1. Joe and I celebrate our third anniversary today. (I know. Only three years,  we’ve got way more years of Godless-heathen-union under our belts that that. We just got the state sanctioned sort of married kind of late.)   Technically, while it is our anniversary, it’s not really our anniversary because I’m on one side of the continent and he’s on the other, so we’re postponing until next week, but it’s still an important day and I didn’t feel right not saying something, even though we’re not counting it. (Know what I mean?)  I just wanted to take a minute and say something about my husband.  I hear lots of people who say that their marriage is in trouble, or struggling or having trouble enduring because the person they’re with now is not the person they started out with.  They complain that the other person has changed, that things aren’t the same or that the person they’re with now isn’t "the person they married".  This is true of my husband.  He is absolutely not the same guy I married.

He’s better.  He’s grown, he’s changed, he’s learned and I like him better and love him more than I did on this day three years ago, and I don’t see that ever changing.  I’m grateful that he’s evolving, and that he’s tolerant and appreciative of the growth and change in me too.  He’s pretty awesome.

2.  I have more handspun for the jacket drying in the sun by the ocean.  Something about that makes up for the fact that I’ve been working too much to be any further along on it.

3. I love coffee. (I know, but it’s worth repeating.)

4. Last night there was a tsunami warning here at the coast.  It turns out though that even though we think of all tsunami’s as big, devastating terrible events, really, they come in all sizes but still get the same name.  Tina and I asked around (since we’re staying about 30m from the beach)  found out that the one arriving here was really not expected to be anything to worry about… and so it became more of a curiosity than a danger.
Along with a bunch of other people we staggered down to the beach around 9:00 to wait for it to arrive, thinking that it might be a really neat display of the ocean and earth’s power and might – and probably the only safe opportunity to experience anything like it.  Lucky for us, there were a couple of tv stations down there too, and one of them had a huge light shining out on the ocean to look at the waves.

This was a considerable upgrade from the view from our place, which was indeed right on the ocean, but on the ocean in the dark. 

We stood there, Tina and I, in the cold and the mist for about 2 hours, and I have to tell you… we didn’t see anything.  We’re not even sure that the waves were bigger, or that the ocean pulled in farther, or anything.  We stood there freezing our bums off, afraid to leave – convinced that the minute that we left "it" would happen.  (The thing had been downgraded so much at that point, that nobody was even sure what "it" would look like here.)  We finally gave up our surveillance and left, but not before the news guy came out of his warm and cozy van (we hadn’t seen him all evening) did a 2 minute spot for the news and claimed that the crew had been monitoring the situation all night, and would continue to do so in case things changed.

Seriously.  Tina and I were standing on the shore, watching every single wave break for 2 hours monitoring the hell out of it, and this guy in a dry windbreaker stands there for two minutes and pronounces?  Maybe it’s wrong, but I don’t think that’s the sort of monitoring that counts. That guys hair didn’t even get damp.

5.  I really want to know if the station had the nerve to call this "Tsunami Watch ’09".

6.  This made me remember why the news annoys me. There’s real danger and disaster (like the impact this had in other parts of the world) and then there’s scientific curiously and an interest in the natural world around you.  Pretending that the one is the other to make things more interesting that they’re not?  I’m judging that.

7. The guys from the other station stood on the beach with us and watched the waves, like they were really invested in their jobs and interested in what was happening.

8. That made me like them better.

9. I wondered if they were knitters.

10. Today there was a rainbow.

186 thoughts on “Random-o-rama

  1. I’ve never actually been first…and have nothing to say really…..Looks like you’re having a great time. I am with you on the marriage thing – my husband is better, older, wiser and just lovely.

  2. Happy Anniversary :)Just a thought, but who would ever want the man they love to stay the exact same and never change? That would be boring life knitting a lifetime of Noro scarves.
    Change is always good and necessary for it is how we grow and evolve. Stagnation is death.

  3. Happy Anniversary – even if it is happening miles apart. It always makes me SO happy to hear of HAPPY couples, not all the miserable ones that think that a bit of change means they need a divorce. Good on you!
    As for the Tsunami – stifled giggle… 😉

  4. We had a rainbow here in San Diego County last night. Apparently 6 drops of rain will produce one.
    I love your yarn, and I’m fully jealous. I plied my first 70 yards of usable yarn today, and felt pretty accomplished. Of course, I don’t have any more of that wool, so if you have any suggestions as to what I can make with 70 yards of wool, I’ll take them!

  5. Congratulations on 3 years and many more without the state’s view on it. You’re definitely a couple that works together through thick and thin….like the incident with Sir Washie.
    The yarn looks marvelous and I hope to achieve that one day. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Happy Anniversary!!
    Just wanted to say that your priorities are in order. (As if they wouldn’t be if I didn’t mention it… but you know what I mean.) You always make me laugh & today I’m very thankful for that.
    I also wonder, when I see folks being generally awesome, if they are knitters. 😉

  7. I love that you wonder if the good people are knitters. It is kinda like when gay people think everyone around them is gay. I think I will start wondering if the good people around me a surface design artists.
    I love you, Stephanie. You are a gift to the world.

