What we have been doing

So it turns out that Tina and I just can’t get enough of knitters (although at this point that might be a little slice of crazy pie) so we’ve been arranging a little something.

Friday November 13th (we don’t believe in bad luck) ST-1 (which now that Sock Summit is over, means “Steph and Tina” rather than “Sock Team”) are celebrating the formation of our new company “Knot Hysteria Productions” with a beautiful weekend of knitting, dyeing and fibre investigation in one of our favourite spots… Port Ludlow, Washington. We really missed the intimate, intensive nature of real-time teaching at Sock Summit (we were a little busy) and one of our goals for this weekend is to enjoy the luxury having real time between students and teachers (that would be us, and you) that can only be achieved in a smaller group setting – with people who aren’t running a conference. (Apparently.)

Level: Established. Knitters attending should be comfortable knitting, purling, decreasing, increasing and be familiar with typical knitting instructions. (This means that if you’re a brand new knitter, you’re probably going to be overwhelmed in spots, unless you’re gung-ho and a fast learner. Some people are. If you’re a skilled beginner, don’t be put off.)

The weekend begins when you check in on Friday night, and we all have an opportunity to talk, hang out (maybe have a drink) get to know each other, and you’re assigned to one of two small groups.

Saturday, Group one goes with Stephanie, for an all day exploration (9-5 with a break for lunch) of knitting and how to be really excellent at it. We’ll look at knitting history, lever knitting, knitting for speed and efficiency, and problem solve knitting issues so we all walk out better knitters. Why do you knit the way you do? What could you change to knit better or faster? What are the techniques and thoughts of the worlds fastest and most efficient knitters? (Note: This class contains some of the same information as “Knitting for Speed and Efficiency”, but is expanded. If you’ve always wanted to take that class, this one is close, and if you’ve taken this class and are wondering if you’ll learn anything in this one… you will.)

Meanwhile, Group two goes with Tina, to a big room with a floor covered in plastic and loaded with dye and yarn, where you will spend the day invited into Tina’s dye and colour world. There are (almost) no boundaries and the only rule is an open mind. Tina will talk with you about colour, how she sees and uses it and how that relates to dyeing, spinning and knitting. You will explore what colour means to you and how you see it and then interpret it in your own fiber work. You’ll spend time at the dye tables working through your own colour inhibitions, challenging what you think you like, and dyeing your very own colourways to take home.

Saturday night ST-1 gives a joint lecture on “How to tell if its good yarn, and what to do with it if it is” where we’ll talk about the properties of various yarns, how to pick the right ones for your project, how to care for it, and what choices you can make during knitting to make sure your project doesn’t droop, stretch or felt, and lasts as long as it possibly can.

Sunday, the groups reverse places for the day classes, and then beginning with dinner and going into the evening (until Steph and Tina get too tired or everyone leaves) we’ll have a group Q&A to talk about knitting, dyeing, fiber, philosophy and what we all think of it.
The price includes classes, fun, the joint lecture on Saturday night, and breakfast, lunch and dinner both Saturday and Sunday. (We promise that there will be good vegetarian options.) Blue Moon Fiber Arts and (probably) Carolina Homespun will have a little store on site with a few things you might like, and Knot Hysteria will have a bookstore.

Accommodations are separate and you will arrange those on your own. We have negotiated special prices with Port Ludlow, and there are some shared accommodations (condos and town-homes) if you’d like to come with your friends.

Simply call Port Ludlow and tell them that you’re with Knot Hysteria and the knitters, and they will help you get sorted with the special knitter price. They are lovely and helpful people.

Price for the two day/two class intensive with meals:
$615.00. (Credit card or paypal are fine) All Materials (except knitting needles) Included.
Gift bags, presents and surprises forthcoming.

(If you’re a vendor and you’d like to put something in those, just drop us a line.)

To register, simply send an email to registration@knothysteria.com and include your name, address and daytime phone number, and we’ll call you to arrange it. The first 40 knitters are in.  I hope you can come – and yup, we’ll do it again other places if we have fun.

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  1. Arrggghhhhh!!!!!! How can you do this to me? I’ll be in Toronto that weekend seeing Sleeping Beauty-National Ballet(I have season tickets). Sob! Maybe there will be one closer to home soon. Cheers, Hazel.

  2. What a wonderful way to spend a weekend!! Attended Sock Summit and loved every minute of it! Please bring the event back with you to Toronto. Would definitely attend!!

  3. Congrats on the new venture! Sounds like a grand time, but alas, not for me. I don’t fit the skilled-beginner category – yet.

  4. I’ll start saving money for the East Coast event then. There will be an East Coast event, right? Right??? 🙂 It sounds like a whole lot of fun.

  5. Oh, Steph! Can’t you give a girl a little more notice? This sounds like heaven to me, and it’s even in a pretty place where I could get one of my best peeps to come with me, AND I’ve been dying to learn about dying. (Love that sentence). But I need more warning–that weekend, I’m planning to take my daughter to Nashville for a checkup at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital’s pediatric rheumatology clinic, then swing over to Pittsburgh (take a look at a map. Those two aren’t close.) for a football game with son/husband. Sunday we’ll drive home.
    PS I love being the first commenter.

  6. I had to try to comment 3 times before it let me in. It kept saying Site not found and something about a 404 error. The 4th time, it worked. Any clues?

