Not Dead

Just too tired to move, more or less. Tina and I are safely, finally and happily ensconced in one of our favourite spots, about to spend a few days sleeping, eating and paying Sock Summit bills. The Summit was one of the most exhausting, incredible, exhausting, terrifying, exhausting and fantastic experiences of our lives, and now that it’s obvious that we’ll live to tell about it… we will.


209 thoughts on “Not Dead

  1. Beer and sleep..
    That is what you need after providing the Sock Summit participants with a wonderful weekend :o)
    Look forward to having you back!

  2. Thank you for the Sock Summit.
    I had an excellent time. All your hard work showed. You Ladies are INCREDIBLE!!
    Take a good rest, drink some beer, have some laughs.
    Thank you again.

  3. Thank you for the Sock Summit.
    I had an excellent time. All your hard work showed. You Ladies are INCREDIBLE!!
    Take a good rest, drink some beer, have some laughs.
    Thank you again.

  4. So, when’s the next Sock Summit (for those of us that missed this one).
    Rest up, collect yourself and then get busy.

  5. I can’t wait to hear all about it. I was stranded at home with a 8 week old. Ok…so I live on Vancouver Island, within walking distance to the beach and was hardly suffering, but still would have loved to come. Also, have not yet progressed beyond knitting basic socks and so perhaps the Summit would be wasted on me. One day… those beautiful socks are in my future.

  6. I can’t wait to hear all about it. My day just hasn’t been the same with you not posting. Take all the time you need to rest up and relax and then you can start posting again. I wish I could have been there.

  7. Had to be a winner, blogs are talking it up already (some more). Looking forward to the tale – in easy stages, of course. Congrats! Y’all DID it!!!!

  8. Hurrah! It’s good to hear that you’re all still alive and kickin’. Summit was beautiful, fun, amazing, and yes, I think I was a bit tired at the end.
    I cannot imagine how it all must have felt for you and all the organizers.
    Take care of yourselves, and we can’t wait to hear more.

  9. Rest up – you ladies have certainly earned it! Sock Summit was absolutely amazing! It was an inspiration just to be amongst so many of our community – and then the classes… Ahhhh! Sock-knitting heaven! I am a changed woman.
    Thanks agan for your beautiful gift to us. I can’t thank you enough so I’ll just wish you, Tina and the rest of the team good sleep, good beer, and good luck with your recovery.

  10. Glad you survived. I missed you. Glad it all went well. Here’s to Sock Summit ’10??

  11. I hope that where ever your happy place is that you and Tina are getting royal spa treatments. Thank you very much for all that you did… and thank you to your families too for their sacrifices. I can’t wait to read about SS 09 from your perspective and in your words. In the meantime, sleep well.

  12. Congrats Steph and Tina! I wondered about you guys all weekend. Glad to hear you’re still kicking. I hope you have enough money left over to hire some scantily clad men to fetch you beer and feed you grapes. πŸ™‚

  13. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Sock Summit was so incredible and awesome, even for this introverted person! To be among others who love knitting so much is so fun! I’m so sad that I missed Sunday.
    Hope you, Tina, and the ST-2’s can catch up on some sleep. You certainly all deserve it! Can’t wait to hear your take on the Sock Summit and whether or not there will be another one. Rumors are flying, so I can’t wait to hear the real deal from you and Tina. Toronto would be good—-I’ve always wanted to visit your hometown.
    Knit on!

  14. I’ve been reading all about it on everyone’s blogs. Sounds like I need to get a job that has some flexibility in the summertime so that I can get away and come next year! Rest up and then tell us all about it!

  15. Many thanks to you, Tina and ST-2. Sock summit was great fun! What an amazing group of Luminaries, and how lucky we were to have them at our hotel, and an opportunity talk to them directly. You got it right, down to the final detail.
    Much appreciation to city of Portland and the folks who live there.
    Can’t wait to see what you may have up your sleeve for next year!

  16. Sock Summit was my first fiber/knitting convention/retreat/seminar/class, but even with nothing else to compare it to, it HAS to be incomparable! Totally awesome! The Luminary Panel was such an exciting experience; even though I didn’t know all the names going in (fairly new to knitting that I am), it was clear I was in the presence of greatness. And YOU — YOU are as funny as I had heard and hoped! Thanks for EVERYTHING!

  17. I feel so lucky to have been able to attend SS09! It was a flawless 4 days of knitterly heaven!!! Thanks you so much!!!!! You rock big time!!!

  18. Thank you so much for an absolutely stellar weekend. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! I’m still tired, and know you must be exponentially more so. But I’m so glad you did this!
    Enjoy the R&R. You certainly deserve it.

  19. I am so privileged to have gotten to participate in the wonderful adventure (aggravation) that was Sock Summit 2009. I’m looking forward to seeing what caught your eye during the event. You and Tina are an amazing team and you both have a great team behind you. Thank you for letting me be a small part of your dreams.

  20. So wonderful to hear from you–thanks for the much awaited snippet! I hope you and Tina get some much needed recoup time. I’ve heard about the incredible success from everyone else; I can’t wait to hear about it from you. But please, take your time. (Sure, we’re anxious to hear from you, but we know how hard you’ve worked and know you need some down-time.)