  8. I was going to comment on squirrels, but I’m like, wait, they aren’t there. Yay! *dances*
    And a happy anniversary to both of you. 🙂

  9. Happy anniversary! It sounds like you’re relaxing, which is the best way to prepare for next week’s celebration. The yarn is lovely.

  10. I think you’ve hit on the secret to a happy long lasting relationship. No one is the same person they were at the beginning of a relationship. The trick is to be able to see the changes as positive (hopefully they will be) &to accommodate them. I truly think that sometimes this is just impossible – that people change in such different ways that they just can’t continue in a relationship. But I do think that sometimes people just won’t acknowledge that they’ve changes & can’t see any change in their partner as anything other than threatening. I agree totally about the “news” & that is probably why fewer & fewer people watch it. In chicago we have newscasters (on all the stations) that make a huge deal out of a couple of inches of snow in January! In Chicago?!?!?! Where wehave had 29″ of snow in one snowfall?

  11. Happy Anniversary and wishing you many more! What beautiful pictures … hope you are feeling rested just by being there.
    The yarn’s pretty beautiful too — my first-ever spinning wheel is due to arrive on Friday (I’ve been using a drop spindle up to now), so I stare at your picture and salivate with anticipation.
    And I’m glad you weren’t where the tsunami action was, even if it was a long cold wait.

  12. Have you seen Terrible Tilly? It’s not far from where you are. Any local will be able to tell you about it.
    The yarn looks terrific, drying in what little sun that part of the world gets this time of year.
    Happy Anniversary to you and Joe, both.

  13. I am with you on the marriage thang.. Yesterday was my 60th birthday amd next month is our 40th wedding anniversary. I’ve changed why shouldn’t he? We just get better and better and it is the bomb!

  14. Very cool. I have friends in San Diego. I posted my friends picture of the 16 foot waves and the high wind blowing her girls around on the beach. My friend said it was more of an event than their Tsunami.

  15. I understand completely about not celebrating on “the day”. My job has kept us apart on our anniversary for 10 years. It doesn’t matter when you celebrate, just that you do. 🙂
    I also understand about awesome husbands. Mine’s been around 33 years.
    Happy Anniversary and here’s to many more!!

  16. Congratulations on the anniversary! DH and I got married on our 25th anniversary, so I know how it is. I always felt we were together because we wanted to be, official government records or net.

  17. Wow, that vista you have there is gorgeous.
    Congratulations on your first 3 years as a couple recognized by the state! 🙂

  18. My husband wrote me a note in a 50th Anniversary Card on the day we got married in 1990 at the tender age of 24. I can’t wait to open that card in 2040 and hear from that young man. We’ve been through some of the toughest things that can possibly happen to a couple and we’re stronger and better each day than the day before. I wouldn’t want to be married to someone who couldn’t grow with me. I’m glad to know that others feel the same.

  19. Props to Steph for mentioning it but so it gets a little more noise: over a hundred people are dead in Samoa, with more in American Samoa and Tonga. This was a serious event and people lost their lives. It’s unfortunate to me that it has been parlayed all over the world into “Haha, look at that cute little tidal wave!”

  20. Happy Anniversary Stephanie & Joe!! For you both today, my favorite quote: “Love is what you’ve been through with somebody.” (James Thurber)
    May you go through many, many more years of stuff together.

  21. Happy anniversary. Mostly I wanted to comment on the fabulous photo with the blue sky, a comfy chair, yarn and directly beneath it the words, “I love coffee”. That is my idea of paradise!

  22. Happy Anniversary. Marriages are indeed wonderful when people change and grow and mature – together. May you and Joe always be mad-crazy-head-over-heels in love with each other for a long long time.

  23. We had Tsunami warning here too in Venice Beach, California. It turned out to be a 3″ wave. Thank goodness. The city announced to us to go upstairs if you have a second floor otherwise climb up to the roof. 😉
    Happy Anniversary.

  24. (N California) We had wind, and a fire or two I hear (unrelated to tsunamis). My 6 year old now thinks tsunamis come with wind.
    It’s been a hard week out there. Manila, Samoa etc, and where was last night’s earthquake? Everybody got their disaster stuff ready? Not because the world is coming to an end, but because we will have that big earthquake (insert natural disaster appropriate to your area here).
    Happy (official?) Anniversary!

  25. Happy Anniversary(that you’re not really counting yet)! My husband and I aren’t the same people we were almost 12 years ago and thank goodness for that.I think if we were,one of us would be dead and the other in jail.You have to grow and be flexible in your relationships or they do break.Can you bring some of that view back to the East when you come home??Thanks!!