  7. So, not the first commenter–but I did make the same minute as the first commenter, so there.
    Hey, how about doing one of these in the Blue Ridge mountains?

  8. oh, drat you, ST-1!!! I can’t justify two trips out west in less than 6 months, I just can’t.
    Well, I might possibly. Except I’m already booked to attend a conf that weekend elsewhere. *sigh*. And probably it WILL be sold out by the time this comment posts. Have fun, though!

  9. Well, I’m having a baby this December and flying across the country in mid November is NOT recommended. Otherwise, I would soooo be there, especially since I also had to miss the Sock Summit…grrr.
    If you do this next year, I think it will be a priority for me. Also, if you do Sock Summit again, couldya possibly do it in Toronto next time to make it more affordable to get to for us east coasters? Alternating coasts seems fair and even though I’m from the US, Toronto is one of my favorite cities. (I love Portland, OR too, but the flight fares are pricey)

  10. This is so ridiculously close to me and I totally can’t afford it. I’ve been dying to go to a Yarn Harlot class, but this is so out of my price range that it’s almost funny.
    Oh well. I’ll have to catch ya on one of your next tours, Steph!

  11. I just don’t get this thing about trying to knit faster. It’s something I love to do – I love the process and the time spent. Why would I want to rush through it? (yes, I know about holiday knitting schedules, but still…). It just makes no sense to me. I only try to rush through things I *don’t* like.

  12. Emailed! This sounds amazing, especially since it’s practically in my home territory. Loved Sock Summit and hope I’m early enough to have a spot in this.
    You two ARE crazy, but we wouldn’t have you any other way 🙂

  13. I wish. But since I will have just been to Toronto’s Creativ Festival in October, and did SS09 already, there’s no way the budget will allow it. Everyone have lots of fun so they do it again!

  14. Australia is nice Stephanie and Tina, and Steph you just know you want to check on your daughter, some come on down ladies, the knitters are fun ….. and Christmas weather is warm …. okay hot.

  15. Sounds wonderful, but too far away and weekend already booked. Please consider doing this in the Midwest (Chicago, St Louis, Kansas City) and I’ll bet the registration will fill up in minutes! Think of providing a group of us nice hard-working midwesterners with some great entertainment during our cold winter months….

  16. Wow! What a fabulous weekend!
    Circumstances keep me from booking anything in mid November (and I’m sure it’s sold out already 🙂
    But I just wanted to express my interest in case you do this again.

  17. Hm. Having just gotten tantalized by Liz Lovick’s Orkney adventure next spring, I’d say my long distance travel $$ are spoken for. Now if y’all would like to come down to SAFF…..

  18. ‘I can recommend a couple very suitable sites in Northeast Wisconsin that would be perfect for the next little knitting retreat…

  19. Think of the East-coasters next time, won’t you? 🙂
    Sounds wonderful!! And much more relaxing than the last foray. 😉

  20. AH! If only my husband didn’t plan weekends 3+ months in advance!
    Still… there is the promise of more to come if you guys have fun (and something tells me you will). Have a great, great time and let us know how it goes!
    Also, the Philadelphia area is an awesome place for a smallish retreat like this.
    Finally, congratulations on Knot Hysteria! Woohoo!!!!!

  21. Alas, if I could drop $1k on a weekend, I would. But I can’t. Need a new roof. But it looks like the most wonderful time ever…I even priced tickets. And asked friends who live in Seattle. But it’s not meant to be. 🙁

  22. Sadly as a stay at home mom I can’t afford it :'(
    Sounds simply wonderful though.
    I just found out there is a LYS in Richmond VA by the name of Lettuce Knits.

  23. we have some lovely ‘resort’ areas in Central Ontario….you wouldn’t have to fly…I would pick you up….

  24. I just want to say a big thanks for pouring such creative enthusiasm into our community. Even though I can’t possibly do this, I am cheering you on from the sidelines!

  25. Again with the West Coast!To far and to much money for me to swing it.Oh well-at least I can make it to Rhinebeck again this year…

  26. Please, PLEASE have fun at this one so you’ll do it again somewhere in the upper midwest – I’d even love to help you make the arrangements – (event planning is part of my day job, so I’m kind of good at it – at least they haven’t fired me yet).
    Sadness abounds as I realize I have neither the funds nor an open schedule to attend in November – but I’ll be anxiously watching your blog for the full report.
    Go forth and HAVE FUN!

  27. I hope that you, Tina, and the 40 fabulously, lucky knitters have an amazing time at the retreat. Congratulations on Knot Hysteria! I can’t wait to hear about the other parts of your new venture 🙂

  28. Sounds wonderfully delicious, but too far away, way out of the budget, and (woo-hoo) I’m going to the Knitter’s Review retreat in Williamstown, MA the following weekend. Maybe next time…

  29. Stephanie, while this sounds like a lovely trip, how about something closer to home for the Canadians/ Ontarioans (me). I understand you must have a large following down south and one must follow the money, but hey, its good here too. Maybe you can update your Harlot on Tour section if you have upcoming talks in Toronto or thereabouts. Cheers!

  30. It sounds like a lot of fun. I blew my vacation time for this year on the sock summit, so hopefully you will do this again. Maybe in Canada, and/or somewhere on the east coast.

