Not even pretending

This day marks the fouth day that I have given up even the pretence of knitting in any meaningful way. I pick up the blanket every few hours, do enough stitches to take the edge off… and then it’s back to the salt mines, which (other than the non-knitting thing) is really not so bad.


This is the first time in all the planning of the Sock Summit that all of the ST-Teams have been in the same place.


I’ve been to Portland lots, we all get on the phone all the time, we email, we fax we conference call (or as Tina and Rachel like to say “we have a three way”) but never, never have both ST-1s and all four ST-2s (ST is “Sock Team”) been in one place. We’ve been doing things like visiting the conference centre – mostly for the benefit of Rachel and I, since we’re the Sock Team members that live far away. (The Team that lives here knows the place like the back of their hands – Rachel and I have to get up to speed so that we aren’t ever lost in there.) We’ve been having run-throughs, where we practice the Summit (not realtime. Sort of sped up.) We make schedules. We make spreadsheets. We write post it notes. (Now we have colours of post-it’s for the teams.) We make decisions. (You can tell we have made a decision because we tape down the post-it’s. Very firm.


We have created Sock Summit World Headquarters, and now that we’re all here, we’re even sleeping in it. It’s like a great big slumber party only with more office supplies than is normal or probably healthy.


We are working.

What are you doing? Please leave a message after the tone.


227 thoughts on “Not even pretending

  1. I am sitting here in complete envy because I couldn’t get away to join you at the Sock Summit!
    But I feel better when I know it’s going to be a great show!!!
    Your teams and everyone will do great, and have a great time!

  2. What am I doing? Looking forward to Sock Summit!!! Thank you for all your hard work ST 1 and ST 2!! I was telling a non-knitter Portlander about the Summit today and told her to avoid the area of the Convention Center that weekend because it will be crowded with knitters.

  3. So looking forward to the fruit of all your labors! Guess I should get my Sock Summit prep done; it’s coming soon. But you know that!

  4. I am also working, but not working on anything as cool or great or fantastic as what you all are working on!
    Basically I spend my entire day at work dreaming about going home and knitting. And also a fair part of my day is spent on Ravelry. Don’t tell anyone!

  5. I’m doing prep on my end… knitting furiously on samples for a dyer friend sending yarn to a booth. And getting excited!!
    You guys rock!

  6. Everyone knows that when you tape down a Post-It note, it’s Very Firm. The only thing that makes it More Firm is going over the writing with Sharpie marker.

  7. Making dinner.
    Oh, knitting? I’ve started my next pair of socks, and am trying to decide what wrap/shawl/thing to make for my mother with the skein of Misti Alpaca Lace that threw itself at me in the LYS. Decisions, decisions. The woman just had a hip replaced; I want to make it good!

  8. I’m feeling sorry for myself b/c a family commitment prevented me from even trying to go to the Summit. I’m sure it will be wonderful and worth all your work.

  9. Well, after a very stressful 10 hour day at work, I came home to find that one of my cats found sock project, took the skein of yarn, and drug it between the knitting room and my bedroom enough to not only unravel the skein but the sock as well. Good times.

  10. I am at school, during the summer voluntarily, doing Psych homework. I am knitting an equally evil garter stitch blanket, and I AM IN SCHOOL DOING HOMEWORK.

  11. I am waiting for my first baby to make her appearance and wondering if I will ever get the chance to go to something as cool as Sock Summit.

  12. I am currently knitting a garter stitch blanket for my baby nephew. Or me, depending how much I like the finished project.

  13. There is no such thing as too many office supplies.
    What am I doing? At this very moment? Trying to get the baby to sleep AGAIN and hoping the oldest doesn’t give his puky-coughy-fevery thing to his two younger siblings. I know!! I love my job, too.
    (No, I’m serious about the loving. Except for the puky parts, of course. But the not-sleeping baby is blowing raspberries at me, struggling mightily against her own fatigue to entertain me, because obviously I’m so bored when she sleeps. She takes her job seriously, too.)

  14. It’s like you are making work look like fun. Hoping for lots of fun and consensus! It will be great!
    Thanks for making knitting socks a meaningful endeavor. I’m home building up to three pairs of socks on three circular needles in honor of such an historic occasion.

  15. Oh you tease, you! Pictures with enticing titles like “wallofpower” and “wallofmapo” but too small for us to be able to read what’s on all those notes or see which knitting books are packed onto the shelves. Good advert for iMac though ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. What am I doing? Regretting that I won’t be at sock summit!
    I’m at a work-related a conference – I knit a baby sock during this morning’s presentation, even though I had to put it down a lot to seem like I was paying close attention – and started its mate. A sign of how scintilating the subject matter is.

  17. As a former event planner – I will just quietly pour a large cold adult beverage and toast you and your team for all your hard work.

  18. What am I doing? Wishing I were going to the Sock Summit! Knitting the Spidery Tank from IK Summer 2009 for my niece for her 18th birthday (only an almost 18 yo, 5″7″ 120 lbs beauty like she is will look good in it)!

  19. Trying to finish my Fraggle Squiggle socks before the July RSC package arrives. (Only a few more repeats,the toe and weaving.) Hoping that I win the lottery for at least one more class. (Having signed up at 16:00 central time, I was lucky to get one class and the luminary panel.) Wondering if I’ll behave or blow my budget at Midwest Fiber and Folk Fest. (My strong urge: behave. I’ve never been to Portland…) Wondering if I should sign up for the class I’d like to take at Stitches. Speculating on the sheer awesomeness of Sock Summit.
    Having a glass of wine and actively ignoring the dishes.

  20. Studying physics. It’s sorta like working, just probably less fun.

  21. I worked late – blech.
    But I didn’t get rained on during the (uphill) bike ride home.
    Keep up the good work!

  22. I am working far too many hours on nothing nearly as exciting as the Sock Summit, but at least it pays my yarn bills. The rent too.
    On the rare occasions I gnaw through my shackles and flee the office, I am knitting socks and watching David Tennant be all sorts of charming and tasty as Dr Who. (Why yes, I am a huge nerd)

  23. I just finished a pair of Fixation ankle socks, blogged them, and now I’m going down to the yarn room for the gorgeous piece of light worsted/DK yarn that my daughter knit into a rectangle and then dyed in a reef scene for me for last Christmas. I am finally brave enough to close my eyes and start unraveling it to knit a pair of Circle socks. I might hyperventilate before I get the first one cast on. I don’t want to undo it but she meant me to make something out of it. Maybe I’ll take lots more pictures of it first.
    I wish I could Summit with you but I’ll be thinking of you all out there learning new things and mystifying Portlanders.