  26. Yesterday was our anniversary (18 years), so I was particularly interested in your comments–not to suggest they’re ever anything less than riveting 😉 . I hear people complain all the time–in an ugly way and I just don’t understand. A woman complains her husband works too much but doesn’t mention how badly they need the money. She whines about how he leaves his dirty clothes on the bathroom floor but fails to mention how he’s out 3 times in a snowstorm to shovel the walk and driveway. She says he doesn’t say ‘I love you’ enough but doesn’t credit him with making sure she drives the new car while he rumbles along in the secondhand.
    I know it goes both ways. Husbands can be complainers, too. But if you’re serious about being in this for the long haul, can’t you see the need for some give-and-take? My husband let’s me have my way 99.9% of the time. When that .1% comes along, I hand it over. Isn’t that fair?
    My husband works like a dog and I finally told him to get a hobby. Know what he picked? Baseball. Now the game’s on 7 nights a week from April through September (October, if they make the playoffs). I pray for November. But every night that he sits in his chair, I’m thankful that a) he’s there, b) he worked all day for his family and c) the only other thing he wants is my company.
    And after 20 years, I sure as hell hope he’s changed. Unless you’ve got a wandering eye, the only variety you’re going to see might be your husband’s new interests, new habits or new opinions.
    When we got married, my mother-in-law said, “Be kind to each other.” We haven’t always succeeded, but we’ve always tried.
    Home needs to be a safe harbor.

  27. I agree so much with appreciating the change in our spouses. I wouldn’t like to be the same person I was last year or last decade. We are both changing and growing. That part of a relationship is SO important and often neglected. Thanks for the reminder. Happy Day!

  28. Happy anniversary to you and Joe! Aren’t you glad that people change and evolve side by side? Life is truly a process isn’t it. I loved the comment way above about lack of change being like knitting a lifetime of Noro scarves. Exactly! Enjoy the ocean. I miss it. Will your yarn have that beautiful ocean smell, I wonder?

  29. GREAT Rainbow! and I love the newly spun skeins pic- so comforting on some level 🙂
    At our family house on the Oregon Beach we sometimes have “practice” Tsunami warnings. Let’s hope we never really have to re-act to one!
    Glad you are safe, creative, and well-loved by your dear spouse. Many Blessings!

  30. Congrats on your anniversary. I love the rainbow photo.
    It’s true there wasn’t much of a tsunami this far north but I’m sure you’ve seen the news by now and know about the large wave that has killed many.

  31. Wishing you and Joe a very happy anniversary, and many more happy years together. Your relationship is an inspiration, state-sanctioned or not. It’s always neat to see two people who clearly care so much for one another. Thank-you for sharing it with The Blog. 🙂

  32. I love where you are right now, tsunami advisory and all! That is funny that the news came for all of 2 minutes. I always get the impression that the newscasters are standing there for the duration of the storm/storm watch/whatever the crisis may be, doing the watching themselves and occasionally making the proclamations!

  33. I judge that too. I have a big thing about how we consume the news media.
    Where is this gorgeous gorgeous place you’re writing to us from? Those giant rocks – they are amazing!

  34. This is embarassing – I just noticed that yesterday was our anniversary too! 8 years – right after 9/11, a bright spot in a weird world. My husband is the bees knees, too.

  35. 1. Happy Anniversary. I have been marrried to my husband for 6 years. He is my best friend. I have lots of friends, but he is the best one. So congrats on having a best friend too.
    2. Dig the Oregon Coast. Are you going to take a road trip down 101? I always liked Florence, Heceta Head and the Devil’s Elbow. Still looking for the rest of the devil. Only in Oregon….(place of my birth)
    3. I was looking back and I could see in a picture part of your computer screen and your icons are all willy nilly. Seriously? I wanted to put them in some sort of orderly design, then decided that maybe they were in order. Hmmmm. Trying to organize everyone is so exhausting.
    Enjoy the Oregon Coast, Have a good celebration next week. Hi to Tina and loved the RSC yarn this month.

  36. Just to clarify, this was a tsunami advisory, which is less serious than a tsunami watch, and a tsunami watch is less serious than a tsunami warning.

  37. Wow, what an amazing spot to be staying! Also, your handspun looks wonderful – all squishy and soft and yummy. Even if the sweater’s been done by lots of other people, at least no one’s done it out of the same yarn as you!

  38. happy shared anniversary – ours is 31 years today – I can’t believe I’ve done anything for 31 years – heck am I old enough to be married 31 years – oh yeah – I’m 56 I guess I am old enough 🙂

  39. You really must be the most grounded, sane person on the ‘net. Seriously. Congratulations and thank you for not being crazy. I think I need to move to Canada.

  40. Happy Anniversary, Stephanie and Joe. Be one another’s best friends and you can’t lose. That final picture with the rainbow makes me almost want to move to the west coast! Cheers and many celebratory beverages!!!! Hazel.