  21. Thank you and Tina and ST-2 for an absolutely amazing weekend. The care and organization showed through very clearly. I loved every class I attended-and I do feel truly changed. I now feel I’m a creative person. Thank you for helping to re-awaken that for me..
    Sleep well, dear Harlot, and know that hundreds and hundreds of women smiled happily, laughed raucously, felt awed by the teachers and luminary panel, and each took away some measure of joy, knowledge and yarn(!) from this wonderful Sock Summit.

  22. Thank you, Stephanie (and Tina), for the absolute awesomeness that was SS09. After seeing you there every possible waking moment, I figured that your blog silence was simply your managing to sleep for 2 days to recover.
    Beer, massages, more beer, another massage, and some knitting. Then, just say where and when, and you know we’ll all be there again, with bells (and socks) on. (You probably didn’t need to hear that just yet…)

  23. You-all did a grand and amazing thing.
    What a gift. What changes you have wrought for our hobby/passion. You afforded us with some astounding opportunities and you were gracious and organized throughout the fatigue and triumph!
    I’m rather hoping all you folks who worked so very hard to make this happen…that the memory of that supreme effort, stress, sleepless nights, and worrying…will ease like the memories of the pain of childbirth πŸ˜‰ …and that you’ll be willing to gift us again with another such opportunity.
    Thank you so very much for everything.

  24. It was soo freaking awesome! I felt so lucky to be with our people. Seeing everyone’s handknits/crochet was wonderful. We are a talented bunch. It was the best time I have had all year! New friends, silly laughs and OOOhhh the YARN as far as the eye could see.
    To meet and learn from the glitterati of our community was unforgettable. I did weep at the Luminary Panel. I think collectively, we knitters were so challenged to move forward, take a chance, try whatever we want in our craft. The future will be shaped by these ladies and I can’t wait to participate too!!
    Thank you from the bottom of our warm hearts…for it ALL.

  25. Thank you guys so, so much for dreaming big dreams and having the courage and determination to see them brought to reality. It was an incredible and amazing weekend that truly celebrated knitterly community and all things sock!

  26. From all the tweets and blog accounts I’ve read, you all did an incredible job! Well done. I can’t wait to see what your version of the events is…

  27. Even your blog post sounds exhausted! reading abut Sock Summit from those who attended again makes me feel so left out here in the middle of the Dubai desert.
    Great job though, you and Tina and everyone who organised it. When do you start planning for Sock Summit 2010?

  28. Monday was all about collapsing; and I was helping the Purlescence Yarns crew in the Marketplace! The non-stop effort that you, Tina and ST-2 have been putting in for months definitely deserve a long rest, with the only exertion the lifting of a hand to order another drink! And maybe to knit a few rows…
    So much excitement, beautiful yarns and knitting wisdom together in one place! Congratulations on and Thank You for putting together a terrific conference.

  29. Brilliant. My first thought was to hope you’d reserved space in Intensive Care; my second that you had a retreat space booked. It you haven’t seen it yet, check out the “Overheard at Sock Summit” thread on the SS forum — you all go streaking through like comets, but it’s also bits and snippets of taxi drivers and waitresses and ten year olds reacting — very much like sitting quietly in the lobby and listening to everyone’s best bits. Sounds like you really did pull it off, kids.

  30. I’m sure it was awesome. There was no way that it could not be awesome. Get some rest, have a few beers, organize the pictures and tell us all about it.
    Wish I could have been there!

  31. It sounds like it was amazing! We are all all waiting to hear about SS09 and for those of us who could nat make it this year…we hope there will be an SS10!

  32. Steph and Tina,
    Glad to hear you two survived and by the look of the comments it went like gangbusters! I’m bummed I missed it (understatement), but it seems it went well enough to consider doing it again. I can’t wait to hear about whether your pants were clean when you met Barbara Walker. Until then…..

  33. Get as much rest as you need – people love you well enough for organising such an (obviously) terrific event to wait as long as you please:)
    I wish I could have been there, too:)

  34. We were wondering if you’d survived! I found a blog to follow on her experiences at the Summit so I could do a little living vicariously. You and Tina pulled off a fantastic feat! Sorry I wasn’t there – maybe next time if you have the energy to do it again. Maybe this should become like a Sock Olympics – once every four years? Although that’s a long time to wait for the next round.
    Rest up – take a long hot tub soak or the equivalent – a long walk on a beach? Harborfront?

  35. I cannot thank you enough for what was the most fantastic knitting event I’ve ever attended – really, no exaggeration… I know you guys sweated blood putting it together and running it, but hopefully you’ve got the same sense of satisfaction that you gave so many of us –
    get lots of R&R – can’t think of anyone who deserves it more than you guys…

  36. Beer is good. Sleep is good. You deserve your fill of both!
    Looking forward to hearing all about the Summit when you’ve had a chance to recover!

  37. Everyone that I’ve seen has said that they had an incredible time at the Sock Summit. You and Tina deserve your rest for putting on the best event of the year!

  38. I think you and Tina need to treat yourselves to a 90-minute massage. Scratch that. Do they have 3 hour massages? I think that’s what you both need.
    Thank you just isn’t enough to describe how grateful we all are for your wonderful efforts for SS09.

