At Customs

At Customs in Vancouver, doing Canadian customs, which is pretty easy usually, since we’re citzens, and I step up to the wicket:

Customs Dude: (Looks at my passport) Welcome home. How are you?

Me: Very well thanks, you?

CD: Great. Where you coming from?

Me: My friends house in Scappoose. It’s near Portland.

CD: How do you know your friend?

Me: We met at a knittting conference.

At this point, the gentleman did an incredibly Canadian thing which is that he was totally and completely freaked out while simultaneously unable to demonstrate it due to a need to be unflappable in public.

CD: Knitting???? Okay…. What do you have to declare?

Me: Yarn.

CD: Yarn?

Me: Yarn.

CD: O-kay.

I go off, and he is very much happy to see me go, since there’s only so much a man can take in the odd department. Right then, Rachel H comes up right behind me, doing her very best impression of Princess Chipperpants.

CD: Hello, Welcome home. Where have you been?

Rachel: I was in Scappoose with her! (With this Rachel gestures at me and beams at him.)

CD: So… you’re a knitter too?

Rachel: You BET!

CD: So… what are you declaring? Some knitting or yarn thing?

Rachel: Oh yes. (Wide smile) Yarn!

CD: Any alcohol or tobacco?

Rachel (looking as pure as the driven snow) Nope!

CD: Off you go.

Then he turned and actually watched us walk.

One more flight to go.