  41. Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a fun celebration of it next week.
    The photos are interesting. I’m dying to know what station it was that sat in the car. I have my suspicions already. 😉

  42. Oooh, Cannon Beach! I know you’re working hard, but if you ever need an ridiculous, short, silly break, rent some of the weird little three-wheeled recumbent beach bikes you can get in town. Shockingly fun.

  43. 1. I feel the same way about my man, 12 years apres marriage. Not bad how love evolves, eh?
    10. That rainbow knew just where to plant itself, didn’t it.

  44. Oh! You’re in Oregon!
    I love Haystack rock. That beach is a truly good spot to learn about the power of the ocean — swimming there as a teen, my cousin and I were lifted off our feet by the waves and carried way up beach and slammed into the sand. That hurt and the sudden-ness was really frightening.
    Did you drive up the coast? There are tsunami signs everywhere! At first it is intimidating and then you realize, there’s virtually nothing you can do if you are hurtling down the road and a tsunami arrives.
    Yeah. I really hate when weather reports are so over-dramatized. Oftentimes I find news stations talk about the weather like it is our enemy , an enemy that plots to get us all. It’s madness.
    Very tragic the effect the tsunami had across the world though.
    Congrats on your 3rd Anniversary. I think what you and Joe have together is very special and inspirational.

  45. Happy Anniversary! I just wanted to also thank you for the beautiful pictures of the Oregon Coast. I’ve lived here in Oregon for 20 years and still don’t tire of the Coast. (Grew up in Hawaii, so I’m no slouch when I say the Oregon has some of the most beautiful beaches.)
    Had positive knitting mojo going on, so I knew the Yarn Harlot had to be around.

  46. Happy Anniversary.
    I love what you had to say about marriage & partnership – growing & changing is important; and if nothing changed things sure would be boring.

  47. Thank you Stephanie – Weather people make me *headdesk* – and Miss Scarlett : “… weather like it is our enemy , an enemy that plots to get us all …” – the ones who refer to “vicious storms/winds” – no, storms/winds don’t have human emotions, darn it all! give up the “vicious”, won’t you?
    Lovely yarn, great pattern to work, and Oregon/Tina? Stephanie, you rock again!

  48. I love the pictures. They almost look unreal. The grass so so so green and the sky is a beautiful shade of blue. The yarn is just as lovely. i don’t envy all the air time you have had this past year but I do envy all of the lovely places and neat things you have had the opportunity to do.
    Safe travels!!

  49. Happy Anniversary and apologies for the (typical) Oregon weather. When you said 30m I thought you meant 30 minutes until I saw the rainbow pic and realized DUH – she’s Canadian – 30 meters. Commmence banging head on wall…

  50. Happy Anniversary. I think #3 is yarn :). Where are you? From your yarn drying and rainbow pics, you look like you are inside a video game.

  51. I wasn’t one of the lucky ones, but I’m so happy when my friends are happy with their mates!
    I love that the last picture in this post is a different (and stunning) shot of the first picture in the previous post, and I can see them both on my monitor at once. VERY cool.
    Thanks, as always, for sharing your life with us!!

  52. Happy Anniversary.
    The media should set an example by staying away from the beaches during any sort of hurricane/tsunami warning.
    I understand the curiosity of watching nature at work, but what would you have done had a genuine tsunami come onshore? You can’t run from a big wave. What would Joe do knowing his bride could have been swept out to sea?
    Who would get your yarn stash?
    In this day and age of webcams, watch the action from the comfort of your computer. You could have became the Ocean Harlot.

  53. Happy days to you and Joe!
    Not sure how people could be married and expect people not to change. Gravity alone, not to mention the joys, sorrows, aggravations, and laughs of the years would cause change. But maybe some people don’t expect these as a natural part of marriage….

  54. Happy anniversary! I’m very glad to hear that you and Joe are happy together even after all these years. I’ll add you to my list of couples I think of when I start to lose faith in relationships!

  55. Stephanie, you know how you sometimes talk about your hair, well from the post above I feel compelled to comment that perhaps you are doing a bit more ‘living’, that those people who stay in their van and have ‘perfect hair’. TV maybe a visual medium and the presenters usually look super good, but I know which action I prefer. I’ll go with ‘the hair’ rather than ‘constant monitoring from the van’. (Yes, my hair would rarely be ‘TV perfect’, passable most days, but not TV perfect, and you know, I wouldn’t trade it for all the effort the TV people have to put in.)

  56. Happy anniversary, Stephanie and Joe! With a rainbow in celebration–that’s an absolutely beautiful photo.
    I am waiting, meantime, to hear whether a friend’s friend survived in Samoa. His parents do not know yet. Thank you for standing watch in unity with all those standing watch.

  57. Congrats, congrats and all that jazz (hands), but I have to say those pictures are so gorgeous they almost look ‘shopped. The rainbow is so becoming my desktop…

  58. Happy Anniversary! It’s my husband’s and my third anniversary today as well. I know he’s not married to the same person from our wedding day – back then I didn’t knit!