  24. Hi, RachelH!
    What am I doing? Missing you guys. Wishing I could come help.

  25. Had a stupendous phone interview, not sure if I talked too much. Gave blood, shopped for camping, sitting down recuperating and thinking about knitting my first toe up socks. You all inspire me.

  26. Hopefully any unhealthy effects of sleeping with office supplies are offset by the powers of the clothespins hanging from the ceiling, a powerful talisman of all things domestic, if ever there was one.
    Hoping that my stars will align, I submitted my lottery entry today.

  27. Just home from an outdoor concert in my town, where I met up with friends for good beer, good food, and good knitting. Ahhh…

  28. I am playing lots of computer games, watching movies, reading a book a day, and totally unable to settle to a knitting project. The life of the underemployed. Looking forward to hearing more about Sock Summit!

  29. what am i doing
    i am writtenig on your blog
    if brad pitt likes pink toenails

  30. Gardening. Painting (the garden shed) and ending up looking like a druid (it’s blue). Weedwacking. Getting poison ivy.
    Knitting never was this dangerous!

  31. I am so proud of each of you. You never know what will happen when great minds get together. Just look what you all have done. I only wish I could be there and experience the moments.

  32. I am trying to figure out what to pack next. This house is like the other side of a black hole — infinite amounts of stuff is constantly being sucked in, and I just keep filling boxes. The box in front of me right now has my purses, dress-up clothes for my girls, and empty picture frames. How it ended up that way is a mystery.

  33. We are planning our own details for sock summit –What to pack. What to wear. What hand-knitted stuff can we wear to show off that won’t be too warm for Portland in August and won’t clash with the hand-knit socks that we’ll be wearing even if it is too warm. (Someone should warn the Portland emergency room that if they has a bunch of people suddenly getting heatstroke, to be sure to check for wool socks.) How much room needs to be left in the luggage for sock marketplace purchases and also Trader Joe’s purchases. How many mini-skeins of sock yarn to bring to trade with the other people in the hotel. WHAT TO BRING TO KNIT???? (Well, obviously, socks — but which socks?? The really impressive ones, or the ones we can actually knit while talking to people without totally screwing up?) That’s what some of us are doing.

  34. Just got home, following my commitment to myself to NOT work three 11 hour days in a row as last week was a solid set of 11 and 11.5 hour days and brought the laptop home as well. Watching my dog watch me as he waits for his walk (he already ate and had fresh water). I’m in awe of the furious work you all are doing, first the huge vision, then the righteously rough back-end stuff (registration) and now all the logistics. A terrific wonderful thing to do, but wow…lots and lots of work. Bravo all of you!!!

  35. At this very moment I am lying back in my office chair, laughing in giddy delight that I have finished the museum socks ten minutes ago!!! (And wondering if I will ever have the use of my fingers again, but that’s a side point.) Y’all don’t work too hard up there, hear me? Go Sock Teams, one and all!

  36. I’m breaking in my new (to me) spinning wheel, finishing a Maplewing Shawl, and suppressing the urge to run out to Staples for more different colored pens and pencils (it helps that Staples is closed).

  37. You’re sleeping in a pub? Didn’t you say that the SS09 World Headquarters was in a pub? I’m catching up on your blog, wishing I was going to SS09 (will there be an SS10? I need to plan) and pouring my second glass of wine. Then I’ll knit. Cheers!

  38. Checking your latest post while making plane reservations for Craig and working on socks I hope to have done for the Sock Hop.
    Entering the lottery then going to AAA for road maps to Portland so I can plan the drive out and back from Iowa.
    Looking forward to helping out once I get there and enjoying classes once the Summit officially gets under way.
    Hugs! and Great Job oh wonderful Sock Team people!

  39. Just have the heel to go on the second museum sock. I might make another pair in commercially available yarn. Don’t know if those will make the deadline or not. Hoping to win another class in the lottery. Procrastinating on everything else…

  40. Hi Stephanie-
    Sorry I missed you, I hate stupid message machines. I’m working on a little knit dress for my niece, and watching South Park. Have fun at the Sock Summit, wish I could go!

  41. Joining the jealous bunch here. I will be dizzyingly close to Portland at Sock Summit time, but driving past to attend a business conference in San Francisco. OK, so hubby and I are driving down the Oregon coast in a RED corvette convertible, and we can legitimately call it a business trip…..but….well, you can see, I’m conflicted. Hanging with my “Yarnies.” Or romantic snuggle time with my hottie hubby (ALL tax deductible, of course!)
    I’ll have to compensate by doing some serious yarn shopping in SFO….oh! and the Scharffen-Barger Chocolate-thing, too!

  42. I am doing nothing because I need help for my log cabin blanket!!!!! you showed how to pick up stitches one way and the next set right next to it having pick up and knit, but for some reason my brain cant comprehend when the stitches are actually opposite each other it turns a mess so i’m stuck in a rut waiting for your sock summit to be done coz i’m dying…dying without your help!

  43. What am I doing? Getting ready for sock summit in my own small way…dyeing dyeing dyeing…oh yeah, did I mention I’m dyeing?

  44. I’m supposed to be working – but it is not as much fun as what you are working on ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. I think of you (and your co-sock summiters) sort of like I think of that great scene in “Braveheart.” No, your face isn’t half blue, and you’re not wearing a kilt (or are you?) but you are standing there, needles (weapons) in hand, setting the knitters free, taking us to the promise land! You and your cohorts (excuse me, co-coordinators) are uniting the knitters, getting us out of our homes, our yarn stores, and into the open where we can be seen as a force to be reckoned with. KNITTERS! They may force us to check in our needles on flights, they may insinuate it is rude to knit in public, they may think we are all daffy and have trillions of cats, but they will never take away OUR STITCHES! Yeah, ok, I’ll stop now. You all seriously kick booty in my book, though. ๐Ÿ˜›

  46. Having a visit with my oldest friend AB (we’ve known each other for 40 years now) and her family. Which may be more fun than what you’re doing, despite doing it with people who make you laugh.

  47. This is going to be SO good–I’m not even gonna be there and it’s gonna be there!
    And as for what I’m doing? I’m proofing 740 pages of manuscript that I’m hoping isn’t crap. You’re having more fun!