  39. Rest well, you guys deserve it!
    Wish I could’ve joined everyone in the adventure. Any chance of a SS in Canada?

  40. Yeah!! Welcome back to the internet! You have been missed, but all of us unlucky enough to not be at SS09 have been following the activities posted by others with greedy little eyes. Everything looked and sounded fantastic, we know there were probably backstage glitches, but the overall product looked great!

  41. Whew – so glad to hear from you. I was afraid y’all had worked yourself to death! All of us who weren’t there are waiting with bated breath to hear all the details, so rest up, have a beer (or ten), and we’ll be here when you’re ready.

  42. Please, please have a Sock Summit on the East Coast!!!!! I’ve heard and read nothing but great things about this one!!!! How ’bout the Washington, D.C. area next year?

  43. I was beginning to worry that you’d worked yourself to death. Whew! Glad to hear that you’re alive and in a condition to drink beer. I’m another of the vicariously attending Sock Summiteers and I’ve had a blast reading the blogs and seeing the pictures. I know everyone’s hinting at the Next Summit. Be firm, Stephanie!!! It just has to be in Toronto. I think that’s only fair. The fact that I’m only 4 hours away has absolutely nothing to do with it(she said, looking the Harlot straight in the eye). Rest, drink, relax, drink, eat, drink, and I suppose you’d better find time for some knitting as well. Cheers, Hazel. Waiting for the blog posts with bated breath.

  44. I was totally just thinking of posting, “OMG Steph, you haven’t updated in a week! Are you okay?” but you’re too quick. Just like with the whole past week, you get there before I do, and I know I’m just one of thousands.
    Thank you for a terrific week. Don’t break it to my family just yet (jeeze I hope they don’t read your comments), but I’d totally go again.

  45. Hurray! You did it! Great job! A friend of my mother-in-law’s atended and she says it was fantastic! Think of how much easier next year will go. Heehee.

  46. Hurray for Sock Summit. I would say it was a smashing success! Take a long break…you both deserve it.

  47. What a great time! Thanks for putting together such a wonderful experience — it was the best!

  48. By the way, I think this is the ultimate revenge on the bank that didn’t believe in sock knitters a few years back. You and Tina (and the whole sock knitting community) sure showed them! Tina should bully them into being a sponsor the next time.

  49. Thanks for all your hard work… and the work of all the team members. I had a great time at the Sock Summit! Enjoy a little R&R. You all deserve it.

  50. A HUGE thank you to you and Tina both!! I had a wonderful time at Sock Summit… I learned so much in my classes, met lots of lovely people, and spent too much at the Marketplace! I know it was loads of hard work for ST-1 and ST-2 but it was so worth it! This was my first time travelling on my own (my husband stayed home with our three kids) and what a first trip to have. Get lots of rest, both of you, and I can’t wait to see SS09 from your perspective (tomorrow’s blog post, is it?). Thank you thank you thank you!!

  51. Hurray! So glad that you will all live to tell the tale and knit another day.
    Remember to put some nice yarn down before you collapse!

  52. I’ve been trying to patiently wait for your take on the whole summit, but it’s hard! However, your need to rest and recuperate is greater than my need to know, so I’ll try to be less selfish and continue with the patience.
    It looked amazing, from all the other stuff I’ve seen and read on the weekend. I only wish I could have been there.
    Take care, and we’ll be here when you have the energy. Congratulations on a successful summit!

  53. I was not at the Summit, but have had a dream about it. In my dream, you, Stephanie, had been helping many of the vendors take down their displays. Some of them did not want to take all of their yarn home with them, so you “rescued” the yarn. You wound all of the yarn into a HUGE ball, adding skein after skein after skein, then asked your readers what in the world you would make from such a gigantic ball of yarn!

  54. The Sock Summit was AWESOME, and I hope you guys are able to continue to offer it in future years. Preferably in PDX. Not that I’m biased or anything.

  55. Glad to hear you are alive and (almost) well. I was starting to worry just a bit that Joe or one of the girls would be writing to tell us you were in hospital with exhaustion. Here’s hoping SS stories last through the fall… dole them out slowly and we will savor them!

  56. Can’t wait to hear about it! So happy to hear that you’re alive and well. Have a beer, take a nap, bask in the glow! Wish I could have been there.

  57. Didn’t get to go this year but am hoping for a repeat (annual… bi-annual….)
    May I suggest that you hire someone next time to do all of the scut work so you don’t burn out! You set the tone and the policies etc of course but there are people out there who do this sort of thing for a living.. and then you can go back to doing what we love you for!
    Not that you aren’t brilliant doing this too!

  58. Can’t wait to hear the stories from the event! I know it went well and, by the comments, everyone had a great time.
    Although I didn’t go to the Sock Summit or have even knitted a sock (yet), I was wondering if one might be able to purchase a t-shirt? They looked cool!
    Hope you recover quickly!

  59. Thank you for all your hard work. It was the best! I had a terrific time. The best was one of my volunteer jobs: sitting behind you & collecting the gifts people brought you. Your natural wit is amazing. I am a fan.

  60. Rest well, you deserve it. (I only heard secondhand stories and watched video…but WOW, just WOW!!) I’m really looking forward to hearing all about it.

  61. Rest! You both so deserve it. I had the best time I’ve had in years. Thank you. Now, lie down and have someone tuck you in with something soft & knitted.

