She didn’t make it

I’m changing planes in the Denver airport, headed for Sacramento, and I have bad news.  Frankenmitten didn’t make it.  Things looked okay for a while, but just now, sitting on the floor in Denver, I had to finally let go and understand that although we’d fought a brave fight, she just couldn’t go on. 

Difficulties began for Frankenmitten when I screwed up one cross in the braid and thought I could live with it, and were compounded by complications with gauge and stranding, and the fact that I made her cuff way to big.

Things continued to go wrong when I put the thumb too low, and the final blow was dealt when I saw that the whole thing was going to be too long, and that she sadly had a defective row that couldn’t be managed – even surgically.

Sadly, she has been removed from needle support, but will be missed – and possibly replaced.