  48. Jon and I just broke into Entourage Season 5 disk 2. We may not come up for a while……
    At least I’m knitting on the featherweight cardigan while we’re watching. ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. I’m hanging out poolside in Southern California, knitting very little and spinning even less (even though I brought the wheel on vacation), wishing that I never had to go back to work.

  50. Today I went to my daughter-in-laws one year in business as a Pilates instructor and having her own studio in Portland Oregon! I met my son and 8 month Mattias and we walked the river promenade and I pointed out to my son that he may think that is the convention center but it is soon to be the sight of the great sock summit. He didn’t even laugh but said now when is that again? You see Mattias is the reason I started knitting socks so he takes is somewhat seriously. If anyone needs a Pilates workout call Jessica Schultz and she will help take away some of that sock planning stress and will take you seriously too. Can’t wait to see you all in person come Aug. Thanks for all your work

  51. I’m frazzling because we are selling our house. Or trying to. ๐Ÿ™‚ My knitting books that usually are on the kitchen table are banished to the bookshelves. My knitting bags are down there in my messy room too, no projects hanging around waiting for a minute of my time. I miss having my knitting within reach any time I want. Non-knitters who are viewing our home wouldn’t likely understand this need.

  52. I am pondering my Sock Summit knitting and homework and what to knit to wear at Sock Summit…and generally thinking how danged fun it is all going to be. Your hard work is all so well appreciated!

  53. I’ll be laid off after Sock Summit (outsourcing to India…..GRRRRR) so I’m SOOOOO glad I decided on the trip to Portland. Can’t tell you how many times I was asked tonight at Knit Night, “when are you going to Sock Summit?????” I can’t wait!!!

  54. WOW!!! Thanks for your amazing amount of hard work! I am patiently waiting for SS09, cooking fresh salmon and enjoying the most amazing Alaskan summer. You guys rock!

  55. I’m taking the edge of terminal unemployment by starting a yarn dyeing company. I wrote on a post-it note and taped it down, so there’s no backing out now!
    Sounds like you guys are having a blast!

  56. I’m enjoying an adult beverage and waiting for bedtime for the kids. And (if I’m going to be completely honest) I’m wishing I was there helping in some way. I love event planning, even for non-knitting stuff, and being surrounded by office supplies would probably make me crazy with overwhelming joy.
    (It’s understandable, really: my mom was a second-grade school teacher, and I spent a ton of time as a kid organizing and putting away her supplies. And we went shopping at this huge warehouse… the school-teacher’s-supply version of Costco. Good times.

  57. I’m wishing I could visit the West Coast and see Portland for the first time (I’ve lived in the Midwest my entire life), and I’m also de-stressing because I basically had a 12-hour work day.
    I’m also going to finish a baby hat for charity tonight.

  58. Feeling left out…. not a part of the Sock Summit. Sad and lonely. Still knitting socks, but mournful and left outl

  59. i’m drinking some pino grigio, (wine being so much more refreshing than beer when it is 101 f (since i live in california) outside) wishing i could go to sock summit. being one of the many who were not able to attend due to the summit’s immense popularity. i’m trying hard not to consider myself a voyeur.

  60. Is it wrong to want to go from Maryland clear over to Portland (in a recession, no less) just to go to Sock Summit? And not take classes? Just to hang out and check out the market? I think it’s way crazy. But I’m sooo tempted. And I have lots of frequent flyer miles. Crazy but tempting.
    Then again, I could visit Powell’s – a good reason on its own to go to Portland. And knit in the Japanese Garden there…love that place.
    Okay, I’ve talked myself into it….I think.

  61. Oh, and did I mention I’m not even a sock knitter? Not yet, anyway. Totally crazy to even think of going to Sock Summit.

  62. Anticipating Sock Summit! Me and everyone else, I think. Excellent use of office supplies, btw, I may take notes…

  63. Today was a very full day: working out, playing bridge, discovered a new Italian market (ohhh, such good samples and sandwiches)…bought birthday gifts for two grandsons, and home, finally home. Bad allergy day, so I was blowing my nose and getting blurry vision, until home. There’s no place like home, Dorothy.

  64. I am working too. My immune system has been worn thin and I have a cold and I’m in Palo Alto, Californa and grateful for the weather here, but . . . I’m not having fun; too much work and no . . . nothing else. I eat, and sleep and work out (because it helps), but I am close to tears too often for my usual MO.

  65. I think I need more info about the chandelier of close pins I see above Tina. There is clearly a post it there. This must have some significance.
    I’m also feeling guilty that I get to teach a class and have fun. Especially since you are holed up at the tavern down the street from me. I feel like I should be doing more. Next time, let me know when you are there and I’ll make a post it run or something for you.

  66. “We have created Sock Summit World Headquarters, and now that we’re all here, we’re even sleeping in it.”
    You’re sleeping in the pub?

  67. Planning cruise to St. John’s NB, Canada from NYC on July 23rd 2009 – like little more than 7 days. Decided I should get a passport in case I get sick and have to fly out. Ha! US Gov will expedite a passport if you appear in person at a regional center and are traveling within 14 days. Except 1st apt. is in 12 days. Huh? I’ll be back by then. Perhaps its the hour. Maybe alternatives I’m missing. At least I can use my Birth Certificate for the cruise itself. Just have to stay healthy. – Too much information? But you did ask.
    Hope great things come from SS09 for you and the teams. More than just the pleasure it will bringing to its attendees.

  68. Heating up a bottle for my 3 wk old – needless to say, insanely jealous ‘cuz I can’t go to Sock Summit!

  69. I’ve been dyeing. Lots & lots of dyeing. Also knitting up sample socks, writing patterns, planning my booth. Basically my life is any and all things yarnie. I am looking forward to your class.

  70. I’m at my second job, on lunch break, wishing I could be at the sock summit. I am sending you much love and appreciation for what all of you are doing. Hugs, loves, beers, wonderful yarns, good Karma, etc. etc. etc.
    Thank you so much!!

  71. Just started another Brooklyn Tweed Noro scarf, only have a few more rows of ribbing on the Eye of Jupiter socks for my Battlestar Gallactica fanatic daughter.

  72. I’m working on vendor-related stuff for an Illinois fiber festival this weekend, which is the big thing standing between me and Sock Summit. Oh, and a visit from my mother-in-law.

