Suddenly, Tuesdays are back. I’m not sure where they went really, but for a while there, all the days of the week blurred into one big work-fest and knowing what day of the week it was became not just a challenge, but irrelevant. It didn’t matter if it was Thursday or Saturday or anything. Only the almighty post-it to-do list reigned supreme, and I got up, consulted the post-it pad and started with the first thing on it. There was teaching and writing and the Summit and then the garter stitch and the wedding and the associated festivities/obligations and really, Sunday night after I got home from the post-wedding party where I delivered the blanket, I sat down (first stunner) and realized that I could knit anything that I wanted to. Anything. A sweater, a shawl, a hat.. .maybe get a jump on Christmas, or maybe- hell. Screw that – maybe I would knit something that had no deadline at all. Just something fun that nobody was expecting for any reason at all… and I was just about giddy with it.

I went into my wool room (shut it. I’m a professional. Nobody looks at a carpenter funny when he has a workshop) which is really an overgrown closet and I started looking at books and pulling out yarn and I noticed that actually, I really needed to move a lot of spinning fibre out of my way to get at some other stuff, and then I realized that this isn’t the half of it, because Rachel H and Denny and I are actually going to Wellington Fibres to pick up some stuff that we had processed, and as a tower of merino fell onto the floor in front of me, I wondered how this happened.

Ok, I mean, I don’t really wonder how it happened. I understand what I do and how it got here. *Steph saw fibre. Steph gave fibre people money, fibre people gave Steph fibre (repeat from * until house is full.) I get how this happened. It’s not like it was a terrible, terrible accident or some sort of fibre seizure and gosh I can’t imagine how this room got full. It was a choice. I put it here… but really, there’s a lot of it, and it doesn’t seem to be coming and going with the same sort of regularity that it used to. It’s just… um, coming… and coming, and coming. Not a lot of going, and for the life of me I stood there wondering what was up with that. What changed? Where’d the turnover go?

Then I heard that little voice in my head. The voice of my own simple intuition that so often guides me gently along my path, and that wee voice said “Hey Dumbass? You used to spin on Tuesdays and you don’t now. Who did you think was going to use up all this stuff?”

Oh. Right. Tuesdays are for spinning. I’m going to sit at the wheel now, and this is my first victim, a beautiful Enchanted Knoll batt. (Love her stuff – and I have the stash to prove it.)



Remind me next Monday that I’m sticking to this… will ya – right before I’m the subject of a headline that reads Toronto woman found buried in mountain of fibre, husband says “we all tried to tell her it was a Tuesday”.

149 thoughts on “Tuesdays

  1. I love that Tuesdays or for spinning. I think I will make my Tuesdays for spinning, too. The wool, it is multiplying, and it’s going to take over and start bursting out of this very large room if I don’t do something about it soon. Spin on!

  2. I really tried to learn to spin about a year ago, but I didn’t get the hang of it, and now I have a small fiber stash and a drop spindle that I’m a little afraid to pick up again. I’m looking forward to seeing some spinning on here again to give me something to aspire to! Someday I will learn to spin for real and then maybe my Tuesdays (or some other day of the week, I’m not picky) will be for spinning too.

  3. Tuesdays for spinning – love it. Both my spinning groups meet on Tuesday. Enough with ironing on Tuesday after washing on Monday!

  4. I see nothing wrong with a wool room. I have one (and it sort of spills out into other rooms…), and regardless of the fact that my husband insists on putting a computer in there and calling it an “office” the square footage is in my favour. There’s way more wool, patterns, fibre (and I don’t even spin!) and other stuff that means it is called a WOOL ROOM.

  5. Pretty. Is that metallic I see interspersed?
    It’s ok I just posted all my Sock Summit stash acquisitions and then realized that I had conveniently forgot about 3 or 4 sweaters worth of stash acquired over the summer. This is why I haven’t yet tried to spin. It could bet nasty real quick.

  6. I have a wool closet too! It actually smells of sheep when you walk by. It is stuffed so full, I should probably hang a sign reading, “Open at Your Own Risk”! Never stopped me buying more fiber, though. It’s a disease I tell ya…

  7. You’ll soon remember that the stash actually shrinks if you really do keep Tuesdays for spinning.
    That batt should make up into some really pretty yarn.

