed.

  238. Sorry to miss your birthday, I was too busy reading “The Secret Life of a Knitter”! A friend loaned it to me knowing I like to knit, well – I think I might even be your Type A knitter as I could relate to so many of your little episodes. Anyway, held the pages open with a wooden laundry peg so I could knit while reading, and did laugh out loud several times. I have a dog who only wants to go out when I’m “busy” (insert there reading/knitting) and even a “face licking” cat – I found your comments about the nose licking as opposed to whining at the door hilarious, having experienced both with the same personal reaction. Will look for more of your books (hint – Daughter works for Indigo) – knitting, reading, laughing – what more could one ask for?!

  239. Happy birthday, with ewes.
    Happy Birthday, with ewes.
    Happy Birthday, dear Harlot,
    Happy Birthday, two ewes.

  240. Happy Belated Birthday, Dear Stephanie (I was at the Estes Park Wool Market and couldn’t send wishes on the day—-thought you’d understand)

  241. You’ll do anything you want, that’s what you’ll do! Hopefully it won’t involve any multicolored post it notes or Summit planning…unless that’s what you want to do, of course.
    Happy Birthday! May it turn out to be just the you wanted.

  242. I know a friend who went to see a principal about accepting her fostered Down syndrome child as a new entrant at his school, the principal referred to the child as ‘thingie’ during the whole interview – would it surprise you to know that she didn’t ask to have her enrolled at that school.
    My ‘thingie’ beats your ‘thingie’.

  243. Happy Happy Birthday!!!
    My dad totally taught me the IMAP thingie for organizing email: it’s probably one of the most technologically involved things I know. Only down side is that now i get my hundreds of spam messages a day to one box.
    Hurray for innovation…
    PS to the above comment: calling a child a ‘thingie’?!?!?! That’s absurd and maybe someone should consider getting that one removed. I’m not being hostile, just maybe it could be *considered*…

  244. And on this very same day my Sweet Baby Daughter turned 26! Lord, could I be old enough to have a 26 year old? And for this occasion and the occasion of her graduation with yet another BS degree what did Mom help her buy???? Oh YES! A spinning wheel! So, Stephanie are you proud or what????
    Happy Birthday Stephanie and Katie. What day is Spinning day? Tuesday? Can I finance a trip for her to spin with you????

  245. My daughter’s birthday is also on the 14th. She turned 9 and has not yet reached the point where she can appreciate sharing a birthday with the Harlot! Happy birthday, Stephanie!

  246. I waited to be last (or as close as I could)…hope your birthday was a happy one; it sounds like your camera was the perfect gift. (I got a telephoto lens for my camera as a b-day gift this year – it’s so much fun to get something you want and need!) Thanks for being here for all of us.

  247. I waited to be last (or as close as I could)…hope your birthday was a happy one; it sounds like your camera was the perfect gift. (I got a telephoto lens for my camera as a b-day gift this year – it’s so much fun to get something you want and need!) Thanks for being here for all of us.

  248. You and I were born on the same day. How come you seem so much older? That’s just the jealousy talking… a whole day to yourself! Wow! The blanket looks great and I love the yarn.

  249. Happy Birthday! And my boyfriend made me coffee the other day… It made my week. And I’ve made sure to remind him how impressed I was several times. Double points cause he doesn’t even drink coffee.

  250. I recognize that mug! Glad you’re Keeping Austin Weird all the way from Canada!
    p.s. so glad you could make it down here!

  251. I hope you didn’t do anything else – that sounds perfect. But then I have two little ones, so my birthday will not involve much time to myself. But my husband does make coffee for me on a reguar basis. Happy Birthday!

  252. Couldn’t log onto twitter, but Meg looks absolutely beautiful. You must be a proud mother!!!!!

  253. Allow me to add my voice to the throng wishing you a happy (quite belated) birthday. (On your birthday, I was 1000 miles from home, with a daughter recovering from swine flu, so was not up on my blog reading or commenting. All is well now, however!)
    Hope it was a good day, indeed. It sounds that way.
    I also hope that the blanket is meditative rather than hair-pulling. (You LIKE garter stitch.)

  254. Man, I’m not even 21 yet. I guess it speaks to your awesomeness that I find you enthralling. And, if it makes you feel any better, my husband is a year older than you are, love.
    Wooly thoughts,

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