From Sock Summit International World Headquarters.


Er, that’s a pub, but you can see we’ve settled in nicely. That’s our booth because it has outlets for the laptops.

Tomorrow we’re going to fill it full of yarn too. See how long before the bartender asks us what the hell we’re working on.

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  1. First?
    Hey, that looks like my kind of office.
    Looks like I get to come to SS2009 afterall. Too late for classes but I can enjoy the market and the fiber fumes!

  2. So you’re making the best of it. Good!
    Tell the bartender about the thousands and thousands of sock knitters who will descend on the city soon.
    Or maybe not. S/he might refuse you any more alcohol service.

  3. That office space looks a little cramped, with ‘full of yarn’ tomorrow it is going to be perching room only.

  4. Looks like you have put “Sort of” behind you. Having an office where it’s always beer o’clock probably helps.

  5. You have more beer in your glass than Tina — is that because you stopped drinking to take the picture? If so, I admire and appreciate your sacrifice. Serious blog dedication.
    Plus the picture isn’t crooked. First beer, I’m betting.

  6. How come Tina’s glass is empty and yours is a 1/3 full? Oh, the stress!
    Does the pub serve breakfast?

  7. It looks like heaven there. Just ask if you can move in for the duration. They will most likely accommodate you.

  8. I’m counting only 3 beer glasses in that photo. Given your posts of late, I was sure there would be more. 😛

  9. If you’re in Portland then the bartender will have seen much much weirder and may not even bat an eye.

  10. This is the company I’ve ALWAYS wanted to work for. Will you please tell your HR people that one very talented and experienced woman with excellent references will be available to start immediately? Thank you.

  11. Nice office! Is it a hard choice between preferring a pub office and a home office? Hmmmm. Can’t wear your PJ’s to the pub, but someone BRINGS you the drinks!

  12. Never know, maybe the bartender secretly knits socks under the bar when the customers aren’t looking!

  13. Is there still time to print a bumper sticker that proclaims “My office is a Pub” with the ss09 logo?
    just sayin…while laughing and spitting beverage

  14. • Food (and someone else makes it)
    • Beverages (and someone delivers them)
    • Bathrooms (and someone else cleans them)
    • Yarny chat and a good friend
    Sounds like a grand working environment :^)

  15. Trying to figure out where you are. Looks like a McMenamins, from the kitchy artwork on the wall and cheque holder. Mmmm I miss Portland beer. The beer in our new Wyoming home just doesn’t stack up, so my husband started brewing his own, which is FAB. And now my pants are too tight.
    SS09 will be a smash. Wish I could be there.

  16. Yup, that’s a McMenamin’s – their logo is on the check holder. Portland has lots of good “offices.” And “movie theaters” and even “hair salons.” Welcome SS09!

  17. Maybe the bartender will want to roll around nekkid in it – that’s what we all want to do, right? You must post pictures of that if it happens!

  18. Try Powell’s cafe if the pub is closed in the morning. It’s also a nice place to work.

  19. You have to try the Apple Cider at McMenamins. I know it might get in the way of the beer a bit, but seriously, it’s like an apple in a glass! So very, very tasty and not like any I’ve had before. Yum.

  20. Ix-nay on the ub-pay. My husband thinks I’m spending the weekend with a group of well-behaved ladies.
    He doesn’t read your blog.

  21. Say, your beer doesn’t have a “koozie”. That’s the official name for a beer sock. I was just on a river trip in hot hot Utah. I was inspired to knit my own “koozie”. Well, and, um, it’s likely not as hot where you are too. Blessings and thanks for all of your knitbabble.

  22. Hmmmm… that a McMenamin’s Pub? Are ya havin’ some Copperhead Ale? I just loves me some McMenamin’s! Great places to be!

  23. I wish I could work out of a pub! Amazing! I can not wait until SS09!!! Thank you for all of your hard work! It will pay off.

  24. OOOH, so that’s where the brain trust goes for inspiration. I’m really looking forward to Sock Summit, even though it means a LOT of backbreaking work for me(as a vendor/yarn pusher/superenabler).

  25. The Worldcup Cafe at Powell’s is great (and the bookstore sells the book Pints and Purls) but they don’t open until 9. Bridgeport Brewpub and Bakery opens at 7 am.

  26. oh. OH! Know what’s fun? Explaining on a travel insurance claim that the reason you are filing said claim is because you were planning on going to a SOCK SUMMIT and the *2000* spots available filled up while you were eatting your lunch.
    It was totally fun. I relived it with my BFF today and he only*kinda* believed me after seeing the knitters live at Kananaskis last Fall.