  31. I’d like to request an awesome sock event somewhere on the east coast of this continent? I can highly recommend VT in the summer, it’s almost as beautiful as VT in the fall, but hotel prices are lower.
    Oooo, or an event in Nova Scotia, that’d be beautiful!

  32. Sounds fabulous! Unfortunately I’ll be in Boston at a professional conference. I hope you have a great time.

  33. Ditto the comments about upper Midwest. I’m here in the knitter’s mecca of Madison, WI and would be happy to help.

  34. This year it’s absolutely out of the question as I went to Italy, snuck in a trip to Stitches Midwest, and am headed to Rhinebeck next month. I missed out on Sock Summit, too. Please come to the southern midwestern portion of the US – Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas – anywhere within 6-8 hours of me will do. 🙂

  35. Oh, I can’t wait until I’m no longer a grad student and I’m making a real living and can do something like this!

  36. Nov. 13th was my Gram’s birthday. She taught me to knit. I consider this a lucky day for your event. So wish I could have joined…but alas…not one of the first 40 I’m sure…and more extra $$$ than I have right now. Enjoy your special weekend.

  37. Wish I could join you yet again. Three cheers for Knot Hysteria Productions. Have a great weekend. See you at camp (probably). Hugs, Alice

  38. What did you say? what again was the date for this event in Germany? I would so love to be able to join you. That sounds like one of the greatest experiences possible …
    I hope you all have lots of fun!

  39. Knot Hysteria? I can’t imagine what precipitated that moniker…
    I hope you keep doing these long enough that I can get a job and save the money to go. It sounds like a very productive hoot.

  40. Oh, my, this is soooo tempting! May I also express my hopes for an East Coast event? Nova Scotia or the lovely coast of Maine after Labor Day when most of the tourists are gone …. Good crisp knitting weather then, too. Not that we need cool weather, of course ….

  41. First Sock Summit, then this right when I have two kids who just went to college and took my money with them. If you could be persuaded by the Wisconsin folks, I would make an exception and cross the border from Minnesota into Land O’ Cheeseheads. Otherwise, someplace within a days drive would be great, thanks.

  42. Maine! Come to Maine! We have so many knitters and other fiber artists. And it’s beautiful here too, even in winter.
    Sounds like a great model – I’m sure it will be tons of fun. Wish I could come, sniff.

  43. Oh man-I already have vacation scheduled that week and can get a super cheap flight to Seattle. Must call DH quickly…..Can he fish in November if he comes with???

  44. >whimper<
    I want to do this soooo bad! The promise of other locations with have to tide me over. We’d love to see this in Kansas City!

  45. Ah, sounds great. I hope it’s a huge success and you have an Eastern Knot Hysteria.
    I just cannot travel out west just now. That would add mucho dinero to the cost for me.

  46. New England best be on that list.
    And how can you not have fun at something that sounds so fabulous.
    If I didn’t have a Nov 15 deadline, I would totally be going to Portland.

  47. Hey, was there a pot of gold on that boat? Chuck some my way, and I’ll come out and cook for you! Seven-course chocolate dinner, anyone?

  48. Oh man!! I’ve emailed – please, please, please let me be one of the 40!! This sounds amazing.

  49. What a fantastic idea! I hope it goes well, and that you’ll love the experience enough to keep doing these sorts of smaller weekend retreats.

  50. OK, the post didn’t mention the dates, did it? Or am I so intoxicated by the potential yarn fumes that I can’t read clearly?
    Wish I could come, but it’s too far away. New England, please… lots of nice lakes in NH to choose from… Or the seacoast?

  51. Sounds pricey (sorry) but lots of fun. Please travel to the East Coast. My girlfriends and I are saving our money for a trip with no spouses or children … so now I suppose I must add another coin jar in the hopes that you come this way.

  52. I will personally invite you out to beautiful Washington DC. If you plan something in the spring, you might even get to see the famous cherry blossoms!

  53. Enough with the Pacific Northwest already! Yeah, it’s lovely there and the food is great, yada yada yada. Bring your bad selves to Minneapolis/St. Paul!

  54. Oh that sounds wonderful, but it’s a) across borders, b) really far away, and c) too much money for me – not that I think it’s an unfair price at all, it totally isn’t, but combining the accomodations and flight I just wouldn’t be able to swing it right now.
    Pretty please come to central Canada? I could drive as far as Regina/Saskatoon, or you could just do it right here in Winnipeg (which you either have to do either in January or August, just so you can shock people with the cold or heat).

  55. If you are looking for a place to hold a 2-day knitting workshop with unparalleled scenery (I deduce, based on your photos of Port Ludlow and your statement that there will be more) please consider southern Colorado. We have mountains, fresh air, and most importantly, knitters. And we hardly ever get anything good because it’s kind of an “on the way to someplace else” kind of place. You could really put us on the map and we’d love you forever.

  56. I so want to go but I can’t with the holidays coming up and me spending so much on wool for the holiday projects. Plus I’m hosting a Stitch n’ Bitch in Toronto that week. 🙁 Maybe something in Toronto next year?

  57. Off to buy a lottery ticket in hopes of becoming instantaneously rich. If that doesn’t work, maybe y’all will come to SoCal someday? (imagine me smiling winningly right now)

  58. Blue ridge mtns would be great or any place in North Carolina- we are great organizers and we LOVE to knit!

  59. Yes, quick trips to the West are not for me. Another vote for some New England love (I can send you ideas of retreat centers and other places if you like) How about several in the East coast/New England area? From the comments alone there would be enough of us.

