Important things

Sunday morning, my little Meggie Darn. Sorry. My big girl Megan (I’ve got to get a grip on that) did one of the most grown up things I’ve ever seen her do, and that’s really saying something, since she recently cleaned up cat barf without being asked. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that she’s doing more and more grown-up things as she gets perilously close to the voting age – but there’s still something surprising about watching it happen to someone you bathed in your kitchen sink. She, Pato and Ken rode down to Queens Park, lined up with the other 400 participants, and left on the trip of a lifetime.


They’re riding 600km, Toronto to Montreal, to raise money for the Toronto People with Aids Foundation, and I’m so proud I could bust. My wee Megaboo Megan has risen to this challenge beautifully, and I know that the other parents will understand when I say that it’s really, really reassuring to see one of your children do something big, grand and generous. Not just because it’s obviously good to do something big, grand and generous, but because parenting is such a total crap shoot. It’s not like there’s any sort of guarantees out there about how kids will turn out. There are some very bad people out there who had some great parents (and the other way around) and good parents know that all you do when you parent well is increase the chance that the person you’re making will be good. It’s like a soufflé or something. You can really know what you’re doing and the thing could still totally suck for no other reason that it’s a Tuesday and the moon is full and somewhere the wind blew a little bit funny over the whiskers of an old rat with a limp.


That’s the terrible trio. Patricio, Ken and Megan, holding a blanket. (Yes. I made them hold a blanket in public in front of all the other riders. No. I don’t think that’s a problem. They’re lucky. It’s a nice blanket.)

Meg’s not a finished person yet, (I like to think most people aren’t. It’s encouraging.) but I think that doing something like this so young is a compelling thing to have on your permanent record. For the rest of her life she’ll have to reconcile anything else she’d like to do against the fact that she did this, and I think it will raise the bar.


I watched them take off yesterday and although I’m not anything resembling a weepy person, there was something about it. Meg for doing it, her boyfriend Pato for being a good sport about going with her and our lovely Ken for being a good role model and encouraging them to do it with him this year. They all rode 112km yesterday (largely in the rain) and another 125 today. For anybody as bad with Kilometres as I am miles, that’s about 150 miles total. I just heard from her. She’s super tired, she’s working hard, she has 400 kilometres to go… and she’s pretty darned happy. She wanted to make sure that I told you all that tomorrow night, when she, Ken and Pato are all presented with their Gold Jerseys for being top fundraisers (and Meg and Pato are the youngest in the ride) that she’ll be feeling grateful to all of you for giving her the moment… as will I.

I bet that the People With Aids Foundation doesn’t think you suck either. Thanks again for helping.

(Ps. If you’re interested, the hashtag for following on twitter is #bikerally09. I wish Megan twittered, just so I would know how she was all the time. Fighting the urge to call her cell continuously is taking a lot of energy. )