  8. The most surprising thing that happened to me at The Summit is that the spinning bug bit me. I had never before been even a little bit interested in learning and now I’m thinking about it entirely too much. I do NOT need one more thing to do. And now you’re going to start spinning on Tuesdays again . . . I fear I am lost.

  9. I’m sure one would consider my place a “wool house”…I try to stick to a schedule that only has me spinning on days ending in *y*

  10. What a good idea! I so often let things slide and knit by default. I’ll be spinning right along with you this evening!
    Wednesdays are for Tablet Weaving. And Thursdays are for sewing.
    Not sure what the rest of the week’s for yet, but that’s a big help.

  11. Hmm, maybe I should use today for spinning as well. I just moved to a new house and it was during all that packing and labeling several boxes as ‘yarn’ and ‘fiber’ that I realized I may actually have a problem. πŸ™‚
    Plus, spinning seems like a way better idea than unpacking the kitchen anyway.

  12. I don’t think having a wool room is at all absurd. My older son is leaving for college tomorrow. I will miss him terribly and am not looking forward to it, except… He and I have agreed that while he is gone, I can use the empty parts of his closet to hold stash, and it’s OK if I move my wheel in there. Not much of a consolation, but I’m pretty pleased about it nonetheless.

  13. I love Enchanted Knoll, too! I got to meet them at Maine’s Fiber Frolic this summer. They are so wonderful! Have you seen their sock yarn?
    Happy Tuesday! I will spin some tonight, too, if I can manage.

  14. Hooray for Tuesdays! I am always excited when I see something coming off your wheel.
    I have been trying to get 8 ounces of colonial roving spun into something close to fingering weight for a handspun and beaded Swallowtail shawl for my mom for Christmas.
    Happy spinning! Cannot wait to see the results.

  15. My Tuesdays will be waiting to see all of the beautiful spinning everyone else does! Haven’t gotten the spinning bug…..yet.

  16. I have not taken up spinning. My Mother spins and it’s so relaxing to listen to the wheel going around and around. I am sticking to knitting solely. I don’t need another hobby! πŸ™‚ My sock yarn collection is enough to overwhelm. Enjoy your Tuesday!

  17. So glad that you have a chance to have some me time. You really deserve it. Enjoy it (while it lasts!)

  18. I want to play too, I am taking the wheel outside to spin until the kids’ bus delivers them to me. It sounds wonderful!

  19. Good on ya, Steph. Reclaim your life at last! Spin any old time you want to! (I spun today and then realized it was Tuesday. You must have been sending out the spinning vibes all the way here to Kansas. Powerful stuff.)

  20. Funny thing – I was just wondering what happened to spinning tuesdays (&, dare I mention it, Joe’s Gansey.)

  21. after saying “thank you” i will up and go over to the spindle i’ve ferried between apartment and new house for the past 3 weeks and spindle for 5 minutes. my deadlines just sit and wait.

  22. I only gave up half of my wool room (aka office) so my son could have a bedroom. He’s only an infant, why does he need a WHOLE room all to himself.

  23. Wellington Fibres! Hurray, I just went and visited them yesterday on a road trip and grabbed more laceweight.
    Your whole post (except possibly the post-Post-its phenomenon, as I am on the other end of something like that, approaching term), is one big sympathy hug from me, because I have just been looking/sorting/re-packing my stash and wondering how I managed to increase it so much in the last year when I wasn’t really planning on buying much anyway. Also, now that I have a wheel I was spinning a bit on it today and thought “cool, it’s Tuesday! I can be a Tuesday spinner!”
    (This comment brought to you by my procrastination.)

  24. Wool room? Wow, I have a wool house. My realtor was shocked when I told her the master bedroom would be used for the looms. I mean, how much room do I need to sleep?

  25. It will help taking down some of the fibre and spinning it. I spin vicariously through you πŸ™‚ I’m addicted to already spun stuff and my piles of that are threatening to take over my entire den, rather than just their side of it.
    I need to go knit…

  26. I love the fact that you have a wool room. I see nothing wrong with it. We just moved and I turned the spare bedroom into my wool room. My husband is thrilled that all my knitting asundries are in one place.
    I’m thrilled for you that Tuesdays are back so you can spin again. I hope you enjoy your day.