  60. Oh MAN, this is so tempting! I have family in the Bellevue area, so it’s not quite close enough to stay there for the weekend, plus the cost is more than I can really afford, but I want to go SO BAD. I have the feeling by the time I can talk myself into it, it’ll be too late. *pout*

  61. aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhh! why is washington state so faaaaaar away??? maybe tina would like to come host a similar event with you in southern ontario? 🙂

  62. I know this event will be the talk of many knitters for sometime to come. Again you have blown me away, I love that rainbow over the marina, Wish I could be with you all, could use some knitterly companions,to welcome in the fall. Eat, drink and enjoy…. your work means so much to so many, thanks for the drops design link, in your previous post, (MY new Addiction, pattern site), yeah thanks Steph, thanks alot, I drewel over those patterns, so do tell! which sweater will it be?

  63. I would love to come…except, I’m in China. When I come back to the US next year in July, hopefully there will be another trip coming up! Have a great time.

  64. I’m in for North America’s North East Coast – and think what you could do for tourism in Canada!!
    Hopefully, it will be a big success and you’ll both will enjoy yourself so much you will want to do it again real soon.

  65. Congrats on both the new company and the new event. I’m sure it will be a great success. Unfortunately I’m already booked to fly back to Australia from the US that weekend for my dad’s 60th birthday. Bugger.
    But I wish you good luck on it Stephanie. (I’m half-way through reading Free-Range Knitter)

  66. Dude! I’m going to explore plane tix prices RIGHT NOW. how awesome. Planned to skip Madrona anyway. Getting to Port Ludlow is a shot in the dark, but would be really fun. Have you been to the Ajax Cafe (is it still there? the one with the hats? in Port Haddock just up the road?)
    Port Townsend is one of my favorite places on the planet.

  67. Steph,
    You’ve got to do one of these in Canada. Preferably in the east. Tremblant is nice in the fall. Or Montebello is fun in the spring/summer. I’m sure there are lovely places near Toronto too, but Montreal has better beer and bagels.
    Have a fun weekend, wishing I could be there!

  68. Dang ~ thats my birthday weekend too but I’ve got resort plans in the mountains, bummer. However, count me in for the next one 😉

  69. Steph, Wow I’m broke but I have an offer for you………….I teach dyeing with mushrooms for the Puget Sound Mycological Society. I could take a group out picking, id them and them have a big dye pot, sorta trade off, if you are interested. Might even copme up with some chanterelles for snacks.

  70. I can’t imaging that I’m the first one throwing my hat in the ring, but I sent you an email.
    I’ll figure out how to get that weekend off, later.

  71. PS or why I should think before pressing the post key………mark me down as an inept learner in the cyberworld. My girlfriend from high school and I met Franklin at Renaissance Yarns, We liked him so much we drove to Spokane and took his lace knitting class which I would highly recommend. He bills it as the ” basic class he couldn’t find so had to teach himself”. Amen. If I had had that info a year ago my shawl would not be so “unique” although he assures me it is lovely and I could sell the pattern, which made a friend for life.

  72. Hmmm…it gets pretty cold in Toronto… wouldn’t it be nice to visit Southern California (San Diego-ish), say, in March?
    Just a suggestion. 🙂

  73. Dang it Stephanie, you live just north of me! Do something over here.
    This sounds like great fun though. Wish I could join you.

  74. Damn! I’m getting married that weekend. I wonder if my fiance would mind me postponing for a weekend with Knitters?

  75. My state. Again. And no extra funds! WAAAH! But I know you’ll all have a rockin’ time.

  76. Sounds like another amazing gathering! Too far for me though 🙁 Any chance of doing a Mitten Madness type workshop in Ontario sometime this winter? I am sure snow can be provided.

  77. I would have loved to, truly, as I’m just in the Bay Area, CA, but I’ve got a friend visiting that weekend. I hope you do it again, with a little bit more prior notice….THANKS!

  78. WOW!! A knitter/spinner girl’s dream. Would you consider doing one in the south, say southern florida in the dead of your winter? How does upper 70’s/low 80’s, beach, sand, and palm trees sound? Marco Island FL is calling out to you!!

  79. What a lovely idea – that sounds as invigorating for you and Tina as it will be for the knitters/dyers! Can’t wait until you have one a bit closer to the east coast – don’t you and Joe have relatives in the Maritimes somewhere?

  80. OOOOOOH…I am so jealous. It sounds great. PLEASE consider having something in the midwest sometime. Traveling to the coast takes money and time and we love socks and ST, too!!!!

  81. Man, I’m trying to imagine fitting this in. I’m *almost* close enough to commute, although that would be hard because I’d miss all the fun. And, well, budget. *sigh* I’ll just pretend it’s all booked up already.

  82. If this will be a regular thing, I join those looking for a longer notice schedule – I think I could convince the hubs that this would be great for me, but I have to build in some time for cajoling 🙂
    Also – there are a LOT of knitters in MN. Also some lovely, quiet resorts . . .. just sayin’ . . .

  83. This sounds so fabulous. Sadly, yet again, I won’t be able to make it. Congrats on putting together what sounds like another fabulous event!
    Just putting in a vote for something in Austin. We have good beer. I’m buying. 😉

  84. Omg, sooo jealous. I wanna come, shame I can’t drop everything and fly out there to take part. Have one a little closer to FL and I probably would though… It would be worth missing a couple of nights at work for.