  27. When the waiter asks what you’re working on, get him to pose with your socks-in-progress & really blow his mind!

  28. Steph to Bartender Fellow: “Taking over the world one skein at a time! Why do you ask?”

  29. Oh, how I long to work in an office like yours! I also love that Sabine (above) gave you some alternative workspaces. It’s always good to have options!

  30. Hmmm………Well, that depends on what kind of a bartender he is and how well you tip him. As a retired bartender, I will tell you that a bartender with a good sense of humor will definitely indulge a customer’s whims more than a grumpy one. Then there’s the whole tip thing. The better you tip your bartender (or cocktail server) the more likely they are to allow you to take over a booth for the day. A patron’s attitude also has a lot to do with a bartender’s willingness to ask about what someone is up to so I bet it doesn’t take more than 15-20 minutes for someone to ask what you’re doing. (unless they read your blog or know Tina.) After they find out I bet you guys might be able to live there! What a great office!

  31. Those beers look kinda empty.
    So looking forward to Sock Summit, it’s going to be crazypants good times.

  32. If he’s smart, he’ll say nothing, except “what else can I get you?” Oh, yes, and he’ll smile.
    Good to see that you take this SS09 job seriously!

  33. Here I am, oh so close and not able to attend. Waaaaaaaaaa! But at least I can enjoy it vicariously thru you and you and your posts. I think I’ll just have to go to the pub and have a beer and some knitting in your honor this evening.

  34. Oooh, and better than Copperhead – maybe some Terminator or a perennial favorite in my house – Hammerhead from McMennamins. Ahhhhhh… 6:00 a.m. to early to be longing for some beer? Or some of their hard cider??? Hmmm.

  35. hmmmmm…. famous knitters, talking about knitting, yarn, food, beer…….
    can I move in too? I wouldn’t take up much room 😉

  36. Yes, I want to see the booth filled with yarn. And socks, cuz it’s about the summit, right? Natch!
    Yum, good company, good location, you are set up perfect!

  37. chuckling here because that looks a lot like the dining room table at the condo where we are staying for the Mammoth Lakes Jazz festival that I am working this weekend, gotta run we have 5 sets today.

  38. Proof that beer and/or yarn can help make the best out of a bad situation…and make any situation more funner-er-er-er!!!

  39. Excellent marketing campaign, by you and your commenters, reminding us of the fine beers to be had in SS09 surrounds. Just reading the suggestions in the comments (Terminator! Hammerhead!) brings back fond memories and anticipation for August.
    One thought for you – if you get in a creative jam, go for the beer flight. There is a lot of inspiration found between those different brews.

  40. Portland says like a wonderful place and a whole lot of fun. I hope to visit someday…obviously not at SS09 bc I was dithering about maybe going and then of course the whole server meltdown happened bc so many of us sock enthusiasts were, well, enthusiastic! Have fun! Oh, I agree about the irritating nature of apparently personal versions of TSA rules. I flew out to Montana with a near empty 6 oz tube of toothpaste and no one said boo. But on the way back, the TSA agent (a very nice and earnest young woman)said I could not bring it bc the *Capacity* of the original tube was greater than 3.9 oz regardless of the fact it had *maybe* 1/2 oz left in it. Sigh.

  41. If the pub was in New York City, the answer to when someone will ask is – probably never.
    If you put the beer mat half on the edge of the table, and flatten your hand, then bring hand swiftly up from under said beer mat, you can flip it in the air and catch it.
    Learnt in a Yorkshire, England pub. When you get good at one, you can stack another one on top. And so on.
    We decided it was a field test for sobriety. I figure if I can still do that, I can keep knitting.

  42. What you need is a Rubinator. Half Ruby, Half Terminator. Ain’t no bartender at McMenamins going to toss you out for yarn! Odd are if you roll nekkid on it they would join you. They’re really accommodating at McMenamins. Order the fries.

  43. That sure looks like my kind of World Headquarters….where do I send my resume?

  44. Explain to the bartender that you’re providing them with thousands of dollars of free publicity to the hordes of people, knitters and otherwise, who read your blog and will undoubtedly want to visit the pub! Who know, you might get free drinks out of it, or at least a bowl of chips.

  45. I know that place, we hit it up for happy hour sometimes. It’s not that far of a walk from the bars on 21st, and it’s easier to find a parking spot there.
    Another good place in the area is Lompoc.
    Mm, hummus, Cajun tots, cider, & Marionberry crumble, kinda hungry now.

  46. That is the nicest looking office I have ever seen. Good for you!! (I hope there is an Indian restaurant next door with lots of vegetarian options!)