  27. hm, i am not in the knitters-who-spin group just yet. but i sure would like to see it in action. do you ever perform for the public? πŸ™‚

  28. My Madmother fell and broke her hip. I have spent the past six weeks, chasing back and forth. I am now so dizzy I can’t tell Tuesday from August nor August from 2009. When I got home on Friday hubby had built me a present … hubby had built a cubby cupboard for my yarn. I now have a yarn room too … see pic on Flickr. Can I say that again, I have a yarn room too!
    MMother still mad, life still chaos, but I HAVE A YARN ROOM!
    Happy Tuesday

  29. When are we getting a sock summit post? You had the one about the sock… but where is your post about the experience? I’m in NY – couldn’t go – but was looking forward to your report on it!!

  30. I’ve 5 days for spinning in a week and one day for knitting – on sundays I’m making DH comfortable without confronting him with any fiber stuff – except if he calls for another warm sweater or new socks or a hat or mittens for work.
    Since I read that it took 10 spinners in MedivialAge to keep one weaver busy I’m very relaxed and don’t feel any pressure to finish projects at a deadline.
    Crafts are FUN, not a burden under time pressure.

  31. i totally told you last week that tuesdays are for spinning.
    also, i am undertaking a project of harlot proportion: 1 knit afghan in 6 weeks.
    5 more left.
    any tips?

  32. I understand today is Tuesday, and Tuesday is for spinning. However, are you going to Rhinebeck this year, and if so, what are you going to wear?

  33. I was trying to make my Tuesdays spinning days too, until we started selling our house. Well it looks like the house will be sold firm tomorrow, so I can get out my Little Meggie and make a fibrey mess in the living room any time I wish! Your fibre is gorgeous! Love the colours in it. In the new house I’m to have a very large room with big windows and a French door, all to myself just for my yarn and fibre and fabric and books and patterns! Can you imagine!!!???

  34. Its hard to get back into a forgotten habit…but soon you will be spinning away….you have a room for your wool..I was thinking of using my sons empty 6 ft. freezer for more of my stash…they were wondering what to use it for and I figured if some people can use pianos I can use a huge chest freezer….8)

  35. oh and i would be willing to come to Toronto and pick up fiber that would suffocate you kristin

  36. Very sympathetic. I had to clean out a far reach of my clothes closet (clothes closet, not yarn closet), an action required because I couldn’t get to an even farther reach, where the shoes are, and it was kind of a shock to realize how much yarn I had acquired in just one summer.
    I put it all away in a large temporary box that provides some shoe access (as long as I can manage a standing spinal twist), but I think I will try to make myself open the box every 10 days or so until it is empty/repatriated. Or refilled with fall yarns. Whatever comes first.

  37. Really what you should do is just send me some of the fiber that needs to be spun. This would give you more room in the closet and help me get some more fiber. This will also mean that you don’t have to stick to spinning on Tuesday’s since you wouldn’t have so much stash to spin. Sounds like a great plan to me. Now that I have waken up from my dream. Enjoy the spinning.

  38. Gorgeous fiber!
    We don’t really know how hard it is to get back into a daily routine until we have to do it all over again, do we? πŸ˜‰

  39. For Penny at 4:08 ….. Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) was quoted as saying “I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”

  40. Y’know…I could help you offload some of that yarn…make a little extra room for you. No one wants to feel claustrophobic when surrounded by something they love! *giggle* (wink wink)

  41. I love the woolroom. Sometimes when I am feeling stressed, I go down to the wollroom, take all the yarn out of it’s hidey-holes and stack it around me, fort-style and pretend the whole world is made of yarn. It makes me feel inexplicably better. And, best of all, when I do that the kids leave me alone. Maybe it’s because they think I am nuts.
    A couple of days ago my daughter had a friend over. The friend asked her to ask her Mom for some cookies. Daughter replied “no, she’s in her wool fort again. We can’t bug her while she’s in there”.
    p.s. Can you show us some of your photos from Sock Summit? I wanted to see some of the ones you took between running around, putting out fires, and taking people to the hospital.

  42. We have a wool/server room. Plenty of room for ‘too much’ fibre AND ‘too many’ computers. That way nobody has to get snippy.
    It’s Wednesday here but I’m going to drag out my wheel too in celebration of the Return Of Tuesdays Are For Spinning!