  73. Love the final taping-down-of-the-post-it-note permanent planning-ness… Wow, that sounds not English at all (it’s been a long week or two?).
    I’ve barely been knitting at all either lately, too busy packing (bought our first house!) and having relatives pass away (yes, plural).
    Suggestion to everyone: Put a Carbon Monoxide detector in your camper/trailer! I just lost an uncle, and almost my aunt to carbon monoxide poisoning, just days after my great-uncle’s funeral….

  74. Turning the heel for the second (third)? time on the second museum sock. (On which I turned the heel *four* times. Hey, at least I’m improving.) Trying to figure out if I can knit one more sock in the bigger size before I have to mail them in. Of course I can, these go quickly (ha! famous last words)!
    Go Team(s)!

  75. What am I doing? Madly knitting like a crazy lady, hoping that I’ll get a cardigan, a second sock (my Sock Hop pair!), a couple more mini-socks, and my class homework all finished in the next 22 days.
    Not that I’m counting or anything. Perhaps I shall celebrate my victories by taping post-it notes over my patterns as I finish them.

  76. I’m being enormously impressed – there are what, six of you, organizing the whole thing for 5,000 knitters? I hope you have arranged for volunteers to help actually coordinate things on site. I wish I could go. Maybe next time.

  77. working. I’m dyeing until my hands fall off, getting ready for sock summit too. I will be relieved I think when I am standing in my booth ready to go. until then there is not much room to breath.

  78. I see your shape in the papers foto! it’s pretty bad when I know your silouette. I feel for ya and wouldn’t want to be in your place..but with all those good friends and organizers…it’s got to be much more fun than I imagine. I’m planning my son’s Eagle ceremony and I’m going batty and my stomach is doing flip flops.
    you’re going to be doing a great job and if someone gives you fits, flick them on the nose.

  79. Ah, I envy you the office supplies … I love that kind of thing :o)
    I’m making dinner … burgers (sorry, all beef) …

  80. I’m studying for The Boards, step one of my licensing exams.
    You know, I don’t know what I think about this blanket right now when you’re all stressed about Sock Summit. I mean, you’re kind of stressed with getting the blanket done, too. You should have some super-awesome-yay knitting to take the edge off, in super fab colors, rather than a huge garter blanket.

  81. I’m working on a time trade so I can soak up the wool fumes! Also, I’m working on not futzing up the eding of my aeolian shawl.

  82. What am I doing? Saying a wee prayer that each of you will get through the final planning stages with your sanity and health intact — so you can enjoy the fruit of your labours!

  83. I have been part of some very unusual, spectacular and remarkable events.
    I think SS09 is going to be pretty high up on my list of best things ever!!!! Thank you ….all of you, for working so hard and dealing so well. I feel super special to be able to participate!!!!!

  84. Taking my hat off to ST-1 and ST-2 and toasting your passion and efforts. Professionally, I provide technical assistance, training and coaching to individuals, I very much know what it is like to develop and execute a massive and complex undertaking like Sock Summit.
    Personally looking forward to the day I can successfully combine my dancing and knitting. It is so dang hard to knit and dance at the same time. For some reason my partner insists that I am in dance hold throughout the Argentine Tango.
    Sock Summit I am sure will be raging success and I look forward to participating in a future sock summit.

  85. It’s going to be so much fun! Though I am planning to escape long enough to hit the Elephant Garlic Festival in North Plains. I will use the resulting reek to clear my desired sitting space, and hope the garlicky bubble of protection will prevent obnoxious people from getting too close to me.
    Not that anyone who’s attending is obnoxious, I’m just using it as an excuse to garlic out.

  86. Went to my knitting group tonight, then out for a late dinner with some of the group. Came home to find the police searching for a little girl missing from her home just a block away. Please pray to a Higher Power for her safe return.
    On a lighter note, I didn’t know, until I saw your photo that it says iMac on the back of Macs. Had to immediately stand up and look at the back of mine–sure enough, there was the iMac! (You could say I’m easily entertained….)
    Keep on truckin’ with your Sock Summit plans!
    Mary G. in Texas

  87. Iยดve been spinning, spinning and spinning – and not on a bicyckle.
    I have made beautiful yarns in the Tour de Fleece and is loving every minute of it.
    It has gotten so bad, that I have not missed my needles that much and I have decided that that is not bad.

  88. Non-knitting wise, I am taking a much deserved and needed rest from a long day of cleaning up puke from multiple children.
    Knitting wise, I just finished repairing the leg on a pair of striped longies for my 2 month old that my 5 year old took to with scissors. I am also trying to decide what to make for my best friend, who is about to give birth (any day now!) to her third child and working a little at a time on both a clapotis made of denim blue Kauni and an Entrelac scarf made from Noro.

  89. I saw the photo of the banner… very cool! I love that you all are so dedicated to the sock that you’re willing to put this much time and effort into making the Summit a great event. When Knitters rule the world, peace and harmony (and hand knit socks for everyone) will no longer be a dream.
    I have been knitting away on my February Lady sweater (for the second time), and making great progress even though I also did battle with a horrible case of startitis.

  90. What am I doing? Making mistakes on the Gail shawl. Trying to figure out how to rip back to my lifeline and then tink back to the mistake row.But I can’t count lace rows so I’m really up a creek.
    And I’m also wondering what all those little blue clippies are for that are hanging into view in picture #4.

  91. Three of four loads of washing. Late lunch alone – an unusual event. Tinking the Christmas sock (yes I know it is July), thinking the winter school holidays aren’t too bad, as my sister has taken our three children (DH and mine) to the new Harry Potter movie. Husband enjoying a motorbike ride on a day that has cleared a little. Dinner is planned but not cooked. Life doesn’t get much better than this. The children really enjoyed the movie.

  92. This is one of those times when I regret living in Europe… have a blast!
    We’re recovering after have two little guests sleep over ๐Ÿ˜€ Image a 1, 2, 3 and 6 year old together in one house, for 24 hours. I need sleep….

  93. I’m busy dyeing yarn for the Summit! (Hooray!!!) I won’t be able to attend but a friend is putting our yarn in her booth. Wish I could be there. I just have to tell you that when I saw those wall to wall laptops I got scared. I’m like a bull in a china shop and all I could picture is me dropping a beer, a beverage, or a condiment like ketchup into my beloved laptop keyboard! Not only are you intrepid knitters and dyers, but you are exceptionally brave laptop owners too. (Or just way more coordinated than I am which is probably the case LOL!) Happy planning and finalizing!