  62. Congratulations to you all for pulling of such a successful event — I wasn’t there, but I’ve read so much and seen pictures. If you do it again in the next year or two, I hope I’ll make it next time. πŸ™‚ You all did an AMAZING job. Now have a well-deserved REST!

  63. Didn’t think we would hear from you for a little while. Glad to hear it went well…most knitters who went are sure glad they did by the look of it. Congratulations and rest well.

  64. Thank you both so much, ST-1 and ST-2 did a fantastic job and you all deserve a big pat on the back. It was the best time I’d had in years, I hope now you all can relax, have as much fun and laugh as much as we all did.

  65. Thank you so much for sharing what you could in such a short period of time to all those that couldn’t make it. It just made me want to go so much more, but I really appreciated it. Congratulations on a HUGE, successful sock summit.

  66. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! Sock Summit was awesome! I had such a good time. So glad that I was able to go and so sorry that it is over!

  67. Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us. Sock Summit was nothing short of remarkable.
    Now I just wonder how many times you got kinneared. I must admit I attempted it, though I don’t think it counts when you forget to turn off the flash. But at least I got a picture of you “with” my sock!

  68. I had an amazing time! I was overwhelmed and in awe. My Niece and I spent way too much money but, we figured…. it’s good for the economy! And we have Christmas presents bought, now just need to knit it all up.
    Thanks for all of your hard work, it was truly fantastic! See you next year?

  69. Get some rest and I will look forward to hearing all about the SS. I think everyone but you knew that it would be a wonderful success! Congratulations!

  70. Sock Summitt was most Awesome. Go ahead and take a rest, you deserve it. I can wait to hear what your thoughts about the event when you resurface.

  71. So glad you’re not dead! You were amazingly ubiquitous at SS09. I hope you had a chance to shop the marketplace. Get lots and lots of sleep.

  72. I’ve been getting updates from the blogs of the folks that comment here, so don’t stress over keeping me updated on the wonderful production you put on (because it’s all about MEEEEEEEEEEEE!)
    I bow to your greatness. Huzzah, Harlot.

  73. Just heard on the news that its 6 months until the winter olympics…better rest up before the knitting olympics!!

  74. Thanks for the post; we were beginning to worry that you were so beat you couldn’t find your way home! Glad you’re back, glad you’re okay; just exhausted! Can’t wait for all the details. A few people have posted on various knitting groups; sounds as though they had the time of their lives. No, not jealous, not jealous at all. Just looking forward to the announcement that next year SS will be driving distance from (or in) New Jersey……….

  75. One IV for coffee, one IV for beer.
    I’m really looking forward to hearing your take on it, and seeing all the socks for the museum. And hearing that next year’s will be on the East Coast. Ish.

  76. There have been rumors both ways that you won’t be doing another sock summit and that you will.
    Any news on that front?
    I’m sure this is the last question you want to deal with today! πŸ™‚
    Get some rest!

  77. I was afraid you’d never blog again….
    I have been haunting the Ravelry SS09 discussion boards, gleaning others’ experience of the event. And prolonging the glow of a truely peak experience for me. I can’t wait to hear a little about how it was for you. Hard and relentless work, I imagine, but also some moments of pleasure and insight. I await your recovery.

  78. Thank you for a wonderful knit-changing experience! All of your (collective) hard work showed every single minute of that convention. It lived up to my (and all my friends) expectations, and we are a hard bunch to please. We are (or were) at the top of our professional fields and can usually think of better ways to do things. Not this time, and that is a testament to the level of attention to detail you and your team have. You did a wonderful, amazing, exhausting job!

  79. Was only there Fri AM for marketplace, but I can tell you I loved every minute of it. The set up was fantastic and everyone was happy.
    Thanks to you and Tina (again) for such a wonderful soiree. I am curious to hear your take on it from the insiders point of view. But from my end, it was great!

  80. Arrhg In the crazy packing up frenzy on Sunday I plain forgot to drop off my DWB donation from the Luminary Panel colorways. Sales were not entirely what I had hoped so I am unable to donate the maximum amount I had hoped for….I am sorry about that.
    I will just go and donate from your website if that’s OK.
    Glad the donation for the raffle worked out though, it went to a very happy knitter.
    Enjoy your well deserved rest!! Thank you for putting on a great show.

  81. Thank you so much for working so hard putting together such a wonderful event. I did not get to see or do everything but the things I did and saw were wonderful. It was so inspiring to be surrounded by such Elite Knitters! I even learned a thing or two and discovered that there are some other things I want to find out more about.
    You seemed to be everywhere at once and a tireless and gracious organizer, Tina was as well. It was indeed an event of a life time and no matter how many comment on it or blog it the sum total will be difficult to describe. Being there was the only way to know. It was definitely a significant few days in the History of Knitting. When future historians write about knitting SSO9 will surely be mentioned in the best and most accurate chronicles.
    Thank you so much, Amy

  82. Congratulations! I hear from all that it was a great experience. Can’t wait for the SS10 announcement so I can book my holidays πŸ™‚