  59. I was thinking again about yesterday’s post on “trendy” knitting and whether to jump on the bandwagon or deliberately ignore it, or just do whatever floats your boat. Thinking about it more reminded me of that time at Madrona a couple of years ago when everybody showed up in the Kauni Cardigan. Remember that? All those exquisite sweaters that were such hard work… any one of them in a room by itself would strike onlookers speechless with admiration. But 40 of them in the SAME room… looked a little like a sale at Target. I still appreciated their individual awesomeness, tho. I hope my comment on yesterday’s post didn’t offend… it came out a little stronger than I meant it. I’m truly fascinated by what motivates people to do the things they do, and say the things they say, and knit what they knit, for that matter.
    Happy anniversary! I love your philosophy of marriage, and how evolution as individuals makes it stronger.. You are dead on, girl. My husband and I have been together 19 years this fall… married 16. Better than ever. My husband even started brewing beer for me, because after we moved from Portland to Wyoming, none of the local brews stacked up. Turns out he’s REALLY good at brewing. And now my pants are all too tight.

  60. Hooray for awesome husbands, wives and partners who not only tolerate, but encourage personal growth! Congrats to you and to Joe 🙂

  61. I have to say that picture is so strikingly beautiful it just about takes my breath away.
    Congratulations to you and Joe on your anniversary.

  62. Happy Anniversary, You Two. Looks like it just might work out for you.
    Nice tribute to your man, Stephanie. Seems we don’t hear that often enough, for whatever reasons. Getting better through the years is always a good thing…so is recognizing it.
    We married when I was 18, he was 26. No one but us ever thought it would last a year. At 42 years and counting, we think that’s hilarious.

  63. Happy Anniversary to you and Joe!!
    Some awesome looking scenery on the other side of the country. I discovered that when I went to Oregon for the first time for Sock Summit (thank you and Tina for giving me the reason to finally see the Pacific Northwest). But if you keep posting such lovely pictures of the Oregon coast, I will have to move out there. Seriously. I already love what I saw of the region, and Cannon Beach looks just perfect. And so many wonderful yarn dyers and knitting shops, great food, friendly people….. now if I could only find a job (I have checked out for OB nurse positions online)….

  64. Happy umpteenth anniversary, and it makes me happy inside to know how blessed you are. I’ve been married for 27 years now, and we both thank god neither of us is the same person we were when we married. Getting older does great things for people, and I enjoy feeling “aged” (pronounced as for good cheese and not with two syllables as in “I’m so aged, I’ve lost all joy in life.” LOL) I turn 49 in a couple weeks, and can’t wait! And I fully expect that Jeff will be fixing me mugs of coffee, and cleaning up after me when I’m sick, and making me laugh myself silly for at least another… oh, say 40 years? I hope. 😉

  65. Happy anniversary, Stephanie and Joe!
    The rainbow pic is unbelievable–and did you notice the rocks look like a whale with a tail?
    (I’m with you on weather “crisis” reporters.)

  66. Happy Anniversary to You and Joe! You have always written so beautifully about the wonderful man Joe is. I feel the same way about my husband of forty years…isn’t it wonderful? Of course we’ve both changed thank goodness! How could we not? We’ve raised our children and are proud of the people they are (but nobody’s the same after going through their kids’ teenage years!)We’ve had wonderful but demanding careers, have laughed and cried with family and friends, have lost our parents, have stretched and grown whether we always wanted to or not. And when I look at his silver hair and older, but still handsome self, I am profoundly thankful that we have been able to share all this together. (And he lets me have a really big stash without feeling the least bit guilty!)
    The picture of your yarn drying is beautiful as is the rainbow. Hope you and Tina are having a productive and pleasant time together.

  67. Is that Haystack Rock? Are you in Cannon Beach? Love, love that area. I spend a long weekend close to there every May. I’m jealous. I want to be there right now.
    Happy anniversary! I agree, you are lucky to have Joe. He sounds like a fabulous guy.

  68. My mom and dad honeymooned at Cannon Beach in 1945.Happy Anniversary to you and Joe. May you spend some quality time together soon.

  69. They did NOT call it “Tsunami Warning 2009” but they might as well have. I had to turn off the TV after the first ten minutes of the news cast were about the advisory, reassuring over and over that the “wave” would be less than 10 inches and was nothing to worry about. And very little mention of the dead and missing in Samoa. It was ridiculous and annoying. (although I admit to curiosity about which station had the guy in the van and which had the guy actually out watching the surf!)
    Happy Anniversary to you and Joe! My husband and I will be celebrating our 4th tomorrow (10/01). He’s changed and I’ve changed, but we’re still happy and still love each other and that’s what counts. 🙂

  70. 1. I think you and Joe might just be the cutest couple out there. Yay for living in a heathen godless union and yay for three year anniversary!
    2. Wow what a beautiful place you are at! Hope to see more pictures from there soon.

