1. I am at Port Ludlow, and the knitters arrive today.  I’m pretty excited about that.

2. I admit that at least part of the fun comes from the staff at the resort trying to act like a whole hotel full of knitters is absolutely normal and they aren’t flipped by it at all.  It’s charming.

3. There is not a single room in this hotel rented to anyone but a knitter.

4. It’s like the world of my dreams.

5. I can’t wait until the store is open to the public on Saturday afternoon and even more knitters come.

6. It is not often that we outnumber them this way.

7. I can’t wait to see how they feel about the spinners.

8. I was so excited on the plane that I prematurely ended a sock. Now it’s too short and I have to rip it back.

(Yarn, STR mediumweight, colour is a trial run of "blue Lagoon", which isn’t for sale yet but will be Nov. 28th.)  pattern "Holidazed" by Anne Hanson.)

9.  I hear that’s a common problem that happens to all knitters sooner or later and I shouldn’t feel badly about it.