  43. Hmmm… spinning batts produces more space, as yarn is denser than batts. Knitting the yarn produces fabric that is less dense than the skein (or ball, however you store it). Does a knitted item take up less space than the batt you spun to make it? Of course, a generous person like yourself can give away the finshed item. I have “issues” giving up something I invested that much time in.

  44. When I finished a group gift for my grandma’s 90th b’day recently (see Aug. 11 entry of my blog, http://www.livnletlrn.blogspot.com, if you’re so inclined), which turned into an epic project surrounded by way too many fun activities that I just couldn’t miss, at a time when my workload (for pay) is at its peak, I experienced the same phenomenon of returning to non-deadline knitting. It’s been fun rediscovering the projects that were put on hold and toying with the ideas of what might come next. I love the quick, repeated momentary thrills of realizing I can work on anything I want! Enjoy!

  45. OF COURSE you should have a wool room!
    a major selling point when i bought my “new” condo was the very large closet in the guest room/fiber studio/voice practice room.
    formerly, when i shared my house with my dd and grandgirl, my stash lived in plastic boxes piled high in the knitting corner of my bedroom, flanking my knitting chair.
    now, those boxes and more fill most of the large closet, with room left for blocking boards and drying racks. nearby sit 8 or 9 stacked cubbies, some w/drawers, to hold needles, scrapbooking supplies, paints, etc. and there’s at least one comfy place to knit in every room and on the balcony.
    i’m happily retired, and if i’m ever bored it will be my own damned fault!

  46. I really love that you are posting again, I love the finished blanket. I want to say Congratulations to the happy couple, and congratulations to you for having such a wonderful family.
    But. Somehow I feel like there is something missing here, I’ll be honest with you. I still would very much like to see a blog post about Sock Summit, and I can’t be the only one here. I want to know what it was like for you, (I realize it was very tiring and you guys pulled off an amazing feat and all that) – there was so much leading up to it, so much preparation, and we all went along with it, went to it, and have talked about it ever since.
    Is there really nothing else you would like to say about it? (Don’t get me wrong, I am glad for you that you have time to spin again on Tuesdays and all that good stuff).
    Was it worth it for you? Would you do it again, and no I don’t need a date but would you ever even consider it? What does it mean to you to have organized a SOCK SUMMIT? Are you tired of socks and sock knitters? Are you so glad it’s over? Every time you go give a reading and do a booksigning or attend any other fiber related even, you blog about it, you talk about it even a little bit. Why are you not blogging about the sock summit? Am I asking too many questions?

  47. Not to pile on, but….. didn’t I read somewhere that the “Tour de Fleece” is going on also? OR is that over because logic tells me that it should coincide with the Tour de France. And I will admit that I am trying to take over kidlet #2’s room, now that he’s left for college, as my own for my knitting space, but I keep getting strange looks from the Muggles that live with me every time I mention it.

  48. Buried in a room full of fibre… that’s an okay way to go if you ask me. πŸ™‚
    It is quite nice to have you back with us in cyberspace, and I’m sure your fibre is quite happy to see you around a little more, too.

  49. I love EKF batts too, and I also have the stash to prove it. And Josette’s fiber actually made me like sparkles. It’s just so fun to spin that I’ve decided it’s no problem, in fact a good thing, if many of my family’s socks are glittery. Also, of course, the non-sparkly fiber is lovely. Enjoy!

  50. It just so happens that me and my wheel are 10 seconds from leaving for our weekly knitting group’s branched-off weekly spinning group. Let’s hear it for Spinning Tuesdays!

  51. I love spinning. Even when it goes badly for me it’s very relaxing. Luckily, I have learned where to put that touchy little “from the wheel” strand, and it has been going very well indeed. Congrats on having a clean slate and getting back to yours.

  52. Great to have you back! Resist all pressure. Do what YOU enjoy! I’m just going to pop in some laundry and get back to my Great American Afghan square. Oh, and throw some veggies together to go w/dinner. Oh, well…kids go back to school two (2) weeks from today!!!(shoot-I substitute teach). One row @ a time. BREATHE…

  53. Ooooh, that is very pretty fiber (fibre). Does it have metalic in it too? Something glittery caught my eye.
    I bought a drop spindle this spring and some nice soft merino. I haven’t done anything with it except look at it. You are inspiring me to try it.

  54. yay for road trip. There shall be lunch too. We will not speak of socks……. yet.