  71. Congratulations on making it 3 years in a state sanctified marriage!
    As for the “tsunami” I think that the waves weren’t breaking hard enough against the shores to get any sort of flooding. But i’m sure the water movement was out there somewhere… >>

  72. Mm, particularly awful of the media to overblow the whole ‘tsumani’ thing when a real tsunami was busy killing over 100 people in the South Pacific…
    Anyway, very many congratulations on three years of marriage, and many, many more of love commitment.

  73. For some resons rainbows always melt my heart… In this case I like to think it was there to celebrate your anniversary…
    It is always good to know that there ARE men like that out there.

  74. Happy Anniversary!
    Wow, it doesn’t seem like 3 years ago I saw the post about what the shawl (and the gurnsey..) really were for.
    I hope you have many more wonderful years together.

  75. Happy anniversary! My first comment, but should have been a long time before now as I love your blog.
    Can’t believe the yarn is drying in front of a real view: it looks like a painting.

  76. Happy Anniversary! And that picture at the end was just beautiful. We have scenery like that in Nova Scotia. And coffee, lots of it. And sheep and alpaca who love to practically throw their fleeces at you crying “Spin me! Knit me!” And positively oodles of knitters (not all as odd as I am) who would LOVE to have you come out here, hang out, and perhaps knit a little….I’m just sayin’!

  77. After 24 years married and 30 altogether, we are separating. You nevern think it’s going to happen to you but there you go. We are staying friends though and not closing the door on our relationship for good. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY AND GOOD LUCK, GOOD FORTUNE AND TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER.
    Look to the RED CROSS and other NGO’s to donate for this part of the world. Samoa, Manila and now the island of Sumatra need our help.
    Sue, Australia

  78. Which Haystack Rock is that? There is one at Cannon Beach and one at Pacific City. They both look eerily similar. Usually I can tell the two apart, but not from those photos.
    I love both beaches, but truly adore Pacific City. We use to vacation there…great little town! I miss Oregon so much and we’ve only been gone for 2 months.

  79. I’m glad that both you and Joe continue to change. The idea that people become stagnant fills me with dread. Life is too short and too good to just stay in place treading water if you have the power to go out and swim.

  80. Haystack is impressive. And so is marriage. And so are tsunamis. All are real forces of nature, and need to be respected.
    I agree with ‘Australian Sue’, look to the result of the forces of nature…and know that storms, tsunamis, earthquakes, (divorces too), also come.
    But what make us worth our salt is how we chose to respond to these events in our lives.
    You set the bar Steph, with supporting Docs w/out borders…and we all need to step up and send some of our knitter’s love and care to the Phillipines and to both Samoas. I have been to these places…the tsunami is just the beginning of suffering for these people.
    Guess what is in the flood waters of the Phillipines? Ever see an epidemic? like cholera?
    There’s water water everywhere…but not a drop to drink!
    They have to bring in portable morgues to Samoa.
    I am thinking of all the ways we are lucky and blessed. There must be a way we can send some hand crafted love to these places, Let’s make it soon.

  81. Happy Anniversary! I’m glad you have someone that grows and changes and enjoys this in you. It is a rare and wonderful thing.

  82. Happy anniversary!!!! I can’t believe it has been 3 years already. Time flies when you are having fun. And YAY for the appreciation of your evolving partner!!! Same goes for us – we keep getting better and liking each other even more. I guess the 4 of us are like fine wine, eh? We keep getting better with age.

  83. Happy anniversary!!!!!!
    And we thank God the forecast for this tsunami
    was wrong.I mean with you standing there waiting for it to swallow you up.
    What if It came,and it was worse than predicted?
    Glad your O.K.
    Real glad you could report NOTHING happened.

  84. Happy Anniversary!
    Funny… my husband and I are celebrating our 3rd anniversary today – one day later than yours! Neato.

  85. My niece is married to a guy from American Samoa. They are having trouble getting news; at this point they do know that some relatives’ homes were destroyed, and they haven’t heard that anyone is missing. They’re holding their collective breaths up in Alaska, hoping that no news is good news. Prayers/good thoughts would be appreciated for all the members of the Iloilo family.
    (Yes, there is a fairly large colony of Samoans living in Alaska. No, I’m not sure why they’d trade a Pacific Island for the tundra, but the economy has a bit to do with that!)

  86. My husband and I spent our first anniversary at Cannon Beach with our dog, Penny. It was magnificent! Now that we have moved to the east coast, your pictures make me ache to be back there. Happy Anniversary!

  87. Happy anniversary! I can’t believe it’s three years already.
    We actually headed for higher ground during a tsunami warning in ’85 or ’86 (I had a little baby — time was “whatever”) when we were living at Cape Meares on the Oregon coast — a little south of where you are — nothing much happened then, either.