  85. I started to hyperventilate when I read about this. All I could think of is YES! YES! YES! Then the little voice in the back of my mind said: “Don’t forget how much work you have to do this semester” (I’m a teacher – at a new College, with new courses and all sorts of crazy things going on). The voice was the voice of my Calvinist grandmother (who would be 108 years old if she was still alive). She won. She always does. I will teach medieval art, I will teach about the African diaspora and I will think about, but not knit, socks in November.
    I spent a week in Port Ludlow a couple of years ago – it’s a great place to knit. That is where I got the bug to knit socks, actually. I bought some wonderful Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn at Diva in Port Townsend.

  86. Please come to the Bay Area. On a nun’s stipend I can’t afford the hotel or airline fare but I’d go out begging with a tin cup on the streets to come up with the class fee!

  87. FYI – People on the East Coast (and Pennsylvania)
    also knit. If the G20 can find their way here, you and Tina should be able to also.

  88. Can I just ask that the next one be in Canada-preferably on the east side of the country, and close to Toronto. That’s two back to back events in the States. I think it’s time for Tina to come northeast, instead of you going southwest.

  89. I also vote for BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAINS area for one of these events. I’d book in a heartbeat. Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina — mountains. Asheville NC has Biltmore Estates — now there’s a place we could get behind! Greenbriar in WV. Kentucky and Tennessee are beautiful, also.
    Just pick a place and you know “they” will come!!

  90. I’d be in like Flynn, but I’m already booked for a finishing knitting class at a local yarn shop. What are the odds, the same weekend??
    Looking forward to hearing about the next one, where-ever and when-ever it may be!

  91. Holy Kamoly!! What a grand idea! Unfortunately there is no $$ in the coffers right now for such escapades.
    Hey! I know! The Easterners want you to come there while you both like the West. How about meeting in the middle, as in Indianapolis? It’s known for it’s huge conventions and intimate conferences. Five interstates go through there and almost every airline. Hotels are plentiful (they have a SuperBowl coming up in 2012, I think) and many have conference rooms.
    Just thought I would offer a compromise.

  92. YAY YAY YAY oh yes please!!!! I sent my email, hope it’s not full already. This would be such a treat — I’m in Chicago, but I’ll fly out to Washington for this! My son’s first birthday is Nov 3, and I would love to celebrate officially day-weaning with a knitting weekend away! I’ve been looking for just the right knitting retreat — this looks perfect. I will start saving my monies now… OK sorry for so many exclamation points, hope I’m IN!

  93. Oh my gosh! First, this is an AWESOME idea. I love love love it. If only I could do this. My daughter’s birthday is the 8th (she’s only six) and I wouldn’t have enough time to save up enough money for this in a month.
    I would love to put an idea out there although I can’t imagine that you still read all your comments. How cool would it be for you and Tina to have knitters come to you through the season on a regular basis?
    I would totally be there for something like that, if I was able to plan it a decent amount in advance. It can be huge and overwhelming but it wouldn’t have to be.
    I do understand that you’re a writer. You have a family. You wouldn’t want this to become your life. But can you imagine doing something like this once a month? Or once every other month? Knitters could come to you, learn from your experience, and….aw, nevermind. I’m getting carried away.
    I think you and Tina have an awesome idea and I just wish desperately that I had the money to do these things without months of planning. Good luck! I hope it goes very well for you. 🙂

  94. So, does ‘other places’ include Australia? Blue Mountains area is very nice this time of year!

  95. Ha! I can’t believe that I just actually got out of my chair and looked at my calendar for Nov (knowing full well it was my weekend to work on the 13th and that I had already put in for Nov 4-8 off for a knitters weekend in VT. That is the power of the amazing Knot Hysteria that is Steph and Tina. 🙂
    Sounds like it will be wicked awesome-lucky are the 40 knitters who will attend. I had Sock Summit, so I am already blessed -as well as broke. And my Nov weekend with my knitting chums to look forward to.
    (but gosh, I do have a free round trip with Southwest just waiting for the knitting-related event I can go to… just need a wee bit more notice)

  96. Just saying, Phoenix is VERY nice in the winter. As in warm. And sunny. Did I mention there is sun? Also, LOADS of wonderful knitters (who would, now that I think about it, maybe like to drive to Sedona to enjoy a little mini vacation). So, this winter, your choice….Phoenix or Sedona. Even Scottsdale, or Tempe…or hey! How about Jerome? Anywhere in Arizona has beautiful, warm winter weather…something you’ll be wanting in about 6 weeks, I am sure! See you (hopefully!) soon!

  97. That is just too “steep” for this gal. How about video taping it and posting it for a reasonable rate?

  98. That is a really really lot of money for two days of classes and food. Sounds like fun, but there’s no way on God’s green earth that’s gonna happen.

  99. Oh please come to England. You enjoyed your trip here last year, didn’t you? You need to see more!

  100. While reading I kept thinking, “But how is she going to avoid the site crash from last time?” Ah-ha! – learned from the past. Only question I have now is: “Did your email account crash?” Ye gads, you are a brave woman – love it!
    Alas, I can’t come. Live way too far away and oh, that’s right, my wrist is still too messed up to knit – such a pain (in more ways than one). But what a stunning place to hold it. Best of luck to you and Tina.

