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  1. YEAH!! I already have three colors from 2 different dyers. It makes up for not being able to go to Woolsock.

  2. I got to spend a plesant few hours last night with a bottle of wine, the dye for glory site, and my list of must visit booths for sock summit. Pure bliss!!!!
    Then I looked at my list and my sock yarn budget. YIKES!!
    You guys did an awesome job picking vendors. Go indie dyers!!

  3. Boring? Quiet for the time being maybe. I like to think of it as the quiet before the storm that is Sock Summit, which is quite load when you come to think of it.
    Love the contest! Thanks.

  4. Steph, boring is the last word I would use to describe anything about you. Except maybe your underwear, I don’t know about them.

  5. CraftsMeow/Soft Serve in Catalina Sunrise really caught my eye at first (cursory) glance, but once I got to really looking, I agree with the previous posters – TOO MUCH GOOD STUFF!!!
    (Plus, as much as I’m drawn to variegated yarn in the skein, and really, wound in a cake or ball, am I the only one who gets psychedelic regurge when knitted up? Yeah, I thought so.)

  6. So many pretty yarns make me wish I could attend the Sock Summit along with the fact that it’s over 100 degrees here in Phx. And Stephanie, your blog is never, never boring!

  7. You boring Stephanie??? NEVER!!! I voted earlier today and come back to tell you some of my favorites. I need to make a list to buy a couple at SS09.
    Seriously gorgeous yarn!!! Thank you for all your hard work.

  8. YAY!! Thanks for blogging the contest! I thought yesterday’s blog was pretty entertaining. Does that make my life extra boring or anything??

  9. I started peeking at them last night, but need to find time to really sit and look at them before I vote. So many lovelies though!!

  10. Well while I can’t attend the sock summit, I did vote for yarn, and marked it under my favorites so I could check and see if I pick winning yarns. However I will say the selection was very very difficult and I was torn between a few in a few catagories.

  11. I voted last night! There were so many beautiful yarns that it was hard to choose. Unfortunately, I can’t make it to the Sock Summit, but I’ll send my minions to pick up a few of my favorites for me…

  12. I have to say that your blog is never, ever boring. I usually end up weeping with laughter after reading many of your posts and then the comments after. Pretty yarns btw.

  13. I had SO much fun voting for my favorite yarns! It was like shopping without having to pay. I saw so many beautiful yarns, it was hard to choose. I will say though, that the “Zombie BBQ” by Lorna’s Laces is my favorite. I want to make something out of it TODAY.

  14. I tend to vote for yarns that are inspired by Portland and/or the Sock Summit. That being said I also love natural dyes, and in the last section it was the handspun. That is a true winner, said the spinner.

  15. The deeper and darker the color, the more I love the yarn. There are so many that I had a hard time deciding who to vote for, but my absolute favorites include magenta and purple-based yarns:
    Out of the Box entries by Black Bunny Fibers and Becoming Art’s Twilight
    Mosaic entries by Artisan Acres, Black Bunny and Three Irish Girls
    Light Brown Hare’s Crispin’s Day colorway and Wool Candy’s entry in the Kettle category

  16. SO BEAUTIFUL! I even made my Muggle roommate look, and she was impressed!!! That’s the last thing I need when I have so much homework to get done! Also, your blog could never in a million years be boring. Never.

  17. Voting done and dusted last night – a task put on my ‘To Do’ List with much pleasure, though not quite as much as doing the task. What a delight.
    Thank you for all your hard work.
    Even half the Pacific and from the Southern Hemisphere, it is wonderful to be included.

  18. OMG I am stupefied by so much gorgeous yarn! It’s like strenuous physical task to choose just one per category. I-just-wanna-roll-in-it!
    I just voted on the Mosaic category; I was so torn between “Broad Street Strut” and “Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes.” Such vibrant color!
    And no, not boring. Not at all.

  19. You boring? Never! Distracted, maybe, by the most astonishing task a knitting blogger ever undertook, but never boring!
    Aren’t those yarns gorgeous? I can’t make it to Sock Summit (sob!), so I indulged myself by not only voting but preordering one yarn — the very first yarn in the very first category. In the Kettled, the yarn is Estuary by Three Irish Girls. There’s a bunch more I need to get later when they’re available, but at least Three Irish Girls indulged my “I want it NOW!” tendencies by giving me the opportunity to preorder. I bravely resisted preordering other yarns that were also available, at least today, but it took fortitude!