  88. What a gorgeous location you are working at – I love the feeling I get when we go to the Maine coast on the weekend – I suspect that the sound, smell of the ocean and visuals must be restorative for your soul also.
    Happy legal A-day to you and Joe – I too have a ‘Joe’ who has grown with me (19 legal yrs) and life doesn’t get better than that.

  89. Happy Anniversary! My significant other and I have been in a godless heathen relationship for coming up 12 years on the 11th of this month. Our children (6 and 13) ask about it from time to time and we tell them that a lack of state sanctioned paper doesn’t mean we are any less committed to one another.
    Love the pictures.

  90. I’m so happy to see Haystack in the distance. Enjoy, I found it to be a perfectly lovely place. The Wayfarer Inn has great food (I don’t know now they do at vegetarian).
    Happy Anniversary.

  91. Happy Anniversary!
    Two feet to my right is a picture I took of that same beach from my vacation a year and a half ago. Gorgeous there. Those of us from the Midwest took pictures of the tsunami zone warning signs that are posted all over the place. =)

  92. Gorgeous photo of the rainbow. There’s just nothing quite like the Oregon Coast.
    Congrats on the three (+) year mark!

  93. Happy Anniversary. The first part of your post made me cry. In a good way. I feel the same way about my hubby and I am so glad. Here’s to evolution!
    Kind of a scary thought for me to picture doing the things and having the life we have now with a guy who acts like mine did when we first got together! Ha ha, funny thought. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing–Jill

  94. That’s not just any rainbow–that’s FABULOUS. So it seems is your choice of spouse, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
    BTW, the marriage of handspun yarn and sweater jacket looks good too.

  95. MAZEL TOV! That’s exactly how I feel about Mr Dearling, and dare I say – one of my favorite of his qualities is that he tolerates, puts up with and deals with me – and still smiles and says he loves me. WE had four years of living in Abject Sin before having a state-sanctioned marriage, but neither of us noticed any change “before” or “after”. Sometimes, when he looks at my stash (or the ninety-leven baskets of yarn in the living room) he just shakes his head and quotes “Age cannot wither nor custom stale her infinite variety”. And sighs.

  96. Happy Anniversary to you and Joe! When some one goes on about their spouse not being the person they married, I always want to ask if they haven’t also changed. Here’s to husbands that get better with age!!!! I know I have the greatest thing since soda-pop in a husband, he is also my best friend which is the only way to be married. By the way how’s Joe’s gansey coming along? LOL

  97. Maybe this has already been discussed, but have you been up the road to Ecola st park? That’s my favorite beach in the whole world!

  98. Happy Anniversary, and Best Wishes for many more. It takes special people to let and expect their partners to grow, yet maintain the bond between you. Love the rainbow. I resisted the urge to go to the beach to see “the tsunami”, but I’m with you–this planet is amazing, and seeing it would have been cool.

  99. Happy Anniversary (whenever you officially celebrate it). There was a story on the news here (eastern Idaho) last night about a couple that recently celebrated their 75th. They did not look a day over 70, but are in their late 90’s. They were cute and held hands and laughed throughout the whole interview. They were obviously happy and still enjoyed each others company. Their secret? Good communication and a great sense of humor. (http://www.kpvi.com/global/story.asp?s=11236736)

  100. The view behind your yarn looks strangely like Teletubby land, just minus a few flowers and bunnies. Thought you might like to know that.

  101. You know you knit way too much when….
    …the sight of a field of sheep makes your body tempurature rise

  102. From all accounts that I’ve heard, Joe is one amazing guy. Congratulations on your anniversary!
    That’s a very pretty pic of Haystack Rock. What a lovely place to sit and spin.

  103. You’re making me homesick. Even though I haven’t lived there since I was a child, I always consider the lower Oregon coast / Coos Bay area Home. I hope to move back there one day. I know you are a little north of there, but still in the general area of coastal awesomeness!

  104. My husband found out that the anniversary gift for 7 years is wool (might this relate to the “7 year itch”, I don’t know) Anyway, my husband and I were married 14 years ago yesterday and he wondered if I wanted double wool (7 + 7) for an anniversary gift. This means, Stephanie, you’ve got 4 more years to wait until that lucky 7 year anniversary gift. Tell him to start saving now!

  105. We met in October, and celebrated that date as our anniversary for 11 years until we finally got married in June. This past June was our 3rd anniversary, and we both completely forgot!
    And I know he’s the right man for me– he persuaded a closed yarn shop to open for me one afternoon on our honeymoon!
    Wishing you many more happy years together!!

  106. Still jealous that you are at the coast…and happy that you have such lovely weather to enjoy it. Congratulations on your three year and even more on the actual total number of years y’all have been together! I hope to hell my husband and I have both changed as well! I don’t want to be who I was when I was 20 now when I am…uh…not 20. I hope we’re both better people and better people together.

  107. Cannon Beach in the fall…what could be better? Hope you’re enjoying the weather and the view. Stop in at the Jeffery Hull gallery and eat a Haystack cookie from the bakery for me…I miss the Oregon coast so….