  55. I also have a wool room, with quite a large Enchanted Knoll stash. Love the stuff, can’t get enough. Unfortunately, I can barely get into the wool room so it might be time to slow down a bit. πŸ™‚

  56. For the record, I didn’t even blink when I read “wool room.” It made perfect sense to me. πŸ˜€ I aspire to a “wool room” much to my husband’s dismay. πŸ˜€

  57. I think I need to turn Tuesdays into spinning day too. My fiber is growing too large for its designated box and winter is coming.

  58. Sometimes on Tuesdays, clear out of the blue, I say “Tuesdays are for spinning.” People look at me like I’m a wackadoodle, but that’s okay… it makes me giggle πŸ™‚

  59. I can totally understand. I have two closet full one is suppose to be my linen closet. I can find the beautiful black alpaca wool but where the heck are the sheets. I just chalk it all up to the ooooh shiny factor. Ah well maybe some day I will get brave enough to pick a day for spinning too.

  60. Of course a wool room! So much better than fibre all over the place. I’ve heard of people putting yarn up sleeves, behind books, in the deep freeze… A wool room actually makes huge sense. You might be able to stay “on top” of it, or under it as the case may be.
    I, too, vote for a summit blog.
    P.S. I like the room with the cubbies and the couch across from which to admire.

  61. I have a wool room/book room. All I need to add is a coffee bar; I’d never leave! My wheel sits here with me in the den–I’m new to spinning and have yet to dedicate a day to spinning. Maybe I’ll join you on Tuesdays. Yes! We can all “Spin with Steph” on Tuesdays! We should start a blog about it…because we have nothing else to do, right?

  62. Hi —
    Blog stalker here…. I love your blog, your books, and your yarn. Have you thought about selling some of the yarn you spin up? I’d buy some. πŸ˜€ I’ve tried spinning and I cannot do it to my satisfaction.
    Glad you survived The Sock Summit… Welcome back!

  63. My whole basement is a wool room. When I was looking for a townhouse, I specifically told the realtor that one of the things I needed was a finished basement with good lighting to use as a fiber studio. I found one, and it even has built in shelves!

  64. Joe must be jumping and doing cartwheels! Steph is spinning again! He’s totally going to get his gans– hey, what’s that orange stuff? What’s up with the *sparkles*???
    Poor Joe.

  65. I haven’t tried spinning yet so Tuesdays…well who am I kidding…..everyday is for knitting. Back to my 2-at-a-time Socks……I’m on a mission to knit all of Melissa’s sock designs. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for SS09, it was a blast.

  66. I wonder if you’ve lost the knack for a meditative spinning session. I have an image of you Extreme Spinning, wheel screaming, sweaty-browed. You may need a wee bit of time to unclench.
    It was watching you turn what looked like some very bright orange wool into a much subtler and more interesting yarn that intrigued me so that I hit etsy and bought some fiber, a top whorl spindle and a book, and taught myself to spin. Now the family is going to get me a wheel for my birthday/Christmas and I can hardly wait.

  67. Yup, you’ve got to have a spinning day if you’re gonna have a spinning stash. I need to write that on a mirror somewhere, I think…

  68. True story: back when I had a fiber closet, I took the doors off because they squeaked and displeased me. And then I got an Alaskan husky. One day, I came home and he had brought all the alpaca — none of the blends, none of the other fibers — out of the closet, into the living room, and sort of strewed them around himself and laid his handsome, smug, grinning, scent-discriminating self down in the middle of it all. (yes, the fiber was OK, and no, I never did try spinning an alpaca-husky blend.) I think that’s argument enough for a wool room — you gotta have a door!

  69. My wheels are behind my looms, both of which have 1/2 done things on them. I have a shawl with 50 more rows sitting beside my chair, and just start a slipper which was supposed to be done last winter because I can’t knit lace at soccer games (I need to both watch the game and watch the lace and don’t have enough eyes.) I’m starting out this christmas season already a year behind… the slippers, the blanket on the big loom which was for a wedding in May, the shawl on the little loom which was for a birthday present in June.
    Fortunately it’ll be winter soon and I won’t have to do things like .. well… go outside.

  70. Love the batt; like an apricot married a rabbit. Sweet, fuzzy, and thoroughly pettable. Today is MY spinning Tuesday, and I’ve got… Gray. A rich, heathered gray, but still… Gray. Bring on the apricots!