  20. That was HARD. Too much pretty…
    I really wish I could reach through the computer screen and fondle those yarns.

  21. What fun! I just feasted my eyes on all those many colorful yarns and voted in each catagory. Started a shopping list, too….

  22. Aphrodite Yarn Peace Of Mind in Peace Of Mind
    Ceallach Dyes Sunny Feet Summits Series in Hood
    Rainy Day in Rainy Day
    GEM TwistSock in Borgin & Burke’
    Bridge to the Summit in Brewtopia

  23. I voted right away, now I think I will invent another person and vote again, every time I look I see another one I love!

  24. Wow. I hope you have a good first aid set up at the Summit– I can foresee some broken bones in the scuffle to get those yarns in the Marketplace. Wow. I could have easily voted for four yarns in each category. I hope the dyers bring lots.

  25. I had so much fun voting! So many creative and beautiful yarns. Itching to buy some…

  26. Stephanie,
    I voted earlier today! WOW. If nothing else (and believe me, the yarn lust when I was voting WAS something else!) I begin to understand the massive amount of work that has gone into sock summit.

  27. The yarn is all lovely. Wish I was able to go to SS09.
    But Steph!!! What is with all the strikes in Toronto? I saw the news that now the trains have shut down… Are you going to be okay?

  28. The indie dyers will be the downfall of the “yarn diet of 2009”. I can’t say I’m sorry about it, though – what gorgeous, gorgeous yarns!

  29. outstanding. but what, no “best of show” ribbon? not that i could have chosen between all those gorgeous yarns…. great. now i gotta go out and buy a big dye pot….

  30. I totally voted for a bought two skeins of ‘Neon Bible’ in the “Out of the Box Category.” I think this was my first ever stash moment since I have no idea what I want to use it for.

  31. Effing Ravelry again. I wonder, will the photos someday be put on something that we non-Ravelry people can see?

  32. What gorgeous yarn! I am having a yarn giveaway on my blog (contest ends Wed, July 29th- go enter!), so I feel no guilt at all when I say I WANT ONE OF EVERYTHING. Off to vote, but, Lord, it’s not going to be easy!

  33. Your blog is never boring!
    About the yarns: I voted in each category and this was really difficult… But voting was a way to pretend I could attend this incredible Sock Summit (France is so far away from you guys…)
    Thanks anyway for what you do to make me smile and dream!

  34. I like how you distract knitters from your “boring” blog by thrusting yarn at us. How clever! How cunning! How devious! I like it! How… not boring!

  35. To me you have the most interesting Blog in the World. I love your words when you write as a woman, as a mother, as a wife, last but not least as a terrific knitter. What more is there? Keep going just as you are, and the world will be happy.
    Love, Rita

  36. Stephanie,
    You are a bad girl. I just spent an hour this morning voting!! I’m sure I should be doing something else!!
    Kettle: Lollipop cabin Dye 4 Glory
    Watercolor: Black Bunny, Mary Cassatt
    Random Stripes: Tlt. Blue Faced, Rain garden
    Predictable Stripes: Shalimar, summitt stars
    Pooler: Knitwitch, Pridge to Summer in Brewtopia
    Mosaic: Lorna’s Lace, Vampire tea party
    Dipped: Cascade, Heritage Paints, S. Pico
    Painted: Sultry Nights,droolingoveryarn
    Primary: Crafts Meow, Soft serve, packopopsicles
    Tertiary: Crafts Meow, Soft serve, mocha
    Shadid Solid: Lollipop Cabin
    Out of the Box: Catman, Peace of Mind.

  37. Wow! What an effective distraction. I wants it all now please! Wish I was coming to Sock Summit to see it all in person.

  38. I’m one of the dyers who entered some yarns into this thing but when I went to vote I got a true understanding of how much talent is out there!! Color color and more color. How to choose? I’ll be at Sock Summit, with my leg chained to the table in my booth 1115. If I don’t chain myself I’ll be wandering the aisles just soaking it all in. This is going to be way too much fun!
    I just noticed I got a couple of votes from folks reading this blog. Thank you!! I was hoping for at least a couple of votes 🙂

  39. Georgia Peach not only got my vote but my pocketbook, and I wasn’t going to *do* that! But oh am I glad I did–I almost bought a third skein. If only I could afford so many other yarns in all those categories, too.
    (Great. I’m going to be in the hospital in two weeks and just watch, the box’ll come to the house, Richard will bring it by my room and gleefully proclaim, BUSTED!)