  101. AARRRRGGGGHHHHH! Can you please do something on the east coast?????? Or Toronto??? Pittsburgh??? Philadelphia?? DC???? Pick any of them and a weekend I’m not already doing the Greater Washington Heart/Stroke walk and I could do it. I hope. Looking forward to something I can attend.
    Best of luck to you on the west coast adventure.

  102. Looks amazing:: port ludlow, an intensive knitting retreat, knitting by the sea– what a great idea.

  103. AHHHHH! How can you and Jared Flood come the same weekend to two places within an hour of each other? I would be there with bells on, except that I’m already going to Jared’s classes that weekend at Churchmouse Yarn and Tea in Winslow, WA about an hour or so from Port Ludlow. You guys have fun and we’ll send lovely thoughts your way. If you get a chance to stop at Churchmouse, it’s a lovely place. You’d also love the Artful Ewe in Port Gamble.

  104. Please definitely do Massachusetts! Don’t forget how you packed the Calvin Theater and the world’s greatest Web’s. The Berkshires, the Cape, we’ve got it all, and we love you.

  105. I’d so be in if I wasn’t already going to be in Florida that weekend. I even have a house in Port Ludlow. Please, please, I’m begging you please, do this again. I’ll be there, I promise!

  106. Actually… (shooting for the stars) Muskoka is quite beautiful pretty much anytime of year (especially if you LOVE snow) if you want to bring it up this way a little….

  107. I so wish I could go! A baby on the boob won’t allow it but maybe, just maybe, when she gets off I will be able to relax and go to a fun knitting retreat far, far away.

  108. Oh Stephanie, this description sounds like you read my mind for the idyllic weekend. Absolutely everything which fascinates me, color, texture, how to play and try to keep my hands in the same decade as my ideas. I guess my Fantasy Dreams have changed since I was in high school. I’m praying that you will continue to enjoy doing this long enough for me to get the tuitions under control and start feeling okay to pay for my dreams. Not so long now, we are college visiting this fall, and I’m hoping she chooses somewhere cold so I will have to knit for her.

  109. Excellent, something else to save for!! Though the photo’s of Washington are beautiful, I hope you will consider having a future event in Toronto. It is a great city, and only 4 hours from me. Another great place would be on Cape Cod in Massachusetts or any other east coast area of the US and Canada (Nova Scotia maybe?)

  110. Eegads and Wow … so it’s too far for me to go … but “go South Women” … southern CA knitters, spinners, dyers respectfully request your weekend adventure ! Let’s see … Santa Barbara or San Diego are gorgeous and in between are some spectacular spots ! Clearly the experience in Sacramento suggested that you need more time in CA.

  111. I want to pile on with the East Coast contingent who will lobby for a venue on this side of the continent, please. Can’t you just make this a permanent road show and head this way soon.

  112. I’m only a beginner, but this sounds so AWESOME! I hope you do it again (and again and again)…and I’d vote for Toronto!

  113. I second the invite (above) from Susan. Please remember, you have lots of fans this side of the big pond, too, and we would love to see you over here.

  114. WOW, if i could only be there! Need tips from the Worlds Fastest Knitter? just Email me?! Whenever you come to Europe again I would certainly like to meet you! Miriam Tegels GWR Fastest Knitter

  115. Wow, you two are brilliant–what a great concept. And just think of the fun you’ll have, the wonderful people you’ll meet, and the sanity you’ll retain with a smaller group versus running a gargantuan venue. Yay!

  116. May I ask for something fun like this in the southwest? Escape the northern cold for Tucson in the winter?

  117. ST-1, that sounds awesome! I really hop you guys have them in more places … Maybe Minnesota. There are some very nice lodges up North or so that would be perfect for knitters to spend the weekend!

  118. You know, if you’re ever interested in breaking away from the Pacific Northwest (why would you, I know) I could recommend the shores of Lake Superior in Minnesota as a lovely destination for a knitting retreat.
    In the meantime I will sit and feel sorry for myself that I am broke indeed.

  119. Gee… I will have to get a passport sometime soon. I’m in the Sunshine Coast of BC, so close but so far.

  120. I would love to attend, but need more than 2 months notice! I just don’t think my boss would think this an emergency and change the schedule for November. STUPID work schedule.

  121. This is like…. um…. heaven….
    Will it come to Toronto or near by….
    Please Please Please

  122. Sounds lovely. Would love to see you in the mid-west. Southeast MI is chock full of yarn shops – over 25 that I can think of this moment. Major airport (regardless of your past Detroit airport mess) no traffic, beautiful little towns. Lots o’knitters.

  123. Oh, East Coast, please, please, please! I’m a non-flyer, but anywhere within a day’s drive of the Philadelphia area, and I’m sooooo there!

  124. This sounds like the bestest most awesome knitterly idea! I hope you’re still doing it 5 years from now when my kids are old enough for me to leave for the weekend and I can afford to come. Yellowstone would be a nice place, dontcha think? Or Cascade, ID. Snow and mountains make for cozy knitting time!

  125. Now those are classes I’d like to take. Alas, distance and money prohibit. However, I wish all of you the best!
    Great company, and a fabulous name.
    The bookstore made me laugh – OF COURSE Knot Hysteria has a bookstore! Are you SURE ST-1 got down-time since the Sock summit???