  71. Going to my first fibrefest on Saturday to learn to spin and I’m suddenly a little nervous about the fact that they will have fibre for sale there. Obviously if a professional such as yourself can’t stop it from coming home with you, what chance do I have?

  72. My little voice calls me a dumbass too- don’t feel bad πŸ™‚
    I spun today too…. for solidarity purposes of course.

  73. Whew!!!! I was getting worried about your spinning and scared you had given it up! I’m glad your back on task!

  74. I have a wool room! When my son told me was getting an apartment with his girlfriend, well, before he even had his stuff out, I was painting, and buying towers of clear plastic bins! I have hooks on the walls for my project bags, and photographs of yarn and sheep on the walls! It’s beautiful! My computer is in there too, but only so I can look up patterns on Ravelry.

  75. Yay, spinning Tuesdays are back!!!
    Most of my fibre stash is EKF… you do know she has a Sock Batts Club, right? (ducks as Josette flings mud at me for letting the Hooves out of the bag, as it were…)
    Looking forward to seeing what that little batt turns into. And no, you don’t have a problem; you have a passion.

  76. When I win the Powerball, I’m going to build my dream house which will have one room lined in cedar, to store my yarns and all of my wool clothing. With an airlock door to keep the m%&ths out! And a lovely bookcase for my knitting books.

  77. Ahem, to quote one of my favorite authors,
    “SABLE Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expentancy”
    But I do remember my grandma saying that it was a good thing to have a “Hope Chest”, and there was no mention of what size it had to be. So, my Hope Chest is a 8×10 room, which (when I can afford it) will be lined with cedar.
    I love the glitz! Happy spinning. Tuesdays, for me, are for lace.

  78. Count me as another knitter who had no interest in spinning. It would take time from knitting. But then there were all those people walking around spinning with Turkish drop spindles at Sock Summit, and I became entranced. Sunday morning at SS, I purchased a Turkish Delight. I’m still working on understanding spinning (this will take a while) but already I’m hooked.
    Tuesdays are for spinning? Yes, for you. I think I’ll spin on Wednesdays, when I have a bit more time, and I can read your post first and be inspired!
    And of course you have a wool room. Doesn’t everybody? ::ducking::

  79. I’m a non-spinner and determined to stay that way — although I wouldn’t say no to a small loom; I pointed out to my hubby that it would reduce my stash faster than knitting and showed him ads, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a birthday present — since I just don’t have the time for another time-consuming hobby. But I just love reading about your spinning and seeing the luscious batts turn into even more luscious yarn.
    And there’s nothing wrong with a wool room! My office is rapidly turning into one; we’re hoping to move in the near future, and I’ve extracted a promise of an extra room for a craft room all my very own (in exchange for which hubby gets a workshop). I think a wool room should be the highest priority for any serious knitter!
    And it’s nice to see you back to your normal life. Well, as normal as it gets, obviously. πŸ™‚

  80. The best part is – just think how much more you’ll be able to fit in there once all these huge fluffy batts become compact skeins of yarn! πŸ˜‰

  81. Wow, darling–you give me hope. Maybe someday I’ll be back to “Tuesdays are for long walks” or “Wednesdays are for gym”–if you can go back to Tuesdays are for spinning after the month you’ve had? Anything is possible.

  82. Hey! I recognize that batt – it’s the same one that I am working on! (Gold Dust Woman, right? the farm raised version – Cotswald, Targhee & Tussah – mmmm….)
    I’d bet that Sock Summit had a little something to do with that fiber backlog.