  83. To paraphrase a quote from Firefly: You have done the impossible, and that makes you mighty. πŸ™‚
    Thank you so much, to you and Tina and ST-2 and the volunteers and teachers and everyone who worked so hard to make SS09 such a roaring success. I know you referred to being tired of people being surprised at your competence because you had breasts, but honestly, I think part of it might have been being amazed at the super-high level of competence being displayed–and by people who hadn’t planned such a big event before. I think there are professional event planners who couldn’t have pulled it off so well, with years of experience under their belts.
    It was great, y’all thought of so many tiny details that took it to beyond amazing (I was *so* excited when I found out about the UPS booth and the cash bar inside the convention center). One of my teachers was telling us how well she’d been treated, and “like a princess” is how she described it. I think we all felt that way.
    And I did cry, when you said, “We made this for you. We hope you like it.” We all make stuff for others, and make them with love and hope, and we don’t know how they’re going to turn out in the end. We put a piece of ourselves into something and give it to someone we love, and that makes us vulnerable. It’s an act of courage and faith, every time. But we keep putting ourselves out there because that’s who we are. And Sock Summit was all about celebrating that. Being nobody-but-ourselves, out loud, for four beautiful days. (Well, and laughing ourselves silly on a regular basis. :-))
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  84. Ditto to what everyone else has said. By far the best knitting event (hmmm, well actually the best event of any kind) I’ve ever had the priviledge of attending. “Thank you” seems so inadequate.

  85. Thank you so much for being the “women behind the curtain”
    To most of us (maybe all of us?) it seemed magical, flawless, perfect, but I know it meant incredible, back-breaking, mind-boggling hard-woman-work, over a long haul.
    Thank you thank you thank you!

  86. I can’t thank you and the whole Sock Summit team enough for such a wonderful event!! I live in Portland, but I feel like I just came back from an incredible vacation. I have some kind of knitting/yarn warm fuzzy feeling that continues on, and it is seriously interfering with me getting any work done this week. It was an extremely well organized event, and you brought much happiness to the lives of many knitters. Thank you!!!!!

  87. I came for Thursday and Friday and loved it! The Marketplace was overwhelming with beautiful yarn and creative vendors, even down to the Dansko booth selling their shoe models that showcase handmade socks. I took 2 “one hour wonders” and learned really helpful stuff, then hung around for demonstrations and learned even more great stuff. Thank you, thank you for making this event happen! Hundreds of knitters all in one place create such a warm and creative atmosphere, too. Thanks to all who came!

  88. Thanks so much for posting. Glad to know you two are on the mend. I had a beyond amazing time at the Sock Summit. It was fantastic — went beyond my already high expectations. I’m still recovering myself — I had so much fun, I hardly slept. Like Sock Camp, Sock Summit is not for wimps.
    Thank you so much for making this for us. We LOVED it.

  89. I wanted to add my voice to the thank yous!!! I had the best time at Sock Summit and appreciate all of the hard work that everyone involved put in!
    I had so much fun at the world record attempt and loved seeing your smile when we handed you a skull stitch marker. πŸ˜‰
    I hope you know and understand just how much we all appreciated you. Please don’t let the few complainers get you down. You Rock!

  90. I’m totally looking forward reading the official Sock Summit blog entry!
    And hopefully reading all about how you plan to do SS #2!

  91. Just this morning I saw a truck on the freeway that had the “look” of returning from the Sock Summit. Can’t wait to hear more!

  92. I saw Pics, Idreweled, deep sigh,to see the yarn, Love all of you for all your work,i need a trip to knitting lesson-ville, sock summit the next dimention, 2010.sincerely, another american with out a job, on finnancial yarn diet, I just turned my first short row heal ,with wraps, and no holes- in alpaca, and then when I turned the second, I said god bless no more cuff-down, heal flap for me! and although I didnt finish that pair yet, I am eyeballing my size 2 circ, 2 hanks of hand paint, and knowing even with out a ball winder, Iam gonna cast on two socks, and man those heals are not going to pool, this takes me one step closer to needing, not just wanting, a pair of clear crocks lol

  93. Thanks for such an incredible conference! So well done, such friendly people. Portland was a great venue. Can’t wait for SS10!

  94. Unforunately, I had to spend SS09 at my desk. Hopefully that won’t be the case if there is a SS2. Perhaps next time we can break the world record made at this conference.
    Get plastered and then sleep well, Steph. It’s well deserved for both you and Tina.

  95. It was awesome, I feel so special to have been able to attend. You guys rocked! I even was able to “Kinnear” you, it was the thrill of my day. I went around showing my muggle relatives your back side with great glee. They didn’t get it and I didn’t’ care, I did.
    a million thank yous!

  96. I wonder if you’ll get 1800 comments?
    Everythiug about SS was perfect – every time I turned a corner i was blown away.
    The only thing that could make is better is if I knew there’d be a Sock Summit 2010. πŸ™‚

  97. Thank you so much! Sock Summit was great. I was very lucky to have your Knitting for Speed and Efficiency Class. Although you claimed you were not up to par that morning, I enjoyed your class the most. I felt like I learned a lot. Your demonstration of a stitch straddling a needle made something click in my mind. I promise to give lever knitting the ole college try. Thank you for making your class great for all levels of knitters.

  98. i know you made Sock Summit just for me. and yes I like it! had a great time.