  94. Beep…is this thing on?
    Wishing that I could be at Sock Summit..someone there is going to have a set of size 0 needles I bet..I sure can’t get them here..LOL
    But I am fling out of Ottawa Tuesday to see my brand new hardly used grandson..Spencer is 3 days old today and I have a 2nd bag to take out full of knitted things. There must be a knitting store in Winnipeg that will have needles
    Thankyou for the inspiration, its wonderful to be knitting again after all these years..and good luck with ‘the Summit’

  95. I’m planning my vacation knitting (scarf out of Noro sock) and hoping that part of your plans for the Summit include recording the luminary panel discussion, for later podcast so we can all enjoy it.

  96. Just had sister, niece (7) and nephew (10) visiting from Hong Kong. Taught 2 out of 3 to knit (you guess). In one week, Sister completed first hat and now sent away with first sock on the needles and Large Bag of Stuff. Hah!

  97. Miss more frequent posts from my favorite knitter and thinking wow this sock summit is massive…wishing I could be there…8(

  98. Doing very nice volunteer work on a summer theater festival in the Netherlands (De Parade). And in my free hours I knit a cardigan, Drops 104-1. Very colourful. No way I can attend the Sock Summit, too far away and therefore too expensive for me. Pity! But I follow your footsteps, Stephanie!

  99. I just placed an STR order yesterday, but I called first to ask if I should place it before or after the Sock Summit! I was surprised to learn that I could place it…I thought things would be a little crazy. Anyway, wish I could come to the Summit, but not this year…maybe you all will solve the big issues of the day while you knit?!

  100. Doing: Casting on in TN Moonshine to test knit, getting ready for work, making a salad.
    Dreaming: Sock Summit is only 22 days from now!
    Thank you for all your toil and trouble!

  101. Learning to make a wiki to plan projects with my students. Saves lots of e-mailing, conference calling and tagging each other. Maybe a wiki would help you plan Sock Summit next time?

  102. I’m furiously sewing as much as I can for the booth while trying to hit a writing deadline and moving house. I think I’m trying to keep up with you busyness-wise.

  103. Eating cold pasta at my desk and checking blogs between keeping up with the cricket and golf scores. Oh, and knitting. Do you happen to need someone who can multi-task?

  104. What am I doing? I’m staring at a lot of emails for two different projects, wondering why I create clear, informative logs explaining how every single piece of information arrived, what it contains, what it relates to, and wondering why NOBODY READS THEM. I am also making notes for the plan to move my mother to assisted living. I am also trying to collect everything I need for the sock summit, and trying to figure out how much bubblewrap will be needed for two bottles of beer that I’m bringing to the sock summit. They are going to be presents for ST-1.

  105. Doing? Spinning for TDF and weaving up a storm and did you notice in photo #3 that you can see your reflection in the middle glossy?! Cool.

  106. What are you doing? Please leave a message after the tone.
    Um, sorry, I’m watching hot air balloons float over my house.
    Wish you best of luck on your project.

  107. Celebrating my husband’s 50th and now recovering from same. Birthday, that is. Oh, and Tour de Fleece.

  108. Spinning like the wind, my friend. Spinning like the wind. (and redoing the edging for my Shetland shawl, darnit)
    You all have worked so hard and I know people are just going to have the most wonderful time.

  109. I’m leaving work early today to work at the Mt Zion United Methodist Ladies Annual Ice Cream Social. I get to set up the grange hall and serve homemade chicken and noodles.
    So, has the bartender at your favorite pub of choice finally asked what you are all up to yet?

  110. I think you guys need a knitting break every day just like a beer break (or tea break, whatever.) Regret that I can’t make SS-09. I’m too far east but maybe, just maybe you’ll have SS-10 in Toronto or Chicago?
    Going to a sheep farm this weekend to pick up lots o’ roving!
    Remember everyone, have fun — we’re knitters!

  111. I’m thinking about my travel knitting for Sock Summit. Not what I’ll wear, not what else I need to bring, not my homework–just what I’ll bring to knit. I think there’s something wrong with me.

  112. Oooh, so wish I was going…sigh.
    What you need is a ‘Walter’. As in Walter Harriman as on SG-1. Post-its are good though.
    Wishing you energy and excitement in this great endeavour.

  113. Just finished my second sock in Noro Kureyon using Cat Bordhi’s Rushing Rivulet pattern and was astonished to find them absolutely IDENTICAL. I wound the remaining yarn and discovered that I had enough yarn for a 3rd sock which meant that I had to rewind it in order to get the colour repeats in the correct order. Do you know anyone with 3 feet? Aside: I had one of those lingerie hangers in pink over my desk in my kindergarten classroom-very handy for keeping things in sight and not buried in desk clutter. Like a previous poster, I got up and checked the back of my imac. I’d forgotten the name was there. LOVE my imac.

  114. You are doing a super job and I know this will be the knitting event of the decade. Working on 2nd sample for Hizknit’s class (dear son) and eager to start on the Garden daze yarn – beautiful. Love the pattern too. Keep up the good work. Would love to be a fly on the wall.
    Breathe deeply and slowly

  115. As usual, I’m taking care of my two and a half year old grand-daughter while her mother’s at work. A job that I love, but it was a lot easier 35 years ago when my own daughter was that age. A woman in my weaving class last week is going to the Sock Summit and I am soooo jealous! But the time of year is wrong for me. It’s fire season and I don’t travel until the weather cools off in case I have to evacuate again and get the animals out. I hope you all have a great time!

  116. I am spending my time preparing for a class I am teaching the same weekend as the Sock Summit. Bad timing. The Sock Summit will be much more fun than my Art History workshop. I occasionally find time to knit a few rounds on my Monkey sock (first time! for Monkey that it, I’m a slow adopter of new things). I’m also chasing teenagers around town, trying to keep them on the straight and narrow.

  117. I am literally bouncing in my chair with excitement!
    I have my homework done, I have a packet of necessary papers ready to go. I purchased a new suitcase. I have my Thursday market shopping list in order by most coveted yarn status.
    I am waiting with baited breath until you post the market place map, so that I can print it on HUGE paper and start highlighting by importance. I purchased special highlighter tape for just that purpose!
    Can you tell I might be a tad excited?