  83. So, I was reading along, enjoying your blog as usual and cracking up in commiseration, then you said it. It stopped me dead in my tracks, I couldn’t believe it. Suddenly I realized that I had to try and warn you because you didn’t know yet. It hasn’t happened to you. I just sat stunned at my computer, numb with apprehension and dread. Oh my God!!! Someone has to try and warn you. Someone has to be brave and tell you the awful truth before it’s too late. You are like a deer caught in the headlights, a skier in front of an avalanche, and you have no idea that your fiber stash is really in it’s infancy. All because……Dare I stay it…….But someone really must warn you that it will get worse, much worse. But you don’t know because you haven’t had…….
    A Fibre Seizure!!!!!
    OMG how did this happen? How did you make it this far and yet not become a victim of this dreaded disease? How did you become such an accomplished fibre artist and not realized the danger that your profession poses? I can’t believe you still haven’t had your first Fibre seizure! Oh the inhumanity! You need bigger closets! A bigger house! A husband with less electronics!! (I’m still working on trying to get my husband to reduce his electronic equipment, and so far it’s not working as well as I’d like. You definitely need to start this crucial step long before you have your first seizure because it takes a really long time to separate a husband from his electronic stash!) I’m so sorry that no one has told you this before, but you really need to be warned because it will happen. It’s only a matter of time before you too have a Fibre seizure and lose total control of your fiber acquisition faculties. You like a ticking time bomb. There’s nothing you can do about it except clear out another closet in preparation so when you too are struck down, at least you are a little more prepared than I was. When it happened to me, it was really ugly. My house was relatively uncluttered and clean. I now have big plastic bins everywhere. The sad reality of living in a very small house with no storage. I’m still struggling to control my Fibre seizures. It’s a sad thing. Now, you know. You have a chance to plan and get prepared before it’s too late. Save yourself the heart and agony, take over another closet before it’s too late. At least now you’ve been warned. I wish I was!!!!

  84. Professionals should have a wool room AND an office. Just sayin’.
    Of course, if you do, the down side is that you have to muck them both out. Ask me how I know.

  85. My husband is away at a woodworking class and I am cleaning out his shop for his birthday to give him more space. After I filled a 10×20 storage shed with his wood, I will NEVER feel guilty about all the yarn, fiber,art supplies and quilting fabric I have. BTW woodworking is not his profession. Enjoy !!

  86. Well, Stephe, if you and I are *anything* alike, I should start dying some of my own white Romney fiber and get it spun up for more socks. I have 2 bobbins of purple that needs to be plied, and currently working on some bright lime green in DK–almost got the 2nd bobbin full of Merino Tencel Combed top (love that stuff!)
    And working on two shawls and a dishcloth. Whew. No wonder I’m tired!

  87. Unspun fiber makes excellent insulation. Toronto is cold in the winter, right? Just store the unspun stuff around the outer walls of your house. Perfect. And think of how much room this will free up in your Wool Room that you can then fill up with new yarn purchases… with money you saved on your heating bill from all the new insulation. Everybody wins.

  88. Hooray for the return of Tuesdays are for spinning! Mondays are my spinning day, just because it’s the only day I don’t do karate πŸ™‚

  89. Oh, I pray nightly for organization, I make plans, I draw up reams of work charts, and then sit in front of the computer or sit and pick up whatever knitting is on the top of the pile! Maybe I should assign different days to different projects.
    Happy for you and the return of your Tuesdays.

  90. So how come Joe’s Gansey wasn’t on that list? πŸ™‚ Happy spinning, er I guess it’s Wednesday now. Happy spunning?

  91. Ahhh, everyday’s been Tuesday for me lately. So wonderful. Enjoy the fiber flowing through the fingers. So wonderful.

  92. I have two drop spindles and a little bit of fiber. I really should learn how to spin it properly.
    I wish i had the money for a wheel, I would never leave my house.

  93. Ohhh spinning. Every time someone I know spins in front of me or blogs about it, I get so tempted to learn. . .

  94. Just remember what happened to you last year during Tour de Fleece. Resist the urge to sit at your wheel all day long or you won’t be able to walk tomorrow. I love my wheel so much that I cripple myself on a regular basis, and I hate it when that get’s in the way of knitting. Enjoy! This is your time.

  95. I love Tuesday as spinning day. I learn from it. I also think it might be the reason I now have a Louet S75 in my TV room…But mine is Sunday’s are spinning days as with 2 jobs (need them to buy more fiber) it has the most hours to spin in. Love it. Glad you have time to spin again very Zen. You should find yourself again. Enjoy your Tuesday.

  96. Someday I will try spinning with something other than a drop spindle. I love how the spindles look, but I don’t love working with them enough to actually get any measurable quantity of spinning finished.

  97. Bahahahaha. For some reason the Yarn Harlot telling people to “shut it” just struck me as unbelievably funny (maybe because I have the impression that you rarely, actually, tell people to shut it.) Also “We tried to tell her it was Tuesday.” Priceless. I needed a laugh. Thanks!