  108. Has anyone notice the giant mitten at the end of the rainbow? How are the franken mittens doing, by the way?

  109. Haven’t even read the other comments because I did not have internet access yesterday and I just have to say:
    YOU ARE AT CANNON BEACH!!!! It’s one of my favorite places on the planet. Please, please, please (with STR sock yarn on top) have your next kntting retreat there and let me sign up first! 🙂 I hope you are having a wonderful time. If you haven’t already discovered it, Cannon Beach Cooking School has wonderful bread and other treats.

  110. Oh, wow – a rainbow on Haystack Rock! The Oregon coast is the best, especially Cannon Beach. I am looking longingly at your every photo from there.

  111. It’s so nice to hear a prominent personality praising her husband instead of degrading him like so many women seem to do. Thanks!

  112. Even though there was the disappointment at not seeing anything of note for two hours, that rainbow sure made up for it in my book. Wish I could have seen it in person.

  113. Happy Anniversary! Oh, and I recognize that rock, I think. Are you in Cannon Beach? I used to run a relay from Mt. Hood to Seaside and we’d crash at Cannon Beach after it was over. Love that place. Also loved running through Scappoose ’cause we’d say: “Hey! There’s a Moose! A moose? Yeah! A moose – on the LOOSE!” “You mean, there’s a moose on the loose in Scappoose?” And it just got dumber from there. Anyway, enjoy the time there. We also looked for the tsunami here in the Bay Area – but since we live on the top of the Santa Cruz mountains (~2000′), we figured we’d be ok. 🙂

  114. I just wanted to say that your first picture of the handspun drying against the backdrop is just beautiful. I’ve never seen a nicer yarn shot, it looks like a poster. Wonderful artwork (both the photo and the handspun.)

  115. Happy official state-sponsored anniversary! Here’s to many more & may the years just get better. I’m glad the tsunami was a bust on your end – I’d hate to have seen news reports of two women holding socks-in-process being swept out to sea. What a waste of good yarn that would have been!

  116. Happy Anniversary Harlot & Joe too. You know if your homespun wants to be a Drops #103 Jacket, then that’s what it should be! If you tried to do anything else it would just fight you and make you miserable!

  117. Happy Special Day!! After almost 30 years of marriage – you said it just perfect…we do change and isnt’ it wonderful! Our marriage has survived, endured and grown – we’ve been broke, comfortable, had kids, buried a son, moved far from family – and we did it all together…his only fault – he does not want handknit socks!! Odd, but he’s still a keeper.

  118. We had our 23rd anniversary on the 30th, too. And our honeymoon was in Seattle and the Olympic Peninsula and Vancouver, Canada….and we’re still together and making it work!

  119. your coast photos are making me seriously homesick. We spend most of our summers there and are plotting our way to moving to Cannon Beach in the next couple of years. That photo makes me want to pile the kids in the car and just drive up. It only takes 2-1/2 days. No big deal, right?

  120. Happy anniversary, and many more!
    So, how did y’all meet in the first place? Is it a bloggable topic?
    If you really want to freak people out, buy “The Weather Channel” polo shirt…and show up in a community when there has been bad weather forecast! (Actually, the shirt was a gag Xmas present from my husband because I am a TWC addict…and I wore it to a Starbucks when there was a hurricane offshore…and got some very interesting comments!!!)
    Enjoy your break!
    Smiles and Hugs,

  121. Happy anniversary! My husband is wonderful, too. We’ve been together over 17 years (though only 10 are “official”), and I still get butterflies sometimes when he calls, and we still hold hands. I know I am lucky beyond belief and I am thankful every day.

  122. Did you realize that you have a double rainbow in your picture? There is a second, fainter rainbow to the right of Haystack Rock.
    Happy anniversary! Double rainbows to your and your darling!

  123. Okay, I’m baffled as to how green grass grows right up to the ocean? Isn’t there beach somewhere in there? (Can you tell I’ve never left the East Coast????)

  124. Happy Anniversary! Your handspun looks beautiful. The Drops jacket will be gorgeous. I’ve been wanting to knit that for a while too.

  125. Happy anniversary to you! Ours will be 12 years tomorrow; how could we be the same people we were then? Too much life has happened for that!

  126. I didn’t even read this entire post before zooming down to the bottom to comment. I love what you said about your husband Joe, and it’s particularly touching to me as my husband and I also just celebrated our 3 year anniversary on October 1st. Regardless of anyone’s opinion of your union, your relationship, who the two of you are, etc…. the bottom line is, YOU know who you both are, and YOU are setting a beautiful example to your children especially, but also to others, of what it means to grow and move forward in life and love together.
    Thanks for your inspiring and encouraging words: they are beautiful.

  127. We have 5 kids, Steph, our youngest is 22. We’ve been married for 15 yrs. Hmmmmm. Someone once asked us why we decided to get married. Well, the kids were asking questions! lol
    Gets better every day!

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