  99. Wish I could have been there – definitely next time – and if you need more workers to help – I’ll block my calendar for you (being in BC, I’m in close enough proximity) πŸ™‚
    Sleep, eat, beer, knit, not in that order necessarily – congrats on a great event!

  100. It was simply the best knitting experience of my entire life! I haven’t even told my family and friends how profound and wonderful it was because I want to hold it close to my heart and cherish it forever. I will never be able to convey to Tina and you how much it meant to me.

  101. It’s hard to put into words the INTENSE HIGH that was felt for 5 days straight. My friend Monica and I flew from Fairbanks, Alaska to Seattle and drove down to Portland for Sock Summit. I can honestly say, without hesitation, that it was one of the most amazing experiences of my ENTIRE LIFE.
    I felt more at home amongst all of the knitters there, then I have ever before. It will be an experience I hope to tell my great-grand children about (I’m 26).
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving us Sock Summit. You’ve made A LOT of people very, very happy.
    ~Ginny, Fairbanks Fiberista

  102. Steph and Tina… you exceeded all expectations. I loved every minute of my four days at SS09, it was filled with emotional highs being in luminary presence, raucous laughter, sharing with other knitters, the beautiful yarns, everything. You even provided a comic medical emergency (now that we know of a good outcome). Congratulations.

  103. Thank you so much for organizing the Sock Summit. I sadly found out about it too late to sign up for classes but since I live in Portland was able to spend Saturday afternoon in the marketplace. Just being able to mingle with knitters and yarn was a fabulous experience! I hope you are able to relax for a few days and catch up on sleep, life, and knitting. thanks again!! πŸ™‚

  104. Sock Summit ROCKS
    Sock Teams ROCK
    you have set a bar very high for all. such dedication to high standards are reflected in YH books (blog knitter without borders…), BM fibers… from my heart thank you

  105. Get all the sleep you want. Thank you (to both you and Tina) for a wonderful, marvelous job. I expected to enjoy myself, but I never dreamed it would be as much fun as it was. Friends who passed it up are already looking forward to the next one. Maybe in two years? In Toronto? You could alternate coasts and countries.
    Thank you again. Post when you can, but get all the sleep you want.

  106. I was wondering when we’d hear from you again! πŸ™‚
    Congratulations on a great success, and here’s to the next(?) one!

  107. I’ve tried to come up with the words to explain how amazing the Summit was, and to thank you for your hard work and inspiration. I can’t. Please accept this inadequate substitution for the Platonic ideal of gratitude. (Knitting as religious experience?)
    Wish I could have mustered more than “welcome to Portland” when I saw you at the Convention Center.
    Rest up. You deserve it.

  108. Thanks so much to everyone who made this possible. I had more fun than I could have imagined.
    You did a wonderful job. Have some beer, some coffee, some good food, sleep in, and bask in the company of your loved ones knowing that you made a lot of people very, very happy, and that you did it in such a decent, ethical, and fun way.
    Thank you all so much. I loved what you made us.

  109. Take all the time you need to rest. My husband(!) and I went to the marketplace which absolutely amazing. We met many fine dyers and knitters. My daughter let me be a guest on her blog because she could not attend. I hope you are able to do this from time to time in the future.

  110. You are an amazing women. Thank you for all your wonderful work and thanks also to all who helped you.

  111. How I wish I could attend one of your events! It would be such a great time.
    Just had to let you know how upset I was to read about that horrible creature that has been causing you such grief. Please know that she is alone in her vileness – you are loved by myriad people. The likes of her ilk will suffer the havoc they have created for others at some time in their existance and as far as I am concerned, no flame will be hot enough for them.
    You are a kind, giving, funny and talented woman that I wish I could meet in person and get to know as a friend. While you have no clue as to who I am, believe me when I say that in my work I am surrounded by vast numbers of people and when I am fortunate enough to not have to be there, I really don’t want to spend time with ANYONE – even my kids! So, it’s just about the highest compliment I can given when I say I think you are great enough to want to spend my time with!!!
    Bottom line, Lady Harlot o’ the Yarn, you just rise and float above that nasty bastardettina and shine like the star you are. You have the love and support of a kagillion knitters who think you are the shizknitwalla – which is a VERY good thing!

  112. Stephanie and Tina, what a great show. You made alot of people happy. Including me! I had a great time and feel like I cannot quite grasp what just happened. I look at my samples from classes and all the beautiful yarn I bought and just smile. Thank you.

  113. The Sock Summit was the most wonderful event ever. People were fantastic, everyone became fast friends and I truly believe that the positive atmosphere is because of you and Tina and ST2. I hope you are proud of your effort, because it was truly wonderful.
    I cannot thank you enough! Rest and know that many kind thoughts are being sent your way.

  114. Steph and Tina, I think I know where you are and I am so glad you are there. How you two pulled this off, along with your unflagging and endlessly loving and intelligent help from ST-2, I will never fathom. It was life-changing, life-renewing, unbelieveable in every way. Rest, sleep, eat, drink, be taken care of, and may life reward both of you and your families with blessings in every way forevermore. And the same for all of ST-2 of course. With much love from Cat

  115. I’m so glad you both will live, and I’m looking forward to hearing about the summit from the top, so to speak!

  116. Sounds like you all need pale orange T-shirts that say “I survived Sock Summit ’09”!
    Sounds like everyone had a great time.