  47. Better than working in the zoo. It would be two knitters in a cage with laptops and yarn entitled Summit Organizers in Captivity.

  48. I can’t begin to imagine how organized and smart you must be to put together such a huge thing as SS09!
    I have to tell someone who’ll appreciate this:
    Our copier at work developed a massive paper jam and no one on staff had fingers small enough to get at the piece stuck under a metal bar. I was working with two men at the time, and even my hands were too big. I teased the stuck piece of paper out with a #6 straight needle. They promised to look at knitters with a newly gained respec!

  49. Just to let you know … and maybe dislodge your mind from SS09 momentarily … Sir Paul McCartney stayed at the same hotel you stayed at when you were in Halifax!
    (That being the Lord Nelson Hotel.)
    Sir Paul is following in your footsteps?

  50. While you’re in Portland I MUST encourage you to go to the Leaky Roof Inn.
    When we drove to Washington State a few years ago we stopped overnight in Portland JUST so we could have dinner there. They were so awesome to us too. It was a special event night and roads were closed. They talked us in on the phone past the road closures. The chef overheard us talking to the owner and volunteered to make something special and unique for each us because they had a different menu because of the event. It was AWESOME.
    I’d go to Portland just to stop there again.

  51. …just to clarify… we’d been there for dinner on a previous trip to Portland and couldn’t pass up another chance to eat there.

  52. I know this might be off topic, and you’re quite busy with sock summit stuff (though, since I don’t have the money to go I guess I don’t care if I’m asking an off topic question), but did you ever release the pattern for that cashmere cowl featured in your Jan 9 post?
    Good luck with your organizing.

  53. VICARIOUS! R. US. This is as close as I”m like to get to a Sock Summit, but then I’d have to in disguise. I can see it now: “Dale-Harriet, are you knitting a *toque* at this Sock Summit?” Me: “No, no – it’s…erhmmm…it’s a TOE-UP sock. A really BIG Toe-Up sock. Designed it myself.” (But I sure am enjoying the heck out of the whole thing from your perspective!)

  54. VICARIOUS! R. US. This is as close as I’m like to get to a Sock Summit, but then I’d have to go in disguise. I can see it now: “Dale-Harriet, are you knitting a *toque* at this Sock Summit?” Me: “No, no – it’s…erhmmm…it’s a TOE-UP sock. A really BIG Toe-Up sock. Designed it myself.” (But I sure am enjoying the heck out of the whole thing from your perspective!)
    OOPS – didn’t mean to do this TWICE, but I *did* correct the errors {sigh}

  55. As a bit of advice to Carolyn Little (July 10, 8:13 pm): Have you tried Moose Drool brown ale from Big Sky Brewing in Missoula, MT?? I bought a six on a lark, because my daughter (a knitter par excellence) collects stuffed moose and likes good ale. It has turned out to be our favorite brew. I highly recommend it. The other Big Sky brews aren’t bad, either. But being able to tell people that your drink is Moose Drool?….Priceless!

  56. Hi! You must be working hard and enjoying the pub for all its merits because we haven’t heard anything lately! Us sorry folk who are not able to actually go to SS09 are living for what we can experience on the “interwebs” and would love a progress report.
    I’d love to be there and buy you both a beer too, but I guess I will have to settle for drinking a coffee in your honors at my knit night tonight (held in a coffee shop).
    Knit on!

  57. Tell him it’s a training group to teach socks to mate thus eliminating that pesky one-sock-after-the-wash problem. He’ll probably buy you a round.

  58. I think that the wielder of The Clipboard Of Power ought to do a guest post.

  59. I also chime in for at least a pix of the SS09 headquarters with Rachel H and yarn, please.
    To add to the Montana beer story, some where up there they also brew ‘Grizz Whizz’, I’ve seen it in Kalispell. But, I’m not a beer drinker, so can’t comment on quality.

  60. Eat lots of cherries, too. The Northwest is prime cherry country but the season is limited. And I’m missing it as I’m in california.
    (P.S. Is there a list of classes available for this SS09 lottery that I’m overlooking?)

  61. Tell the bartender that he’s been “specially selected” to take part in a national marketing test for handknit swizzle-stick cozies.

  62. I know you are so busy….but I am in Harlot withdrawal! How is Sock Summit coming along? Ravelry is singing your (And SS09’s) praises. I was just explaining to my fiance about the whole story behind SS09, how everyone thought the server you got would be too big, the space too big, yadda yadda yadda, and then what happened after that. We are knitters, hear us roooaaaaar!

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