Problem Solving

Yesterday, I cast off those pretty socks, smirked for a bit and then realized that for the first time in a long time… I didn’t have another pair of socks on the go – or not here anyway.   (If I was home I would have had another few choices, as I have the basket of abandoned sock projects that I can rifle.)  Luckily for me I’m travelling with Tina – who usually has a fair bit of sock yarn on her, but before I decided to break into her car and look for a little skein of something pretty,  we noticed that the fridges level of beer was getting perilously low, and we decided to go to town.  Town here is Port Hadlock, or at least that’s the closest town with a grocery store, so we struck out in the wind and rain in search of replacement beer.   We found the store with no trouble, and on our way back to the car we saw it.  A yarn store. Dinah’s Yarn Shop, to be precise, and like moths to a flame, we were in.

One cozy hour later, after seeing many charming things, and getting a special demo of the very cool Hansen Crafts MiniSpinner (They’re local) we staggered out of there, with rather more wool than we came in with, and a plan. Both Tina and I cast on for a swirl scarf with Jojoland Melody yarn, and spent the evening exploring all of the ways that it is possible to screw up the pattern. At one point I actually went to Ravelry to make sure that someone else had ever finished one, since it seemed impossible for either of us to make it correctly through one swirl.  (This trip to Rav was devastating.  Not only have lots of people finished this, most of them did the shawl rather than the scarf. Obviously it’s me.  I’m trying not to take it too hard.)

This is, after several hours of knitting, all I’ve got (please pardon the photo.  I had to take it in poor light because it’s still raining) – and I’m light years ahead of Tina, who had to start over an extra time because she accidentally took my yarn out of the bag and started with that, and I made her give it back, even though she was underway. (What can I say.  It was my yarn.) I’m getting the better of if tonight.  I can feel it. 
In other news:

Another Port Ludlow employee knitting. (This is Dana, and I’ve just showed her how to purl.)  It’s really all over but the crying for them.