  117. Wow. What a ride! I don’t think I can tell you just how fun, educational, and inspiring this whole experience has been for me. I hope the high of having helped mastermind the most awesome knitting party (so far) stays with you and Tina for a long time to come. Merci mille fois to ST1, ST2, and all the volunteers for making it work.

  118. Thank you for a wonderful conference. The joy and smiles I saw on attendees faces was a testament to all your effort and hard work. I really enjoyed your Knitting for speed and efficiency, and practice I will!

  119. There are no words to adequately say “Thank you.” Then I am reminded as I type that, I was once told by a very wise woman, “JUST say ‘thank you,’ it’s the best thing you can say.”
    SS09 was outstanding. I’m going to be eternally grateful to you-all for one of the most amazing and worthwhile events of my life.
    Beer, chocolate, rest. I wish you much of it.
    Thank you…and

  120. Exponentially better than any science conference I have *ever* attended–just the perfect touch every time. More brain cramps too.
    Bonus (after brain checked out sun pm): “it’s steph-inately beer o’clock!!!” (should figure out how to spell it better)

  121. Welcome home!
    I watched SS from Australia in awe and envy… and vowed that if there is another one, I will make it, transglobal flights be damned.
    Enjoy your rest – you certainly deserve it. πŸ™‚

  122. Stephanie (& Tina!!!), thank you for having the vision, stamina, and guts to create the Sock Summit. It was amazing, you (two) are amazing. Many, many heartfelt thanks.
    Now, I need a rest too! ; )
    – Denise (aka dlotter on ravelry)

  123. I watched remotely as well and it looked great. Even reading some of the twitter posts was fun. Look forward to reading your posts as well as the blogs of other knitters about everyone’s experiences at Sock Summit. All I’ve heard have been (well-deserved) rave reviews. Brava!

  124. From what I’ve seen in other places, SS09 was a rousing success. Great job on completely destroying the previous knitting world record!
    Take your time and rest up, you’ve definitely earned it. We’ll all be here when you get back.

  125. Stephanie & Tina – I don’t know how you survived. It seemed like no matter which way I looked I saw one of you. You two were like the energizer bunny out there. Amazing. Fantastic. The most well organized conference I have ever attended. I would do it again in a heartbeat.
    Get as much rest as your bodies need, enjoy time with your families and know that you are both so very much appreciated. KUDOS!

  126. It’s really okay if you act normal now and actually get a few hours sleep!
    I’m amazed at how you just kept up the pace without any signs of being frazzled!
    It was a truly awesome experience that you Gals created..and yes, we did come…in ‘flocks’..
    I was one of the many that got ‘jelly knees’ every time I saw you..I spoke to you on several occasions but could see you were always in the midst of needing to be elsewhere…right now! thanks for an incredible experience of a lifetime.

  127. I couldn’t go, but just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS! You undertook a mammoth project and, not only did you finish it, but I’m sure WAY more people absolutely LOVED it than not. Enjoy your rest πŸ™‚

  128. I have been reading blogs about the Sock Summit. People seem to have liked it. Waiting with bated breath to hear your stories of the amazing magic of it.

  129. Γ€ Stephanie et Γ  Tina: Merci, chefs aimΓ©s de toutes les choses liΓ©es aux chaussettes.
    Repos longtemps, puits de repos
    To Stephanie and Tina: Thank you, beloved leaders of all things related to socks.
    Rest long, Rest well.

  130. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go to the Summit, but one thought has been on my mind for the last few weeks.
    I hope you and Tina made GOBS and GOBS of money. πŸ™‚ For two reasons, 1. you so deserve it and 2. to make it worthwhile to do it again!

  131. I really hope you guys see your way clear to do this Sock Summit regularly. I missed it this time but would love to make plans to attend next year. I love your foresight and courage in putting this huge endeavor on! Congrats!!

  132. Thank you for everything you did. Sock Summit was a wonderful experience. The teachers were fantastic – warm, caring, and very knowledgeable. It made me a little teary to see all the amazingly wonderful knitters in one spot.

  133. You two throw a great knitting party. You were both creative and thoughtful about the whole thing. Many,many thanks for everything!

  134. Steph and Tina – you may have been exhausted, but you showed us all grace under fire. With humor and hard work you have enhanced all our lives. It was the experience of a lifetime. And we LOVED it!

  135. Yay, am so glad you survived! When you’re revived, renewed, and refreshed, we’re all looking forward to hearing the tales of sock summit (and I’m quite curious to hear if you finally got to shop the exhibitor/sales hall!)

  136. Awesome, I got to do it ALL and it was PERFECT!! Thank so so much. I have so much to practice from my classes including lever knitting!! Loved it.

  137. Thank you!
    We are still on our way home, driving down the Oregon and California coastlines. Sock Summit was wonderful, and we are so glad we were able to come! I have so many wonderful sock ideas to knit up now! Too bad working will eat into my knitting time soon.

  138. It was fantastic. A living dream. Thank you, and thank you Tina, and thank you to everyone who helped think it up and put it together and make it work so very well.