  118. I didn’t know there was such a thing as “more office supplies than is healthy.” I thought that office supply stores were basically toy stores for big kids. ๐Ÿ™‚

  119. Inspired by the Sock Summit, I — am going to attempt another sock. *takes deep breath* I have sock yarn. I have needles. I have a simple (in theory) pattern.
    Now I just have to get the nerve to cast on . . .

  120. I’m working on my second sock for the Museum, on which I have already ripped back the first few rows 4 times! (Did I say this was the second sock?)
    Gloating over the beauty of the first sock.
    Dancing gleefully around in my mind about going to SS09.
    Fighting a miserable cold.
    HOPING I win a place in the Barbara Walker lecture on the lottery.

  121. Going over my list of what I need to take along to the summit. After I’m sure I have all the necessary knitting things, I’ll make sure I have the wardrobe picked out. (Knitting first, right?)
    Since my home computer and printer aren’t speaking to each other any more, I’m going to have to go in to my classroom, or at least a school computer, to print out all necessary receipts. I do know where I’m carrying those at all times!
    Oh,and my mom has, for reasons known only to her volunteered to host all four cats at “Grandma Camp” while I’m on the other coast! I’m sure she has ulterior motives, like requesting some very specific socks!

  122. I’m working on a really bland sock. The last two have been Cat Bordhi stretching-my-knitting-comfort-zone socks (and I love them!), but after fourteen hours in a recording studio, I needed 2×2 rib for a while. Have a great summit! I’m looking forward to the Yarnery’s summit afterparty in St. Paul (where I got into a Chrissy Gardiner class! yippee!!!).

  123. You might have inspired me to attempt socks again.
    After a few tearful, failed attempts, I gave up on socks about a year and a half ago. (While I can knit a cabled sweater that will knock your socks *ahem* off).
    I might give it a try…you, your work, your Summit…

  124. I’ve been making soap, four batches a day for the last few days. Yesterday it was lavender lemongrass, today lavender ylang ylang.
    As I mix, measure and make the soap, my mind drifts to which yarn to make the next Aeolian shawl from. Each evening I knit 2-4 more rows on the first Aeolian.
    Basic simple socks are on the needles too for travel knitting. Tempted Yarn – colorway Foliage.

  125. Getting tired of hubby’s interminable sock (big feet, fine yarn) so I started a big bag to felt. That goes much faster.

  126. Working. And knitting. And counting the days to go on vacation!
    I toast to you with some delicious Passadouro Late Bottled Vintage 2004 Port Wine.

  127. ST1 and ST2 should run the world. not only would things get done, the world would be a much better place (and everyone would have hand knit socks!)

  128. … (sigh) sitting here wishing I could go to Sock Summmit and knowing that I have friends that are going, but that there is only so much room in a suitcase and I won’t fit. ๐Ÿ™
    Have fun, it looks like a blast!

  129. I am so not sure how anything ever got planned without multiple colors and sizes of Post-its and and stickies. I know that my knitting has improved greatly.
    I am currently waiting for the gigantic iced coffee to be ready so I can rip back a mistake in my brother’s sweater, not too bad, middle of the back and only 6 rows ago. Piece of cake, oh, also need cake.
    Have fun with the socks.

  130. I’m watching Across the Universe with my Beatles loving toddler, and knitting a sock so that I can avoid working on my Ishbel.

  131. I’m knitting my frickin’ head off to get a stocking ready for the Sock Museum in time. (Actually I have a stocking ready to go, but I will need a mate if I have a hope to enter them in the State Fair….)

  132. I’m reading all the comments and am very sad I won’t be attending SS09. the idea of a convention center full of sock knitters makes me swoon.

  133. I’m working too. But I wanted to say – I didn’t realize how big the wall of paper was until I noticed the human shadow and (what I assume are) 5 gallon water jugs beneath.
    That’s a massive planning wall!

  134. Didn’t read the blog until today. Yesterday I was “busy” celebrating my birthday with baking, knitting, friends and beer. I even went to work too. I have fewer office supplies in my life than you do. Here’s hoping it all goes off beautifully!

  135. I’m having radiation treatment for breast cancer this summer. Today will be #11 out of 16 daily treatments. In spite of radiation fatigue I can knit, although I don’t have too much energy to do anything else. I am so thankful for that friend of my mom’s who got me started and showed me how to make knit and purl stitches when I was eight years old.

  136. What am i doing you ask? Well, i just took a trolley and bus to Haapsalu, Estonia for the day. Bought the authentic shawl yarn. Now sitting sipping a glass of traditional estonian liquor, knitting with ruth and naomi. Life is hard. See you in about two weeks!

  137. Bless you all, for all the hard work, and for making the knitting community grow! Remember to have some laughs and a few beers though.

  138. I’ve been knitting on my moderne log cabin (no joke). I’ve been lucky enough to not have work interrupt my knitting until Saturday, hopefully I’ll actually work on Saturday.

  139. I’m going to miss Sock Summit because of the local fair! The fair is coming up quick, so I need to figure out what I’m submitting to it. You’ll have ever so much more fun (and work) than I will coordinating the weaving/spinning/dyeing booth.

  140. I’m looking for a job. : (
    Seems like you have a great one there. I’ve been there before – really stressful, but also really self-satisfying.

  141. With all that planning and work, it is going to be an awesome event. I do so wish that I could be there!

  142. What I am doing…is NOT following my urge to stalk the “TEAM”. NOT lurking in all the McMenamins I know. NOT appearing like I have sliced off a big pieace of crazy pie. It’s taking alot of effort.. lots and lots..

  143. 1)Packing up 2 kids. One moving to Houston, TX for 2 years and one going to Chile until December. 2)Feeling a little old. (the kids moving away is doing that)
    3)Nursing an infected finger (which is also limiting my knitting).
    4) Counting my blessings!!

  144. I have a really funny picture in my head of that great scene from Spinal Tap where they got lost trying to get to the stage. But instead of a hair band, it’s a bunch of knitters.
    It’s making me very happy! Have a wonderful time!

  145. Iโ€™m in sunny Central Oregon in the High Desert. Itโ€™s so hot and dry here I think about praying to ask if Lazarus can give me a drop of water in hell, but realize if I do I will be attacked by a million bees who are just looking for a little moisture too.
    I mean, I’m by the pool here, but Iโ€™m just trying to get some homework done on the internets because the wifi in my room died. Anyway, right now, there are about 10 children in the pool all under the age of 8 and only two adults. One is the lifeguard and thereโ€™s only one parent. Iโ€™m pretty sure that shapely young lady is not the mother of TEN CHILDREN.