  40. So much fun browsing all these creations, delightfully agonizing making my picks! I added many hand dyed yarn websites to my bookmarks for future purchases and discovered a dyer who works near to me, of course I HAD to buy the last skein of the Artisan Acres Peacock on Etsy. No idea what I’ll do with it but it’s sooooo purdy.
    I wish more of the candidates had pictures of a sample knitted up, I’m enough of a beginner I can’t look at a colourway in the skein and really get an idea of how it would knit up.
    Also, I would like to vote for Snicklefritz as the BEST NAME for a dyer, and best yarn names.
    Kettle: Numma numma – ned’s ruby trout (for managing to mix red with green and not look like Christmas)
    Watercolor: String Theory – Sandy River
    Random Stripes: Handwerks – Rain Garden
    Predictable Stripes: missbabs – Roan Mountain Morning
    Pooler: Dicentra Designs – Valley of the Giants
    Mosaic: Artisan Acres – Sapphire Peacock
    Dipped: Cat Mountain Fiber Arts – Utah (really captured the colours of the desert)
    Painted: Emily Parson – Just a Small Gathering…
    Primary: Spindlecat – Sockfetti
    Tertiary: Dicentra Designs – Charlene
    Shadid Solid: Bobbi Daniels – humpback whale
    Out of the Box: 5elementknitr – Better ‘n Bacon

  41. Re: your tweet about the congressman’s comment about Canadian and UK “appreciation for life:”
    These people are idiots. Most of us admire the sheer rationality of Canadian law and culture, and profoundly envy your healthcare system.
    If I weren’t a winter wimp, I’d move there myself.

  42. Which is YOUR favorite, Steph? ;P
    That was my alter ego; she’s so naughty! You don’t have to reveal your choice(s).
    At least, not publicly!
    Dang, there she goes again…

  43. I like all of them!! The only shame is that we can only vote for one in each category – I’d like all of them to win!!

  44. What wonderful yarns! I had a very hard time choosing – esp. in the kettled category….
    My votes were :
    Kettled : CuriousCreek – Meditations on Mulberry (LOVED the purples!)
    Watercolours : Enchanted Knoll Farm – dragon’s blood
    Random Stripes : Becoming Art – Gypsy Love (Wonderful choice of companion colours)
    Predictable Stripes: theknitwitch – Illumination
    Pooler : Sliver Moon Farm – Over The Lake
    Mosaic : ThreeIrishGirls – Alchemy (Gorgeous!)
    Painted : Abstract Fiber – Rose City (Lovely)
    Dipped : ThreeIrishGirls – Masquerade
    Primary : jowatso21 – Coventry Sky Blues
    Tertiary : Artisan Acre Fiber Arts – Filaree
    Shaded Solid : Huckleberry Knits – Limitless ( I love this yarn – my favorite colour)
    Out Of The Box : The Unique Sheep – Ascent (Beautiful!)

  45. Oh geez, your “boring” blog post just led me into spending over $100 in sock yarn today! You’d never know I already have enough gorgeous sock yarn for close to a dozen pair of socks. I probably have a week before it all arrives – how much of my stash do you think I can knit up by then?

  46. Oh, I wouldn’t say “boring”. I think the eating of spreadsheets washed down with a box of staples makes for highly entertaining reading, not to mention a great visual! Hang in there.

  47. One teensy little concern: If you’re not on Ravelry, how do you see the yarns and vote?
    Admittedly, all knitters should belong to the greatest arena for exchanging thoughts, ideas and information about knitting. But I’m sure there’s many out there who haven’t joined.
    Down off of soap box now.

  48. Dear Stephanie, the good thing about being behind in reading posts is that I came across this one after the one about your trials. So, this is a wonderful way to cleanse the nasty taste in my mouth. 🙂 Oh, and use a lot of time and probably spend some money LOL. I so wish I could knit while I browse.
    Again, please remember you are a Gem! and totally appreciated for the joy you bring!!!!!
    big hugs for all your going through

  49. I discovered a new love of my life. The Three Irish Girls… I kept voting and then going ‘oh the three irish girls again’… Fabulous!

  50. I’d have to say the one that stood out was the ‘Top Dog’ entry by ‘creative’ in the OUT OF THE BOX competition. It looks like a piece of art. I’ve never seen yarn painted that way before.

  51. No fair, I can only vote for one per category and I want to take home at least three so far!
    Apparently I have thing for orange and brown yarns.

  52. I have looked. They are all too beautiful and I have no clue how to pick one to vote for. Maybe you could give us some pointers.

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