  98. Yeah, I know Sock Summit was a long time ago, and all, but this is the first time I’ve been at a computer since then, so I have to say:
    Barbara Walker gave you a standing ovation! How cool is that!?

  99. “*Steph saw fibre. Steph gave fibre people money, fibre people gave Steph fibre (repeat from * until house is full.)” — Best quote EVER.

  100. You can really fit all your stash into an oversized closet? Anyway welcome back to sanity, at least until Christmas looms.

  101. Anyone gives you the bugeye about your wool room look at ’em right back and say, “It’s not 6000 pounds and you don’t have to move it.”
    Purty stuff. Can’t wait to see how it comes out. BTW how did the Dicentra come out? Did you get a chance to see her at SS09 and fondle more?

  102. See, here’s the thing. Last year you blogged Tour de Fleece and I came down with the spinning bug. I fought it until March, but finally succumbed – spindle, then wheel, fiber bag became fiber corner and fiber trunk, and then I was a full-fledged TdF participant by July. And now here you come again and…oh look, shiny!…

  103. This has more to do with your calendar than your current post. I am sitting at work reading ahead in the calendar (I know I am not suppose to…)anyway I get to September 26 and it says you know you knit too much if you keep your yarn in mind as you redecorate your house. I thought I would fall off my chair laughing. I recently moved into a new apartment with all white walls. Yuck!! I love color and am a big fan of Laurel Burch and her multicolored cats and just last night I was trying to decide if I should paint all the walls in the bedroom green and/or purple or leave one wall white to put my yarn cubies against. The white would show off the color of the yarn better. I guess I knit too much…….

  104. It’s funny, i was reading some of your old blogs and was wondering why you hadn’t been doing ‘tuesdays are for spinning’ posts, and suddenly you do one!
    I guess i should be doing a ‘fridays are for christine to be winning the lottery’ posts. lol

  105. Do I see little sparkles in that? Pretty, very pretty. My piles are hiding behind the sofa. On occasion they attack the unsuspecting people who sit on said sofa.

  106. I used to have a wool room. My son is sleeping in it now, so I pulled the majority of the wool out and it is ensconced behind the sofa. Where it used to be before the children moved out. Then the children moved back in for various, but very legitimate reasons. Luckily my son is a lovely lad who does not need to make every space totally his own. And knows that he occasionally benefits from this wool in a warm toque for his sweet head or toasty socks for his large feet.
    And I’m not a wool professional…

  107. Dude, I have a wool room too! In reality, it’s my sewing room, but to be perfectly honest, the only sewing I do anymore is up one side and down the other of a steek right before I cut it! Have you seen people’s eyes roll when you say “my wool room”? There with ya, sister.

  108. My stock line is, “Most people have a living room. I have a woolery.”
    This gives the majority of the folks I say it to a big enough jolt that I usually don’t mention the Sterlite tubs of fleece and roving that fill part of a bedroom closet, or the smaller bags of roving that fill a paperback display rack in another bedroom. I wouldn’t want to frighten the poor dears with the concept of “overflow”!

  109. Oh Stephanie!! I’m so glad Tuesdays are for spinning again! After reading your blog from the very start to finish, I was enchanted by the thought of learning to spin. Then I learned how from a very lovely lady who taught me for free – she even gave me the fiber!! Then I bought a wheel and it arrived in mid July… And then you got super busy and haven’t been spinning. So welcome back, I can’t wait to learn some more from you!!

  110. Okay, why are you guys promoting spinning guilt? That’s just cold. I hate it when people do that to me!
    Love the newly spun yarn, steph! You make me want to go and make history of that sari silk and silver angelina black batt I bought from Extreme Spinning. Unfortunately, I tackled part of it when I was totally unprepared for it, so I only have 1/2 an untouched batt left.

  111. Oh Steph! I am so glad you wrote this post!
    In one of my earlier lives I spent ten years worth of Tuesdays bolstering knitters’ confidence and helping them be happier humans. This technique of cutting off the cuff (or bottom rib of a sweater, usually) saved dozens of sweaters from the back of the closet floor, and floored dozens of knitters.
    I like it most because it teaches that we’re not about perfection . . . we’re about persistence . . . and there are workarounds to ripping out large and small “problems.” Best of all, it empowers people. Bravo!

  112. A big shout out for Enchanted Knoll and her luscious yarns. You even made me delurk with that beautiful batt.

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