  126. Chicago is a really nice city; may I suggest a weekend in Chi-town? There are many LYSs there, and a few in the ‘burbs which are quaint and down-to-earth at the same time.
    Also, as a Canadian who now lives in Iowa, I must say that I adore your Canandian perspective on the world (politics, culture, and etc.). There are quite a few times when I say, “Honey, you’ve got to read what the Yarn Harlot posted today.” And he does– because he loves Canada, too, and is raising two little dual-citizenship daughters with me. Thank you for being you!

  127. New England in the fall. What a great time and place to have a knitting weekend. How about the weekend before the NY Sheep and Wool Festival? I suggest The Publick House in Sturbridge, Ma!

  128. As usual, you and Tina have outdone yourselves- WTG!!
    I will be watching anxiously for reports of the hilarity and fun which ensue.
    Cause, really, what else is going to happen during a knit weekend with the two of you?

  129. Hoping for one closer to home – but envious and sounds like a lovely choice.
    How about a 3-day-er that coincides with the Kitchener Waterloo Knitters’ Fair in the early fall?
    [BTW, rumour has it that you were there. Darn. Would have loved to have said hi!]

  130. That. Sounds. Fantastic. If you guys are willing to do this after the things you patiently endured through Sock Summit, you will have a wonderful time. And you will do more of these. And I will be able to come.
    I would love to learn to knit so it does not bugg my elbows and baby finger.
    Congradulations on Knot Hysteria. Enjoy. ; )

  131. Congrats on Knot Hysteria, ladies, and what a grand way to launch it! Unfortunately, I’m in the “I need to wait for the next one” group, since I had *just* agreed to teach that weekend and the schedule was published MINUTES before reading this post. AAAaaaarrggghhh!!
    Have a fab time, and please consider California as a potential location. Remember, Stephanie, there are oranges in the trees here! In winter, no less!
    – (Not your daughter) Meg

  132. This is exactly what my knitting NEEDS. What *I* need. I missed this one and it’s already full but please have another and soon. I realized today that I have Sweater Phobia like some people have MATH Phobia. I need a retreat to work me out of it.

  133. Why weren’t there things like this when I lived on the West Coast? (Oh wait, I was too busy to go when I lived on the West Coast.)
    Anyway, these classes sound right up my alley, so here’s another vote for an East Coast version, preferably New England.

  134. I would be interested in a Rhinebeck or Northampton,MA edition of your new venture. Best wishes for another great event.

  135. May I suggest: Kansas City OR Lawrence, Kansas? You’d draw the whole U.S. midwest: Chicago/Omaha/St.Louis/Iowa/Oklahoma — and that’s a lot of fiber folks. It’s a cheap flight from Denver, but you wouldn’t face your usual altitude problems that you have trouble with in Colorado (much as I’d love to get you to Denver). And really, it is beautiful in the spring. Nice in summer. Breathtaking in fall. Another option? Santa Fe, N.M. You KNOW you’ll want to be soaking up that southwest sunshine in February…

  136. Stuff happens in the Pacific Northwest because the weather is nice November-March where Chicago and Kansas are COLD!

  137. Alas… I snoozed and I loozed. Shouldn’t have slept on it. I’m sure you were able to fill your Pt. Ludlow retreat mostly with Seattle/PDX folks. Have a beautiful time. I live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming… a resort community at the foot of the Grand Teton. This time of year is particularly stunning and not so crowded. I work and teach at the local yarn shop and would be happy to help you coordinate an event here if you ever want to do that.

  138. Please, please, please do something like this on the east coast. In about 2 years so I can start saving now, and preparing my DH to take care of the kids. Vermont is lovely, or Maine or NH or Mass…

  139. Sigh…a girl can dream. I won’t be able to go, though I would very much like too. I know you and Tina will have a fantastic time…and so will the Lucky 40. You go gals! I will send problem free karma wafting your way that the weekend is as fabulous as it can be. And the days leading up to it are smooth sailing too.

  140. Arrgh – I live only 20 minutes from lovely Port Ludlow BUT will be overseas in November.
    Just booked my flight 2 days ago ;=(
    next time more notice please!!!

  141. Totally unrelated comment. I’m new to Yarn Harlot and I was doing some get acquainted browsing through 5 years worth of blogs and found the jacket with the coy name – something about the boyfriend(?) – that became the jacket with no name. I love the pattern but can’t find the blog again, even using the search feature. Can you help please? Thanks.

  142. Does doing it other places possibly ever so very slightly include London, England.
    Come on Steph & Tina surely a vacation could be tagged on…please.

  143. LOVELOVELOVE the idea. By the time I travel over there, I would not have enough $ for the fun times. I hope, someday, you will consider doing this further inland–Salt Lake City, Utah, Billings, MT., Coeur d’Alene, ID, Cheyenne,Wy. or even Boise, IDaho. I hope all you folks really enjoy this and decide to repeat it.

  144. Wow! One day I will be able to go. I am especially interested in improving my technique so that I can knit a little faster. Not for the speed of it but to not slog along so much. Have a blast!!!

  145. Adding to Sherry in Idaho’s comment-Sun Valley or McCall, ID in June is really lovely and they have perfect spots to hold retreats such as this!!