  146. I am revising an academic journal article about goats while waiting for labor to begin (any time now, little weasel). I shall knit on a viper pilot sock soon.

  147. I am currently at work… at a new job where I’m not trained to do any tasks by myself yet so there is very little for me to do except read boring computer program manuals… and day dream about knitting! And boy, have I been daydreaming allllllll day. Can’t wait to get home and dive in!
    Hope you are feeling all accomplished and ready for Sock Summit! I’m sure you have everything under control and that it will be fantastic!

  148. You guys are amazing! I can’t wait to hear how much every one learns and buys and love it. Looking forward to Sock Summit 2. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  149. I’m at work and I’d much rather be there helping you guys. It sounds like sooo much fun. 20 days and counting….

  150. I’m a mother of 9. I have 1 in Afghanistan National Guard, 1 in CO, regular army. 3 girls in softball, 2 of which have extended their seasons with all star teams. My oldest just gave birth to a beautiful grandson, and a 14 y.o. who is a synchcronized team ice skater, and I turned 50 last week. Garter stitch baby blankets = sanity. And, if I start counting out loud while knitting nobody bothers me.

  151. I am knitting socks (Rockin’ Sock Club, kit 4) in preparation for missing the Sock Summit. Just out of my budget this year. But I bet my boyfriend is happy about that because that means I will be home for our 6yr anniversary. ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh, and this weekend anyways, I am playing City of Heroes/Villains for three days!

  152. knitting Nancy Bush’s Norwegian Knee socks from Folks Socks in honor of Sock Summit and dealing with a child with Autism who put his fist through a glass door pane this morning. Despite the work, I think you are having more fun (except for when I am knitting on the sock). ๐Ÿ˜‰

  153. I am currently living in Palm Springs, CA, prior to that I lived in Portland, OR. In Palm Springs we have 2 (yes, 2) knitting stores, neither of which are much to talk about. I am so happy that I will be at the Sock Summit with my friend Gerri!! I can not wait until I see knitters of all ages and not just those knitting for their grandchildren back in cold climates! See you there!

  154. I’m in Ireland, golfing with my husband. I’m knitting on the sock I intend on taking on the TUBE in London in a few weeks. Today we drove to Cork, where I found two yarn shops. Tomorrow more golfing. AND I’m reading about the excitement that is building for the SOCK SUMMIT, here and on Ravelry. It’ll be so great!!

  155. I wish I could have gone this year! But a wedding in PA and visiting my goddaughter in NY had to take precedence. But I was VERY tempted to skip both and join fellow sock knitters/lovers. And it’s even worse that the bride has gotten a couple of pairs of socks from me over the years.

  156. What am I doing? Wish I could have seen you when I was in Portland the last few days, my father lives in Scapoosse. I was house hunting in Portland, because we are moving back in 2 weeks. So I have been hobbling with a broken foot, looking at homes and packing.
    I was one of the unlucky ones that had my class and as I went to enter my visa the system collapsed and I lost it, ah well such is life! So I am gratiful for the lottery, thank you, thank you maybe my dream will come true and if not, you’ll still see me in the market place! Since I will have just moved back to what I consider home!
    Good luck with everything!

  157. Not working at the moment so that I can read your blog. I had the great tea spill this morning and had no “A” on my keyboard. It was a little hard to join a webex today with an e-mail address that includes 2 “A’s.” A tough letter to lose. Now that I have a new computer (yesterday) and a new to me keyboard (today), I need to work. I wish I could have gone to the SS.

  158. What am I doing? I’m drowning in sock patterns, that’s what I’m doing! I’m trying to prepare for this upcoming thing in Portland. You may have heard of it. I’m just trying to be sure all my ducks are in a row for when I go down there!

  159. I’m sorta vacationing! Between work gigs visiting my family in lovely northern CA. There is one huge reason I am sad I can’t be at SS09 – well aside from the obvious lots of reasons – the closing panel of knitting dignataries! Is there any way this evenings speeches, comments, etc will be available in an audio format? Mp3 file? Anyway at all that those of us unable to be there can listen to the evening’s commentators? It’s quite a panel of knitting luminaries and that one thing alone is what makes me the most jealous.

  160. Well, earlier I was trolling Ravelry for quick-knit sock patterns, but now I’m pouting over the fact that I’m *not* going to the Sock Summit. It’s going to be so awesome!

  161. I’m knitting a sock and taking a class on Preservation. It sounds like you guys are brewing up a good thing, and I have to say I don’t know how you can have too many office supplies!

  162. I’m cramming on the last day of work for a MONTH. Tomorrow I am packing and cleaning and shopping and repacking and washing and getting ready to leave on vacation. And where are we going? Canada. Alaska. Washington. Oregon. California. Any or all of the above. I’m feeling very care free and hippy-ish. The killer is that we MAY be in Portland during the Summit. I may drive by just to breathe in some of the fumes. Have a great Sock Party!

  163. Looking at the comments by all of us wishing we could be at SS09 (and hoping for a SS10)…maybe we could have a virtual sock summit? A sock summit in spirit via knit-a-long? How about if we all cast on a sock on the first day of SS09 and see if we can finish both socks by the end? Or at least finish two socks (not necessarily the same pair)? Could we do this through Ravelry? (I’m not very tech savy, but there’s already a sock summit section on Ravelry)

  164. What am I doing? Being a little jealous, doing a little knitting, squiring kids to summer activities, wishing to win the lottery so I could go to Sock Summit, dreaming about more knitting…
    You get the idea. I can’t wait to see the national news reports about Sock Summit – it’s going to be big!

  165. I’m working; Swine Flu pandemic (UK GP), having a running battle with redmite in the chicken house, getting very wet whilst pressure-washing with dettol and (unfortunately)_not_ knitting.
    Wish I could escape to the sock summit.

  166. what am i doing? imagining the glory of what will be sock summit…and imagining is all i CAN do cos i won’t be there in person…sigh. hang in there team(s). you know it will all be glorious when your work comes to fruition later this summer.

  167. Stephanie: This is a total breath of fresh air. With all of the doom and gloom, we have a bunch of people who said they could, and by Gosh, gave it their all. You are like the ultimate start up company. No beaurocratic crap to crawl through, just make it happen – with a lot of challenges along the way. I work in BIG corporate America and have job envy. We can’t do half of what you have done. We have to have committees, champions, portfolios, swim lanes, towers – just to even think about something new. Continued blessings to all of you.