  139. I trust the summit went well, and though I’m sure you’re FAR too adult to say anything rude to those who didn’t think it would work, you can certainly *think* “I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!”
    Rest now, dear lady. And if one of you says “what date shall we do this next year?” go and rest some more until the urge to plan passes.
    May the bill-paying go painlessly, and may the payables be smaller than the receivables.
    Congratulations on what sounds like a FINE event!
    proud enabler of an addicted knitter

  140. — I am still in awe of how you all could pull this off in such a classy way when there isn’t an event planner among you.
    — I hope that you are receiving copius amounts of cash for all the hard work you and Tina did.
    —hands down the best event I’ve ever been to —- the teachers, the teachers, the teachers.
    —one of my teachers wrote me in an email that weekend was full of the best memories of her life.
    —-I cried during the luminary panel; embarassing, yes, but I couldn’t control it.
    —best swag ever. High quality and great for knitters.
    —very sad to miss a 3 hour class, but got the 1 hour version, which I loved. Sat next to the teacher on the plane home, only to find out that he teaches the 3 hour version AT MY LYS. Bizarre.
    –was able to chat with the woman who impaled her leg with a Signature needle during class. She was in good spirits. The story did not stop me from buying my own set of signature double points. Very brave of me.
    —I feel so sorry for those that didn’t come because I’m not sure it can be repeated. Even if they try another one, how can that be as exciting as all those luminaries meeting for the first time together! That said, if there is another, I will go.
    Thank you all, from my sister and me, for a truly unforgettable weekend. You made many people very happy.

  141. Please check your Ravelry inbox! We’d like to send you a hand-knit baby yak!
    Here’s an excerpt of my message:
    Greetings from Shanghai! My name is Taoxuan and this summer I’m interning at Shokay, a social enterprise that brings Tibetan yak down to the international market in a way that promotes economic development and long-term sustainability.
    We have just launched our Yak Around the World campaign to highlight the work of people who have dedicated their lives to great causes. As an avid knitter myself, I really wanted to send one of our adorable yaks to a fellow knitter. I really admire the work you have done with Knitters Without Borders, and I’d like to invite you to help kick off our campaign!

  142. I sincerely hope that when you have finished paying the SS bills, you will have a hefty deposit to make to your personal account. That is way too much effort to put in for pats on the back, however well deserved. That said, congratulations to all involved for the huge success this event was. My personal contribution was to buy sock yarn from one of the sponsors as a result of a rekindled interest in exploring sock knitting possibilities.

  143. Ah ya big ol’ slackers πŸ™‚
    It would take me 6 months to recover from something like that. It truly was a great experience. You and Tina really know how to throw a good party!

  144. I did not attend Sock Summit, but it sounds like it was really wonderful!
    If you ever need a variant on the idea, a Shawl Summit would sure be a lot of fun…..
    Thanks for thinking big for all us yarnies! Jennifer

  145. I’ve done PA’s KDO and the Maryland Sheep and Wool. I’ve never attended Rhinebeck or any Stitches. I didn’t even know what to expect.
    Thank you so much for doing this amazing thing.
    Now please go sleep somewhere comfy for about a week!

  146. I know that probably 1600 of the 1800 knitters that were at the conference stopped you to thank you. I was not one of them because I was overcome by sheer awe and, blast it all, shyness. So Thank You Steph and Tina and all of the ST’s. Thank you for all the hard work. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be the cool aunt and break the guinness record with my nieces. (we got into the paper)To quote Lucy Neatby, “I am never doing another seminar where they don’t call me dearest.” We all felt the love.

  147. I wish for you several weeks of sleep, knitting, and time with your family. You and Tina deserve it. Thank you for giving knitters an experience that we will never forget. You have given thousands of us memories that we otherwise never would have.

  148. You are all so lucky to be able to take part! I wish I could have gone. I dont have any knitting or crochet friends and would have been wonderfull to have met so many people.
    I know what its like to organise events, however, the most I organise for is about 150 people and I raised Β£500 so cant be bad.
    Well done to all.

  149. My backside is black and blue from kicking myself for not going over to Sock Summit. A measly 3 hour drive. A visit with my Baby Sister who lives in Portland… I HATE MYSELF!!!!
    A couple knit friends when, there is no end to their happy tales. And comparing that to my UNhappy tail…
    OHHHH!!! I hope there is a SS2. Sometime. Really. I’ll help! I’ll push a broom, scrub a toilet…
    Congrats! You did WELL!!!

  150. You sound as tired and proud as if you’ve just given birth after a long labor… and perhaps you have. I wasn’t there but I’ve enjoyed the journey thru your blog.
    Many thanks to You and All of those who made sacrifices to make the Sock Summit possible.
    Knit On.

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  152. Hi Stephanie,
    First of all congratulations to you and Tina and the Summit team for such a well organized and warm and welcoming event. As curious outsiders we felt welcomed and we loved every minute. The Luminary panel was particularly well, illuminating. What great women.
    I’m one of the filmmakers from Victoria who was at the Summit talking to people and gathering stories and info. I spoke to Tina in June and she mentioned us to you – that we would be there.
    I’d very much like to talk to you about our project and wondered if there was a way to do that other than this rather public way on your blog. So would really appreciate it if you could get in touch at some point when you have a minute (and I do appreciate how stretched your time must be).
    Thanks much,

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