  146. You know, Steph, that this resort is less than 20 minutes south of me if I go only barely over the speed limit. I live on Marrowstone Island.
    1) I still have some slightly injured books from the first printing who are pining to get out of the warehouse and into the hands of knitters where they can be of service. Want some for your gift bags? I can deliver them to the site.
    2) If you have an extra two hours or three or four while here I’ll treat you and Tina to a tour of the island and beyond which is a very different kind of community from Port Ludlow. I married into a family that has been on the island since 1890. My son is the fifth generation of his family to have lived on this land at some time or another in his or her life. The Nordland General Store and Fort Flagler are only two of our attractions. C’mon over. There’s nothing like some time with a long-time local to see into the heart of a place . . . if you’re so inclined.

  147. *sigh* We converted all our “vacation” money into shingles this year. No scuba in Bonaire, no knitting in Washington. Maybe next time. I’ll be thinking about you while I sit in Green Bay knitting very slowly.

  148. Unfortunately I don’t imagine that you’d ever trek over to Ireland for one of these, but believe me if I hadn’t already booked flights to Berlin in November and flights to Seattle in February, I would have been pricing flights to attend.
    I hope it goes wonderfully and am looking forward to living vicariously through all the photographs of dye covered knitters chatting into the wee hours of the morning 🙂

  149. Yet another vote for east coast. Though if it ends up on the east coast of Canada, could there be more advance notice? Wait time for a passport is longer now, and I can’t justify the money for it w/out reason to go. (And maybe a fee-fairy will take care of the rest for me as well… ;))
    Anyway, it’s a grand idea and I wish I could go to the one in November!

  150. There really is no “off” on the genius switch. Ideas abound, no limit to the creativity of a knitter,…

  151. Please could you come to London, England again and do one of these weekends? I’ll help you organise it… I’ll be your UK “fixer”… please?

  152. Wow, this sounds amazing. I spotted it last night and I’m sure it’s filled up by now. What an incredible experience I’m sure it will be…I am so jealous! 🙂 Next time, I guess.
    I’m so excited to see these speed inprovement classes you’re doing and will definitely have to get to one soon. We’d met at WEBS sometime ago while you were on tour and I asked for suggested on books to improve my speed and efficiency. You told me you couldn’t think of any, so I suggested that maybe you could do a book on it yourself. (I’m sure you hear that all the time and don’t remember, but you know, you’re the HARLOT, so it kind of sticks out for ME) Don’t suppose I could get a special pass, seeing as it was my idea, do you? OK, just kidding there…. But this does sound amazing. Maybe next time you could do a couple of scholarship slots? I think I’d have to save up for 3 years to get out there AND pay for the workshops. 😉 Just a thought.
    Keep up the great work and great ideas! We love you and Tina!!

  153. Sounds like a great event! Wish I was retired so I could take part in such events! How about something on the east side of the continent?

  154. What a wonderful idea! Please continue to plan these events (since this location and time don’t work for me right now). Port Ludlow is very close (Whidby Island) to where my son lived for several years whilst in the Navy — it was beautiful. I encourage anyone who can to attend.

  155. Gluttons for punishment, aren’t you! Seriously, sounds like fun, wish I was there (sadly I’ll be home doing tax returns for my clients).

  156. I don’t know if you read all of the comments- but I hope you get a chuckle out of this one- just a random moment that another creative person who knits might be amused by- I told my friend Mark that I could not find the buttons I liked for a sweater I was knitting- and this was his reply:
    Hummmm, you know me toooo well… but I can say with reasonable accuracy, would not have either the size and or quantity. But you can do what I do when I’m in such a pickle and have such a unique order…. Make them. Yes you heard right, go to the craft store pick up some polymer clay. Go home have a button making hour, don’t forget to add your holes you, bake em in you home over or toaster oven 15 to 20 minutes depending on thickness. When cool a couple coats of clear nail polish and WAH-LA Button Bonanza.
    if you want the type with no visible holes, make flat rounds clay circles to your likes and glue them to 6 inexpensive buttons with the correct backs
    Hey ya know what could be cool… If you made some toggle buttons out of oversized bolts from the hardware store… now I’m just going nuts…

  157. The knitting retreat sounds like a good time- I look forward to reading about it.
    But I’m commenting because I’m simply lost in admiration of your rainbow. I’ve tried to photograph rainbows many times, and never had a result that fabulous. Just lovely!

  158. It is just as well that I didn’t see this until it had already been sold out for eons, because the probability of my being able to slither out of parental duty for an entire weekend so soon after Rhinebeck is about on a par with the chance that I’ll find all the out-of-print knitting books that sell on eBay for $400+ in the $1-a-bag section of the next yard sale I go to.
    At least I can still write really long sentences.

  159. P.S. May I suggest Martha’s Vineyard as a potential future venue? It’s an island, it’s really pretty, and I could claim to be visiting my sister.

  160. Are you going to come to the prairies??? oh please please come to the prairies. We are very knitterly out here 🙂 (and I could suggest some beautiful spots!)

  161. Hi Steph,
    I’ve intended to email you my results after taking your class in Kananaskis last fall. I knit 40-45 stitches per minute now (almost typed “per inch”) and was at 13 when we did the time trial in class.
    I still knit continential, not armpit, I just reassigned my fingers and hold the needle differently.
    I love how you seemingly just “tossed” together a conference after SS. Good luck!

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