  168. Do you get to keep the Convention Center flag on the street sign? Does it all seem real? I’ve been squirreling away dough for the stash!!!

  169. The Portland TSA is going to wonder what the hell is going on… have you notified them yet, or will this just be your small revenge for the banana incident?

  170. All of you had that slightly glazed look but I think it was the heat. When this is over, add yourselves to the Major Organizer Hall o’Kudos because y’all are simply amazing. I really truly mean it.
    Looking forward to August.

  171. Don’t all burn yourselves out completely. I’m looking forward to being at SS two, next year, now that I’ve completed my first pair of socks.

  172. remaining impressed with the cheerful prompt helpfulness of the ST’s.
    Heading to my LYS Knit&Wine night, to figure out (maybe) those Peruvian socks.
    And marveling that an inpatient is patiently knitting garter stitch squares, because her mother told her she could do something useful, and she says “it’s soothing”.

  173. What am I doing? Knitting knitting socks for the Sock Museum! These are my first pair of socks ever. I started a pair years ago, but snapped one of the wooden needles in my hands. I really like the bamboo needles I bought, and want to start a pair for myself when these are done.

  174. Sounds like a lot of work. Sock Summit is going to be spectacular. Me, I am cleaning house and going to work. Knitting till I fall asleep. Trying to control urges to do in certain family members. Whoa, I am tired now. Have a great SS.

  175. That would be the absolute coolest place on earth to walk into, that little coffee shop. I don’t envy your job at all, but I do envy the patrons of that place, and wish I was there! Hallowed ground now, isn’t it? Maybe they’ll give tours at SS.
    I hope you’re staying (as) sane (as possible).

  176. I just finished inventorying all the yarn that Knit A Bit will be selling on behalf of Three Fates Yarns. I finished the reskeining and the labeling. I labeled the sample socks. I printed patterns on behalf of Ariel Altaras and they will be dropped off in Oregon City tomorrow. Then I’m going back to focusing on the baby that should be born sometime in the next couple of weeks and pretending it’s not a ridiculous 90+ here in OR.

  177. I just finished all the labeling of the sock samples of my yarns and am dropping off the whole kit and kaboodle tomorrow in Oregon City to Knit A Bit. I also just finished a job application and am going back to meditating on labor and delivery.
    Good luck. Maybe we’ll run into your McMeniman’s tomorrow, but not likely. I think you will be in a different part of Portland. I wish you TS Milkshakes.

  178. I’m feeling very sorry for myself because when I finally convinced my husband that we could afford for me to go to the Sock Summit, the airlines created a conspiracy of ridiculously high fares. Apparently every good fare has been taken by a knitter. So I’m not going after all. ๐Ÿ™
    I wonder, though, what the airline people are going to think, with planes half (or more) full of people happily knitting away? Hee!

  179. I’m dealing with my wonderful son on drugs. My husband gave me airline tickets for my birthday (he’s wonderful too), so I decided to come without any reservations. I sent an email asking if there would be a place just to sit and knit, and the nicest woman called me and said there were cancellations, and which class would I like? It was one of my happiest moments! Thank you. I am so looking forward to going!

  180. I am feeling your labor pains, admiring the stupendous amount of work that you’re all putting into this event, and last but not least, finishing up my class handouts!

  181. I am so thankful that I live in the Portland area and can attend Sock Summit. I am also working like mad to finish a felted purple stripey tote that I want to bring to the Summit. Thanks for your hard work ladies! You ROCK!

  182. What am I doing? Having completed the daily job search will move on to “flaming” the sidewalk (I burn the weeds out from between the bricks), then will reward myself with some knitting (or spinning or chocolate…).

  183. My mind is racing with all the thoughts of things to bring to Sock Summit! I am a vendor and it is with great pleasure I sort through all my treasures to decide what will most please the the students, guests, customers and promoters. I can hardly wait. ( I am also Diva Yarn )

  184. Planning a trip to New Zealand this September. That’s pretty stressful too, although of a much smaller magnitude. I’m so happy Sock Summit is coming together well–I know it will be a success. I couldn’t go (my 3rd anniversary and going to Tucson to help my best friend with her new baby), but I’m super excited for everyone else. If only I could go to the marketplace though…Even my husband likes those ๐Ÿ™‚

  185. I’ve been caulking the tub which I hate to do because I royally stink at it. Infuriatingly, last night I discovered that despite waiting the recommended time for the caulk to cure, it has NOT, and is instead decided to peel and disintegrate. Which now means I have to scrape it off and do it *AGAIN*
    The picture of the banner over the convention center was thrilling. It gave me a chill to look at it. I’ve decided since I can’t be there I am going to knit socks for myself in the logo colorway as consolation.

  186. I’m envious of anyone attending it!!!
    I’m in Brazil and therefor it’s a bit hard to go all the way to the US to participate..Oh well, maybe one day.
    Love your work!

  187. Wondering if the marketplace alone is worth the drive (1.7 hours) to Portland and the walking and the parking. (I didn’t manage to register for a I am not technically a sock summit participant.)

  188. What commitment from all involved! I am sure it is going to be a fantastic time. Thank to all of you for all of your hard work, ingenuity, creativity and amazing good cheer!

  189. Yay! You are doing fantastic job! I get excited that, you can handle many more things. Your are really great! You inspired me a lot. Thanks for sharing it.
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  190. Packing for Sock Summit. Hoping our “skeins per cubic foot” calculation is right although I think Steve is confused and thinks he’s packing for Stitches West where we have 10 booths. Picking kids up from camp, attending baseball tourney – hugging kids a lot, hugging crying kid and giving pep talks, hugging MVP winner. Going on vacation and planning to leave my toes in sand/salt water a little longer for all SS team members. With a beer in hand of course.

  191. Im in a San Francisco hospital hoping desperately to have mt gallblaader out and recover in time to get to SS! Totally freaked out that A. I might miss it and B. I might lose a whack of money on it eek!

  192. LOVE the clothes-dryer-thingy hanging from the ceiling with notes clipped to it. Must remember it for my own office–lovely idea. It is going to be a lovely time…wish I were there. I’ll be knitting and thinking of you all. Cheers!

  193. For those that need to plan vacation time in advance, are the dates known for Sock Summit 2010?

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